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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/14/08

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Carly: How could we have been robbed? We were both right here. Did you hear anything?

Sam: No, no, no, no. And it as it takes a lot of guts for someone to walk in in the middle of the day.

Carly: Well, somebody didn't care about that. Somebody in here who shouldn't have been?

Sam: Just you, me, the kids and the good detective. Did you check your purse?

Carly: I remember putting the money in here. I remember putting it right here!

Sam: Humor me. Humor me. Look.

Carly: Nothing, nothing!

Sam: Calm down.

Carly: I can't calm down! That's all our profits from last night! What am I going to do?

Jack: Okay, Guys, party's over. I want that homework done. Come on, get cracking.

J.J.: Dad, I have a permission slip for a trip to the museum next week.

Jack: Sure.

Sam: Hey. What are you doing out here?

Carly: I'm going to call Jack.

Sam: No, donít.

Carly: Why? The sooner we tell the police, the greater the chance I can find out whoever did this. You don't have to be involved, okay?

Sam: I'm not worried about Jack. I'm worried about you.

Carly: This is a police matter. It has nothing to do with my marriage. Or lack thereof.

Sam: I don't want to use this as another opportunity to say I told you so.

Carly: Well, I appreciate that, I really do. But I'm calling him.

Sam: If he starts ragging on you.

Carly: I'll deal with it, okay? Now why don't you change the case or something, in case we can actually open tonight?

Jack: Don't you have a quiz tomorrow? That's why you had to go pick up that science book, right?

Parker: Yeah, I just -- I left my football out here this morning and I figured I'd better bring it inside.


Jack: Hello?

Carly: Hey, Jack, it's me. Can you come back to Metro right away, please?

Jack: Carly, I just got the kids home.

Carly: I know that. We've been robbed.

Jack: I'll be right there. Parker, listen, I've got to get back to Metro. There's been a robbery. I want you and J.J. to take care of Sage and when I'm home, I expect the studying and homework to be done, clear?

Parker: Clear. Go take care of Mom.

Barbara: Yes?

Rosanna: Barbara, its Rosanna.

Barbara: Why are you calling me?

Rosanna: I need to find Paul. I'm worried about him.

Barbara: So am I. He's gone off on a rampage. I'm sure he's going to try to find Craig to strangle him.

Rosanna: He told you.

Barbara: Yes, he did. And I tried to warn him about doing anything stupid, but apparently, I was several months too late.

Rosanna: You were thrilled when he married me! You welcomed me into your family with open arms.

Barbara: Because I thought you loved him. Instead, you have almost destroyed him!

Rosanna: I didn't. I love Paul!

Barbara: But you were too insecure to trust that he loved you. So what did you do? You teamed up with Craig and then the coup de grace -- you told Paul all about it?

Rosanna: That's right, I told the truth. Doesn't that count for anything?

Barbara: Not when it's just a ploy to keep you from ending up alone.

Rosanna: That will not happen.

Barbara: We'll see.

Rosanna: I expected you of all people to understand. It's not like you've never lied before.

Barbara: The difference is, I'm good at it. You haven't thought things through. So I'm warning you, if anything happens to my son, I'm holding you personally responsible.

Rosanna: Please, Paul. Please come back to me.

Craig: Where do you think you're going, Ryan?

Paul: I'm going to see Meg.

Craig: Forget it. I'm her husband. You have no right to see her.

Meg: I made such a mess of things.

Holden: This is not your fault.

Meg: I was supposed to protect my baby, and I didn't. I was supposed to be his mother.

Holden: You did the best you could.

Meg: It wasn't good enough. I shouldn't been careful. I should've kept him safe. It didn't matter who the father was. What mattered is his little soul.

Holden: I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could say to fix it, but I can't. I'm sorry.

Meg: I just wanted him so badly. I had so many dreams for him. He was mine. He was my son -- my little baby boy.

Holden: You know what, I should call Mama.

Meg: No, no, no, no. There's nothing she can do. I just have to get through this.

Holden: Yeah, but you shouldn't have to do it alone.

[Paul and Craig enter Megís room]

Craig: Damn you, Ryan, get back here!

[Holden, Craig and Paul leave Megís room]

Holden: What's wrong with you two? Isn't it enough that you caused my sister to lose her baby?

Craig: That was all him.

Paul: Don't you dare put this on me.

Craig: You don't belong here, Ryan. Meg is my wife.

Holden: Shut up, both of you! The woman you claim to love is in there suffering and you turn this into a turf war.

Paul: Can't you ask her if she wants to see me?

Holden: I don't have to ask.

Craig: She hates you, Ryan. She fell because you pushed her. You didn't give a damn about her safety as long as you could beat up on me.

Security Guard: Is there a problem over here?

Holden: Yeah, there is. Making a bad situation worse. Can you handle it for me?

Security Guard: Letís go, Partners.

Craig: Beg your pardon?

Paul: I'm not going anywhere.

Holden: Then I'll have you arrested.

Barbara: Sir, Sir -- I apologize for my son --

Craig: Oh, there's a full-time job.

Barbara: A terrible loss. He doesn't know what he's saying. Come on, Paul. Come on, Paul, let's go.

Barbara: You need to calm down.

Paul: What happened to you suffering a great loss, Paul?

Barbara: You have, that's why you're not thinking straight. If I hadn't dragged you out of that hospital, you'd be at the police station being fingerprinted.

Paul: I don't care. He's gone. He's gone.

Barbara: I know. I'm so sorry, Honey.

Paul: He was supposed to be our future.

Barbara: I know that you're hurting now. I've been there, and I believe that a father's love can feel the loss.

Paul: How did you find me?

Barbara: The clerk at the Lakeview said that Meg had been taken away in an ambulance. What happened? Did Craig hurt her?

Paul: No, Mom. It was me. Meg lost our baby because of me.

Security Guard: Excuse me, Ma'am, this guy says he's your husband.

Holden: Husband or not, he's a danger to my sister.

Meg: That's okay, Holden. Let him in.

Holden: Meg, you don't have to do this.

Meg: I got myself into this. I can't just sit back and ignore it and hope that it goes away.

Holden: It's not too late to change your mind.

Meg: Unfortunately, it is. Go. I'll be okay.

Craig: I am so sorry. I never meant for this to happen to you, and I -- if you give me the chance, I swear I will make it up to you.

Barbara: This is not your fault. It's Craig's.

Paul: I pushed Meg. That's why she fell.

Barbara: You wouldn't even have been in the room if Craig hadn't threatened the baby's life. You were protecting your son. And Meg --

Paul: That's no excuse.

Barbara: Honey, it is. You were protecting your family. The fact that Craig was even trying to force his wife to have a miscarriage is a crime in itself. He should be in jail for attempted murder.

Paul: You know, you're right. Craig's gotten away with too much for too long. He's not going to get away with this.

Sam: So are you sure you put the money in here?

Carly: Yes, Sam, I'm sure. Do I strike you as that much of a dits?

Sam: No.

Carly: I didn't misplace like $20, we're talking about a lot of money.

Sam: I know, I know. It's just something is definitely fishy about this whole thing.

Carly: I agree with you about that. I'm going to wait for Jack, okay?

[Sam picks up the rose Parker left]

Sam: All right.

[Parker dreaming]

Carly: You were right. I never should have trusted Sam over you. Thank you for saving me.

Jack: Under the circumstances, I think you'd feel safer if we all moved back in and lived together for a while.

Carly: It's up to Parker. Can you ever forgive me?

Parker: I guess, if you promise to stop falling for every creep who comes your way.

J.J.: Parker. Me so scary.

Parker: It's not funny, J.J. give me that.

Jack: Who else is here today?

Carly: No one, just me and Sam.

Jack: You're sure?

Carly: Yes.

Sam: Positive.

Jack: So if you didn't pull this robbery, who did?

Sam: I have no idea who robbed Metro, but if I did, Detective, you'd be the first person I'd tell.

Jack: Somehow, I doubt that.

Sam: Why don't you dust for fingerprints?

Jack: Because I have a feeling it would be a waste of time.

Carly: Oh, come on. This is ridiculous.

Sam: If you want me guilty before being proven innocent, go ahead, do your thing. Try to pin this on me, while the real perp is running around out there spending our money.

Carly: That's enough, Sam. He didn't do this, so let's just move on. Maybe it was a deliveryman or something. I'll check my book and see who was due in. Maybe I can figure this out for myself.

Jack: Just answer one question, Carly. Did you leave the door unlocked?

Carly: We were all in here together!

Jack: After the kids and I left? Did you leave the door unlocked?

Carly: Sam and I were working in the back. And yes, the door was unlocked. So is it my fault? Are you accusing me?

Jack: I'm not accusing you. I'm just trying to get a picture of what happened. If you want me to take a look around, we'll go to the station and write up a report. We'll get to the bottom of this. Carly, come on, you have to stop being so trusting.

Carly: I'm sorry he accused you. I didn't want that to happen.

Sam: No. Somebody else did.

J.J.: Parker, let me go.

Parker: Not until you take back the names you called me.

J.J.: Okay. You're not a chicken.

Parker: Keep going.

J.J.: Or a wuss. But you're still stupid.

Parker: No, you are if you think Sam the puppet master is such a great guy.

J.J.: You know what? He is.

Parker: Fine, moron. Don't believe me. You'll see.

Sam: Somebody set me up. They wanted you to think I stole that money.

Carly: Why would I think that?

Sam: This.

Carly: A flower?

Sam: This is the flower that I used during my magic trick with Sage. All the kids saw it. They were all here. I found this in the bottom of the cash box. So whoever stole the money wanted you to think that I was the one who did it. So it had to be one of the kids who saw this flower.

Carly: Why didn't you say anything when Jack was here?

Sam: I just didn't want to get the kid in trouble with his dad.

Carly: Why not? After everything he said to you.

Sam: Well, I don't care what they think. Now, if you had thought I had stole the money, I would have ratted out your kid in a second.

Carly: You're a good guy.

Sam: Yeah, I'm a saint.

Carly: Can you hold down the fort, all right, just for a little while? I'll be right back.

Sam: Yeah.


Margo: Oh, Paul Ryan, how are you today?

Paul: I'd like to report a crime.

Margo: All right.

Paul: Your brother Craig. He tried to murder my son.

Margo: Who?

Paul: Meg's baby. I'm the father. And when Craig found out, he tried to give Meg a drug so that she'd have a miscarriage. I want him arrested for attempted murder, reckless endangerment, anything else you can come up with.

Margo: These are some pretty big accusations.

Paul: Yeah, well I'd string him up myself, but then I'd go to jail. How many more people does he get to try to kill before you finally put him away for good?

Margo: Why don't you just relax?

Paul: Fine, don't want to talk to me, talk to Meg. She'll tell you. Then you'll have no problem arresting Craig. Or is that a problem for you, being his sister and all?

Margo: I'll do whatever the law requires.

Paul: Can you make it stick this time?

Margo: Go home, Paul. You've reported your crime. Now stay out of it and let me do my job.

Craig: I love you, Meg. I gave my heart to you. Do you think that's easy for me to do? I was willing to raise your child as my own son.

Meg: Even if it was Paul's?

Craig: Yes, okay, fine! I admit it, I hate Paul Ryan! And I thought if I could look into that child's eyes and pretend to the rest of the world that it was mine, I didn't see how that could be possible. But then I realized that this baby is part of you. And there's no end to the love I'm willing to give you.

Meg: As long as I obey the rules.

Craig: As long as you love me back. I was willing to accept your baby as my own, to raise him, to give him the best life I could find --

Meg: That's turns out better for you, didn't it? No baby and no compromise, right? Do you really expect me to believe that you're sorry for the way things turned out?

Craig: I can't stand to see you hurt.

Meg: It's over, Craig. There is no more baby and there is no more us.

Craig: You're grieving and it's not going to be this hard. You're going to get your strength back. You're going to remember. We were good together. We can be again.

Meg: How can you even think that?

Craig: How can I not? I have never loved a woman like I love you. I have never, ever begged a woman to come back to me, but I'm doing it now. I am begging you. Do not throw us away in anger.

Meg: It's too late.

Craig: Things don't have to be like they were, okay? We'll work together, work at the corporation, we'll do things that are good --

Meg: Craig, Craig! What part do you not understand? We're done. I never want to see you again.

[Craig leaves Megís room]

Craig: You heard?

Margo: Yeah. I'm sorry, Craig. I know this has been an awful day for you, but I'm going to have to have you come down to the station and answer some questions.

Craig: Am I being accused of something?

Margo: Attempted homicide. You've been accused of trying to kill Meg's baby.

Rosanna: I was so worried. I know how angry you were. I thought maybe you went after Craig, but you're here, you're back. Everything can be okay again.

Paul: Nothing will ever be okay again. Meg lost our baby.

Rosanna: Oh, my God. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Paul: No, you're not. You said yourself, you wish Craig had actually had the guts to kill the baby. That way there wouldn't be a problem.

Rosanna: No, no. I would never be that cruel.

Paul: You were. You stood right there, said it right to my face.

Rosanna: Well, if I did, then it was in anger, it was without thinking.

Paul: No, no, no, no. It was just you. You were just being you, the real you. The real, cruel you. See, I think that if you and your friend Craig had had your way, I would never have known I was the father.

Rosanna: Where are you going?

Paul: I have to pack.

Rosanna: Paul, Paul. Don't. Please. Don't leave. I know I made a terrible mistake. I never should have kept the truth about the baby from you.

Paul: Yeah, it's true.

Rosanna: Ever since I got back from the hospital, I've been fearful and paranoid, not myself --

Paul: You're pathological.

Rosanna: Well, if I have been, it's only because I love you so much because I need you. I mean, come on! You've made mistakes, too. You've kept secrets that you shouldn't have, you've hurt people that you love.

Paul: Yes, I -- it's really hard for me to live with all of the lousy things that I've done, and I need to be saddled with you, too.

Rosanna: Saddled? That's a horrible thing to say.

Paul: Yeah. Maybe that's just who I am. Maybe this is the real me. The real, cruel me. Maybe this is who we really are.

Rosanna: No. You love me. No matter what else happens, that is our one constant. We have always had love.

Paul: Not anymore.

Doctor: Schedule a follow-up with your regular O.B. tomorrow.

Meg: Thank you.

Doctor: If it's any comfort, the loss was accident-related, not genetic. I understand you've had fertility issues in the past. But I believe you should be able to conceive again.

Holden: Thank you, Doctor.

Meg: I don't want another baby.

Holden: You don't need to think about that right now.

Meg: I want this one. I would have made a good home for him. And it didn't matter who the father was. It mattered was my baby. Loving him, caring for him. And now I'll never have that chance.

Craig: This is a witch hunt, Margo. Meg lost her baby because of Paul, not me! He pushed her so hard she fell. That is assault, and I have no problem testifying to that.

Margo: That is not why we're here.

Craig: Paul Ryan gets a free pass? That's some justice system you've got here, Sis.

Margo: Sit down.

Craig: I would prefer to stand.

Margo: Shut up and sit down! Did you give Meg a drug so that she would miscarry?

Craig: I thought about it. I took some steps -- I didn't do it. I didn't.

Margo: That cleans the slate?

Craig: No, no, but please, try to understand. I found out she was having Paul's baby. I lost my mind. Anybody would have felt that way!

Margo: I don't think that you should presume to know what the human race would do.

Craig: Maybe not.

Margo: So that's why you asked me how I could love Daniel after everything that Tom and Emily did, because you wanted to know if you could possibly love another man's child, or just kill it instead!

Craig: No, I didn't do it. I couldn't. Maybe another time in my life I might have been capable of -- I love Meg. I couldn't hurt her like that.

Margo: You never change.

Craig: I already have.

Margo: No. You say you have, you say you want to. You say because of Meg you're a new man, that you're a new, improved USDA choice Craig Montgomery, family man! And I wanted to believe you, I did. But once again, everyone who tries to love you gets destroyed and you tell me to understand you. You tell me to walk a mile in your shoes, and I wanted to, because I'm your sister. I'm not going to do it anymore. Loving you is a curse.

Carly: Is your father home?

Parker: He just called to say he was on his way. What's up?

Carly: Why don't you tell me?

Parker: I don't know. Earth science, I guess.

Carly: You look me in the eye. Did you take the money from my cashbox and try to make it look like Sam did it?

Parker: No, why, did he tell you that? [Carly opens up Parkerís book bag and finds the money] Hey, that's private!

Cowboy Jack: The kid's turning out to be a problem.

Sam: I can handle the kid.

Cowboy Jack: Not without me, you can't.

Carly: How could you steal from me?

Parker: I wasn't going to spend it.

Carly: What about Metro?

Parker: I would have found a way to give it back. I just want you to get rid of Sam. He's a bad guy, Mom.

Carly: Sam is the one who figured out you took this money and didn't rat you out to your father.

Parker: I did this for you, Mom. I don't like that guy and I don't think you should be around him.

Carly: That's not your call! You stole from me! You took something that didn't belong to you to try to get somebody else into trouble. Sam could have gone to jail for something that you did. Does that seem fair to you?

Parker: I didn't think about it.

Carly: Well, that's becoming a habit with you, isn't it? You say that Sam is a bad guy when all he's tried to do is be nice to you. But you, on the other hand, Parker -- your father's home.

Parker: Please don't tell him what I did.

Jack: Hey. What's going on?

Carly: I'm not going to do this. We may be divorced, but we're still your parents and we both need to know what's going on with you.

Jack: What is going on, Carly? Is that the money from the club?

Carly: Parker took it to try and get Sam into trouble. He left a clue, but Sam found it and for some reason cared enough about Parker not to turn him in.

Parker: He still showed you, though, didn't he?

Carly: Hey. Don't make Sam out to be the bad guy here. What you did was 100% wrong.

Jack: Yeah, I'm kind of on your mom's side here, Parker.

Parker: But Dad --

Jack: I don't want to hear it. Go to your room. Your mother and I are going to discuss how we're going to deal with this.

Carly: I don't believe this. How could Parker do this?

Jack: You've got to kind of look at it from his perspective, Carly. The last guy you went into business with, you ran away with and no one knew if you were ever coming back. So the kid's scared.

Carly: This is different.

Jack: Not to him. He's lost so many people in his life, he's come to expect it. Setting Sam up was wrong, and he's going to be punished for that, but you've got to kind of look at your role in this, too.

Craig: There's been no crime here, lieutenant. You can't hold me.

Margo: These are not bogus charges. You put the drug in Meg's drink. Now, the minute you handed her that glass, that's intent. Knocking it out of her hand, that's mitigation.

Craig: Oh, come on.

Margo: Oh, come on! You rob the bank, you take the money back?

Craig: Real, real -- oh, that's good. You want to try that theory in front of a jury? I'm sorry my wife cheated on me. She got pregnant with another man's baby. I did lose my mind, but I got it back together again at the last minute. I think the male jurors would take me out for a drink and a lap dance.

Margo: Oh, great! Get out of here. Get out. And don't you dare leave town.

Craig: You are not seriously going to pursue this.

Margo: I am going to talk to Meg, and if she wants to press charges, I'm going to let her.

Rosanna: Do you know what the real mistake has been? For me to let you walk away from us. Not because I need you, but because of Meg! She would have made your life miserable!

Paul: The real thing was you tried to keep my son from me. I will never forgive you for that.

Rosanna: You can't talk that way to me. You are no better than I am.

Paul: I know that. I hate myself for some of the things I have done. There was a time that I looked up to you. I thought that you were too good for me. I thought that you were the one, you were the one that was going to keep me honest. But all of that is gone now.

Rosanna: Then we'll just have to find a way to get it all back.

Margo: Meg. I am so, so sorry. How are you feeling?

Meg: I don't know.

Holden: You'll feel better once youíre in your own bed.

Meg: Where is that supposed to be? Are you here on police business?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. I wish I didn't have to do this now, but I really don't have a choice. Would you like to speak privately?

Meg: Holden can stay.

Margo: Fine. Okay, fine. I know that this has been a difficult time for you, so fine. Well, Paul told me that Craig tried to induce a miscarriage. I questioned him about that and he admitted to it, and I have enough to press charges. I can try and build a case on attempted homicide or assault at the very least. It's really up to you.

Meg: What do you mean?

Margo: Well, between my brother and Paul, you've had a really rough time. Before we move forward with this, I really need you to know that there will be a thorough investigation. You'll probably have to testify before a jury. And it would be reliving all of this, Meg, on a very public stage. Before I ask you to do something like that, I need to know if you're going to go all the way.

Holden: You should do it, Meg. What if Craig succeeds the next time? Meg's not the first person he's hurt, and you know it.

Margo: Yes, I do know that.

Holden: Then you also know that it's high time your brother got what's coming to him.

Sam: Hey. So what happened?

Carly: You were right. Parker took it. I'm sorry.

Sam: I'm sorry, too.

Carly: He's my son, you know? I think he set you up with some misguided attempt to protect me.

Sam: So now you know why he did it? Did you have a good conversation?

Carly: No. No, we don't even speak the same language anymore. Things have never been easy on Parker, but he's becoming destructive, you know? I don't know how to get through to him.

Sam: You know what? Maybe I should move out. I mean, I'm obviously the one that's really getting to Parker. And you say he's a great kid, but you know, I don't want to be --

[Jack and Parker walk in]

Carly: Hi.

Jack: Sam, Parker and I owe you an apology. I was wrong for jumping to a conclusion about you and the money, and I'm very sorry about that.

Sam: It's all right. Not your fault.

Parker: Yeah. I'm sorry, too.

Sam: No hard feelings?

Carly: Parker, Sam is offering you his hand.

Sam: Fresh start.

Carly: Parker!

Jack: Let him go. He apologized and he didn't want to. He's embarrassed, Sam, that's all.

Sam: He's a teenager.

Carly: Just let him run off?

Jack: Probably on his way to Al's or Old Town. I'd really like to talk to you first, if I may.

Sam: I'll make myself scarce.

Jack: I talked to Parker on the way over here. I don't think he's sorry for what he's done.

Carly: I'm worried about him, Jack. Do you think he needs professional help?

Jack: Maybe. He's probably going to dig his heels in about that, though, might even make him resent Sam even more. What I think he needs is -- I think he should live with me at the farm full-time, just for now. Just for now.

Carly: So I don't get to spend time with my son?

Jack: With Sam at your place, the situation's too volatile.

Carly: What if the situation were to change?

Sam: I know you don't like me, and I understand why.

Parker: Good. Then leave me alone.

Sam: I will, but you have to do the same. Okay, you've got to get off my case. I'm not after your mom. I'm her friend. She's got this whole club to deal with and I'm just trying to help out until Kit gets back here.

Parker: Liar.

Sam: Watch it, Kid.

Parker: I don't care what you say. I know you want to get with my mom. I heard you and your dummy talking about her.

Sam: It's a puppet, Parker. It says what I make it say, and it never said anything about getting with anyone.

Parker: Whatever.

Sam: I don't care if you hate me. But do not try to get me in trouble again. You're not very good at it.

Parker: Are you threatening me?

Sam: No, no. I'm cool. But I can't vouch for Cowboy Jack.

Carly: Parker's my first priority. I'll tell Sam to move out.

Jack: You're serious?

Carly: Of course I am.

Jack: Oh, that's great. That will go a long way with Parker.

Sam: If you're looking for Parker, I just ran into him down at Old Town.

Jack: Yeah, I'll go pick him up. Hey, I'm glad we're on the same page.

Sam: Sounds like you two had a meeting of the minds.

Carly: Yes, we did. But you may not like it, Sam. I have to take you up on your offer to move out. For my son's sake.

Sam: Yeah, of course. No problem. Family comes first. I understand.

Carly: I can put you on salary, you know, so it will be easier to get a place.

Sam: No, no, no. Absolutely not. Not until this place starts making some money. I'll just bunk in the back, back there. I mean, if that's not a problem.

Carly: It's great, Sam. Thank you. Thank you for understanding.

Sam: Easy going's my middle name.

Paul: I tried. I tried to be the husband you wanted me to be. But Meg and our baby changed everything.

Rosanna: The baby is gone now.

Paul: I'm tired. I'm so tired of pretending. I love Meg. I never stopped loving Meg, even at our wedding. Even when I said my wedding vows to you.

Rosanna: Oh, no. Now who's being cruel?

Paul: At least it's the truth.

Rosanna: No, no, not all of it. Look, you are just upset now, okay? You need a little time! And I'll give you that time, okay, because I love you that much. I love you enough for both of us.

Paul: You tried to betray me. What's to say you're not going to do that again?

Rosanna: Well, I wouldn't, okay? I swear, I wouldn't!

Paul: Stop. This is just you doing whatever it is that you have to do to get what you want, and I can't live like that anymore.

Rosanna: What are you saying?

Paul: I want a divorce.

Craig: Is this a social call, or should I get my lawyer on the phone?

Margo: I just spoke to Meg. She's not going to press charges. You just dodged another bullet.

Craig: She doesn't hate me.

Meg: I wouldn't go that far. She just doesn't want to relive what you did in front of a jury.

Craig: Well, for once she's the bearer of glad tidings.

Margo: Craig, you don't deserve this break.

Holden: Thanks for letting me stop by and pick up Ethan. You gave the babysitter a hard time, didn't you? You did. Can I get you some tea?

Meg: No, thanks.

Holden: How'd it go? Iím gonna try to bring him up to his crib.

Meg: No, give him to me.

Holden: Are you sure?

Meg: Yeah. Hey, you. You know, you, you almost had yourself a little cousin. A little boy to run around the farm with. Go on hayrides with and catch frogs. Mm-hmm. That would have been really great. I think that would have been so great. Yeah, I think that would have been the best. Don't you?

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Lily: You were saying that you knew Emily Stewart.

Krista: Used to work together.

Lily: You worked together?

Chris: Trying to cover up the fact that I actually did the voice of my father?

Rosanna: If you think I'm going to let you divorce me, you are out of your mind.

Paul: You will.

Meg: I am not your wife anymore.

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