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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 3/28/08

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Parker: You Guys really did it.

Carly: We did it. It's over.

Parker: So, I'm really not going to jail?

Jack: You're not going anyplace but home.

Brad: Oh, can you believe it?

Katie: It's incredible. Parker, hey, I'm so happy for you. I knew your dad wouldn't let you down.

Jack: Well, and thank you. Thank you for all your help along the way.

[Margo sighs]

[Margo remembering]

Gray: My brother always said you were soft.


Carly: Tom, thank you so much for everything. You were wonderful.

Jack: Of course, thank you. You never gave up, even with all that evidence against Parker. We're very grateful.

Tom: Well, I appreciate you saying all that, but you are the ones that found the evidence and a witness to exonerate your son. But, I was really happy you were on my team.

Parker: Thanks for being here. I mean, you didn't have to -- I mean, I know things are weird between you and my dad.

Katie: Whatever happens, I'll always be here for you. I love you, Parker.

Brad: I love you too, Bud. Come here. Oh! Ah.

Henry: Ah, these have been the best two days of my life.

Vienna: Oh, mine, too.

Henry: Yeah? What are you thinking about? You’re not thinking about Gray, are you?

Vienna: Actually, I was thinking about the necklace he gave me.

Henry: Oh. I thought you agreed to give that back.

Vienna: I did. I returned all the jewelry. But somehow this was left behind.

Henry: Oh come on.

Vienna: Oh, I know the sight of this elegantly cut, and very, very rare gems make you furious and frustrated. But don't forget that this little beauty cost a fortune.

Henry: Don't remind me, Baby.

Vienna: Oh, Henry. You're way more worth to me than this silly little necklace, even one that's our ticket to easy street.

Henry: Yeah? Easy street?

Vienna: Well, this must be worth at least --

Henry: Whaaaa -- that's a lot of martinis.

Vienna: Well, I don't care what we do about the money, as long as we do it together!

Henry: Come here. [Knocking] Go away!

FBI agent: FBI, open up!

Emma: Are you ready to go?

Meg: Just give me a minute. Wait for me in the corridor, please. Thanks.

Paul: Parker's a good kid. He doesn't deserve to be in middle of any of this.

Meg: Well, its nice seeing justice served for a change. Thank you for your role in all this.

Paul: Me? I didn't do anything.

Meg: Parker looks up to you. He wouldn't have been able to handle all that questioning in the stand, if you didn't give him your pep talk.

Paul: Okay, well then, I should be thanking you.

Meg: Um, I didn't do anything.

Paul: You gave me a chance to help.

FBI agent: I'm here to seize Gerald Nevins' financial assets.

Vienna: Well, that's impossible. I don't have anything that belonged to Gray, or Gerald, or whatever his name is.

FBI agent: What's this?

Vienna: Well, that's mine. Gray gave it to me. It was a gift.

Henry: Look, we don't know anything about his money. Why don't you ask him? If you can find him. Which you should be out doing right now, instead of harassing us.

FBI agent: Nevins is dead, and we need to locate his assets. Right now, she's our best lead. So, where's the money?

Vienna: I don't know.

FBI agent: Vienna Hyatt, you're under arrest.

Henry: What?

Vienna: No.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. Come on.

Vienna: Henry help me!

Henry: I -- I --

FBI agent: Here we go.

Vienna: Henry! Can you do something?

Tom: Well, I'm really glad that it worked out the way it did. Because I've got to tell you, I had my doubts we had a chance of winning this thing. But because of you two, we did.

Jack: Thanks Tom.

Tom: Pleasure.

Parker: He's right. I'm really sorry. I never should have doubted you Guys.

Jack: I don't blame you. It was a pretty scary thing.

Parker: Yeah, but I should have believed you. I mean, Mom never gives up, right? And you're the best detective on the force.

Jack: Well, we're family. We stick together.

Carly: And we always will.

Jack: So, what do you say we get out of here?

Parker: Yeah.

Jack: You ready?

Parker: Yeah, I hate this place.

Carly: Hey, are you okay?

Jack: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Carly: You know what, I think you should see the doctor.

Jack: No, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I'll drive you to the hospital.

Jack: Calm down. I am going home.

Carly: All right. You just promise me that if you need anything, if you need help, you let Meg take a look at you. Okay?

Jack: I promise.

Parker: But I don't want to go back to the farm. I want to go home with Mom -- and you.

Jack: Yeah, all right, you're right. Why don't we all go to your mom's place, and have a little party? Hey everybody, do you care to join us to celebrate Parker's freedom?

Tom: I would love to, but I got to get home. Margo's gonna to be thrilled to hear the news.

Jack: Thanks again, Tom.

Tom: Sure thing.

Emma: Thank you.

Tom: You're welcome.

Emma: This is nice, Baby -- but, I've got some many chores to do. But you know something? There's gonna be a big apple pie waiting at home for you. It's gonna have your name written right on it.

Parker: Thank you, Aunt Emma. But, please make sure Uncle Brad doesn't eat it all before I get there.

Brad: Too late!

Emma: Meg, what about you? Are you going to go to the party, or do you want to share a cab with me?

Paul: I'd be more than happy to give you both a ride.

Emma: No, no, that's not necessary.

Meg: You know what? That would be great. Thank you. Thank you. Let's go. Come on.

Jack: What about you two? Any of you Guys up for a celebration?

Carly: We'd love to have you.

Katie: Oh, you know what? I have get back to the studio --

Brad: You know what, we'll be there. Wouldn't miss it.

Jack: Great.

Brad: What? It's for Parker. We have to go.

Henry: All right, where is she? Where's Vienna?

Bonnie: Okay, pipe down, Henry. You're not helping things.

Henry: Oh, I'm sorry if I'm not behaving as calmly as you would like me to Bonnie, but the love of my life was just ripped out of my arms by a very unpleasant man with a gun!

Bonnie: Dallas, did the FBI bring in Vienna Hyatt?

Dallas: Yeah, they're questioning her now.

Bonnie: Have they charged her, yet?

Dallas: No, I don't think so. At least, not yet anyway. But they're pretty sure she's got something to hide. Like a great big stash of Gerald Nevins's dirty money.

Henry: This is -- this is crazy, okay? Vienna is innocent!

Vienna: Why are you keeping me here? I told you I'm innocent. I don't know anything about what Gray did with his money.

Bonnie: Unless you have a warrant for Ms. Hyatt's arrest, you're going to have to release my client.

FBI agent: Nice try. I'm the federal agent. I'm in charge here.

Dallas: I don't think so.

[Door slams]

Margo: I scrubbed and I scrubbed and I scrubbed -- and I -- I don't know what to do.

Tom: Hey, what happened?

Margo: I can't make it go away. I can't make it go away.

Emma: Thank you. Thank you for the ride. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have so many chores to do, I don't know where to begin.

Paul: I should hit the road.

Meg: Actually, I was going to make some coffee. Would you like some?

Paul: Your mama doesn't want me here.

Meg: Don't worry. She's not gonna run you off with a shotgun.

Paul: Promise? [Meg laughs] Coffee sounds great. Thanks.

Meg: Okay. So, how's Barbara doing?

Paul: She's fine. She's hanging in there.

Meg: Well, you let me know if there's anything I can do?

[Knocking on door]

Delivery man: I've got a package for a Meg Montgomery.

Meg: Meg Snyder, actually. Thank you. Thanks. It's from Craig.

Carly: Oh, Ruby! I'm glad you're still here. I'd like you to meet my son, Parker. This is Ruby Fisk.

Parker: Hello and thanks for what you said in there.

Carly: She's a very brave woman.

Ruby: Nah. I didn't have anything better to do today.

Parker: I was going to jail, and now I'm not going to, because of you.

Ruby: Jail's no place for a boy your age.

Carly: There must be something that we can do for you? Some way to repay you?

Ruby: Cash always works.

Jack: It would be our pleasure. Right, Brad? Brad.

Brad: Sure. Yeah, absolutely.

Jack: It's not much, but --

Ruby: Yeah, this will come in handy. It was nice to be needed. Good luck to you all.

Carly: Hey. I really can't thank you enough. Is there something else I can do? Anything?

Ruby: Love your kid. That's what it's all about.

Paul: So, what does Craig want now?

Meg: Well, you're not going to believe this. But, he wants the same thing I do, a divorce.

Paul: Really?

Meg: Yeah, it says so right here. All I need to do is sign and return these documents to the post office box. And then I'm officially divorced.

Paul: You're right, I don't believe it. He'd never let you go that easily.

Meg: I think you're wrong. Craig loved me. And in his own weird way, I think he still wants to make me happy. And this -- this makes me really happy.

Paul: I don't buy it.

Meg: What are you doing?

Paul: I'm doing what you really should be doing. I'm calling the cops.

Meg: Don't you dare!

Paul: After everything that he did, you're protecting Craig?

Meg: It's not about Craig. Or you, for that matter. It's about me. I'm protecting myself --

Paul: Fine, then protect yourself. Meg, the police can use this. They can track him down. They can find out where he is.

Meg: And what good will that do? I just need to move on with my life.

Paul: He tried to kill me. All right, never mind what he did to you. You're just going to let him -- you're going to let him get away with all of that?

Meg: Craig Montgomery has eaten up a lot my life. And I just want to sign these papers and move on already.

Paul: But --

Meg: There is nothing you can say that will change my mind. Okay? If you go after him, he's never going to let me go.

Paul: You don't know that.

Meg: It's not a risk I am willing to take. I need to move on, Paul -- and so do you. We both need to put Craig behind us, okay? Once and for all. Can you do that?

Paul: I don't know. Look, that depends. You -- you said you want to move on, right? You want me to move on. Would you like for us to move on together?

Parker: I never thought I'd see this place again.

J.J.: You're back!

Sage: Welcome home! I made you something.

Parker: "I am glad you're free and back home with us. Love, Sage." That's really cool, thank you.

J.J.: Hey, can I have my rabbit foot back?

Parker: Yeah, it was pretty lame.

J.J.: Well it worked, didn't it?

Parker: Yeah, right. Hey, I got a new soccer game. You want to play?

Sage: I play winner!

Carly: Well, who's hungry?

Brad: I'm starved.

Katie: What else is new?

Jack: Yeah, now that you mention it, I could use a bite.

Carly: All right. I'll make some sandwiches, okay?

Katie: I'll give you a hand.

Carly: Um, okay.

Brad: We're never going to eat, are we?

Jack: Not if they kill each other first.

Tom: Hey, I'm sorry I had to leave you here alone. Now, talk to me. Tell me what happened.

Margo: Um, nothing. Nothing. I was just cleaning and -- cleaning up and I got to that spot and we're gonna have to call a professional -- um -- rug cleaner to get that one out.

Tom: No, no, no. We both know that's not going to make a difference.

Margo: It's been so many years. I haven't thought about it in so long. And you know, I'd almost pretended it was just a bad dream.

Tom: And Gerald Nevins comes along and dredges it up for you, huh?

Margo: Yeah, guess we can't get away from our past.

Tom: I don't think we want to. I happen to love remembering most of our past.

Margo: If we could only remember the good parts, huh?

Tom: No, no, that's what makes it better. Because we've been through the tough stuff.

Margo: Well, in my line of work, there's nothing but tough stuff.

Tom: You have always been terrific at separating your personal life from your job.

Margo: I don't think I can do it anymore. I'm gonna quit the force.

Bonnie: On what charges are you holding my client?

FBI agent #2: How does obstruction of justice sound?

Bonnie: Based on what? Look, I know Vienna. She doesn't really have a head for figures. She probably doesn't even know where Nevins stashed his money.

Dallas: And if you Guys followed procedure, you should've checked in with the local PD. All right, Nevins committed his crime spree in our jurisdiction.

FBI agent #1: Where the hell do you two think you're going?

Tom: Come on, we've talked about this. Your job is too important for you to quit.

Margo: I know, I know. It -- it was before, but I just don't -- I don't think I can do it anymore.

Tom: Yeah, you can Sweetie. It's what you do. In fact, you're the best.

Margo: No, I'm not. I put all of you in danger.

Tom: Well, how we're you to know that Gerald Nevins was gonna come after you?

Margo: Us. Us. He came after our whole family.

Tom: Yeah, and you protected us. Because you're a great police officer, but you're even a better wife and mother, and nothing's going to change that.

Margo: You're not scared?

Tom: Scared?

Margo: Yeah.

Tom: Petrified. Terrified. Every time you walk out the door, but I know you. I know what you're gonna do, Honey. Your work defines you. It's what gives you -- when it gets tough, it gives you the courage to protect others. You always do the right thing, Honey. You are the woman I love.

Margo: Oh, God. Oh, God, I love you.

Brad: Hurts, huh?

Jack: I'll live.

Brad: You were always better at handling pain than I was.

Jack: Yeah, that's 'cause I'm a lot tougher than you.

[Both laugh]

Brad: Yeah.

Jack: Yeah, I don't mean to laugh.

Brad: Yeah, right, right. So I guess you'll be recuperating here, huh?

Jack: Wait, you're kicking me out of Emma’s already?

Brad: No, no, no, Man. It's not that. I just thought you'd be more comfortable here. It's really hectic at the farm, and it's so loud out there.

Jack: Yeah, that nature. It's deafening.

Brad: Seriously, you really need to take care of yourself after everything you've been through. And I'd think you'd want to be close to your kids. I'm sure they want you here.

Jack: I know Carly does.

Carly: Okay.

Katie: Sorry.

Carly: Let's not pretend this isn't weird, because it is.

Katie: Right, well I'm just trying to help.

Carly: I know, and I appreciate it. Despite our differences, I do appreciate everything you've done.

Katie: You don't need to thank me. I did it for Parker.

Carly: And for Jack?

Katie: Well, of course I wanted to help Jack. I know how much his kids mean to him.

Carly: And you want to make him happy?

Katie: Why wouldn't I? He was a very important part of my life. I'll always want what's best for him.

Carly: What if he decides that's me?

Katie: Well, I uh -- if that's what Jack wants, then I'll be happy for him. For both of you.

Carly: Good. Glad to hear it.

Katie: But don't count on anything, Carly. You know, Jack has a say in what his future holds, and he hasn't been too eager to tell either of us what's going on.

Brad: So, what if Carly gets what she wants, if it's good for your kids?

Jack: Well, the kids are always gonna be my main priority, but I don't want Carly to misread the situation. We both know that she tends to see things her way.

Brad: All I'm saying is -- I think it would be nice if something good came out of Parker's arrest and you getting shot.

Jack: History has shown that Carly and I don't work. And I really don't think there's anything that's going to change that. Okay? So, I don't want to get anybody's hopes up, not Carly's, not the kids, and I'm sorry, but even yours.

Brad: Hey, we're starving out here. What are you guys doing in there?

Carly: Just figuring out who gets what.

Bonnie: Unless you are planning to charge my client, she is under no obligation to stay here, especially --

Henry: Bonnie. Bonnie. Bonnie. All right, I'm sorry to interrupt here, but can I have the floor? Look, you're wasting your time here, all right? Vienna doesn't have anything -- any kind of information that could help you, and if she did, she'd tell you. Trust me, she's one of the most honest people I know. She has no reason to lie. Gerald Nevins means nothing to her. I'm her fiancée.

Vienna: You are? I am?

FBI agent #1: She may know more than she realizes. Tell us about Nevins.

Vienna: I told you. He never spoke of business in front of me. And whenever we were at Al's, when he received a phone call, he would excuse himself and go into the kitchen.

Henry: The kitchen?

FBI agent #2: It's worth a shot.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

FBI agent #2: Let's go.

Tom: So, is Oakdale going to remain safe for the rest of us regular folks?

Margo: Lieutenant Hughes, on the job.

Tom: It's okay to have doubts, Sweetie.

Margo: Yeah?

Tom: You're human.

Margo: Thank you for reminding me of that all the time.

Tom: No, I'm reminding you that I love you.

Margo: I love you so much.

Tom: You gonna be okay?

Margo: Yes, as long you are here with me, there's nothing that's more important to me in this whole world. You and those boys.

Tom: Remember, you don't have to be superwoman. You can let somebody take care of you sometimes, and I mean we can certainly take care of ourselves if -- if push comes to shove.

Margo: Push comes -- pushy? You think I'm pushy? I'll be pushy, if you be shovy, hmm?

[Cell phone rings]

Tom: I'm up for that.

Margo: Lieutenant Hughes. Yeah! Really? Whoa! Okay, well that is great. Yes, yes, I'll let him know. Thank you. Well, I give. Sometimes, when things go right, I love my job.

Tom: Yeah, what happened?

[Margo sighs]

Paul: Meg, I asked you a question. Do you want us to move on together?

Meg: I -- I don't know what to say.

Paul: That kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Meg: No, no, it doesn’t. I can't make any promises. Not right now anyway.

Paul: I'm not looking for any kind of guarantee. I just -- I'd like to know if I've got a shot.

Meg: Look, Paul -- just a few weeks ago, we were barely speaking to each other, much less sharing a cup of coffee.

Paul: Right, okay, and look at us now.

Meg: Exactly. I -- I never thought this would be happening, but it seems like we're actually -- becoming friends.

Paul: Which, for you, is some kind of a first step?

Meg: I don't know. To me, signing these divorce papers is the first step.

Paul: Towards?

Meg: The future. You know, in some kind of twisted way, Craig has given us a gift. So, why don't we just take it and see where it leads?

Paul: You have to admit -- "Let's wait and see" -- that's not very encouraging.

Meg: Well, I'm sorry, but that's all I've got to offer right now.

Paul: Meg --

Meg: Look, don't push me, Paul! Okay? We both might regret it. I am offering you a show of good faith. That's all. I can't make any promises. Take it or leave it.

Paul: I'll take it. Sign the papers, send them back to Craig, and to hell with him.

Jack: Mustard?

Katie: No thanks. Can you pass the mayo?

Jack: Sure.

Carly: What's a turkey sandwich without mustard, huh?

Brad: What's a turkey sandwich without mayo, right Katie?

Katie: Right.

Jack: Hey, I like mayo, too. So pass it this way. Do you mind?

Carly: I've never seen you put mayonnaise on anything, Jack.

Jack: Mayo is one of the food groups, no?

Brad: You already put mustard on that. You know, you can't have both.

Katie: Right, yeah. Brad's right. They don't really mix well together.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Snyder?

Margo: Hey, Jack, I've got good news. I just got a call from Chicago PD. And they managed to track down Katie and Brad's money. It was in a bank account that Kit set up.

Jack: Terrific! All for it?

Margo: Every penny.

Jack: That's great! Well, I'll give them the good news. Now, we can finally put this whole mess behind us.

Margo: Yeah, almost.

Jack: Margo? Everything all right? I've been so focused on Parker.

Margo: Yeah. There's something that I need to tell you.

Vienna: I should have known Gray was up to something. No man voluntarily spends that much time in the kitchen.

Henry: Not the usual hangout for a gangster.

FBI agent #2: Oh, bingo! I've got it.

Henry: Got it? Got what?

FBI agent #2: Swiss bank account. With any luck, I just found the mother lode.

Henry: Hey, that's great. But excuse me -- what about all this mess? Who's going to clean this up?

Jack: So, Chicago PD's wiring money back to both of your accounts. You should have it in there first thing Monday morning.

Katie: That is such a relief.

Brad: Yeah. I'm sick of buying you lunch everyday.

Jack: You're worried about Margo, huh?

Katie: That psycho could have killed her and Casey. Not to mention what he did to Brad and Henry.

Jack: What did you have to do with any of this?

Brad: It's nothing.

Katie: Gray tried to poison him.

Jack: What? What happened?

Brad: Look, it's not a big deal. Don't make a big deal out of it, okay? It wasn't even meant for me and I'm totally fine.

Carly: But, how were you two involved with this mob guy, huh?

Brad: Gray was dating Vienna and we tried to help Henry win her back. It's not a big deal.

Katie: Since when are you so modest? You got Henry and Vienna back together.

Brad: Now, that's true. If he listened to you, he'd still be crying in a bag of potato chips.

Carly: It sounds like you Guys make a good team.

Katie: Uh, well, I'm going to get going. I really want to check in on Margo.

Jack: You know what? I'll walk you out. Thanks again for everything you tried to do for Parker.

Katie: Oh, I'm just glad I could help.

Jack: Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I had no idea.

Katie: That's okay. You were dealing with your family. I understand.

Jack: Yeah. Well, that's all over. That chapter is finally closed.

Katie: Yes, it is.

Henry: I just -- I'm totally kidding. I'm sure you Guys have plenty of important things to do. You got to go out there and catch some bad guys and that sort of thing. I'll take care of all of this. In fact, I don't know why I should even care, because the place belongs to Gray.

FBI agent #1: You signed it over to him. I've got the deed.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, long story. I lost it in a poker game.

FBI agent #1: Forget it ever happened. Now we're even.

Vienna: The diner --

Henry: We got it back.

[Both laugh]

Katie: Hi, is she okay? Are you okay?

Tom: She's going to be all right. Listen, I'm going to let you two catch up.

Katie: Hey, thank God no one got hurt. When I think about what could have happened to you, I --

Margo: My goodness. Really, you look about as bad as I feel.

Katie: Thanks.

Margo: Well, that's what big sisters for. So, what's up?

Katie: Are you really okay?

Margo: I think it's better if we talk about your problems, not mine, okay?

Katie: Margo -- okay, it's Jack and Brad. No, I can't talk about this right now. You were almost just killed.

Margo: I am not going to talk about what happened. Come on, what happened? What about them?

Katie: Okay, Jack happened. And Carly happened. And then Brad.

Margo: You're not making any sense.

Katie: I know, I know. That's the problem. I was just over there celebrating Parker being free, which I'm obviously thrilled about, but then I was there with Carly and Jack and Brad, and it was weird. And good, because I'm happy for Parker.

Margo: Yeah, that's what you said.

Katie: Yeah, right. So anyway, I should be happy for Parker, right? But all I am is just so damn confused!

Brad: Mmm. Thank you for the chow. I'm going to head out. Give you two some quiet time.

Jack: Okay, listen, thank you for all your support through this whole mess. It meant a lot to us. And Parker feels the same way.

Brad: I always got your back. All right?

Jack: Hey, let me help you.

Carly: No, no, no. You stay right where you are. You're still recuperating, remember?

Jack: I am a bit wiped. Thanks for all this.

Carly: Yeah. Today was nice, huh?

Jack: Yeah, about that --

Carly: You know, I didn't realize that Katie and Brad had gotten so close.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: I just mean that it's nice to see friends helping each other out.

Jack: Yeah, and that's all they are -- friends.

Carly: Anyway, it got me thinking. I'd like to help you out, Jack. As a friend, of course. Why don't you let me take care of you while you recuperate? It'll make the kids so happy to have us all here in the house together. It will make things a lot easier for you. What do you say?

Jack: Brad kind of had the same idea.

Carly: Well, you see? Because it makes perfect sense. This whole nightmare with Parker -- it hurt our whole family. You're not the only one who needs to heal.

Jack: Everybody seems pretty good to me. Hey, what's going on?

Parker: I'm fine.

Carly: I rest my case.

Paul: Thank you for the coffee, and thank you for the company.

Meg: Well, that's the least I can do after what you did for Parker, and, the whole Craig thing. I know wasn't easy for you to let all this go.

Paul: No, it wasn't, but you make me want to be a better guy.

Meg: That's what Craig used to say.

Paul: Okay, well, then I take it back.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Well, good, because I don't want that responsibility. If you want to be a better man, do it for yourself, not me.

Paul: Okay. You'll see.

Meg: Good.

Paul: So, when do you want to see?

Meg: I'm not seeing now?

[Meg laughs]

Paul: Well, no, you know what I mean. Come on.

Meg: I need to think about it, okay? That's as good as you're going get.

Paul: All right. Okay, look. Look at me. I'm fine with that. See? Look how easygoing I am.

Meg: Don't change too much. I'm sorry.

Paul: No, it's fine.

Meg: Your burns. I hurt you.

Paul: It's okay. Hurt me forever.

[Glasses clink]

Brad: Wait, wait, wait, you're having a party and you didn't invite me?

Henry: We're celebrating.

Vienna: We got the diner back.

Brad: Congratulations. That is the second best news I've heard all day. Parker was cleared of all charges.

Henry: Ahh!

Vienna: Isn't it wonderful, Henry? We're surrounded by miracles. Please, share in our happiness. When we go get some pepparkakor to celebrate.

Henry: I'll help, my sweet.

Bonnie: Do you think their joy is contagious?

Brad: Only in the way that it's making me sick.

Margo: Katie --

Katie: I know what you're going to say. That I keep moving from man to man without giving myself time to sort out my feelings. Right?

Margo: Well, I've been telling you that for years, but what I was going to say is you're confused and you have every right to be.

Katie: Really?

Margo: Yes. Well, you know, here you've got Jack and he's and very dear friend to me.

Katie: And I love him, but he keeps making it pretty clear that we have no future together, at least for now.

Margo: And then here you have Brad, who is obviously head over heels for you.

Katie: We can't be together.

Margo: But you always seem to end up together, don't you?

Katie: I can't seem to stay away from him.

Margo: See that -- you've got to make a choice. Either you choose to wait for Jack, or you choose to move on with your life.

Katie: Move on to what?

Margo: Well, I know it's complicated, but you've got to make the choice.

Katie: I know. But they're brothers.

Margo: Of course. All right, here's the only thing I know for sure. And it's so much easier said than done. If you want to move on with your future -- you've got to let go of the past.

Bonnie: What did Katie do now?

Brad: Is it that obvious? I'm sorry. You know, I sound like a broken record.

Bonnie: No, you know what? It's okay. I know the score. You're a good guy. You're just hung up on Katie.

Vienna: Don't tell me you're giving up on love.

Bonnie: Nope. I am still looking. Because I'd hate to think that you snagged the only good guy out there.

Henry: Aww.

Vienna: Oh, well, Henry is all mine. So back off. I am the world's luckiest person because I have the sweetest lover.

Henry: Yes. Yes, you are the world's luckiest person, you know that?

Vienna: And?

Henry: And?

Vienna: Your fiancée? You said so.

Henry: I, uh -- it was just a figure of speech, my darling.

Vienna: What are you talking about?

Brad: Okay, anyway. Where were we? Oh, yeah, I remember -- I'm a good guy.

Bonnie: But you're taken.

Brad: Far from it. You know, for the first time in my life, I've actually been rejected.

[Brad laughs]

Bonnie: Just be patient. I mean, Katie will come around and your perfect record will go untarnished. Trust me.

Brad: Not a chance. She's lost in Jack-land, and I can't get her out.

Carly: Hey, are you okay?

Parker: Yeah, fine.

Jack: Hey tough guy, come here. I'm very proud of you, you know that?

Parker: I thought I was going to jail. I -- I didn't want to leave you guys.

Jack: No, no, no, you're not going anywhere, and neither are we. Your mother and I, we are always going to be here for you -- always. We will never, ever let anything bad happen to you, or your brother and sister.

Carly: I promise. You are our son, Parker, and we love you. We're a family. Don't you ever forget that.

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