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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/11/07

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Lily: Morning, Charles. Is Mr. Donovan in his suite?

Desk clerk: I don't think so, Mrs. Snyder. I mean --

Lily: Oh. Oh, you can call me Lily. Is Mr. Donovan here?

Desk clerk: He hasn't picked up his mail or messages since yesterday.

Lily: That's not like him.

Desk clerk: Maybe he's out of town.

Lily: Maybe.

Lucinda: Oh, hi, Dear. What's the problem? You can't locate the boyfriend?

Kim: Bob! Oh. Oh, gosh. I'm sorry, I thought --

Dusty: Everything's fine. I just spoke with the nurse, his vitals are fine.

Kim: I guess I fell sound asleep.

Dusty: I'm sorry I woke you up. I brought you some tea.

Kim: Thank you, thank you.

Dusty: Maybe you should go home and get some rest.

Kim: No, no.

Dusty: You've been here all night.

Kim: And so have you. Haven't you?

Lily: You know, Mother, this has not been the best month of my life. But I can always count on you to add it and make it special.

Lucinda: Oh, Honey, stop it. Come on, stop it for heaven's sake. Oh.

Lily: What's going on? What? You're scaring me, what is it?

Lucinda: Well, I had to try to find you, Darling. I had to. Bob Hughes -- I had a phone call -- he had a stroke last night.

Lily: Oh, my God. Is he okay?

Lucinda: Yeah, he's still unconscious. It happened at the hospital. I have to get to the hospital for a board meeting, but thank God it happened at the hospital, because he got the proper kind of treatment.

Lily: Had to get treatment right away.

Lucinda: Right, yes.

Lily: That's a good thing.

Lucinda: Yes, it's very good. It's good. The guy who found him was your guy Dusty.

Dusty: If you'd like to go home and get some rest, I can stay here.

Kim: No, no, no, no. I want to see what the doctor has to say.

Dusty: But afterward, I can drive you home, if you want to get a few hours sleep.

Kim: No, thanks. You know, the thing is, I feel as if he knows I'm here. And maybe that'll help.

Dusty: Well, you're alone.

Kim: Oh, just at the moment. You know, Tom and Margo were here almost all night. And they've gone now to see Mom and Lisa.

Dusty: And Chris?

Kim: He went home to take a quick shower. You don't need to worry about me. I'm surrounded by friends. You know, in the middle of the night, three separate nurses -- they were all off duty --

[Kim sobbing]

Dusty: It's okay --

Kim: They came -- everybody loves him so much.

Bonnie: Huh. Had you figured all wrong. Thought you'd be at home making a home-cooked breakfast for your kids.

Holden: I did.

Bonnie: Well, good for you.

Holden: And then I decided that after spending all the quality time with my family, I needed a little quality time alone.

Bonnie: Oh, sorry.

Holden: I didn't mean it that way. Sit down.

Bonnie: Didn't hurt my feelings, you know. I think people do need time alone.

Holden: Well, maybe it's not time alone, exactly. More like time away.

Bonnie: Meaning?

Holden: I just get tired of putting on a show. But I do it because I want my kids to go to school feeling --

Bonnie: Like their world isn't falling apart.

Holden: Like their mother isn't having an affair. But maybe all I'm doing is just showing them how to ignore reality.

Bonnie: Well, it's a good thing you're here. 'Cause what those kids really don't need to see is you feeling sorry for yourself.

Lily: Chris. Hi. I just heard about your dad. My mom told me. I'm so sorry.

Chris: Thanks.

Lily: Any change?

Chris: Not yet. I'm just gonna go have a shower and then head back.

Lily: My mom said it was good that he got treatment right away. And thank goodness Dusty was there --

Chris: I'm sorry, Lily, I really have to get going.

Lily: I'll be praying for him.

[Elevator dings]

Emily: Lily was just trying to be nice.

Chris: Great, fine. Yes, and thank God Dusty was there to save my dad's life.

Emily: Chris. Chris, talk to me.

Chris: I don't have time.

Emily: Honey, you need to calm down. You need to be there for your mom --

Chris: How can I calm down when my father -- my father is in --?

Emily: I know. I know.

Chris: No, you donít. Everybody knows my father shouldn't be overstressed. But I am not everyone. I am his son, I am a doctor --

Emily: I know, but you can't blame yourself.

Chris: I can't? Well, I should just shrug it off?

Emily: I don't understand.

Chris: Then let me spell it out for you. The last time I talked to my father, he was so angry, he fired me. That is why he had the stroke.

Lucinda: Oh, Kim.

Kim: Oh, Lucinda. Thank you.

Lucinda: I'm so sorry.

Kim: Thank you. Thank you.

Lucinda: I'm so sorry.

Kim: I know.

Lucinda: Has there been any change?

Kim: No, no, not yet, but the doctor's in with him now. They're monitoring him very carefully, and they think that he'll have a full recovery.

Lucinda: Oh, well, we know Bob. We know Bob, he'll do anything and everything, and move heaven and earth to get back to you.

Kim: Thank you. I know he will.

Lucinda: Um, I'm sorry to speak about business right now, but I think you should know that there is a meeting of the hospital board today.

Kim: Oh?

Lucinda: Well, because we have to, you know, we have to get going. And move as quickly as we can on an interim appointment for chief of staff. I know it sounds cold --

Kim: No. No, not at all. That's what Bob would have wanted you to do. He'd want you to make sure the hospital run just the way he ran it.

Lucinda: You're so understanding.

Kim: Well, I -- you know, I do think it will be a good opportunity for Chris. I mean, he's exactly like his father. He despises waiting, he needs to be active and be doing something, so --

Lucinda: Well -- well, of course the board approved Bob's recommendation for Chris to be considered for chief of staff at some point.

Kim: Right, right.

Lucinda: Down the road. But I -- I think we were thinking of at some point -- we're talking about the future.

Kim: Well, yeah, I know. Of course, I agree. But for the moment, any way, circumstances have changed, and -- well, I mean, this is an interim appointment, isn't it?

Lucinda: Right. Look, please, don't you worry about this. Please donít. I wouldn't want to upset you.

Kim: Well, I just know what Bob wanted.

[Dusty remembering]

Bob: So you think you can do this job better than I can?

Chris: I know I can. And if you won't let me prove it now, I'll be forced to prove it when you're gone.

Emily: I think when something horrible happens, we blame ourselves -- try to make sense of it --

Chris: Emily. I'm a doctor. I'm supposed to know what stress does to someone in my father's condition, but did I back off? No. No, nothing was going to stop me.

Emily: You're not the first person in the world to have a difficult relationship with his father, Chris. And that doesn't change overnight because the man had a stroke. He believes in you. He wanted you to have his job.

Chris: We both know that is not true.

Emily: Yes, it is.

Chris: He fired me!

Emily: Yeah, because he overreacted. Just like you're overreacting now. Oh, God. You two have these expectations of each other that nobody in the world could ever meet. And -- and you can't take the things he says in anger and take them to heart. You just canít.

Chris: That's the problem. The things he says, they are usually right.

Emily: Well, I don't agree. I donít. And now you have the opportunity to prove to your father and to yourself that he was wrong to fire you.

Chris: Lucky break. And all it took was for my father to have a stroke.

Emily: Oh, will you stop it? Stop it. What happened was horrible, but you have to stay strong for your mother. I mean, she needs to know -- to see that you're the man she thinks you are. Even if you donít.

Holden: Let me ask you this, when you shoot your mouth off like that, does that make this a billable hour?

Bonnie: It worked. You know, I don't mind when you're mad, but I do hate when you're gloomy.

Holden: Why would I possibly be gloomy? My life is in such great shape.

Bonnie: I know. I know you have a lot on your plate right now. You know what? I shouldn't have said anything.

Holden: No, you know what? You're right. You're right. I was feeling sorry for myself. But if it means anything, I wasn't enjoying it.

Bonnie: Yeah, I know that about you already. And I know it must be hard to keep up an act for your kids.

Holden: What bothers me is that it could get worse for them. When you go through a divorce, things like this, sometimes they can go public. Luke, I think he knows already, but Faith and Natalie, I don't want them to know about their mother and him. Especially not like that.

Bonnie: Okay. As your attorney, I will take that under advisement. We'll just make that part of our strategy.

Holden: Uh-oh.

Bonnie: What?

Holden: We just talked business. Now it's a billable hour.

Bonnie: Okay. Okay, a deal. How about you buy me breakfast and we'll call it even?

Holden: Deal.

Lucinda: More than anything, I wouldn't want to upset you. Not this morning, Kim.

Kim: No, no. I'm not upset. I would be disappointed if Chris didn't have a chance at the opportunity that Bob wanted him to have.

Lucinda: Yeah, but Chris is so young.

Kim: Yes.

Lucinda: And he must be so concerned and worried about his father's prognosis, perhaps this is too much responsibility at this time.

Dusty: I think Lucinda has a point.

Kim: Actually, you know, you're right. This is a tremendous responsibility. And I just wonder, who is it you would appoint who'd be able to take it on and then give it all up when Bob resumed work?

Lucinda: Oh, it would be a difficult task.

Kim: Yes, I think it probably would. And of course, Bob has devoted his life to this hospital. I wonder, what would it do to him, to fight his way back, only to find out that the hospital had given his job away.

Holden: I cannot believe that you ate all that.

Bonnie: Well, I have to keep my strength up.

Holden: What, big day in court?

Bonnie: No, I'm training for our rematch.

Holden: Oh, so you want to be humiliated one more time?

Bonnie: I was not humiliated.

Holden: You should have been.

Bonnie: I am simply not used to playing with inferior equipment. That ball was as flat as a pancake.

Holden: Oh, oh, it's the equipment? It's funny how it seemed to work okay for me.

Bonnie: Also, you know what? I knew how fragile you were, so I just held back.

Holden: Oh, those are fighting words.

Bonnie: I was hoping they would be. So this rematch? No time like the present, I always say.

Holden: Nope, can't do it.

Bonnie: Scared?

Holden: No, something I need to do.

Bonnie: Learn how to play basketball?

Holden: All right, that's it. Game on.

Lucinda: You shouldn't worry about hospital business, Darling. You should be thinking about your own health, for Bob's sake. Right?

Dr. Lynch: Mrs. Hughes, wanna come in for a minute?

Kim: Excuse me.

Lucinda: Oh.

Dusty: You can't do it.

Lucinda: I can't do what?

Dusty: There is no way that Chris Hughes is qualified to run this hospital.

Chris: And when did that become your call to make?

Dusty: After what happened to your father, I thought you'd be thinking of other things besides advancing your career.

Chris: Well, you don't know what I'm thinking. But that doesn't stop you from shooting off your mouth.

Dusty: Your mother's in there, and she needs help, more than you need a promotion.

Emily: I can see why you're so ready to pass judgment. Living -- that you live such a pure and selfless life and everything.

Dusty: This hospital needs someone like Bob at the top. Not someone with so little experience.

Emily: And your opinion matters because why?

Dusty: Because if this guy takes over -- I'm gonna have to move my foundation to another hospital.

Kim: Can you move your argument somewhere else? I'm trying to speak to the doctor.

Dusty: Sorry.

Lucinda: Okay, guys. I don't want to be late to the board meeting, all right? I'm very sorry about your father, Chris. And I will call you after the meeting.

Dusty: Lucinda. I gotta talk to you about this.

Emily: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that.

Chris: If I'm going to take the job, I better get used to it, right? He's not the only person that doesn't think I'm on my dad's level.

Emily: Yeah, well, they're all wrong.

Chris: I'm gonna head in. Thank you. You really helped me get through this morning.

Emily: Okay. Didn't see you standing there.

Susan: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Lily: Oh, whoa, a little one on one or man to man?

Holden: Hey.

Lily: Right. No jokes. Nothing's funny anymore. Forget it.

Holden: No, no, no. It's not that, it's just I'm surprised to see you.

Lily: And so happy to see me as well. I'll get out of your way.

Holden: Lily, stop. Stop. What is it? What's wrong? What are you upset about?

Lily: My mother just told me about Bob Hughes.

Holden: What about him?

Lily: He had a stroke last night.

Holden: Is he gonna be okay?

Lily: Nobody knows. I'm on my way to the hospital right now.

Holden: All right, I'll go with you.

Lily: That'd be good. Kim would be happy to see you.

Holden: He's gonna be fine. Come on.

Dallas: So she already left, huh?

Waitress: Yeah, but don't worry, she'll be back.

Dallas: But if she's already eaten, why would she come back? I mean, doesn't --

Bonnie: I did it again.

Waitress: I figured.

Bonnie: Oh, thank you.

Waitress: No problem. Hey, it gave me a chance to catch up with my friends.

Dallas: I was looking for you.

Bonnie: Hey, yeah?

Dallas: Yeah, listen, I was thinking about maybe after the game tonight, we could check out this new exhibit --

Bonnie: Oh, Dallas, I was going to call you. But I can't play tonight.

Dallas: No, you know, actually, I get off of work at 5:00. I mean, we could move it up --

Bonnie: No, it's not that. It's just that I have to play basketball with someone else this afternoon, and I just think I'm going to be too tired.

Dallas: Um, okay. Okay. So I was reading up on Green Bay. I mean, I can't say it's a game I'm looking forward to. You know, their record on the road and -- who the hell are you playing basketball with who isn't me?

Bonnie: Ah, none of your business.

Dallas: See, I knew you'd say that. That's why I didn't ask you.

Bonnie: Oh, yes, you did.

Dallas: Okay, I tried not to. I mean, that's got to count for something, right?

Kim: Lily.

Lily: Oh, Kim, I'm so sorry.

Kim: Oh, thank you. Hi.

Holden: How's he doing?

Kim: Oh, well, I just talked to the doctor. He says he could make a full recovery, but -- we just have this period of time where we have to wait.

Holden: I know how hard that is.

Kim: I know you both understand that.

Holden: Can I get you anything?

Kim: No, thank you. I'm all right, I just -- I'm just having such a hard time adjusting to him looking like that.

Holden: Yeah, it's scary. There's nothing you can do. And yet, you'd do anything.

Kim: I know, I would. I just -- he's my life. He's -- tomorrow, next week, and next year, I really need him to be with me.

Holden: I know.

Lily: And Bob knows that. And you just give him the reason to fight like hell to come back. I know what that's like.

Bonnie: You're my cousin, not my boyfriend. You're not supposed to be jealous.

Dallas: I'm not. But I am concerned.

Bonnie: Concerned.

Dallas: Yeah, because none of my business means its Holden Snyder.

Bonnie: He's my friend.

Dallas: He's your married friend.

Bonnie: Not for long.

Dallas: Yeah, and you're the one handling his divorce. I mean, so doesn't it make it unethical for you -- you know.

Bonnie: To play basketball? No, Dallas, I don't think it is. You know, maybe if it was mahjong or badminton, that'd be out of line, but the bar association does not say anything about basketball.

Dallas: So, it's just a little harmless one-on-one, huh? No big deal.

Bonnie: There's nothing romantic about it. I just think it helps him relieve stress.

Dallas: Dealing with his stress? I mean, what are you, some full-service lawyer now?

Bonnie: Why are you being like this? Just be another way.

Dallas: Fine.

Bonnie: And don't shrug like that. You shrug like you don't believe me.

Dallas: Because I don't believe you. I mean, look at the timeline.

Bonnie: What timeline?

Dallas: You have breakfast with the man and then you'd schedule a basketball game with him. And then 20 minutes later, you show up here with a bag from a sporting goods store. You know, and I'm willing to bet you didn't go out for new sports sweatsocks.

[Dallas takes a pair of very short shorts]

Bonnie: Hey, give me that!

Dallas: Wow. I got to say, I don't think this is gonna do much to help Holden's stress level. Not at all.

Emily: Chris is trying to do something to make his father proud of him, Mother.

Susan: Yeah? Well, then he should do something where he can succeed. He's awfully young for this job.

Emily: Well, Bob didn't think so. He wanted this for his son.

Susan: Maybe later. After he'd taken a couple of years to learn the ropes. Come on, put yourself in Bob's position. It's very hard to tell your son that he's --

Emily: What? Not quite good enough? That's funny. You should have given Bob some coaching. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't want to do this with you, really.

Susan: I am worried sick about my best friend in the world in there. And maybe I'm being a little harsh. But that doesn't make me wrong. For everybody's sake, you should stay out of this. Worry about Chris. But not his career.

Lucinda: You were there. You see how Kim feels that this is important for Bob's recovery.

Dusty: I feel for Kim, but we can't put the entire hospital at risk to spare her feelings.

Lucinda: Oh, we? We? We can't? I thought it was the board's call on this decision.

Dusty: Are you going to tell the board that I'm gonna move my foundation if they make Chris the chief of staff?

Lucinda: Oh, am I going to tell them about your threat? Yes. Yes. I'm also going to tell them that I think that your position is completely untenable because it's emotional. You haven't given me a single concrete reason -- anything definite why Chris shouldn't have the position except for his extreme youth. Hey, unless you do have something stronger then "I'm going to take my foundation and hit the highway." If you have it, speak now. Now. Or let it go.

Dusty: I don't have to accuse the guy of anything. Look at his record, he's not qualified.

Lucinda: Well, the kid ran a clinic in Darfur. You know, that dresses up his resume. Course, that's not what's bothering you. What's bothering you is his address, 'cause he's bunking in with Emily. Oh, oh, oh! But that is hardly germane to the problem, is it?

Dusty: Chris Hughes is out of control.

Lucinda: Bob didn't think so.

Dusty: Not that you know of.

Lucinda: Well, I have to go on what I've got. So I'm gonna go now. And I'm going to do my duty as best I can.

Dusty: Yep. Me, too.

Emily: You know what, I think you're reading too much into a very sad situation. Chris wants to help his father, there's nothing wrong with that.

Susan: There is if it's bad for the hospital.

Emily: You don't know that.

Susan: I know that --

Emily: What, Mom?

Susan: I know that Chris has been pressing his father for more responsibility and less supervision.

Emily: Maybe he's been pressing his father to be treated like an adult, a grown up.

Susan: He should have thought about how much that was adding to Bob's stress level.

Emily: Oh, that's fabulous. So -- so the stroke is Chris's fault?

Susan: I didn't say that. But he's never demonstrated much restraint, and that is part and parcel of the job he wants.

Emily: Can I ask you a question? Is all of this concern about the hospital? Or about you?

Susan: What do you mean?

Emily: I think you're worried about anyone being chief of staff who isn't Bob.

Susan: Well, I can't wait for Daniel to be old enough to have the goods on you. That I'd like to watch.

Emily: I'm sorry. I know -- I know this has been very a scary morning for you.

Susan: He's gotten me through so much. And I can't do anything to help him through this.

Lily: You know, I meant what I said -- at the hospital. Being in that coma all those months, I just fought so hard to get back to you and our family.

Holden: I know you did.

Lily: And I know everything that you did for our family while I was there. And now we're just going to throw it all away?

Holden: Lily, come on, we've been through this --

Lily: We have been through so much, and we've gotten through so much. And I am like Kim. I want you there next week, I want you there next year --

Holden: You know what, not now, okay? Did you sign the papers?

Lily: So we're just not going to talk about it?

Holden: You know what, it's too painful to talk about.

Lily: And you've already made up your mind. Right? So what difference does it make? We need to talk about the agreement. Sure, yeah, there's a few points that I'd like to discuss with you, as a matter of fact.

Holden: Okay, fine. Well, I've tried to make the agreement as fair as possible, and I'm hoping that the process won't be --

Lily: Painful? It's too late for that.

Holden: You know what? Maybe we should do our talking through our lawyers.

Lily: Yes, that's true. That's a much better way, so nothing human happens.

Holden: You know what, I got to go.

Bonnie: Give that back to me, and pray I don't file charges.

Dallas: You can't file charges for me proving you wrong.

Bonnie: Illegal search and seizure.

Dallas: Yeah, you know, Holden's gonna have a seizure when he sees you in that.

Bonnie: I'm playing basketball. What do you want me to wear, a burqa?

Dallas: Uh, no. What about some of that oversized stuff you wear when we play? I mean, come on. You know, you make a lot of jokes. But I'm not the only one who doesn't think the situation isn't all that funny.

Lily: I'm sorry to interrupt. Bonnie, could I have a word with you for a moment?

Dallas: You know what? I was just leaving. Have a good day, Counselor.

Bonnie: Please, have a seat. What can I do for you?

Lily: You can get my husband to talk to me.

Emily: Hey. You okay?

Chris: I hate this. My mom won't go home, she slept in a chair.

Emily: What if we found her a room here? Maybe she could sleep if she knew she didn't have to leave the hospital.

Chris: You know what? That's a great idea. But first, could you do me a favor and go downstairs and get her some tea? Just -- it seems to calm her down.

Emily: Sure, yeah. Do you want anything?

Chris: No. No, no, I'm good, Babe.

Emily: Okay. I'll be right back.

Chris: Bye.

Evan: I'm sorry about your dad.

Chris: Thanks.

Evan: I'm sorry about the timing, too, but we need to talk.

Chris: Not here, man.

Evan: But now.

Chris: All right, come on.

Chris: I'm actually glad you came by. I have some news.

Evan: Yeah, so do I. Harvard is really putting on the pressure for me to accept their offer. And that pressure is nothing compared to Craigís. He wants this project started now.

Chris: I know, I know.

Evan: Look, like I said, man, I feel terrible about your dad. But obviously, his stroke is gonna slow down Memorial's decision-making process --

Chris: No, no, no. Listen to me. The board is meeting right now. They're about to appoint me interim chief of staff.

Evan: So you can okay the deal?

Chris: I will okay the deal.

Evan: You better be right about this. If I turn Harvard down, I'm not going to get that chance again.

Chris: Evan, you have my word on that.

Kim: I am sorry, I just really don't want anymore. I'm sorry.

Emily: Oh, okay, I just thought -- Chris thought you might -- is Chris in with Bob?

Kim: No. I thought he was out here with you. Where is he?

Emily: I have no idea.

Kim: Oh, there you are.

Emily: We were wondering where you were.

Chris: Uh, just some hospital business.

Emily: Do you want to tell your mother about our idea?

Chris: Hmm?

Emily: How we thought maybe she could get a little rest.

Chris: Oh, right. Mom, we're thinking about --

Lucinda: Oh, good. You're all here. I nominated Chris for interim acting chief of staff. And the vote was unanimous.

Kim: Oh, thank you so much.

Lucinda: Well, we were all of one mind. We wanted to do what Bob wanted done.

Bonnie: I know this is painful for you. But the thing is, I'm Holden's attorney, and I can only speak for him legally. If he doesn't want to speak to you, there's nothing I can do about it.

Lily: Do you think this is the best way to handle things? Through our attorneys?

Bonnie: Lily, this isn't my idea. I'm sorry. It's Holden's decision.

Lily: He's just completely shut down.

Bonnie: All right, do you have any questions for me that I can answer? Anything about the separation agreement, any legal questions?

Lily: No.

Bonnie: Are you ready to sign it?

Lily: No. I'm not signing it.

Kim: Oh, Honey, I am so proud of you, you know that.

Chris: I've always known you have been.

Kim: Yes, and your father is, too. I mean, the fact that he went to bat for you at the board is proof of how much he believes in you.

[Chris remembering]

Bob: You know, I had hoped that some day you could take my place. But as things stand, I don't think that's ever gonna happen.

Emily: I know it's really hard to take on something so huge under the circumstances, but I also know you're gonna do a great job.

Lucinda: Well, I got to be going. If there's anything I can do and help you in any way, please ask me.

Kim: Thank you. Thank you.

Lucinda: Chris, we should have a talk. So call me this afternoon.

Chris: I will. And thank you, Lucinda.

Lucinda: And I think that you should try to talk with Dusty, seriously. Your father was so good at putting out fires. Try your hand at it.

Emily: Dusty insults you to your face and you have to take it?

Chris: Oh, she's right. It's part of the job.

Kim: Dusty insulted you?

Emily: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

Kim: So obviously, I could hear that you all were arguing out here. What have you done that makes Dusty so angry with you? Can you shed some light on that?

Dusty: The meeting's already over?

Lucinda: A unanimous vote doesn't take long.

Dusty: How could they do it?

Lucinda: They simply did what Bob wanted.

Dusty: No, they did what Chris wanted.

Bonnie: Talk to your lawyer. Ask him, and I'm sure he'll say that agreement is very generous. Holden may not be speaking to you, but he is bending over backwards to be fair.

Lily: But he made this decision for the both of us.

Bonnie: He has that right. Lily, talk to Tom. This is getting a little too personal.

Lily: Yes. Right. It's a divorce. We wouldn't want it to get personal.

[Lily leaves and sees Holden talking to Bonnie]

Holden: Hey, Kechnie, check it out. At least now, you can't whine about the equipment.

Bonnie: My client is a 10-year-old.

Holden: What? I'm gonna beat your butt.

Bonnie: Holden, listen --

Holden: What? No, no, no. You know what, nothing serious, okay? Nothing important, not till after the game. I've had more than my share of that today. Now, I'm ready for a change.

Chris: Mom, it was actually all Emily's idea. We'll get you a room here, you can get some rest, and you'll only be one minute away from Dad.

Kim: Emily, I have to thank you. That really is very thoughtful.

Emily: No, it was nothing really. We just want to make sure you're taking care of yourself. That's all. Yeah, I could stop by your house and pick up a few of your things, if you'd like.

Kim: Oh, thanks. I think Margo's working on that.

Emily: Okay. You know what, why don't I leave the two of you alone for a while? I'm going to go grab a bottle of water.

Chris: She's been really great, Mom. I don't know what I would've done without her.

Kim: Do you think that Emily's the reason Dusty's so angry with you?

Chris: I guess so. But it's not her fault.

Kim: Right. Now, Chris. The job? Please, do not try to reinvent the wheel. Go slow and be smart enough to ask for help.

Chris: I thought you believed in me, Mom.

Kim: Honey, for crying out loud, I do. But the reason -- one of the reasons your father is so good at what he does is because he thinks things through carefully. He doesn't run around making rash decisions.

Evan: Chris.

Chris: Oh, hey, Evan. Hey, Mom, Mom. You remember Evan Walsh?

Kim: Yes. I remember your father, too.

Evan: Mrs. Hughes, I'm so sorry about your husband.

Kim: Thank you.

Evan: Chris, a little business? I just got off the phone with Boston, and I can tell you, they weren't happy.

Chris: Evan, can we talk about this later?

Evan: Fine. But Craig and I are going to need a schedule ASAP. You know, when we can start moving in the staff and the equipment.

Chris: All right, all right. I'll get back to you by the end of business day, okay?

Evan: I hope I have your word on that, too.

Chris: I'm sorry, Mom, he gets a little single-minded --

Kim: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What is this about staff and equipment? That is the project that you and your father were arguing about, right?

Kim: What is the matter with you? That's the thing your father was dead-set against, and you have already approved it?

Chris: Mom, I -- I okayed it because of what Dad said. He changed his mind. The last time I talked to him, he said it was up to me -- that he trusted me.

Kim: Your father told me that he was very pleased with the way you handled a project he gave you, and he wanted to tell you how proud of you he was. And then he was going to try to smooth things over with you, but this is quite a u-turn, don't you think?

Chris: Mom, I just want to give him the hospital back in the best possible shape, and I think this project will go a long way towards doing that.

Kim: Isn't it too bad I wasn't a fly on the wall to hear that conversation? I mean, it borders on the miraculous. The two of you finally agreeing about something.

Lily: Oh, good to see you in a better mood, Holden. I agree with what you said, Bonnie. You can expect a call from my attorney.

Bonnie: I'm sorry.

Holden: What for? You didn't do anything.

Bonnie: Holden, you look a little worked up. You know, maybe we should just put the game off and --

Holden: No. No. Tell you what, I'll take out my aggressions on the court.

Bonnie: On the court. Not me. Right?

Holden: Right.

Bonnie: Even when I beat your butt?


Dusty: You've been chief of staff about a half an hour now. Taking a break?

Chris: My father is laying in a hospital bed, my whole family is suffering, and you want to pick a fight with me outside his room?

Dusty: Your mother's obviously suffering. You seem more interested in your new career move --

Chris: Look, if you want to take your foundation and go, fine. I could use the space for new projects.

Dusty: New projects that your father rejected? Wouldn't allow into the hospital?

Emily: You don't know anything.

Dusty: Really?

Emily: Bob changed his mind. Yeah, really.

Dusty: Emily, you're either lying to me, or he's lying to you.

Susan: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll come back later.

Kim: No, no, no. No, come in.

Susan: Look, I'm very sorry.

Kim: The only thing in the world I want is for him to wake up and open up his eyes.

Susan: Every single person in this hospital will do everything they can to make sure that happens.

Kim: You know, they all keep wanting me to go home. Eat. Take a nap. I can't bear to leave him.

Susan: I can understand.

Kim: Chris got me a room down the hall so I could take a shower, maybe take a nap. I think maybe I could do that if you would stay with him.

Susan: I'd be honored.

Chris: You know, it might be a good idea for you to stop saying things you can't prove.

Dusty: Why you so worried whether I can prove things or not?

Chris: Which one is that, Emily? Is that slander or libel?

Emily: Slander. I don't think he's written anything down.

Dusty: Hey, neat routine. Same style -- I dig it. But there's no style in the world that can change what went down between you and your old man.

Chris: You think he knows?

Emily: It's like you said, it doesn't matter. He can't prove it.

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