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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/2/08

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Katie: What am I doing? What is wrong with me? I say never -- never again. I promise myself never again, and then what do we do? All right, calm down. Relax. Just get dressed, and get out of here.

Brad: Not so fast, Peretti.

Carly: I'll get you some more.

Jack: No, thanks, Carly. You don't have to wait on me.

Carly: Sit. Jack, how 'bout a little more coffee? Okay?

Jack: Carly, I should get ready. I've got that appointment at the hospital this morning.

Carly: Jack, aren't we going to talk about it?

Jack: What?

Carly: That kiss last night?

Margo: No, no, no. I can't take another personal day, here. I'm going stir crazy. I'm fine, I'm fine. You just have the daily arrest reports on my desk when I get there. Yeah, I'll be there soon.

[Margo remembers shooting Gray]

[Margo sighs]

Meg: Paul. Hey, did you forget something here last night?

Paul: Uh, no, I was just -- I was here with a surveyor. We were going over the land that Emma's agreed to sell to Worldwide.

Meg: Already?

Paul: Already. Brought some papers for her to sign.

Meg: That's awfully fast.

Paul: Yeah. Well, I'm never going to let a great opportunity slip through my fingers again.

Meg: We're talking about the land, right?

Paul: Yeah, okay.

Meg: Well, then, you need to talk to my mother. Mama? Can you come on down? Somebody needs to talk to you. Coffee?

Paul: Yeah, thanks. It was nice to see you last night.

Meg: Yeah, it was.

Emma: Paul? What are you doing here?

Paul: Well, I brought a sales agreement for you to sign. Or at least look at. And have your attorney look at. And if there's any language in here that you're not comfortable with, I'm sure we can change it. But I assure you, that this deal is fair and square.

Emma: I'm -- I'm sorry that you went to all this trouble. But, um, I can't make this deal with you.

Chris: Alison? Wow. Uh, your hair looks great.

Alison: Thanks.

Chris: Uh, hope you haven't had breakfast yet.

Alison: What's this? Don't tell me you're moonlighting as Java's delivery boy.

Chris: No. No, it hasn't come to that yet, but I may have to if you keep showing me up in emergencies. I just wanted to thank you, again, for doing such a great job helping me with the accident victim.

Alison: You don't need to thank me.

Chris: You went above and beyond. I mean, you kept a head in an emergency, and helped save a guy's life. You could have a career at this. And I'm not talking about filing charts and making appointments.

Alison: Are you making fun of my color-coded filing system?

Chris: Never. Nope. But seriously, Ali, you should go back to college. You know, take pre-med or enroll in a nursing program.

Alison: I've been thinking about it actually. You know, Dusty left me money to finish my college degree. Sorry. Sorry. Dusty's still a sore subject, isn't he?

Katie: Can we please, please, please just forget this happened?

Brad: You seemed to be enjoying yourself last night. I believe your words were, "Oh, Brad, please, don't --"

Katie: Stop.

Brad: Exactly. Come on, admit it. It was terrific.

Katie: Exactly. That's the problem.

Brad: How is mind-blowing sex a problem?

Katie: It confuses the issue.

Brad: And the issue being?

Katie: That when I feel like this, like that, I just -- I forget how I'm really feeling.

Brad: Okay. And how are you really feeling?

Katie: Great. No, no, not great. Not great about us. About this. About where this will lead. I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Carly: We can't just pretend it didn't happen. I was up half the night thinking about it.

Jack: We've kissed before, Carly, lots of times.

Carly: Then why did this feel different?

Jack: You're a good kisser. You have great lips.

Carly: Don't play games, Jack.

Jack: What do you want me to say?

Carly: How about that it meant as much to you as it did to me? Except, apparently, that would be a lie.

Jack: Hey, I can get that.

Carly: I'll do it.

Jack: Car -- you're upset. Let's talk about it.

Carly: What is there to talk about, Jack? I read too much into the kiss last night, that's all. It's no big deal.

Jack: Well, obviously it is a big deal. Look, the truth is, Carly, kissing and sex, that was never a problem for us. That was always great. It was the other stuff that was a problem.

Carly: You mean like trusting me?

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: You'll never trust me again, will you, Jack?

Brad: I would never hurt you. Not the way Jack did.

Katie: I know you probably really do believe that, Brad. But you've said the same exact thing to ever other woman you've ever been with. I know that you know how to sweet talk a woman into bed.

Brad: That is the old hound-dog Brad. I am different with you. And you're different than all the other girls. Women. Women. See? Right there, I corrected myself. Old Brad never would have done that.

Katie: It's not that. How am I different?

Brad: You're smart and funny and sexy, caring and beautiful. You are the whole package.

Katie: Package? I'm a package. Slap a bow on me, and send me to China.

Brad: Okay, wrong word! Wrong word. Old -- old Brad word. That's not what I meant.

Katie: Right.

Brad: Do you think I like being like this? I mean, seriously? I was perfectly happy with my little black book. I mean, it was just no strings, lots of variety. Then I met you and none of that matters to me. You know, I want things like a house, kids. You know, I want to decorate a Christmas tree, I want to stuff the turkey. I want to have sex with you, only you, for the rest of my life, and that is your fault.

Katie: How is that my fault?

Brad: You made me want to be your partner, your soul mate, your go-to guy. The only thing I don't want to be is your daddy.

Katie: My daddy?

Brad: Yeah, like Jack.

Katie: What? You think that Jack was like -- what? No! No!

Brad: Think about it! Think about it! Okay, when you were with him, he was like the dad you never had, or the dad you lost and always missed. I mean, look, I have no intention of playing that part, Katie.

Katie: Stop it! Stop it! No, if new Brad thinks he can be like Dr. Phil to me, then he is out of his mind!

[Door slams]

Paul: You changed your mind?

Meg: Mama, last night you were ready to sell your land to Worldwide. Are you having second thoughts?

Emma: No, no, no. It's not about selling. I -- you know, I decided that a while back. In fact, in fact, I -- a couple weeks ago I called Jessica Griffin and told her to put out some feelers.

Paul: So what's the problem?

Emma: This morning I got a call from one of the companies that Jessica spoke to. Resources by Nature. And they out-bid Worldwide.

Chris: I think it's great Dusty gave you money for college. You should use it.

Alison: Yeah, I definitely will. But the look on your face when I mentioned Dusty was kind of scary.

Chris: Well, it's no secret Dusty ruined my relationship with Emily. But I never wanted him to die.

Alison: So you don't really have a problem with Dusty?

Chris: Right now, my problem is Emily.

Alison: Something wrong with your coffee?

Chris: Mm-mm.

Emily: Hey, sorry to interrupt. Ali, do you -- have you seen Mom?

Chris: I have to go. Can't be late for rounds. My father's watching me like a hawk.

Alison: Oh, I see you two have smoothed things over well.

Emily: What are you doing having breakfast with Chris?

Alison: Back off. We were engaged once, remember? And unlike you, I try to stay friends with my exes. Besides, what gave you the right to tell you who I can hang out with at work?

Emily: Well, you know what? Working together is one thing, but it seemed like the two of you were awfully chummy. I'm just warning you, stay away from him, he's bad news.

Alison: Thanks. But I don't think you should be lecturing me about guys with your track record.

Paul: You cannot just use my offer to get another offer. You've already accepted these terms. You can't -- are you trying to blackmail me into giving you more money?

Emma: I beg your pardon --

Paul: This is a deal -- you can't just quit -- you can't just back out.

Emma: What is this --?

Meg: Paul, hey, can you step outside while I speak to my mother, please? Be honest, Mama. This isn't about more money, is it? It's about Paul.

Emily: Well, there you are. I've been looking all over for you.

Susan: What's wrong?

Emily: Nothing, I -- I ran into Alison and Chris. They were having coffee together.

Susan: Chris and Ali on a date?

Emily: It wasn't a date. They were having a break. A coffee break.

Susan: Oh, well, they work together. Nothing unusual about having a cup of coffee.

Emily: Yeah, that's what Alison said. But you know what? Chris is nothing but trouble. And I tried to tell Ali that, but she wouldn't listen to me.

Susan: In this case, I can understand why.

Emily: Can you do me a favor? Can you just -- keep an eye on Alison and make sure she doesn't get caught up with Chris?

Susan: Okay. If it will make you feel better, I will. Only if you'll follow my advice, don't make your life about getting back at Chris Hughes, okay?

Katie: Brad, leave me alone.

Brad: Katie, wait up! Just --

Jack: You know what? I change my mind. Let's not do this right now.

Carly: Then when? Hasn't this whole ordeal with Parker shown you that we have to appreciate what we have when we have it? Jack, we just saved our son together. Doesn't that count for something?

Jack: Yes, of course, it does. We work great together, as parents. But it doesn't mean that we well as a couple.

Carly: How can I prove to you that you can trust me if you won't give a chance?

Jack: Carly, I've given you chances, with always the same outcome. Except the lies keep getting bigger and the hurt gets deeper and you -- you know what? Can we not keep going over and over this? It's all been said. You know where I stand.

Margo: I don't know why you think I'm going to go easy on you if you ply me with a couple of my favorite honey-glazed donuts, but thanks. Really, thanks. Your support means a lot of me, Guys. Okay, let's get to work. Catch.

Dallas: Well, I for one, I'm glad to have you back. You know, a couple of days without you cracking the whip and I fall behind on my reports.

Margo: Oh, so mind-numbing paperwork sounds like heaven to me.

Dallas: Good, because you're up for it, I'd like to get your take on this drug collar. Could you come here for a second? Um, he's a gang member with a mile-long rap sheet.

Cop #1: Hey, get -- get down.

Margo: Freeze!

Dallas: Chief -- Chief, its okay. I've got him. It's under control.

Margo: Add assaulting an officer to his charges.

Dallas: Chief, are you sure you're okay?

Margo: I'm fine, Officer, I'm fine.

Brad: Listen, I didn't mean to offend you, but do you know how frustrating you are?

Katie: Me? You're ruining my morning run. What do you want from me?

Brad: I want you to admit that you love me as much as I love you.

Katie: Oh, I can't take you!

Brad: What the hell are -- you're crazy.

Son: Hey, stop! They stole our bikes.

Father: Hey, what are you doing? 911? Yeah, I would like to report a robbery.

Chris: Can you re-file this? I can't decipher the color codes.

Alison: Don't knock my system.

Chris: I wouldn't dare.

Emily: What you do think you're doing?

Chris: Working. No thanks to you.

Emily: Really, seemed more like flirting.

Chris: You're kidding, right?

Emily: You know what? Steer clear of Alison, or I'll make sure I --

Chris: What, what, what? Drug my coffee again?

Emily: Just stay away from sister.

Chris: Desperation doesn't look good on you, Emily.

Susan: Oh good, you're on time. Things are crazy here today. Let's go in here.

Jack: Sure. Um, you know, I'd rather -- I'd rather do this alone. You don't mind waiting out here, do you?

Carly: Okay.

Meg: I know you, Mama. You don't care about the extra money. You're having second thoughts about going into business with Paul because you don't want him anywhere near me.

Emma: Yes. You're absolutely right.

Paul: I need for you to find out everything you can about a company called Resources by Natures and why they're trying to outbid Worldwide for the right to develop Emma Snyder’s farmland.

Emily: Since when do you give me orders?

Paul: Since my company bought your newspaper. Get one of your business guys to just start digging.

Emily: We're not your personal private investigation team. And you know what, I don't appreciate your tone.

Paul: Well, this impacts Worldwide financially, which is important to both of us. Fine, Em, pretty please.

Emily: Now was that so hard? Okay, I'll see what I can do.

Paul: Listen, I want the scoop before it hits the business pages. I will not be outbid.

Emily: All right, all right. Are you really dying to get into the real estate business? Or is this just another way for you to get closer to Meg?

Emma: I'm just not comfortable with your Paul Ryan. I simply do not trust the man. I mean, did you see the way that he reacted when I said I was considering another offer?

Meg: He gets a little competitive when he comes to business.

Emma: Oh, a little competitiveness is not -- you know, it's pretty healthy. But he gets a look in his eyes, like he could kill.

Meg: Yeah, I know that look.

Emma: I mean, if he's going to react that way to a real estate thing not going his way, I mean, what happens if you get deeply involved with him professionally or personally?

Meg: He says he's changed.

Emma: I don't see it. You know, he's the kind of person when he has his back up against the wall, he shoots first and then he asks questions later.

Susan: Everything looks good, considering everything you've been through. And I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. I expected you to be back here with an infection or exhaustion after you signed yourself out.

Jack: Hey, I told you I could take care of myself.

Susan: Well, I don't think you've been dressing your own wound.

Jack: True.

Susan: It looks like you've been getting very good care. You're a lucky man.

Meg: Okay, you didn't score any points with my mother in there by getting all worked up about the other offer.

Paul: I know -- she totally caught me off guard and I overreacted. I'm a little frightened, though. I'd like to know whose side you're on?

Meg: I'm not taking any sides here. I just want Mama to get the best deal possible. She put her whole life into this farm and I would like to know more about the other company.

Paul: Yeah, well, so would I. I've got Emily digging down at the newspaper trying to figure out who these other people are. I'm not going to lose this deal.

Meg: You're getting that look again.

Paul: What look?

Meg: Let's just say it's a look Mama doesn't like. You know, if this deal falls through, it's not the end of the world.

Paul: Really? How come for me it feels like it might be?

Meg: You said you could separate business from our personal relationship.

Paul: You're saying we have a personal relationship?

Meg: I am saying that if you're making this deal because you think it will bring us back together again, then I'm going to tell Mama to go with the other offer.

Carly: Well, what's the word?

Susan: I'm impressed. If he avoids stress, takes it easy and gets plenty of TLC, he should make a complete recovery.

Carly: Oh, that's great.

Jack: Thank you very much, Susan.

Carly: Thank you, it's great. All right, let's get you home --

Jack: Uh, no, not just yet. I want to stop by the station.

Carly: You heard what the doctor said, you need to rest and relax --

Jack: No, I know, I know, I know. I just want to say hi to everybody and check in on Margo. See how she's doing after that nightmare with Nevins --

Carly: I think that you can do that with a phone call.

Jack: It's not the same thing. Besides, I think it will do me good. I'm getting a little stir crazy sitting around the house.

Carly: Fine. I'll take you over.

Jack: Just drop me off. I'm sure you have other things to do.

Katie: Stop following me!

Brad: Look, I love you. Why can't you just give us a chance? We're great together and you know it. Look, we have fun together, we have great sex, we're real friends. I mean, I don't let you beat me at video games and you still win sometimes.

Katie: You're crazy!

Brad: I'm crazy for you. I'm a great catch. I'm a TV star. Do you know how many women would love to be chased by the Bradmeister on a little kids bicycle that's falling apart? See? I can always make you laugh.

Katie: Brad, watch out! Watch -- oh! Oh, oh!

Jack: Where are you going?

Carly: I'm going to walk you in.

Jack: Oh, come on, Carly. I want Margo and the guys to see that I'm strong enough to get around on my own.

Carly: Jack, well, how long will you be? I'll pick you up.

Jack: You don't have to do that. No, I'll have a squad car take me back to the house.

Carly: It's no problem. I'll just do a couple of errands and swing by on my way home.

Jack: Carly, I don't want to put you out.

Carly: I'm picking you up, Jack. What do you think, about an hour?

Jack: Sounds good. I'll see you then.

Katie: Brad, are you okay?

Brad: Help me, I can't swim!

Katie: What? A Snyder boy who can't swim? You said you loved me because I was smart.

Brad: I'm a cousin, I didn't grow up on the farm. You've got to help me!

Katie: Brad? Not funny. Brad? Brad!

Brad: See? I knew you cared about me.

Katie: You're impossible!

Brad: Ow!

Katie: What -- what is your problem?

Brad: I've fallen for you.

Katie: New Brad needs new material.

Brad: Okay. Okay, Katie, how about this? Will you marry me?

Jack: I'm definitely feeling better. I should be back on the job soon. Excuse me, Guys. Hey, there she is. I heard you already had a bit of excitement this morning. How are you holding up?

Margo: Look at you. You look great. Did the doctors tell you when you can come back to us?

Jack: Not an exact date, but Susan is impressed with my progress, if you can imagine. And you didn't answer my question. How are you doing after this nightmare with Nevins?

Margo: Well, it dredged up a lot of stuff I thought I put behind me. It makes me kind of wonder.

Jack: About what?

Margo: But whether this is all worth it.

Jack: Are you having doubts about your job, Chief?

Margo: Well, we all have those late night jitters from time to time in this business, but we put it behind us. We put it behind us. Hey, I haven't seen you in person to congratulate you. You and Carly must be thrilled that Parker is home.

Jack: Oh yeah.

Margo: You really pulled through for him. You're a good team.

Jack: Now you sound like Carly.

Margo: So, what's going on with you and Carly now? I heard you're living there with --

Jack: Not living with, not living -- at the house, yeah. It's just -- it's temporary for the family. Parker facing murder charges, almost going to jail, took its toll on the kids. We just want them to have a sense of stability for a change.

Margo: Oh, that -- well, that makes sense. Does Carly know that this is just a roommate situation?

Jack: Well, she wants us to get back together.

Margo: Yeah, what do you want?

Jack: I want people to stop asking me that.

Margo: Mm-hmm. Well, one more question, just -- you know, as the ex-sister-in-law, what about Katie?

Jack: Katie and I are finished.

Katie: What did you just say?

Brad: You heard me. Will you marry me?

Father: That's them --

Son: And that's my bike! It's ruined.

Father: What kind of a guy steals a kid's bike?

Cop: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. Should you forgo that right, one will be appointed for you.

Brad: I don't think remaining silent is going to be a problem for her.

Paul: You would do anything for your mama, wouldn't you?

Meg: You know I would.

Paul: Yeah, that's something I've always loved about you. And I respect it. And I'll do what I can to try and put my personal feelings aside and just do this to you. But I'm not going to pretend that I don't have these feelings.

Emily: Hi. Sorry to interrupt, but I brought over the information you wanted because you made it sound so urgent.

Meg: Well, I'll let you two talk.

Paul: Your timing stinks.

Alison: Chris and I just work together.

Susan: And that's what I told Emily, but you do have a history. He did break your heart. And you can't blame Emily for being concerned, after the heartache she's been through with him.

Alison: This is so typical. You always go on Emily's side.

Susan: I'm not taking sides, but if you get close to Chris Hughes again, you could get burned.

Alison: You two are impossible, stop jumping to conclusions. Keep it up and I will ask Chris out, just to teach you both a lesson. .

Paul: What's in this?

Emily: You know what, you can at least pretend to be grateful.

Paul: You can just tell me what you know.

Emily: Resources by Nature is owned by an international conglomerate with very deep pockets.

Paul: Great. That's all I need is a bidding war. Who's in charge? Who's the CEO? And what's their stake in all of this?

Emily: Oh, you don't ask for much now, do you?

Paul: Keep digging.

Emily: I'm sorry, could you remind me why did I agree to go back into business with you?

Paul: Because I get results, and now you don't have to worry about paying your reporters.

Emily: Okay, I don't get it. If buying this land is so important to you, why not just make a higher bid?

Paul: Because, I don't think this is just about the money.

Brad: Hey, don't you think the handcuffs are overkill? I mean, my brother is Jack Snyder.

Katie: And my sister is Lieutenant Hughes. Do you really want to haul us in like this?

Cop: You broke the law. Nobody gets special treatment.

Margo: Oh, great.

Katie: I can -- he can explain.

Margo: The arresting officer already filled me in. You know, this is not how I wanted to spend my first day back. Put the suspects in the interrogation --

Katie: Suspects?

Brad: Come on, Margo.

Margo: Did you or did you not steal the bikes?

Brad: Well, define steal.

Margo: Open and shut, go.

Brad: She made me do it.

Katie: I did not. Oh, great, just how I want Jack to see me.

Brad: Well, I'm sorry that still matters to you.

Jack: So what the hell happened?

Margo: I don't know. All I know is they were caught red-handed with stolen bikes and the owner is pressing charges.

Jack: You've got to be kidding me.

Katie: You're turning blue.

Brad: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that feels good. Oh, it makes it all worth it.

Jack: As much as I hate to admit it, they're got to be an explanation. They don't exactly fit the bicycle thief profile.

Margo: I want to watch them squirm for a while before I hear the explanation. So, Jack, how does this feel for you, watching my sister and your brother like that?

Jack: Like maybe they're meant to be together, after all.

Paul: Emma, I would really like to apologize for my behavior earlier. You have every right to look into whatever offers you choose. This is your land. This is your life's work. And in the end, you have to be comfortable with whatever decision you make.

Emma: Yes, I know.

Paul: But I would like to point out that I will match whatever other offer you get.

Emma: Listen, it's not about the money. I really love this land, and I don't want to see anything spoil it.

Paul: Well, neither do I. I really care about protecting your land.

Emma: And that's not all you care about, is it?

Paul: Okay. We all know this much about me. I have hurt your daughter, but I have promised her and I promise you, Emma, that I will keep my personal feelings separate from this deal.

Emma: Yeah, well, I really wish I could believe that.

Paul: I can understand why you wouldn't believe what I have to say. But listen, if for whatever reason you decide that some other company is better suited to develop your land, then so be it. I'll live with whatever you decide.

Emma: So then if I don't decide to take Worldwide's offer, there will be no hard feelings?

Paul: Yeah, for whatever reason, I have really hard time holding a grudge against a Snyder woman.

Alison: Oh, sorry, I didn't do that on purpose, even though some people might think I did.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Alison: My mom and Emily have been warning me against you.

Chris: Your mom, too? Oh, boy, that coffee and muffin really made an impression.

Alison: I know. Tell me about it. They just -- they don't know when to quit sometimes. I shouldn't have even told you. I'm sorry.

Chris: I'm not surprised about everything that's happened that your mom and Emily have a problem with me. So if you want to keep your distance, I understand. No big deal.

Alison: No. No, in fact, I think we should go out together. I mean, not on a date. I mean, I'm sorry this is coming out all wrong. What I want is for you to come with me to Will and Gwen’s going-away party.

Chris: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Paul: Emma, I really hope that you'll think about what I said, because I very much want to make a deal with you. And I know that we can come up with something that you'll be happy with.

Emma: Oh, I will. I will think about it.

Paul: Great. Then I won't waste any more of your time.

Meg: I'll walk you out. Thank you. You showed me a lot today.

Paul: I can change. I just hope you'll give me a chance to prove it to you.

Carly: Are you ready to go? Or do you want to stick around and see what happens to Katie and Brad?

Jack: The charges aren't serious. They'll be fine. Let's go. I've kept you waiting long enough.

Margo: Okay, here's the deal. You pay for the broken bikes, apologize to the owner, and he drops the charges.

Katie: I'm so sorry. This is your first day back. It's the last thing you needed. Let's pay for the bike so we can get out of here and my sister can get back to real police work.

Brad: Gladly. My money is -- it's wet, but it's still -- it's green.

Margo: Yeah, it's covered in algae. Next time you guys want to go for a bike ride, walk.

Katie: Hey, is Jack still here?

Margo: Uh, no, Jack left with Carly.

Carly: I overheard you talking to Margo. Are you really okay with the idea of Katie and Brad having a future together?

Jack: I just want Katie to be happy. If Brad's the guy to do that, I'm not going to stand in their way.

Emma: I never thought I would say this, but I was a bit impressed with Paul Ryan this afternoon. Well, I thought if he could behave like that most of the time, I would maybe consider making a deal with him.

Meg: Well, I am glad you got to see his charming side. Now maybe you might not think I'm crazy for falling in love with him.

Emma: Have your feelings changed a bit toward him?

Meg: Uh, I don't know. We'll just wait and see what happens. [Knock on the door] I wonder who that is.

Emma: I don't know. Are you expecting someone?

Meg: Mike Kasnoff?

Emily: Here's more background information on that company.

Paul: Emily, this is all public records. This is annual reports and stockholder information. I need to know who's behind the Snyder farm offer.

Emily: It's a very big company. It's sort of hard to pin down. My guy's working on it --

Paul: Yeah, well, could you tell him to hurry up? I don't want to lose this deal and I need to know who I'm up against.

Emma: Oh, Mike. Oh, my goodness.

Meg: What are you doing here? When did you get back?

Emma: Oh, what are you doing here in Oakdale? So good to see you.

Mike: I work for a company called Resources by Nature.

Emma: Well, that's the company that made the bid on my land.

Mike: That is the one. And I'm supervising the project. I hope you choose us because I'm the guy for the job.

Alison: I'm not letting my mom and sister tell me who I can and can't hang out with.

Chris: This isn't about them, okay? I can't go to Gwen and Will's going-away party. They haven't forgiven me for testifying for Sofie at Hallie’s custody hearing.

Alison: That's exactly why you should go. This might be your last chance to make things right with Will.

Chris: It's too late.

Alison: Chris, how can you be a guy who fights like hell to keep his patients alive, but you're too afraid to straighten things out with your own cousin?

Chris: I'm not afraid, okay. I just don't see the point.

Alison: Okay, I thought you were the type of guy who would step up and make things right. I mean, at least I hoped you were.

Jack: Could you pull over?

Carly: Is something wrong?

Jack: No, I just want to stop by the Lakeview. Lisa asked my advice on her new security system. I just want to see if it's working out okay.

Carly: You know, the doctor's appointment was one thing. And I can even buy that you really wanted to stop by the police station. But Lisa’s new security system? Come on, why don't you just admit that you're afraid to be alone with me?

Jack: I'm not afraid to be alone with you, Carly.

Carly: Oh, I think you are. You've been avoiding me ever since that kiss last night.

Jack: Don't be ridiculous.

Carly: And I don't think it's because you don't trust me. I think it's because you don't trust yourself. I think it's because you want me as much as I want you.

Brad: Katie --

Katie: Listen, I --

Brad: Ladies, first.

Katie: About what you asked me before?

Brad: Yeah?

Katie: I guess I owe you an answer.

Brad: Okay.

Katie: I'll think about it.

Brad: Yes!

On the next "As the World Turns."

Lily: You and Carly both have to try.

Holden: I understand why you feel strongly about wanting to get back with Jack.

Carly: If you get it, then why can't he?

Margo: Don't rush into this. Please.

Brad: So what do I do to win Katie over and make her say yes?

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