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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/30/08

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Gwen: I can't even tell you how good it is to see you.

Will: Come on inside, Guys, it's freezing out there. Come on. Hey, Case, um, this is our daughter, Hallie Jennifer Munson.

Casey: That's great, Guys.

Gwen: You want to hold her?

Casey: No! No, that's okay.

Katie: You're kidding, right?

Brad: Please. I would get funky real soon if I don't practice some personal hygiene.

Katie: Okay, you want me to wash your -- stuff?

Brad: I would do it for you.

Katie: I bet you would. You know, your hands aren't broken.

Brad: The doctor said that I shouldn't strain myself. You were there. You know, fine. Fine, Katie, have it your way. I'm just going to lie here in your bed, in my own filth.

Katie: Oh, give me a break!

Brad: I broke my leg looking for you. You know, but did I complain about it? No. Because that's what friends do, they suffer for each other.

Katie: All right. Let me get it ready. You've got to be kidding me!

Brad: Well, what? Relaxation helps with recovery. Besides, who says you can't enjoy this too?

Katie: Oh, I will. Don't worry.

Brad: Oh, oh. That's freezing.

Katie: Yeah, just like a cold shower, which is exactly what you need.

Brad: Ow! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that feels like sandpaper!

Katie: Fine, if you're going to be a baby.

Brad: Come on. Come on. Come on, Katie, just be gentle.

Katie: How's that?

Brad: It's good. Don't stop.

Katie: You can finish the rest yourself.

Parker: You know, a shrink isn't going to help because I'm not the one with the problem. Sam is.

Jack: Sam's not the one who lied to us and skipped out on the school dance. You did. Sam didn't break into Metro and steal that dummy. You did that.

Parker: Yeah, but I didn't put the stupid puppet in my bed.

Carly: Sweetheart, we'd like you to talk to Dr. Seidman. Do you remember her? You liked her. You told me you thought that she was pretty cool. Right?

Parker: Whatever.

[Door bell rings]

Carly: Hello. Come in. Thank you for coming to the house.

Dr. Seidman: I thought Parker would be more comfortable at home.

Parker: The farm's my home, not this place.

Jack: Well, the farm's a little crazy right now, so we thought this would be better, Parker.

Dr. Seidman: Could Parker and I talk privately?

Carly: Yes -- yes, of course.

Dr. Seidman: Is it okay if I sit?

Parker: Don't waste time. Just certify me crazy, and my parents can ship me off to boot camp.

Dr. Seidman: Why would they do that?

Parker: 'Cause they don't want me here unless I keep my mouth shut and play by their rules.

Dr. Seidman: Why don't you tell me what's going on?

Carly: There's no change in Rosannaís condition.

Jack: You got to hang in there, Carly.

Carly: I know. I will. I may have lost my sister, but I'll be damned if I lose my son.

Sam: Carly keeps hanging out with her ex, they might get together again. We can't let that happen.

Cowboy Jack: The ex ain't the problem. It's that smart-aleck son of theirs. If you want to be with Carly, you got to get rid of Parker.

Jack: We are not going to lose Parker. We're getting him the help he needs.

Carly: I know. And he has parents who love him.

Jack: Hey. We are gonna get through this, I promise.

Dr. Seidman: Ms. Tenney? Mr. Snyder? Parker and I had a good talk. And I think we can work these problems out in family therapy.

Jack: You mean -- Carly and me too?

Dr. Seidman: Yes.

Carly: Well, we'll do anything. Won't we, Jack?

Jack: Sure.

Dr. Seidman: Good. Then, if Parker will excuse us, I would like to talk to the two of you.

Parker: Now you'll know what it feels like.

Katie: Okay. I can be your slave no longer. Up and at 'em.

Brad: But, you know, but the doctor said I was supposed to take it easy.

Katie: For 24 hours. Now it's time to get up and start moving. Come on. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Brad: Ah!

Katie: You can do it.

Brad: Oh.

Katie: Try these on for size.

Lisa: Oh, Barbara. Hey, Honey.

Barbara: Hi.

Lisa: What great timing. Have you heard the good news?

Barbara: No. No, what?

Lisa: Bob is doing so much better.

Barbara: Oh, I'm so glad to hear that. I've been meaning to stop by and see him, but life has been -- I'll call Kim.

Lisa: No, no, wait. Honey, why don't you just go now? I mean, you're here, you might as well just drop in. Show him the pictures of the new, precious, little baby granddaughter. What is it, Honey? What's wrong?

Barbara: I just don't really have a lot of time to talk right now.

Lisa: That isn't true. Wait a minute. You don't sound right. You still sound funny.

Barbara: I told you, I just need to get some dental work redone.

Lisa: Yes, I know that, but you can't be upset like this just because of a dentist appointment.

Barbara: That's all it is. Really, that's all it is, Lisa.

Lisa: We're best friends. Let's be honest with one another.

Barbara: I can't lie to you, Lisa. I have cancer.

Will: It's okay.

Gwen: Yeah, you're not going to hurt her.

Casey: I haven't had the best track record with babies.

Will: Well, I don't think anybody does at first.

Gwen: No, it's one of those things, you kinda just have to jump in there.

Casey: Yeah, I had to. I had a responsibility for you and -- your baby. And I was a no-show.

Gwen: You know, we were kids. I think, we all made a lot of mistakes then.

Casey: Will stepped up for you and your baby. Well, you know, the baby that we thought was yours.

Gwen: You know, I think that we've all learned from everything that's happened. I don't know, I know that I have Will and I found out we want to be together and have a family.

Casey: I'm happy for you guys.

Gwen: Thanks. Hey, this one's hungry, you want to come help?

Alison: Sure.

Will: So, uh, how does it feel being back? Being out?

Casey: Every day in jail I dreamed about this, and now that like I'm out, it's --

Will: It's weird, right? I know. When I got out of the hospital, I felt like I had "Crazy person" tattooed on my forehead.

Casey: It's like everyone's moving on and I'm just standing still. You know, when I was just outside, and I saw you guys through the window, it's just -- so much has changed.

Will: Yeah. Being locked up will do that to you. It really -- I mean, it sucks. It can mess with your head.

Casey: Tell me about it.

Will: All you got to remember is that you can get used to anything. You know, even normal life. It just takes time.

Gwen: Hey. It's so cool the way Alison connects with Hallie. And it gives me a chance to be with Will. It's like quick, quality time. Hey, Casey, have you talked to Maddie at all?

Casey: No. And I'm not going to.

Katie: You're going to have to learn to use them sooner or later.

Brad: Okay. Okay. Yeah, but you got to help me.

Katie: There's nothing to it.

Brad: Ahh, they're too short. They're just too short.

Katie: Well, they're adjustable. What height would you like them?

Brad: I don't know. Well, you're the perfect height, so who needs crutches?

Katie: You do!

Brad: Okay. Okay, fine. Okay, fine, but you got to spot me, make sure I don't fall on my face. All right? Ow, God!

Jack: Yeah, Parker, we're just going to talk to the doctor. It's no big deal.

Carly: Why don't you go up and study for your test before practice?

Parker: Okay. Have fun.

Carly: Should we sit?

Jack: Please. So, uh, Doc, tell us how we fix Parker's problems.

Carly: What did he say to you?

Dr. Seidman: On the surface, he seems very concerned about a friend of yours, Sam.

Jack: Yeah, we got that loud and clear.

Carly: Parker's always warning me about Sam. He's never liked him.

Dr. Seidman: And the past few years have been very difficult for Parker.

Carly: Yes. He lost his father, and then his sister, and then I -- was out of the country for a while. And Jack and I were divorced. And Parker was furious, mostly at me.

Jack: Yeah, but he bounced back from that. He was even willing to accept me getting married again. Then everything changed.

Dr. Seidman: What happened?

Jack: Well, Carly was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And we thought she was going to die.

Carly: I was misdiagnosed. It was a big mistake.

Jack: Not exactly.

Carly: It was. For a while.

Dr. Seidman: Even so, Parker had to be terrified?

Jack: Yeah, who wouldn't be? We all thought Carly was gonna die so, we put our lives on hold and ran to her side. Just like she planned.

Carly: How many ways could I apologize for that?

Jack: I am just telling her what Parker's mindset was.

Carly: All right. I know that all the problems start with me. But I want to be a better mother. So, what should I do to help him?

Dr. Seidman: Well, for now, show Parker that when it comes to his welfare, the two of you are united as his parents.

Carly: We are.

Dr. Seidman: How do you feel about that, Jack?

Jack: It's fine. I'm there. What else?

Dr. Seidman: Parker needs to feel secure. Obviously, he has a fear of abandonment. So, we need to do all that we can to make him feel secure. And I'm not talking about just putting a good face on the situation. He is a bright boy. And he seems very intuitive.

Carly: He is. There are times when he just --he seems to know things. And he's very connected to Jack.

Dr. Seidman: Well, if that's so, don't you think Parker can pick up on your anger, Jack, and act on it?

Jack: Act on my anger? Who am I supposed to be angry with?

Dr. Seidman: Carly.

Carly: He has every right to be angry with me.

Jack: No, it's old news, Carly. Seriously, I was mad, yeah, but I got over it.

Carly: No, you haven't. You didn't get over it. And Parker knows that.

Dr. Seidman: See, your anger at Carly may be feeding Parker's anger at his mother, Jack, and validating it, encouraging it.

Jack: This is great. Well, yeah, so you're saying this is all my fault?

Carly: This is not Jack's fault. This is my fault.

Dr. Seidman: This is not about finding fault, or taking blame. You just need to be aware of how your behavior affects your child.

Jack: Okay. I admit that I have been angry and haven't dealt with it well.

Carly: And I admit that when I try to make things better, more often than not, I make them worse.

Jack: Yes, we both should've been more aware of how Parker was affected by the way we were treating each other.

Carly: But what do we do now? Like how do we get him to stop acting out like this?

Dr. Seidman: You've already taken the first step, by acknowledging that you have issues that you need to work out. Now, if Parker is willing, I would like to meet with him once a week. We will work through his anger issues, and his fear of abandonment. You need to look at the anger between you and how it's affecting your kids. If you'd like to talk about these issues, give me a call.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: Thank you, Doctor. That was very helpful.

Dr. Seidman: Well, therapy is a process. Don't expect overnight changes in Parker. But let me know if either of you needs to talk, alone, or together.

Carly: Thank you. Thanks again.

Parker: So, did the therapist do her thing? Are we all better now?

Jack: You don't want you to be late for practice, why don't you grab your gear, and I'll wait for you in the car.

Carly: I'm going to go over to the hospital and check on Rosanna. I'm really glad that you're willing to work through this. I feel good about that.

Jack: As long as we keep things straight. We're doing this for Parker, right?

Katie: All right, stop it. Stop it! Stop playing games!

Brad: I'm not. I'm not. I need your help.

Katie: Do you see that door? I want you walking through it on your own and soon! Get with the program, buster! I am going out. By the time I get back, you better be on those crutches!

Vienna: Ta-ta. I brought you two love birds some sinfully fattening strudel from a diner. You can just warm it up, and then spread some whipped cream all over. Hmm?

Brad: What a great idea, Vienna. I could spread the whipped cream like all over.

Katie: Touch me with that whipped cream, and your brains will need crutches!

Vienna: Why so angry?

Brad: She's sick of taking care of me. Any bright ideas?

Vienna: Yes. Tell her the truth. Tell her you love her! Can you do that?

Barbara: I didn't know to ask my dentist for oral cancer screening. And I've been under so much stress for so long. I had a cold sore at the base of my tongue and the thing wouldn't go away.

Lisa: You're going to be all right though, aren't you?

Barbara: I'm trying to think positively.

Lisa: Barbara, I'm sorry, you know, I just -- it's a shock to me.

Barbara: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just -- it feels good to finally talk to someone about it, that's all.

Lisa: You haven't told anybody? Not even your children? Oh, Honey, you've got to tell your children. You must tell them right away. You must. Barbara, this is the time you really need your family around you.

Gwen: You should just at least tell her that you're home.

Casey: What's the point?

Will: So, what's next for you? Gwen and I are at school right now. We're at O.U.

Casey: I can't see myself in a classroom right now. I better get a job.

Will: Yeah, well, we'll help you find something.

Casey: It really won't be easy. Know anyone hiring ex-cons?

Alison: Hallie just dozed off.

Gwen: Yeah, thank you.

Alison: No problem. She's such a cutie.

Will: Hey, who's hungry? 'Cause we could have like a homecoming party. I can get a pizza or something.

Casey: No thanks, I better take off. You know, start job hunting.

Alison: Oh, where you gonna look?

Casey: Well, I guess Crash if off the list, 'cause I robbed that place. You know, maybe bus tables at Al's.

Alison: Oh, I used to waitress there. I could put in a good word for you.

Gwen: Henry and his girlfriend Vienna own Al's now.

Casey: Oh. Well, I guess I can cross that off the list. I got to go. Bye.

Will: It was good seeing you, man.

Gwen: Yeah, you should come back. Don't stay away 'cause you think I'm going to get on your case.

Casey: Yeah. See ya. Uh, congrats on the new baby. Take care, Ali.

Alison: Bye. Guys, I don't really know him that well, but it seemed like he couldn't wait to get out of here.

[Keys rattling]

Sam: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sam: Carly? You all right?

Carly: I went to the hospital to see my sister, and she's gone. I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye. They said she's on a plane back to the clinic in Switzerland.

Sam: Who gave word for that?

Carly: She left instructions with her doctor.

Sam: From the look on your face, I thought that maybe the worst had happened.

Carly: They say that it could be irreversible. I may never see her again.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Brad: I am in no condition to carry Katie up some stairs like some movie hero.

Vienna: You're right. It won't work with her, you got to go straight for her emotions. You told her you love her. And that's why she's taking care of you now.

Brad: I didn't tell her I loved her.

Vienna: When you and Katie were lost, you said it in your sleep.

Brad: No, I didnít.

Vienna: Yes, you did. She told me.

Brad: You're kidding. If Katie knows I love her, and she's still pushing me away, that's a really bad sign.

Vienna: Well, so, make it into being a good sign. Make her understand that she is woman of your dreams.

Jack: Straight home after practice and hit the books, right?

Parker: Sure.

Jack: Good.

Parker: If I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?

Jack: Of course I will.

Parker: Don't you think therapy is just a waste of time?

Jack: I think it can help some people. And sometimes it's just about facing the truth about yourself. And that's important, don't you think?

Parker: Yeah. See ya later.

Jack: All right. Hi, could I get a cup of coffee, please? Thanks. Katie. Hey. You trying to duck out on me?

Katie: No. I was just -- no.

Jack: Well, good. I could really use a friend right now.

Brad: I hope you know what you're doing. Experience tells me that Katie is going to freak out when I tell her I love her. Especially since, you know, I'll be awake.

Vienna: When she sees all this, and if you're sincere, and not a wisecracker, then she will be yours.

Brad: But if Katie freaked out when I told her I loved her in my sleep, how do you think she's going to respond when I'm alive and in person?

Vienna: Tell her what she needs to hear. That you are in it for the long haul. You want to make babies and create a future.

Brad: Wow. I mean, then that sounds like a serious commitment.

Vienna: Okay, okay. Don't waste my time, Brad, or Katieís. She's scared of being hurt again. And I'm not going to let that happen to her. Serious commitment or not? You choose.

Brad: I do.

Vienna: Good. Good. But tell it to her and not me. The time is now. Call her.

Carly: I'm sorry. I hate when people do this.

Sam: Hey, you're allowed to lose it -- every once and a while.

Carly: I just feel so guilty. She needed me, and I wasn't there for her.

Sam: You couldn't have known this was going to happen.

Carly: I was too involved with myself to help anybody else.

Sam: You are helping Parker, your son. Okay, that doesn't sound selfish to me. Sounds like you're being a good mom.

Carly: Well, I think that you're letting me off too easy. But it is nice to hear that I'm okay for a change. It's freezing in here!

Sam: Yeah, I'm still waiting for that part to fix the boiler.

Carly: Well, Kit is going to be really upset if we don't get these doors open, isn't she?

Sam: By the time my ex gets out of her legal troubles, Metro is going to be the hottest place in town.

Carly: I can't wait.

Sam: Well, why don't you go home, you know, before you catch pneumonia.

Carly: Okay. And what about you? Where are you gonna go? You can't stay here. Ah, what the hell? Why don't you come back to my place?

Sam: You sure?

Carly: Yeah. I'm not expecting Jack or the kids. It won't be a problem.

[Casey remembering]

Gwen: Henry and his girlfriend Vienna own Al's now.

Lisa: Casey! You're home!

Casey: Hi, Grandma.

Lisa: Why didn't you tell me?

Casey: Oh, it's a surprise.

Lisa: I guess it's a wonderful surprise. How are you?

Casey: I'm okay.

Lisa: Yeah?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Lisa: Yeah, okay. Well, that's good. Oh, Sweetheart, I'm just so happy to see you. I have thought about you every single minute of every day. Believe me, if I could have changed those charges against you, I would have. You wouldn't have had to gone through it. I feel so horrible.

Casey: Oh, relax, Grandma. You know, I went through it. I'm all good. You know, I'm home now.

Lisa: Good. Good, I'm glad you're home. So, what are your plans?

Casey: Right now, I'm trying to get a job, but it's not gonna be too easy.

Lisa: You're hired.

Casey: Huh?

Lisa: You are hired. Yes, end of your job search.

Casey: Oh, my -- Gram. Oh, my Ė

Gwen: Do you think I pushed Casey too much?

Will: No, I think you were right. He probably should call Maddie. He just -- he might need some time to realize it.

Gwen: He did seem kind of shut down.

Alison: Yeah, I practically had to drag him in here. I think he was gonna leave without saying hello.

Will: I know how he feels. And I probably wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for him. You know? I needed his help. And I hope I can be there for him, the same way he was for me.

Gwen: Yeah, I think he just needs friends right now, more than anything else.

Will: The welcome home party might be cancelled, but I'm starving, so I'm going to order some pizza. They read my mind.

Barbara: Hi. Do you mind if I come in? I have something I need to tell you.

Alison: Umm, guys, I think I'm gonna take a rain check on the pizza, but anytime you need help with Hallie, just let me know, okay?

Gwen: All right. I will.

Alison: Okay. Bye. See ya.

Gwen: Bye.

Alison: Uh, bye, Will.

Will: Yeah. So long, Al.

Alison: See you later, okay?

Barbara: So, what have you two been up to today?

Will: Casey just got back. And he stopped by and said hi.

Barbara: Casey saw the baby?

Will: Yeah. He did. I know you still have problems with him.

Barbara: He stole from you, Will.

Will: Well, we've forgiven him for that, Mom.

Barbara: Have you? That's good. That's good. You know, sometimes in life you can start to see things differently. I know that one of the greatest blessings that I had was when Jennifer forgave me -- and we were close before she died. I just wish that it had been sooner -- because time is very precious, and you can't waste it on anger.

[Hallie crying]

Will: Mom? Are you all right?

Barbara: No, actually, I'm not, Will.

Gwen: Is it okay?

Will: Mom, this is Hallie Jennifer.

Lisa: Now first, I want you to meet the manager. Then you have a lot of paperwork you have to fill out. And then you can start making some money. Have you any questions?

Casey: Just, how can I say thank you? You know, after what I did to Crash, and robbing the safe and trashing the place? You still trust me to work for you?

Lisa: Course I do. I love you. I'd do anything in the world for you. And you've really had a very hard lesson to learn. Now, I personally believe in giving people a second chance -- especially grandsons.

Casey: Stop. Thank you. Thanks.

Jack: I'm asking Parker to face his problems. I have to be willing to do the same.

Katie: Therapy? You?

Jack: I can't blame all Parker's trouble on Carly.

Katie: Therapy's not easy. Talking about yourself, that's not really your thing.

Jack: I know. I know. But I've got to be willing to face up to what I've done. I put my son in the middle of my problems with his mother and he got hurt. And I hurt you too. Bottom line is, I thought I was a better man than that.

Katie: Oh, don't be so hard on yourself, Jack. You are a good man.

Jack: That means more to me than you know.

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: He's gonna keep calling until I answer. Yes, Brad. What is it?

Brad: Katie, I fell down. It's real bad. I need you.

Katie: All right. I will be right there. He fell. So I should probably go.

Jack: Hey, the least I can do is help you get my brother off the floor.

Katie: Thanks.

Brad: She bought it. She's on her way.

Vienna: Then we better make this look good. Come on.

Brad: All right. Oh. Ow. Easy, easy. Right, right. Okay. All right. Okay, this better work.

Carly: Ah, heat! I think I'll turn it up. I want it hot! Well, in that case, I'm glad I brought a few of these. Something to drown our sorrows with.

Carly: That letter from Kit really hit you hard, didn't it?

Sam: Can I be honest with you? The only thing that's getting me through this is you. So what does everyone want for dinner?

Brad: Oh. Oh, Katie, thank God. You're here.

Jack: Hey, let me get you up.

Brad: And Jack --

Jack: I'll get the chair. Hold on a second.

Brad: Oh, I didn't expect -- oh! Ow!

Jack: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It slipped. It got caught on the rug.

Brad: -- Expect you to be here.

Jack: No, I was with Katie when you called, Brad. You all right?

Katie: Come one, let's get him up on the bed. What happened?

Brad: Ow. Ah. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I just was moving around, you know. And everything started spinning, and then I just went down.

Jack: Well, it looks like you guys are getting ready for a party here. So --

Brad: Private party, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. I'm gonna be going.

Katie: Well, thank you, Jack, for everything. And, hey, good luck with -- you know, everything.

Jack: You too.

Katie: Jack, Brad's just being Brad.

Jack: Yeah, no, Katie. It's what he does best. It was good to see you.

Katie: It was good to see you, too. Seriously, as much as I want you to be independent, don't push it, okay? You really could've hurt yourself.

Brad: You really do care about me, don't you?

Lisa: Look at you. You look so handsome. That uniform looks like it was made just for you.

Casey: Thanks, Grandma, you really made my day.

Lisa: Well, I know a good employee when I see one.

Casey: Oh --

Lisa: Believe me, I do. Now when you're ready to go back to college, I will -- I'll work around your schedule.

Casey: I don't think I'm going back to school. I just need to make money now.

Lisa: You're not going to make much of a salary. The waiters make all their monies in tips.

Lisa: Yeah, the gratuities. So you just take the tips and pool them.

Casey: Yeah, you divide the money at the end of the shift?

Lisa: That's it. That's it exactly. And then whatever cash tips you get you put in that crystal bowl -- I think it's over -- yeah, right over there on the --

Casey: Oh, okay.

Lisa: Okay. Okay, well, I'll let you get back to work.

Casey: Thanks.

Barbara: Look at her. Her hand here's just so perfect.

Gwen: Do you want to hold her?

Barbara: Oh. Oh. [Baby coos] Oh, you sweet thing, you. You are so beautiful. Thank you so much for giving me this happiness.

Will: You're welcome, Mom.

Barbara: I'm just so happy that I can be here to see my beautiful little granddaughter.

Will: What do you mean?

Barbara: I just -- I mean that Jennifer and now Dusty never got to see their son. I'm just so grateful. Yes.

Gwen: What did you want to tell us, Barbara?

Barbara: Oh, it can wait. I don't want to spoil this perfect moment. Just seeing your face makes me think that everything's going to be just fine.

[Cork pops]

Katie: Oh.

Brad: Let's have a toast.

Katie: What are we celebrating? The room was spinning. You fell. You're not better.

Brad: Well, I'll be a lot better when I tell you how I feel --

Katie: Whoa -- you're talking about your leg, right?

Brad: No. No, I'm not talking about my leg.

Katie: Brad, donít.

Brad: Okay. It's about my heart.

Katie: No, no, no. You know, I -- I -- I just realized I -- I forgot my thingamijigger at Java, and I've I really got to get it.

Brad: Katie. Katie!

Katie: I'll be right back!

Brad: Katie. Katie! Katie, wait! Just come on. Wait!

Vienna: Katie! Has Brad shared his feelings with you?

Katie: No! I don't want to hear it. I gotta go.

Brad: See, I told you. I told you! She freaked out before I could tell her.

Vienna: She -- she's in denial. She loves you and it terrifies her. Only a woman in love will behave like that.

Brad: Are you sure?

Vienna: Believe me, she can't hold out forever. Soon Katie will be all yours.

Carly: I know exactly how you feel, Sam. We both lost someone we love.

Sam: But you've had a lot more to handle than I have. Jack, your sister, Parker and all his troubles. And yet, you've never let it get you down.

Carly: I don't know about that, but I have kids. When you have kids, you don't have the luxury of wallowing. They mean everything to me.

Sam: You're an amazing mother. Your kids have no idea how good they have it.

Carly: Well, thank you, Sam. I needed to hear that today.

Sam: Hey, isn't that what friends are for?

Carly: Yeah. I'm glad that you're my friend, Sam.

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J.J.: Where did you go after Al's anyway?

Parker: I was getting rid of a dummy and his stupid puppet, too.

Kit: Has someone been a bad boy while I've been gone?

Carly: I'm afraid something did happen.

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