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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/22/08

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Holden: Ethan asleep?

Lily: He went right down.

Holden: Good. Do you hear that?

Lily: What?

Holden: It's quiet.

Lily: Ah, I'd forgotten what it's like. This farm can be very peaceful.

Holden: As long as Ethan stays asleep.

Lily: Yep. Why don't we finish this in the morning?

Holden: Better yet, why don't we make the boys do it?

Lily: Ah, Luke and Noah. Where are those boys tonight?

Holden: I think they had late classes.

Lily: Hmm. Probably do something afterwards, right?

Holden: Yeah. They probably won't be back 'til, I don't know, 10:00 or so.

Lily: Hmm. It's been a very long time since we've had an empty house all to ourselves. Well, almost empty. So -- what should we do?

Holden: How about this?

Luke: Noah, great news. Walter's canceled the quiz for tomorrow.

Noah: All right! More time for us.

[Knock on the door]

Vienna: I'll get it, Henry.

Henry: I'll be out in a minute.

Vienna: Hello.

Bellhop: Ms. Hyatt? A message for you.

Vienna: Thank you. "The diamonds are just the beginning -- meet me for a drink downstairs. Gray."

[Vienna hides the diamonds and the letter under her pillow]

Henry: Who was at the door?

Vienna: No one -- just the maid.

Brad: Thank you for your help, Ladies. The dress is beautiful.

Katie: Brad -- giving up public nudity, taking up cross-dressing?

Brad: Oh, that's so funny.

Katie: You would be a cute girl, actually. Husky, but cute.

Brad: The dress isn't for me. It's for Bonnie.

Katie: I didn't think you two were that close.

Brad: Well, you know, it's a long story. We were at Al's --

Katie: You know what, if you don't mind, I'm not really interested.

Brad: Oh.

Katie: And I have work to do.

Brad: We're all caught up at the office.

Katie: No, lots of work to do.

Brad: Well, don't you want to hear about me and Bonnie?

Henry: I got to run by the diner, take care of a few things before we hand it over to Gray Gerard. Will you come with me?

Vienna: No, I can't face it. I'll wait for you here. I might take a nap.

Henry: Okay. Okay. I won't be long.

[Henry leaves and Vienna leaves after he does]

Cowboy Jack: You sure Kit's asleep?

Jack: Sorry.

Carly: Yes. Yeah, I gave her a couple of sleeping pills.

Jack: I hope you didn't give her too many. We don't want her to miss Cowboy Jack's big performance.

Carly: No, no, no. She'll wake up. She'll be groggy, but she'll wake up.

Jack: Oh, good. Just the way we like her. Okay, you got your video camera?

Carly: Yes, check.

Jack: And you make sure you cut the circuit breaker?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: Okay. Well, Cowboy Jack, you ready to be the star of your first ghost story?

Brad: Where's the fire?

Katie: I have to run through my -- pre-tape, day-before-taping checklist.

Brad: That's your excuse?

Katie: Yes.

Brad: Show me. Let me see. Come on.

Katie: It's a mental checklist.

Brad: Yeah, it's mental all right.

Katie: What did you say?

Brad: Nothing. Nothing. Can I help you with your imaginary list?

Katie: It's not imaginary.

Brad: You're just trying to avoid me.

Katie: Well, yeah, there's that.

Brad: You're just mad at me because I bought that present for Bonnie. There's a good explanation. We were at Al's and --

Katie: How many times do I have to tell you? I do not want the intimate details of your fling with Bonnie, okay?

Brad: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Katie: Oh, you are so immature.

Brad: You are so jealous.

Cowboy Jack: Sam, is that you? Where you been, Amigo? I sure have missed you, Buckaroo. It sure has been mighty lonely 'round here without you, Sam.

Kit: Who's there? Sam? Sam baby, is that you?

Luke: You ever find that letter from your father?

Noah: No, it's gone. Can we not talk about my father? I'm taking too many credits.

Luke: No more than I am.

Noah: We're either in class or we're studying. I mean, it's intense.

Luke: You know, that's a good thing, Noah. It keeps us out of trouble. Don't you want to graduate before you're old?

Noah: I'd like to have a life at some point -- maybe with you.

Luke: Well, uh, that's what weekends are for.

Noah: Not if we're studying.

Luke: Yeah. Oh, man. I left my psych book at the library. I got to go get it. I'll meet you back at the farm? 10 bucks says I get there before you do.

Noah: We'll see. Hi. Can I help you?

Ameera: I'm sorry. I beg your pardon.

[Holden and Lily make love]

Holden: What? What is it?

Gray: I figured you'd come.

Vienna: Really?

Gray: Well, I knew you'd want to show off those diamonds.

Vienna: Yes, they are very beautiful.

Gray: They are almost as beautiful as the woman wearing them.

Vienna: Well, that's kind of you. I just came down here to tell you that I cannot accept your invitation for a drink.

Gray: And yet you're here.

Vienna: Yes, I wanted to tell you personally.

Gray: Well, at least I got to see you again.

Vienna: I do love diamonds. But I love Henry more and I cannot see another man. It's impossible.

Gray: The necklace was a gift. No strings, remember?

Vienna: Yes. It takes a very secure and very powerful man to do such a grand gesture.

Gray: And it takes a sophisticated woman to appreciate them.

Vienna: I do and I always will.

Gray: I knew you would.

Vienna: Thank you. I, um -- I should be getting back to Henry.

Gray: I've never enjoyed being rejected so much in my life. But before you go, answer one question. What is it that you love so much about Henry Coleman?

Katie: I am not jealous.

Brad: Are so.

Katie: Are not.

Brad: Are so.

Katie: Are not!

Brad: Admit it.

Katie: Stop that!

Brad: Admit it. You hate seeing me going out with Bonnie.

Katie: Is that why you're buying her presents, to make me jealous?

Brad: No. I will tell you, if you want to know.

Katie: Don't bother.

Brad: Fine. Whatever. I like Bonnie, but I would give her up like -- [Snaps fingers] --that if I had a chance with you. You will always be my first choice. All you have to do, is say the word.

Kit: Sam? Is that you, Baby? Sam? Oh. No, this can't be happening. Oh, wake up, Girl, you're dreaming. Sam's dead.

Cowboy Jack: Ooh, is that you, Kit? [Chuckles] You scared now, ain't ya? You took Sam away from me. And I ain't never gonna let you forget it. Why'd you do it, Kit? Why?

Kit: Carly? If you're playing some kind of trick on me, I swear --

[Chuckles evilly]

Cowboy Jack: You know what you did to Sam. Admit it!

Kit: Cowboy Jack? This can't be. I saw -- no, Sam's dead. He's dead. I must be dreaming! I must be dreaming.

Cowboy Jack: This ain't no dream! I'll never forget what you did. The way you hurt Sam.

Kit: No, no! Sam hurt me! I loved him! I would've stayed with him forever, but he was gonna ditch me for Carly!

Cowboy Jack: Oh, you've got that right! He was gonna leave you in the dirt. And that made you mad. Real mad. Didn't it?

[Kit crying]

Noah: Whoa, it's really quiet. Where is everybody?

Luke: I don't know. Except for my mom and dad. They're upstairs and the door is closed. You think that's a good sign?

Noah: Uh, yeah.

[Knock on the door]

Luke: There goes the peace and quiet.

Noah: Hmm.

Luke: Hi.

Noah: You were at Java. Right? What are you doing here?

Ameera: I have to talk to you. May I come in?

Holden: Lily, are you okay? Look at me.

Lily: I can't do this. It doesn't change how I feel. I love you. But --

Holden: What is it?

Lily: I just need more time. That's all.

Holden: Just be honest with me, tell me what's wrong.

Lily: You holding me -- just now, it felt so right, but then I thought about --

Holden: About what? About Dusty?

Ameera: I'm sorry I followed you like this, Noah. But I have to speak to you.

Noah: How do you know my name?

Ameera: I knew your father in Iraq. My name is Ameera Ali Aziz. I tried to speak to you before, but I was afraid.

Noah: You were afraid of me?

Ameera: No, not you. It's just there's so many people here. In Iraq, when there's a crowd, sometimes there is a bomb.

Luke: Oh, well, we don't really have to worry about that much here.

Ameera: I was always afraid.

Noah: How do you know my father?

Ameera: When he was stationed in Iraq, he knew my mother -- you understand?

Noah: What, like, like they worked together?

Ameera: Noah -- your father loved my mother. Colonel Mayer protected us. He was like a father to me. Now my mother is dead. And I am afraid for my life. Can you help me?

Vienna: I love the way Henry moves. I love his hands and the way he uses them. He knows how to talk, he always has something to say, which is very sexy. He's a wonderful lover who loves me for me. He's totally free, yet completely committed. He has a kind and caring heart. Do you want to hear more because I can continue?

Gray: No. I get the picture. Henry's a great guy.

Vienna: Mm-hmm.

Gray: But so am I. And the thing is, I have more money than I could possibly ever spend by myself. Which is why I would love to spend it on you. And give you everything you ever dreamed of.

Vienna: I'm sorry Gray, but I'm just not a very materialistic person.

Katie: Okay, now I know how you feel.

Brad: Just for the record, do you want to be with me, or not?

Katie: Haven't we talked about this before? You need to get a life.

Brad: I'm trying, but you're always there to stop me.

Katie: Not true.

Brad: Okay. Okay, what about that supermodel that we had on the show, that was coming on to me?

Katie: I don't remember.

Brad: Mia. The blonde. You know, legs up to here, and the hair down to, you know, you told her we were trying make a baby together and all of a sudden Mia was M.I.A.

Katie: Yeah, what's your point?

Brad: You didn't want me with Mia, just like you don't want me with Bonnie.

Katie: I never said that!

Brad: You don't have to. You get mad every time I get together with her.

Katie: I do not!

Brad: Okay, will you just, please -- just please, please give me a straight answer. Either we have a chance together, or we donít. Come on, Katie. Do we or don't we?

Katie: We donít. How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not going to date Jack's brother. I can't!

Brad: Okay. Okay, then you wouldn't mind if I go out with Bonnie?

Katie: Why would I mind?

Brad: That's not exactly answering the question.

Katie: No! I don't mind. You're a free agent. Knock yourself out.

Brad: Good. I mean, yeah. I'm glad we got that straight. You know, so, I'll give her a call right now. Okay. Hey, Bonnie. It's Brad. What's going on?

Brad: Glad you were free. I got you something. It's for all the help. I really appreciated it.

Bonnie: Wow. So, tell me, how is this Katie jealousy project going for you?

Brad: It's over.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. I guess.

Brad: Open it. It's to replace the dress that got ruined at Al's.

Bonnie: Brad, it's not your fault. It was Vienna.

Brad: No, I put you in harm's way. My fault.

Bonnie: It's true.

Brad: Daytime dates don't do it for us. Maybe we'd have better luck at night.

Bonnie: Yeah, maybe. What is it?

Brad: I don't believe it. Vienna's having champagne with another guy. [Giggling] So, what do you think? Should I blow the whistle on her?

Bonnie: Okay, okay, you know? Whatever's going over there, is Henry and Vienna's business, not ours.

Brad: Yeah, I mean, maybe it's not what it seems. Yeah, maybe they're just waiting for Henry.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Brad: Maybe not. Okay. All right. Hey, open it. Come on.

Bonnie: Okay. Drum roll, please. [Brad mocks drum roll] What is it? What is it? Oh my gosh. Brad!

Brad: You like it?

Bonnie: It's beautiful!

Brad: Oh, great.

Bonnie: Thank you so much! Thank you.

Katie: Hey.

Henry: Hey.

Katie: You look about as bad as I feel -- or worse.

Henry: Thank you. I needed someone to tell me that.

Katie: Well, you know, that's what friends do for each other. So -- trouble with Vienna?

Henry: Of course not. I'm surprised you would come to that conclusion. Is there something I should know about?

Katie: No, no. It's just where my head is, I guess. I just assume people's problems stem from their love life, or lack thereof.

Henry: I thought you enjoyed being single. Learning the independence and self-reliance and freedom from couple hood.

Katie: Who? Me?

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: Do I look happy?

Henry: You look like you're at the dentist.

Katie: That would probably be less painful.

Henry: Well, look at the bright side, you still got a job. When I lost this place, I didn't just lose my livelihood, I lost our safe haven. You know, it's gone. It's gone.

Katie: Henry, you'll find something else. You always do. The important thing is that you and Vienna have each other.

Henry: Yeah, that's true. Yeah.

Bonnie: Hello? Earth to Brad.

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I have to call Henry. I mean, I would want to know if someone making the moves on my woman.

Bonnie: Okay, okay. Trust me, Brad, Vienna is the one putting the moves on here.

Brad: Well, maybe her judgment is not so great after being plied with champagne. I know you two hate each other, but Vienna is my friend. And she's happy with Henry. I don't want her to ruin her life.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: Yeah, Brad, what do you want?

Brad: I'm trying to save your happy home. You need to get your butt down to the Lakeview right now. Because Vienna is being hit on by the big bad wolf.

Henry: I'll be right there. Hey, there's a Vienna emergency. I got to go. Can you close up? Thanks.

Cowboy Jack: Go on, cry your eyes out! [Kit crying] It ain't gonna bring Sam back.

Kit: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Sam lied to me! He lied!

Cowboy Jack: Mm-hmm. Is that why you did it, Kit?

Kit: Did what?

Cowboy Jack: Come on. You gotta confess to Cowboy Jack. Or I swear I'll never let you sleep again.

Kit: Oh, God. You're right. I know I -- I -- [Cell phone rings] what the hell?

Kit: Carly?

Cowboy Jack: Probably Sam calling. He probably wants to talk to you, Kit.

Kit: No. This can't be. This is some kind of trick.

Carly: Kit? Why are you talking to yourself in the dark?

Katie: Jack, its Katie. I'm sorry I missed you. I was just calling to see how Parker's doing. See if there's any new developments in the case. I guess you're probably at work. I guess I should probably be getting to work. Um, I really just wanted to check in on you. Okay. Bye. Oh, nice, Katie. That was really dumb.

Noah: I'm sorry, Ameera, it's just -- this is the first I'm hearing of any of this.

Ameera: I understand. Of course he would not speak of us to his American family.

Noah: Did my father hurt you or your mother in some way?

Ameera: No. He was so good to us. He saved our lives. I loved your father, Noah. He was so kind. Even after he left Iraq, he sent my mother money so we could buy what we needed. But one day, it stopped.

Luke: Well, you must have some family in Iraq.

Ameera: Yes. I have family. But my mother was an outcast because she loved an American soldier. Her family wanted nothing to do with us. My father's family hated us, too. We managed to survive for a few weeks, but then my mother got very sick, and she died.

Noah: What did you do after she was gone?

Ameera: I was also an outcast.

Noah: But you were just a kid.

Ameera: These things work differently in Iraq. We are responsible for our parent's actions. My mother was with an American. For some people in my country, that justifies killing. I feared for my life. So I left Iraq and I came here.

Lily: I can't pretend that Dusty meant nothing to me.

Holden: I can understand that.

Lily: But I don't think that you really understood why I went to Dusty in the first place. You shut me out. You blamed me for what happened with Luke, and Dusty was -- he was there. And you were spending time with Bonnie.

Holden: Yeah, but weren't serious. Not like you and Dusty.

Lily: I can't pretend that I wasn't with him.

Holden: So where do we go from here?

Lily: If we're going to rebuild our marriage, then we have to start with building our trust.

Holden: I thought that's what we were doing.

Lily: We are doing that. But we have to take time. We have to move forward, but we can't forget the past.

Holden: So how do we get through this?

Noah: Well, Ameera, what are you going to do now?

Ameera: Noah, I'm afraid. I don't know what to do, where to go -- I have no friends. I don't know where else to turn.

Noah: Ameera -- I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, but how do I know any of this is true?

Luke: What's that?

Noah: It's a photo of Ameera -- with my father.

Ameera: That picture is all that I have left of him.

Luke: Um, Ameera, will you excuse us for a minute?

[Vienna giggling]

Brad: That's it. I'm putting a stop to this right now.

Bonnie: Let me handle this, Brad. Open for business again, I see, Vienna? That is so nice. Gosh, every city needs its own euro-trash wanna-be jet-set bimbo!

Gray: Would you like me to make her leave?

Vienna: No, that would be my pleasure.

Bonnie: Oh, Honey, I'd like to see you try.

Vienna: I see you're stealing men from better women -- again.

Bonnie: And I see that you're still a messy drunk.

[Bonnie laughing]

Brad: Okay. Come on. Come on. [Both girls screaming] Come on, break it up. Break it up.

[Henry punches Gray]

Vienna: Henry, no!

Carly: Kit. It's okay, really. You just -- you must have had a bad dream, that's all.

Kit: No, Cowboy Jack was here. He was in this room. I saw him right there!

Carly: Okay, listen to me, there is nobody here. Maybe you were sleepwalking?

Kit: I never done that before in my life.

Carly: Oh, Kit, this is because you're all stressed out, you know. You need to relax. It's all right. Come on, let's go get you a cup of tea. Okay?

Jack: Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!

Jack: Katie, what's going on? You call me?

Katie: Oh, yeah. I was just thinking about Parker. How's he doing?

Jack: That's it?

Katie: Yeah. I'm worried about you guys. What? What's wrong?

Jack: Well, I was close to clearing him, and then it all just fell apart.

Katie: Oh, what happened?

Jack: You called me. Mmmm... what are you eating?

Luke: So, what's your take on Ameera?

Noah: She seems like a really nice person.

Luke: And you think she's really in trouble?

Noah: Yeah. I do.

Luke: So do I. Do you think your father really loved her mother?

Noah: I never really knew that side of him. I mean, it's possible. I always figured him for more of a loner.

Luke: And he had this whole secret life.

Noah: I know. It's weird.

Luke: Well, we can't throw her out into the street.

Noah: No, we canít. But what are we supposed to do?

Luke: I'll ask my parents if it's okay if she stays here tonight.

Noah: Are you sure?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah. Come on.

Noah: Ameera?

Ameera: I apologize for causing so much trouble to you.

Noah: No, it's okay. Luke's going to ask his parents if it's okay if you stay here until we figure out what to do. If that's okay with you?

Ameera: I've been so afraid. Thank you for helping me.

Luke: I'll go get my parents.

Lily: You know I don't have any easy answers. And I know how hurt and upset you were that I was with Dusty, and I just brought up all those feelings -- again. Look, I think we need to take some time, and learn to be with each other again.

Holden: Sounds like -- sounds like you want to be friends.

Lily: Friends? That's not such a bad thing. Is it? The fun, the trust -- we can build on that, hopefully the rest will follow.

[Knock on the door]

Holden: Come in.

Luke: Hi, I'm sorry. I hate to interrupt, but we have a problem.

Gray: Okay, Henry. You took your shot. Fair enough. But there was no harm done.

Henry: What are you plying her with booze so you could have your way with her?

Gray: Vienna was having a good time. Just having a drink with a friend, that's all. I hope I'll see you again.

Vienna: Henry, I can explain.

Henry: Honey, not here. Not here.

Vienna: I can explain.

Brad: Well that was most exciting disaster-date we've had to date. Huh?


Bonnie: Gosh, Brad, you sure do know how to show a girl a disturb-the-peace kind of time.

Brad: Well, I like a woman who knows how to handle herself in a barroom brawl. Would you like to finally have that drink?

Bonnie: You know what? How about a round of shots?

Brad: You're on!

Henry: You publicly humiliated me.

Vienna: No, Darling --

Henry: No, no, no. I get a mayday from Brad. I show up and you and gray are practically singing the drinking song from "La Traviata!"

Vienna: No, but I was telling him that he doesn't stand a chance against you.

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: It was maybe a glass or two, three of champagne. It meant nothing.

Henry: Really? It meant nothing? What about the diamonds, Vienna? What do they mean?

Vienna: It was a gift, there's no strings attached.

Henry: Strings? There's always strings attached with guys like that.

Vienna: No. What could I do? What could I do? It was -- offers -- it's rude not to accept it.

Henry: He wants to more! And he will keep giving you gifts until he gets it!

Vienna: No, it won't happen. Guys like gray is a dime a dozen. There is only one Henry Coleman for me. There is only one man I love.

Henry: I don't think so.

Vienna: Only you. Oh, come on.

Henry: No.

Vienna: Only you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Carly: So you saw Cowboy Jack. And he was talked to you? What did he say?

Kit: All kinds of bull.

Carly: Oh, Kit. Well, something he said obviously upset you. I think you should talk about it. That's what I do when I have a bad dream. You gotta let it out.

Kit: This place is full of too many bad memories. All that time I spent here with Sam. It's creeping me out. I'm gotta get out of Oakdale in the morning. Just leave this mess behind me.

Jack: Oh, thank you. I tried to get Kit to confess. I thought at the very least it would get the charges against Parker reduced. I don't know, but I couldn't get her to cop to shooting Sam.

Katie: Because I called?

Jack: It's -- it's not your fault.

Katie: Oh, I'm so sorry. Why don't you -- can you try again?

Jack: I might not get the chance. Kit's probably leaving town soon.

Katie: I'm so -- what can I do? Can I do anything to help? Tell me.

Jack: Thank you, but Carly and I have it covered. You know, maybe once this is all over --

Katie: Jack, it's late. You should get back to Carly. Parker is gonna need you, and you're gonna have your hands full.

Noah: Ameera. That's a pretty name. What's it mean?

Ameera: It means princess.

Noah: Really? That's nice.

Ameera: Thank you. Noah, the other boy? Luke? He doesn't look like your brother. Is he your cousin?

Luke: My parents will be right down.

Noah: Luke's my friend. My special friend.

Vienna: Yes.

Gray: This is ridiculous. I don't want this diner, but for some reason you do.

Vienna: For Henry and me, it was our dream.

Gray: Well, I think it's crazy for a woman like you to work anywhere. Much less be slaving away in a joint like this.

Vienna: Well, it's difficult for someone from the outside to understand. But Henry and I see things differently than other people.

Gray: Well, since you're crazy enough to want it, I give you back the diner. Did you hear me, Vienna? Al's is all yours.

Vienna: That's very sweet of you, Gray, but I don't think it's going to work for us. Thanks anyway.

Bonnie: All right. Come on. Here you go. Vodka on the rocks.

Brad: You're dangerous.

Bonnie: You chicken?

Brad: That'll be the day. Ready?

Bonnie: Bombs away!

[Both wince and giggle]

Katie: Hey, Guys. Having fun?

Bonnie: Hey, Katie.

Brad: What's going on, Katie?

Katie: I thought I might get a drink.

Brad: You want to join us?

Katie: No thanks. On second thought, I'm pretty tired. I think I'm just going to go up to my room. You guys have a good time.

Bonnie: Don't worry, we will. Have a good night.

Brad: Night, Katie.

Katie: Good night, Brad.

Carly: I think she was about to confess when your phone rang! Who was that?

Jack: It was Katie. She was calling to check up on Parker.

Carly: Perfect timing.

Jack: Hey, it wasn't her fault. She didn't know what we were doing. I should have turned my damn phone off.

Carly: Yeah, still -- we have to start all over.

Jack: Can't use the stupid dummy anymore.

Carly: Worse than that -- Kit's leaving in the morning. What are we gonna do?

Jack: We got to buy ourselves some time. Maybe we can get Parker's hearing postponed.

Carly: What about kit?

Jack: Hey, she's definitely hiding something. Yeah, she was obviously acting a little guilty there, right? And she was angry that Sam was putting the moves on you.

Carly: What if we don't get any proof, jack?

Jack: No.

Carly: That she fired that shot that killed Sam.

Jack: No, no, no. We can't afford any doubts right now. Parker's life depends on us. And we can do this. We have to. Okay?

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