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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/7/08

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Meg: Hey, Mike. Come on in.

Mike: Thanks. Is Emma here?

Meg: No, she went to Iva's for a visit.

Mike: Oh. I've got some questions to ask her about the farm. It's for approval from the zoning board to develop Emma's land.

Meg: Oh.

Mike: Maybe you could help me out?

Meg: I'll try. Do you want some coffee?

Mike: I'd love some. I haven't had a chance to eat yet.

Meg: Well, you know, I would offer to make you breakfast, but I'm a lousy cook.

Mike: Well, I can cook. How about I make you breakfast?

Paul: Hey. Hey. Hi, how are you doing? The prognosis is good. The doctor said the surgery went really well. Can you talk?

Barbara: Not much.

Paul: You should have had someone call me. I had to hear from somebody else that you were rushed into emergency surgery? It freaked me out.

Barbara: Who told you?

Paul: Sofie.

Sofie: Excuse me, where is Barbara Ryan's room?

Nurse: She's in 617.

Sofie: Thank you.

Aaron: Hey, I thought I'd find you here. Did you forget about our breakfast date?

Makeup artist: We're all so happy for you.

Cameraman: Katie, the whole crew says congratulations. You Guys are a great couple -- on camera and off.

Katie: Oh, I didn't know everyone was gonna know.

Brad: Good morning, my darling, my fiancée, my beautiful bride-to-be!

Makeup artist: Isn't he something?

Katie: He sure is. Excuse me. May I have a word, Shnookums?

Brad: Sure.

Katie: What's going on? Why did you tell everyone we're getting married?

Brad: Because we are getting married, so that's why I told everyone. Why? Do you have a problem with that?

Tom: Here you go.

Margo: Oh, thank you. You know, look at this, this is the first time you and I have been alone together in the middle of the week in a long time. How long has it been?

Tom: Like I can remember back that far?

Margo: I think Casey was a baby. I think that's how we got Casey.

Tom: Well, then I say it's time to make up for some lost time. Do you got any ideas?

Margo: Ohh. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, that is so good.

Tom: Why are you so tense?

Margo: Ah, well, Parker's trial. Jack was shot. The whole Nevins thing. What's a girl to do?

Tom: You know what? It's all over. Everybody's fine.

Margo: Well, no, not everybody.

Tom: Oh, no. Who's in trouble now?

Margo: Well, it's Katie. She wants to get married again, this time to Brad Snyder.

Katie: No -- no problem. I just -- well, I was a little surprised. I thought we were gonna make a formal announcement. Later.

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just an informal kind of guy. But when you said yes, that was official enough for me.

Katie: It's no big deal. It's just happening a little fast. It's a lot to get used to.

Brad: Look, don't worry. You will get used to being the future Mrs. Brad Snyder before you know it.

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: Yeah?

Katie: I guess I will.

Brad: Okay?

Katie: Okay. I'm gonna go finish up makeup.

Brad: All right, me, too. See you on TV, bride-to-be.

Makeup artist: Oh, he is such a hunk. So what convinced you he was Mr. Right?

Katie: Oh, it wasn't any one thing. I guess he just kind of wore me down.

Tom: Why can't Katie marry Brad?

Margo: Brad is a total rebound.

Tom: That's your opinion.

Margo: No, that is fact. Who does Katie confide in? Me.

Tom: So what if she loves Brad?

Margo: No, but she's confused. She said she was confused. She knows she still has feelings for Jack.

Tom: Okay. But that doesn't mean she can't love Brad, right?

Margo: No, she can't, not when she's pining away to be with his brother. No, the last thing Katie needs right now is to be involved in another relationship.

Tom: Hold it, hold it, your sister is an adult. She can make her own decisions about her love life. In fact, I've been waiting for you to make a decision about ours.

Margo: What? Like what?

Tom: Upstairs or down?

Margo: Huh?

Tom: All right, I'll make it for you. Upstairs, let's go.

Margo: Ohh. Again?

Tom: Hurry up.

Katie: Welcome back. Well, Brad, it's springtime. What does that make you think of?

Brad: Katie, that's easy. In springtime, a man feels his sap rising, and all he can think of is --

Katie: Pancakes?

Brad: Love.

Katie: Love?

Brad: Love.

Katie: Really?

Brad: Love, yes, yes.

Katie: Now, we're talking spring here, as in spring training. What about baseball?

Brad: Ordinarily, I would say yes. But not this year.

Katie: Well, in springtime, my thoughts turn to my flower garden.

Brad: I couldn't agree with you more. You know, it's really exciting if you think about it. These little teeny, tiny seeds, you plant them, and then they grow into big beautiful flowers. And then some lucky guy gives them to a very special girl on a very special day.

Katie: Do you have a point, Brad, or just a high fever that's making you delirious?

Brad: I got a fever, all right, and it's a fever called -- love! You know, I'm just gonna come right out with it. I am, I am. You wanted an official announcement, here it goes. Folks, yesterday I asked Katie Peretti to marry me. And she said yes!


Brad: That is all the time we have, Folks. It's been an amazing day for us, right, Katie?

Katie: Amazing doesn't begin to cover it.

Brad: I totally agree. I hope you enjoyed sharing it with us. See you tomorrow.

Stage manager: Credits are rolling. Brad, Katie, look busy.

Brad: Busy, busy, busy. I think that show is going to go on the "Best of Katie and Brad" reel.

Katie: I think I'm going to kill you.

Brad: What?

Stage manager: And we're out. Great show.

Katie: I really am gonna kill you. I can't believe you just made that announcement on TV without talking to me first.

Brad: I thought you'd wanted to make our engagement official.

Katie: I didn't mean to blab it to the whole world.

Brad: Well, I want the whole world to know that we're getting married. Don't you?

Katie: Well, yeah. It's just -- I mean --

Brad: You act like you're ashamed of something.

Katie: No, I'm not ashamed of it. It's just --

Brad: What? What? What is it?

Katie: It's just -- this is private.

Brad: Katie, get real. We're on TV. You can't keep something like this from the public.

Katie: You're right.

Brad: Ask our producer if you don't believe me. Kim encouraged me to make the announcement on the show.

Katie: She did?

Brad: Yeah, if it was up to her, we'd be getting married on air. You know, that's not such a bad idea. Would you be up for it?

Meg: Mm! This is delicious. I don't think you would find a better Spanish omelet in Spain.

Mike: You know, they don't actually have Spanish omelets in Spain.

Meg: Really?

Mike: Nope. And there's no Danish pastry in Denmark, either.

Meg: There isn't?

Mike: No English muffins in England.

Meg: Okay, how did you get to be such an expert?

Mike: I was never able to find a Spanish omelet in Spain, and I looked. I've been to all those places.

Meg: Really? Not me. I've been to Texas. That's as far as I go.

Mike: You should really get to Europe. You would love it.

Meg: Really? What is it like?

Mike: Well, if you're in construction, like I was, Europe’s really not all that different from Texas.

Sofie: Aaron, I am so sorry. I forgot I was supposed to meet you. I was thinking about Barbara.

Aaron: Listen, its okay. You promised Gwen and Will that you'd watch out for her, so go inside. I'll wait out here.

Sofie: Could be a while.

Aaron: It's cool.

Paul: Hey, Sofie.

Sofie: Hi, how are you?

Barbara: You promised not to tell.

Margo: Hey, Honey, you want food with that, or just something to drink?

Tom: Bring food!

Margo: To stoke the fires of my love.

TV announcer: Cupid's been busy at the popular talk show "Oakdale Now." Here's a clip.

Brad: Folks, yesterday I asked Katie Peretti to marry me. And she said yes!

Margo: Oh, my God!

Tom: What's the matter?

Margo: Ohh, ohh, no, no, no, no.

Tom: Hey, where the heck do you think you're going?

Brad: Why are you so angry?

Katie: I'm not getting married on TV, Brad. You can forget it.

Brad: Forget getting married?

Katie: No, I didn't say that. I just -- I don't know.

Brad: You don't know if you want to marry me?

Katie: No, I didn't say that. Stop putting words in my mouth.

Brad: Well, then give me a straight answer.

Katie: What's the question?

Brad: Do you want to marry me or not?

Katie: Do I have to answer right now?

Brad: Yeah, yeah. Yes, you do. I mean, I thought you already said yes. On and off the air. But obviously you haven't made up your mind yet, have you? It's a simple question, Katie. Do you want to marry me or not?

Katie: Not.

Meg: No, no, no, no. You cooked. I clean. The Snyder family rule.

Mike: Okay. Can you multi-task? You mind if I ask you some questions about the farm?

Meg: Shoot.

Mike: How old are the water wells?

Meg: Um -- I have no idea.

Mike: Do you know how deep they are?

Meg: I haven't got a clue.

Mike: Do you know how many you have?

Meg: No. You know, I'm not much help, am I?

Mike: That's okay. I can always have my staff do it. I was just trying to save some time.

Meg: Well, that's a relief.

Mike: Yeah, hey, you mind if I leave these papers with you for Paul to sign? 'Cause you'll probably see him before I do.

Meg: Well, not necessarily.

Mike: Oh? I thought you two were --

Meg: An item? No, no, not anymore. Long story.

Mike: Oh. Well, that's okay. I've got time.

Paul: Sofie did the right thing, Mother. Your family had a right to know you were in surgery.

Sofie: Barbara, I am so sorry I broke my promise. But I didn't think you should be alone. And I -- I made sure Gwen and Will didn't change their plans.

Paul: Yeah, they left town none the wiser, and you can fill them in later when you're at home recuperating.

Sofie: I hope you're not angry with me.

Barbara: I'm not.

Paul: Sofie did great. She got you here to the hospital. She waited while you were in surgery.

Sofie: I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Paul: I'm sure she's grateful, Sofie. We all are.

Sofie: Yeah, you know what? I don't want to tire you, Barbara, so I should get going. I have someone waiting. Can I come visit later?

Barbara: Sure.

Sofie: Great. Great. I'll see you later, then.

Meg: It gets worse. Paul fought with Craig. And then Paul pushed me away. And that's how I lost my baby.

Mike: I am sorry.

Meg: Yeah. Me, too. It's the hardest thing I've ever been through. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

Mike: Do you still blame Paul?

Meg: Paul and I have caused each other a lot of hurt. He's behaved badly, but I guess so have I.

Mike: What about now?

Meg: Paul's trying. He's not so angry anymore. The way he was with you, for instance. He's starting to show me that he could change.

Mike: That's a good thing, right?

Meg: I guess. It's kind of little scary, actually. We have a horrible track record.

Mike: Yeah. It's tough to let go, isn't it? Even when it's been a painful ride. That's part of the reason I'm back here. I still have some things from my past that I gotta work out.

Meg: You mean Katie, right?


Brad: Come on, Katie, open up. Look, I know you're in there. I checked with the front desk. They saw you come in. Please. Will you just -- will you open up?

Katie: Go away!

Brad: No can do. Look, I love you. I'm going to stand out here, and I'm gonna shout it out until you open the door and talk to me.

Katie: Would you cut it out? Haven't you embarrassed me enough for one day? Please don't make a scene!

Brad: Okay. Katie Peretti, I love Katie Peretti! I love Katie Peretti!

Katie: Stop! Stop it! Please, be quiet!

Brad: Listen to me, I'm gonna make you the top story of the evening news if you don't open up this door right now.

Katie: Happy now?

Brad: What is the matter? Why did you change your mind about marrying me?

Tom: No, no, no, no.

Margo: Brad announced it on TV!

Tom: And so you go running out of the house with just my robe on?

Margo: Don't be silly. I had a coat on, too. Now, why can't Katie just live in sin like other normal people?

Tom: We have been over this. She's allowed to make her own decisions and her own mistakes, so let it go.

Margo: Honey, if you saw a train wreck happening, wouldn't you do something to stop it?

Tom: Yeah, I would. Give your sister a little more credit.

Margo: I can't just let this go.

Tom: Let her learn her own lessons.

Margo: It's gonna backfire. Things always backfire with Katie. So no, I'm going with my instinct on this, and I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind. I can't just let her go off the deep end like this. She can't get married again. I just -- no. I feel like I let her down as a sister.

Brad: Talk to me.

Katie: I don't know what to say.

Brad: Talk to me. You can't say no to marrying me without giving me the reason.

Katie: Why not?

Brad: Why not? You know why not. I mean, this morning, I'm walking on cloud nine, I'm all, you know, happy, and you just kick me in the gut?

Katie: I know.

Brad: Why'd you change you mind?

Katie: I don't know. Women do that. They change their minds. It's what we do.

Brad: Oh, give me a break! Give me a break, Katie. That's it? That's it? You're leading me on for weeks, you're building up my hopes, and you just take my heart, and you stomp on it, and all you have to say is, "That's what women do."

Katie: I -- no, you don't understand.

Brad: What makes you think you can jerk me around like this?

Katie: I didn't mean to -- Brad.

Brad: Don’t. Listen. No, listen to me. All I've ever done is love you. Okay? And I have forced myself to grow up, to change. I threw away my little black book. And I was completely committed to doing whatever it took to be with you, and you have not made it easy. I've put up with all kinds of craziness because I believed like an idiot that one day you might love me back. If you couldn't have given me that, you should never have said yes to marrying me in the first place, Katie.

Katie: I'm sorry. Brad! Brad!

Katie: How could I do this to him? What is wrong with me? No, he's better off. He's gonna be better off, right? Margo's right. It's better just to call this off now before I make another huge mistake.

Mike: You know, I'd be lying if I said I came back into town just for business. Although I do care a lot about the project.

Meg: Katie's the other reason.

Mike: Yeah. She cheated on me with her ex-husband. I hurt her back. And I left town, divorced her long-distance. I tried to just walk away and forget it, but I couldn’t. It's been eating at me ever since. My gut tells me that I should try to explain to her why I was so angry. I want to make up for hurting her. I want her to know I'm sorry.

Meg: Well, you have very good instincts. You should trust them.

Mike: I'm not sure that Katie really wants to hear it, though.

Meg: Yeah, but you have to try. I mean, the worst thing you could do is go through life with regrets.

Mike: You really understand me. You're a good listener.

Meg: So are you, Mike.

Aaron: We're so late, we missed the breakfast special. All right, I guess we have to get lunch instead.

Sofie: Okay, okay, don't rub it in. I really forgot. I'm sorry.

Aaron: Stop apologizing. I heard you the first time. It's not a big deal.

Sofie: I know, I can't help it, I feel guilty.

Aaron: Well, don't feel guilty on my account.

Sofie: Gwen and Will made me promise I would take care of Barbara. They wouldn't have been able to leave Oakdale otherwise.

Aaron: Yeah, but you kept your promise. You really don't owe Barbara anything else.

Sofie: She seemed to appreciate my visit. After lunch, I'm going to go back to the hospital.

Aaron: Will Paul Ryan be there?

Sofie: I don't know. Why? Is that a problem for you?

Paul: Did I interrupt something?

Mike: No, we're just catching up. Meg's been terrific.

Meg: Well, I haven't been much help with that information you needed.

Mike: No, it's okay. I got what I needed for now. And here are the papers for you to sign, Paul. Call me if you have any questions.

Meg: Is something wrong?

Paul: No.

Meg: You seem upset. Were you upset because Mike was here? Because you have to get over it. I mean, you Guys are gonna start working together.

Paul: It's not Mike.

Meg: Obviously, something is wrong.

Paul: My mother's in the hospital. She just got out of emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Meg: Oh, Paul, I'm sorry. You must be so worried. Is there anything I could do?

Paul: You're doing it.

Aaron: It's none of my business, but I just heard you and Paul have been hanging out a lot.

Sofie: Well, where did you hear that?

Aaron: I don't remember. It's not a big deal.

Sofie: Paul is my friend. He stood by me when I was trying to decide whether or not to keep Hallie. So whoever is spreading rumors about us -- don't believe them.

Aaron: Forget I said anything. Let's just enjoy our lunch, okay?

Meg: You know, I can talk to Barbara. She must be so scared. We'll make sure she gets the best speech therapist.

Paul: Thank you. She's pretty well taken care of.

Meg: Okay. Well, let me know if there's anything I can do.

Paul: There is something you could do.

Meg: Name it.

Paul: Have lunch with me. Meg, I've been at the hospital all night. I've got to go back there. I'd really like to talk to you and eat some food that doesn't come out of a machine.

Meg: Are you using your mother's illness to get a date with me?

Paul: Right. Yeah, my bad.

Meg: Okay. Wait, wait, wait. You know, I have to run some errands, but I'll meet you at the Lakeview after I'm done.

Paul: Okay.

Brad: Women. Do you know what they want? I don't know what they want. I mean, I never will, not if I live to be 180, do you know what I mean?

Bartender: Yes, Sir.

Brad: How do you give them what they want? They don't even know what they want themselves! I mean, how am I supposed to know? It could make you crazy. You know what I'm saying?

Bartender: Yes, Sir.

Man: Bartender, a bottle of your best champagne, please.

Bartender: Yes, Sir.

Man: Very special day for us.

Brad: But when Katie smiles at me -- there is nothing that compares to that feeling. Nothing in the world. You shouldn't just give up that feeling without fighting for it, right?

Bartender: No, Sir. Will there be anything else?

Brad: Yeah. You got another one of those champagne bottles?

Tom: I know you love your sister. I know you want to save her from a bad marriage. But do you have to do it now? Because this day was supposed to special, I mean, all about us, and it started out very, very well, remember? Okay.

Margo: You're right.

Tom: So you bring the drinks, and I'll meet you upstairs. Put down the phone, Honey.

Margo: I have a husband who can see through walls.

Tom: A husband that knows you very, very well.

Margo: And has the hearing of an Irish Setter.

Tom: I heard that, too! Come on, get up here!

Katie: Marriage. Who needs it? What is it good for, anyway? Nothing but heartache, that's what. Well, and someone to laugh with, share a life with, have a family with. A man to go to sleep with, wake up next to. A man who thinks you're the most beautiful woman in the world, would do anything for you. Somebody you love who loves you back. Someone like Brad. Someone exactly like Brad. Katie, don't be stupid. What are you doing?


Brad: I'm not giving up on you.

Katie: I don't know what I was thinking. I'm so sorry.

Brad: I love you.

Katie: I'm so glad you came back. I treated you so badly. I'm never gonna forgive myself.

Brad: I never should have blown up at you like that. I'm sorry.

Katie: No, I'm sorry. Come here. I'm just -- I'm just scared.

Brad: Me, too.

Katie: Really?

Brad: Are you kidding?

Katie: You are?

Brad: Yeah. Are you kidding? I mean, I have done this once before, but that was with Carly under completely different circumstances. That wasn't a real marriage. This is real. I want it to be, but I am in unknown territory.

Katie: Exactly, that's what I'm saying. It's like fear of the unknown.

Brad: Well, I mean, hey, at least you've had plenty of practice.

Katie: Thanks a lot. That's exactly why I can't fail again. I can't let myself do it.

Brad: You won’t. I won't let you.

Katie: You promise?

Brad: I swear. This is way too important.

Katie: I just wish I knew for sure that we were doing the right thing.

Brad: I am sure enough for both of us. Look, I have never been so sure of anything in my life. Look, I want you to do just one thing. Okay, just one thing.

Katie: Okay. What?

Brad: Forget about today. Just forget about it. I want you to go back to that time, go back to that place when I asked you to marry me. I want you to trust in that instinct that you had when you said yes. When you trust in that feeling and say that you're gonna marry me.

Meg: Hey! I am so sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long?

Paul: Not at all. I'm just happy to see you.

Mike: Hey, I'm glad I caught you two.

Paul: Mike. It's funny how you keep popping up.

Mike: I just wanted to see if you had a chance to look at those papers about our agreement yet.

Paul: No, not really.

Mike: I understand. It's just that, whenever I decide that I'm gonna do something, I like to go full steam ahead. So as soon as you sign those papers, we can get started.

Paul: Okay. I mean, I'm the same way, once I decide.

Mike: Ah. I see. Sorry to interrupt.

Paul: No, not at all. Hey, listen, would you like to join us.

Sofie: Hi again.

Barbara: You must have better things to do.

Sofie: Not at all. Aaron, what are you doing?

Aaron: I am visiting a friend in the hospital.

Barbara: Oh, thank you.

Aaron: Sofie told me what happened.

Sofie: I hope you don't mind.

Barbara: No.

Aaron: We'll have the Snyders saying prayers.

Barbara: Thank you. He's a good guy.

Paul: In fact, we don't have to have just water, you know. We could get some wine. I know you spent some time in Europe. I'm sure you could order a really good bottle.

Mike: I'm no expert, but I did have a bottle or two while I was in Europe.

Meg: Mike and I were talking about Europe earlier.

Paul: Yeah?

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: I think you should go. Really, I think you should go. Don't wait.

Meg: Mike was saying the same thing, actually.

Paul: Really?

Meg: Yeah. There's another thing you two agree on. You know, I think this is gonna be one of those great partnerships.

Mike: Well, I sure hope so. Now I really am going to butt out and let you two enjoy your lunch.

Paul: Wait, wait. Mike, really, why don't you stay?

Mike: I really do have to get going, but give me a call when you have a chance to look at those papers. And Meg, it was great to see you again.

Meg: You, too. Thank you.

Paul: For what?

Meg: For being a nice guy.

Brad: Take a leap of faith. Marry me.

Katie: Of course, I'll marry you. That was never the problem.

Brad: Then what was?

Katie: I wanted to marry you from the second I said yes, okay? It's just all the other stuff.

Brad: What other stuff?

Katie: The announcements and the parties and the bridal shower.

Brad: That stuff's supposed to be fun, right?

Katie: It's supposed to be, right? But in reality, it just gives Margo more of a chance to convince me that I'm making a mistake and make my life miserable. Oh, and then we have to do the whole wedding party thing, bridesmaids. Do you know how hard it is to get four or five women to agree on the same dress?

Brad: Oh, no. Yeah.

Katie: Well, let me tell you, it's the worst part. And then there's the whole reception and the seating chart, which is a mess, and the ice sculpture. Just all that -- uhh! I just can't deal with it. It's too much pressure.

Brad: It's gonna be okay.

Katie: I just wish we could do it fast, get it over with.

Brad: You make it sound like you're getting your tooth pulled.

Katie: Exactly! I'm so glad you understand, like ripping off a band-aid.

Brad: Okay, okay. Well, there's only one thing left to do.

Katie: What?

Brad: Elope.

Tom: Hey, Red! What's taking you so long?

Margo: I'll be right there! Okay. "Dear Tom, I love you so much, and I'm sorry, but if I don't do something to save Katie from this disaster, I will regret it forever. Please understand. And you have a rain check for everything we would have done this afternoon -- plus interest."

Katie: Elope? No, we can't elope.

Brad: Why not?

Katie: Because Margo would kill me.

Brad: You said she'd kill you just for getting married in the first place.

Katie: She would.

Brad: Even with bridesmaids and the ice sculptures --

Katie: Any way I get married, she'll kill me.

Brad: Well, you're a dead woman either way.

Katie: Yes.

Brad: Might as well do what you want.

Katie: Good point.

Brad: So --

Katie: So let's do it. Let's elope.

Aaron: Maybe we should go.

Sofie: I -- yeah, okay.

Barbara: Who? What?

Sofie: Barbara, I'm so sorry. My bracelet -- I didn't mean to wake you.

Barbara: No, don't go.

Sofie: Okay, okay, I'll stay a little longer.

Aaron: Just stay. I gotta go. I have to go.

Sofie: Okay.

Aaron: But I'll call you later, we'll talk?

Sofie: Sure.

Aaron: Ms. Ryan, I hope you feel better.

Barbara: Thanks. It's pretty.

Sofie: I made it.

Barbara: Oh, you're so talented.

Sofie: It's just a hobby.

Barbara: No -- can help you -- professionally.

Sofie: Really?

Barbara: We could -- work together.

Sofie: That would be great.

Meg: I mean it. You surprise me all the time. I'm very, very impressed with this new Paul.

Paul: That's not what I'm trying to do. Okay, that's totally what I'm trying to do.

Meg: Well, you know what? Who cares? As long as this nice guy isn't jealous or demanding, I'm going with it. I really do you hope you have changed for the better.

Paul: Got to believe in miracles, right?

Meg: Right. Anyway, whatever you're doing, it's working.

Katie: That's all you're bringing?

Brad: We're going to Vegas for a quickie wedding, right? Then this is all I need. I mean, if you wanted more formal, I can always rent an Elvis suit. Don't worry, don't worry, I'm just kidding. I have -- I have everything I need.

Katie: If you say so. What do you think of this?

Brad: That's great.

Katie: Good, I'm glad you like it. Do I need a sweater?

Brad: Las Vegas is in the desert. You might need, like, one sweater during the night. You know what? You're done. All right? We have each other. That's all we need. Let's go.

Katie: Okay. Let's go.

Mike: Yeah, it's Mike Kasnoff. I would like to order some room service, please. No, I think I'm gonna stay in today and do some work. How about a club sandwich and a soda? Yeah, that'll be fine, thanks.

Brad: Ms. Peretti will be gone for a few days.

Katie: Can you please hold all my messages and mail?

Clerk: Certainly. Ms. Peretti, Mr. Snyder, have a good trip.

Brad: Oh, we will.

Margo: No, no, no, no, no! Wait, wait, wait. I got here just in the nick of time. Where do you think you are going with my sister, Brad?

Mike: Yeah, hi, this is Mike Kasnoff again. Cancel that room service. Yeah, I'm going to go out, after all. Thank you, bye.

Katie: You're too late, Margo. We're flying to Vegas. Brad and I are going to elope.

Margo: Over my dead body.

Brad: Oh, Margo, it really doesn't have to come to that, does it?

Margo: No, it doesn't, because Katie isn't going anywhere until she listens to some common sense from me.

Brad: I don't want to be rude to my future sister-in-law, but this is none of your business.

Katie: Hey, listen, don't worry. She can't do anything to stop us.

[Elevator dings]

On the next "As the World Turns,"

Emily: What do you think he's gonna do when he finds out about your past?

Margo: This wedding is not gonna happen.

Katie: Back off.

Carly: So if you want Katie back, I think you have a chance. You just need to take it.

Brad: So you need to tell me, do you want to call it off?

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