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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 3/10/08

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Gwen: Pretty girl, we gotta keep your hood on. Yes we do, we have to keep your hood on. Because you're such a pretty girl.

Will: Gwen, is there something wrong with Hallie?

Gwen: No, she's fine.

Will: What's the matter?

Gwen: I can't -- I can't -- I can't do it anymore, Will. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I just keep thinking about -- that we took Hallie away from her mom. We have to give her back.

Will: No. No, Gwen. No, we can't do that!

Chris: Sorry I'm so late. I hope you weren't waiting too long.

Sofie: Oh no, it's okay. I can't believe a busy doctor like you can get away from the hospital to have lunch with me.

Chris: Yeah, it took some maneuvering, but it was worth it. I had a great time with you at dinner last night. I hope lunch will be as much fun.

Sofie: Mmm. So, you want to know if I'm a morning person or a night person?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, something like that.

[Cell phone rings]

Sofie: Sorry. Hello?

Paul: Hey. How was your dinner with Dr. Do-Right?

Sofie: Funny you should ask that. Chris and I are actually having lunch right now. So I can't talk. But how about I come by later?

Paul: Don't bother.

Emily: Hey.

Paul: Perfect timing. Em, tell me something. How much do you hate Chris Hughes?

Chris: You look upset. That was Paul, wasn't it? Is he bothering you?

Sofie: No. No, not at all. He just -- he seems a little down. I'll check in on him later.

Chris: Don't get sucked into feeling sorry for him. I told you, Paul Ryan is trouble.

Sofie: I heard what you said, but I don't agree. Paul's been very good to me. And he's in a lot of pain right now, so I'm going to cut him some slack. If you have a problem with that, then maybe we should skip lunch.

Gray: Mmm, I love this bed. Especially with you in it. I don't ever want to leave.

Vienna: Speaking of leaving -- what time is it?

Gray: It's time for you and me.

Vienna: That's lovely, Gray. But I have a diner to run.

Gray: Vienna -- that's why we have hired help. To take care of the small stuff like the diner, so you and I can indulge ourselves. You're still thinking about Coleman, aren't you?

Henry: Liebchen.

Brad: Katie.

[Both scream]

Henry: Ahh!

Brad: Ahh!

Henry: Ahh!

Vienna: What do you mean? Why would I be thinking about Henry?

Gray: I don't know.

Vienna: I'm here with you. I'm not thinking about anyone else.

Gray: What's the problem, Matt? Didn't my connections get your friend out of jail?

Matt: No worries. But it's also put the spotlight on me with Tom and Margo Hughes, and we may have to do something about that.

Henry: What were you doing?

Brad: What were you doing?

Henry: I was waking up! It's no fun to wake up spooning Godzilla, let me tell you that!

Brad: Well let me tell you, it wasn't a picnic for me, either! What the hell are we doing here?

Henry: Wait, wait, wait. Wait a sec, wait a sec. I'm confused. Ugh! How much did we have to drink last night?

Brad: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, Henry, no, no, no. Okay, it wasn't that. Okay, we were just, we were asleep. It was an accident. It doesn't mean anything. You don't have to start questioning your manhood, all right?

Henry: What are you talking about?

Brad: Well, just because, you know, we were -- you were -- you know -- with the bed part --

Henry: No, no, no. I know that. No, no, no. I'm sorry. No, no, no. I know that. I just -- my question is, why are you here to begin with?

Brad: Well, I don't know -- I remember having a few cocktails.

Henry: I remember you swigging out of the bottle, as I recall.

Brad: Yeah, so were you.

Henry: Yeah, and you were discoursing on lost love and the tragedy that therein lies.

Brad: Oh -- discoursing? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I gotta tell you, this love thing is really tough on a man's liver. Come on, come on, we gotta get out of here. Come on.

Henry: No, no, no, no. Speak for yourself. Vienna is still with Gray. I got nothing to leave for anyway. Oh death, where is thy sting? Why don't you just leave me alone to my misery?

Gray: Tell me something -- do you love me?

Vienna: What a question. Wait. Do you mean -- are you falling in love with me, Gray?

Gray: I'm thinking about it.

Emily: Well, it's good to see you too. Do I hate Chris Hughes? Do I hate Chris Hughes? Yes. A lot. But why do you care?

Paul: I'm not a big fan, either. I think he's got an over-inflated ego.

Emily: Oh, you noticed that, too?

Paul: It's hard to miss. He should be put in his place.

Emily: You think?

Paul: So, how are we going to do that?

Emily: Whoa, whoa. I'm sorry. We?

Paul: Well, I'm kind of laid up for a little while, so you're going to have to execute our plan.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no. I am so through with your vendettas. No, no. I -- you're going to have to deal with this one on your own. What did he do to you anyway?

Paul: He's annoying. I think he should be humbled.

Emily: Good luck with that. I'm going to enjoy this one from the bleachers.

Paul: Come on, Em.

Emily: I'm going to meet my mother for lunch. You feel better.

Paul: Bringing Chris Hughes down, that might be kind of fun.

Emily: Enjoy yourself Paul, but count me out.

Chris: I wasn't trying to tell you what to do. Maybe it sounded like that, but I know you hate it.

Sofie: Well, I appreciate your giving me space. I do. I just hope I haven't scared you off by defending Paul Ryan.

Chris: That's never going to happen, Sofie. No matter who your friends are.

Will: Gwen, we fought so hard to keep Hallie. We asked our family and our friends to stand by us to get custody of her. And we won. We earned the right to raise her as our daughter. And we've taken care of her. We've loved her. What has Sofie ever done for her?

Gwen: She gave birth to her, Will. And I know what that feels like. I know what it feels like to have your body change and to feel that baby grow inside of you. And whether you want it or not, there is an unexplainable connection that is there, and it is there from moment that child is born.

Will: There is more to loving a child than giving birth to her. What about taking care of her, worrying about her and providing for her every day? Sofie never did that! We love her. This is our daughter.

Gwen: I will try to be a good mom to her. I would try and I could do that for the rest of my life, Will, but I will never have the connection that Hallie has with Sofie. Ever.

Will: Do you seriously think that Sofie could ever be the mother that you are?

Gwen: I think that she deserves the chance to try.

Will: She got that chance, and she blew it.

Gwen: But she's ready now. Will, what are we -- how are going to explain it to Hallie when she grows up? That we kept her away from her birth mother?

Will: I think she'll understand.

Gwen: Would you? Will, I feel like I stole her. I have to give her back.

Will: Gwen, you can't be serious about this.

Gwen: I am. I don't honestly think that I'm going to be able to live with myself otherwise.

Will: Then I can't talk you out of this?

Gwen: No, I don't think so.

Will: Then I'm coming with you.

Sofie: No, I couldn't eat a dozen oysters. I can't even eat one, not if you paid me.

Chris: Oh, if I paid you, I bet you could.

Sofie: No -- well -- well, wait a minute. How much money are we talking about here?

Chris: How much you want?

[Sofie laughs]

Susan: Well, Chris certainly seems to have moved on.

Emily: Was there ever a doubt he would?

Susan: I guess not.

Emily: It's just -- it's just unfair. Okay? It's so unfair. I can't sleep at night and he's moved on. With his young, new girlfriend.

Susan: You really losing sleep over this?

Emily: Unfortunately, yes.

Susan: I thought you looked a little worn out. Losing sleep is very unhealthy.

Emily: What are you doing?

Susan: I just happen to have --

Emily: Oh, no, no, no.

Susan: Sweetie, it's a very mild sedative.

Emily: No. I don't want any pills. What are you doing?

Susan: Come on. It'll help you sleep.

Emily: Mother --

[Pager beeps]

Susan: Oh! I knew this would happen. I have a patient in post-op. I'm not going to be able to stay for lunch.

Emily: That's fine. I just --

Susan: Now, look. Now, take those but remember, just one, before bedtime.

Emily: Mother.

Susan: Okay, Sweetie?

Emily: Mom -- I don't want any pills.

Susan: Talk to you later.

[Both laugh]

Gwen: Will, I can do this alone.

Will: I have just as much right to go as you do.

Gwen: If you go, you're just going to try and stop me.

Will: No, I'm not going to stop you. But, legally, this is not okay. There are papers that you would have to sign before you give her back.

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Will: I know I am. So I think that we should talk to Bonnie before we do anything about this. She'll know what we have to do.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Okay. So you stay here. I'm going to go find Bonnie. All right? Promise me you'll stay here until I get back.

Gwen: I promise. I'll be here.

Brad: I can't go to work and leave you like this.

Henry: Why ruin your life for me? I have nothing to live for.

Brad: You have Vienna, if you can find the guts and go get her. All you need is a plan of attack.

Henry: Okay. I'm open to suggestions, Brad, because I am fresh out of ideas. Are you thinking? It's always so hard to tell -- got anything yet? Didn't think so. I'll see you next summer, Brad.

Brad: There's only one thing left to do.

Henry: What?

Brad: It's not going to be pretty.

Henry: What?

Brad: You're gonna have to beg.

Henry: What? I can't believe you just said that.

Brad: Neither can I, okay? But it's the only way you're gonna get Vienna back. You have to beg her, all right? So put on your best begging face, and let's go.

Gray: Have a great day slinging hash, Princess. And remember, I'm always ready to take you away from this place.

Vienna: Thank you, Gray, but I'll be fine.

Gray: You're supposed to be an asset. You know -- resourceful, independent. Not a constant source of aggravation.

Matt: I know. You did me a favor with Casey, I really appreciate it, okay? It'll pay off, too. Hey, I'm the fair-haired boy as far as Lieutenant Hughes is concerned. All right?

Gray: Good.

Matt: Okay.

Gray: So what's the problem?

Matt: It's this girl, Alison. She found out I lied about doing time with Casey. Now, ever since, she's been on my back. She's asking me questions.

Gray: Don't tell me you don't know how to handle a girl, Matt.

Matt: I'll handle it if I have to.

Gray: Yeah, so handle it. I got problems of my own.

Alison: Hey.

Matt: Hey.

Alison: I was just looking for you.

Matt: I was just thinking about you.

Alison: Really?

Matt: Yeah.

Alison: Well, I was just thinking about you too. I really owe you an apology.

Waiter: Can I take your order, Ms. Stewart?

Emily: Oh, no, thank you. No, thank you, actually I'm not going to have lunch after all. I'm feeling a little ill.

Waiter: I'm sorry. Anything I can do?

Emily: No, not unless you can change the way of the world.

Chris: Emily.

Emily: Hi, Chris.

Chris: This is Sofie Duran. Sofie, Emily Stewart.

Emily: We've met, actually.

Sofie: It's nice to see you again.

Chris: How you been, Emily?

Emily: Uh, good. You know, no -- no complaints. Life is good. You?

Chris: Yeah, well things at the hospital are keeping me so busy I barely have time to think. But all in all, yes -- yeah, life is good.

[Emilyís bag hits the ground]

[Emily puts the medicine in Chrisís drink]

Emily: Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you. You two enjoy yourself.

Will: Mom, thanks for meeting me.

Barbara: Yeah.

Will: I really need your help.

Barbara: Yeah, Honey, you sounded so desperate on my voice mail. What happened?

Will: Gwen's feeling guilty about keeping Hallie. She thinks that Hallie belongs with Sofie because she's her birth mother.

Barbara: She can't be serious.

Will: She is. She was ready to run out the door and give the baby back until I stopped her. I told her that we needed to talk to Bonnie and see where to go from there.

Barbara: Oh, my God. She can't give Hallie back. I -- I can't lose another grandchild.

Will: Ma, do you think I want to lose my daughter?

Barbara: Okay, okay, you said you needed my help. What do you want me to do?

Will: I do. I need you to buy me some time. Call Bonnie, get her to stall. Make undoing this adoption seem impossibly complicated. I have to talk Gwen out of this insane idea.

Chris: I've got to get back to work.

Sofie: Thank you for lunch, Chris. I had a great time.

Chris: I did, too. Let's do it again soon.

Sofie: Okay, okay, but next time, it's on me.

Chris: Great, great, I'll call you.

Sofie: Bye.

Chris: Bye.

Barbara: I'm sure if you give Gwen some time, she's gonna change her mind.

Will: I hope so. I should go, make sure Gwen and the baby are okay.

Barbara: Okay. Will, it means so much to me that you asked for my help.

Will: You're not the only one I'm relying on. I'm going to take help wherever I can get it.

Barbara: I just meant --

Will: I know, Mom. You mean well. You always do. But you usually blow it. I just -- I really need you to come through for me on this one. My family depends on it.

Sofie: Gwen, what are you doing here?

Gwen: I'm here to give your baby back to you.

Gwen: Thank you.

Sofie: I don't understand. Why do you want to give up the baby?

Gwen: Because I think that this is where she belongs.

Sofie: I thought you and Will said that you would give her a better home than I ever could.

Gwen: We can give her everything she needs -- except her own mom.

Sofie: Why did you change your mind?

Gwen: Because every time I see you, I see how much you miss her. I see it, it's in your eyes. It's in the way you look at her. It's in the way you want to hold her and never let her go. And she isn't a part of my blood. She's not a part of my body. And that wouldn't have mattered if you didn't exist, but you do. And you're a part of Hallie in a way that I never can be. And I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I kept the two of you apart.

Sofie: But the judge said that she belongs to you and Will now.

Gwen: The judge doesn't know what we know. And if you still think it's best for Hallie to be with you, then I can't fight that.

Sofie: Gwen, I don't know what to say.

Gwen: Listen, just so you know -- Will and I never stopped loving her. But you have to want us to have her. You have to decide. Here. You guys have to get to know each other again. And that takes time.

Will: Gwen? I'm home. Oh God, no.

Will: Excuse me. Can I have Sofie Duranís room number?

Clerk: I can't give out that information.

Will: No, you don't understand. I'm a friend of hers, and I just forget her room number.

Clerk: I'm sorry, sir. You can call her on the house phone.

[Elevator dings]

Will: Just forget it.

Gwen: Will.

[Hallie cries]

Sofie: Here. Here you go. Oh, okay. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, what if -- what if I walk with you? I'm gonna walk with you. Is that better?

[Hallie cries]

Sofie: Come on, please. Shh, shh, shh.

[Hallie cries]

Sofie: Shh, shh, shh.

Barbara: Bonnie, I am sure that Gwen didn't mean it. She and Will adore Hallie. Now --

[Elevator dings]

Barbara: Okay, okay. Well, just see if you can slow the process down until Will can talk some sense --

[Hallie crying]

Barbara: I got to go. Hey! What are you doing with Hallie?

Sofie: Gwen gave her to me.

Barbara: Well Gwen can't do that, the judge decided that Hallie should be with Will and Gwen. You can't just take her back. It's not legal.

Sofie: Gwen -- Gwen wanted Hallie to be with her mother, and I'm not going to let anyone take her away again.

Alison: I'm sorry for not trusting you, Matt.

Matt: Oh, well thank you. Alison, that's really good to hear.

Alison: Look, can we just start over? You know, pick up where we left off?

Matt: Yeah, great. I would -- I'm not working tonight, how 'bout we get something to eat, and then try to catch a movie at about 8:00?

Alison: You're on. Hey, I saw you talking to that big tipper guy again.

Matt: Yeah.

Alison: Is he, like, stalking you?

Matt: No. But I see him all the time at Al's and over at the Lakeview, too.

Alison: Well, he must really like you. What did you say his name was again?

Matt: Uh, his name is Gray Gerard.

Alison: Well, the conversation seemed pretty intense. What's going on?

Matt: He was offering me a job, since you have to know. But he's probably just yanking my chain, ya know?

Alison: Maybe not. You never know.

Matt: Look, I have to pick up a shift over at the Lakeview. Don't forget about tonight, all right?

Alison: Don't worry. I'll be there.

Matt: Okay.

Alison: So -- I wonder who this Gray Gerard is?

Henry: I don't -- this is not a good idea. Look at those two in there. I can't compete with that.

Brad: Look, you don't know that until you try. Now you get in there and you plead, grovel and beg.

Henry: No -- isn't it repulsive to see a man reduced to begging?

Brad: No. The way to a woman's heart is on your hands and knees.

Henry: Humphrey Bogart never begged.

Brad: Come on. Beg for Vienna to take you back. Come on. Come on. You can do it.

Henry: All right. All right!

Brad: She'll love it!

Henry: Okay, okay!

Brad: Trust me.

Henry: What else do I have to lose? Do me a favor, Brad, please do not watch this, okay? Because it's going to be really humiliating.

Brad: Okay, just go. Just go.

Gray: Coleman, I told you what would happen if you didn't stop harassing Vienna.

Henry: I just want to talk to her, all right?

Gray: Yeah? Obviously, you don't like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes, or doing all the things that people who still have their thumbs get to do.

Vienna: Gray, please. Let him speak. I want to hear what Henry has to say.

Henry: Vienna, look, you don't know how difficult this is. I'm sure it's ugly to watch. But, from the bottom of my heart, on my knee, I'm pleading with you, I'm begging you to take me back.

Gray: Okay, wise guy. Out you go.

Vienna: Gray, please. Let him speak. Henry, why? Why should I take you back?

Henry: Look, I know it's hard to see right now, when I'm so miserable, but I clean up really good, okay? And I'm quite an intriguing character when you think about it. I've led an interesting life. I've been down, but I've always come back. I work hard, sometimes. And I'm fun. Come on, we have so much fun together. We had incredible sex, right?

Gray: Watch it.

Henry: I'm speaking the truth here. The sex is was wonderful, right?

Vienna: Yes.

Henry: Yes.

Vienna: It was.

Henry: Yes, see? Liebchen, look, we belong together. Maybe it wasn't Paris, but it was still pretty great. And I don't know if I've lost you or not. I'm hoping that I havenít. Because you and me -- we'll always have Oakdale. And if you turn me down, I'm gonna curl up and die.

Patient: Dr. Hughes? When will I be able to go home?

[Slurred speech]

Chris: Very good. That's -- that's fine. Nurse, where's Mr. Schnei -- Schneiderís blood workup, nurse?

Nurse: I put it right on top, Dr. Hughes.

Chris: Okay. Got it. Depends on -- on your, um --

Nurse: Patient's blood pressure is still higher than we'd like, Doctor.

Chris: Thank you, Nurse. Why don't you wait in the hall, and I'll handle the pressure. Blood -- blood pressure?

Nurse: Dr. Stewart, I think you better consult on this patient. Dr. Hughes is -- well, he's not making any sense.

Chris: That's -- that's to be expected in cases like this Mr. -- Mr. --

Susan: Uh, Dr. Hughes? Could I speak with you outside? We'll be right back. Chris. What's the matter? Are you ill? Are you drunk?

Paul: Hey, Sofie, I thought you were with Chris. Is that Hallie? How'd you get her?

Sofie: Yeah, it's a long story. I hope you don't mind.

Paul: No, no, I don't mind at all. Unless you kidnapped her again, 'cause that wouldn't be so great.

Sofie: No, Paul. I didn't kidnap her. Gwen left her with me. She said she couldn't separate a mother from her child.

Paul: Yeah, well, she understands what that's like. Sofie, did Gwen give you any paperwork?

Sofie: No, it happened really suddenly, but Gwen said that --

Paul: It doesn't matter what she said. I mean, unless there's a document that says you're the legal parent of that child, that the adoption's been reversed, Hallie's not yours. You have no rights to that child.

Sofie: What should I do?

Paul: You should let me help you.

Gwen: It's so quiet.

Will: Maybe Sofie will do the right thing. Maybe she'll bring Hallie back.

Gwen: Maybe. I miss her so much, Will. It hurts. I didn't -- I don't know, I was so busy thinking about doing the right thing about getting her back to Sofie, I didn't -- I didn't think about how it would feel.

Will: Gwen, you gave our baby away. I didn't even get a chance to say good bye.

Gwen: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, Will. Um, I don't know. I just had to do it right away. I knew that if you were there, I wouldn't be able to go through with it. It's -- I don't know, everything I see just, it reminds me of her.

Will: Well, if you need to talk about it --

Gwen: That's okay.

Will: I think -- I think that you should get some rest. Okay?

Gwen: Okay.

[Will sighs]

Paul: Well, why don't we get started petitioning the court right away, and I'll bring the birth mother by tomorrow. Okay, great. Hey, did you get Hallie settled?

Sofie: Yeah, finally. Thank you for your help.

Paul: Not a problem. Oh, we have an appointment with an adoption lawyer tomorrow afternoon.

Sofie: Tomorrow? Okay, everything's moving so fast. Oh, this is going to cause so much trouble with your family.

Paul: Oh, please. I'm in trouble with my family when I breathe. Sit down. You have a lot to think about, Sofie. You don't need to worry about me.

Sofie: Well, I didn't know where else to go. I was all-of-a-sudden, alone in a hotel with a baby to take care of. And I panicked.

Paul: Well, you're here now. And all you have to do is try and calmly figure out what's next.

Sofie: No, you don't -- I'm trying. I'm trying. What can I do? I live in a hotel. I have no family. I can't work a full-time job and take care of a baby by myself. I don't see how I'm going to work this out. I --

Paul: I have an idea.

Sofie: What?

Paul: Why don't you and Hallie come live with me?

Vienna: That's true, Henry. We've been happy at times, but we've also been sad. You've made me laugh, but you've made me cry.

Henry: I know. I know, I know, and I want to make that up to you, okay? I want you to be happy all the time.

Gray: Yeah, how you gonna do that? Huh? The way I hear it, you're surviving on the charity of friends.

Vienna: Gray, please. I understand this is hard for you, but let us work it out. Maybe we should do this someplace private.

Henry: Yes, why don't we talk over drinks at Lakeview? What do you say?

Vienna: All right. Great. I'll see you there in an hour.

Henry: Yes, an hour. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, you are not going to regret this, okay? We can have a wonderful life together. You just have to give me a chance. Okay.

Vienna: Thank you, Gray. This is unfinished business for me. And I have to give Henry a chance. You understand, right?

Gray: Yeah, of course. You have to do what you have to do.

Vienna: You're so good to me.

[Cell phone dial tone]

[Cell phone ringing]

Matt: Yeah, Boss.

Gray: Matt, I need to see you right away. Meet me in the church in Lutherís Corners.

Matt: Uh, I canít. I'm working.

Gray: I don't care. Get there now.

Alison: Hey, Em.

Emily: Hey, to what do I owe the honor?

Alison: It's not an honor. I actually need a favor.

Emily: Oh, okay. What do you need?

Alison: Can you use your connections to find out about a guy named Gray Gerard?

Emily: I can try. Why?

Alison: I'm not sure yet, but knowledge is power. And when it comes to the mysterious Mr. Gerard I would like to empower myself to the max.

Emily: Mmm. I can relate. I did a little empowering myself today.

Susan: You haven't answered my question. Have you been drinking?

Chris: No. Of course, I havenít.

Susan: Well, you look like you've been on a bender.

Chris: If you don't mind, I'm going back to my --

Susan: No, you're going to have a seat. You're in no condition to treat patients. I can't allow it.

Chris: How are you going to stop me?

Susan: For a starters, how about I report you to the chief of staff?

Chris: You're going to my dad with this?

Susan: And I can guarantee you, Bob will be very angry.

Henry: All right. Which one? This one? Or this one?

Brad: The striped one.

Henry: They're both striped, Brad.

Brad: I know.

Henry: Oh come on. Would you help me here, please? Everything has to be perfect for my date with Vienna.

Brad: It doesn't matter what you wear. All you have to do is show up and she will fall into your lap.

Henry: How can you be so sure?

Brad: You love her. She loves you. It's a sure thing.

Gray: I'll make this fast. I want you to get rid of Henry Coleman for me.

Matt: "Get rid?" You mean, like, kill him?

Gray: No, of course not. Just find a way to get him out of my hair. Make it look like he blew town.

Matt: How am I supposed to do that?

Gray: Matt, figure something out for once, all right? The point is, I don't want Coleman around for a while. You got it? All right?

Paul: Sofie, I have a complete nursery right here. And I would be honored if you and your daughter would use it.

Sofie: But, Paul, why would you take us in? That's crazy.

Paul: No, it's not. Sofie, I have everything that you need.

Sofie: That's not really an answer to my question. Why are you doing this?

Paul: I haven't always been such a good guy. I've never really been a good friend to anybody. And maybe this is my way to try and change all that. Come on, what do you say?

Barbara: I just ran into Sofie at the Lakeview. Why does she have Hallie?

Gwen: I'm sorry, Barbara. Um -- I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't keep her. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I just had to give her back.

Barbara: Oh, Goney. I'm -- I'm not angry. Gwen, I understand. I understand. It's okay. I'm a mom, too. It's okay. It's okay.

[Gwen cries]

Will: Paul, I really need your help here.

Paul: Um, okay.

Will: Look, I know you and I have been on different sides of things before, but I need you with me now. I need you to use your influence over Sofie.

Paul: What makes you think I have any influence over Sofie?

Will: She is your new best friend, right?

Paul: Will.

Will: Okay, I know how that sounded, but she is your friend.

Paul: Yes. But Gwen gave Hallie to Sofie voluntarily, there's nothing I can do about that.

Will: How did you know that Gwen gave Hallie back to Sofie?

Sofie: Someone doesn't want to sleep right now. I think she's hungry.

Will: Paul, what the hell is going on here?

Paul: Well, I didn't get a chance to tell you, Will -- but Sofie and Hallie are going to be living here with me.

[Hallie cooing]

On the next "As the World Turns."

Will: With Paul's help, Sofie could actually take Hallie away from us legally!

Meg: I'm here because I do care. I don't know why, but I do.

Chris: You did this to me!

Brad: And they're probably kissing and making up as we speak.

Vienna: He dumped me. Again.

Henry: I need to get out here before it's too late.

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