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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 3/27/08

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Carly: Oh, you're awake. The doctor thought you'd be out of it for most of the day.

Jack: Not a chance. No way I'd sleep through Parker's trial. Please, please, tell me you have good news.

Carly: The Chicago cops, they put out an APB, but no one found a woman matching the description I gave.

Jack: Damn it. Without a witness, there's no way to prove that Kit was in Oakdale the night Sam was shot.

Carly: I can't do it, Jack. I can't sit in that courtroom while the judge sends Parker to Statesville. I'm going to Chicago.

Jack: You think you can find her?

Carly: I have to try. But if I go, Parker's going to need you. Do you think you're strong enough to go to the trial?

Jack: No. No, I'm going with you.

Emma: Oh, there you are. Just in time. I've made all of your favorites.

Holden: Looks like you could use a little help with this tie here, Buddy.

Meg: Sage and J.J. were running late for school, but Sage wanted to give you that. She made it for you.

Parker: "I know my big brother is innocent, and soon everyone will know, too." Right.

Holden: J.J. left his lucky rabbit's foot for you. He thought you should have it in court today.

Parker: You know, I wish everyone would stop trying so hard to make me feel better. Because I'm going to jail, and a rabbit's foot isn't going to change that.

Luke: Noah, wait up! I missed you this morning.

Noah: Well, didn't you get my note? With the trial this morning, Ameera and I figured to give everyone some space.

Luke: Yeah, I thought that, too, but then my dad called me and said that he wants as many family members there to support Parker as possible. So can I get your notes from class this afternoon or something?

Noah: No way. If you're going to the trial, I'm coming with you.

Luke: Noah, you don't have to go to the trial with me.

Noah: Uh, we're family. Remember?

Luke: You never know who's watching.

Noah: You're still my boyfriend. You know that.

Luke: I know. But, you know, we don't want I.C.E. or homeland security to find us.

Ameera: Luke, didn't know you were here. I can get you some coffee.

Luke: Oh, no. No, Ameera, you don't have to wait on me. Um, we should get going.

Ameera: Where?

Noah: Oh, Luke and I are going to Parker's trial.

Ameera: I'm going, too.

Brad: One skinny mocha latte. And I swiped some of Emma's freshly baked muffins.

Katie: Ooh, no, thank you. I am not hungry. Where are my keys?

Brad: Trust me, these are good for too much dancing and tequila.

Katie: Oh, God. Please, don't say that word. Please, please, please. No.

Brad: You're worse off than I thought.

Katie: I have to get to Parker's trial. I can't be late. I promised him I would be there.

Brad: Why do I get the feeling that you're avoiding what's really bothering you?

Katie: Not now. Please.

Brad: Look, you really need to pull it together.

Katie: I really need you to not lecture me.

Brad: Okay. I found these in your car with the engine still running. No, no, no, no. Not until you tell me the truth. What happened at the hospital between you and Jack that has still got you so upset?

Emma: There you go. What do we got here? Bacon, eggs, pancakes and chocolate chip muffins.

Parker: Yeah, the guilty man's last meal.

Emma: You're going to need all your strength for today.

Parker: Thanks, but I'm not hungry.

Holden: Parker, I spoke to your dad. He and your mom are working on a possible lead.

Parker: What's the point? I shot Sam. Nothing's going to change that.

Lily: They're still trying to prove that there was a second shot, the one that killed Sam.

Parker: What are you saying? They're not going to be there when I testify?

Meg: We will all be there for you.

Parker: Oh, forget it.

Paul: Hey, hey, hey. Where are you going?

Carly: You are in absolutely no condition to be running around looking for a witness.

Jack: Carly, you can't do this alone. You tried. We both promised Parker that he wouldn't go to jail. As long as the judge hasn't reached a verdict, we still have a chance. Now, we can stand here and argue, or we can get to work. Now grab my pants.

Katie: When Jack went into septic shock, he was really out of it and he started hallucinating.

Brad: Well, like what? Was he seeing creepy-crawlies? Dead people? What?

Katie: He thought that we were still married.

Brad: What did you do?

Katie: He was so sick, and I didn't want to make it worse. The nurse told me to play along.

Brad: So you let him -- let him think you were still his wife? So, I mean, how did you leave things with him? And what happened?

Katie: Oh, you know, what always does. He came to his senses and asked for Carly.

[Jack wincing]

Carly: I hope this wasn't a mistake, Jack. That nurse was not too happy with you signing yourself out like that without doctor's orders.

Jack: I feel fine. I'll feel better when we find that witness and get the evidence to clear Parker.

Carly: I don't know. I'm worried. I searched everywhere yesterday, Jack. What if we can't find her in time?

Jack: We'll find her, Carly. We have to

Paul: Are you running away?

Parker: Well, everyone keeps trying to make me feel better. But now, even my mom and dad aren't coming to court today.

Paul: Really? Why not?

Parker: They still think that they can prove that I'm innocent and that I didn't kill Sam. They just can't believe that their son is guilty.

Paul: Parker, do you remember what I said to you last night about having faith?

Parker: Yeah.

Paul: You trust me?

Parker: Yeah.

Paul: Come on. You see how lucky you are? Have all these people here who love and support you today.

Parker: Well, what about you? Are you going to be there?

Paul: I, uh -- I would like to be. I mean, if it's okay with everybody.

Meg: Yeah. Of course you should come. Parker wants you there.

Paul: All right, well, if I'm going to go to court, I need a decent breakfast. And if you're not going to eat that, I will.

Parker: Yeah, that's mine. Get your own.

Ameera: You don't want me to come?

Noah: No, it's not that. I just don't want you to miss your class.

Ameera: I won't fall behind. Please, your family's been so good to me, I want to show my gratitude.

Noah: What do you think?

Luke: Well, I think we better get going. Parker could use all the support he can get.

Holden: I thought you said you were done with Paul.

Meg: Parker wants him there, that's all that matters.

Emma: Well, looks like you were hungry after all.

Parker: Yeah, I guess it was okay.

Emma: Okay, everyone, I think we better start to get ready. We don't want to be late.

Lily: Oh, he's gotten so tall.

Parker: Do I look big enough to go to grownup court?

Emma: You look like a Snyder. You look like a decent, upstanding young man who wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally.

Paul: I'm sure the judge will think that, too.

Emma: Okay. Don't forget your coat.

Meg: Yeah.

Jack: Oh, thank you.

Carly: You sure you're strong enough to do this?

Jack: I'm a little stiff. I'm more concerned about you, though. That phone call with Parker was pretty rough.

Carly: Yeah, it was. Our son is on his way to testify in his own murder trial, and we're not there. The next time I talk to him I want to give him good news.

Jack: Then let's get busy.

Brad: Obviously, Jack still has his feelings for you.

Katie: Yeah, when he's delirious.

Brad: That must have been rough.

Katie: It was weird -- and sad.

Brad: I'm sorry.

Katie: What is with you? Why are you being so nice? You usually hate when I talk about Jack.

Brad: I guess I hate seeing you sad more than I hate thinking about you and Jack. I want you to be happy.

Katie: Well, I know one thing that would make us both happy.

Brad: Seeing Parker cleared.

Katie: Exactly. Let's go.

Brad: I'm driving.

Carly: She wasn't at the shelter. And she wasn't at the scenic shop. Jack, it's like she disappeared.

Jack: Okay, so we'll keep canvassing the area. Carly, we're not giving up.

Carly: I recognize that coat.

Jack: Where?

Carly: That woman. She just went turned the corner, Jack. I think it's her. Wait. Wait, please. It's her!

Holden: Tom and the D.A. Are conferring with the judge.

Lily: You ready, Parker?

Parker: Ready as I'll ever be.

Emma: Okay, why don't you indulge your aunt Emma, and we'll go inside and say a little prayer? Okay?

Holden: Glad you guys made it. But you really didn't need to come.

Noah: We wanted to be here. I mean, after everything you guys have done for us.

Ameera: We wanted to show our gratitude.

Holden: We should take our seats.

Noah: I should probably sit with Ameera.

Luke: Oh, that's okay. I'll sit with my parents.

Lily: You okay?

Luke: Yeah. Compared to what Parker's going through, my life's a breeze.

Lily: But?

Luke: But -- I don't know, I thought we were over this. I thought Noah and I could be with each other the way we wanted to be.

Lily: This is temporary. You and Noah, you know how you feel about each other and nobody can take that away from you.

Brad: How's Parker doing?

Holden: He's okay.

Katie: Where are Jack and Carly?

Holden: They're trying to find evidence to clear Parker.

Brad: How does he feel about his parents not being here?

Holden: He's hanging in there, doing the best he can.

Meg: Look, I know you told Parker that you didn't haven't have any premonitions. But you would tell me if any of that changed, right?

Paul: Meg, I would do anything to spare you any kind of heartache. But, no, I don't know anything more than you do.

Meg: Well, thank you for being here. I know you have a lot going on with your mother and the cancer.

Paul: I'm equally helpless in that situation.

Meg: I'm sure she appreciates your support just as much as Parker does.

Paul: Will you sit with me?

Meg: I should go sit with my family.

Holden: Tom, I didn't want to worry Parker, but I heard about what happened with Nevins. Thank God everyone's all right.

Tom: Well, we're just trying to keep that thing quiet. Margo wants to tell Jack and Katie herself.

Holden: I don't think they've heard yet.

Tom: Well, I feel pretty good that this guy can't hurt my family anymore.

Holden: Are you okay going through with all of this?

Tom: We've got to do this, Holden. Nevins' brother raped Margo. We have to make sure that Parker isn't punished for protecting his mom against the exact same thing.

Parker: I wish my mom and dad would get here. It's not like they're going to pull some last kind of last-minute miracle.

Holden: They haven't given up on you. Don't you give up on them.

Tom: Well, the judge does want this wrapped up by today, so whatever Jack and Carly are doing, they should get a move on.

Bailiff: All rise. Oakdale superior court is now in session. Judge Harold Rice presiding.

Judge: Be seated. Resuming the case of the state of Illinois versus Parker Snyder. Does the defense wish to call another witness?

Tom: We do, your honor. The defense calls the defendant, Parker Snyder.

Carly: This is her. This is the woman who knows Kit.

Homeless woman: Let go of me.

Carly: No, I'm not letting you go anywhere until you talk to us.

Jack: Listen, we don't want to start any trouble. We just need information.

Homeless woman: I already told this lady all I know. Now I gave her that receipt from Kit's coat.

Jack: We just need a little more help. We need you to think back. Did Kit tell you anything about her boyfriend, Sam? Did she mention anything about a shooting?

Homeless woman: Kit was good to me. We were friends. And I never speak ill of the dead.

Jack: So, you do know something?

Carly: Please. Please, what's your name?

Homeless woman: Ruby.

Carly: Ruby. I'm Carly. This is Jack. Remember I told you about our son, how his life, his entire future is at stake here. I'm begging you. Please, did Kit -- did she confess to you that she killed her boyfriend, Sam Hutchins?

Tom: Parker, would you tell the court where you were and what you were doing on the night that Sam Hutchins was shot?

Parker: I was at a hockey game with my dad. But the whole time, I had this really bad feeling that my mom was in trouble.

Tom: Really? Why were you worried about your mom?

Parker: I knew Sam was planning to do something bad to her.

D.A.: Objection. Unless he had psychic powers, how could the defendant have known in advance?

Judge: Overruled. The defense will -- the district attorney will have a chance to cross-examine the witness.

Tom: This bad feeling that you had, why did you think it was Sam’s intent to do something bad to your mom?

Parker: I overheard him arguing with a guy about firing his band. He fixed it so he'd have to stay back and cover for them while his girlfriend, Kit, was out of town. That would leave him and my mom alone.

Tom: And you knew that he would do anything he could to be closer to your mom.

D.A.: Objection. Leading the witness.

Judge: Sustained.

Tom: Well, did Sam ever threaten you?

Parker: Yeah, a lot. He always told me that no matter what I did, he'd find a way to be with my mom and that I couldn't stop him.

Tom: And you would do anything in your power to stop that from happening?

Parker: Yeah, I knew he was planning to do something bad to my mom. And it turned out I was right.

Tom: Well, you and your dad called Metro that night to check on your mom, to see how she was doing, right?

Parker: Yeah, and she said she was fine and that she was coming home. And my dad believed her, but she didn't sound right to me. My dad made me go to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I just had this really strong feeling that Sam was going to hurt her.

Noah: Are you okay?

Tom: So what did you do next?

Parker: I snuck out of the house. I rode my bike back to the farm and I got the rifle that my aunt keeps locked up. I know where she hides the key to the gun cabinet. And then I took the gun and I went to Metro.

Tom: What did you see when you got there?

Parker: Sam was -- he was hurting my mom.

Tom: I know this is hard for you. Can you tell us what he was doing?

Parker: He had her pinned. She was -- she was struggling, trying to push him off of her. I could tell he was trying to hurt her.

Tom: Hurt her how?

Parker: He was going to rape her.

Tom: And what did you do to stop Sam from raping your mom?

Parker: I shot him.

Carly: Answer me. Did Kit tell you that she shot Sam? You've got to tell me the truth.

Jack: Carly, you're scaring her. I know you were friends with Kit and she was nice to you. I get that. But our son is on trial right now for a crime we believe he didn't commit. We don't have a lot of time to save him. His entire future could be in your hands. Please, is there something -- anything you can tell us about Kit or the night in question?

Homeless woman: That's cop talk. You're a cop?

Jack: Yeah, but --

Homeless woman: I don't live by a lot of rules, but I got one -- I never talk to no cops.

Jack: No, Ruby –

Tom: You shot him. Do you remember how many times you pulled the trigger?

Ameera: I'm sorry. It's just so awful what happened to Parker's mom. It reminded me of terrible things.

Noah: Terrible things that happened to you?

Tom: Are you okay to go on?

Parker: Yeah.

Tom: So when you fired the gun, at that moment, were you trying to kill Sam?

Parker: No. I was just trying to keep him from hurting my mom.

Tom: Can you remember how many times you fired the gun?

[Parker remembering]

Paul: Really focus. Concentrate and visualize what happened. Take it step by step.

[Gun firing]

Parker: I only fired the gun once.

D.A.: Objection. This contradicts the defendant's previous sworn deposition.

Judge: Mr. Snyder, you are under oath. Do you wish to change your answer?

Carly: Wait. Yes, Jack is a cop. But he's a father first. And I'm a mother. We are desperate to save our son. Can you understand that?

Homeless woman: I had a son. But when I lost my job, I lost my health insurance. My boy got sick and I couldn't afford to take him to the doctor. I tried to take care of him myself, but he just got worse. And by the time I took him to the ER, it was too late. He died in my arms. He was only 6.

Carly: Oh, Ruby. Ruby, we -- we are so sorry for your loss.

Jack: Can you help us save our son?

Homeless woman: Kit told me about that night. She said it was her. She did it. Kit killed her boyfriend, Sam.

Carly: Thank you. Oh, thank you so much. Now, we don't have much time. We have to hurry, all right. Come on.

Homeless woman: Where are we going?

Jack: We have to get you in court in time to testify.

Homeless woman: No. No way.

Carly: Ruby, you have to testify. You're our only hope.

Homeless woman: I can’t. I already got a record -- loitering and shoplifting. I don't need no more trouble. You can't make me go.

Carly: You could go to jail for withholding evidence in a murder case.

Homeless woman: I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.

Jack: If you testify for us, I swear I'll do everything I can to protect you.

Homeless woman: Yeah? Can you guarantee that? I didn't think so. Folks like you are nothing but empty promises. You'll get what you want and then forget all about me. I'm not going to court for you or your son!

Parker: No, I don't want to change my answer. I only fired one shot.

Judge: How do you explain the discrepancy in your previous sworn deposition?

Parker: Well, that was right after it happened. I was still freaked out that I had shot the guy and that he was dead. So, when they asked me if it was possible that I had fired two shots, I said yes it was. And everything was kind of blurry then. But now, I remember everything. I only fired one shot. I didn't kill Sam.

Noah: You sure you're okay?

Ameera: Yes, I want to stay. I just pray that Parker isn't found guilty.

Noah: Well, right now, I think Parker needs all the prayers he can get.

Tom: So, let me clarify -- with the one shot that you fired, did you want to kill Sam?

Parker: No. I just had to keep him from hurting my mother.

Tom: I have no further questions at this time, your honor.

Judge: Do you wish to cross-examine?

D.A.: Yes, your honor.

Jack: You are the only one who can prove our son didn't commit this murder. You're the only one who can stop him from going to jail. Now I could -- I could cuff you. I could drag you into court. I could force you to testify, but I don't want to do that. And you know what? I'm not going to. Because I believe you're a good person who just had a turn of bad luck. I also trust that you know that and you'll do the right thing.

Carly: Please, Ruby.

D.A.: Do you know what perjury is?

Parker: Yes, and I'm not lying.

D.A.: It's pretty convenient. Now that you're on trial and your whole future is on the line, all of a sudden your memory returns -- crystal clear -- and guess what? You're innocent.

Tom: Objection. Your honor, I don't hear a question.

Judge: Sustained.

D.A.: Is it true you hated Sam Hutchins? Remember, you're under oath.

Parker: I already said that I hated the guy.

D.A.: Did you hate him enough to kill him?

Homeless woman: Life ain't fair. I lost my boy. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do.

Carly: Ruby, you know what it's like to lose a son. What happened to you and your boy was awful. And I understand that you must be bitter. But think back. You took your son to the hospital even though didn't have any money. You did whatever you could to help him.

Homeless woman: But I didn't do it soon enough. I should have brought him sooner, then maybe they could have saved him.

Carly: I know it won't bring your son back, but think about it. You have a chance to save our son.

D.A.: We're waiting, Mr. Snyder. Let me refresh that crystal clear memory of yours. In previous testimony to a court-appointed psychiatrist, you swore you wanted Sam dead.

Parker: I said that I wanted him out of our lives.

D.A.: Permanently, correct? Yes or no?

Parker: Yes.

D.A.: In other words, you wanted him dead. And in the same sworn testimony, you said it was possible that you could have fired the shot that killed him. Is that what you said? Yes or no?

Parker: Yes, but --

D.A.: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: You may step down. Does the defense have any other witnesses to call?

Tom: The defense rests, your honor.

Judge: Very well. Now I will hear closing statements. Mr. Hughes?

Tom: Parker Snyder warned his mother and father about Sam Hutchins. Because Hutchins had threatened Parker, told him that he would not stop until he got what he wanted. Well, Parker's parents didn't believe him, so he decided to go check on his mother by himself. He took a gun, because he knew Sam was dangerous and he could not overpower him by himself. And when he saw his mother being assaulted, he did what anyone else in this room would have done. He shot him -- not to kill him, to stop him. So Parker fired his gun once, first. The second shot is the one that killed Sam. He is innocent and should be exonerated.

D.A.: There is no evidence to show that anyone else other than the defendant and his mother was at Metro that night. The defendant testified that he brought a loaded gun to the club. He admitted under oath that he hated the victim, wanted him dead. The defendant has a history of juvenile delinquency -- running away. A man is dead. Parker Snyder is responsible and deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Judge: I'll take a brief recess to deliberate before rendering my verdict.

[Gavel pounds]

Bailiff: All rise.

Parker: At least my mom and dad won't be here when he finds me guilty.

Homeless woman: Okay, I'll do it. I'll testify for your boy.

Carly: You won't regret this. I promise.

Jack: Thank you. Come on, we don't have a lot of time.

Meg: That was pretty amazing, the way Parker finally remembered what happened that night.

Paul: Yeah. Well, I wish I could have helped him earlier.

Meg: And Parker now knows that he's innocent. Yeah, he was blaming himself. He was ready to turn himself in and plead guilty.

Paul: Just means that if he goes to jail now, it's going to be even harder for him.

Meg: Well, you know what? No matter what happens, a huge burden has been lifted. And you helped him do that.

Parker: Even if my mom and dad do get here now, it's too late, right?

Tom: No. Don't lose hope.

Parker: Yeah, that's pretty hard right now.

Holden: The truth. What do you think his chances are?

Tom: In spite of what I just told him? Given this judge's sentencing record -- not good.

Luke: Are you okay?

Noah: Yeah, we were just worried about what it's going to do to your family if Parker goes to prison.

Ameera: His life will never be the same.

Luke: Is she okay? Why did she run out like that?

Noah: When she heard that Carly was almost got raped, it really got to her. She knew a lot of women in Iraq who went through the same kind of thing, but the men were never punished.

Luke: The more I hear about what her life was like -- I realize you did the right thing by marrying her.

Noah: Yeah. But I know it's hard for you.

Luke: So we can't make out in public, it's no big deal. Look, we couldn't send her back to a war zone.

Noah: No, but it is a big deal. And I promise to make it up to you.

Luke: Hey, I know you love me, and I know that we have a future together. And right now, that's all I need. Now let's just hope that Parker has a future.

Emma: I smuggled in some cookies that Natalie and Faith made for you.

Parker: Thanks, but I'm not hungry.

Lily: I wish Jack and Carly would get here. Where are they? Where could they be?

[Carly, Jack and Ruby in car. A police car is behind them with a siren on. Carly pulls over]

Homeless woman: I knew it. They're going to arrest me.

Jack: No, they're not after you, Ruby. Carly was going 25 miles over the speed limit.

Carly: We don't have time for this! Why don't they allow cell phones in the courtroom? We have to figure out a way to get word to Tom that we are on the way with his star witness.

Jack: We can only deal with one problem at a time, Carly.

Chicago cop #1: Ma'am, can I have your license and registration?

Meg: You know, I thought Jack and Carly would be here by now.

Paul: Don't give up. That's my new mantra.

Meg: I thought that was your old mantra.

Paul: Yeah, well, it was when I was only worried about myself. But it's my new mantra because I'm never going to let anything bad happen to anyone I care about.

[Brad sends Jack a text message]

Katie: What are you doing? You can't use that in here.

Brad: Well, I've never been good at following the rules.

Katie: Have you heard from Jack?

Parker: They're not going to make it, are they?

[Cell phone beeping]

[Text message says, “Hurry”]

Carly: What's that?

Jack: Officer?

Chicago cop #1: Yeah.

Jack: I'm Detective Jack Snyder from the Oakdale PD. listen, I'm working a murder case. I've got a witness back here whose testimony could be key to overturning the charge. So we need to get back to the courthouse in Oakdale ASAP before the judge rules.

Chicago cop #1: Why didn't you say so? I'm not going to write you a ticket.

Jack: Thank you.

Chicago cop #1: Not so fast.

Carly: What now?

Chicago cop #1: You should let me give you a police escort.

Jack: Escort.

Parker: What did my dad say? Did they find any evidence? Never mind. They've got nothing.

Brad: Don't give up.

Parker: Yeah, thanks.

Katie: Please tell me that Jack and Carly are not going to let him down.

Brad: Okay, well let's just say I have more confidence in them than I do in my cell phone carrier.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Please be seated. After carefully considering all the evidence and testimony, I've reached a verdict.

Judge: Will the defendant please rise? I realize there were extreme circumstances in which the shooting took place. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Parker Snyder went to get a loaded rifle and brought it to that club on the night in question. That shows premeditation. And despite Mr. Snyder's testimony today, I see no hard evidence to contradict his previous sworn testimony about his intent to kill Sam Hutchins and his acknowledgement that he could have fired the second, fatal bullet. Therefore, I must find the defendant guilty as charged.

[Crowd groans]

Jack: Your honor, I have a witness who can prove that my son did not kill Sam Hutchins.

D.A.: The verdict has been reached. This is outrageous!

Tom: A young man's life is at stake here, your honor.

Judge: Who is this witness?

Jack: A woman who can testify to what really happened that night at Metro.

Judge: Why didn't she come forward earlier?

Jack: We only just found her.

Carly: If you hear what she has to say, I know you'll realize our son is innocent.

Judge: This is highly unusual, but given the defendant's age and the circumstances of the crime, I'll allow it.

Tom: The defense calls Ruby Fisk, your honor. How did you know Kit Fowler?

Homeless woman: I don't have a home right now. I live on the street. And Kit started talking to me. She gave me clothes. And we got to be friends, and then she told me about what she'd done.

Tom: And what had she done?

Homeless woman: She killed her boyfriend Sam and was letting this boy Parker take the fall.

D.A.: Your honor, this is hearsay.

Judge: Overruled. You'll have your chance to cross-examine the witness.

Tom: And how did she kill him?

Homeless woman: Kit went to see him at some nightclub she owned.

Tom: Metro?

Homeless woman: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And she'd gone back to check up on Sam because she thought maybe he was fooling around on her. And when she got there, he was all over her business partner.

Tom: Carly Tenney, Parker's mom?

Homeless woman: Yeah. And she was about to bust in when she saw the boy --

Tom: Parker Snyder?

Ruby: She saw Parker shoot Sam in the shoulder and drop the gun. And when he and his mother ran, Kit picked up the gun and finished Sam off.

Tom: Your honor, this is exactly what the defense has maintained all along. Parker Snyder is innocent on the charge of murder.

Judge: You may cross-examine the witness.

D.A.: Why on earth should the court believe you? The defendant's parents brought you in at the last minute. How much did they pay you?

Homeless woman: I didn't have to come here. I'm here because I want to save an innocent boy from losing his life.

D.A.: Your honor, please. Without evidence to corroborate her testimony, there's no reason to believe her.

Judge: She's right, Mr. Hughes.

Homeless woman: Well, you mean evidence like this? Kit left this in the pocket of a coat she gave me.

Tom: Your honor, this proves that Kit Fowler was using an alias, was disguised and was in Oakdale on the night of the murder.

D.A.: None of this changes the fact that Parker Snyder shot Sam Hutchins.

Tom: We have never denied that Parker fired the first shot. But it is not the shot that killed the defendant. If he had wanted to, he could have stayed behind and finished the job. But he didn’t. He dropped the gun, fled with his mother and left Kit Fowler there with means and opportunity to finish off Sam Hutchins, which she did according to this witness.

Judge: Ms. Fisk, you may step down. I will decide exactly what, if any, punishment Parker Snyder should receive at a future date. For now, I'm reversing the guilty verdict and throwing out the charge of murder in the second degree. The defendant is free to go in the custody of his parents. This case is closed, court is adjourned.

Lily: That's good news.

Parker: I can't believe it. It's really over.

Carly: It's over, baby. You're free.

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Meg: It's from Craig.

FBI agent #1: Where's the money?

Vienna: Can you do something?

Parker: But I don't want to go back to the farm. I want to go home with Mom and you.

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Carly: Just figuring out who gets what.

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