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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/24/07

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Sage: J.J.?

J.J.: Yeah.

Sage: Do you think it would make Mommy sad if we hung this one up?

J.J.: How about you put that one back in the box?

Sage: Maybe next year things will change.

Carly: All right, make some room on that table out there. Your hot chocolate's coming.

Sage: Where's Parker?

J.J.: I -- I don't know.

Carly: All righty.

J.J.: Smells great, Mom.

Carly: Have you heard from your brother?

J.J.: No. Sorry.

Carly: I know, Sweetheart, I wish Parker were here, too.

Sage: I'm not looking for Parker.

Carly: Then who are you looking for?

Sage: Daddy. If he's not here, it just won't feel like Christmas.

Margo: Hey, you two.

Lisa: Hi. I would say Merry Christmas, but under the circumstances --

Margo: Well, why did Kim call us all down here?

Nancy: Bob loves Christmas. Maybe he's come back to us.

Margo: Well, why wouldn't she just say that on the phone?

Lisa: Well, maybe she wants us to be together for the happy news.

Chris: What news? Has there been a change?

Margo: Uh, Kim called us all to tell us to come down here, but she didn't say why.

Emily: Well, if something happened, wouldn't you be the first to know?

Chris: Well, I should be.

Carly: I know how you feel, Honey, but we don't need your father here to have a really fun time. Isn't that right, J.J.?

J.J.: Yeah, you know how Mom always says that chocolate makes you feel better? Well, you know, have some chocolate.

[Knock on the door]

Carly: Oh, there's your father right now. Jack?

Sage: Daddy! I knew you wouldn't stay away on Christmas Eve!

Will: You've been sitting in the same spot all day. Let's go out and get Christmas Eve dinner.

Gwen: I don't want to -- if Sofie calls? If she decides to give us the baby, I want to be ready.

Will: She's not going to make up her mind on Christmas Eve.

Gwen: How do you know? She might. She doesn't have anyone.

Will: And she wants it that way right now. Gwen, we can't pressure her.

Gwen: I'm not -- I'm not going to. I'm just saying that if she decides to reach out, I think, you know, we should be here.

Will: I don't want us to get our hopes up again.

Gwen: Don't --

Will: Gwen, she might decide to keep the baby --

Gwen: Please -- please don't.

Kim: Merry Christmas, Son.

Chris: What's all this?

Kim: Well, I wanted your father to have Christmas with his family.

Chris: That's incredible, Mom.

Kim: Well, I can't take all the credit. I mean, the staff has been just awesome. Are you the first one here?

Chris: Oh, no, Gram's outside with Margo, Lisa, and Emily.

Kim: Oh, oh, good. Let's get this party started.

Carly: What are you doing here, Jack? I told you I'd have the kids back to the farm sometime before 11:00.

Jack: Oh, relax. I'm not here to steal the kids away. I was passing through the neighborhood. I thought I would drop by, see how things were going.

Sage: Is there any hot chocolate, Mommy?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, why don't both of you go into the kitchen and get your father a cup?

J.J.: Come on, Sage.

Sage: Don't go away.

Jack: Okay. What?

Carly: You weren't passing through. You came to check on me to see if Kit and Sam were here.

Jack: Are they?

Carly: No. No. I told them to stay away from the kids and that's exactly what they're doing.

Cowboy Jack: Howdy, partner!

Will: Hey, Aaron. Come on in.

Aaron: Sorry to barge in on you guys on Christmas Eve.

Gwen: Have you heard from Sofie?

Aaron: Uh, no. No, she's not answering her phone. So I went to her hotel room at the Wagon Wheel, she's not there. I'm getting really worried. She was really, really upset yesterday, trying to figure out what to do with the baby and all -- you know, I'm sorry, I shouldn't -- you guys are not the ones I should be talking to about this.

Will: Well, you're here so talk.

Gwen: No, honestly, we care about Sofie. So, if she's in trouble --

Aaron: I'm afraid she's gone. The social worker acted like she had to make a decision about the baby right then and there. Sofie pretended to be cool about it, but I didn't buy it.

Will: That's why she came to see us.

Aaron: She came here?

Gwen: Yeah, she came by and she asked us if we were still willing to adopt the baby. And if we did, if she could be a part of her life.

Aaron: And what did you say?

Gwen: Well, we said yes, of course. But then she left without saying what she was going to do. Well, maybe -- maybe you're right. Maybe she decided to keep the kid and she's just couldn't face us --

Will: Did you check the hospital?

Aaron: No, that's my next stop right now --

Will: We're going to come with you.

Gwen: Yeah.

Kim: We are going to bring your father out of this coma for Christmas. Now, I know what you're going to say, so don't even try. Because doctors don't always know what it is that brings people back. And all I know is your father has never missed a Christmas -- family Christmas and he is not going to want to start now.

Chris: Mom, I want you to know what a long shot this is --

Kim: I know, I know. But at least I can say I tried everything.

Emily: I wanted to thank you for including me.

Kim: You've been very good helping Chris since he took over for Bob. But only I know what big shoes he has to fill. But if I get my Christmas wish, he won't be filling them much longer.

Chris: She knows.

Emily: She knows what? There's nothing to know. You did not put your father in that bed. Will you stop?

Tom: Hey, Merry Christmas, everybody.

Margo: Hey, Baby, did everything go according to plan?

Tom: Like clockwork.

Kim: Happy and a Merry Christmas to you.

Tom: You know, good idea here, Kim. But if this doesn't wake Dad up, let's see if this little guy will.

Emily: Oh, Daniel!

Sage: Please stay, Daddy. You're already here. Please?

Jack: Well, I guess that's up to your mom.

Carly: It's -- its fine with me if you stay.

Sage: I've got my wish. I knew I would.

Carly: Does that mean that you don't want any presents?

J.J.: You know, I can take hers if you want.

Sage: No way.

Jack: Where's Parker?

Carly: He's at hockey practice.

Jack: On Christmas Eve?

Carly: It was optional. But I think he was looking for any excuse not to show up.

Parker: Where'd you come from?

Cowboy Jack: Acorns! Can I ask you a question? Your mama has been bustin' her tail trying to make tonight something special and here you are, dawdling around in this here canteen. What in tarnation for?

Parker: Tonight's not special. It's a big fake. Family's a mess.

Sam: Oh, come on, it's not as bad as you say it is. You've still got both of your parents who love you a whole hell of a lot, excuse my French. And I think if you don't show up tonight, it's going to leave a big hole in your mother's heart.

Parker: What do you know? You're just some weirdo my mom picked up on the street because no one else would talk to her.

Sam: Did you at least get her a present?

Parker: No. Why should I?

Sam: Well, because she gave you your life. She raised you. Loved you. Okay, I can see that you don't feel that way. You know what, Parker, one day you're going to be my age. And you will look back at this time. The time that you dissed your mom on Christmas. But you won't be able to fix it. Because she'll be gone.

Parker: Stores are closed. It's too late.

Sam: I just happen to have a gift that you can give her right here.

Jack: I warned Parker if he didn't show, he'd be in big trouble.

Carly: Oh, it's every mother's dream to have her children forced into spending Christmas with her.

Jack: Okay, so that's okay -- it's okay with you that he's wandering around town someplace?

Carly: It's not okay. I want Parker here and I want him to be happy about it. And threatening to take away his video games is not going to make that happen.

J.J.: How long are we going to wait? You know, Parker's not coming.

Jack: Yeah -- yes, yes, he is. I'm making sure of it.

Parker: What's this supposed to be?

Sam: It's an angel. For your mother.

Parker: Yeah, my mom's not exactly the angel type. If you haven't figured that out by now.

Sam: Hey, show some respect. Your mom has been real good to me.

Parker: So give it to her yourself.

Sam: Look, Parker, I'm trying to help you out here. I think it would really mean a lot to your mother if she thought that you went out and got her something for Christmas.

Parker: There's a lot about us that you don't know.

Sam: I know your family's been through hell. And I know that Carly feels terrible about that.

Parker: She should.

Sam: Maybe it's time to mend some fences. Look, I'm going to get a cup of coffee. Just mull it over until I get back.

Gwen: Um, excuse me, do you know how we can find out if a mother's come to pick up her newborn baby?

Aaron: Yeah, we're looking for our friend, Sofie. Just to say Merry Christmas. Yeah, she just gave birth but she's not -- she's not in her room.

Nurse #4: Well, what's Sofie's last name?

Aaron: Duran.

Nurse #4: Sofie Duran.

Aaron: Yeah, with a "D."

Nurse #4: Here we go. Um, mother and child left about an hour ago.

Daniel: Can he hear me?

Kim: Honey, we don't know. But I certainly hope so.

Daniel: Well, what do I say?

Kim: Anything you want to. I'll tell you a little secret. When there's nobody around, I just talk his ear off. I keep hoping that I'll annoy him so much that he'll just wake up. But you just tell him whatever's in your heart, okay?

Daniel: Hey, Grandpa. It's me, Daniel. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that you're sick. And I want you to get better because -- right, I mean, duh -- but I really want to go fishing like we did last summer.

Emily: Hey. Are you okay?

Chris: No matter how hard they try, it's not going to work. Dad's not going to wake up.

Emily: How do you know that?

Chris: I don't -- I don't -- I don't know anything. I just hate to see my mom going all out, rounding everybody up -- it's only going to be worse for her when nothing happens.

Emily: You're afraid -- when your father wakes up, the first thing he's going to do is give you hell for going against his orders.

Chris: No -- if he thinks I took advantage of his stroke to get my way with Evan Walsh's project --

Emily: You took a risk. That's what leaders do. Listen to me, the only thing that matters is when your father wakes up, everyone's just going to be happy about that. Nothing else is going to matter.

Lisa: Chris, it's your father. Come quick.

Kim: Chris, hurry up -- I think he's waking up.

Chris: Dad? Dad, can you hear me?

Carly: Parker!

Jack: What? We're not answering our phone now?

Parker: I guess I forgot to turn it back on after hockey practice ended. Why, what's wrong?

Jack: You're late. That's what.

Carly: It's okay. He's here now. Merry Christmas, Parker.

Parker: Merry Christmas.

Sage: Is that Parker? Finally! Now can we open our presents?

J.J.: Hey, man. Glad you could make it.

Carly: Yeah, let's do the presents. Now, Parker, yours was too big to fit under the tree. I'll run and get it. J.J., give me a hand.

Jack: Are you okay?

Parker: Yup. Fine.

Jack: How about we have a cookie? That would cheer you up.

Carly: All right, now close your eyes.

Parker: Huh?

Carly: Close your eyes. Okay. All right now. Go ahead, open them.

J.J.: Whoa.

Carly: What do you think?

Sage: It's a just a dumb old hockey jersey. Why's it in a frame?

Parker: Because it's a Mike Eruzione jersey.

J.J.: It's autographed. It's awesome.

Jack: Honey, it's a -- that is the captain of the 1980 Olympic hockey team. That's a big deal. Great present, Carly.

Carly: Do you like it?

Parker: Mike Eruziibe. He's the whole reason I started to play ice hockey. I can't believe you remembered.

Sam: Hey, Parker made it.

Kit: And his daddy, too. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was one big happy family.

Sam: Until the big bad detective starts riding Carly about something stupid.

Kit: Yeah, well not now. Looks like everybody's getting along just fine.

Sam: That was close.

Kit: Yeah. Come on, we better get out of here before we get our butts handed to us.

Gwen: I can't believe that Sofie took the baby and left without telling us. I mean, she doesn't have any money. Where's she going to go?

Will: Maybe she changed her mind about giving us the baby.

Gwen: You can't really blame her. You know, once you put that baby in your arms, everything else just seems to go away.

Will: Let's go home, okay?

Gwen: Okay. Um, listen, if you find her, will you tell that we understand. We still want to give her the stuff that we told her about for the baby. Just don't forget, okay?

Aaron: I'll tell her. I promise.

Gwen: All right.

Will: Come on.

Sofie: Last Christmas, I -- I never could even have imagined you. I thought the biggest thing that would happen would be me and Cole -- Cole getting engaged. Then I got pregnant, and my whole world turned upside down. You were such a surprise. That doesn't mean that I don't love you. I love you more than anyone or anything in this whole world.

Carly: You really like it?

Parker: Who wouldn't? Do you know how rare these things are? I mean, I can't believe you found it.

Carly: Well, it wasn't easy. Sam told me about this website that sells all this sports --

Parker: Sam found it?

Carly: No. No. I just -- I told him what I was looking for and he told me where I might be to -- find it.

Kim: Merry Christmas. Are you able to say anything?

Chris: Mom, come on.

Kim: Honey, but he's not responding.

Chris: Sometimes coma patients open their eyes, Mom, but they're not fully aware --

Kim: What, can he -- can he listen -- can he hear me?

Chris: I wish -- I wish -- I wish I knew, Mom. Why doesn't everybody go outside for a moment? He's regaining consciousness. We don't want to overwhelm him.

Kim: I'm going to stay.

Chris: Mom, I want --

Kim: I know --

Chris: I want to do a couple quick exams --

Kim: I don't care -- you just do whatever you want to do, but I'm going to be here when your father wakes up. So, you do what you need to do. And just pretend like I'm not here.

Carly: I know how much Parker hates Sam. Why did I open my big mouth?

Jack: Carly, don't. I think I better handle this.

Parker: How can you be okay with those creeps hanging with Mom all the time?

Jack: Hey, I'm not okay with it. Why do think those creeps aren't here?

Parker: The jersey's cool. But now that I know that the puppet master helped her find it --

Jack: It's still cool, all right? And it was your mom's idea.

Parker: She just keeps hooking up with weirdos. First, Simon. Now Sam with his Cowboy Chucky. She doesn't care about her kids.

Jack: That is not true, Parker.

Parker: Then why does she invite people like that to live with her? I hate it, Dad. And all it does is make me not want to live with her anymore.

Kim: All right, Chris. What is going on here?

Chris: I don't know. He's more awake than he was, but he's not fully there yet. I won't know his status until I get a CT scan and an EEG, or --

Kim: Or what?

Chris: You know --

Kim: Christopher, what?

Chris: We don't know how much damage Dad sustained from the stroke. What I'm trying to say, Mom, is it may be some time before Dad's able to verbally communicate with us. If ever.

Kim: Oh!

Carly: It's late. I'll pack up the presents. And, Parker, you can help your dad load up the car. You finish that and put on your coat, Sage, okay?

Sage: Why do we have to leave? It's because of Parker, isn't it?

Parker: Because that nice man helped you isnít a nice man, Sage.

Sage: He is, too. You never give anybody a chance.

Parker: Excuse me?

Jack: Parker. Guys, stop.

Sage: You hate everybody. And now, because of you, my Christmas wish won't come true. You ruin everything!

Parker: I'm gonna go wait in the car.

Carly: Not the Christmas Eve I had in mind.

Jack: About Parker, what you heard --

Carly: I get it. After what I've done, if I were him, I don't think I'd ever speak to me again.

Bob: Say --

Kim: Honey, Honey -- don't push. Don't push. Just take it easy. Take your time.

Bob: Say.

Chris: Dad, take it easy, okay? You've had a stroke.

Kim: Honey, easy -- easy.

Bob: Must say --

Chris: Dad -- Dad, it's all right. It can wait. We've got plenty of time.

Kim: He's right, Honey. Just relax. We've got all the time in the world.

Bob: Merry -- Christmas.

Kim: Oh, Sweetheart. Oh, my sweetheart. Oh, Merry Christmas to you, too.

Daniel: Can I stay with you at the hotel?

Emily: Um, well, you know what? I wasn't -- I wasn't --

Margo: Hey, why would you want to spend the night at a crummy hotel when your dad and I have spared no expense to turn your room into the coolest place on the planet?

Daniel: You redid my room?

Margo: Yes, we did.

Daniel: Excellent!

Nancy: Well, don't keep us in suspense, Dear. What's happening?

Kim: Bob is awake. And he wishes you all a Merry Christmas.

Jack: Okay, troops. Hey, I see you've got the stockings all ready to go. Want me to help you hang them on the mantel?

Sage: I wish we could've hung them up at Mommy's. Why couldn't we just spend the night with her?

Jack: Not this year, Honey.

Sage: Why not?

Parker: Because Mom's waking up Christmas morning with her wacked-out friends, that's why.

Jack: Parker, that's enough.

Sage: Yeah, Parker. Stop being such a jerk.

J.J.: Hey, come on, Sage. Let's do this.

Jack: Look, I know you still have issues with your mom --

Parker: Can we not talk about it again? I'm sorry, Dad. Maybe you can forget all the bad stuff she's done, but I can't. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Lisa: If this isn't a Christmas miracle, I don't know what is.

Margo: Yeah, between Bob waking up and Danny coming home, it's looking very merry. Who know?

Nancy: What about Casey? His 90 days must have been up a long time ago? Is he planning on coming home for Christmas?

Lisa: What's happened? What's wrong with Casey?

Tom: Casey had a little altercation with one of the guards just before he was supposed to be released.

Nancy: He had a fight with a guard?

Tom: It's kind of a convoluted story, Gram. The guard says one thing, Casey says something else. But the upshot is, he is going to be inside a little longer.

Parker: Where did you get that?

Jack: I found it out on the porch. I'm just wondering where it came from.

Parker: I know. It came from Mom's good friend, Sam.

Will: Gwen, you're allowed to be angry.

Gwen: I'm not. No, I -- I'm not. I mean -- I mean, there was a moment at the hospital when I found out she decided to take the baby that I just wanted to -- I just wanted to disappear. But then, you put your arm around me and -- I realized I'm not missing anything. Now we have each other. You're my family. And I'm yours. And that as long as we remember that, that we can get through anything.

Will: I feel the same way. But you don't have to settle for just me. We're going to have a baby one day. I know that. I promise you.

Gwen: I love you.

[Doorbell rings]

Sofie: I should've called. I am sorry. I just -- the hospital wanted to discharge her. And it was either I take her or -- you know.

Will: Sofie, it's all right. You don't have to explain it.

Gwen: Yeah, and we still -- we still want to give you all of this baby stuff. We're almost done packing it up.

Sofie: No, you don't have to.

Will: Sofie, it's yours. No strings.

Sofie: I don't need the baby things. That's why I'm here.

Carly: Hey, what are you doing back here?

Jack: I found this on the porch at the farm.

Carly: You -- what is it?

Jack: Why don't you ask your friend?

Will: Sofie, I thought that by taking the baby from the hospital --

Sofie: No, I had to. I had to. They were going to give her to child services and then, they'd give her to strangers and I didn't want that, so I took her. I gave birth to her, but a mother does more than that. The love part is so easy, but taking care of her the way she deserves -- I don't think I'm up to that. Not yet, anyway. And maybe I'll get another chance one day. With another baby. That doesn't -- doesn't mean anyone can take this little one's place. I will never, ever forget her. I just -- I needed time to say good-bye.

Gwen: Why?

Sofie: You said that -- that I could be a part of her life. I hope you meant that. Because I just want a chance to know her.

Will: Sofie, are you saying --

Sofie: I -- I want you to have my little girl. To raise as your own.

Jack: Sam gave this to Parker at the diner.

Carly: Sam, why would you give Parker a Christmas present?

Jack: Oh, Parker was supposed to give it to you. To maybe ease the tension between the two of you. Does that sound about right, Sam?

Sam: Yeah. That's right.

Carly: That's sweet. Name for it.

Sam: Well, then you think wrong. Because there was no ulterior motive.

Kit: Are you sure?

Sam: Carly gave us a place to live. I mean, she didn't have to let me stay here.

Jack: Yeah, it looks like this thing took a lot of time to make, Sam.

Carly: Come on, Jack. It was a sweet gesture. It's Christmas. That's what people do.

Jack: Are you defending this guy?

Carly: Yeah -- yeah, I guess I am.

Chris: I want to be called the minute there's a change in my father's condition no matter how insignificant the attending thinks it is. Is that clear?

Emily: They'll call. You're the boss man, remember?

Chris: Yeah, so much for Christmas, huh?

Emily: It's not over yet. Merry Christmas, Chris.

Chris: Oh, man, these are -- these are --

Emily: I thought it was time you looked the part of chief of staff. You know what I mean? Hey, are you all right?

Chris: No. I'm not.

Sofie: She's yours, if you still want her.

Will: Are you sure?

Sofie: You don't need a baby to be a family. And that's -- that's why you are so perfect. All you want is -- is to share all the love you have with someone who really needs it. I want my daughter to have that. I want her to grow and to thrive and to be part of something that's real. I want her to have a family with a mom and a dad and aunts and uncles and Christmases like this. And you can -- you can give her everything that I can't. And that's why I want you to be her parents. Shh, shh, shh. It's okay.

[Baby fusses]

Will: Shh.

Gwen: It's okay, it's your mom. It's okay.

Gwen: I don't know how to thank you.

Sofie: Just take good care of her.

Will: We will. We promise.

Sofie: I should go.

Gwen: Sofie, wait -- listen, she'll know. Okay, we'll tell her everything about you. And how you brought her into this world. She'll know absolutely everything about you and you can always be a part of her life. As long as you want to be.

Sofie: It might be a while before I can handle that, but it's okay. As long as she's safe and happy. And I can see that she is. Merry Christmas.

Chris: The way my father looked at me tonight -- it just brought it all back. The look he gave me when he found out I went behind his back. And seeing him on the floor, unconscious -- Emily, I thought he was dead. How am I going to be able --?

Emily: You had a fight. A fight, Chris. I fight with my mother all the time. She hasn't had a stroke.

Chris: That doesn't prove anything.

Emily: Your father didn't collapse in front of you. Okay, you don't know what happened after you left. This stroke could have been brewing for a long time.

Chris: And I pushed him over the edge.

Emily: Will you stop? Stop. Okay, your family had a miracle tonight. Focus on that, okay? Come on, if you don't stop with all this doom and gloom, I'm not going to give you the rest of your Christmas present.

Chris: Well, I've got a gift.

Emily: Really? Oh.

Chris: Is it too much?

Emily: Too much? It's perfect. Will you help me?

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.

Emily: Thank you.

Carly: I know you and Parker don't like Sam.

Jack: Yeah, and you know why? Because he tried to make Parker do something he didn't want to do, and when Parker refused, St. Nick here practically broke into our house to force it on him.

Sam: I sat it on the porch. Believe me, if I wanted to break in --

Kit: Baby, why don't you stop talking?

Sam: I thought the kid left it by accident. Look, Carly, Parker loves you. But he thinks if he says it out loud, he'll look weak. So, I thought if he gave you a present, that it would sort of -- you know, say things for him.

Jack: He's not one of your dummies, Sam. He can speak for himself.

Sam: Carly's a good person. And she's our friend. And I just wanted to give something back. From both of us.

Carly: Thank you, Sam. That's very kind of you, even if Jack doesn't seen it that way. And the angel -- is lovely. It's the best Christmas present I got this year.

Jack: You stay away from my kids. And don't ever come near my house again.

Carly: Jack, please don't leave angry, okay? This has already been, like, one of the worst Christmases of my entire life --

Jack: That was not my intention, believe me.

Carly: I know.

Jack: I don't trust that guy, though, Carly.

Carly: Because he made an angel?

Jack: You don't get it, do you? And you probably never will.

Sam: Carly, I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Carly: I know you didn't.

Sam: But if there's anything I can do --

Carly: Sam, you've done enough.

Sofie: Aaron, what are --?

Aaron: Will called. He told me what you did.

Sofie: It was the right thing. It was. It was -- it was the best thing for my baby.

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