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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 3/12/08

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Lily: Thank you so much for doing this, Emma.

Emma: Oh, you're so welcome. You know, when there's a wedding, we go all out. It's Snyder tradition.

Lily: Oh, this is hardly a traditional wedding. My son's boyfriend's marrying a girl so she doesn't have to go back to Iraq.

Emma: I know it's complicated. It's very noble of him to do this. Very generous. But anyway, when a girl gets married, no matter what the circumstances, it's a special occasion. We have to make it special for Ameera.

Natalie: What are those for?

Emma: These are dates. It's a Muslim tradition. It's amazing what you can find out online.

Lily: Wow, you're really mastering the computer, Emma, huh?

Emma: Oh, yes.

Lily: It's beautiful. All of it.

Emma: Are you all right?

Lily: This is just a very difficult situation for Luke. That's all.

Holden: Okay, Mama, here are those fresh eggs you wanted.

Emma: Place them on the counter. I will wash them. Ah, ah, ah. Stay away from that. Just walk away slowly. Walk away slowly.

Luke: I hate to break it to you, Dude. You don't have anything written.

Noah: I have been sitting for an hour trying to come up with wedding vows that I can say to Ameera without hurting you.

Luke: If Ameera went back to Iraq, she could die. You're saving a life. You're not hurting me. Besides, I am so proud to be in love with somebody who would do something that's this amazing. Now, you're like her hero.

Noah: Yeah, well, I'd rather be your hero. Tell me the truth. Is this okay with you? Because if you have any doubts about this, I won't go through with it.

Carly: Put him under a bright light, maybe he'll talk.

Jack: I found out where they make these dummies. Chicago Loop Scenic Design.

Carly: That's where Kit tried to kill me.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Jack, we have to go there now --

Jack: Absolutely not.

Carly: She could be hiding there.

Jack: I am not going to let you risk your life again, Carly.

Carly: Well, you don't get a vote, Jack. I'm going.

Katie: Any luck?

Brad: I've hit dead ends in places I didn't even know I was looking. Something really bad has happened to Henry. I am sure of it.

[Henry singing]

Henry: Take one down pass it around no bottles of beer on the wall no bottles on the wall.

Henry: That is the first time I ever gotten to the end of that timeless ditty. Did you know that? I always imagined it would be so much -- so much more emotionally satisfying. You're a lousy audience, you know that? Here I am -- I'm keeping up the witty repartee for hours, despite being chaffed in certain ways that a gentlemen shall not mention, and I can't even get a tepid huzzah out of you. That's it, Man. Forget about you. I'm going to get out of here on my own.

Brad: I am sure that Gray pulled some shady trick to get Henry out of the picture and steal Vienna for himself.

Katie: We have to do something --

Brad: That's my point exactly. Henry and Vienna, they love each other. People who love each other should be together no matter how many reasons they can think of for being apart. And you know the best way for us to find Henry is for me to go downstairs and slap Gray around a little bit and make him see the error of his ways.

Katie: No, are you crazy?

Brad: What, you don't think I can do it? All's fair in love and war, Honey.

Katie: I know, of course you can do it. He is the reason that Henry has disappeared. I don't want you to be next.

Brad: You know what -- but when people stand in the way of true love, I take it personally. And -- and the only problem is, it really gives me such a stiff neck. Can you just like, rub me down just a little bit right here, just to make it better? Maybe, just a little bit?

Luke: I've already told you, I'm fine with you marrying Ameera. You being married in name only doesn't change how I feel about you. Heck, it could even kick things up a notch. You know, really heat things up between us. What is hotter than forbidden romance, right?

Aaron: Whoa -- whoa --

Luke: Uh, Aaron, you came just in time for Noah's wedding. Yeah, yeah, we get that reaction a lot.

Emma: Okay, the pies are all baked, the lentils are cooking and the kibbe batata is baking.

Lily: Kibbe -- what is that?

Emma: It's wonderful. It's meat and potato casserole.

Lily: Oh --

Emma: Delicious, delicious --

Lily: It sounds good.

Emma: Why don't you girls go up and get ready for the wedding?

Lily: Oh, let's check on Ameera. Come on.

Emma: I saw that.

Holden: You do have eyes in the back of your head, don't you?

Emma: Yeah, it's kind of a sixth sense. Especially when it comes to the happiness of my children. Things are better between you and Lily, aren't they?

Holden: Things are getting better. Slowly.

Emma: Just tell me that there's reason for hope.

Holden: There's definitely hope.

Luke: Dad, make Aaron stay for the wedding.

Aaron: You got a minute?

Holden: Yeah, sure. In the parlor.

Aaron: All right.

Lily: Ameera's gone. I don't know where she is.

Carly: This is Parker's future we're talking about.

Jack: Exactly why I can't risk anything going wrong.

Carly: Oh, I see. So if I come along with you, you just assume that something's going to go wrong?

Jack: Let me put it another way. I already know what it would feel like to lose you, Carly.

Carly: It's obvious that Kit is after me. So go ahead. Go to Chicago, then. Then I'll be here all alone when she comes after me.

Jack: You think I would leave you unprotected? You've got cops watching you 24/7.

Carly: She got past them when she broke in here before, right, when she knocked Katie out. Come on, Jack. Haven't the last few weeks proved it? We're a team. You've got to let me go with you.

Jack: Okay, you win. We'll go to Chicago together, we'll check out the scenery shop and hopefully smoke Kit out.

Carly: Great. And how do we make sure the undercover doesn't tag along?

Jack: We wait until its dark.

Carly: That's it? That's the plan? We just wait?

Jack: Mm-hmm. Together.

Emma: Where'd she go --?

Lily: I looked everywhere.

Holden: All right, she couldn't have just disappeared --

Noah: There you are. Are you okay?

Ameera: I'm sorry. I just went for a walk. I should have told you.

Luke: Are you sure you're all right? I mean, we've been so busy with everything with the wedding, we forgot about the bride.

Ameera: I appreciate everything you've done for me. But I'm not sure about having the wedding in a church.

Emma: Well, you know, it's the official thing to do around here. And it makes the wedding look official. We always married in the church traditionally.

Ameera: I know, but I'm not comfortable with it. Why don't we have it here? And the person who officiates can be neither Christian or Muslim. So it's not religious.

Holden: So what do you say, Mama? How about a good old-fashioned non-denominational wedding in the backyard?

Emma: Well, all right. Good -- I'll tell you what. Guys, get the chairs, set them up.

Lily: Okay --

Emma: I'll finish in here. We'll have it here, yes.

Faith: Can I still be the maid of honor?

Ameera: Of course. I would like nothing more.

Faith: Okay.

Noah: You know, that reminds me. I haven't had time to officially ask you, but would you be my best man?

Luke: Always. Besides, I would have killed you if you asked anybody else.

Noah: There is no one else.

Emma: That's good.

Natalie: Can I still be the flower girl?

Emma: You're my little flower. Absolutely. You can be the flower girl. Okay --

Lily: Uh, Ameera, I have a dress for you if you don't mind something borrowed.

Ameera: At home, the groom's family provides the dress.

Lily: Well, since Noah is a part of this family, then it works out perfectly. That means you're a part of our family, too. Come on, let's go. Come on, girls. Let's get ready.

Emma: Okay, get pretty.

Katie: I can't believe you would try to put the moves on me at a time like this.

Brad: Well, I can't believe you think I want to put the moves on you.

Katie: Don't you?

Brad: No, of course not. I'm too worried about Henry. But you won't let me go downstairs and wipe the floor with Gerard. And I don't hear any brilliant ideas coming from you. So, I was thinking maybe, you know, a little relaxation through friction can stimulate the old brain cells.

Katie: You are so full of it.

Brad: Well -- well, okay, well, how about you? Let me work on you. Maybe see what you can come up with.

Katie: I don't need your hands all over me to come up with a plan.

Brad: Okay, well, then?

Katie: What?

Brad: What's the plan?

Katie: I haven't come up with one.

Brad: My point exactly.

Katie: What are you doing?

Brad: Self-stimulation. So watch and learn.

Henry: A little help! Oh, you are of no use, do you know that? You won't join me in drinking songs, you won't scooch on over with some keys to take care of these cuffs. And you're a real dud when it comes to small talk. All right, I really got to tell you, if you think this strong and silent thing is going to get you a slot on Katie and Brad's show, you've got another thing coming -- I could really -- I could really use a conversation with Katie right now. She's got an incredible way of getting out of trouble. Even though it usually involves me putting on a dress. Wow, you know, they really must have hit me on the head pretty hard, I cannot believe I forgot about this. I've got an idea here.

Katie: Anything yet, Mr. Magic fingers?

Brad: Of course not. Not with you sitting there staring daggers at me.

Katie: We can't just sit around here all day, self-stimulating.

Brad: Any better ideas?

Katie: If anything happens to Henry, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Brad: Feel better?

Katie: A little to the left.

Henry: Okay -- don't worry, it's a European phone. Very continental.

[Phone dials]

[Henry laughs]

Brad: Okay, it's my turn.

[Phone rings]

Katie: It's Henry! Henry?

Henry: Hey, Bubbles, is that you?

Katie: Oh, thank God you're okay. I knew that you didn't just run away.

Brad: Yeah, that's right. Not with true love at stake.

Henry: Listen, I got knocked over the head, and now I'm chained to some pole with nothing but a dummy for company.

Brad: Who cares about his IQ can he get you out?

Henry: A real dummy, Brad. A puppet.

Katie: Don't worry, we're on our way to come get you. Where are you?

Henry: I have no idea.

Luke: Well, I guess everything is all set.

Noah: Yeah, I'm going to go finish writing my vows. Or start them, rather.

Luke: Well, lucky for you, your best man is a writer. Come on, I'll help you.

Holden: So, what'd you want to talk to me about?

Aaron: I'm heading back to Seattle.

Holden: How's your mom doing?

Aaron: Her cancer might be back.

Holden: I'm sorry to hear that. Well, tell her that we're all praying for her.

Aaron: She knows. I'll tell her again. Not sure how long I'll be gone for.

Holden: That's okay. You take all the time you need. You know, you're welcome here anytime. You'll always have a home here.

Aaron: Thanks, Dad. Anyway, I'll stay tonight, join the group, and then I'll head out later on.

Holden: All right, sounds like a plan, Buddy.

Jack: Carly, you ready?

Carly: Ready.

Jack: So, we're all set?

Carly: Yeah, I turned the lights on upstairs, made a big deal of closing the drapes. Your man should think we're in for the night.

Jack: Great. I called Scott next door and asked if we could borrow his car. If we leave out the back, they'll never know we're gone.

Henry: Wait a second -- by George, I think I've got it.

Katie: Good. Where are you?

Henry: Chicago Loop Scenic Shop.

Katie: Okay, we're on our way. Just sit tight.

Henry: Yeah, I've been doing a lot of that lately.

Katie: We'll see you soon. Bye.

Brad: Chicago's a big town. How are we going to find this place?

Katie: It's the 21st century, Brad. There's a little thing called the internet.

Henry: I saw you -- I saw you watching my little bit of tongue gymnastics there. You know where I learned that, huh? How to dial by -- by mouth like that? A lovely little woman I met in Bangkok. She can make a hard man humble, even at long distance. [Laughter] We've got to stop meeting like this.

[Kit hits him on the head with a hammer]

Aaron: Tough day, huh?

Luke: Yeah, and I just made it tougher. I volunteered to write Noah's vows. I'm really proud of what he's doing, but now that means we're going to have to keep our relationship a secret. Which is exactly what I wanted to avoid by coming out.

Aaron: Well, I'm not too good at the whole advice thing. But maybe I can save you some trouble down the road. When you're in love, Luke, things feel real solid, but it's not. You know, just about anything can come along and tip you over. All of a sudden, you're sinking and you don't know what happened.

Luke: You and Alison.

Aaron: All I'm saying is, protect yourself. You know, hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. I hope it works out between you and Noah. But just in case it doesn't, pack a life jacket.

Luke: I'm really sorry about your mom, Aaron.

Aaron: Thanks. Say a prayer.

Luke: Bible or Koran. I mean, take your pick. We've kind of got that whole inter-faith thing covered.

Faith: Are you guys talking about me?

Luke: No. No, but we should be. Look at you, you're a knockout.

Faith: Nice.

Aaron: We won't be able to look at the bride. Everybody's going to be staring at you.

Emma: Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl. Oh, aren't you lovely? Oh, my.

Ameera: Lily helped me choose it.

Holden: My wife has excellent taste. So, are we ready for a wedding?

Emma: Yes. Hey. You know, sometimes love requires a great deal of sacrifice.

Luke: I know.

Emma: Yeah, and how much you're willing to sacrifice sometimes indicates just how very special that love is.

Luke: Yeah. I see how much Mom and Dad have sacrificed for us. And how much you've sacrificed for the whole family.

Emma: It's a very, very generous thing you're doing. Noah is so, so blessed to know a man like you.

Holden: Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Minister: Where's the happy couple?

Lily: I'll go get them. Excuse me. They're ready for you both.

Ameera: Are you sure about this?

Noah: I'm sure.

Carly: What if we're too late? What if Kit isn't at the scenic shop? You know, this plan won't work if we don't find her?

Jack: It's not much longer before we get there, Carly. And if Kit's not there, don't worry. She has to have left a trail of some kind. We'll find it. That car has been following us for some time. I don't think it's the cop that was at the house. Hold on, I'm going to try to lose them.

Katie: Chicago Loop Scenic Shop. I got it! 4239 Midwood. Can you go any faster?

Brad: I'm already over the limit.

Katie: What if whoever has Henry knows that he called us? What if they hurt him or move him again?

Brad: He's going to be okay. The cavalry's on the way.

Katie: Hands on the wheel. Eyes on the road. The cavalry can't afford to get in an accident.

Minister: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today with these witnesses to join Ameera Ali Aziz and Noah Mayer in matrimony. Not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. And to this holy estate, these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Who supports this couple in their marriage?

All: We do.

Minister: I understand Noah has prepared a special reading.

Noah: Love is a gift that lacks meaning until it's shared. I see in you the love that I'm truly blessed to know. The life that I'm sure we'll be blessed to have together.

Minister: Noah Mayer, do you take Ameera Ali Aziz to be your wedded wife? Will you love her, comfort, honor her and respect her? Will you share all life has to offer? Your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointments with her from this day forward? If so, please say, I will.

Noah: I will.

Minister: Ameera Ali Aziz, do you take Noah Mayer to be your wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort, honor him and respect him? Will you share all life has to offer? Your hopes and dreams, your achievements and disappointment with him from this day forward? If so, please say, I will.

Ameera: I will.

Minister: What token of your love to do you offer? As we are gathered here today, in celebration of the marriage of Noah Mayer and Ameera Ali Aziz, we ask these rings and their marriage be blessed with peace, love and prosperity in all things. Noah, take this ring and place it on Ameera’s finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed and offer a symbol of our everlasting love.

Noah: With this ring, I thee wed and offer a symbol of our everlasting love.

Minister: Ameera, take this ring, place it on Noah's finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed and offer a symbol of our everlasting love.

Ameera: With this ring, I thee wed and offer a symbol of our everlasting love.

Minister: Noah Mayer and Ameera Ali Aziz have made a commitment to each other in marriage. An invaluable part of their new life together will be the love, support and encouragement of the family and friends in attendance here today. And now, under the authority vested in me by the state of Illinois, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mr. and Mrs. Noah Mayer.


Katie: It looks pretty deserted.

Brad: It's a perfect spot to stash someone.

Katie: Okay, let's go find Henry.

Brad: Right with you.

Katie: Let's split up. We'll cover more ground that way.

Brad: That could be dangerous.

Katie: You scared?

Brad: No, I'm worried about you, that's all.

Katie: Don't worry. We'll be fine. We'll -- let's go –

Jack: Stay close.

Carly: This place is creepy.

Jack: Yeah, I know. Listen. Come on. Freeze! Brad, what the hell are you doing here?

Katie: Jack -- are you looking for Henry?

Carly: Kit -- we're looking for --

[Carly screams]

Jack: Well, we got company.

Carly: I know its Kit.

Jack: So what happened? Why do you think Henry’s here?

Brad: Why, do you think Kit is here?

Katie: Henry called us about an hour ago, he said that he was here, locked up somewhere.

Carly: Popular place.

Jack: It's a hell of a coincidence.

Brad: You're looking for Kit?

Jack: Yeah. And she's dangerous, which means you two should leave, now.

Brad: No, we can help each other out.

Jack: Forget it.

Brad: Listen, we're not leaving without Henry.

Minister: Congratulations again.

Noah: Your ticket to freedom.

Holden: Let's go inside and celebrate.

Carly: You guys arguing isn't helping anything.

Katie: Carly's right. We're all here, we need to work together. Brad and I will keep our eyes out for Kit, you guys keep on the lookout for Henry.

Jack: You guys want to stay, watch the entrance. Make sure Kit doesn't leave.

Brad: Guard duty? That's a total wuss job.

Katie: And what about Henry?

Jack: I will search the place top to bottom. If Henry’s here, I'll find him. You have my word.

Katie: I trust you. [Chains rattling] Did you hear that?

Brad: Jack playing the hero while we're standing here twiddling our thumbs? Yes, I heard.

Katie: All right, you stay here, I'm going to go look for Henry.

Brad: No, no, no, no, no. You're not going without me.

Katie: You promised Jack that you would man the door.

Brad: Look, I didn't promise him anything. That was you. "Oh, Jack, I trust you."

Katie: Henry is my best friend. I need to find him. The more people looking for him, the faster he will be found.

Brad: Count me in. Let's go.

Katie: No. You have to watch the door. We can't let Jack think we don't know how to follow direction.

Brad: What the hell does that mean?

[Floor squeaking]


Jack: Did you hear that?

Carly: Sounds like it's coming from up there.

Jack: Look out!

[Cowboy Jack laughing]

Ameera: In Islam, men and women dine separately. I thought we could mix eastern and western traditions.

Holden: I like it. Especially the view.

Luke: Oh, I like it, too. And as best man, I'd like to propose a toast. Growing up, I've learned that we share two things. Our love and our food. And I am so grateful tonight to welcome both Ameera and Noah into our family.

Holden: Hear, hear.

Lily: Hear, hear.

Holden: Let's eat!

Emma: Oh, just a minute. First, we're gonna say grace. Yes. Is that okay?

Ameera: I would love it.

Emma: Okay. Dear Lord, thank you for all this lovely food that we're going to share in celebration of Noah and Ameera’s wedding and being together. May it nourish and strengthen our bodies and our souls. And dear Lord, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the freedom of our beautiful country and for bringing Noah and Ameera into the Snyder family. May love be their guide. Amen.

All: Amen.

Emma: Eat! Let's go. Do you want some of this?

Lily: Here we go.

Emma: Now, this is very hot. This is very spicy.

Emma: Dates and sweets for the guests.

Ameera: Very traditional.

Natalie: I like the dates.

Emma: Ooh, good.

Lily: I have to say it was the most interesting wedding I've ever been to.

Holden: All weddings are about love. And there's a lot of that in this room.

Noah: The wedding vows you wrote -- they meant a lot to me.

Luke: To me, too.

Faith: Come on, we have to cut the cake.

Jack: You okay?

Carly: Yeah. At least we know Kit is here.

Jack: So let's find her. Henry.

Carly: Is that Henry?

Jack: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Carly: Henry! Oh, my god.

Jack: He's alive. He's alive. He's just out cold.

Carly: Jack, we have to get him to the hospital right now.

Jack: He's not going anywhere until we find a way to break him out of these cuffs.

Carly: Henry? Henry?

Katie: Henry?

Kit: Damn it, not you again.

Aaron: Congratulations. Always nice to have more honorary Snyders. I have to get going. Good luck, you guys.

Emma: Precious one.

Aaron: I have to go pack and kiss Ethan good-bye. Take care.

Emma: You, too.

Holden: Don't worry. He'll be back. In the meantime, we have a whole crew to take care of.

Brad: Katie? Katie? Come on, enough is enough. Where -- where are you?

[Kit screaming]

Carly: Did you hear that?

Jack: Stay close.

Brad: I don't think so. I am under strict orders not to be a hero. That's his job.

Carly: It's over, Kit.

Jack: Drop the gun.

Katie: Jack.

Jack: Katie.

[Gunshot] [Kit shots Jack and than runs]

Carly: Call 911!

[Carly picks up Jack’s gun and runs after Kit]

Brad: Oh, Katie. Come on, Katie, wake up. Jack.

Lily: I think you started missing Aaron before he even walked off the porch.

Holden: Both my sons -- they did what they needed to do today.

Lily: Yeah well, Luke got a party out of it.

Holden: You do like weddings.

Lily: I do, I do.

Holden: Makes me think we should renew our vows.

Lily: You want to?

Holden: If you do.

Lily: Yes. Yes, I do.

Emma: Okay, come on, Girls, time for beddy.

Faith: But we're not tired.

Emma: Ooh.

Ameera: I'm exhausted.

Emma: Now, did you hear what the bride said? Come on, let's go. Noah, you and Luke, too.

Noah: Good night, Ameera.

Ameera: Good night, Noah.

Emma: Ameera, you can sleep in Aaron's room.

Faith: All right, I'll read you a story before bed.

Luke: It's pretty official looking.

Noah: Signed, sealed and delivered by the state of Illinois. No turning back now.

Luke: This might be silly, but I still hope that one day we'll have one of those with our names on it.

Noah: You and me both.

Luke: Do you promise?

Noah: I do.

Aaron: I wrote down the reservation number, but I can't find it. Is it possible to track it down by credit card? Wait a minute, wait a minute, I found it. Yeah. Qx17b438. Yeah, I'll hold. Okay.

Alison: Hey, you're still in town.

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. Where do they find this stuff?

Alison: What stuff?

Aaron: They put you on hold, they play this music. It's just -- it's garbage.

Alison: Who put you on hold?

Aaron: Yeah, hi. Yeah, just the carryon. Okay. Straight to the gate? Great. Okay, thank you.

Alison: When does your flight leave?

Aaron: Couple of hours. I'm heading to the airport right now.

Alison: Any more news on your mom?

Aaron: No, no, but she's scheduled for some more tests tomorrow, so we'll see.

Alison: I'm really sorry, Aaron.

Aaron: Wasn't it only a couple years ago you and I made the same trip for the same exact reason? It's crazy.

Alison: I remember how much it meant to your mom to have you there. Honestly, I think that's why she turned the corner.

Aaron: I don't know about that.

Alison: I do. You were so patient. And you stayed by her side even after she left the hospital. You were just so great.

Aaron: Well, it was a rough time for all of us.

Alison: Yeah. I don't think I made it any easier on you.

Aaron: Hey, you dropped everything and came all the way out to Seattle not knowing a soul. If you ask me, that was pretty cool.

Alison: Too bad I couldn't follow through. I mean, let's face it, I was a baby. I was jealous of a sick woman. All I did was complain that you weren't paying enough attention to me.

Aaron: Well luckily, we've grown up a lot since then.

Alison: Yeah, I'm trying.

Aaron: Yeah, trying.

Alison: So, does your mom have to have surgery?

Aaron: I don't know. I don't know. It might not be as bad this time. So, I'll know more when I get out there, so --

Alison: Good luck.

Aaron: Yeah.

Alison: Give your mom my love.

Aaron: I will.

Alison: You know, this is one of the things you do best.

Aaron: Yeah? What's that?

Alison: When anybody ever needs you, you're always there for them. I'll be thinking of you.

Aaron: Thank you. That means a lot. Okay.

Brad: 4239 Midwood. We've got a cop shot, we have a woman unconscious, and there's a crazy chick running around with a gun. We need help right now.

Carly: Stop! Stop, or I will shoot you!

Kit: Killing me won't keep your trigger-happy son out of jail.

Carly: I'm not afraid.

Kit: You should be.


Brad: Carly!



[Carly kills Kit]

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