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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/26/08

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Gwen: Hey. Hey. Hey.

Will: Hey.

Gwen: Come here. Watch, watch, watch. Watch this. Hey. Look it. Look, when she smiles like that, she looks -- she looks like you. Do you think I'm nuts for thinking that she looks like us?

Will: She's our daughter.

Gwen: Yeah. You know, no Matter what the judge says, I'm never going to be able to think of her any other way.

[Door bell rings]

Will: I'll get it.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Bonnie, hey.

Bonnie: Hey.

Will: Did you hear from the judge?

Bonnie: We're due in court in an hour. He'll make his decision then.

Sofie: One hour. Yeah, yeah, I'll be there. Did the judge give you any idea? Well, how did he sound? Was he, um, you know, was he sympathetic? Yeah, okay. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. He'll tell us in court. Okay. [Knock on door] Chris.

Chris: Just checking to see how Hallieís mom's feeling today.

Sofie: My lawyer just called. Judge made a decision. I have to get down to court. Oh, God, this is it. This is it. One word, yes or no, and some stranger decides the rest of my life. I -- I'm shaking so hard, I don't know how I'm going to get to court.

Chris: Hey, it's not a problem. Not a problem. I'll take you, okay? Come on.

Gwen: She's out right now, so she'll probably stay asleep for like another two hours. She probably won't even know we're gone.

Sitter: I'll go check on her.

Gwen: Okay, thank you.

Will: So, you ready?

Gwen: No.

Will: Me, either.

Gwen: Okay. You know, we should call your mom. I think that she would really want to be there.

Will: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Barbara: Gwen? Have you heard from the judge?

Gwen: Yeah, he's made his decision. Will and I are on our way to the court right now. Where are you?

Barbara: Oh, I'm getting my nails done. I'll meet you at the hearing, all right? And Honey, everything's gonna be all right. I promise.

Nurse: Ms. Ryan, we're ready for your radiation treatment.

Barbara: Oh, you know, something really important has come up, and I'm going to have to reschedule. Thank you.

Gwen: Hey, Will. The judge has to rule in our favor, right? I mean, he has to, right? Because I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do if he doesnít.

Will: I don't know, either. But I know one thing. We're always going to have each other.

[Knocks on door]

Margo: Hi. I got your message.

Paul: Which one?

Margo: All of them. I'm sorry. I'm juggling a lot right now, so -- what can I do for you?

Paul: Oh, I don't know, Margo. I'm lying here barbequed because of a car bomb, and maybe what you could do is figure out who did it. Or better yet, maybe you could save the taxpayers a bunch of money and go arrest the guy who we both know did this, your brother Craig.

Margo: The Oakdale PD is investigating his whereabouts.

Paul: Yeah, okay. So where does this investigation fit in all the other stuff you say you're juggling, because it seems to me that tracking down Craig and arresting him is not a priority for you.

Margo: I am sorry that you're hurt, Paul. And I am very, very sorry that my brother might be involved. But right now, I am dealing with a young boy who is looking at being tried as an adult in a murder case. So excuse me if I think that's a little bit more important than two grown men arguing over a woman who has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with either one them.

Meg: Hey, Parker. How you doing?

Parker: Same.

Meg: Can I make you a sandwich?

Parker: Not hungry. Is Paul okay? He got hurt again?

Meg: He was badly burned, but he's gonna be fine.

Parker: Well, I want to go see him. Please. Will you take me?

Matt: I saw you this morning at Al's diner with that chick. You think that's a good idea, parading around like that?

Gray: Keep your attitude to yourself. I'm calling the shots here, not you. Well, she walks in beauty like the night -- and she's prompt, too. What more could a man ask?

Vienna: Well, I suspect you will think of something before the day is over.

Gray: They're still getting our table ready in the dining room. I thought we'd start with a little champagne in the lounge. Are you game?

Vienna: My mother taught me never to say no to a man offering champagne.

Gray: Wise woman.

Vienna: Wise daughter.

Jack: Thanks for coming.

Carly: And Henry, thank you so much for helping keeping Kit in town. She really bought your wealthy club owner act, didn't she?

Henry: Yeah, well, wealthy benefactor is the role I was born to play. It's a shame it's not my real life. Enough about Henry, I'm glad I could help.

Carly: Well, Henry, Jack and I were sort of wondering if you would be willing to do just one more performance.

Jack: Thing is, Henry, just keeping Kit in town one more day isn't going to help clear Parker. What we need is for her to confess to killing Sam.

Henry: Yeah, I get that, but I don't know how I could help. I mean, I can't exactly make confessing to murder a condition for buying the bar.

Jack: No, but you could wear a wire.

Henry: Uh, no, no. No, no. No, no, no. Now we're not just talking about a harmless improv here, you're talking about something with a high potential for danger, Guys. And you know that danger is not my middle name. If I have a middle name, it's coward. I prefer to stay safely out of harm's way. I'm sorry, no wire. No wire.

Carly: Henry. Henry! Please. Please, Henry. For Parker.

Henry: Appealing to my better instincts, Carly? That's a dirty play, even for you.

Jack: We need you, Henry.

Henry: Fine. Fine, I know I'm going to regret this, but let's hear it. How is my performance going to work? And please, tell me it doesn't involve inciting a cold-blooded murderer to murder again.

Gwen: Hi.

Barbara: Hi.

Gwen: Listen, I'll be right back. Just one sec, okay?

Sofie: I'm not supposed to talk to you.

Gwen: I know. You don't have to say anything. But I just want you to know that no matter what happens, Will and I, we just want what's best for Hallie. And that's what this is all about.

Sofie: Me, too.

Matt: Alison. What are you doing here?

Alison: My friends are finding out if they can keep their baby girl. So I wanted to stick close by. Moral support, you know.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Alison: How about you?

Matt: I promised to drop something off for Margo, but this place is like a maze. I got turned around three times already.

Alison: Well, maybe the guard around the corner can help you find the right room.

Matt: Um, that's okay. It feels like I'm right where I should be.

Kit: You are the man! Your lawyers burned through that paperwork so fast. We could close this puppy right now. Just hand me the cash-ola and I'm outta here.

Henry: Actually, we've run into a bit of a snag. Your co-owner?

Kit: I told you. Carly ain't gonna be no trouble. You just buy my share and you're in charge of the joint.

Henry: Yes, you did tell me that. You did not tell me that your partner was Carly Tenney.

Kit: So?

Henry: So, I know Carly, and I am not going into business with her.

Kit: Okay, hold on. Can't we just work something out?

Henry: Not with Carly involved. No way.

Paul: Yeah, I heard about what happened to Parker. Is he going to be okay?

Margo: Right now, I have no idea.

Paul: Well, he's a good kid. He doesn't deserve this.

Margo: No. No, he doesnít.

Paul: No, he doesnít. And you know what, Margo? I don't deserve this, either. I'm sitting here counting the seconds until I take my next batch of pain killers. And I don't see what what's going on with Parker has anything to do with you tracking down and arresting your brother for trying to kill me.

Margo: Well, if we ever do find Craig and he is guilty, I will be the first one to read him his rights and slap the cuffs on him, Lord knows I've done it before.

Paul: Really? How come, then, he always seems to get away?

Margo: You know what? You should really be concentrating on getting off the pain killers and getting on with some semblance of a normal life, and stop obsessing about Craig. Just get yourself better. Anything comes up, I'll let you know.

Parker: Please, Meg. I really want to see Paul. Take me to the hospital.

Meg: I'm sorry, I canít.

Parker: Why not?

Meg: Your parents. You're a kid. I'd have to get their permission.

Parker: Well, if I'm old enough to go to prison, I can go visit Paul.

Meg: Why don't you ask them if it's okay first?

Parker: Yeah, well, I already I called them and they're not picking up. Look, they're not gonna think you kidnapped me. Paul's my friend. He really helped me out when I needed him. And I want to return the favor.

Meg: This is really important to you, isn't it? Fine, let's go.

Paul: Hey, Parker.

Parker: Hey.

Paul: Thank you for coming to see me. Your parents know you're here?

Parker: No. They kind of don't, but I was gonna tell them.

Paul: You didn't hitch, did you? Jack and Carly'd kill me if they found that out.

Henry: Carly and I, we had what you might call a checkered past. And what can I say? She couldn't keep her hands off me. Could not control herself. Always making up excuses to be alone with me and giving me those sexy, come hither stares. She wouldn't stop until she broke up my marriage.

Kit: Are you kidding me?

Henry: You don't think I'm worth that kind of effort from Carly?

Kit: No! What I'm saying is, I know exactly where you're coming from. She did the same thing to me and my man.

Henry: Okay, well then you understand why I cannot go into business with her. She is a liar, she is a user. You cannot trust a word that comes out of her mouth.

Kit: Amen to that.

Henry: I tell you, I think I'd be afraid to work with her. I mean, she might push me too far, and then what the heck am I supposed to do? It's enough to drive me to kill somebody.

Kit: I know exactly how you feel.

Henry: Tell me more.

Kit: Let me get you a cold one. Then we can figure out what to do about that bitch Carly.

[Jack and Carly outside in a van overhear on a wiretap]

Carly: Did you hear that?

Jack: Henry's doing a great job. He almost got a confession out of her.

Carly: He didn't have to trash talk me.

Jack: We told him what to say, remember?

Carly: I just think we've established how rotten Carly is. Maybe we can focus now on the night of Samís murder.

Kit: Here's a beer.

Henry: Yeah, that's Carly. She could drive an innocent person to murder.

Kit: You can say that again.

Judge: First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their testimony in this case. I have considered every detail of the evidence very, very carefully. A court must respect the rights of a biological mother. The physical and emotional connection between a mother and a child should be sacrosanct. However, in this particular instance, it appears that Ms. Duran repeatedly exhibited unstable behavior which put her infant at risk. Add to that the fact that her petition to nullify the adoption came after the designated date suitable for the challenge, and the court must award custody of the child, Hallie Jennifer Munson, to her adoptive parents, Gwen and William Munson.

Will: We did it!

Chris: Hey, it'll be okay. Gwen and Will are good people. I'm sure they'll let you see Hallie.

Sofie: Your honor, I have something to say.

Paul: You're here to see me?

Meg: Actually, I'm just the chauffeur. Jack and Carly weren't around and Parker really wanted to come and see you.

Paul: Oh. Well, it's great to see you.

Parker: You got burned really badly. Does it hurt a lot?

Paul: Only when I breathe.

Meg: You know, I'll let you guys talk. I'll be right outside.

Paul: No, please. Stay. Parker doesn't mind, does he?

Parker: No, it's fine by me.

Meg: I really shouldnít.

Parker: Why don't you let the man call the shots? He's the one in the hospital.

Meg: Fine. I'll stay.

Parker: So, the paper said your car blew up? How'd that happen?

Paul: It was an accident.

Parker: Right. Your car just blew up for no apparent reason. Why are you lying? Someone tried to kill you.

Judge: You may proceed, Ms. Duran.

Sofie: I love my baby. I always have. I am so sorry I scared you when I took Hallie to New York. If I had the chance, I would have done so many things differently. And now, Hallie is yours. But she's still a part of me. I just want her to know that. Even if I can't raise her, she's the only family I've got.

Alison: It must be over. Thanks for waiting with me. Is it good news?

Gwen: We won.

Barbara: My granddaughter is home for good.

Alison: That's fantastic! Why aren't you jumping for joy?

Gwen: Because I know how hard it is. I've been in Sofie's situation when I lost Billy.

Will: I feel for Sofie, too. But you know what? I'm happy for Hallie. And I'm happy for us. I mean, she's ours now. We're her parents, so I think we should be celebrating. Let's have a party back at the house.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Yeah? Ali, do you want a ride?

Alison: Oh, it's okay, I have my car. Can I bring my -- can I bring Matt? He's one of Caseyís friends.

Will: Yeah, definitely. And bring Casey, too.

Alison: Okay.

Gwen: You'll come, too, yeah?

Barbara: No, no. I have an appointment to attend to. You kids have fun. And enjoy that little girl. They grow up far too fast.

Gwen: Okay.

Gray: You have to help me. I've never been in this position before.

Vienna: What do you mean?

Gray: Falling for a woman who doesn't give me a second look.

Vienna: You and I are destined to be great friends, Gray.

Gray: Well, most of my friends have broad shoulders and facial hair. I don't really want to take them to bed.

Vienna: I don't blame you.

Gray: On the other hand, I would be honored if you would accept this as a token of my friendship.

Vienna: No, no. Not again. That little bauble has caused me enough problems already.

Gray: Okay. I understand. But what about this? Hmm? Go ahead. Try them on. It's the least one friend could do for another.

Henry: I don't know. What is it about Carly that can drive a rational person to do completely irrational things?

Kit: It's the innocent act. Pretending she's all goodie-two-shoes and turning over a new leaf. Meanwhile, she's always looking for a chance to stick a knife in your back.

Henry: Yeah, or vice versa. Do you know how many times she's made me so crazy, I was ready to take a knife and go "Sweeney Todd" all over everybody?

Kit: I see you. I see you and I raise you.

Henry: Yeah, that's right. You mentioned that she tried to split up you and your man the same way she broke up me and my wife.

Kit: Worse.

Henry: What could be worse than losing your man?

Kit: I loved Sam. Really loved him. We had a good thing going, till Carly up and ruined everything.

Henry: You didn't let her get away with it, did you? Come on, not a smart, strong woman like you? Look, share some pointers with me. What did you do to let her have it?

Kit: Look, I get it. You and Carly, bad blood. I don't blame you. Fact, I'm not even going to hold you to our deal. I'm just going to give up on trying to unload this damn joint and just get out of town the same way I got here. Broke and alone.

Carly: She can't go.

Jack: Give Henry a second. He's quick on his feet.

Kit: I'm out of here.

Henry: Whoa, are you sure?

Kit: Ain't no way you can stop me.

Carly: What the hell are we supposed to do now?

Henry: Listen, listen, I'm a fair dealer. I promised you I would buy your share of the club, and I am not welshing. Now, you need the money.

Kit: Yeah, sure, I do. But if you're 100% against working with Carly, I got no options.

Henry: Let's not be so hasty here. There is a lot of water under my bridge with Carly. Let me open up the ark and send out the dove and get a lay of the land.

Kit: Do people usually understand what you're talking about?

Henry: Most of the time? Probably not. Let me put it in plain English for you. Let me give her a call and just see if we can't work something out.

Kit: Fine. But Carly ain't changed. She's still the same piece of trash she always was.

Henry: Right. But it can't hurt to try. You know what. Ah. This place -- I'm gonna get better reception outside. Be right back.

Henry: Wow, that woman really hates you. I'm sorry I couldn't get her to spill what she's planning to do about it.

Carly: Oh, Henry, you were so close. She was about to confess, I know it.

Henry: I know. The harder I pushed, the more she pushed back. And if it's all the same to you two, I'd rather not get into a shoving match with a killer.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. You're going back in there. We're getting Parker out of this mess today.

Paul: You're right, Parker, it wasn't an accident.

Parker: So who did this to you?

Paul: It doesn't matter.

Parker: Are you kidding?

Paul: No. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because it's my fault. I let things get out of hand. I wasn't thinking. And the result is that not only did I get hurt, but I wound up hurting a lot of people that I love. You know what that's like, don't you, Parker?

Parker: Sounds like you heard about the trouble I'm in.

Paul: Yeah. And I would tell you that everything's going to be okay. But you're a really smart kid. I'm not going to lie to you. But you're lucky you are a kid.

Parker: That's not what the court thinks.

Paul: Yeah, well, let them try you as an adult. Doesn't matter. You're still a kid. You're going to be okay because you have a mom and a dad who love you. Carly and Jack are going to fight to protect you, because you're theirs. And no parent should ever lose a child.

Henry: As long as you promise to make like the cavalry and bust in at my first screams of terror, I will give it another shot. However, Guys, what am I supposed to tell Kit?

Jack: Tell her you talked to Carly and she agreed to give her share of Metro to Kit, free and clear. She can sell it and go.

Carly: I'd never do that. I'm a liar and a user, remember? Kit'll never buy it.

Jack: She will if Henry lays it on thick.

Henry: Once more into the breach, I go.

Carly: This is going to work, Jack, right? Tell me this is going to work.

Vienna: Mmm. Oh, Paris.

Gray: Gambling in Monte Carlo, shopping in Milan --

Vienna: Oh, it's been so long.

Gray: You miss it, don't you?

Vienna: So much. You promised. No more trying to seduce a poor, hardworking girl with your glamorous invitations.

Gray: I thought we were friends. Don't friends go places with each other? You can even bring your Henry.

Vienna: No strings?

Gray: Not one. We'll go from Barcelona on my private yacht. We'll go island hopping in the Mediterranean. Malta, Capri, Mykonos. We'll only stop at ports with five star hotels. How does that sound?

Vienna: Glorious.

[Vienna giggles]

Chris: You shouldn't be alone right now.

Sofie: I don't have my baby. I'll always feel alone. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you were trying to help.

Chris: Hey, just tell me what you want me to do.

Sofie: I don't know. It used to be all about Hallie. I used to think of the future and it was -- it was me and her. Now I'll never have that.

[Pager beeps]

Chris: Sorry, it's a patient. I will be right back. Don't leave.

Barbara: Sofie. I want to talk to you.

Will: Case, thank you -- thank you for coming.

Casey: Congratulations, man. God, I'm glad everything went your way. This is great. You two and a baby. A real family.

Will: Thank, man. Hey, free food.

Casey: Of course.

Matt: So this is the guest of honor, huh? What do we have here, a future beauty queen, or maybe a Nobel prize winner?

Will: I'm thinking both. Why specialize at a young age?

Matt: Yeah, right?

Gwen: Hey, do you want to hold her?

Matt: No, that's not really my thing. But thanks.

Alison: You've never held a baby before?

Matt: Yeah, why, what gave it away? The look of terror on my face?

Gwen: Come on, sit down, I'll show you. Sit down.

Matt: Okay.

Gwen: Come here. All right.

Matt: Okay.

Gwen: Just carry her head, I'm going to lay her back. There you go. She's got a little meal on her, though.

Matt: Yeah, I see that. Hey, what do you know? I'm a natural, huh? Hey, get me another one. Bring on triplets, huh?

Sofie: I don't want to talk to you.

Barbara: Even if it's to hear me apologize to you? I am sorry that I tried to push you into giving up your baby. But you have to admit that Hallie's going to have a much better life than you could ever have provided for her.

Sofie: Oh, that's your apology? What's it like when you're being mean?

Nurse: Ms. Ryan, we were able to reschedule your radiation session. It'll start in half an hour. We'll prep you in the exam room.

Barbara: Thank you.

Sofie: Radiation? You have cancer?

Barbara: Please, don't tell Will and Gwen.

Henry: Sorry that took so long.

Kit: No worries. I know Carly's a tough nut to crack.

Henry: Yeah, tell me about it. Now, don't ask me how I did this, but I think I actually managed to make her feel guilty. About how she treated me or you, I have no idea. But the point is, she has agreed to turn over her share of Metro to you free of charge.

Kit: Are you yanking my chain? Why the hell would she do that?

Henry: Well, she did mention something about owing you big time.

Kit: Yeah, that's one way to put it. I wouldn't have done what I did, if it weren't for her.

Henry: What did you do exactly?

Kit: So she's just going to hand over her half for me to do with as I like?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, that's right, and you can sell them both to me, free and clear. Um, the only problem is, I only have enough liquid cash on hand to buy your half. It's going to take me another day to come up with the rest of the cash.

Kit: I'll deal. You come up with cash tomorrow for Carly's half, and this joint is yours. Can't wait to see it in my rearview mirror.

Kit: I wouldn't have done what I did, if it weren't for her.

Carly: Will it be enough, Jack?

Jack: It's going to have to be.

Meg: Hey, you know, I think it's time for us to go. Your parents are going to be wondering where you are.

Paul: Parker, listen, I'm going to be laid up here for a while. So if you want to come by -- or after, I'll be at Fairwinds. You know, you can play a video game with me or whatever.

Parker: Cool. See you later.

Meg: Hey, do you mind waiting out here for just one second?

Parker: Sure.

[Alison laughs]

Casey: No thanks, man. Matt and I have to go.

Matt: No, we donít.

Casey: Yes, we do. We're on break.

Matt: Casey is a workaholic, you know? Oh, thank you for the party.

Will: Yeah, definitely. Any time. A friend of Caseyís is a friend of ours.

Matt: Thanks.

Casey: Well, I'm glad everything's okay, you know?

Will: Yeah.

Casey: Tell Gwen I said bye.

Will: I will. See you, case.

Casey: See ya.

Will: Thanks, man.

Alison: Thank you for convincing Casey to come and visit. You really came through for Will and Gwen. And for me.

Meg: That was nice. What you told Parker. And I got what you were trying to tell me, too.

Paul: You were right. I know I need to change. I hope I can be the man you need me to be.

Meg: You know, Parker really needed to hear that. I can see you made him feel better. But it's too late for me. It's too late for us. You take care of yourself, Paul.

Matt: Great party. Your friends are really cool. Man, what is the problem?

Casey: You. You know, first, you hit on Alison. And now you're moving in on my friends.

Matt: Your friends invited me to a party, it's not a big deal. And I thought you didn't have a problem with me dating Alison.

Casey: I donít. But you're lying to her. We're both lying to my parents. You're messing up my life.

Matt: I'm sorry, man. But as far as I can see, your life is pretty perfect. Your friends are great, your parents are great, even your grandmother is cool. Man, I've never had anything like that before. And I thought -- you know, with us being friends -- you might want to share some love. But I guess not.

Casey: It's not like that.

Matt: If you want me to leave, I will.

Casey: No, I donít.

Matt: Are you sure? Are we cool?

Casey: Yeah.

Matt: Thank you, man. You had me worried there.

Sofie: I saw you had visitors. I didn't want to bother you.

Paul: Well, I don't think you need to worry about Meg coming back anytime soon.

Sofie: Last time we were here, you asked about the hearing. I just thought I would tell you how it went.

Paul: Right, that was today. How'd it go?

[Sofie crying]

Jack: Carly and I have been working a new angle in Samís murder case. Parker may have shot Sam, but he didn't fire the second shot that killed Sam.

Margo: And you know who did?

Carly: We recorded Kit this afternoon. She didn't know that Henry was wearing a wire.

Margo: Oh, great. Going by the rules, I see.

[Tape playing]

Henry: Well, she did mention something about owing you big time.

Kit: Wouldn't have done what I did, if it weren't for her.

Margo: What the hell was that?

Jack: What, you want to hear it again?

Margo: No, I heard it the first time.

Carly: And?

Margo: And there's absolutely nothing incriminating. You are too close to the case, Jack, otherwise you would know that.

Jack: Okay, right, she didn't say she killed Sam. But she definitely said she did something she regretted. That's enough to at least open an investigation, Margo.

Margo: That is hardly enough for probable cause to authorize a wiretap, which I did not do, by the way.

Carly: We couldn't wait for authorization, Margo. Kit is threatening to leave town.

Margo: You used police equipment, you went behind my back, possibly compromising the entire investigation -- you shouldn't be anywhere near this, Jack.

Jack: He's my son, Margo. I have to be.

Margo: Do you think I don't want to help Parker? You are a detective. And your son is a suspect. There is no way you should be anywhere near this investigation.

Jack: Well, in that case, I quit.

[Margo sighs]

Will: You're not going to be dating until you're 40-years-old. Isn't that right? Yes, it is. Hey, you okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I keep -- I don't know, I keep thinking about what Sofie said in court. That that little girl is the only family she has.

Will: I know, it's sad. But the judge's job wasn't to decide what's best for Sofie. His job was to decide what's best for Hallie. And that's us.

Gwen: I know, but its one thing if you adopt a baby from -- hi -- from a mother who doesn't want her. But it's another thing with Sofie. Sofie wants her baby. How can we take Hallie away from her?

Sofie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I made it through the hearing without breaking down. I didn't want to lose it in front of anyone.

Paul: You don't need to be sorry. And you can lose it here. I have crying fits -- I have tantrums like every 15 minutes. You should see the nurses. They really -- they appreciate it.

Sofie: Don't make me laugh.

Paul: That's okay. Laughing's okay here, too.

Chris: Have you seen the young lady I was with before -- Sofie Duran?

Nurse #1: Sorry, I just got on shift. Would you like me to page her for you?

Chris: Uh, no thanks. Guess she got tired of waiting around and went home.

[Vienna laughing]

Vienna: I've had such a lovely time. You're a perfect gentleman.

Gray: Well, give me a chance, I was just getting started.

Vienna: Well, it's a shame this has to be our last encounter. I was growing fond of you.

Gray: Let me do this for you.

Vienna: No. No! I'm a big girl. What's wrong with this card?

[Vienna laughing]

Meg: Thanks.

Parker: You sure Paul's going to be okay?

Meg: Are you asking me as a nurse?

Parker: You know what I'm asking.

Meg: I think Paul is going to recover physically. Otherwise, I don't know.

Parker: What about you? Are you okay?

Meg: Well, I'm kind of stumped there, too. There's one thing I do know. You're gonna be okay. You know, you've got too many people pulling for you not to be.

Jack: I did what I had to do. It was Margo who refused the evidence. If she was the one who okayed the wiretap on Henry, Kit would be in booking by now.

Carly: I know. But did you have to quit the force, Jack? It's everything to you.

Jack: I'd give it up in a second to save Parker. Wouldn't you?

Carly: Of course.

Jack: So it's a no-brainer.

Carly: Jack, we are going to save Parker, aren't we? You and I, we'll come up with a way to do it, right?

Jack: There's not a doubt in my mind.

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Will: We need to start setting limits. She's caused enough trouble for us, and I'm not going to let her mess up our lives anymore.

Vienna: Oh, Henry -- I can explain.

Henry: I don't want to hear it.

Brad: Cause that's what we are, right? Friends?

Noah: My father wants me to visit him.

Luke: Look out!

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