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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/4/08

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Jack: Hey, was that Parker? I told him to call if he needed a ride home from practice. What's wrong?

Carly: That was Gwen. She was inviting me to a party at her place this afternoon.

Jack: So why are you so upset?

Carly: It's a going away party. She and Will are leaving town.

Will: Hey. So Mom wanted Lisa to get the Lakeview to cater the thing, but I just went to Al's and got these sandwiches. They look really good. Did Casey show up?

Gwen: Huh?

Will: Casey said he was going to help me set up. Is he here? And did you call everybody that you wanted to show up? Hey, you hearing me?

Gwen: Yeah. I'm sorry. I just -- I think I called everybody. I just talked to Carly, Parker, J.J. and Sage all have after-school activities, so I'm not really going to get to say good-bye to them now.

Will: We knew this was going to be hard. But we agreed that it was a good thing, right?

Gwen: Yeah. It's just -- Will, what if we're making a terrible mistake?

Aaron: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Gwen just called. She and Will are having a little going away party at their house.

Sofie: Okay, well, give them my best.

Aaron: Okay, why don't you just come with me and do it yourself?

Sofie: Oh, I am the last person they want to see today. They're leaving to get away from me.

Aaron: First of all, that's not true. Second, I really wasn't thinking about what Will and Gwen want. I was thinking about you. And Hallie.

Sofie: What about us?

Aaron: I just think you should say good-bye to your little girl one more time before she leaves town for good.

Alison: There you are. Come on, put the file down, go get changed. We're going to be late for Will and Gwen's party.

Chris: Sorry, I'm swamped with work. I'm not going to be able to make it.

Alison: Oh, please. That's a crock and you know it.

Noah: Luke, I know this seems crazy, but every since that last I.C.E. scare, I really think Ameera and I should go to Will and Gwen's party together.

Luke: Yeah, that does sound crazy. But if they're suspicious enough to check your bedroom, then I guess they would think it really weird if they kept seeing us go out together without her.

Noah: So you agree? We'll all go together.

Luke: Actually, I have a better idea.

[Knock at the door]

Casey: Hey, I got your message. What's the big emergency? But make it quick, I got to go help will set up.

Luke: Perfect. You take Ameera, and I'll hitch a ride with my date.

Casey: I'm -- I'm sorry?

Will: You're having second thoughts?

Gwen: No, look, I understand why it makes sense for us to, you know, get a fresh start someplace new. I guess it's just inviting all these people to our house for a party, people that we care about. I guess it's just starting to hit me how hard it's going to be to leave them all behind.

Will: I'm ready for a new adventure. And I don't see it as saying good-bye. But if this is too hard for you, then you just say the word.

Gwen: Do you remember what I was like when you first met me?

Will: You weren't the same person.

Gwen: No. I mean, like, I was a mess. You know, I didn't have friends or family. And then I met you. And your friends and family, they became my own. And I don't know -- how do I walk away from all of that?

[Paul and Barbara outside the door. Barbara almost passes out. Paul grabs Barbara]

Paul: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey. Are you okay? Are you all right?

Barbara: Yeah, yeah.

Jack: Carly, hey. Can I -- can I help you find something?

Carly: No, I'm looking for my camera. You know, I don't even have a picture of Gwen with the baby yet, you know that?

Jack: Carly, hey -- stop. Listen.

Carly: What?

Jack: I know this is upsetting to you.

Carly: What's upsetting to me is that it's so sudden. You know, I don't even have a going away gift. I should go to Old Town. I can pick something up for her.

Jack: Carly, your sister doesn't need a gift. What she needs is to say good-bye to you.

Carly: I don't want to say good-bye to another sister. Saying good-bye to Rosanna was bad enough. I feel like my whole family is deserting me. I'm a big girl. I know -- I know -- I know I'll be fine. There's the camera. You see, things are looking up already.

Jack: You know, I want to say good-bye to Will and Gwen, too. Do you mind if I tag along?

Carly: Hey, what are you doing home?

Parker: Will called. I figured saying good-bye to my brother was more important than baseball practice.

Carly: Oh, Sweetheart.

Jack: Great, we can all go together.

Barbara: I'm okay. Yeah, I'm okay. I guess I'm just a little more emotional about the kids leaving than I thought I would be.

Paul: Right.

Barbara: I know it's for the best, but it's going to be hard saying good-bye.

Paul: I understand. But you're not -- you're not overdoing it, are you?

Barbara: You worry too much. How do I look?

Paul: Very brave.

Barbara: Yeah. Hey!

Will: You made it.

Barbara: I made it. I wouldn't miss this for the world, are you kidding? I just wish I could throw you a bigger, better party.

Gwen: No, we're just glad you could come. You want to come see Hallie?

Barbara: You have to ask me that question?

Will: Is Mom okay? She seemed upset.

Paul: You know how she likes to have her kids around. She is upset.

Will: I know our timing's not great.

Paul: You need to make this move, okay? The two of you need to do this. I think she understands that. She's going to be fine.

Will: Well, that's it. She's really understanding, and I'm worried. I'd feel a lot less guilty about leaving if she wasn't sick.

Paul: Will, I'll take good care of her. I promise.

Gwen: I love her so much.

Barbara: Yeah.

Gwen: It makes me wonder how my mom could just be so --

Barbara: So, Iris?

Gwen: Yeah.

Barbara: You know, I'm not going to defend your mother in any way, but you know, it's hard on us moms. We don't always do the right thing. We try very hard. But some of us have more limitations than others.

Gwen: Well, anyway, you've been more of a mom to me than my own mom ever was.

Barbara: I don't think I'd have gotten through the last couple of years without you. Gwen, you've been the glue that's held this family together. After losing Jennifer and Hal.

Gwen: I don't know if I can do this.

Barbara: Don't you start me, okay? Don't you start me at all, because I know it's the best thing for the two of you and this little one. It's just going to be so hard to say good-bye to the three of you. Especially you.

[Making baby noises]

Sofie: Aaron, I can't say good-bye to Hallie again. It breaks my heart every time.

Aaron: Those other times, did you really believe you weren't going to see her again? I mean, while she's still a baby anyway? I mean, this is for real, Sofie. I just don't want you to regret not being able to hold her one more time.

Sofie: Okay, you know what, Aaron? Maybe sometimes you should let me make my mistakes instead of always trying to get me to do what you think is the right thing.

Aaron: Well, if you change your mind, I'll be there.

Chris: I don't appreciate your accusation. I'm a doctor. I have responsibilities.

Alison: I know that. But it's just as important to apologize to your cousin. And work is just an excuse so you don't have to do that. Admit it. You're afraid to face them.

Chris: Tell that to my dad. He has me working extra shifts to prove myself.

Alison: No, you tell him. You know he would give you the day off if you asked because you want to go see Will and Gwen before they go.

Chris: You're right. How come you Stewart women are so pushy?

Alison: It's genetic. So you want me to wait for you?

Chris: What if I say no?

Alison: I'll wait for you anyway.

Chris: Okay. I won't be long.

[Hallie fusses]

Barbara: Oh, its okay, Sweetie Pie.

Gwen: It's okay.

Barbara: Grandma better go. I know.

Gwen: You're not going to stay for the party?

Barbara: You know, I don't think all of your friends will appreciate it if Grandma is weeping into the canapťs.

Gwen: Oh, Will and I wanted this to be a little less formal, more like chips and salsa, but I understand what you're saying.

Barbara: Look at my two boys. I am going to miss seeing you in the same room like this, you know that? Oh, Will. I love the man that you've grown to be and the father that you are. And your dad would be so proud of you, you know that.

Paul: Is that a hug, or the Heimlich?

Barbara: Don't get smart with me, you.

Paul: Hey, don't be mad at me. I'm the good son, now.

Will: Mom, I know that Paul is going to have the radiation taken care of and everything, but if you need anything, call us. 'Cause we're not going to be that far.

Barbara: I will, I will. I don't want you to worry about me. I just want to make sure that wherever you land, you have a lovely room that I can decorate for my guest room.

Gwen: I love you.

Barbara: I love you, Honey. And I'll take to you soon, okay? You guys have a -- have a good party. Have fun. Take care.

Casey: No way, Man. I'm not pretending to be gay again.

Luke: Why not? The I.C.E. already has you on file as my boyfriend.

Casey: Okay, that is not helping your case, Dude.

Noah: Okay, it's just about getting from here to there, Casey. Once you're at the party, you can hang out with whoever you want.

Ameera: Casey. I hope you're coming with us.

Casey: Fine. Yeah, I'll go with you. But no funny stuff.

Luke: Aw, who, me?

Casey: Don't you dare. Stop it.

Noah: Thanks, Man.

Luke: Come on, Babe.

Casey: Stop it. This is not real.

Carly: If you didn't make my sister so happy, I would never forgive you for taking her away. You know that?

Jack: We would have been here sooner, but we spent the last ten minutes sitting in the car while Carly went through a box of tissues.

Carly: Hey, that is not true. I am a pillar of strength.

Parker: I hope you Guys have a guest wing there, because I have a feeling my mom's going to be spending a lot of time with you.

Carly: As if you won't want to come with me, right? Hey, Gwen. Oh, I need a picture of you and Hallie together before I forget, okay?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, she's in the bedroom. Hey, Carly, what's going on with you and Jack? Are you guys back together?

Carly: Not exactly.

Gwen: What does that mean?

Carly: I'm working on it.

Gwen: That's great. Because if you're working on it, then I know that you two have a chance. Come here.

Carly: There you go. Oh, you're so pretty, both of you. All right, I want a new picture every week, okay?

Gwen: All right. And I want updates on you and Jack.

Carly: Don't get carried away. The fact is, Jack has made it very clear that he doesn't trust me anymore. And as far as I can tell, the only way to fix that is the old fashioned way.

Gwen: To earn it.

Carly: Yeah. And you know, that's going to take a lot of time, which takes patience. And as we both know, patience is a virtue I do not possess.

Jack: Here, let me help you out with that.

Will: Thanks.

Jack: I'm technologically savvy.

Will: Gwen's going to kill me if I don't get pictures of everyone.

Jack: Oh, don't worry about it. Listen, if you ever need anything, your father was my best friend, my mentor. I'm only a phone call away, all right? He would've been proud of you. You didn't turn out half bad, you know?

Paul: Going to miss your big brother, aren't you?

Parker: Yeah, it's not like Will and I hang out all the time, but --

Paul: Still knowing he's around. Parker, listen, if you need anything, anything at all, I got the big brother thing covered.

Parker: Thanks.

Carly: I just wish that Jack and I had what you and Will have.

Gwen: You can. I mean, I've messed up plenty. Will just makes me want to be a better person, that's all.

Will: Hey, you want to get a family shot? Tenney girls.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, take one with mine.

Gwen: Hey, Jack, Parker, get in here. Come on.

Will: All right, guys. Squeeze in. Squeeze in a little closer.

Sofie: Wait, Barbara, are you okay? What's wrong?

Barbara: Oh, Sofie, hi. I'm just really tired. Would you mind taking me upstairs?

Sofie: Of course.

Barbara: I think I need to lay down for awhile.

Sofie: Of course, of course. Okay, okay, whoa. Okay, you're not just tired. Something's wrong. I'm going to take you to the hospital.

Alison: Aaron. What are you doing back?

Aaron: Oh, I got back earlier than I thought. Turns out, Mom's okay.

Alison: Oh, that's great. Good.

Aaron: Did Will invite you?

Alison: Aaron.

Will: Aaron, Ali, hey.

Aaron: Hey, what's up, Man?

Chris: I realize I wasn't invited, but I --

Gwen: Oh, no, you're family. You're always invited.

Will: Not always.

Alison: It was my idea. Don't be mad at him.

Chris: They're already mad at me. I told you they didn't want to see me.

Carly: Thanks for coming with me, Guys. I'm sorry that I had to leave so soon. The idea of prolonging the good-bye was too painful.

Jack: No, it's okay. Parker and I had our fair share of sandwiches and chips, right, Buddy?

Parker: Yeah. You going to be okay?

Carly: Yeah. I'm just going to go out on the porch and get some air.

Parker: Mom's really upset.

Jack: Well, come on, we went to the party with her, I've been telling her bad jokes all day. There's nothing else I can do.

Parker: Yes, there is. If you wanted to.

Chris: Alison insisted I come, and she was right. I owe you guys an apology. I'm sorry for complicating the situation with Hallie's adoption by testifying for Sofie.

Will: You ambushed us. You're our cousin. You could have come to us and explained yourself.

Gwen: Will.

Chris: He's right. He's right. And I regret it. But I hope you know I was just trying to do what I thought was right.

Gwen: You know, we've all made decisions that we've regretted in regards to that adoption.

Will: Yeah. The whole thing was really stressful. I'm glad you came by.

Chris: So, apology accepted?

Will: Yeah. Besides, I think your dad would give us hell if we didn't work it out.

Chris: Yeah.

Aaron: So what are you back with Chris?

Alison: As if it is any of your business.

Aaron: I'm just watching out for you. I was right about Matt OíConnor, wasn't I?

Alison: And you just love being right, don't you?

Aaron: I can't help being overprotective. It's an old habit.

Alison: Well, lose it. Chris and I are just friends. We work together, that's all.

Aaron: Okay. I think the guy's a little full of himself, but whatever.

Alison: Look who's talking. Oh, excuse me. Hey, hey, how did it go?

Chris: They accepted my apology. Thanks for making me do this. I feel better about it.

Alison: So why are you heading out?

Chris: I made my point. I don't want to push it.

Alison: Okay, Doctor, back to saving lives.

Chris: Actually, I'm not going back. I signed out for the rest of the day.

Alison: I'm impressed. So, what are you going to do with your whole afternoon off?

Chris: I have no clue. Want to come with me and figure it out?

Alison: I canít. I don't want to ditch out on the party. But thanks. Actually, you know what? Yeah, I'll go with you. Just give me a minute. I just have to say good-bye to Will and Gwen, okay?

Chris: Okay.

Alison: Okay.

Doctor: I'm afraid it's not good news. It looks like your tumor has become resistant to radiation. We need to operate immediately to remove it.

Barbara: Well, I'm not going to argue with you. I trust you, Doctor.

Doctor: I'll make the arrangements.

Sofie: I'm going to call Will and Paul.

Barbara: No, please, please. I don't want to disturb Will and Gwen's going away party.

Sofie: They would want to know.

Barbara: Please, I'm not going to disturb their plans.

Sofie: But --

Barbara: Sofie, promise me you're not going to say anything, all right?

Nurse: You will have to step out. The doctor wants Ms. Ryan prepped immediately.

Sofie: Okay, you are going to be fine. I'm going to be right here. I'm going to be waiting.

Barbara: Thank you.

Parker: When you care about someone, you can always make them feel better. But you have to want to.

Jack: You know, it makes me nervous when you're giving me relationship advice.

Parker: It makes me nervous when you don't take it.

[Jack chuckles]

Jack: Carly, listen. Carly?

Luke: Come on, Babe.

Casey: Okay, I'm warning you. Okay, stop it. Stop it!

Will: Hey.

Casey: Hey.

Will: Come on in.

Casey: Sorry we're late, Dude.

Will: It's okay. My brother helped me out.

Gwen: Hey, you Guys, thank you so much. I'm so glad you could make it. It's awesome.

Noah: Will, Gwen, I don't think you guys have met Ameera -- my wife.

Ameera: Nice to meet you.

Gwen: Nice to meet you.

Will: You guys are married?

Luke: Yeah, it's kind of like an arranged marriage thing. Noah married Ameera so that she could get her visa and not get deported.

Gwen: But you Guys are still together, right?

Luke: Oh, yeah, definitely.

Casey: Yeah, and I'm the beard.

Luke: And a very rugged one.

Casey: Stop it! Okay, Ameera, do you want something to drink?

Ameera: I'll come with you. I know what Noah likes.

Luke: And you know what I like, Casey.

Paul: I think I'm going to go.

Will: Yeah, thanks for your help.

Paul: No problem. You're not moving away just to get away from me, are you? Look, I know that I -- I haven't always been such a great big brother. I can do better if you let me try.

[Knock at the door]

Gwen: Sofie, come in. Please.

Sofie: I don't want to crash your party --

Aaron: Listen, I told Sofie about this. I thought she might want to say good-bye to Hallie. I hope you guys don't mind.

Sofie: Aaron, I can speak for myself.

Gwen: No, no. Of course you should say good-bye. Come on.

Alison: So, what should we do now?

Chris: Aren't we doing it?

Susan: What are you two doing here? I thought you were on duty, Chris.

Chris: My father gave me the afternoon off for good behavior.

Susan: Oh, how generous of him. Why aren't you at Will and Gwen's going away party?

Alison: I was. I went with Chris. It was fun. And we're still having fun.

Susan: Uh-huh. Am I going to see you at home later?

Alison: Yes, Mother.

Susan: Good. 'Cause I'm expecting you for dinner.

Alison: Okay. What a pain!

Chris: Tell me about it. I'm a doctor. I make life and death decisions every day. But as soon as my dad looks at me, I feel like a little kid who can't do anything right. It seems like we're always disappointing our parents.

Alison: Well, to tell you the truth, I have done a lot of disappointing things.

Chris: Okay, okay, let's go.

Alison: Where?

Chris: Somewhere where we won't be reminded of our shortcomings.

Alison: Okay.

Sofie: Hi, Sweetie Pie. I guess I mean good-bye. You know, you are going to have such a wonderful, happy home with your mom and dad. And please, please know I am doing this because I love you more than anything. More than anything. And I want the very best for you. Here. Thank you. Thank you so much, Gwen. I know you didn't have to do this. I'm really sorry for barging in. I wish you good luck with everything. Bye.

Aaron: Hey, I'm so excited. I'm so happy you decided to show up. Are you okay?

Sofie: Not really. I should -- I need to get out of here.

Aaron: Okay, I'll go with you.

Sofie: I want to be alone right now.

Carly: You didn't have to come out here. I'm not going to do anything rash.

Jack: I know.

Carly: I'm not trying to manipulate you. I didn't come out here so you'd follow me.

Jack: I didn't think you did.

Carly: You're not my husband, and you're not my lover anymore.

Jack: I'm aware of that.

Carly: I have to learn to deal with these traumas without you to comfort me.

Jack: Or you could let me be your friend.

Carly: Is that we are? Friends?

Jack: No. Not really. Not yet. But I'd like us to be.

Sofie: I really didn't want another emotional good-bye with Hallie. It hurts too much.

Paul: Well, then why did you come?

Sofie: Well, I tried to call your cell phone, but you wouldn't answer.

Paul: Sofie, I'm at a party. I turned my phone off. What's wrong?

Sofie: It's your mother. She's in surgery. They had to remove her tumor.

Paul: Why didn't you tell me that when you got here?

Sofie: Because she made me promise not to. She didn't want to ruin Gwen and Will's party, but I thought you would want to know.

Paul: You got that right. I'm going to the hospital.

Sofie: Okay, I'm coming.

Carly: I don't know, Jack. Platonic friendship has never been our thing.

Jack: True. True. But maybe it's time we tried something new. Maybe if we'd started out as friends, we'd have something to fall back on when things went wrong.

Carly: Do you really mean that?

Jack: It just seems like we've been hurled from one crisis to the next ever since the day we met.

Carly: It wasn't all bad.

Jack: I never said it was. But it's all been highs and lows, Carly. And in the end, it didn't work. So what do you say? You want to try something new?

Paul: Hello. Hi. Barbara Ryan is my mother and she's in surgery. I wondered if you had any news?

Nurse: They're still operating. But you can have a seat in the waiting area.

Sofie: Hey, come on, sit down. I'll wait with you. She's going to be just fine.

Paul: Yeah. I can't believe that I didn't think something was wrong earlier.

Sofie: You know, from what I know of your mom, she's strong.

Paul: She is. She is. After everything she's survived, I can't believe cancer's going to get her.

Sofie: What else has she survived?

Paul: Well, my father, for one. You're new in Oakdale, so you haven't heard all the horror stories. His name was James Stenbeck.

Sofie: Well, what did he do, if you don't mind my asking?

Paul: He's definitive proof that my mom's a fighter.

Sofie: Yeah, well, it's obvious she'd do anything for her kids.

Paul: That's not always such a great thing, though, is it?

Sofie: Well, I guess it depends on if you get in her way. But it shows that she loves you.

Paul: She's crazy. And she drives me crazy and we fight like hell. But most of the time we're fighting, it's 'cause she wants what's best for me and my brother. And my sister, when she was alive.

Sofie: It sounds like you're proud of her.

Paul: Yeah. I'd love a chance to tell her that.

Will: Hey, I'm sorry I wasn't here while Sofie was here. Were you okay?

Gwen: No, I wasn't really okay with it at all. No.

Will: You should have come and got me. I could have stopped her.

Gwen: No, I'm glad it happened. Will, it made me realize that, you know, we're not just leaving to keep Sofie away from Hallie. We're doing it to keep Sofie away from me. And every time -- I just feel so guilty every time I see how hard it is for her to let go of her daughter.

Will: You mean our daughter.

Gwen: Exactly. So, you know, it's just hurting us. And it's ruining our relationship with our daughter. So you're right. No matter how hard it is, leaving Oakdaleís the best thing for our family.

Aaron: Hey Guys, I'm out of here.

Will: All right. I thought you were leaving with Sofie.

Aaron: I offered, but I think she wants to be alone. Or she doesn't want to be with me. I don't know.

Gwen: I doubt that. I would go see if you can help her, okay?

Aaron: Okay.

Gwen: All right.

Will: Wait. Hold on one sec. Luke, can you take a picture?

Paul: So how are you doing? It must have been really rough, saying good-bye to Hallie like that.

Sofie: It was. You know, I'm kind of glad to have somebody else to worry about. Not -- not -- I don't mean that --

Paul: No, it's okay. It's all right. It's nice to think about someone else.

Sofie: Yes. Yes.

Paul: That's what I'm doing.

Doctor: Mr. Ryan? It'll take a few days to be sure, but right now, it looks like your mother's surgery was a success.

Alison: I can't remember the last time I did this.

Chris: Yeah, me neither. I hope it's like riding a bike.

Alison: Yeah.

Ameera: Noah marrying me was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

Noah: Luke and I talked about it and decided that it was just the right thing to do.

Will: So this is all for the I.C.E.?

Luke: Yeah, it's really weird.

Casey: Yeah, especially the part about me being the fake boyfriend.

Gwen: Yeah, I mean, I know you're a catch and all, but is it really necessary?

Noah: Gwen, they actually came to check our living situation at the farm.

Luke: Yeah, and now my grandmother is totally freaked out. We have to be more careful than ever.

Ameera: I'm worried. I'm not sure how much longer we can go on pretending to be married when we're living in separate rooms in someone else's house.

Gwen: You know, maybe you don't have to.

Luke: You have a better idea?

Gwen: Yeah, well, we're leaving. This is your grandma's place. Why don't Noah and Ameera live here?

Aaron: Can you do me a favor? Ring Sofie Duranís room and tell her that Aaron's on his way up?

Clerk: She's not here. She took Mrs. Ryan to the hospital.

Aaron: Thank you.

Alison: Wait, reel it back in or it's going to go away.

Chris: No, let's let it go.

Alison: I don't think we can do that.

Chris: Why not? I always wanted to do it as a kid, but my dad would never let me.

Alison: Yeah, my mom always said it was irresponsible.

Chris: Yeah, but why?

Alison: I don't know. Doesn't it kill birds or fish or something like that?

Chris: That's balloons.

Alison: Oh, right. Okay, let's do it.

Chris: All right.

Alison: Okay. Ready?

[Alison and Chris laughing]

Will: You know, Gwen's right. If Noah and Ameera just move in here, then their marriage is going to look legit to the I.C.E.

Luke: Yeah, but it kind of sucks for me and Noah. If I'm stuck out at the farm.

Gwen: No, no, no, no. It'll just get them off your back. You Guys -- you're going to end up with a lot more freedom than you have now.

Noah: Yeah, I get it. If we have our own place, then you could bring your boyfriend over, Casey, it won't be so suspicious.

Casey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. Taking you to the party was one thing, but I'm not in for the long-term relationship.

Luke: Come on, Casey.

Casey: What?

Luke: This way we could all get whatever we want.

Ameera: I agree. It could work.

Carly: Don't get me wrong. It's not like I have anything against being your friend.

Jack: We agreed that we were going to take things slow.

Carly: Yeah. But does that mean that we'll never be anything more?

Jack: No, I'm saying that I can't make any promises. Come on, Carly, we got to start somewhere. What we don't have is trust. Trust is the start of a friendship. So what do you say? You want to be my friend?

Carly: You know me. I'll try anything once.

Carly: Thanks for coming after me. It helped.

Jack: Parker thought it would.

Carly: You mean this whole friendship thing was Parker's idea?

Jack: No, he gave me a push. The rest of it -- all me.

Carly: Good. Well, despite our most wonderful friendship, I'm still feeling a little blue. So I think I'll stay out here and watch the sunset, okay?

Jack: You want to be alone? I could grab a couple of beers and join you?

Carly: That'd be nice.

Alison: Do you think our kite will make it across the ocean?

Chris: I never thought of that. I should've written some messages on it to friends I owe letters to overseas.

Alison: Overseas. You know, that sounds so exotic. Where did you go other than Darfur? Oh, and Paris.

Chris: Right. I went all over Europe. First, I traveled through Spain, Italy, Germany, over to Eastern Europe. Turkey was pretty unbelievable.

Alison: The most exotic place I've ever been was L.A.

Chris: How'd you like it?

Alison: Oh, you know, pretty much what you'd expect.

Chris: It's always great to get away. But coming home's not so bad, either.

Gwen: Look, I don't want to push you Guys into something that you don't want to do.

Ameera: Living here would make it easier for me and the I.C.E. but it's up to Noah.

Noah: I don't know. What do you think?

Luke: Well, I think it would be definitely easier on my grandma Emma. She already has a houseful already.

Noah: She has been so stressed since the I.C.E. guy came by. And she just can't lie, even when she believes in the cause.

Luke: But unless Casey's on board, we will never get to see each other.

Casey: Whoa, I'm sorry, I hate to be selfish here, but it's a lot to ask for. Where's the upside here for me.

Ameera: You would be doing a good deed. It would help me.

Casey: You're so sweet. All right, I'll do it. But I reserve the right to back out whenever I need to.

Luke: Promise. Promise, no PDAs.

Casey: Are you serious?

Gwen: Look, I just hope this place brings you as much happiness as it's brought us.

Will: Yeah. One last picture of the new tenants, right?

Luke: Oh, yeah.

Will: Okay, here we go.

Casey: Are you serious? Get off.

Will: And their gay friends.

Casey: What?

Doctor: You can see your mother now. But just one visitor at a time.

Paul: Thanks. And thank you. Thank you so much for coming to get me, sitting with me and listening to my nonsense.

Sofie: I promised -- I promised Gwen and Will that I would take care of your mom if they moved. And it feels like a promise to Hallie, since Barbara's her grandmother now.

Aaron: Hey, I heard you brought Barbara in. How is she?

Paul: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm going to go see her now. And the doctor says that she's going to be okay.

Aaron: Well, good. All right, send her my best. How about you? How are you doing?

Paul: I think she's probably tired. Maybe a little hungry.

Sofie: I'm fine. I'm fine. And I promised your mom that I would wait here.

Paul: I can explain. Really. Why don't you get her out here? Thanks again.

Aaron: So, are you still hungry?

Sofie: Now that you mention it, yeah. I think I am.

Aaron: Great, good.

Carly: I think you might be onto something with this friend thing.

Jack: Is that the beer talking?

Carly: Hmm-mm. You know, this is how I always imagined our old age. The kids all grown up and gone. The two of us just hanging out on the porch. Old and wrinkly.

Jack: You'll always be beautiful to me.

Carly: Now that's the beer talking.

Jack: No, it isnít.

Carly: You're just saying it.

Jack: That's what friends do. But it's true.

Will: So, it's just us now.

Gwen: Yep. And Hallie.

Will: You know, you were right. It was a lot harder to say good-bye than I thought.

Gwen: Yeah, but you were right. It's not forever. It's just another adventure. And as long as I'm with you, I feel like everything's going to be okay.

Will: Okay. So here's to us and the rest of our lives.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Brad: Yesterday, I asked Katie Peretti to marry me, and she said yes.

Carly: If you want Katie back, I think you have a chance.

Mike: You aren't trying to get rid of me, aren't you? If I didn't know any better --

Emily: Once he finds out about your past, he's going to dump you, too.

Jack: The question is, should I fall in love with her again.

Carly: Don't do this if you don't mean it.

Jack: Stop talking, Carly.

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