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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 3/25/08

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Brad: Most people don't know that tequila is a very complex liquor.

Bonnie: I thought tequila was tequila. What do you mean complex, like wine?

Brad: Yes.

Bonnie: Do tell.

Brad: Oh, okay. Most people do shots. But to truly appreciate tequila, or as they say in Mexico, tequila, one must sip it slowly. Very slowly. Here's to complexity!


Bonnie: I think I prefer simplicity.

Brad: The lady likes it simple. Um, more shots, please. Keep them coming.

Bonnie: Today was a complex day, right? Tense courtroom. It was a rough day.

Brad: Well, here is to the end of a rough day.

Bonnie: Here's to agreeing with you.

Brad: All right. Ooh, who ever thought that such a perfect liquor could come from something so prickly.

Bonnie: What are you talking about?

Brad: Tequila. It's made from cactuses.

Bonnie: You know what? [Both laughing] Actually, that's a myth because tequila does not come from cacti.

Brad: Cacti?

Bonnie: Mm-hmm, it comes from an agave plant.

Brad: Does tequila come from an agave plant? You are so smart.

Bonnie: I know.

Brad: I mean, that's what I like most about you, Bonnie. I mean, some women like to think that they are smart, but you really are really smart.

Bonnie: Mmm.

Katie: Hey, Guys.

Brad: Look who's here.

Katie: Could I get the glass of red wine, please?

Bonnie: Don't you think it's kind of weird Katie's here, drinking alone? What's that about?

Brad: Well, she's had a stressful day. She probably just wants to have a drink. Katie's fine. She's always fine. Fine is her middle name. But I don't want to talk about Katie. What we were talking about? Right, tequila. You were telling me what it's made from.

Bonnie: Katie looks lonely.

Brad: Well, knowing Katie, she won't be lonely for long.

Bonnie: Brad, be nice. I mean, why don't we just invite her over for a drink with us? Come on.

Brad: Don't bother. She won’t.

Bonnie: How do you know?

Brad: I just do.

Bonnie: You do not.

Brad: Trust me.

Bonnie: All right, you know, let's make a bet. We'll invite her over to come have a drink with us. And I bet you that she will come right over.

Brad: Ten bucks says she won’t.

Bonnie: Is that it? Ten bucks. We'll negotiate later, but you are on.

Brad: All right, for a smart lady, you sure do know how to lose a bet.

Holden: Hey, what are you doing here?

Aaron: Having a cold one. Like to join me?

Holden: What's up? I didn't expect you back in Oakdale so soon. Is everything all right with Julie?

Aaron: Actually, great news. Mom had her exploratory surgery.

Holden: And?

Aaron: Well, it turned out the lesions they saw were just shadows. So, she's fine.

Holden: Oh, you're right, that is great news.

Aaron: Yeah. In fact, she's the one who told me to come back to Oakdale.

Holden: Oh, she couldn't wait to get rid of you, huh?

Aaron: Uh, no. No. We had a long talk about how life is too short. And that I should go where my heart is, not leave anything unsaid. So I thought about it, and I made a decision. So I came back to Oakdale to take care of some unfinished business.

Holden: Hmm, and what is it?

Aaron: Sofie.

Sofie: Wow, I can't believe you're leaving Oakdale.

Gwen: Well, nothing is etched in stone yet, but we just thought that we should let you know what's going on.

Will: Sofie, we're going to transfer schools and we're going to take Hallie to live someplace new.

Sofie: You know, I gave you guys the baby, and you have the right to go wherever you want. Somehow I thought you'd always be close by. It never occurred to me that you would actually leave town.

Will: Well, I think it would be better for everybody. You know, the baby included, if we just, we got a new start and a little distance.

Sofie: Yeah.

Gwen: But just so you know, we won't -- we won't do anything -- we won't leave unless you say it's okay. [Knock on the door] I'll get it.

Barbara: Hi.

Gwen: Hey, Barbara.

Barbara: Sofie? What are you doing here?

Gwen: Uh, Barbara --

Barbara: What? Did something happen?

Gwen: No, Sofie gave Hallie back to us. She decided to let the adoption stand.

Barbara: Oh my God, that is so wonderful.

Gwen: Yeah.

Barbara: That is so wonderful. You did the right thing. You did the right thing for everybody. So, let's have a celebration. Okay, let's have a party. What do you say?

Will: Mom, I would hold off on the celebration right now. There's a catch. Gwen and I are going to leave Oakdale.

Margo: Thanks. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I will get on that right away. Okay. Tony, the hospital called earlier. Matthew O’Connor was supposed to be released like an hour ago. Why hasn't he been brought in for questioning?

Cop #5: It's being done even as we speak.

Gray: FBI. Taking Matt O’Connor in for questioning.

Cop #4: I got orders to bring him down to headquarters.

Gray: Sorry. The feds supersede you.

Cop #4: Can't argue with Uncle Sam, it's all yours.

Gray: Keep your mouth shut. Do exactly as I say and I'll let you live.

Cop #4: The feds are here, they're taking O’Connor in.

Margo: Well, the least the FBI could do is let me know when they're stepping in. A phone call would be nice, but -- you know what, I'm sorry. This is not your fault.

Cop #4: You want me back at the station?

Margo: No. You know what? I want you to stay at the hospital there for a while, in case something else comes up, and I'll be in touch.

Gray: Have a good day.

Alison: Where are they taking Matt?

Cop #4: The FBI is taking him in.

Alison: Oh. I wanted to catch him before he left the hospital. But I -- maybe I still can. Thank you.

Brad: Would you like to join us for a drink?

Katie: Oh, no thanks.

Bonnie: Katie, come join us. It's no fun to drink alone. I should know.

Katie: Oh, no. I don't want to interrupt anything.

[Katie remembering]

Margo: So would you please lighten up, and have some fun. Do what makes you happy. Here, now, today.

Brad: Oh, wow.

Katie: I changed my mind. I'm going to join you.

Brad: Really?

Katie: Yep. Let's party.

Brad: So how are you doing?

Katie: I'm fine.

Brad: 'Cause I talked to Jack. Sounds like he's out of the woods.

Katie: Yeah, he's doing much better.

Brad: So, you're staying with him?

Katie: I was.

Brad: Yeah, no wonder he's doing so much better. He's getting such good nursing. So, why'd you leave?

Katie: I stayed with him as long he needed me.

Brad: So, yeah -- how was that? Was that -- turn out okay?

Katie: It was fine. Yeah, so what are you guys drinking?

Bonnie: Tequila shots. But don't feel obliged to take part. We're kind of pros at this.

Katie: No, tequila, count me in!

Brad: No, you can stay with wine, if you want.

Katie: You guys are drinking tequila, I'm drinking tequila. Let's go.

Bonnie: Well, you heard the little lady, Brad. Get her a drink. And pay up.

Barbara: Will, Will, I just don't understand. Why would you want to leave town?

Will: Mom, we've thought long and hard about it, and a fresh start is really what's best for us. And I think for Sofie, too.

Barbara: It just seems so drastic. Did something happen?

Will: No, nothing like that. I just think it would be good for us to not bump into each other around every corner.

Barbara: I see.

Will: And she can arrange visits if she wants.

Barbara: Well, what about me? Don't I get to see my granddaughter grow up?

Gwen: Oh, yeah. I mean, we're going to come back for visits and holidays. And we're not going to be that far. You can come stay with us whenever.

Barbara: You're going to quit school?

Will: No, no, Mom. We're going to transfer schools. It's fine.

Barbara: I don't know -- it's just very sudden. I don't know what to think.

Will: Well, we've thought about it a lot. And I think it's something we need to do. So, I'm hoping that you'll understand, and be supportive.

Holden: Well, it's good to have you back. We missed ya.

Aaron: Well same here. It was tough to leave. Even for a little while. But maybe I needed to get some perspective.

Holden: You mean about Sofie?

Aaron: Yeah. You know, being away, it made me realize how much I missed her. So I guess I'll have to follow my instincts.

Holden: Can't argue with that. But you always have to be prepared for things to work out differently than what you expect. They always do.

Aaron: Yeah, I know I'm taking a chance. I got caught in a war when Sofie tried to keep her baby away from Will and Gwen. And that was pretty tough. But now I want to make her see that I only wanted what was best for her.

Holden: All you can do is follow your heart, and tell her how you feel. I hope things work out the way you want.

Sofie: This isn't something that we all decided together. I just found out about it, too.

Barbara: Well, then, I'm sure you're as shocked about this as I am. I mean, I trust that Will and Gwen have Hallie’s best interests at heart, and I'm sure you've thought long and hard about this. And I am not happy about this. I am not happy about this, but if this is really what you want, I'm for it. All I really want, is I want you guys to be happy. That's all.

Will: Thank you, Mom.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: That makes our decision a lot easier.

Gwen: And your support means like a whole lot. It really does. Sofie, I meant what I said though, and I'm -- I will keep my word to you. We cannot leave unless you say it's okay.

Will: Right. So what do you say?

Margo: No, I would like to speak to someone who can actually help me. Yes, one of your superiors is just who I had in mind. No, I don't want him to call me back. I need my answers now. I will hold.

FBI agent: FBI. May I speak to Lieutenant Hughes?

Margo: Hey, hey, so what is the story here? Where is O’Connor?

FBI agent: We need to question him about his association with Gerald Nevins.

Margo: Well, you haven't done that yet?

FBI agent: No. Is he here yet?

Margo: No, one of your men countermanded my orders, and they took him directly to your headquarters.

FBI agent: That's impossible. I'm the agent assigned to this case.

Margo: Call the hospital! Get them to secure all the exits! Nevins has escaped with O’Connor, and he's armed and dangerous!

Gray: There's a cell phone in the glove compartment. I want you to take it out. Do exactly as I tell you, do you understand me? You're going to call Casey Hughes. You're going to tell him that you're out on a conditional release. You want to meet him at his parents' house.

Matt: Why?

Gray: Just do it. Now.

[Matt wincing]

Alison: What the heck is going on? Where are you taking Matt?

Brad: To agave plants.

Bonnie: To --

Brad and Bonnie: Agave plants.

Katie: What?

Brad: Agave plants. That's what tequila is made out of.

Katie: I thought it came from a cactuses.

Brad: No -- cacti. No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t.

Bonnie: He thought it came from a cactus, too.

Brad: Yeah, but I knew it was from a plant. I knew that much.

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Brad: Okay, so, it's natural. So, it must be healthy for you.

Katie: Right. It's natural. So, it's a health drink.

Brad: Is it?

Katie: Oh, remember that woman that came on the show with the health drinks?

Brad: No.

Katie: Yes, you do. Remember? She had those green drinks in the blenders.

Brad: Oh, oh, oh! How could I forget that? We had this granola woman was on the show, and she was demonstrating all these weird concoctions. Oh, man --

Katie: You took one drink and did a full on spit-take. On camera.

[Brad laughing hysterically]

Bonnie: What?

Brad: It was the green stuff -- it taste like paint thinner.

Bonnie: What? You did it on air?

Katie: Yeah, all over my silk shirt.

Bonnie: What?

Katie: Oh, I just made you almost do it again!

Brad: Yes, okay -- but I didn't -- I didn't even dribble.

Katie: Just down the side of your mouth.

Brad: Touché.

Katie: Touché. Let's do another one! Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! Bottoms up.

Brad: Bottoms up.

Bonnie: Bottoms up.

Brad: I need to ask you a serious question.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: No, serious. Serious. Can you tell me the difference between a spit-take and a swallow-take?

Katie: Yes, Bradley, a swallow-take is when you were going to take a spit-take but you swallow instead. A half-spit-take is when you want to take a spit-take but you haven't drank anything so you have nothing to spit!

Brad: And a double-take is when you take -- when you do a dry spit-take, and then you take a sip and do a spit-take.

Katie: What?

Brad: I don't know!

[Brad snorts]

Katie: You snorted!

Brad: No, I didn't!

Katie: Yes, you did. You did a snort-take.

Brad: You're dribbling!

Katie: No, I'm not. Oh, it almost came out of your nose! You do a nose take! [Both laughing]

Margo: The hospital has searched everywhere. There's no sign of Nevins or O’Connor. Damn it! We lost them.

[Cell phone rings]

Casey: Hello? Hey, Matt. I didn't expect to hear from you. Are you still in the hospital?

Matt: I only have a minute.

Casey: What's up?

Matt: The FBI came to get me. And they said that they would cut me a deal, if I testified against Nevins.

Casey: Good. Good. You got to do it.

Matt: Listen to me. I don't have much time.

Casey: Go ahead.

Matt: Okay, I know Nevins. And if I testify against him, I'm dead.

Casey: Well, can't the FBI protect you?

Matt: I don't know, man. I'm really scared.

Casey: Where are you?

Matt: I'm driving around somewhere. Look, I need your help.

Gray: Watch it.

Matt: Yeah. Look, I need to meet you at your house. Right away.

Casey: Why?

Matt: What do you mean, why?

Gray: Tell him you've got a lead on me. Do it.

Matt: I've got a lead on Nevins. And I'm afraid to go to the cops. So, I'm going to tell you, and then you tell your mom. Okay? That way they can't trace it back to me.

Casey: Why don't you just make an anonymous call? You know, just tell them everything you know.

Matt: Just meet me, okay?

Casey: Fine, I'll be there.

Matt: Casey, this is really important, man. We need to meet alone.

Alison: I don't get this at all. Where are you going? Okay. We're heading towards Casey's house.

Sofie: Your mom's right. If Hallie’s going to be happy, she needs happy parents. And it's better for me, too. Don't you think?

Will: Yeah, of course, Sofie.

Sofie: Yeah, it'll give me a chance to find myself, by myself. Without thinking all the time of what I don't have, wanting something I'm not ready for.

Gwen: Thank you, Sofie. Really, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

Sofie: Yeah, it'll be good for me to know that I'm not going to bump into you and Hallie all the time. It'll be better for you to start over without me involved.

Barbara: That's very wise of you, Sofie.

Sofie: I'm learning. It's nice to have a second chance. It feels good to set things right. Maybe you should think about doing the same. I'm going to go.

Gwen: Sofie, um, do you want to say good bye to Hallie?

Sofie: No, I don't think so. I don't want to wake her. It's better this way.

Casey: Whoa -- what's going on, Alison?

Brad: Another round! Another round, all around!

Katie: Brad --

Bartender: I think your friend's had enough.

Brad: Round and round --

Katie: Oh!

Brad: Oh, no.

Katie: We bored her to sleep.

Brad: I guess Bonnie had six too many?

Katie: Is she okay?

Brad: I don't know. Hey, Bonnie? Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. You okay? Bonnie.

Bonnie: Fine. I just need to rest my eyes.

[Katie laughing]

Katie: I'm sorry.

Brad: You're missing all the fun, Bonnie. Crazy.

Katie: I love this song. Let's dance.

Brad: Hey, what are you doing?

Katie: I'm having fun, aren't you?

Brad: Me? I'm having a great time.

Aaron: I need the work. So, I'll take whatever I can get.

Manager: All right. I'll do my best. You know, it's good to have you back, Aaron.

Aaron: Thanks. Thanks. Yeah, I thought I was going to be gone a lot longer. But I guess my plans changed, so -- can you hold on one second? I'll be right back.

Manager: Mm-hmm.

Aaron: Okay. Sofie?

Sofie: Aaron? Wow. Why are you here? I heard you left.

Aaron: Actually, I came back to make things right. With you.

Alison: I went to the hospital to see Matt. And they were taking him away. A cop said that the FBI was questioning him. So, I wanted to find out what was up, and I followed the car. They ended up here.

Casey: That's strange. Matt -- Matt called me. You know, he said he didn't want to talk to the police, so I should meet him here.

Alison: So what do you think's going on?

Casey: I don't know. We're not going to find out if we stay out here.

Alison: Okay.

Casey: Come on. Matt!

Gray: Well, well. I wasn't expecting the blonde. Looks like it's my lucky day.

Brad: Mm. [Fast-paced music plays] Katie, slow down. Slow down, Katie.

Katie: No, tell him to turn it up! Whoo!

Brad: Yeah, Katie. Katie, come on, Katie. Katie --

Katie: It's fine. Don't want to think about anything else.

Brad: Okay -- well, what do we not want to think about? I mean, Katie, Katie, come on. Come on. Come on, talk to me. Talk to me here. Do you think you could slow down? We'll sit down -- we'll talk.

Katie: I don't want to talk about anything. Oh, I need some air.

Gwen: Barbara, thank you so much for your support. And thank you for being here. I think it really helped Sofie understand that we're really going to be leaving.

Barbara: I don't think I did anything.

Will: No, Mom, it's good for her to know that you support our decision.

Barbara: I do. I just want to be a part of your lives. That's all. And my granddaughter’s.

[Hallie crying]

Gwen: There she is.

Will: I'll get it.

Gwen: Okay.

Barbara: Can I get her? [Hallie crying] There she is. My big, beautiful girl. Hello, Hallie. Oh my goodness! Look at you. You are such a sweet girl. Yes, you are. You're so sweet. And so beautiful. And you know what? I'm going to miss you. I'm going to miss you so much. But I want you to know something. I do. I want you to know that I love you. Nana will always love you. No matter where you are. Always.

Sophie: You don't owe me anything.

Aaron: Maybe not. But at least I owe it to myself to try and make peace with you. You know, I know you think I betrayed you, but that's not the case. I only wanted what was best for you and Hallie.

Sofie: Yeah I know that. I know that now. Not then. I was -- I was just really angry then. But I've -- I have to accept that I can't raise a baby right now. And Hallie’s where she belongs. And you just understood that before I did.

Aaron: Well, I'm glad you figured out what was best for both of you. Does this mean we can at least be friends? Hmm?

Manager: Hey, do you want your old job back, or not?

Aaron: Yeah.

Manager: Come on, we got forms to fill out.

Aaron: I'll be right back. I'm sorry. It'll just take a minute.

Sofie: I understand.

Aaron: Okay? I'll be right back. I need to tell you something. Yeah? Okay.

Brad: What's wrong? What's wrong?

Katie: Nothing. Why would you say something's wrong? I'm just having fun. Is there something wrong with that?

Brad: No.

Katie: Good.

Brad: No -- something's wrong when you're not telling me the truth?

Katie: What is that supposed to mean?

Brad: Well, it's just -- I mean we've -- look, we've been through a lot together, not all of it good. And, you know, and our relationship has changed from, well, I mean, I don't need to tell you how it's changed. One thing that I could, you know, always hold on to is that we had a type of relationship where we could tell each other anything. So talk to me.

Gray: Pay close attention. I'm going to dial your mother's phone number.

Casey: Yeah, but you don't want to get my mom involved with this.

Gray: Don't be stupid. Okay? You're going to listen to me, and do exactly what I tell you. You're going to call your mother. You're going to get her to come home now. Alone.

Casey: No. I won't do it, man. I'm not bringing my mom into a trap.

Gray: Suit yourself.

Casey: Wait, wait, wait! Alison has nothing to do with this.

Gray: I've got nothing to lose here. You do.

Casey: Stop! Stop! Okay, okay. Okay, I'll call my mom. You know, but what the hell am I supposed to say to get her here?

Gray: You're a smart kid. Use your imagination. But you better make it good, or you can say good-bye to Blondie.

Casey: Okay. Okay.

Margo: Nevins can't have gotten far. I want to set up roadblocks. Check the airports, the bus stations, my guess is he's still in the vicinity. Go.

Cop #5: Phone call. It's your son.

Margo: Casey. Casey?

Casey: Hi, Mom.

Margo: Hi, case. Listen, Nevins took O’Conner from the hospital. And, so, you to be extra careful. Where are you now?

Casey: I'm at home.

Margo: I thought you were on your way to work.

Casey: I was, um, but my parole officer paid a surprise house visit.

Margo: Your parole officer? What?

Casey: He's really hassling me. Um, can you come home and straighten everything out?

Margo: No. I can’t. Casey, I'm in the middle of -- put him on the phone.

Casey: Um, he needs to speak to you in person.

Margo: Put him on the phone.

Gray: [Throwing voice] Mrs. Hughes --

Margo: Lieutenant Hughes. Yes.

Gray: I'm Casey's parole officer.

Margo: What the hell is going on there?

Gray: Well, Ma'am, I'm investigating a brawl that your son was involved in. Now, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but unless you can come here and help straighten things out, I'm going to have no choice but to take Casey in for violating his parole.

Margo: Listen, can't we settle this on the phone?

Gray: No, Ma'am. Sorry, we can’t. Now if you can't come here to help straighten things out, I'm going to have no choice but to send Casey back to Statesville.

Margo: Fine. I'm on my way.

Gray: Now the fun begins.

Brad: Hey, hey, hey -- hey, it's okay. It's okay. Talk to me. Tell me what's wrong. Why are you crying?

Katie: I'm just having so much fun.

Brad: You're crying because you're having fun?

Katie: Yes.

Brad: Doesn't make any sense.

Katie: Nothing makes sense right now.

Brad: Did I say or do something? I'm an idiot. I know, I'm an idiot.

Katie: Yes, you are an idiot. That's not why I'm crying.

Brad: Well, I mean, come on, tell me. Maybe there's something I can do. Trust me.

Katie: No, no, that's the problem. I do trust you. I just don't trust me. I'm sorry. I just got to go.

Brad: No, no. You want to go home? Okay. I'll take you home, but you are way too drunk to drive.

Katie: So are you.

Brad: Good point. Okay, we'll get a cab together. All right? All right, there's one. I'm going to go get it.

Katie: No, wait, hold on. We're forgetting something.

Brad: Oh, yeah. I got to pay the bill.

Katie: No, something else.

Brad: What else?

Katie: Bonnie. We can't just leave her here.

Brad: Why not? Just kidding! I'm just -- I'm just kidding. Come on. You're right.

Margo: Oh, Casey, what's going on?

Casey: No, no!

Gray: Well, well -- we meet again.

Gwen: She fell asleep so fast.

Will: Yeah?

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: Hey, I did it.

Gwen: Did what?

Will: I got our transcripts forwarded to Southern Illinois State. And I downloaded the application, it looks like all our credits are going to transfer. Yeah, we're all set. Did you hear me?

Gwen: Yeah. I just -- I don't know, I can't believe it. We're really doing this, aren't we?

Will: Damn straight. Good-bye, Oakdale. Hello, new life.

Barbara: I just wanted to thank you again. You did the right thing, Sofie.

Sofie: I know. Maybe you should do the right thing, too.

Barbara: What do you mean by that?

Sofie: Tell Will and Gwen about your cancer. Tell them before they leave town.

Barbara: You know, I really don't want to do that because it will disrupt their plans. It wouldn't be fair to them.

Sofie: Yeah, it's not fair to keep them in the dark, either. I mean, if they go and something happens to you, then what? They're going to feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

Aaron: Sofie --

Sofie: Barbara, I got to go. Please think about what I said. And good luck with your treatment.

Gray: Well, well, here we are. What a sight this is.

Margo: Let's talk about this, just you and me. Just let them go.

Gray: There's nothing to talk about.

Margo: No, no, no. No, we can negotiate this before it gets out of hand. I can help you.

Gray: No, you've helped me a great deal already just by showing up tonight. You see, I've been waiting for this day for a very long time.

Margo: Really? What are you hoping to get out of this?

Gray: It gives me great pleasure having you here.

Margo: See, okay, then. Okay, this is between you and me. We don't need them. You can let them go. And then you and I can take it from there.

Gray: Their presence is necessary.

Margo: What are you trying to accomplish here?

Gray: Finally, I get revenge for the death of my brother.

Margo: Your brother? Listen, Nevins, your brother raped me. He got what he deserved.

[Margo screams]

Gray: There. How does that feel? Feels pretty good to me.

Margo: You are not going to get away with this.

Gray: Oh, I think I've already gotten away with this. You see, we're only missing one person. And you're going to help me with that. You're going to call your husband now. And you're going to get him to come home.

Margo: No, I'm not.

Gray: I'm sorry. I don't think I understood you. Did you say "No" to me?

Margo: Yes, I did. You let those kids go, and then we'll talk.

Gray: I told you to call your husband, and that is exactly what you're going to do. Do you understand me? Because if you don't, if you don't get your husband here, I will kill you.

Margo: You're going to kill me anyway.

Gray: Suit yourself.

Margo: So it doesn't matter one way or the other.

Gray: Yeah, it doesn't matter. Because I can get Tom later.

Margo: Why? Why? Why did you come back now? Why did you come back now after all these years to get even? Why?

Gray: Europe is a very nice place to hang out, you see. I was waiting for things to calm down. There was no hurry. See, I wanted to hit you when you least expected it. That way it would hurt more. The longer I waited, the more surprised you'd be. But I always knew that this day was coming. And here it is. You know what this is? Yeah?

Aaron: I got my old job back. Can you believe it? They had an opening.

Sofie: Yeah, that's great.

Aaron: Listen, you still didn't answer my question. My coming back to Oakdale, working here, it doesn't mean anything if you won't see me.

Sofie: I don't know, Aaron. I'm really confused right now. About myself. About my life. And my future.

Aaron: Me too. All the better reason to hang out. Come on, what do you think? We be friends?

Sofie: Actually, I think I'd like that very much.

Will: I found a bunch of stuff on housing. I mean, there's so much online. I even sent out some e-mails.

Gwen: Wow. You've been busy.

Will: Yeah, so, now we just got to choose where we want to live. I mean, you got your choice. What do you want, an apartment, or a house?

Gwen: I don't know. Um, what do you think? Like, I mean, just some place that's big enough and that's convenient. And maybe I'll see if I can find like a neighborhood that has a lot of kids for Hallie to play with.

Will: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. There's a place with a backyard, and it's really close to school. And they even have day-care, and like preschool right near the library. So, we're going to be all set.

Gwen: Hey, um, thanks for doing all this.

Will: Well, it's fun to think about the future.

Gwen: Well, you're really good at it. So, Hallie and I are really lucky to have you.

Will: No, I'm the lucky one.

Gwen: You know, this is sounding, I don't know, its sounding better and better. I think that it really might work out. This just might be the best thing for everyone.

[Knock on door]

Will: I got it. Hey, Mom. What are you doing back? Did you forget something?

Barbara: Um, no, no, not exactly.

Gwen: Um, is there a problem?

Will: What's up, Mom?

Barbara: Before you two leave, there's something that I have to tell you.

Brad: Just keep the change.

Bartender: Thanks.

Brad: Are you ready?

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: Hey, Bonnie. Come on. Come on.

Katie: Bonnie --

Brad: Let's go.

Katie: Wait, wait. Here, here --

Brad: All right. Okay. All right.

Katie: Oh, wait. Wait, wait.

Brad: You got it?

Katie: Okay.

Brad: Okay. All right. Hey.

Katie: Huh?

Brad: We're not finished, you and me.

Katie: I know.

Margo: Just let the kids go.

Gray: Give me one good reason.

Margo: They had nothing to do with this. Your grudge is against me, not them.

Gray: I can't do that, Margo. You see, I suspect that you're going to suffer more knowing that your husband, and your son died, as well. Just like I suffered when my brother died.

Margo: These kids are innocent! Your brother wasn't innocent!

Gray: My brother -- my brother got a bad rap! Okay? Whatever he did, he didn't deserve to die like a dog.

Margo: Your brother --

Gray: I've had just enough of you! You are so damn self-righteous. I think today will be the first time in your life that you ever understand the meaning of justice.

[Bomb clock beeping]

[Door closes]

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Will: You got to tell Paul. After Dad, and a friend -- I can't lose my mom, too.

Henry: Gray can't hurt us anymore.

Vienna: That's not true, and you know it.

[Margo crying]

Margo: Oh my God.

Matt: No, no.

[Matt yells]

[All yelling and crying]

[Bomb beeping]

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