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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 12/13/07

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Carly: Hi. I didn't expect to see you.

Jack: There's something I need to ask you about --

Carly: I didn't do it!

Jack: What are you talking about?

Carly: Whatever you came here to yell at me about, I didn't do it.

[Katie remembering]

Katie: What were you saying, Brad? You gonna have a problem with this?

Brad: Come here.

Brad: You look great, by the way.

Katie: Would you knock it off?

Jack: I didn't come here to fight with you.

Carly: I got the message the first time, all right? You don't want my help, you don't need my help, I know what I can do with my help.

Jack: Actually, I kind of need your help. Right now.

Brad: I wasn't exactly expecting that.

Katie: Well, you would have if you would have been listening to me. No PDAs!

Brad: It was a little kiss on the cheek. What's the BFD?

Katie: We're at work, Brad. You need to put aside the fact that we're having sex and just try to act normal.

Brad: For me, having sex is normal. Except when it's fantastic. And when it's fantastic, it's hard for me to wipe the big stupid smile off my face.

Katie: Well, try.

Brad: Well, when I came in here, you looked like you had a little grin going yourself.

Katie: I did not!

Brad: Yeah. Yeah, uh-huh. Yeah, you were thinking about it, too. Weren't you? Just a little bit.

[Rosanna remembering]

Eli: It's you, all right. Switching the DNA test results on Meg's baby. I took the tape out of the security camera as soon as I realized someone had been messing with my computer.

Rosanna: Well, give me the tape.

Paul: Hey.

Rosanna: Oh!

Paul: I didn't mean to startle you.

Rosanna: No, no, no, you didnít. Actually, I forgot to tell the cook to make that potato thing that you like. Would you mind telling her to prepare one for us tonight?

Paul: Yes, I would.

Rosanna: Well, we don't have to have the potato thing, we can have something else --

Paul: This isn't about the potatoes thing, is it? This is about you wanting me gone so you can keep hiding whatever it is you have behind your back. But, Rosanna, there's really no point. I'm pretty sure I know what it is.

Meg: They said five minutes. It's been longer than five minutes.

Craig: Come on, he's a doctor -- when is a doctor on time? In all the years you were a nurse, did you ever notice one time --

Meg: You know, that's right, that's right, I was a nurse. And I when an Ob/Gyn says that there's something about a genetic test that they would like to discuss, it's probably not good news.

Craig: You told me he said there was no cause for concern.

Meg: He probably didn't want us to worry. But if we're here, it's probably something --

Craig: Dr. Bullock, would you mind setting my wife's mind at ease, letting her know there's nothing wrong?

Dr. Bullock: Why don't we go into the exam room and we can discuss the findings --

Meg: Is my baby all right or not?

Paul: You are hiding my Christmas present behind your back.

Rosanna: You could always read my mind.

Paul: Okay, okay, now wait. I'm gonna hide my eyes.

Rosanna: Well, can I trust you?

Paul: Yeah, of course you can trust me. I can trust you, right?

Rosanna: No peaking.

Paul: You done?

Rosanna: Yes, you can open them now.

Paul: Okay, that was quick.

Rosanna: Well, you know, you're pretty quick yourself. Were you able to convince Will to give your mother another chance?

Paul: No. And the more I think about it, the more I think that Will was right. What Barbara did was --

Rosanna: No, no, no. Don't say unforgivable. I mean, nothing is unforgivable if you've done something to help the people that you love.

Paul: So many people have lied to you and have hurt you, talking about children. How is it that you're so understanding?

Rosanna: Well, I mean, I think if Meg's baby had been yours --

Paul: It wasnít. Please, let that go. Please?

Rosanna: No, I canít. I'm not letting it go because I wouldn't let it go, if her baby had been yours. I wouldn't let you go back to Meg, because she has hurt you enough already.

Dr. Bullock: I can't answer that question, Mrs. Montgomery.

Meg: Can't or won't?

Dr. Bullock: I canít. I don't have enough information. Now, I asked you to come in because after going over a full spectrum of your CVS results, we discovered that you're a carrier for Gaucherís disease.

Craig: What is that?

Meg: I've heard of it.

Dr. Bullock: Gaucher's is what we call a storage disease. In layman terms, it means it can cause the build-up of fatty substances in your liver and other organs.

Craig: And Meg is a carrier?

Dr. Bullock: Now as your wife probably knows, many people can be carriers for Gaucherís but not experience any symptoms at all. So there's often no reason for concern --

Meg: Until there's a baby involved.

Dr. Bullock: And even then, the only real reason to worry is if both parents are carriers. Which is why I've ordered a complete review of your DNA results, to make sure you're not a carrier, as well.

Craig: Well, what if I am?

Dr. Bullock: Then there's a one-in-four chance that the baby will be affected. [Beeper goes off] I need to check in with the neonatal ICU. But I shouldn't be long.

Craig: Everything's going to be fine.

Meg: You don't know that.

Craig: I know that I'd never heard of Gaucherís disease until today. I know that if I had that, that would be something --

Meg: He said it's asymptomatic, Craig. I didn't know I was a carrier. And if you --

Craig: Now, baby, don't worry. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Paul: I never said that I would go back to Meg if she were having my baby.

Rosanna: Well, you didn't have to.

Paul: Rosanna, it's not an issue anymore.

Rosanna: You're right, it's not. Meg and the baby and all of that is behind us now.

Paul: Yes, the entire Montgomery family is out of our lives. Hopefully, for good this time.

Jack: There's this holiday bazaar thing happening in Old Town tonight, and Sage told me she'd like it if you could take her.

Carly: And so you want me to tell her that I'm busy, so you don't look like the bad guy?

Jack: No, actually, I'd like it if you could take her. Parker and J.J., too.

Carly: Really? Thank you. Why?

Jack: Why? Since when do you look gift horses in the mouth?

Carly: Since the horse decided that he wanted me to spend the evening with my children when he said that he wasn't going to let me see them.

Jack: Okay, so now you don't want to do that?

Carly: That's not what I said.

Jack: I need some time to take care of some business tonight, okay? If you take the kids to the bazaar, that'd give me the time I need.

Carly: Oh -- must be very important business. Is it Katie?

[Knocking on door]

P.A.: Your guest is here and ready.

Katie: And we are ready, as well. Thank you. Focus. Get your mind out of the gutter and back on the set.

Mia: You must be Brad Snyder.

Brad: I must be.

Katie: And I would be Katie Peretti. And you are?

Mia: Mia. I have to tell you, I kind of gave my agent a hard time for booking me something so local. I mean, please -- "Oakdale Now"? But then I watched an episode and saw this guy right here. Brad, have you ever considered modeling?

Katie: Only with silly-putty. Let's get on with the interview.

Brad: You're right, Katie. I really need to get my mind back on my work.

Jack: I'm not discussing my relationship with Katie, okay?

Carly: Okay. That's fine, I just thought if you're going to see her, you ought to tell her that you had nothing to do with me interrupting her and Brad.

Jack: I'll bring the kids by later. What time would be the --

Carly: Sam -- he's a decent guy, once you get to know him.

Jack: I'm not planning on it. Listen, if you spending time with the kids means they're going to be hanging out with a couple of criminals --

Carly: No, Jack. I'll make sure that Kit and Sam stay away from the kids. Okay? As a matter of fact, why don't I go over to the farm and pick them up so you don't have to bring them here at all?

Jack: Now that's a great idea. Carly --

Carly: Letting the kids spend time with their mother is not a mistake.

Jack: Let's hope not.

Carly: Oh, hi.

Kit: Hey.

Carly: Perfect timing. Jack just left.

Sam: Yeah, we waited outside until we saw him leave.

Kit: What did he yell at you for this time?

Carly: Nothing. As a matter of fact, he wants me to take the kids to the Christmas bazaar at Old Town tonight.

Sam: Fantastic. I'll drive us all over there. I'll even spring for hot chocolate for the kids when we get there.

Kit: Great idea, baby!

Carly: No, no, no. No, that is a terrible idea.

Rosanna: Do you know what would be even more perfect?

Paul: I totally agree. Let's go upstairs

Rosanna: No, no, no! Later, later, later. I promise. A Christmas tree! Why don't we go out and get a Christmas tree, and then we can stop by and maybe pick up some cider at Al's?

Paul: Rosanna, you just got out of the hospital. Don't you want to hang out here for a couple of days?

Rosanna: Well, absolutely not. I mean, Paul, my time in the hospital reminded me of how fragile our life together is. And I don't want to waste time in this house too scared to live the life that we're meant to have.

Paul: Okay. I'll go get the car.

Rosanna: Okay.

Eli: How you doing, Meg?

Meg: Hey, Eli -- not so good.

Eli: Well, that's no surprise. I got a call from Dr. Bullock asking me to pull your husband's DNA results --

Meg: Is Craig a carrier of Gaucherís, too?

Eli: Dr. Bullock really should be the one telling you.

Meg: I'm a nurse, I don't need a translation. Is my baby's father a carrier of this condition or not?

Craig: Eli, isn't it? Boy, you sure do get around.

Meg: He's here with latest test results.

Craig: Oh, so what's the deal? Eli, what are the results? Do I have this disease or not?

Eli: Like I was telling Meg, I can't give the results directly to you, I need to wait for Dr. --

Craig: What you need to do, actually, is to tell me the results right now. Let's see that folder, Eli.

Dr. Bullock: Oh, thanks for bringing up the results, Eli.

Eli: Here you go. See you around, Meg. Mr. Montgomery.

Meg: Well?

Craig: You know, we're not really big on suspense, so can you put us out of the misery. Would you please inform my wife I am not a carrier of this disease?

Dr. Bullock: I'm afraid I can't do that, Mr. Montgomery. You're a carrier as well.

Mia: I have a great idea. I have a swimsuit shoot coming up in Cabo. Brad, you could come along, meet some of the players in the industry.

Brad: I am always ready to meet players.

Katie: Oh, okay -- I think that's all for now. Would you excuse us? Brad and I have to go over another segment.

Brad: Excuse us.

Katie: What do you think you're doing?

Brad: An interview --

Katie: Really?

Brad: Yes.

Katie: Oh, okay. "I'm always in to meeting players." That's not interviewing, that's flirting.

Brad: Well, what is the matter? I mean, what do you care anyway? It's not like there's an us, you know, right?

Katie: Right.

Brad: Right.

Katie: You know, I was just -- just try to be a little more professional, for the sake of the show.

Carly: I'm sorry. I hope you don't think I'm being rude.

Kit: No, let me guess. Your ex doesn't want your kids hanging out with big bad Kit and Sam-Sam the puppet man.

Sam: Cowboy Jack is not a puppet.

Kit: I know, baby. I'm just making a point, okay? Look, Sam and I don't want to be any trouble. All right?

Sam: That's right. We got your back, Carly.

Kit: Yeah. Okay?

Carly: Well, thanks. I'll see you later. Oh, Kit, would you go through some of those glasses? We're going to have to actually do some work if we want to open by New Yearís.

Kit: Okay. Okay.

Brad: You are jealous.

Katie: What?

Brad: You are totally green because Mia wants me. And I think that it is totally adorable.

Katie: What Mia wants is of no interest to me whatsoever.

Brad: Fine. Whatever. So, you want to have dinner later tonight? You know, you can give me pointers on technique. Interview technique.

Katie: You don't get it, do you? Dinner is too much like dating. We are not dating. We are accomplishing a mission, no more, no less. Besides, I have a lot of work to do. For the last time, not on -- set.

Carly: Hello? Sage? Parker, J.J. all aboard for the Christmas bazaar!

[Carly walks in and goes over by the trash can and sees a scarf and takes it out of the trash can]

Parker: Digging through trash, Mom?

Carly: No, no. I'm just wondering why Emma would throw something so beautiful away.

Parker: She didn't throw it out. Dad did.

Carly: And why would he do that?

Parker: Because of you.

Katie: It wasn't enough for you to send your ex-wife to humiliate me?

Jack: You know I'd never do anything like that. And if you think I would, then there's no point in us talking at all.

Katie: You're right. I'm sorry. If you wanted to bang on my door, you'd have done it yourself.

Jack: I can tell you're on a break. Can I buy you a cup of coffee? There's something I want to talk to you about.

Katie: Yeah -- but just for a few minutes.

Mia: How about a little post-interview drink?

Brad: I don't know. I think I should be getting back to work.

Mia: Why? Doesn't look like anyone's waiting for you.

Brad: You know what? You've got a point. I guess there's nothing else Katie needs me for. Right? Let's go.

Carly: I know you blame me for things not working out with your father and Katie. But if it makes you feel any better, I think he's with her right now, trying to work things out. Which is why he asked me to take you to the Christmas bazaar.

Parker: So, now I'm supposed to believe that you actually want my dad and Katie to spend time together?

Carly: I'm not asking you to believe anything. I am asking that you stop being so angry. For a little bit, at least, for Sage's sake.

Parker: I'll go. For Sage.

Carly: And who knows? Maybe we'll all have some fun together.

Parker: Don't push it, Mom.

Katie: What did you want to talk about?

Jack: Well, I realize I have no business telling you how to live your life. But this plan to have a baby with Brad --

Katie: You've already made your feelings on that subject quite clear.

Jack: Yes, well, it's not because I'm jealous. It's because I care about you. If you go through with this crazy idea --

Katie: Well, there's no if, Jack.

Jack: You and Brad, you already --

Katie: Not that it's any of your business. But yes, we have. And in fact, I might already be pregnant.

Meg: This can't be happening.

Craig: Doctor, I have fathered three children. Now, certainly this would've come up before.

Dr. Bullock: If the mother of your other children wasn't a carrier, then you wouldn't have been testing for Gaucher's disease. Now as I said before, there is a 75% chance that your child won't be affected at all. [Beeper goes off] I have to take this. I'll be in touch to discuss this further, all right?

Meg: Okay, well, he said there's a 75% chance the child won't be affected. Right? That's good news.

Craig: Yeah. No, it is. It is. I got a couple questions I want to ask the doctor. I'm going to be right back, okay?

Meg: Okay.

Craig: Eli! I've been looking for you.

Eli: I'm sorry about those test results, Mr. Montgomery. I hope you and Meg aren't too upset.

Craig: Well, Meg is certainly upset. As for me, I think I'm just a little bit more confused.

Eli: I'm sure Dr. Bullock can answer any questions.

Craig: You see, Eli, I'm not confused about the tests. I've been to the DNA rodeo before. What's confused me is the results. After all the times that I've been tested, this particular genetic quirk has never been found until you.

Eli: I can't speculate about any other tests.

Craig: Oh, no. And I wouldn't ask you to. But people do have, what do you want to call it, like an off day? So before this goes any further, I do think that we should run that test again.

Eli: DNA tests don't just happen without authorization, Mr. Montgomery. What you're asking is --

Craig: I'm not asking anything, Eli. Let me be clear, this is not a request. What do you say we go find the supervisor who approved the paternity test you ran on my wife? I'm sorry, what was the name again?

Eli: Come by my office in an hour and I'll take a sample.

Craig: I'll be there.

[Cell phone rings]

Rosanna: I thought I made it clear to you not to call?

Eli: We've got trouble. You need to come to the hospital right away.

Meg: Hey, did you find Dr. Bullock?

Craig: He was busy.

Meg: I'm sorry.

Craig: For what?

Meg: It's my fault that this is happening. If I wasn't a carrier for this Gaucherís thing --

Craig: No, no, no. Baby, you can't -- don't blame yourself for your genes.

Meg: But this baby was supposed to be a brand new start for you, for us. And now --

Craig: And now our baby is going to be perfect, just like his mother. Now, let me take you home so you can get some rest. It's kind of a stressful day.

Meg: You know what? Can you take us shopping instead?

Craig: Oh, joy. There is nothing more that I love than shopping. But no, unfortunately I do have an appointment that I have to keep. So maybe I'll just drop you off in Old Town, okay? But I do have one favor to ask you. Would you buy something for our son?

Meg: What?

Craig: One of those shirts, you know, that says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my mom."

Paul: Your accountant couldn't wait until tomorrow?

Rosanna: Well, you know, I have to sign some papers that have to be filed before December 31st. And he's going on holiday, so --

Paul: Okay. Well, I'll get the car, I'll give you a ride.

Rosanna: No, no, no. I'll take a cab. It'll be much faster. And I'll just meet you at home, okay?

Paul: Okay. I'll grab some mistletoe.

Rosanna: Great.

Paul: Okay.

Carly: Oh, Sage, look at that man dressed up as a candy cane!

Sage: I know, he's huge.

J.J.: He's so lame.

Parker: How long do we have to stay here for?

Sage: What's over there?

Carly: Let's go find out.


Cowboy Jack: Hey there, little lady. Happy holidays from your favorite cowhand.

Katie: You're not going to change my mind, Jack. Having a baby is very important to me. I gave this decision a lot of thought.

Jack: Well, clearly not, if you decided to have Brad be the father.

Katie: All right, if that's all this conversation is, it's over.

Jack: No, Katie. Please, please. I know you. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you can just have sex with Brad -- and not attach yourself emotionally, sooner or later it's going to happen. But Brad, on the other hand -- sex means nothing to him.

Katie: Maybe you don't know me as well as you think.

Jack: I know how much I hurt you when I trashed our marriage. I don't want to see you in the line of fire again, please. Katie, walk away while you still can.

Carly: Watch Sage for me for a minute, okay? What are you doing here?

Kit: The bazaar's open for everybody. Your ex can't blame you for bumping into me in a public meeting place.

Carly: You'd be surprised what Jack would blame me for.

Kit: Well, the last time I looked, this was a free country. Okay? Besides, it's the best place for Sam to show off his routine and maybe get some bookings. The sooner we can get some green, the sooner we're out from under your roof. And Jack has to be happy about that.

Carly: Okay, you have a point. Yeah, all right. Sam can have his little moment.

Kit: See, I knew you'd understand.

Carly: Yeah, but Jack won't. So I can't stay here. I have to figure out some excuse to get the kids back to the farm.

Cowboy Jack: Hey, there, Cowgirl.

Sage: Me?

Cowboy Jack: Why don't you and those two handsome hombres behind you, come on over here and set a spell with ol' Cowboy Jack?

Sage: Cool!

Carly: No, Sage! I'd rather you didn't do that.

Katie: Thanks for the concern, but I can take care of myself.

Jack: In any other situation, I'd agree with you. But not where my brother's involved. You think you know him, but you don't.

Katie: No, Jack. You're the one I thought I knew. I don't think Brad's going to turn out to be half as big a surprise as you were.

Carly: Did Parker say anything to either one of you about where he was going?

J.J.: No.

Sage: He didn't want to see Cowboy Jack with us.

Carly: I hope he's not doing this just to get to me.

Parker: You mean I do can still get to you, Mom?

Carly: Hey! Where have you been?

Parker: What do you care?

Carly: Of course I care! We were supposed to spend the evening together.

Parker: Right. You just wanted to meet up with your friend, what's her name?

Carly: Her name is Kit. She saved your sister's life.

Parker: And what about the creep with the dummy? Is he your friend, too?

Carly: You may not like my friends, you may not like me, but I am your mother, and you will respect that.

Parker: You always said respect had to be earned. I guess you lied about that, too.

Mia: Not only gorgeous, but funny, too?

Brad: You know, if the bartender comes by, tell him that I need a refill. I'll be right back.

Katie: Mia, hi. Katie Peretti. "Oakdale Now."

Mia: Oh, yes! Did I leave something on set? You really didn't have to bring it yourself.

Katie: No, no. I was just wondering how long you think you and Brad will be?

Mia: Excuse me?

Katie: I don't mean to rush you. Well, actually, I kind of do. It's just that Brad and I have an appointment to keep.

Mia: Brad said he was finished with work for the day.

Katie: Oh, no. This appointment doesn't have anything to do with work. Brad and I are trying to make a baby together.

Eli: Gaucher's is only a problem when both parents are carriers. Which, it turns out, they are.

Rosanna: So, what are you saying? Meg and Craig are both carriers of this disease?

Eli: No. His DNA is clean. It's your husband's that isnít. But since you want everyone to believe Montgomery is the father, I had to act like he was a carrier.

Rosanna: Oh, otherwise the baby couldn't be treated properly?

Eli: Yeah, not without knowing the truth.

Rosanna: So what's the problem exactly?

Eli: Montgomery! He doesn't think he's a carrier. Now he's demanding another test to make sure there's no mistakes.

Rosanna: Why does Craig always have to be so difficult?

Eli: If I do a whole new test, he's going to know the last results were switched.

Rosanna: All right, well, just calm down. Look, all we have to do is test a sample from the real father and switch it with Craig's, right? I mean, I could get the sample that you need.

Eli: Craig said he'd be back in an hour. We don't have much time.

Rosanna: I will just rush home and I will get the sample and I will be back before he shows up, okay?

Eli: But one more thing. This is going to cost you.

Paul: Hi, do you think I could get two apple ciders to go, please? And do you have any cookies?

Waitress: We've got a special holiday assortment.

Paul: Thanks.

Waitress: Check it out.

Sage: Mommy! Did you see me and J.J. with cowboy Jack?

Carly: No, I'm afraid not, Sweetheart. But I'm sure you were terrific.

J.J.: Yeah, it was kinda fun. I wish Dad would have been there.

Sage: But we can tell Daddy all about it later.

Carly: Um, no, I don't think that Daddy is such a big fan of Cowboy Jack. So maybe we can skip telling him about that and tell him about all the other great things we saw, okay?

J.J.: Whatever.

Sage: But it was the most fun thing here.

Carly: Well, Sweetheart, I'm sure there are other fun things that we can tell him about. Okay?

Cowboy Jack: Howdy, Amigo. Cowboy Jack ain't so bad once you get to know him.

Brad: Are you leaving?

Mia: Look, you seem like a really nice guy, and you're really cute and everything, but I don't do complicated.

Brad: Well, I can certainly understand that.

Mia: And baby mama drama? Been there, not going back. So just lose my number, okay?

Katie: Brad! Hi.

Brad: What did you tell her?

Katie: Who, Mia?

Brad: Yeah, Mia.

Katie: Just the truth.

Brad: The truth?

Katie: Yeah. It's not like it's a big secret.

Brad: Okay, just so I'm clear. If I tell people at work that we're having sex, I'm a jerk. But if you tell a complete stranger, then --

Katie: Do you really want to waste time talking?

Brad: Lead the way.

Paul: I thought you were eating for two?

Meg: Yeah, well, I was out shopping, and I suddenly got this craving for -- everything fried. But now that it's in front of me, I kind of lost my appetite.

Paul: So what'd the doctor say?

Meg: He was trying to put a positive spin on everything, but, you know, I still -- I'm sorry. You really don't need to hear my problems.

Paul: No, I asked. You okay? The baby okay?

Meg: He thinks he will be. We caught it early, so the doctor thinks he'll be okay.

Paul: Great. He?

Meg: Yeah, we're having a baby boy.

Paul: Congratulations.

Meg: Thank you.

Paul: Craig must be very happy. I got to get those cookies. My wife has a real sweet tooth.

Rosanna: As far as I'm concerned, I've already paid you more than you deserve for simply keeping your mouth shut.

Eli: I've done much more than that. Just think of what would've happened if that tape had fallen into the wrong hands and someone else had seen you switch those paternity results. And now, you're asking me to fake a test, risk losing my job!

Rosanna: Fine. Fine, fine. Here you go, okay? And this is the last dime you are getting from me.

Eli: Always a pleasure seeing you, Mrs. Ryan.

Jack: Hey! Well, how was the bazaar?

Sage: Daddy, it was awesome.

Jack: It was? What was your favorite part?

Sage: We saw this guy -- he was dressed like a walking candy cane.

Jack: A walking candy cane, wow! That is incredible. Were you guys as impressed as your sister?

J.J.: It was okay.

Jack: Why don't you guys go upstairs and get ready for bed? Go ahead. That includes bathing, please. And brushing your teeth, don't forget that, that's -- well, it sounds like everything worked out.

Carly: Yeah, they seemed to have a good time. It doesn't look like you can say the same. You weren't able to talk Katie out of it, were you?

Brad: Wow, you really want to hit the ground running, don't you?

Katie: I want a baby. You're helping me make one. Let's get this show on the road.

Brad: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This isn't about making a baby. This is about Jack.

Katie: The only person in this room thinking about your brother is you. Let's see if I can give you something else to think about.

Brad: You know what? No, I saw you leaving the studio with Jack earlier. He tried to talk you out of this. Didn't he?

Katie: He tried.

Brad: Didn't he?

Katie: Yeah, but Jack's not going to talk me out of getting what I want.

Brad: And all you want is a baby, right?

Katie: Of course.

Brad: Because from where I'm standing, this feels an awful lot like revenge.

Jack: Maybe all Katie wants is a baby, she's just using Brad to get it.

Carly: You think it's that simple?

Jack: Do you really think she's doing it -- you think she's just going go through with this to get back at me?

Carly: I know she still loves you, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, well, having a baby with my brother is a funny way of showing it. It's too late now. Anyway, you should get going.

Carly: Right.

Jack: Hey, Carly? Thanks.

Carly: You're welcome. Good night.

[Door slams]

Katie: Revenge, Brad? Is that what this feels like to you?

Brad: No. No, no. That feels like heaven. Before all the blood leaves my brain, I want to be clear on what's going on here.

[Katie groans]

Katie: You always pick the exact worst times to think? Okay, you want me to be honest? Yeah, I'm a little ticked off at Jack.

Brad: I knew that kiss didn't taste right.

Katie: Mostly because he doesn't think that I can handle sex without some big commitment. He thinks I'm way in over my head and that you're going to hurt me worse than I've already been hurt -- like that's even possible.

Brad: Do you believe I'm gonna hurt you?

Katie: No.

Brad: Good. Glad to hear it.

Katie: You can't hurt me. No one can hurt me. Not anymore. So shut up and put up.

Parker: It never stops, does it?

Jack: What's that?

Parker: You give Mom chance after chance, and she just does the same thing all over again. Except this time she even got Sage to lie for her.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Parker: You know where she took us tonight?

Jack: I asked her to take you to the Christmas bazaar in Old Town.

Parker: Well, she did. But not to do you a favor or to spend time with us. She did it to help those slimy friends of hers make a few extra bucks.

Kit: The glass guy called. I don't think he's gonna be able to get you the long-stemmed glasses that you wanted.

Carly: I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Kit: You're going to make me ask, ain't you? Okay, did Jack flip out when he found out what the kids were doing tonight?

Carly: He didn't ask, and I didn't tell him. For the first time in awhile, things were easier between us. And -- I didn't want him to get all upset about something that was no big deal.

Parker: That weirdo had J.J. and Sage up there performing with him, like they were some part of his act or something.

Jack: I can't believe it. After I specifically told her I didn't want you kids anywhere near those two. Okay.

Parker: What are you doing?

Jack: I'm going to teach your mom lesson.

Rosanna: Paul, are you hear? [Gasps] Craig? What are you doing here?

Craig: Let's cut out the preliminaries. I know what you did.

Meg: Can I get the check, please? Thank you.

Paul: Meg -- I'm really sorry about that Craig remark. I'm sure he's very happy. Anybody would be.

Meg: Ow!

Paul: What is it? You okay? You okay?

Meg: He moved.

Rosanna: You know what I did? Is that supposed to get some kind of reaction out of me, Craig?

Craig: Maybe when you were bouncing back and forth between comas, you forgot that I'm not an idiot, Rosanna. And if I say I know what you did, I do. I know that you changed the paternity test results. I know that your husband is the father of -- my wife's son.

Rosanna: That's ludicrous.

Craig: Really? Then perhaps we should have a very good laugh -- while we're watching the proof.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Carly: All I can do is move forward. Try to do better.

Jack: Stop lying. That would be better.

Aaron: I love who you are, so let's find our way home.

Gwen: I need to get you to the hospital.

Sofie: No, no, I'm not going anywhere with you!

Meg: I will love Craig.

Paul: You make it sound like penance.

Craig: You're afraid of me, Rosanna? You should be.

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