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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/7/08

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Luke: Hey, well, I guess your film editing class gives you a pretty big appetite, huh? What? The banana split I made for you wasn't big enough?

Noah: No, it was great. I just had to miss lunch because I was studying. And that sugar fix was good, but no substitute for four different kinds of meat.

Luke: Well, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were -- something.

Noah: Oh, get out. That psych class is going to your head.

Luke: My professor, Dr. Freudiham, would say that your increased appetite was due to acute oral fixation.

Noah: So, what you're saying, that this is all about sex?

Luke: No, I didn't say that. You said that. It must be on your mind.

Noah: It is. All the time, actually. How about you?

[Knock on the door]

Craig: Meg, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Meg: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Don't tell me. You decided you liked being Meg Montgomery, after all.

Meg: Not in this lifetime.

Craig: Well, last time I saw you, you said you didn't want to be in the same room with me, yet here we are. So things are looking up.

Meg: This is about the corporation.

Craig: I'm just getting the paperwork together for the meeting.

Meg: The meeting's been cancelled.

Craig: We'll reschedule.

Meg: That won't be necessary.

Craig: Because --

Meg: You're no longer CEO.

Paul: Hey.

Emily: Hi.

Paul: What's going on?

Emily: What?

Paul: Is there a break in Dusty’s murder case?

Emily: Uh, there might be.

Paul: Well?

Emily: Well, what? The details are sketchy.

Paul: And we're working together on this, right? You can tell me what you know.

Emily: Okay, fine. I -- I got a call from the Intruder. There's a situation at Memorial. Apparently, Dusty’s killer has taken Lily and Lucinda hostage.

Holden: Lily said no cops.

Margo: Holden, you ran out of there. What was I supposed to think? What is going on here, Holden? Do you want me to send my cops in to investigate?

Holden: All right, fine. I was making arrangements for Lily and Lucinda to leave town. I wanted to get Lily out of harm's way. Lily agreed, I left her for five minutes and then she disappeared.

Margo: I gathered that much at the station.

Holden: That's when I got a call from Lily saying she needed $10 million in unmarked bills delivered here. I think some crazy person is in here holding them hostage.

Margo: Do we have any idea who that crazy person might be?

Evan: It's a combination of chemicals. Depending on the dosage, it can bring on a stroke, or massive cardiac arrest. One shot and you're dead. And in case you're wondering, I have enough to kill both of you and still have some left over for Holden.

Lily: You won't get away with this.

Evan: Mrs. Walsh, I suggest you get that private jet of yours fueled and ready for take off. Now.

Lucinda: Give it up, Evan. Just give it up. The police are here. I bet you they have the building surrounded. You don't stand a chance.

Paul: You must be relieved not to be one of Margo's suspects anymore.

Emily: Yeah, well, you can say that.

Paul: And Chris, too, I guess. Unless he was in on it with the killer.

Emily: Chris is ambitious. I know that the research projects were a way of earning his father's respect. That's all. I know now that he could never harm his own father.

Paul: Dusty's dead and Chris is history. Not exactly a fairytale ending, is it?

Emily: And you don't get to be Meg's knight in shining armor not that Holden's off the hook. So much for fairytales.

Meg: I have made up my mind, Craig. I've decided not to sign the company over to you after all.

Craig: Is this some kind of sick joke? Wasn't leaving me punishment enough?

Meg: I have my reasons, Craig, and you know exactly what they were.

Craig: And now you're going to take from me the last thing that I care about?

Meg: A company that you stole from someone in the first place.

Craig: That I then gave to you. Montgomery Enterprises, you were so excited about doing good in the world with that. That's why I spearheaded memo 21. Evan Walsh’s medical research is going to save countless lives. It's going to make you millions of dollars that you can spread all over the world. I mean, wasn't that your dream, Meg?

Meg: Losing a baby has a way of changing your dreams. I'm giving Montgomery Enterprises back to the rightful owner --

Craig: No, don't --

Meg: Lucinda.

Lucinda: Evan, you'll never get away with this.

Evan: Oh, I think I will.

Lucinda: No, you can't go around killing people and expect to get off scot-free? Really -- I'm amazed, I would have thought you were much smarter than that --

Evan: I am smart, and I'm not a killer. I never wanted to hurt anybody.

Lucinda: And all those dead bodies -- were they -- were they just a mirage?

Evan: No, I didn't want it to come to that. But some people kept getting in the way. People like Bob Hughes and Dusty Donovan who were too dense to understand the meaning of my mission.

Lucinda: Anyone who gets in the way of Evan -- Evan Walsh, bang, bang, bang, you're dead.

Evan: Not funny.

Lily: Don't bait him, please, Mother.

Lucinda: Look, come on, this is between you and me. Lily has nothing to do with it. Why don't you let Lily go?

Evan: No, not a chance. I didn't come this far to be stopped now.

Holden: You have the money! Check it out!

Evan: How do I know this isn't a set up? You brought the cops, didn't you?

Holden: That was a mistake. Just let Lily and Lucinda go. We won't stop you.

Evan: No, no, not a chance in hell. I want safe transportation out of Memorial and then out of the country. Then maybe I'll consider setting them free.

Holden: Your demands have been met. Let them go!

Margo: Holden, who are we talking to?

Lucinda: Evan Walsh -- he's admitted to the murders! He's the killer you've been looking for!

Margo: Chris's partner in the research project?

Lucinda: Yes, that's the one!

Margo: Evan Walsh, it is police policy not to negotiate with hostage-takers.

Evan: Yeah, well, that's too bad, because if I don't get that jet soon, you're going to have two more bodies on your hands.

Holden: Margo, you heard what he said. If we don't cooperate, he will kill them.

Margo: We have ways of talking down hostage takers. Meeting their demands is not one of them.

Holden: For God's sake, how would you feel if it were Tom, Adam, or Casey in there? Would you care about procedure? We need to figure out a way to get them out of there.

Evan: I'm waiting, Lucinda and I'm running out of patience!

Lucinda: Wait a moment, what -- even -- even if I could get you the jet, do you really think that they're going to let you fly out of the country?

Evan: Well, they'd better, or you're dead.

Lucinda: Well, whether or not you kill us, do you think that you're going to get very far?

Evan: As long as I'm far enough away to do my research without interference.

Lucinda: You are kidding yourself big time, Evan.

Lily: I want you to listen to my mother. She knows what she's talking about.

Evan: Like hell she does!

Chris: What's going on?

Holden: My wife and Lucinda are being held by some madman, and Margo is refusing to negotiate.

Margo: All right, all right, just relax. Evan Walsh is holding Lucinda and Lily hostage, threatening to kill them with the same poison he used on Bob and Donovan.

Chris: No, Evan Walsh, that can't be --

Holden: No, I'm afraid it is.

Chris: He can't be a killer.

Margo: Evidently, the plan was that Evan was going to poison your father, causing him to have a stroke, knowing that you would be the interim chief of staff, knowing that you'd push his project through. Then he killed Donovan because Donovan was about to expose the truth.

Holden: Now he has Lily and Lucinda, and he's threatening to kill them, too!

Chris: He -- he -- poisoned my dad to get his damn research project off the ground?

Margo: Obviously, that was the plan, yes.

Holden: You had no idea what Evan was doing?

Chris: If I had known what Evan had done to my father, don't you think I would have turned him in?

Margo: I would hope so.

Holden: All right, can we just -- can we drop this? Can we try and focus on figuring out a way to get Lily and Lucinda out of there?

Chris: You know what, Holden is right. What can I do?

Margo: Chris, you know Evan Walsh better than anyone in this hospital. Would you go in and talk to him? Would you try and talk him down?

Chris: I'll do my best.

Craig: You cannot just hand Montgomery Enterprises to Lucinda and then walk away.

Meg: Well, after tomorrow, the corporation will be hers.

Craig: I know I haven't been a perfect husband. I know I have done things to hurt you that I regret.

Meg: Yeah, you think?

Craig: But my love for you is real, and you can't do this. I don't deserve it. You can't let Lucinda win.

Meg: It's not a question about winning and losing, Craig. It's a question about right and wrong. You tricked Lily into signing the company over to you when she was vulnerable, and Lily is family. I owe it to her and to Lucinda to do the right thing.

Craig: Why the sudden change of heart?

Meg: Well, that's simple. Dusty's murder.

Craig: What does Dusty's murder have to do with Montgomery Enterprises?

Meg: A lot. I know Holden didn't do it. As upset and angry as he was at Dusty, he's not a killer. But you are.

Craig: Excuse me?

Meg: You tried to kill my unborn child, didn't you? So what would stop you from trying to kill Dusty or putting Bob Hughes in a coma just so you can get your precious research project off the ground?

Craig: Where is this coming from?

Meg: Oh, come on, Craig. We both know its common knowledge how ruthless you could be, especially when it comes to people who cross you.

Craig: I admit I wanted Dusty dead, but I didn't do it.

Meg: I've seen you in action. I wouldn't put it past you.

Craig: Yeah, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Meg: Like I said, Craig, I am trying to do the right thing.

Craig: Oh, yeah? Lucinda put you up to this, didn't she, no?

Meg: No, actually I went to her.

Craig: Oh, she must have been thrilled.

Meg: Yes, she was.

Craig: So, if it wasn't Lucinda -- I can be so dense. No, it was Paul, wasn't it?

Emily: Well, it seems to me that you talked Meg into giving Montgomery Enterprises back to Lucinda for all the wrong reasons, since Craig is obviously innocent.

Paul: Craig is a lot of things, none of them innocent.

Emily: Okay, well, that may be the case, but you have to admit it was a stretch, really, to implicate Craig for Dusty's murder just because he financed Evan Walsh’s research project?

Paul: I still think that Craig has a hand in it somehow.

Emily: Well, if you ask me, he's going to use your accusations to prove to Meg how far you're willing to go to win her back.

Paul: Meg is smart. She's too smart to go back to a guy who caused her so much pain.

Emily: She could say the same thing about you, Paul. I mean, her marriage to Craig was hell, right? But her love affair with you was no joy ride.

Paul: I love Meg in a way that you'll never comprehend. I'm not letting her go, not now, not ever. Meg will come back to me.

Craig: So you're listening to Paul now? This has "Ulterior motive" written all over it, and you're going to believe him?

Meg: I believe I am making the right decision. It's right for me, and its right for Lucinda.

Craig: Don't you see what Paul is doing? He's trying to make me look guilty to get closer to you.

Meg: What do I have to do to make this clear to you? I do not want to be with Paul, and I certainly do not want to be with you. What I do want is to get my life back, and I can't do that if I am trapped in this unending war between the two of you.

Craig: Paul has no right to tell you what to do with Montgomery Enterprises.

Meg: I've made my decision. As of tomorrow, the company will be Lucinda's, and it will be Worldwide again. And Montgomery Enterprises and this whole year will be one bad memory.

Craig: Meg -- Meg, please don't do this. You are making a terrible mistake. Please reconsider before it's too late.

Chris: Evan, it's Chris Hughes. I want to talk to you.

Evan: Not unless you call off the cops!

Chris: The cops won't be a problem, okay? Just let me in.

Evan: How do I know I can trust you?!

Chris: We're partners, remember? I want to help you.

Lucinda: Hey! It's about time.

Evan: Chris is my friend.

Chris: That's right. And as your friend, I'm telling you not to do this.

Evan: I thought you wanted to help?

Chris: I do, but not like this, okay? Just -- just let Lily and Lucinda go. I'll do everything I can to see that the authorities go easy on you, especially if you don't hurt the ladies, okay?

Evan: You, of all people, should understand. This research project was your dream, too!

Chris: It was. And I'm sorry to see it go, but this will never work.

Evan: Oh, it has to work. If I can't do my research project here, I'll take it somewhere else. I mean, $10 million is more than enough to set up a private lab somewhere where no one will find me. I thought you cared about saving lives?!

Chris: How can you talk about saving lives when all you've done is take them?

Evan: You're a doctor. You've seen my research. I was on the brink of amazing breakthroughs. The drugs I was developing could work miracles.

Chris: It's a miracle you didn't kill my father.

Evan: Bob -- got in the way of my work.

Chris: You want me to accept that you poisoned my father because he didn't want to fund your research? Does -- does that make any sense to you?

Evan: It's clear we don't share the same vision anymore.

Chris: Give it up, Evan. Give me the syringe and let them go.

Evan: Take one more step, and she's dead.

Holden: I can't do this anymore, Margo. I can't wait around hoping that Chris is going to talk him down. There's got to be another way to get in there --

Margo: No, no, Holden, I'm sorry, you're not going anywhere.

Evan: Maybe you didn't hear me. One step closer, and this syringe ends up in her neck!

Lucinda: Chris, he means business.

Evan: You're right for once, Lucinda.

Chris: You can't get away with this. It's over!

Evan: No, it's not. Not by a long shot.

Chris: I'm warning you, Evan. Give it up.

Evan: I'm not taking orders from you. Now get the hell out of here!

Chris: I couldn't get through to him. He's fixated on his research. He really thinks he can get away with this --

Margo: It's all right, it's all right. Thank you so much for trying, Chris. I know it's difficult considering what he did to your dad.

Chris: Yeah, I just hope he gets what he deserves.

Holden: Don, hi, it's Holden Snyder. Listen, I need a huge favor. I need you to send over the WOAK chopper. Just send it to the roof, the hospital roof, immediately. It's an emergency.

Margo: Holden, what the hell do you think you're doing?

Holden: Listen, Margo, I can't -- I can't do this any longer. WOAK is sending over a chopper now. It's on its way.

Margo: We're not going to let him get away, Holden.

Holden: Would you rather Lily and Lucinda get killed?

Margo: Maybe it would be better to bring Evan out into the open, but it won't be without hostages, you know that.

Holden: Yeah, well, I'm going to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Evan: Quit stalling Lucinda and get me that jet, or Lily's dead!

Lucinda: Okay, wait -- look, um -- hey, Wesley, it's me. How soon can you have the jet ready on the tarmac? Right, right, fueled, ready to go. Evan Walsh. Destination? I don't really know that, but he's standing right next to me. I'll ask him. Hang on, I'll let him fill it in himself. Go ahead.

Evan: You stay back! That was a very stupid thing to do, Lily.

Luke: Okay, well then, what's your fantasy first time? You know, would it be lit by candlelight with rose petals strewn about the duvet?

Noah: I don't even know how to spell duvet. And as far as the rose petals go, you can cut that out of my movie.

Luke: Okay, okay, so I guess the bear skin rug B&B is out of the picture? What about, oh, what about like -- all sweaty and hot in the locker room after, like, a really rough game of handball?

Noah: Have you been watching porn?

Luke: At my grandma's house? No.

Noah: Well, you certainly have an active imagination.

Luke: Well, that's because I'm a writer. I have to. It's my job. Okay, well, if you were to direct, like a "Luke and Noah" feature. You know, nothing hardcore, just romantic, what would it be?

Noah: It would be nothing like "From Here to Eternity." You know, us in the surf with the waves crashing over us.

Luke: Oh, yeah. No, no, no. Too much sand. No.

Noah: Exactly. And I don't know, I can think of millions of romantic Hollywood classics, but I just don't see you and me in any of them.

Luke: Well, that's because quote, unquote, "Lifestyles" weigh against the old production code.

Noah: I want us to be different. You know, I want us to be unique.

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, why do we have to be a stereotype? Why can't we just be ourselves?

Noah: Exactly, I mean, and do everything our own way.

Luke: Yeah. But what exactly is our own way?

Noah: That is the question. I mean, when we get together, what'll it be like? I mean, what kind of relationship do we want to have?

Emily: You know, Meg's a very straightforward person. She doesn't like deception. How she ended up with you and Craig is a mystery to me, really.

Paul: Oh, well, it's not a mystery to me. See, someone who shall remain nameless, shot me in the back and then pushed me off a cliff, left me for dead and then, you know, Meg was nice enough to nurse me back to health.

Emily: Oh, yeah, I see -- I thought that was ancient history. You know, if you ask me, Meg is going to be pretty upset when she finds out you tried to set Craig up. And then manipulated her out of giving up her very own corporation.

Paul: That's not what happened.

Emily: Oh, really?

Paul: She never cared about the company, anyway.

Emily: Why -- what am I wasting my time with you? I've got a story to cover. And you know what? Dusty trusted me with "The Intruder." The least I can do is give him a story he's proud of.

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Not now, Paul.

Paul: I think we should talk. It's kind of urgent.

Meg: It's not a good time.

Paul: It's about the murder case.

Meg: What about it?

Paul: Well, it looks like your brother Holden is not a suspect anymore.

Meg: Where are you?

Paul: I'm at the Lakeview. Do you want to meet me in the lobby?

Meg: I'll be right there.

Craig: What did Ryan want?

Meg: It's about Holden. I have to go.

Craig: Meg.

Lily: I'm sorry, Evan. I was desperate to get out of here. I shouldn't have done it. It was a mistake.

Lucinda: Listen to me -- listen to me. Listen to me, please. We are of no use to you dead. None. Because there are witnesses outside. There's lots of witnesses outside. Don't hurt her. Don't hurt Lily. Leave her be. I will fund your research anywhere you like, anywhere in the world. You will go, and you will save lives, and you'll start by saving my daughter's life.

Evan: You're right. You're right. I can use her to get out of here.

Lucinda: Yes, and there's my jet just waiting, waiting for you on the tarmac. It's waiting.

Evan: How do we get to the airport?

Lucinda: Hello out there! We need transportation to take Evan to the airport to my jet!

Holden: The helicopter's about to land on the roof.

Evan: If this a trap, you're both dead! Back! Stay back! Lucinda, get out here! Go, go! Open the door! Open the door!

Meg: Hey, what's happening? What do you know about Holden?

Paul: Emily got a call at "The Intruder." And there's a hostage situation at the hospital.

Meg: Oh, my God! Was anybody hurt?

Paul: I'm not sure. The hostage taker, that's who killed Dusty. And right now, he's got Lucinda and Lily.

Meg: Holden must be going crazy. I need to get there.

Paul: No, hold on. It's probably dangerous, Meg.

Meg: I don't care.

Paul: I'm sure the police have everything under control. Look, I -- you know, I was just trying to help you. You know, helping Holden.

Meg: Thank you for doing that, but I really have to go.

Paul: Okay. I'm going to come with you, all right? Make sure everything's all right.

Evan: Hurry up! We don't have much time! Move it!

Lucinda: I'm moving!

Evan: Open the door, open the door!

Lucinda: Okay.

Evan: Open it, open it! Quickly, quickly, push it open! Out, out, out, move, move, move. To your left, to your left! Go, go, go!

Cop: I'll get something to break down the door.

Margo: No time, let's go! Let's go, there's another way –

Evan: Where's the helicopter?

Lily: I hear it -- I hear it! Oh, there it is -- there it is --

Lucinda: Please, Evan, please -- this is on my head. This is my doing. I brought you here. Let Lily go. Let her go! She has nothing to do with this. Let her go!

Evan: All right, if you insist. Come here. But that chopper better be ready to take off!

[Helicopter whirring]

[Helicopter whirring]

[Lily rushes forward and grabs Evans hand and the syringe goes into Evans chest and he falls down]

[Chris rushes out the door and feels Evans neck pulse]

Chris: He's dead.

Lucinda: He's dead! If ever there was poetic justice!

Holden: Are you all right? Did he hurt you?

Lily: I'm sorry, I'm just a little shaken up. I can't believe that Evan killed Dusty.

Holden: Well, you're safe now, that's all I care about.

Meg: Emily, hey, what's going on? Paul said something about the killer holding Lily and Lucinda. Are they okay?

Emily: Yeah, as far as I know, they're fine.

Meg: Well, thank God.

Paul: What about the killer? Emily, who's the killer?

Emily: Evan Walsh.

Paul: Chris' research partner at the lab? That guy's a killer?

Emily: Yeah, comes as a surprise, doesn't it?

Meg: Have you seen Holden?

Emily: No. Actually he went after Lily. Evan took them up to the roof.

Meg: Chris, hey, what's going on?

Chris: I don't have time to answer questions. I have to get to the medical examiner right now, sorry.

Meg: Why, was someone killed?

Chris: Evan Walsh. Yeah, he shot himself with the same injection that he used to poison my father and kill Dusty.

Holden: Let's get you back to the farm.

Lily: No, Margo wants to take my statement.

Holden: No, after everything you've been through today, I'm sure that Margo will understand. I'll go talk to her.

Lucinda: You saved my life.

Lily: How could you let this happen?

Lucinda: I had no idea that he was capable of anything like this. I had no idea. Ambitious, yes. Ambitious, but not of any -- do anything like this.

Lily: If you weren't so ambitious, you wouldn't have brought him here.

Lucinda: I wanted my company back.

Lily: Dusty would still be alive.

Lucinda: I make no excuses about wanting my company. I didn't want anybody to get hurt.

Lily: You brought him here, and look what happened. You're going to have to live with that for the rest of your life.

Holden: Okay, Margo said it's okay if you come down to the station tomorrow and make a statement. I'm glad you're okay.

Lucinda: I'm fine. Take care of your wife.

Meg: Lily, hey, are you all right?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, she's fine. I'm just glad it's all over.

Meg: I am so glad you are not a suspect anymore.

Holden: Well, that makes two of us.

Lily: Three of us.

Meg: Lucinda -- is she okay?

Holden: She's giving her statement to the police. I'm going to get Lily home.

Meg: Okay.

Paul: It's really nice to see you smile.

Meg: Well, there's been so much pain lately. Losing the baby, Holden under suspicion for murder, I kind of forgot what it's like to be happy.

Chris: The medical examiner is on his way. I was just talking to him yesterday about saving lives. See, he was so committed to doing good, this just doesn't seem real.

Emily: No, it doesn’t.

Margo: Emily, Chris, I have questions about this Evan Walsh IV. Why would he choose Oakdale for his lab anyway?

Emily: Well, he was Lucinda's step-grandson from her marriage to James Walsh. She didn't like him very much, maybe that had something to do with it.

Margo: Thank you. Lucinda, I'll have questions for you later.

Holden: What can I do for you? Anything? Do you want some tea?

Lily: No, no, I'm fine.

Holden: It was torture knowing what was going on and not being able to do anything.

Lily: I should have told you when my mother called, but you were so intent on getting me out of town. I was so worried about her.

Holden: Speaking of Lucinda, what was going on with you two up on that roof?

Lily: She was just upset with me, that I risked my life to save hers. But I couldn't let that psychopath just hold a needle to her neck. I had to do something. So I pushed -- I pushed him out of the way, and that's when the needle -- that's when he got stuck with the needle.

Holden: Thank God that you're here. And you're safe. That's all that really matters.

Margo: Chris, how did you get to know Evan Walsh, and why did you involve yourself -- why did you involve yourself in his project?

Chris: I met him at a medical conference after I left Darfur, and then I ran into him when I first got back to Oakdale. He was working with Craig Montgomery, needed a lab to do his research. I was at Memorial. It just made sense at the time, I guess.

Craig: Hey, Sis, one of your uniforms said you wanted to talk to me.

Margo: Yes, I do. I have questions.

Craig: As much I know you enjoy interrogating me, Margo, you can't still think I'm guilty. I heard on the news you got your killer.

Margo: Yes, we did, but why did Evan Walsh choose our little town to bring his research to you?

Craig: I haven't a clue.

Margo: Well, did he search you out, or did you contact him?

Craig: No, he came to me, and I've got to tell you, I was very impressed. I mean, I'm not a scientist, but it seemed to me like he was on the cutting edge of some real medical breakthroughs with technology that I thought -- I thought that could save lives. Be a very lucrative investment for Montgomery Enterprises. He had me completely fooled.

Chris: Yeah, he had everyone fooled except for my father.

Emily: Don't beat yourself up.

Chris: Yeah, I should have listened to him. He's been chief of staff for how many years? How many years? He knew Evan's research wasn't right for the hospital, but I was going to prove him wrong.

Margo: Chris, can I tell you how many times Tom has gone up against your father? It happens.

Chris: Yeah, not with damage like this.

Margo: You did not bring Evan Walsh to this town. You did not inject your father with the poison that caused his stroke, and you did not do this. This is not your fault.

Chris: Yeah, nice try, Margo. I should have trusted my dad's instincts, but I was just too full of myself. This is on my head now.

Nurse #1: Thank God Dr. Hughes slept through the whole thing.

Nurse #2: Who would have thought Evan Walsh was a killer? All he ever talked about was saving lives.

Nurse #1: I guess you never know about people.

Paul: This feels really right to me.

Meg: You know, I'll never stop wanting to feel your arms around me, Paul.

Paul: So, whenever you're ready, I'm right here.

Meg: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lead you to believe otherwise, but I can't be with you, Paul. Not now, not ever.

Holden: Are you sure that you're all right? Maybe we should have had you checked out at the hospital before we left.

Lily: No, no, no, I'm fine. You're not a suspect anymore. I blame myself for that.

Holden: No, don't even go there. My main concern is you, and I would do it all over again to keep you safe.

Lily: The way you tried to protect me, I'll never forget it.

Holden: I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. You and I -- I don't know what the future holds, but I do know this. I can't imagine my life without you.

Lily: I feel the same way.

Noah: Now who's sublimating? Got enough meat there?

Luke: Well, I don't know, I guess, all the talk about being together, yet still remaining ourselves, made me hungry.

Noah: Yeah, it's kind of scary, too. I mean, knowing that you can invent yourself however you want to be.

Luke: Yeah, make it up as you go along.

Noah: It's like -- it's like directing your life as a feature.

Luke: Yeah, or writing a story and hoping that it's not boring and predictable.

Noah: You know, I think we've done pretty well so far. I mean, definitely since you helped me realize that I'm --

Luke: Gay.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Yeah, and you know, you've been so, so amazing, since when I was going through that terrible time in the wheelchair.

Noah: Yeah, you know, we both realized that it's probably a better idea for us to live together with your family right now than on our own.

Luke: Yeah, and you know what? I think that's it. I think that's what we both want -- a family. A new kind of family. And I guess I don't really know how we go about getting that, but the cool thing is, at least we get to do it together.

Noah: Yeah, at our own pace.

Luke: No. Too much to digest.

Noah: Well, that's the other great part. You know I'll always be around to help you out.

Chris: Nice -- nice, Emily, that comment about me not beating myself up over my dad.

Emily: I meant it.

Chris: You were wrong to accuse me of poisoning my father and killing Dusty.

Emily: Well, I know that now.

Chris: After everything we meant to each other --

Emily: I had my reasons.

Chris: The lengths you went to prove my guilt. That was low, Emily, even for you.

Emily: You know what, you're not blameless. You thought I was a suspect, too.

Chris: Yeah, but I didn't go to the cops and accuse you.

Emily: I was angry, and I was hurt, and I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry. The murder is solved, okay? The nightmare's over, can we at least try to be friends --

Chris: Not in this lifetime. No, as far as I'm concerned, I never want to see you again.

Paul: Never is a long time, Meg. I don't think you really even mean that.

Meg: I can't be with you anymore, Paul. Too much has happened.

Paul: So you don't still have feelings for me?

Meg: It doesn't matter what I feel. I know, in the end, that you're not good for me. You need to let me go.

Paul: What if I can't let you go?

Meg: Well, then you have to live with it, because I'm not changing my mind.

Paul: And I'm never going to stop loving you.

Meg: Well, then you have to live with wanting something you can't have because I can't do this anymore.

Craig: Well, well, well. Looks like we both lost the girl.

Paul: Speak for yourself. I'm not giving up.

Craig: You are delusional, Ryan.

Paul: But it's all over for you. You lost the girl and your precious company.

Craig: Mark my words. It's not over, not even close.

Margo: Had you have any contact with Evan Walsh before he came to Oakdale?

Lucinda: That part of the family, never close.

Margo: No indication that he's capable of something like this?

Lucinda: If I had thought any idea that he could do something like this, I would have sought help. I had only wished that I realized it sooner.

Margo: Don't we all.

Lucinda: Well, are you through with me, Margo?

Margo: For now, Lucinda.

Craig: You think you've won here, don't you?

Lucinda: No one won here today.

Craig: Oh, let's not play, Lucinda. Mark my words, Montgomery Enterprises will not be yours for long.

Lucinda: It never was mine because the proper name is Worldwide. That's what it was called --

Craig: The only reason why Meg gave you back the corporation, she got this crazy idea in her head that I was Dusty's killer. Turns out I was innocent.

Lucinda: Yeah, of this.

Craig: I wondered who would fill her head with the nonsense that I would kill to keep my corporation up and running, huh?

Lucinda: I have no idea. No, no.

Craig: Oh, really? Well, you know, you've never been one to flee from a battle royal over business, and I know it's been driving you crazy that I'm running the show.

Lucinda: I have tried not to notice.

Craig: I know you better than that. What I don't know is how far you'd be willing to go to get back a company that you thought was rightfully yours?

Lucinda: Don't you think there's been enough ranting for one day?

Craig: Tell me, Lucinda. Was it worth it?

Lily: Hi! Hi, oh --

Natalie: Mommy, we saw you on TV, and we were so scared until we knew you were okay.

Lily: Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Faith: We were so worried, we came right home.

Holden: I'm glad you did.

Faith: Is Grandma Lucinda all right?

Lily: Yes, she is.

Holden: We're all fine. You know what? Nothing is going to hurt this family. I won't let it. Give your mom a hug.

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Will: I'm not going to sit here and do nothing while a crazy woman runs off with our daughter.

Sophie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you're burning up.

Parker: Sam is up to something. I know it.

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