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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 4/10/08

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Tom: Well, I'll tell you this, Sweetie, nobody's going to go hungry.

Margo: And we can check Kim and Bob off the list.

Tom: What?

Margo: Kim's -- well, she's got some sort of television affiliate meeting. And Bob's got a medical conference. Gram is feeling under the weather, so, she's not going to make it either.

Tom: Oh.

Margo: So, I guess it's just you and me and Casey representing the Hughes'.

Tom: Oh, that's a shame about Gram.

Margo: Yeah, it is, 'cause I know that she and Katie are good friends. It's going to upset Katie that she can't be here. I hope we have enough people to even put a dent in this food. Lily and Holden are still coming, aren't they?

Holden: So you really think this engagement will take? [Lily laughs] It's Brad.

Lily: Right.

Holden: Marriage? Settling down? Kids? Come on.

Lily: Yeah, I don't know, stranger things have happened. And I've learned never to underestimate the power of love.

Holden: I have to agree.

Luke: Sorry about interrupting.

Lily: No, no, not at all. Uh, we actually have wanted to ask you a favor. Would you mind baby-sitting tonight, we have to go to Brad and Katie's engagement.

Luke: Oh, I'm so sorry, I already have plans tonight.

Lily: Oh, I thought you were staying in tonight.

Luke: Well, I was going to, but then Noah and Ameera decided to move out tonight, and I promised I'd help them. I hope this doesn't ruin your plans.

Parker: You're fine, Mom. Give it a rest. You look more than ready for a party.

Carly: Thank you. And you, young sir, as handsome as you are, do not look even halfway ready to go with us. You're not going to wear that ratty old t-shirt, are you?

Parker: Why do I have to go, anyway? It's just going be one of those boring grownup snore-fests.

Carly: You have to go because your father wants you to. And because Katie happens to be fond of you.

Parker: Look, I've got no problems with Katie. And if she wants to marry Brad, that's her business. But I don't see why it's so important for me to be there to, uh, to give my blessing to the happy couple. Doesn't that sound kind of bogus to you?

Carly: Yes. Yes, it does seem kind of bogus to me. So, if you would prefer to go to the movies with your friends, go ahead, and have a good time.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, wait a second. What are you doing?

Brad: Wow. You always look amazing, but tonight you've definitely outdone yourself.

Katie: You look pretty amazing yourself.

Brad: No, really, you look spectacular.

Katie: Thank you.

Brad: I'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

Katie: Okay! You're overdoing it a little.

Brad: No, I'm getting everything I ever wanted. And I promise you, you're not going to regret spending the rest of your life with me. I'm going to make it my business to put a smile on your beautiful face every -- every morning, noon, and night.

Holden: Why are Noah and Ameera moving out? I thought we agreed that the farm was the safest place for them.

Lily: At least you and Noah are under the same roof.

Luke: Well, there was this I.C.E agent sniffing around. He wanted to make sure that Noah and Ameera’s marriage was legit, and wasn't just so she could get a green card.

Holden: I thought they convinced him that the marriage was legit.

Luke: Yeah, but then he started asking all these questions about me and Noah's relationship. He thinks it's really weird that a guy and his wife would be living with his best friends family.

Lily: So where are they going to go?

Luke: Um, well, when Gwen and Will moved out of Grandma Lucinda’s place, they were nice enough to offer it to Noah and Ameera.

Holden: And Noah's okay with that?

Luke: Yeah, he thinks that moving in, getting their own place will make the marriage look more real.

Holden: Okay. I can understand why Noah would want to do that for Ameera, but what does this mean for you?

Luke: I don't know. I don't like it, but whatever. Living here with Noah's always kind of awkward, anyways.

Lily: Awkward? How do you mean?

Luke: Well, I mean, it's like we were living together, but we weren't really living together. I mean, sometimes it feels like there's 900 other people living here. You know, and we had no privacy with Grandma's rules, which I totally understand, but it didn't make it any easier. Right now, I think I just want to support Noah and help him with Ameera.

Lily: Well, why do they have to move out right now?

Luke: We all think they'd do best if we do this as soon as possible. I'm really sorry to leave you guys in the lurch.

Lily: Oh, no, please, don't worry about babysitting. We shouldn't take you for granted.

Holden: And you shouldn't let Noah and Ameera take you for granted. You need to make sure that this move is the best for you, as well as for them.

Luke: Yeah. I think it is.

Margo: Hey!

Tom: Stop it. I'm just testing the food, make sure it's suitable for the guests.

Margo: I counted those. Where are you -- what are you doing? Where are you going? Come on, I told you there is a family party for Katie and Brad. You're expected to be here.

Casey: Yeah, right, Mom. Um, is anyone going to be here my age? Nope, I didn't think so. I'll see you later. Peace.

Margo: He could have stayed to say hello.

Tom: Oh, come on. Let him go. A kid his age, he should be hanging out with his friends anyway.

[Telephone rings]

Margo: Hello?

Lily: Hey, Margo, it's Lily. I'm so sorry this is so last minute, but Holden and I are not going to be able to come to the party tonight.

Margo: Oh no. Is everyone all right?

Lily: Everybody's fine. It's just that our babysitter backed out last minute, and it's obviously very difficult to get a babysitter at this hour, so -- please, I just hope you understand, but we have to stay home and take care of the kids.

Margo: Well, of course I understand. We'll miss you.

Lily: We'll miss you, too. And so will Meg.

Margo: Meg?

Lily: Oh, she can't come tonight. She got an emergency call from her nursing service, so she won't be able to be there. I'm so sorry. I really am.

Margo: Well, that's okay. We'll just party on without you.

Lily: Please give Katie and Brad our best.

Margo: I will. Okay.

[Margo screams]

Tom: More cancellations?

Margo: Just Lily and Holden and Meg. So, that leaves -- Jack and Carly and Katie and Brad. This is going to be a swell party.

Tom: Yeah.

Brad: Is Margo really on board with throwing us this engagement party?

Katie: She and Tom would not be hosting it, otherwise. My sister's finally convinced that you and I belong together.

Brad: What about you?

Katie: What about me?

Brad: I don't know, I'm just doing the final check. Are you sure you're up for it?

Katie: I am if you are.

Brad: As long as I'm with you, I'm up for anything.

Katie: Good. Let's go.

Carly: I'm not doing anything. It's just, if Parker doesn't want to go to a party with a bunch of boring, old grownups, so why should we force him to?

Jack: Fine. If you want to go to the movies with your friends, then go.

Parker: Thanks.

Carly: Have fun. You look very disappointed.

Jack: I just wanted him to go tonight.

Carly: Why? The real reason.

Jack: Real reason?

Carly: Yeah. You wanted Parker to go with us because you didn't want us to arrive at the party looking like a couple.

Jack: Come on, Carly.

Carly: It's true.

Jack: Don't make a big deal out of this.

Carly: You don't want to send anyone the message, least of all Katie, that you and I are together again. Why can't you just admit it?

Jack: Well, we aren't together, are we?

Carly: You know, if you'd prefer to go to this party separately, or even solo, that's fine with me.

Jack: Why are you making such a big deal out of this? This isn't about you and me. So we go to the party together, so what? There's going to be a lot of other people there, Carly. Why can't we just go and enjoy ourselves? Relax a little bit. Let's go and celebrate Brad and Katie. Hmm?

Holden: Hello, there.

Lily: Hi, Casey.

Casey: Hey, how's it going? Um, I'm here to help Noah and Ameera move.

Lily: Oh, that's nice.

Casey: This was addressed to you outside.

Lily: Oh, they must have left it.

Noah: Oh, I think this is the last of it, thank God.

Casey: You don't need to lug that around, let me get it for you.

Ameera: Thank you.

Casey: No problem.

Holden: You need any help taking stuff out to the truck?

Noah: I think we're fine.

Luke: Everything's under control.

Ameera: Thank you so much for letting me stay here. I really appreciate everything you've done.

Lily: Oh.

Ameera: I hope you'll visit us soon.

Lily: Of course. If there's anything you need, just call us, okay?

Noah: I can't thank you guys enough. It's been really great.

Holden: We wish you guys all the best.

Luke: Don't wait up. I don't know how long I'm going to be.

Holden: So, do you think this move is a good idea?

Lily: As long as the I.C.E. agent is convinced that it's a real marriage, absolutely.

Holden: Maybe you're right. Who's that from, anyway?

Lily: It's from Dusty.

Tom: Hi.

Katie: Hi!

Brad: Hey, there.

Katie: Hi, thank you so much!

Margo: Oh yeah.

Katie: Are we the first ones here?

Margo: Yes, yes.

Katie: Oh, well, we brought this.

Brad: We had a cheese expert on the show.

Tom: I guess you did.

Katie: We probably shouldn't be re-gifting, but I thought it might be good party food.

Margo: No, yes, you're right. Thank you. Thank you. Lovely.

Katie: So, we really are the first ones, huh?

Margo: We had kind of an epidemic of phone calls.

[Doorbell rings]

Tom: Hey Guys, come on.

Carly: Hi.

Brad: Welcome.

Carly: We're so happy for you.

Jack: Yes, congratulations.

Brad: Thanks.

Carly: Oh, people just went crazy over this wine at Metro. It's Australian.

Margo: Oh great, thank you.

Brad: I never met an Australian wine I didn't like.

Tom: Yeah, great. This will go really well with the cheese that Katie and Brad brought.

Jack: So where is everybody? We were so late, we thought we'd be the last ones here.

Margo: Well, so this is it.

Tom: Yeah, so anybody want a drink? I'll open the wine.

Katie: Yes.

Carly: Yes.

Brad: Yes. Beer would be fine.

Jack: Beer.

Carly: Beer for me.

Katie: I'll have a beer too. Beer's good.

Lisa: Oh Mike, you are my knight in shining armor. I don't know what I would've done without you -- well, I do know. We would've had to evacuate the whole place. I am so grateful. And I will pay you for this.

Mike: No, no, no. Lisa, no. Just consider it a favor from a friend.

Lisa: Well, thank you. Thank you, all right. I will make a nice discount on your room in that case.

Mike: Lisa, you really don't have to do that.

Lisa: Now you know better than to argue with me. I don't take no for answer. I never have, I never will. I'm not starting now. So anyway, end of discussion. I'm just so happy you're back in town. Oh, have you seen Katie yet?

Mike: No, I have not. But I intend to.

Lisa: Mike and Katie -- that should be very interesting.

Katie: Well, this is a cozy little group.

Margo: Yeah. It's not exactly the party I had planned for you, but that's what happened. Sorry.

Katie: No, it's fine. Stop it.

Margo: You don't have a problem with Jack being here?

Katie: No, no, not at all. In fact, I told Brad to invite him.

Jack: Hey, I wanted Parker to come, but he's a teenager. He thought it might be boring.

Brad: Yeah, he'd be right.

Katie: Brad!

Brad: No, I'm just saying this party might be a little quiet for someone Parker's age. My age. Bob Hughes age.

Margo: I'll put music on.

Jack: I want to thank you again, Tom, for everything you did in Parker's defense. You really saved our lives.

Tom: Actually, you and Carly did all the hard work. And you showed a lot of courage.

Carly: Oh, I don't know about that. I couldn't have done it without Jack. Really. And Brad and Katie, they did their share too. They put up all that money to keep kit in Oakdale.

Jack: Yes, and no matter who gets the credit, the important thing is that Parker didn't have to go to jail.

Katie: Thank God.

Carly: I do know how much you care about him. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you've done. To Brad and Katie, may they have a long life full of happiness.

Tom: To Brad and Katie.

Margo: Hear, hear.

Brad: To us.

Jack: To Brad and Katie.

Holden: All this stuff belonged to Dusty? Why was it sent to you?

Lily: I don't know. He left this letter. He wanted me to have all these things.

Holden: The letter's from Tom's office?

Lily: No. Oh, I remember this. I remember this. This concert that we went to, we kept this shirt. I wore it for two weeks straight. Wow. He saved this?

Holden: What is it?

Lily: He made a tape of all these '80s songs that we used to listen to when we were kids.

Casey: There you go.

Ameera: You and your family have been so kind to us. But now Noah and I can set up a real home like a real married couple.

Casey: I guess you Guys are pretty excited that the cottage is fully furnished.

Noah: Yeah, lucky for us. I don't think we have quite enough money to get new stuff right now. A real bed.

Luke: Big enough for two people.

Casey: Hey, Ameera! Let's go celebrate. We can -- I'll take you out for some good old-fashion American ice cream.

Ameera: That sounds very nice, but maybe another time. Noah and I have to unpack.

Noah: We can do that later. Go ahead.

Casey: Yeah.

Ameera: Okay. Are you sure?

Noah: Finally.

Luke: I have been waiting so long for this, I can't believe it's actually happening.

Noah: Neither can I.

Carly: Take it easy there, huh?

Jack: I haven't had that many.

Carly: Well, you are recovering from a gunshot wound.

Jack: I'm fine. Actually, I'm glad we have this moment together because I wanted to thank you for earlier, what you said. That was nice.

Carly: I meant every word.

Jack: And I know it meant a lot to Katie and Brad. And it meant a lot to me.

Katie: I was actually just talking about you guys. You are my shining example of what a marriage should be.

Margo: We don't shine so much anymore.

Tom: Well, we have hit a couple speed bumps along the way. We have the evidence to prove that. Their names are Adam and Daniel.

Margo: Yeah, and we adore them, we do. And a few speed bumps, you're right, but we've gotten over it. We've always found our way back to one another.

Tom: Ah, you know, we just finally realized that at the end of the day, there's nobody we'd rather be with than each other.

Carly: I know exactly how you feel.

Holden: What year was it?

Lily: I don't know, but look at that -- that outfit. Don't look at the outfit. Oh, look at this. "To my best friend in the whole wide world. Love, Lily." He kept this. Amazing. It's so long ago. And now he's gone. I'm sorry, sometimes it just hits me so hard sometimes.

Holden: It's all right. Dusty meant a lot to you. And obviously, he still does.

Casey: It's barely spring and we're already outside eating ice cream.

Ameera: I know. It's a beautiful day.

Casey: Hey, Ameera, you know, I don't know you very well and I'm not really good at picking up on things, but even I can tell that something's on your mind. What is it?

Ameera: You're right. I think because I don't know you very well it's hard for me to tell you everything.

Casey: No, no, no. I'm not trying to pressure you into anything, you know. We're friends, aren't we? Yeah, and telling each other stuff is a way to become better friends. Like the time I told you that I was in jail. You know, I wanted to show that I trusted you. I would like it if you could trust me too.

Ameera: I know that my marriage to Noah is only for appearances. Just for a green card. I know that. But sometimes it gets confusing. But right at this moment, I feel safe. I'm happy to be eating ice cream and talking with you.

Casey: Well, good, good. But what?

Ameera: But its makes me sad to be excluded from a part of Noah's life.

Casey: Okay. Well, I guess you just have to be honest with Noah.

Ameera: I don't think I can.

Casey: Sure you can. He's your friend, isn't he? You don't keep secrets from friends. Come on, let's go back to the cottage and tell Noah exactly how you feel.

Noah: Hello, Luke.

Luke: Hello, Noah. I have missed you so much.

Noah: Not as much as I've missed you.

[Pounding on door]

I.C.E. Agent: Open up! Immigration and customs enforcement!

Carly: It's true what they say. Children really are the glue that keep a couple together through good times and bad. Will you try again?

Katie: Brad and I haven't talked about it since we got engaged.

Carly: You still -- you still want children?

Katie: Oh, definitely. Even back when I was married to Mike, we wanted to try. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to be parents.

Carly: Have you heard from Mike lately? What? What's wrong?

Katie: No, nothing, it's just it's weird that you would say that. Lily said the same thing to me earlier. Why's everyone asking me about Mike all of the sudden?

[Doorbell rings]

Margo: Hi, Mike Kasnoff -- hi, what are you doing in town?

Mike: I just -- I stopped by to say hello. I want to let you and Tom know I'm back in town.

Margo: Well, are you -- for a visit? Or for good?

Mike: Uh, you don't seem very happy to see me.

Margo: Oh, no, no. It's not that, I -- I'm sorry. It's a bad time --

Mike: What -- what's wrong? I mean, is there a problem?

Margo: No, everything's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's just, you know, we were having some people over and I can't talk right now. But you know what? Come by the station tomorrow and then we'll talk. I got to go.

Mike: Wow, you really are trying to get rid of me, aren't you? If I didn't know any better --

Lily: We were so close as kids and -- now. I'm sorry. He'll always be a part of me.

Holden: I know.

Lily: But that doesn't change what's happening between us. My heart belongs to you. Always has, always will. Come on, we're doing great. I mean, really, the two of us, we're on solid ground lately.

Holden: Yeah, I thought so, too. But then this box showed up. And suddenly, I'm not so sure anymore.

Noah: What are we going to do?

Luke: I don't know. You answer the door. I'll go out the back. Hurry, hurry.

[Pounding on door]

I.C.E. Agent: Open up in there!

Ameera: That's the same man.

Casey: What do you mean?

Ameera: He's from the I.C.E. I was afraid he would come back. He was so suspicious of us. What are we going to do?

Casey: Okay, I'll distract him. You go around back. Okay, hurry up, we don't have much time.

[Luke goes out the window and Ameera goes in the window]

Noah: Hi. Sorry. I heard you knocking, but I was getting ready for bed.

I.C.E. Agent: It's kind of early for bedtime.

Noah: Well, I have some early classes tomorrow. Can I help you with something?

I.C.E. Agent: Your change-of-address form crossed my desk. We follow these things up. Are you living in these premises with your wife?

Noah: Yes, of course. That's why we moved here, so we could have some privacy. Not that we have anything to hide.

I.C.E. Agent: Then you won't mind if I take a look around.

Noah: No, please, go right ahead. We just got here, so we haven't -- you know, we haven't unpacked yet.

I.C.E agent: Is this the bedroom?

Noah: Well, yes, it is, but --

[Noah clears his throat]

[Doorbell rings]

Noah: I'll go see who that is.

Casey: Yeah, I wanted to see --

Luke: Casey -- Casey and I were in the neighborhood and wanted to see if you wanted to get some dinner.

Casey: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Margo: Good luck.

Brad: Who's outside with Katie?


Tom: Hey, Baby, what's wrong? Who's outside with Katie?

Margo: Mike Kasnoff.

Brad: Katie's ex?

Katie: How have you been?

Mike: I've been good. I'm working a development project on the Snyder farm.

Katie: Oh, wow, so, you'll be in town for a while then, huh?

Mike: Yeah. Looks like I'm going to stick around. So how are you? How's Snickers doing?

Katie: Snickers is good. Well, actually, had a bad night at Al's where he was almost arrested by the board of health, but that ended up turning out well because of --

Mike: How are you, Katie?

Katie: I'm fine. I just got engaged. This is actually supposed to be my engagement party. Would you like to come in and meet my fiancé?

Lily: You're not doubting my feelings for you? Are you?

Holden: Lily, I know you love me. But I don't know how that fits in with these feelings for Dusty. He's gone, I understand that. But it's like he has this -- this intense hold on you.

Lily: The way Dusty died -- that was awful. He was there for me when you rejected me. But when we were together, Dusty was still in love with Emily and I was always in love with you.

Holden: I understand all that, but it's just -- it's still hard. I want us to get back together. I want us to get our family back together. But I don't want us to feel like we're settling.

Lily: I don't -- I don't feel that way. Do you feel like you're settling by being with me?

Holden: Not if I can I have all of you back. Heart, body, mind and soul. I want us to be like we were when we first met.

Lily: So do I.

Holden: Are you sure? Can you honestly say that you still feel the way you did when we first met?

Noah: Hey, Guys, it's nice of you to invite me and Ameera to dinner, but we're really tired after, you know, the move, so we're just going to go to bed.

Luke: You sure? It's still early.

Noah: Yeah, positive. And, you know, I actually think that we could really use some alone time.

Luke: Yes.

Casey: Yes, we totally understand.

Luke: Yes, I completely understand. I mean, I could definitely use some alone time with Casey.

Casey: Yeah, well --

Luke: I have to leave.

Casey: Yeah, me, too. Okay.

Noah: Bye. Bye.

Noah: Well, is there anything I can -- I can do for you, Sir?

I.C.E. Agent: I'm sorry to have disturbed you, but it's our duty to stay on top of situations like yours. This won't be my last visit. You should know that.

Noah: Okay, we understand. I'll see you out. Oh, my God. I can't believe that. You were suddenly in there. You pulled -- how did you pull that off?

Ameera: I hate lying like this.

[Knock on door]

Noah: What now? Yeah?

Luke: We waited until the I.C.E. guy was gone.

Casey: Yeah, that was a close call.

Luke: This is going to be a lot harder than we thought.

Noah: Yeah.

Katie: Brad, this is Mike Kasnoff.

Brad: Pleasure to meet you. Heard a lot about you.

Katie: Mike, this is Brad Snyder, my fiancé.

Mike: Congratulations on your engagement.

Brad: Thank you very much.

Katie: Oh, and you know Jack and Carly.

Jack: Good to see you, Mike.

Carly: Yes, hi, Mike.

Mike: Of course. Hi.

Carly: Nice to see you. Welcome home.

Mike: Thank you. Jack. You know, I had no idea that I was going to be crashing a party, so I am -- I'm just going to get going and leave you guys all to celebrate.

Margo: Why don't you take some food with you?

Katie: I'll walk you out.

Mike: It was nice to meet you.

Brad: Nice meeting you.

Mike: I'm sure I'll see you guys all around.

Katie: I'm really glad you're back.

Mike: Are you?

Katie: Yeah. Maybe it'll give us a chance to heal some old wounds. You were pretty angry when you left.

Mike: Can you blame me?

Katie: No. No, you had every right. I hope time has helped the wound.

Mike: It has. More than a little. I'm glad to see that you are happy, Katie. And I hope this will give us a chance to set things straight and be friends again.

Katie: I would like that so much.

Mike: Can I call you?

Katie: Yeah, sure. I hope you do.

Mike: Good night, Katie.

Katie: Good night, Mike.

Katie: Hey, you ready to go?

Brad: Whatever you want.

Katie: Okay. Tom, Margo, thank you again for this party. It was so sweet.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Well, sorry it wasn't bigger, but, you know, our hearts were in the right place.

Tom: You know we wish you nothing but the best.

Brad: Hey, make sure you finish that cheese.

Katie: Well, thanks again. Good night, Carly, Jack.

Carly: Night.

Jack: Night. Take care.

Carly: You make a perfect couple. Don't they though, make a perfect couple?

Katie: Well, thanks again. Let's go.

Brad: She speaks, I obey.

Jack: Yeah, we should hit the road, too, Carly.

Carly: Right. Keys, please. Well, thank you very much.

Tom: Yes, you're welcome.

Jack: Thank you for everything.

Tom: You're welcome. Good night.

Margo: Bye.

Tom: Bye-bye.

Margo: Bye. We are never doing this again.

Luke: It was nice to be with you again. Even if it wasn't for very long.

Noah: Yeah. I just wish it could have been longer.

Luke: Yeah. I guess this means that we're going to have to cool things again, huh?

Noah: For a while. But I promise, it won't be for too much longer.

Luke: You know I really hate this.

Noah: Yeah! So do I. You know -- he could still be watching.

Luke: You know what, Noah? I can’t. I'm sorry. I can't do this right now. I just can’t. I'll see you later.

Noah: Luke?

Casey: Just be honest with Noah, okay?

Ameera: Thank you.

Casey: Yeah. I got to kick it on out.

Noah: Thanks, Casey.

Casey: Oh, yeah, glad to help.

Noah: You've really, really been amazing.

Casey: Oh, no. No problem. Good night, man. Bye.

Noah: Bye-bye.

Casey: Bye.

Noah: So what does Casey think you need to talk to me about?

Lily: I do feel the same way, as when we first met. But it's different now. It's stronger, it's fuller because of everything we've been through together. But you know what's different than when we were kids?

Holden: What?

Lily: I didn't know if it was going to last. And now I do.

Holden: That's all I needed to hear.

[Baby crying]

Lily: Oh, that little baby. I'll get him. I'll get him.

Holden: I'll be right up. Hey.

Luke: Hey.

Holden: How'd it go?

Luke: It sucked.

Holden: What's wrong?

Luke: I don't know when Noah and I are ever going to be alone together. He thinks that we just need a little time more time, but I don't know. I'm beginning to think that this whole arrangement was just a huge mistake.

Holden: Why don't you just go upstairs and try and get some rest? All right?

Luke: Yeah. Good night. Dad, you don't know how lucky you are. You're free to be with the person you love.

Ameera: I hate this. That man just walked into the bedroom. It made me feel ashamed. Sneaking around. Lying.

Noah: Ameera, I know this is hard for you, but this is hard for me, too. And we're doing this for the right reasons, though. We're going to get through this.

Ameera: I'm tired.

Noah: Okay, well, we should both get some sleep.

Ameera: Where were you planning on sleeping?

Noah: I think we'd better both sleep in the bedroom, just in case.

Ameera: Do you think that man will come back tonight?

Noah: I wouldn't be surprised. Look, Ameera, I know you may not be comfortable sharing a bed with me, but --

Ameera: No, you're right. He could come back. It would look strange if we were sleeping in separate rooms.

Noah: Good. I'll get my bag.

Tom: Hey, hey -- how was your evening?

Casey: It was great. Nothing like being into a girl who's married. Of course, the marriage isn't real, but she wants it to be. So, she's hung up on a fake husband who's not even interested.

Margo: Yeah, well, life ain't easy.

Casey: Yeah, I never thought it would be this messed up.

Margo: Hey -- hey, wait. Case, come back here and eat something. We got a lot of food. You want to eat?

Casey: No, thank you. Good night.

Margo: Well --

Tom: Never a dull moment.

Margo: Yeah. Our life is pretty easy, though, isn't it? We're lucky.

Tom: You bet.

Margo: But poor Katie. No sooner does she get engaged than Mike Kasnoff shows up in town. Not going to be a fairytale ending on that story.

Tom: Hmm-mm.

Margo: Hmm-mm.

Brad: Just say it.

Katie: What?

Brad: Just say seeing Mike threw you for a loop.

Katie: Why? Mike is part of my past. But I think it's healthy for me to deal with it now. Did it throw you?

Brad: You're okay, I'm okay.

Katie: Just remember I love you.

Brad: You're marring me, right?

Katie: Right.

Brad: I love you, too.

Katie: Right.

Mike: I'll have a beer please.

Lisa: Thank you again, so much, for fixing that gas leak.

Mike: You're welcome.

Lisa: You're a good man to have around.

Mike: Thanks, Lisa. Oh, and, by the way, I saw Katie.

Lisa: How'd it go?

Mike: I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Carly: Well, I'd hate to be in Katie's shoes. That's one complicated engagement, isn't it? A husband-to-be, an ex-husband back in town, and another ex-husband future brother-in-law.

Jack: Well -- just don't go there.

Carly: Why not?

Jack: You know why. Katie and I are over. She is out of my life.

Carly: So you keep saying.

Jack: What is it going to take to convince you?

Carly: I think you know the answer to that.

Carly: Jack, don't do this if you don't mean it.

Jack: Stop talking, Carly.

[Jack kisses Carly]

On the next "As the World Turns"

Carly: Last night was --

Jack: No.

Carly: Absolutely --

Jack: Carly, last night was a mistake.

Luke: Well, what if we made a movie?

Noah: What about?

Luke: Us.

Henry: Mike Kasnoff is back and Katie is with him.

Mike: You think you're ready for a future with Brad, but you still have feelings for me.

Brad: Great to see you again? How you doing? Mind if I join you?

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