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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/24/08

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Katie: I have never been happier to be in the hospital in my life. For a minute there, I didn't think we would make it.

Brad: You and me, both. You were a rock star.

Doctor: I hear you had quite the adventure, Mr. Snyder.

Brad: Nice legs, if I do say so myself.

Doctor: I'll be the judge of that. Let's remove the splint and take a look.

Brad: Ahh!

Katie: Oh, my God! Are you okay?

Doctor: I haven't touched him yet.

Brad: No, no. It's just the anticipation. I think I can do this if you hold my hand.

Carly: Sam!

Sam: Ahh. Ow!

Carly: What happened?

Sam: Um, I fought the boiler and the boiler won.

Carly: Oh.

Sam: Pipe blew.

Carly: Well, you're going to turn into an icicle here. You -- get yourself out of those clothes all right, before you freeze to death.

Sam: I can't believe it. Thanks. Ohh.

Jack: It seems like I'm always walking in on you two at a bad time.

Doctor: Well, you don't need surgery. And if you promise to stay off this leg, you can probably get away with a brace instead of a full cast.

Brad: Hallelujah. I broke my leg when I was a kid, and the cast itched so bad, I wanted to chew my leg off.

Katie: Lovely image.

Doctor: I need your word, Mr. Snyder. Staying off the leg means no standing and no walking except to the bathroom, if the bathroom is no more than a few steps away.

Brad: Well, how about the fridge?

Doctor: No, no means no. You need to be immobile.

Katie: That's no problem, Doctor.

Brad: For you.

Katie: Brad lives with his family so they are at least a half a dozen people who can look after him.

Brad: Okay, okay, okay -- how about the bathroom? We're talking stairs. Steps.

Doctor: You can always use a bedpan.

Brad: No way.

Katie: Oh, come on, Brad. You'll be fine.

Carly: Yes, actually, it is a bad time. You see the boiler blew, and Sam here got soaked by a broken pipe.

Sam: That's it -- I'll go change. I'll be right back.

Carly: Could you try to not think the worst of Sam any time you get the chance?

Jack: I tried to call, I couldn't get through.

Carly: I'm sorry -- I didn't turn my phone on. I'm sorry.

Jack: So what exactly is going on with Sam anyway?

Carly: What do you mean? Jack, are you asking if Sam and I are involved?

Jack: Well -- well, he's not your type. But Parker said he's putting the moves on you, and from everything I've seen, Parker's right.

Carly: Come on, Jack. I can take care of myself. And you and I aren't together anymore, so I -- I don't think it's any of your business.

Jack: Yeah, you're right. It is none of my business. Besides, I've got enough problems.

Carly: Dusty's murder.

Jack: That's part of it.

Carly: Do you have a suspect?

Jack: Well, you know I can't talk about that. Listen, I wanted to stop by because I wanted to run something by you about Parker. His hockey team is sponsoring a dance tonight and Parker wants to go. Problem is, he's grounded. My inclination is to say no, but I wanted to run it by you first.

Carly: Well, thank you. Thanks for talking to me about it. I mean, maybe this co-parenting thing will work after all.

Jack: You asked Sam to move out. And that said a lot about your commitment.

Carly: Was there a doubt about that?

Jack: Let's just keep this about the dance, okay?

Carly: Okay. I think that Parker should go to the dance. It's a school event. He's angry, he needs to blow off some steam. He needs to have a good time.

Jack: Right. You're right. I'll talk to him. [Cell phone rings] Sorry. Katie, what's up?

Katie: Hi, I'm just calling to let you that your brother's in the hospital with a broken leg.

Jack: What? Is he okay?

Katie: Yeah, he's fine. He'll be fine. It's just that, um -- he needs a ride home and I don't think I can manage by myself or I would do it myself.

Jack: Well, what happened?

Katie: It's a long story. He'll explain when you get here. Um, he's having his leg set in a few minutes.

Jack: I just got to take care of one thing with Parker first, and then I'll head over to the hospital.

Katie: Okay. Thanks. Your brother is on his way.

Brad: You didn't need to do that.

Katie: We need help. Brad, I can't get you into the house by myself or I'll end up in traction.

Brad: You did fine yesterday.

Katie: That was one of those superhuman mother lifting a car off her child moments. Except with no mother or no car.

Brad: No child. Okay, I was -- I was very brave -- you've got to give me that.

Katie: Yes, you were very brave. Would you like a lollipop?

Brad: Look, I don't want Jack to come and get me. I'm a grown man. I can call a stretch limo. I'll put my leg up on the other seat. Okay, I don't want to be babied.

Katie: I don't believe you. Besides, the doctor said you need someone to take responsibility for you. Who better than your brother?

Paul: You wanted to see me?

Rosanna: Yes. Thank you so much for coming so quickly. Would you like a drink?

Paul: No. I'm not going to be here long enough for a drink, Rosanna. You wanted to talk about this divorce?

Rosanna: Is that what you really want, Paul?

Paul: I'm not going to change how I feel.

Rosanna: You know, you could forgive me if you wanted to.

Paul: I don't want to.

Rosanna: Well, maybe -- maybe you could give me just a little more time --

Paul: Time's not going to change how I feel about you, Rosanna. I lost my child because of you.

Rosanna: I'm not responsible for that.

Paul: By what twisted logic can you even say that? I'm done -- I'm done. I don't love you anymore.

Rosanna: Oh, you do, Paul. You always will.

Paul: You keep saying that to yourself if it makes you feel better. But I don't want to hear it. Nothing that you say or do is going to change how I feel. It's not going to stop me from filing for divorce.

Rosanna: Okay. Well, um, if that's the way that you feel, then, um, we might as well get on with it.

Paul: Okay, why the sudden about face?

Rosanna: Well, I need to get on with my life, too. I'll call the Cabot jet and we can fly down to the Caribbean and be divorced by tomorrow.

Paul: Okay. I'll get a bag and I'll meet you at the plane.

Rosanna: Yes, we're going ahead. I want everything done exactly the way I planned it.

Sam: So Jack split? I'll tell you, it's crazy. I really don't want to cause trouble. But somehow, I just step right into it whenever he's around.

Carly: He wanted to talk to me about Parker. I think we actually communicated, although it's been so long, I've forgotten what that feels like. You're still cold.

Sam: That's all right. I've got a lot of clothes back there if I need them.

Carly: Yeah, I want to thank you one more time for moving in here. You know, I think it's made the difference with Jack. And hopefully with Parker, too.

Sam: Glad to help out.

Carly: So, what are we going to do about that boiler?

Sam: I say we invest in some down jackets and pass them out at the door.

Carly: Well, you can't fix it?

Sam: No. No, the stores are closed, and I can't buy the right --

Carly: Wait, wait, you can't expect customers to sit here when they can see their breath in the air.

Sam: Well, not unless we want to rename the place "Igloo." Okay, you have to admit that was funny.

Carly: Mmm. Well, try it again when I'm not suffering from frostbite. Sam, we're not going to be able to open tonight, are we?

Jack: So you've got a free pass tonight, thanks to your mom.

Parker: Why'd you have to ask her?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Be glad that I did. Grounded is grounded in my book. But she thinks its okay because it's a school event.

Parker: Was Sam there when you asked her?

Jack: You've got to get off this, Parker --

Parker: Was he?

Jack: Yes. He was there and your mother's fine. You're going to the dance. Be happy about that.

Parker: Yeah, right. Woo-hoo.

Jack: Same rules apply though. You're in this house by 10:00.

Parker: 10:00?

Jack: 10:00.

Parker: That's not fair. That dance isn't even over until 12:00.

Jack: 10:00.

Parker: Fine.

Jack: All right, grab your stuff. I'll drop you off at school on my way to pick up Brad at the hospital.

Parker: What happened to him?

Jack: He broke his leg. That's all I know. You're not going to bring anything?

Parker: The coach offered to pick up kids who didn't have rides. I don't want to get there before it even starts. It's my first dance, Dad. Don't make me look like a complete geek.

Jack: Okay. All right. Fair enough. Um, I will be outside the school at quarter of ten pick you up though. Don't make me come in.

Parker: The coach will pick me up too. It's all cool.

Jack: All right, make sure it stays that way, though. Have a good time.

Dylan: I saw your old man leave, you ready to party?

Parker: Yeah, but there's something I've got to do first.

Doctor: I'm ready to set that leg for you.

Brad: It really does not hurt.

Doctor: Wait until the meds wear off.

Brad: You enjoyed saying that, didn't you?

Katie: Don't antagonize the doctor, please.

Doctor: It's a side effect of the painkillers. Loss of inhibitions.

Katie: Oh.

Brad: Are you sure you don't want to take me home with you?

Katie: Brad's brother will be picking him up and taking him home.

Brad: I don't need my brother.

Doctor: And don't be a hero. You're going to be laid up for a while. There's no way you can take care of yourself. You might want to step outside while I get the leg in place and put the brace on.

Katie: Oh, sure.

Brad: Who's going to hold my hand?

Katie: You'll be fine. I'll see you at the farm later, okay?

Brad: You're a chicken. You're a chicken. You're a fair weather friend. A chicken fair weather friend, that's what you are. Ow! Mother –

Vienna: You're back! I want to hear all about it. Oh, it must have been so romantic. The people at your work wanted to send out a search party, but I told them to leave you two lovebirds all alone. So, was it absolutely wonderful?

Katie: That's why no one rescued us? Because you told them not to?

Vienna: Well, you didn't sound like you needed any rescuing. And you told me that Brad said that he loves you. So I assumed that --

Katie: Damn it, Vienna. Why would you think that was a good thing?

Vienna: What -- I'm confused. Brad said --

Katie: Don't repeat it. Don't repeat it.

Vienna: Okay. So, Brad said that he you-know-what you -- so what happened?

Katie: I freaked out and ran away and got lost. And then he came after me and he fell twice, and now he's at the hospital with a broken leg.

Jack: Hey, Doc. Jack Snyder. How's my brother doing?

Brad: Its okay, man. I can take it. I was just telling the doctor, its mind over matter.

Doctor: You can fill this at the pharmacy on your way out.

Brad: It looks like the same stuff that I've been --

Jack: Well, what happened?

Brad: Katie wandered off into the wilderness and I had to go find her, and there were wolves and wild dogs, bears, most likely. Anyway, they were hiding all around the trees -- fell off a cliff.

Jack: Well, the bears push you? Maybe the wild dog? Where the hell is Katie? Is she okay?

Brad: She's fine, man. She's skipping around, probably. I'm the one with the fractured leg.

Jack: How bad is it?

Brad: It's broken. But I can take it, you know? But Dr. Strangelove out there says that I can't be -- move it around for God knows how long. Can't do anything.

Jack: All right, don't worry about it. We'll -- we'll take care of it.

Brad: Well, don't sound so enthusiastic.

Jack: It will be fine, Brad. It's fine. It's just -- it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Carly: Well, I suppose we just shut off the water before the pipes freeze right?

Sam: Already done. Hey, what do you say, we go over to Yo's and I'll buy you a beer? Otherwise we can just sit here and just wait until our eyeballs freeze.

Carly: I'm not really in the mood.

Sam: Humor me. I'm still a little bummed out about Kit, and just the prospect of spending the rest of the night here, shivering in my sleeping bag. All alone, in the storage room. Consider it an act of charity.

Carly: Well, how can I say no to that? All right, come on. It will be warmer in the car.

Sam: Definitely.

Paul: This is great, Rosanna. The sooner we get it over with, the better.

Rosanna: I don't consider our marriage an "It." Don't worry, I'm not going to try and change your mind.

Paul: Do you really think this is something we should be celebrating?

Rosanna: Oh, come on. We have a long flight ahead of us. We might as well just relax and enjoy it. Will you open this for me please?

Paul: What are you up to?

Rosanna: Nothing. Look, you won. I'm granting you your divorce. Don't you want to toast your freedom?

Katie: We could have frozen to death out there. No thanks to you, Vienna.

Vienna: Don't blame me. Blame the phone company. Because this is the 21st century, and you should have had cell phone service.

Henry: I am sorry that Brad broke his leg, although it is poetic justice after what he did to my laptop.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Vienna: Well, Henry’s computer was sacrificed, because Brad loves you.

Henry: It was not romantic, Vienna. It was murder. And it proves my point. That Katie plus Brad equals damage and destruction. Do not engage.

Vienna: Whoa, whoa are you guys getting engaged?

Both: No.

Vienna: But he loves you!

Henry: She'll be lucky to escape with her life! Brad is already in the hospital.

Vienna: Because she saved him with her superhuman strength.

Katie: You guys argue amongst yourselves. I'm going to go check on Brad.

Vienna: No, this can not be denied. This is the power of love, Henry!

Henry: Oh, Vienna, Sweetheart, I love you so much, but I swear one of these days -- boom, pow -- right to the moon.

Vienna: Oh.

[Henry laughs]

Brad: Oh, hey, man. I'm sorry that I'm an inconvenience to you.

Jack: No, it's not your fault you don't know. Dusty Donovan -- has been murdered.

Brad: What happened?

Jack: Well, that's the thing, there's not a lot of evidence. So I'm basically working 24/7, and living my life in between, you know?

Brad: Who'd kill Dusty? I mean, he wasn't the most pleasant guy, but --

Jack: Holden's been brought in for questioning.

Brad: What?

Jack: Yeah.

Brad: That's insane.

Jack: Well, I know that. But Margo won't let me anywhere near him. She doesn't want to compromise the case.

Brad: So, you can't even talk to your own cousin?

Jack: Nope. Not to mention that Meg is depressed about losing the baby, Luke’s still in physical therapy, Parker's acting out, Emma’s out of town, oh, and Lily's is recovering from an overdose.

Brad: Lily overdosed? How long were Katie and I out of town? Is she okay?

Jack: Physically, yes. We'll just have to wait and see about the rest. She was really close to Dusty.

Brad: I'll say. Is that why Holden --

Jack: I don't know. I hope not. I don't want to believe that he would go that far.

Brad: Then, I'm just what you need then, another invalid in the house.

Jack: Oh, stop it. Come on, let's get you out of here. Come on. Hang on. Here we go. [Phone rings] Oh, sorry. [Brad screams] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Margo, what's up?

Brad: This isn't going to work. This is not going to work.

Carly: Hey, so that's your fourth beer. You want to slow down a little bit there?

Sam: Yeah, I guess I am trying to numb the pain. Aren't I?

Carly: Is it working?

Sam: Uh, not really. My girlfriend dumps me. I've been freezing all day long. Maybe I should switch to the hard stuff.

Carly: Maybe you should put on a sweater.

Sam: I'm allergic to wool.

Carly: Oh, Sam, you really are a sad case.

Sam: Maybe it's time to resort to body heat. Body heat. Oh, it feels good.

Judd: Dude, why are we following your mom here? What about the dance?

Parker: It'll be boring. We should go inside.

Dylan: Cool.

Sam: You know how it feels. When you love somebody with all your heart, and all you get is kicked in the teeth for it.

Carly: Yeah. It doesn't feel very good.

Sam: It feels pretty damn lonely.

Carly: Sam -- if we're going to stay friends, we need to set some boundaries.

Jack: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Brad: When?

Jack: I don't know. I don't know. Flirt with a nurse or something.

Brad: I'm injured!

Jack: Women love that.

Brad: Jack, my -- broken.

Jack: I'll see you soon. Hang tight.

Jack: Hey.

Katie: Hi.

Jack: Brad told me what happened. You sure you're all right?

Katie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Brad: You know, you don't want to keep Margo waiting.

Jack: Right. I'll be back.

Katie: What was that?

Brad: Jack's a wreck.

Katie: About what?

Brad: Work, life, kids -- I mean, you name it. Apparently, there's only standing room at the farm right now. I can't ask him to take care of me right now, with all that going on.

Katie: What are you supposed to do, Brad. The doctor said that you need someone to take care of you. What else can you do?

Brad: Move in with you.

Katie: No. No! No way!

Paul: In less than 24 hours, you and I are going to be divorced.

Rosanna: Not exactly.

Paul: Why not?

Rosanna: Well, we're kind of taking a little bit of a detour. To an island in the pacific.

[Rosanna laughs]

Paul: You're kidnapping me?

Rosanna: What? You're coming on your own free will.

Paul: Really? How do you figure that?

Rosanna: Come on, please. Please, just give us a chance. We'll be all alone together. We can focus on each other. There won't be any distractions. We can remember the good that we once saw in each other. We'll -- maybe we'll fall in love again.

Paul: I can't believe that you did this!

Rosanna: Well, come on. Meg is gone. The baby is gone. You know, neither one of us has anything left to lose.

Paul: Wow, you know what? I knew you were desperate but -- I don't know why I'm surprised. Anybody who's capable of keeping my child from me is perfectly capable of kidnapping.

Rosanna: Okay you know what? You just go ahead. You let it out. You vent all you want. But I am not giving you up without a fight. Even if it means keeping you by force. My life depends on it.

Paul: That's enough. Turn this plane around right now.

Rosanna: I'm just asking for a little more time.

Paul: If I was stuck on a deserted island with you for 100 years, I wouldn't change how I feel.

Rosanna: Now you're just being stubborn.

Paul: Me?

[Paul laughing]

Rosanna: Don't laugh at me!

Paul: I was really hoping that we could do this as painlessly as possible, but I guess that's just not going to happen.

Rosanna: How could losing you be painless?

Paul: Rosanna, it's over. Accept it.

Rosanna: No.

Paul: Well, then you leave me no choice.

Sam: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

Carly: Well, the touching the hair and the face thing, that's not good, Sam. I don't feel that way about you.

Sam: I know. I know. I'm sorry. It's just -- the alcohol and I -- you know I think you're beautiful.

Carly: Well, you can say that. I mean, every girl likes to hear that every once in a while. But the way it's said could be the problem.

Sam: Understood. Understood. And you've been so nice to me. And now here I am, being a total heel.

[Sam sighs]

Carly: I haven't heard that expression in a long time. You're not a heel, Sam. You're just lonesome.

Sam: Yeah. And then I do stupid things.

Carly: Well, I've been there. It'll get better.

Sam: No hard feelings? Come on.

Carly: Okay, Sam. You're a good guy. Don't get too down on yourself, okay?

Katie: You can't live with me. No way!

Brad: Emma's got a full house. Jack's up to his ears in family and work problems. It's not fair to ask him take care of me.

Katie: But it's fair for me?

Brad: Okay, okay. You know what? I didn't want to bring this up, but I wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't gone running off across the frozen tundra for no good reason and made me come after you.

Katie: We wouldn't have been on the tundra in the first place if you hadn't gotten us lost.

Brad: You're right. You're right. And I take my full 50% responsibility for the situation.

Katie: Oh, more like 80-20, in your favor.

Brad: You said you're going to make it up to me. I was in agony, but I remember that part.

Doctor: All right, Mr. Snyder, sign right here and you're ready to go. Who's taking him home?

Katie: I am.

Sam: So, you can forgive me, Boss?

Carly: Yes. Yes, of course. But I think we should get you out of here before you get yourself into any more trouble, okay?

Sam: That's a good idea. You better drive, too.

Carly: I insist. I'm going to use the ladies room. I'll meet you outside.

Sam: Okay. I've already paid.

Parker: Hey!

Sam: You scared the hell out of me.

Parker: Good. Now stay away from my mom.

Sam: Or what?

Parker: You'll be sorry.

Sam: Really? Parker, I don't take orders from children. I thought you'd know that by now.

Judd: Dude, that place sucked. The bartender wouldn't even serve us.

Sam: So, that's what you're doing here. You'd better run along, Parker, before your mother comes out and spots you. Otherwise, you'll be sent to your room without your supper.

Parker: You're a jerk.

Sam: If that's true, you'd better stay on my good side.

Carly: Who are you talking to?

Sam: There you go. Oh, I was just making conversation with one of the locals. You know me. I make friends with anybody.

Jack: Okay, let's go -- Brad? Brad, Brad? Excuse me, Doctor, what happened to my brother?

Doctor: Oh, he was discharged a little while ago.

Jack: Yeah, well, he was supposed to wait for me to come get him.

Doctor: Oh, don't worry. He went home with the pretty little blonde who brought him in. He was the happiest man with a broken leg I've seen in a long time.

Katie: All right. Watch, watch, watch the leg.

Brad: Okay. This is really nice of you, Katie.

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: This really means a lot to me.

Katie: You really didn't give me a choice.

Brad: You know, I won't be any bother at all. You won't even notice I'm here. Okay? Promise.

Katie: Yeah, you're practically invisible.

Brad: Okay. You know, you don't realize what you have until you break one of them.

Katie: How much of that pain medication did you take?

Brad: What do you mean -- the little pink ones.

Katie: All right, from now on, I'm doling out medication.

Brad: Save some for me, Florence Nightingale.

Katie: Yeah. You are pathetic.

Brad: You know what? I am just temporarily broken. But I will rise again like one of those -- what do you call them?

Katie: I'm not listening.

Brad: You're really good at that.

Katie: Hmm?

Brad: Not listening. Can you get me a soda? I like to fall asleep to the 24 hour basketball channel.

Katie: Since when?

Brad: Since I'm on the D.L.

Katie: All right, I think we're going to need to set some ground rules.

Brad: Thank you.

Katie: Hi.

Brad: Hey, Bro.

Jack: It would have been nice to know your plans, Brad.

Brad: I would have, but Katie insisted I come home with her. Like I'm telling you, she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Katie: Brad's exaggerating. This wasn't --

Jack: You don't owe me an explanation. Listen -- listen, it's none of my business. You've made that perfectly clear. So unless your feelings have changed, you don't owe me an explanation.

Katie: No, no, nothing has changed.

Jack: Okay, then. As long as it's okay with you, he's all yours. I'll be in touch.

Katie: Why did you do that? I have half a mind to break your other leg.

Brad: Whoa, peace, come on --

Katie: Why did you make it sound like it was my idea?

Brad: For Jack. I did it for Jack. I mean, you know how proud he is. He'd feel terrible if we pointed out that he had more going on than he could handle. He would never say no to family.

Katie: So what's my excuse?

Brad: You're just a 100% good person. Look -- look, I am sorry. I'm sorry to put you on the spot like that, but I couldn't tell Jack the truth. I didn't want him to feel like he was inadequate.

Carly: Here you go.

Sam: Thanks.

Carly: Hot.

Sam: Oh, yeah. Actually the cold air sobered me up in seconds. You did a good job driving my pickup. You've driven a stick before, haven't you?

Carly: I imagine there are a lot of things you don't know about me.

Sam: You know, it's just this whole Kit thing, it's just thrown me for a loop.

Carly: It's okay. I've been there plenty of times myself. Let's just keep it business between us, okay?

Sam: You see, I can't do that.

Judd: Why are we here, Dude?

Dylan: For the free booze.

Parker: I'm glad my mom didn't get that broken window fixed. Don't touch anything.

Dylan: I thought that's why we came?

Parker: No, I just need to get something. Check this out.

Judd: What the hell is that?

Parker: Meet Cowboy Jack, the puppet perv.

Judd: Dude, that thing is creepy!

Parker: Yeah, the owner's way worse. He talks to this tree stump all the time like it's a real person.

Dylan: Like you can see his lips move?

Parker: Totally. It's lame, and I'm sick of it, so I'm getting rid of it. Come on. Put that away, and let's get out of here.

Sam: You're more than just my boss, Carly. We're friends. And I just can't go back to being plumber, handyman, guitar guy.

Carly: I didn't mean that.

Sam: Well, then what does "All business" mean?

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Don't take it so literally. I just mean no more of the touchy-feely stuff.

Sam: Oh -- so we're still pals?

Carly: Yeah. [Car horn honks] That's your cab. Go home, go to bed.

Sam: Yeah. Goodnight. Sweet dreams.

Vienna: Hello!

Katie: Hi!

Vienna: Never fear, we have provisions.

Katie: What is that?

Vienna: This is a specialty drink guaranteed to make your bones strong.

[Brad groans]

Brad: I'm afraid!

Vienna: Hold --

Brad: Okay, all right.

Vienna: Drink!

Henry: Imagine my surprise when I heard that Brad was staying here.

Vienna: I think it's wonderful.

Henry: Yeah?

Katie: There's an explanation.

Henry: Really? I can't wait to here all about it, downstairs. We'll be right back!

Brad: You're leaving me alone with her?

Henry: We'll bring you something to cleanse your palate, Brad. Go!

Vienna: This was an absolutely brilliant move, Brad.

Brad: Well, it wasn't exactly premeditated, Vienna. But yeah, it could work out.

Vienna: Well, of course it is. You're in Katie's bed, aren't you?

Brad: I'm incapacitated.

Vienna: That's merely a technicality. You have her just where you want her. And that's what counts, hmm?

Henry: Why are you doing this?

Katie: Because I'm the reason Brad broke his leg.

Henry: So what? Does that mean you owe him indentured servitude or something?

Katie: He needs someone to take care of him.

Henry: Huh -- uh-huh. Am I the only one here that's sensing some of your old, familiar patterns, Katie?

Katie: What are you talking about?

Henry: Think back -- you nursing Mike, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera --

[Katie sighs]

Katie: No, come on, this is totally different. Brad is just a friend. He broke his leg looking for me after your significant Swede told people that we didn't need to be rescued.

Henry: He is in love with you!

Katie: No, he's not. And I never encouraged those feelings.

Henry: Really? What do you call wild, crazy sex every 10 minutes to make a baby?

Katie: A mistake. And I'm not doing it anymore -- [Cell phone rings] the last thing I need is to get involved with Jack's brother. Yes, Brad?

Brad: Could you get me some ice? My leg is starting to throb. I mean, no rush, but -- actually, it's kind of starting to kill, and since you stole my happy pills --

Katie: Brad needs his pain medication.

Henry: I rest my case.

Rosanna: We're back in Oakdale!

Paul: Yeah, I asked the pilot to turn us around.

Rosanna: Well, he doesn't work for you.

Paul: Well, he wasn't too keen on the idea of doing federal time for kidnapping.

Rosanna: Listen, why didn't you just take us to the Caribbean? We could have gotten our divorce.

Paul: It would have been pointless. You never would have signed the papers.

Rosanna: You're right, I don't have to divorce you. I could contest it. I will, it'll take years.

Paul: I don't think so.

Rosanna: What's all this?

Paul: Rosanna, it didn't have to be this way.

Cop: If you'll come with me, Mrs. Ryan.

Rosanna: No, I won’t.

Cop: Lt. Hughes would like you to come down to the station for questioning. She asks that I do this politely. But if you force me, I'll have to use cuffs.

Rosanna: You called the police on me?

Paul: Yes, from the cockpit. I told them that you broke into confidential hospital records and switched the results of Meg's CVS test, and they said it was a felony.

Rosanna: I -- I can't -- I can't believe this.

Paul: If you had just done what you had promised and given me the divorce, I would have let it all go, Rosanna. But no, you had to try and trick me? Understand something -- I don't love you anymore.

Sam: Cowboy Jack, I almost blew it tonight.

[Sam goes to the bag where he keeps Cowboy Jack and its gone]

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Sam: Hi, it's Sam. I'm sorry to bother you. I just need to talk to you about something.

Carly: It sounds serious.

Sam: When I got back to Metro tonight, Cowboy Jack wasn't in his bag.

Carly: Maybe you left it out somewhere.

Sam: No, I always put him back.

Carly: Are you saying that you think it's gone?

Sam: Look, I know you're a great mom, and I know you'd want to know if Parker did anything wrong.

Carly: You think Parker took it? Well, he didn't. Sam, why would he do that? He got what he wanted, you moved out.

Sam: Yeah, okay, you may be right about that. But, look, I just want to check.

Carly: Okay. Well, I'm sure that Parker didn't take it. I hope you find your puppet.

Jack: Hey, there he is, right on time. How was the dance?

Parker: Fine. How's Brad?

Jack: He's hurting, but he'll be okay. He decided to stay with Katie.

Parker: You're kidding?

Jack: Don't start, okay?

Parker: Whatever, I'm going to bed.

Jack: Hey, thanks for keeping your word. I'm proud of you.

[Knocking at door]

Jack: Carly, what are you doing here so late?

Carly: It's about Parker. We have a bigger problem than we thought we did.

Brad: Yeah. Oh, thank you. Okay, just one more pillow, please?

Brad: That's good, that's good. Katie, thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without you.

Katie: You think you have everything you need?

Brad: I think I just need to get some sleep. I mean, you haven't had much sleep either since our little adventure. You must be falling down on your feet. So why don't you -- come on, why don't you crawl in? There's plenty of room.

Katie: Oh, no, I wouldn't want to hit your leg in the middle of the night -- roll over and hit you. That would be awful. You'd wake up screaming in agony, and --

Brad: You sleep like a log. You don't even move.

Katie: I don't want to take a chance.

Brad: I feel terrible. I'm not going to make you sleep on the couch in your own room.

Katie: I'm not. I'm sleeping next door. I booked a room when I was downstairs with Henry.

Brad: Well, what if I need something in the middle of the night?

Katie: That's why they invented cell phones. Sweet dreams.

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Margo: Holden Snyder, you are under arrest for the murder of Dusty Donovan.

Lily: Please, Bonnie, he needs your help.

Parker: Something's definitely wrong with this guy. And if Mom keeps hanging out with him, she's going to regret it.

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