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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/9/08

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Katie: Okay, bye.

Brad: Who was on the phone?

Katie: That was Margo. She wants to throw our engagement party tonight at her house.

Brad: Yesterday she was in a rush to stop us from getting married, now she's in a rush to throw us a party. What gives? Is she afraid that one of us is going to get cold feet?

Katie: No, I think it's more that the Oakdale P.D. will only give her one night off a week. And this is it. Why, do you feel rushed?

Brad: I was ready to marry you yesterday. Oh, wait, I almost did.

Katie: Thank you for yesterday. And today. And tomorrow. No! We have no time for this. Margo said she is going to round up the usual Hughes suspects, but it is our responsibility to get the Snyders.

Brad: No problem.

Katie: Okay, so I figured since we have to tape this morning, we could split up the guest list and invite people on the way to work.

Brad: Okay, uh, Emma's out of town, she can't go. Holden and Lily are around, so why don't you talk to them?

Katie: Okay.

Brad: I'll talk to Jack and Meg, unless you want to be the one to talk to Jack.

Carly: Jack! Jack, I'm home!

[Carly walks to the desk and picks up a note Jack wrote]

Jack: Carly, feeling better. Headed for the station. Call you later.

Carly: That's not good. I wonder if there's something going on he doesn't want me to know about.

Jack: Look who's back! Second time in two days! [Margo laughs] Don't everyone applaud at once.

Margo: You know, Jack, you keep showing up here, I'm going to have to put you back on duty.

Jack: I feel great. Time to ease my way back into the job. Doctor said I could take things at my own pace.

Margo: Great try, but I'm not putting you on a case until your medical leave is officially over. And I know you're kind of a by-the-book guy.

Jack: Last couple of weeks suggest otherwise.

Margo: All right, I'll bite. What are you doing here?

Jack: Sitting at home on my donkey is really boring.

Margo: Oh, so you rode your donkey down here to be bored, did you?

Jack: Come on, give me a chance to catch up on the latest news. What did I miss while I was away? Hmm?

Margo: Oh, that is such a lame effort. You didn't come down here to find out if Ruiz has got his promotion, you came down here to get the latest news on Katie and Brad. So, here's the latest news -- the engagement is back on.

Meg: Okay, zoning commission. Here we are.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, we, uh -- piece of cake. We go in, we unveil our fantastic plan for the Snyder family farm development, and they "Ooh" and "Ah" and rubber-stamp it, and we're in and out in 10 minutes, right? No, no problem.

Meg: Wow. If you are faking being this confident, you must be scared stiff. How much do you have riding on this deal?

Paul: Oh, just my personal reputation with you and your family. And the entire financial future of Worldwide's real estate development division. And how much -- how much did you enjoy kissing me yesterday?

Meg: Eyes on the prize, Pal. No personal talk until we pass the commission. Strictly business, remember?

Paul: Okay. Here's a strictly business question for you, it's time for the zoning meeting, where the hell's your contractor? I'm not even kidding. Where's Mike Kasnoff?

Mike: Uh, excuse me. Hi. Do you know where I can find Katie Peretti?

Make-up artist: I haven't seen her yet this morning.

Mike: Do you know when she is supposed to come in?

Make-up artist: The call-sheet says now, but you know how it is -- her cutie-pie co-host is keeping our Katie plenty busy.

Katie: Why would I want to invite Jack? He's your brother.

Brad: Well, I just thought you might want to be the one to break the news to him.

Katie: No, I don't need to. You can handle it. You going to ask him to be your best man?

Brad: No.

Katie: Why not? I would be fine with it.

Brad: No, no. He didn't ask me to stand up for him when he was the one marrying you. Turn around, fair play, all that stuff.

Katie: All right. You two work it out.

Brad: Yeah, I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject.

Katie: It's not a sore subject. I'm fine. I'm marrying you, so Jack's going to be part of my life. It's a little weird, but we can make it work. That's Oakdale. Even Dr. Bob was married to a pair of sisters. So, if he can make it work, so can we. Now go make nice with your brother. I got to go. I'll see you at work, okay?

Brad: Take care, Mrs. Snyder. I'm just checking to see how it sounds.

[Brad whistles]

Jack: Brad and Katie are going through with it? That's great.

Margo: You want to try that one more time with feeling?

Jack: Just out of the hospital, Margo, I'm not up to jumping for joy. But if marrying Brad is what Katie wants, I'm happy for her.

Margo: Listen, I had my doubts about it, too, but you know Katie, when she gets her mind set on something she up and convinced me that she loved Brad, and Brad is what she really needs to move on. Speaking of moving on, how are you and Carly?

Carly: All right, Jack, let's be logical about this. Why would you take off without telling me? Were you afraid that I would try to stop you? I wouldn't have. Were you afraid that I'd want to go with you? I would have. Maybe I should call him and see how he's doing now. No, no, no. That would be checking up on him. And Jack really hates that. He said he'd call. And I have to trust that, I can't push this. Especially because we're making progress. He says he wants to be friends, you know, and that's better than never wanting to see me again, I suppose. But how can I kick this up just a notch? Got it.

Katie: Anyone here? It's Katie. Hello? Anyone home?

Lily: Katie?

Katie: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Katie: I'm so sorry I just walked in. I knocked.

Lily: No, no. It's okay. I was upstairs with the baby, can I get you something?

Katie: No, I'm not staying. I actually just came over here to invite you and Holden to our engagement party.

Lily: Oh.

Katie: Yes, Brad and I are getting married. And Margo's throwing us a party tonight.

Lily: Tonight?

Katie: Yes. At her house. And I know its short notice, but I would love for you and Holden to be there to celebrate with us.

Lily: Well, congratulations! I haven't gotten a chance to tell you that. I did see Brad announce it on the air. And I would love to come. It would be great. Uh, we just have to get a babysitter.

Katie: You know, you and Holden are kind of my role models in the marriage department -- along with Tom and Margo.

Lily: Oh, wow. Well, don't put us on the pedestal. Please, it's, uh, I mean, marriages have their ups and downs.

Katie: Yeah.

Lily: You know that.

Katie: But I break up, and then marry someone else. I'm like a serial bride.

Lily: I understand that.

Katie: I think, let's see -- with the two to Simon, I'm up to six.

Lily: Six?

Katie: Yeah.

Lily: Wow. It beats me.

Katie: And I'm catching up to Lisa Grimaldi.

Lily: Oh! Well, sixth time could be the charm. You never know.

Katie: Cheers to that. Yes. Well, on that note, I hope to see you guys tonight.

Lily: Okay. Hmm. Katie?

Katie: Yes?

Lily: Have you, um, heard from Mike recently?

Katie: Mike? No, why?

Mike: Katie's co-host, Brad? Yeah, right. I knew about that. Do you know how long they're going to be busy?

Make-up artist: They're both due on set soon. If you're in a hurry, you could leave her a message.

Mike: Uh, no -- I'm an old friend of Katie’s. We've been out of touch lately. Um, you know, I'm glad to see she's doing well. I hope she's happy.

Make-up artist: I think Brad makes her really happy.

Mike: So are those two serious?

Make-up artist: If you call getting engaged serious.

Paul: Come on, pick up, pick up. Hey, Mike, it's Paul Ryan. And I'm outside the zoning committee meeting, and you're not here. And if this deal gets blown because you're a no-show, you're going to have a big problem with -- what?

Meg: I'm sure Mike got the message. And the implied threat that went with it.

Paul: I did not imply a threat. My threat was blatant.

Meg: What happened to the new and improved Paul Ryan? Less zap, more Zen?

Paul: Well, it's hard to be Zen about zoning.

Meg: Well, that's hard to say, too. Huh?

Paul: Yeah, it's -- Meg, if those doors open and I got to go in there, and I got to fly solo, it's going to be really bad. I don't know what to say. I have nothing to say.

Meg: Oh, well, that's hard to believe. A speechless Paul Ryan? That never happens. Look, you're going to go in there, and you're going to wow them. You can do this. We can do this.

[Doors open]

Lily: Uh, we just got a note from Mike recently, telling us what he's been up to. I thought maybe he was starting to reach out and touch everyone.

Katie: No. No, I haven't heard from Mike since -- no, I haven't heard from him.

Lily: Oh.

Katie: How's he --

Lily: Well --

Katie: You know what, no, never mind. I hope to see you and Holden tonight. Have a good day.

Lily: Okay.

Carly: What are you doing here, Katie? Is Jack here?

Katie: No. Why would I be looking for Jack?

Jack: Carly and I are making progress.

Margo: Your progress, or Carly's progress?

Jack: Mine.

Margo: Okay. Your so slow, steady, sensible progress. What's the hold-up?

Jack: Well, you know when a cartoon character has to make a choice and an angel pops up on one shoulder and a devil on the other?

Margo: Which shoulder did Carly pop up on?

Jack: Both.

Margo: Both. Oh.

Jack: Yeah, there's good Carly that swears she's learned her lesson and will never ever make the same mistake again. Then of course there's bad Carly.

Margo: What did bad Carly do now?

Jack: She's being Carly. She can't help herself. When I think about all the times she's messed up in the past, she doesn't mean to do it, but there she goes. And what's to stop her from doing it again? I mean, how can she stop herself from making the same mistakes in the future?

Margo: You really over-analyze this. But I guess that's what makes you such a great detective.

Jack: A great detective looks at all the evidence, and that's what I'm doing.

Margo: Mm-hmm. So, great detective, what's your verdict?

Jack: She's the mother of my children.

Margo: And? What else?

Jack: There's the obvious.

Margo: Well, yeah, she's beautiful.

Jack: I could easily find myself falling in love with her again, but that's not the question on the table. The question is -- should I fall in love with her again?

Margo: Jack, I think that you --

Brad: Dude! You are a tough man to track down. We need to talk.

Margo: My precinct is your precinct, Brad.

Brad: Thank you, Sis. [Jack laughs] She loves me. She just doesn't want to get all mushy in front of you. Did she tell you about the engagement?

Jack: Yeah. You and Katie are back on. It's great.

Brad: Big time. There's a blowout party tonight at tom and Margo’s. And I came down here to personally invite you.

Jack: That was so nice of you.

Brad: It was Katie's idea. She's so happy, well, you know, she wants to buy the world a soft drink and share the love.

Jack: Well, I'm glad. I'm glad that Katie's happy. And I'm glad that you're happy, too. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to pass on the party.

Carly: Well, if you're not looking for Jack, what are you doing at the Snyder farm?

Katie: Brad's a Snyder, too. I was inviting his family to our engagement party tonight.

Carly: Oh, oh! You and Brad are engaged. That's -- that is wonderful news. I couldn't be happier for you. Really. I wish you all the best.

Katie: I believe you.

Carly: You made the right choice, Katie. You really did.

Katie: Well, you would know. After all, you and I have disturbingly similar taste in men. You were married to Brad at one time.

Carly: Well, the circumstances were very different. He was a very different man then. Now he's changed. And as he is now, you two are perfect for each other.

Katie: Thanks. Actually, Carly, you're welcome to come to the party tonight with Jack.

Paul: Hi. As you can see, the lovely Meg Snyder is here representing the Snyder family. The farmland in question has been in the Snyder family for generations and they've trusted that my company, Worldwide, will maintain not only its natural beauty, but its ecological sustainability for many generations to come.

Commissioner: The proposal, Mr. Ryan, indicates that you intend to use water from the Snyder pond as the primary source of irrigation. Now while a pond may be adequate for the maintenance of a family farm, how do you propose to scale it for multiple unit usage?

Paul: Well, that's a question that's probably better answered by my business partner, Mike Kasnoff, who's just not here. And well, he's done, you know, a sustainability study, that's got numbers and things that, you know, would answer that question. But I will tell you this, that Worldwide has given this issue a great deal of thought and I assure that -- that -- it's -- it's all -- it's just gonna be fine.

Commissioner: Well, I'm afraid that fine is rarely an adequate assurance in these matters. Especially not when it comes from a corporation looking to make a great deal of money exploiting the area's natural resources. We're going to need to see some of these numbers and things before we can make a decision.

Paul: Yeah, well, it's like I said. My business partner, Mike Kasnoff, he's not here, but he has those numbers and I'm sure he could fax them to you, you know, this afternoon.

Commissioner: Your appointment was scheduled for this morning, Mr. Ryan. If you expect us to take your proposal under consideration in a timely manner, then we need to see all of the data now.

Mike: You got it. Sorry, I was late, Commissioner. I was waiting for a final set of figures to come in from the board.

Paul: One more minute, you would have blown the whole deal.

Mike: Yeah, I -- don't worry, it is going to be fine.

Commissioner: Mr. Kasnoff, I presume?

Mike: Yes, Sir. I have made copies here for the entire committee. It's an environmental protection plan, energy efficiency, waste water management. I think you'll be very pleased with our suggestions.

Brad: What do you mean, you're going to pass?

Jack: Let me Google that for you. Oh, yes, it means, thanks for the invite, but I cannot --

Brad: Do you want to Google sore loser? Are you still hung up on Katie --?

Jack: I'm --show up at your engagement. I'm happy that you and Katie found each other. I am and I'd be more than happy to show you at your wedding.

Brad: If we decide to invite you.

Jack: Right. If you decide to invite me, I'd be honored to be there.

Brad: Don't do us any favors. You know, the day of the wedding, Katie and I -- we're going to be so wrapped up into each other, we're not going to notice who's watching the I dos.

Jack: Good. Then I won't put a damper on your wedding or your engagement.

Brad: You've got a point. You are the wet blanket heavyweight champion of the world. And it's probably good that you're being such a chump about this because we don't need a wet blanket tonight. Thank you, Brother. Thanks for nothing.

Margo: Ooh, ouch.

Jack: Yeah, it's nothing I haven't heard before.

Margo: Well, here's something you've probably never heard before, your brother's right.

Carly: Jack and I would love to come. We wouldn't miss it.

Katie: Good. Great. Fantastic. Well, then -- we will see you both at Tom and Margo's tonight.

Carly: Sure.

Lily: Did Katie fill you in?

Carly: Yes! It's fantastic. I'm thrilled. If she's moving on, then she's going to be out of Jack's life for good.

Lily: Oh, wait, don't throw the rice just yet. There could be a major complication in Katie's happily-ever-after with Brad.

Carly: What? What kind of complication?

Lily: Another man that the two of you have in common.

Carly: Mike Kasnoff.

Mike: With the designated greenways and enhanced water-well systems, the Snyder development will have virtually zero impact on the environment. And it's my hope that this development will set a standard for all future developments in Oakdale.

Commissioner: Excellent proposal, Mr. Kasnoff. You almost make me want to go out and purchase one of these homes myself.

Mike: Almost? I must not have been as thorough as I thought.

Commissioner: Well, I think I speak for my colleagues when I say that, although the zoning board still needs to formally vote on your proposal, you can be assured of our enthusiastic support. I fully expect it to pass.

Paul: Thank you, Commissioner. Thank you all very much.

Mike: Yes, thank you very much, Sir.

Meg: Fantastic job.

Paul: Meg, he was just doing his job. You know, you left me hanging in there. I looked like an idiot. That was so not cool.

Mike: I said I was sorry for being late.

Paul: Well, don't let it happen again.

Mike: This is not my first time in front of an advisory board. If they don't have everything they need in front of them, they'll use a misplaced comma as an excuse to kill the whole project. I was just trying to be prepared.

Paul: Yeah, well, next time maybe you can be prepared and be on time.

Mike: There won't be a next time.

Meg: What? Why? Wait a minute. Is it something Paul said? Because you shouldn't take him seriously. Sarcasm is just his way of saying good job.

Paul: That's true. I mean, you should see the way I look when I'm telling somebody they did a great job.

Mike: No, it's not Paul. It's me. I'm not going to be supervising the project anymore. I'm leaving town. Today.

Meg: Mike, don't -- I mean, you can't leave Oakdale. We're all counting on you to make this project come out the way we all envisioned it.

Paul: Yeah, Mike, we are counting on you. You can't just leave us in the lurch like this. I thought you were a professional?

Mike: I am professional. That's why I already lined up my replacement. He's a great guy. He's totally efficient. He's going to take my plans and execute them. You'll still have all my designs. I just won't be there supervising the project.

Meg: Okay, I don't understand. You just came home a few days ago. What's the hurry to leave?

Mike: Oakdale's just not home. Not anymore.

Meg: I get it. This is about Katie.

Makeup artist: There you are.

Katie: Sorry I'm late.

Makeup artist: You had a visitor.

Katie: I did? Who?

Makeup artist: He didn't leave his name. Said he was an old friend, wanted to catch up.

Katie: An old friend.

Lily: I tried to pump Katie for details while she was here. I don't know if she's playing it cool, or she doesn't know that Mike is in town. What if she sees Mike? All right, sees him, realizes that Brad Snyder is not the man she wants to be with.

Carly: Well, she'll dump Brad for another go-round with Mike. As long as it's not Jack, what do I care who her next victim is?

Lily: All right, it's going to rain on your parade just for a second here.

Carly: Think you must?

Lily: Yeah, okay, Katie -- Katie, nothing is set in stone with that girl is concerned. You know Mike, right? Mike -- you think she's over Mike Kasnoff?

Carly: Well, he was the one to leave her, right? So, no, I suppose that she still has unresolved feelings.

Lily: Right. That's why she bounces from man to man. Unable to make up her mind.

Carly: When it comes to Jack, if I have to, I will make Katie's mind up for her. I will not let her anywhere near my husband ever again.

Lily: Carly, he's not your husband right now.

Carly: He will be.

Jack: Listen, I just ended everything with Katie recently. I hurt her. I know that. I'm hurt, too.

Margo: Well, you're going to have to suck it up.

Jack: Oh, come on. We're still raw, Margo. What's the point of pouring salt on the wound?

Margo: Did it ever occur to you that by showing up at Katie and Brad's party, that it would give both of you a chance to acknowledge that the relationship is over and it's time to move on?

Jack: Did it ever occur to you that my showing up would send a mixed message to Katie? Despite everything I've said, here I am, I'm still interested in you?

Margo: There's a way around that. You can send Katie the right message if you bring Carly as your date.

Carly: I'm not going to let Katie get her hands on Jack ever again.

Lily: Okay, let's -- maybe we shouldn't panic. Because Katie's going to be -- trying to marry Brad and her ex-husband is back in town. The girl is going to have her hands full.

Carly: You know, I sort of wish that Mike hadn't come back.

Lily: Why?

Carly: Complicates the equation, you know? I wish he'd leave.

Lily: Except that wouldn't help you either, would it?

Mike: Look, the bottom line is, any hope that I may have had for me and Katie is no longer environmentally viable. I'm not going to stick around and watch her and her fiancé plan their wedding. I should move on.

Paul: Well, I get it. And I wish you the best of luck, Mike.

Mike: No hard feelings?

Paul: No, under the circumstances? Not at all. Not at all.

Meg: Look, there's nothing we can do to change your mind?

Mike: Afraid not. I'm going to go back to Worldwide and pack up my stuff.

Meg: You mean you're leaving right away?

Mike: Yeah, tonight, if I can. I'm sorry I'm not going to have a chance to say good-bye to Emma. Give her my best.

Meg: Yeah, take care of yourself, Mike. I can't believe you let that happen! You saw how Mike handled the zoning board in there. We could never have gotten approval without him.

Paul: So your faith in me just stops as soon as we get to the door to the zoning meeting?

Meg: No, we need Mike. Not just to get the specs in order, but to make sure that this project lives up to everybody's expectations. We can't do this without him.

Paul: Mike is really good at what he does, I'll give him that. He's one in a million even. But even if that's true, then so there are 60,000 other people in the world just as good as him. If the math I just did is right -- but, look the point is, he found one of those people for us already.

Meg: Yeah, good enough for Mike, I'm sure. And good enough for you -- maybe even good enough for Holden. But do you really think this guy would be good enough for my mother?

Paul: Well, no one ever is, so I'm going to say no.

Meg: Well, then, I have to tell you right now that if this guy isn't Mike, he's not good for me, either.

Paul: I had no idea he meant so much to you.

Meg: Mike is a friend of the family. He cares about the Snyders. You could see how much he respects us by the way he puts so much work into this whole project. He cares about preserving the land as much as we do. It's not just another job for him. We can't lose him.

Paul: All right. So, what do you want me to do? Because as much as you want him to stay, it sounds like that's how much he wants to leave. I think he's made up his mind.

Meg: Well, so unmake it for him.

Paul: Okay.

Meg: Okay. Just make sure Mike stays in Oakdale.

Lily: All right, whether Mike is here in Oakdale -- it doesn't matter. Because it has nothing to do with you or Jack. Katie has nothing to do with you and Jack. I hate to say this to you, but the only thing standing in the way of you and Jack --

Carly: Is me and Jack, as usual.

Lily: Yes. How are you getting along? Is it okay? He's living in your house. How is that?

Carly: He -- its okay. He wants to be friends. Can you beat that? After everything we've been through, friends.

Lily: Friends are nice. Everybody needs friends.

Carly: We have a long way to go. And that's why Katie needs to marry Brad, so she's out of the way for good.

Lily: You cannot force this. All you have to do is love Jack and hope he finds his way back to loving you.

Margo: But right now, I've got to look out after my sister. I'm thinking about Katie. And I'm thinking about Brad, too. They need you and Carly to make this gesture -- to prove that -- that the relationship is over. That what's happened in the past, is in the past, and you've moved on.

Jack: You make a good point.

Margo: Well, thank you. I'm considering taking up law enforcement as a career.

Jack: So, I have to apologize to Brad again and try to make things right.

Margo: And you can do that by accepting his invitation. Jack, come on, everyone always says what a good guy you are. Can't you be the good guy for my little sister? A good guy would want what's best for her. You owe her that.

Jack: I see Tom's been giving you pointers on making killer closing arguments.

Margo: Oh, my goodness, who do you think taught him everything he knows?

Katie: So this old friend that came by to visit me, what did he look like?

Makeup artist: Oh, nice smile. Friendly eyes. Tall, brown hair. Really good looking.

Katie: Okay, that's not really that specific. Because you could be describing Brad.

Makeup artist: Sorry. It's hard to make a picture with words. But I could draw his face.

Katie: You could draw him? Okay, yeah, I'm really curious.

Makeup artist: Okay, no problem. Just let me grab a piece of paper and we'll solve this mystery.

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm looking for Meg Snyder.

Mike: Uh, try the courthouse at the zoning board hearing. She was there when I left.

Brad: Thanks, Bud.

Meg: Hey --

Brad: There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you.

Meg: What's wrong? Everything okay?

Brad: Oh, couldn't be better. Okay, Margo is throwing an engagement party tonight for me and Katie. I want to invite you personally. 7:00, Tom and Margo's place.

Meg: Wait a minute, you and Katie got engaged? That's fantastic!

Brad: Thank you --

Meg: Oh, my gosh, I'm so happy for you. Of course I'm going to be there. Um, can you make that Meg Snyder plus one?

Brad: No problem. The more the merrier? Um, I'll see you tonight.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: That was unexpected. Are you inviting me to a party so you can kiss me again?

Meg: Not exactly. I do have an ulterior motive for asking you out --

Paul: You? Really? Well, I'm fond of ulterior motives. See, further proof that we're meant to be together.

Meg: I was hoping my inviting you would put you in a better mood.

Paul: Well, it worked.

Meg: So I can you ask you again to try and keep Mike in town.

Paul: Whatever you want. I'll give it my best shot.

Mike: Oh, bye, again and good luck with everything.

Paul: Mike, listen, Meg and I have been talking and we've decided that it would be just a huge mistake for you to leave town right now.

Mike: You decided for me?

Paul: Yes. Look, we really need for you to see this project through. And we'll do whatever it takes to make you stay.

Makeup artist: I'm pretty good at this. Even worked for the police to pay my way through college. Not a lot of creativity in being a sketch artist, though.

Katie: What, the cops didn't like you giving their suspects makeovers?

Makeup artist: Only the ones who really needed it. But, don't worry, my sketches got used in court a couple of times. And when I'm done, you'll know exactly who your mystery friend was.

Katie: Jack -- hi.

Jack: Hi.

Makeup artist: No, not him. I'm going to keep working.

Jack: What was that all about?

Katie: Just a segment we're working on. It's nothing. So what brings you by?

Jack: I'm here to see Brad, actually.

Brad: Yo, what are you doing here?

Jack: I've changed my mind. If the offer is still open, I'd love to come to the engagement party.

Paul: Here's the thing, Mike. I -- I know that the guy that you found to replace you with this project and probably -- read a blueprint and put on a hardhat and point to where all the cement should go. But we don't need somebody that can just follow orders. We need somebody that cares about this project. Somebody who has a history with the Snyder family and knows how important it is for them to preserve that land. Mike, please, what do you say? Can't you just stick around long enough to see Emma's vision through to the end?

Mike: Well, I -- I would hate to disappoint Emma. And to be honest, I would be afraid to disappoint her.

Meg: See? Any other contractor wouldn't know Mama well enough to be afraid. You are the man for the job.

Paul: And you wouldn't want Emma to think that you're some kind of quitter, would you?

Mike: I'm not a quitter.

Paul: No, but you know, if you leave now, technically, she'd be right.

Meg: Mama's always right.

Mike: There's really no way around this, is there? All right, okay, I'll stay.

Paul: All right. And you're okay with the terms that we set up before? The same deal?

Mike: Yeah, you got it.

Paul: Okay, no backing out this time.

Mike: No, I made a promise. I'll keep it.

Paul: Great.

Meg: Uh, Mike, can I have a word with you? Alone?

Paul: I'll be in my office.

Meg: You found out about Katie, didn't you?

Mike: That she's engaged to your cousin, Brad? Yeah.

Meg: How would you like some unsolicited advice?

Mike: Is there any other kind?

Meg: Uh, no, not in the Snyder family. I get what you're going through. I've been through a lot of stuff, too. That's made me see things a lot clearer. Things that maybe I didn't want to see before. You know, when a relationship goes bad before you decide whether you should move on or not, you need to figure out what went wrong in the first place. I don't think it would be right if you just ignored it or ran away. Because it didn't really work for me. I tried.

Mike: Thanks for the advice, Meg. I'll see you later.

Meg: Yeah.

Brad: Yeah, well, you know, Jack, thanks for being a big man about it and all -- but I'm not sure I want you coming to the party. Because it's going to be the happiest night of my life. And I don't want you sulking around, spoiling it.

Katie: Brad, stop. No hard feelings, remember? That's what we agreed upon. You two are brothers. If you would still like to come, you're welcome.

Brad: You heard the lady. I'm all about what makes Katie happy.

Jack: Well, thank you. So it's okay if I bring Carly then?

Katie: Of course. I hear you two are doing just about everything together these days.

Meg: Hey. Thank you for convincing Mike to stay.

Paul: Anything to see you smile. And I've decided, you know, since it's going to be my life's work for the next 50 years or so -- to make you happy, I -- no time to get started like the present --

Meg: Okay, okay -- don't push it. We're going to an engagement party tonight. Not waltzing down the aisle together.

Paul: Thanks for inviting me.

Meg: Well, you know, if we're going to make it to Tom and Margo's on time, we'd better start getting ready --

Paul: Meg, as much as I would really love to see you all dressed up, or even better yet, all undressed up --

Meg: Okay, you said you're not going to push it --

Paul: I'm not coming to the party. It's a family party. It's the Hughes' and the Snyders -- and let's face, me showing up -- I'm just a big disruption. And we agreed to not push it.

Meg: Well, I've got to hand it to you, Ryan. You're making all the right moves these days.

Paul: Thanks. I'm going to try and be open and honest now. And not so underhanded and I figure that if I'm open and honest about how underhanded I am, then that's not really underhanded, right? And we'll just -- we'll see how that works.

Carly: Oh, hey.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: I guess you were feeling adventurous today. How are things are the station?

Jack: Three hold ups, four drug busts. And a guy who tried to prove his innocence by getting violent.

Carly: Uh, well, just an average day at the office.

Jack: Exactly. Do you have any plans tonight, Carly?

Carly: No. No, I was just planning on helping Parker with his homework, keeping J.J. away from the video games, and reading to Sage for a bit.

Jack: Well, I've been invited to Katie and Brad's engagement party.

Carly: That's right -- Katie and Brad are engaged. I saw something about that on TV.

Jack: You and everybody else in Oakdale. My brother went all out.

Carly: How gracious of them to invite you.

Jack: Yeah. Listen, I was wondering, would you like to go with me? Katie said it would be okay.

Carly: That was very nice of her. I'd love to.

Jack: Good. Oh, I was also thinking, you might want to ask Parker if he'd like to come along. You know how crazy he is about Katie.

Carly: Great. I'll ask him.

Cop: No overtime today, Chief?

Margo: Oh, right it down, Boys. Not only am I leaving five minutes early, yes -- but I'm also going home to throw a party, an act of domesticity.

Cop: What are you cooking?

Margo: Cooking -- cooking -- no, no, it's whatever the caterer has on special. But I plan on lying and telling everybody I made it myself. Take care, Guys.

Mike: Excuse me, do you know where I might be able to find Margo Hughes?

Cop: You just missed her. Chief went home early. If it's an emergency, I can page her.

Mike: No -- no, thanks. It's personal. I'll try her at home.

Katie: That was a great show.

Brad: Yes, it was.

Katie: Okay, we've got a move on. We don't want to be late to our own party.

Brad: Yeah, we've got to get this party on the road. Because we've got to make this engagement official.

Katie: Oh, as opposed to when you announced it on live television in front of all our fans?

Brad: All right, that was different. That was different. The people who watch us on TV, we don't know them, and you know -- they really don't know us.

Katie: Oh, on the contrary, they think they do. Have you read our fan mail?

Brad: Well, tonight, I can't wait to tell everyone who really knows us, who really loves us, that I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world. That's official. That's a commitment.

Katie: You really can be so sweet sometimes.

Brad: I know --

Katie: Let's go.

Brad: Let's go.

Makeup artist: Katie! I finished the sketch. Guess it's not that important.

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Lily: It's from Dusty.

Luke: I have been waiting so long for this. I can't believe it's actually happening.

Noah: Neither can I.

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