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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/10/07

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Brad: That -- was awesome.

[Katie rolls over and makes a bored expression]

Jack: Your mission was to push Katie into Brad's bed. That's why you went over there.

Carly: Is that what it looks like to you --

Jack: Why can't you just admit it? You got what you wanted. Now Katie hates me more than she ever did before, if that's possible.

Carly: Katie loves you.

Jack: Yeah, she's convinced that I sent my ex-wife over to her place to interrupt. I can't -- I can't believe you did that.

Carly: Jack, I didn't go to see her to put a wedge between you. I was -- I was trying to make things right.

Jack: That is some kind of twisted logic you got going there --

Carly: No, no -- not if you think about it, it makes sense, Jack. Katie makes you happy. I donít. I thought if I could stop her and Brad, maybe I could help you get her back.

Jack: I have a hard time believing that. I really do.

Carly: Why? I love you. And seeing you lost and miserable, and knowing that it's my fault, it breaks my heart. I want you to be happy, even if it's without me.

Katie: Why are you laughing? Why are you laughing?

Brad: This -- no, it's -- it's nothing. This is just my we just had mind-blowing sex laugh. That was -- wow. That was awesome.

Katie: You said that already.

Brad: It bears repeating. In fact, the whole thing bears repeating. I told you the earth would move. You didn't believe me.

Katie: Brad, no -- no, no, no --

Brad: Oh, I mean, you thought it was good, too, right? I mean, I know you did. Wow, we were so -- oh man, we were so in synch. It was like we were meant to be together. It's like --

Katie: Like what?

Brad: I don't know. You turned my mind to mush. I'm like a ball of protoplasm here, that's how awesome we were together. I think -- I think we need to do it again for baby insurance. Okay, blink once for yes. It was good for you too, right?

Katie: It was fine. Thanks, really.

Brad: Thanks? Are you kidding me?

Jack: So your idea of helping me get Katie back was to barge in on her and Brad and tell her what a mistake she was making.

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: And that would be enough? One word from you, of all people, and she would jump out of bed with Brad and come running back to me?

Carly: I didn't think it through.

Jack: Wow. Really?

Carly: My intentions were good, Jack. What would I get out of seeing you back together with Katie, huh?

Jack: Maybe a clear conscience?

Carly: I ran over to Katie's without thinking. But Katie is sleeping with Brad is obviously a very bad idea. And I wanted to stop her before maybe she did something that she couldn't take back.

Jack: For Katie, out of the goodness of your heart.

Carly: For you.

Jack: I'm not buying it. So why don't you cop to it? How was this going to pay off for you?

Kim: Oh, Honey, Honey, please. Help us! We need a doctor.

Dusty: Bob --

Kim: How long has this been going on?

Dusty: I don't know. I just got here. He's got a pulse, stay here. I'll get a doctor.

Kim: Yes, please. Honey, please. Please wake up.

Chris: What happened?

Dusty: I don't know. I found him on the floor --

Kim: Chris, thank God.

Chris: Dad, can you hear me? Come on, Dad. Don't you quit on me! Get to the CT scanner, stat. They have the room set up for him. Run these to the lab, I will be right behind you.

Kim: You take good care of him.

Orderly: Dr. Bob's the best. He gets the royal treatment, don't worry.

Dusty: Do you want to sit down?

Kim: No, no, what I need is to hear that he's going to be all right, Chris?

Chris: I'll know better after I get the lab results back -- Mom --

Kim: Stop that mumbo-jumbo and tell me what is wrong with him.

Chris: I don't know what's wrong with him. He's -- he's not responsive, and that's not good, Mom.

Kim: Oh my God.

Chris: Hey, hey, hey, but it's not the death sentence, either. The sooner I get the lab results, the sooner we can begin treatment. Just go to the sixth floor. We took him to the neurointensive care. I will be right behind you --

Kim: Wait a minute, where are you going?

Chris: I got to track down the on-call neurologist right now.

Kim: A neurologist?

Chris: I'm just covering all my bases, Mom, all right? I'll meet you in Dad's room.

Kim: I don't want to lose him.

Dusty: No, no, don't get ahead of yourself. We don't know what's even wrong yet.

Kim: Chris looked so scared. He looked so scared.

Dusty: You have to be strong, Kim. Bob needs you.

Kim: All the doctors, everybody -- they've all been telling him to cut back. That his heart wouldn't stand all this stress. I mean, he was wonderful today. He was more relaxed than I've seen him in ages. Something must have happened.

Brad: That is seriously all you have to say? I didn't just make you an omelet. I just rocked your world, Katie Peretti. Thanks is all I get?

Katie: What do you want me to say?

Brad: I don't know. You could be speechless, for all I care. Just thanks, I feel cheap.

Katie: Sorry. Sorry.

Brad: I know how woman are. You like to talk after sex. So talk. I will listen. I will stay awake. I'll just cuddle if you want to.

Katie: No. No.

Brad: That's it. You are in denial. Because I know when a woman is having a good time, and you were definitely having a good time. I am confident enough in my skill set to know that I delivered the goods. And I'm not just talking about the baby-making goods. I'm talking about the good time goods. Because you -- made the face. The -- and that's not the face of a woman just having a good time. That is the face of a woman having a great big --

Katie: I said it was fine, Brad.

Brad: Fine? That is so sick --

Katie: Earth to baby daddy. What we're doing here is biological. And I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, but it was just sex. It wasn't romance. So let's just leave it at that.

Jack: You know how bad Brad wants Katie. And you also know what he does to women when he's through with them. She's just going to be another notch on his bedpost. With the added benefit of also being a woman I'm in love with.

Carly: So you admit that.

Jack: I never denied it. I want Katie back. I don't care if she slept with Brad. I still want her back.

Carly: I know. That's why I tried to help you. Just add it to the long list of mistakes that I've made where you're concerned, okay?

Jack: Are you proud of yourself?

Carly: No, I'm not proud. I'm realistic. I've lost you for good this time. I accept it.

Jack: Then why are you still in my business all the time, Carly?

Carly: Old habits, I guess.

Jack: Well, stop then. You're the mother of my children, but I don't have any room in my life for you anymore.

Brad: If you wanted this to be a neat, clean, hermetically-sealed experience, then we could have gone back to the plastic cup and the dirty magazines. But plan B was your idea, Katie.

Katie: You didn't have a problem with it.

Brad: Well, of course I didn't. Because what we did was just way up there on the scale of --

Katie: I know. I was there too.

Brad: So you know what I'm talking about. And whether you like to admit it or not, this Snyder brother just gained a few more points in your book.

Katie: Oh my God, did you have to bring Jack into it?

Brad: I didn't say anything about Jack.

Brad: I know what's going on with you. You're freaking out. You're freaking out because I just ran rings around Jack.

Katie: Okay, out. Get out.

Brad: I'm naked.

Katie: So put on some clothes and get out!

Brad: You know what? You -- I've got feelings too, Katie. I mean, it's not something I like to publicize, but --

Katie: You were great.

Brad: Really?

Katie: Really. Good. It was good. In a strange way.

Brad: Good but strange. Strange in a good way? Okay. Okay. I'll take strange, but good. I mean, it's better than bad and weird, which I've had, by the way. Katie, you don't have to tell me twice. We were like that -- it was like the old commercial, you know? Chocolate and peanut butter was -- you know what I mean? Like two great tastes, tastes great together.

Katie: Will you stop talking? It -- it's great that it's fun. But this is not a relationship. It is a project.

Brad: An ongoing project. And we are going to forge ahead until we get you pregnant.

Katie: Only until I get pregnant. And then your work here is done.

Brad: Whatever. It's not an exact science. But we're going to have to spend a lot of time in bed together. And despite what you have heard, I am not selfish, and I'm not a machine.

Katie: What are you trying to say?

Brad: I will donate my body to give you a baby. Hours, days, weeks, whatever it takes. But I'm not going to feel good about it unless you do.

Katie: We'd better get showered. We're going to be late for work. We've got to be on set.

Brad: Talk about strange.

Katie: Well, it doesn't have to be. It's not like we're having an office romance.

Brad: No way.

Katie: We're friends.

Brad: Colleagues.

Katie: Professionals.

Brad: Who happen to be working on a freelance project together?

Katie: Happens all the time. It does not have to be weird unless we let it. Everything is fine, it will be cool. We just have to act normal with each other.

Brad: Do you really think that's possible?

Carly: The problem is, Jack, there's always been a part of me that believed we'd end up together. No matter how bad the fights were or how long we were apart. And up to now, it's always been like that. I guess it's not the truth anymore.

Jack: You guess?

Carly: I should have just waited for you to come back to me on your own. Even when you were married to Katie, you still loved me.

Jack: No, Carly.

Carly: Yes, you did. When you found out I was dying, you came running. It was your wedding day and you spent it with me. You couldn't stand the thought of losing me. And seeing you like that, I fell even more in love with you than I was before. But I got scared. I didn't trust us. And I pushed you too far. And I'm paying for it. I lost you. I'll pay for it for the rest of my life.

Jack: Carly, move on. Please.

Carly: I'm not trying to get you back, Jack. I want you to be free. That's why I'm trying to undo some of the damage that I've done. I want to help you. I want to fix it. If you'll let me.

Katie: Of course we can act normal. We have to. It's absolutely necessary.

Brad: Would you like to rap my knuckles, Sister Kate?

Katie: I mean it. Everything on set has to be status quo. No kissy faces. No sexy looks.

Brad: So you think I look sexy.

Katie: Stop it! You're going to drive me crazy before this is over.

Brad: Sure as hell I'm going to try.

Katie: No. No. We have to keep our personal and professional lives completely separate. No one needs to know about this at "Oakdale Now." No one.

Brad: Deal.

[Knock on the door]

Katie: Coming! Come on. Be right there. Margo, hi!

Margo: You're not dressed.

Katie: I was just about to get in the shower. We were on a remote earlier and it got really messy.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, I can see that.

Katie: Oh, yeah, it's been crazy. I haven't had time to pick up after myself.

Brad: Hey, Katie, do you have one of those ironic hair dryers? I mean, it's cool if you don't, because I can have the hair department do me.

Katie: It's under the sink, Brad.

Margo: Oh, no, no, no.

Brad: I'm sorry, what did you say? Oh, hi, Margo.

Margo: Oh, hi, Margo?

Katie: I said the dryer's under the sink.

Brad: Thanks.

Katie: It's not what you think.

Margo: No, no, it's not. Because I just got done telling Jack that you could never be serious about having a baby with Brad. So tell me that I'm right.

Tom: Hey, Kim, are you okay?

Kim: Oh, Tom --

Tom: What's going on?

Kim: Oh, your father, he collapsed. He's unconscious. Thank God Dusty and I found him. He's in here with Chris and Dr. Foster, a neurologist. They're running tests.

Tom: Thanks for taking care of her.

Dusty: I'll pick up some coffee and sandwiches. You guys are going to be here for a while.

Kim: Oh, I couldn't eat anything.

Tom: Thanks.

Kim: Honey, listen, maybe you can get something out of your brother. Some kind of information. He knows something, but he won't tell me anything. He refuses to tell me. He thinks I can't take it.

Tom: No, he knows how strong you are. And he probably doesn't want to give you any false information, good or bad.

Chris: Answer your page. I'll explain things to my family. Let's go sit down.

Kim: I am not moving an inch until you tell me what's wrong with your father.

Chris: It looks like Dad has a stroke.

Kim: A stroke? But he'll be all right?

Chris: I hope so, but truthfully, right now, we don't know.

Dusty: Got any more articles that tick people off?

Emily: I write the truth, Dusty. And if that upsets people, it's their problem, not mine.

Dusty: Yeah, now it's Kim's problem.

Emily: What do you mean?

Dusty: Bob collapsed at the hospital. He's not in good shape.

Emily: What are you insinuating?

Kim: We're all here. And the whole staff is just waiting for you to wake up and start ordering everybody around. It's time to wake up. Please. Wake up. Come back to me. I want to know how this happened.

Chris: Dad had a blood clot, Mom.

Kim: I don't mean the mechanics of it. I mean, I want to know why. The last time I saw your father, he was on his way to tell you how proud he is of you. So did you talk to him?

Chris: Yeah, I actually, I did.

Tom: Well, did he seem all right then?

[Chris remembering]

Bob: You know, I had hoped that somebody you could take my place, but as things stand, I don't think that's ever going to happen.

Chris: This hospital would be lucky to have someone like me running it! Someone with his eye on the future and not the past.

Tom: Chris? Did Dad seem sick when he talked to you?

Kim: Oh, when he left me, he was perfectly all right. We just had been talking about making more time for each other, and even taking a cruise in a couple of months. I mean, this doesn't make any sense. Something must have ambushed him when he got back here.

Chris: Dad was just being Dad. Believe me, if I thought something was wrong with him I would've --

Kim: Honey, I know. Of course, of course you would have done anything to stop this, but you just have to -- I mean, I'm just trying to get my head around all this. I mean, we were having a perfectly lovely breakfast one minute, and then the next -- I don't know if he hears us -- or even knows that we're here in this room.

Tom: Everything's gonna be okay, Kim. Now, you know how stubborn Dad is. We've been asking him to slow down for months, and he just won't listen. But he's not gonna go out without a fight, even if it's just to prove us wrong.

Chris: Yeah, but if he'd listened to us earlier, maybe he wouldn't have ended up like this.

Dusty: I'm not gonna jump to conclusions about why Bob collapsed, but you can feel free.

Emily: Just tell me what happened.

Dusty: I found Bob on the floor of an empty office. Anything else, you can ask your boyfriend.

Waitress: Here you are, Mr. Donovan. I taped the lids shut, but be careful with the coffee.

Dusty: Would you take that for me?

Waitress: Yeah.

Dusty: That's for you. Thanks. I'm taking this for Kim and Tom at the hospital. I'll tell Chris you're looking for him.

Emily: I'll tell him myself.

Chris: Hey, it's me, Dad. Mom needed a break. She's having a tough time. She asked me what happened, but I -- I couldn't tell her we were fighting. She's already so upset, it would just make things worse. And I know the only thing that would make you madder than you already are is if I upset my mother. I'm so sorry, Dad. You're right. I was arrogant. But I'm just trying to find a place for myself here -- maybe be more than just Dr. Bob's kid. But I'm so proud to be your son. I know I never say it, Dad, but I will, Dad -- I will if you just give me the chance, Dad. I love you, Dad. I never meant to see you like this.

Kim: Any change?

Jack: You can't fix my life, Carly. The only thing you can do is stay far enough away that you don't mess up any more of it.

Carly: That's a harsh thing to say.

Jack: Yeah, well, harsh seems to be the only thing that gets through to you.

Carly: I'm sorry that I interfered. It backfired, as usual.

Jack: Are we done here?

Carly: Actually, no. There's one more thing. Things may not be quite as messed up as you think.

Jack: Really? How so?

Carly: Well, I don't really know how to say this -- I interrupted Katie and Brad at the right time, if you know what I mean.

Jack: Well, that's great. Thank you, thank you for that. That is helping. It's got a great little image in my head now, thanks a lot!

Carly: I'm just trying to tell you that I -- I did stop them. And Katie didn't listen to me, but Brad did.

Jack: Now, I know you're delusional.

Carly: I think you're wrong about your brother. She is not just some conquest to him, Jack. He actually does have feelings for her.

Jack: That is ridiculous, Carly.

Carly: Well, you don't have to believe me if you don't want to, but the fact is, that he was pretty shaken up after I talked to him. He knows that Katie doesn't love him. And the fact that Katie loves you --

Jack: No, you have no idea! You have no idea how Katie feels!

Carly: Maybe not -- but I could find out.

Brad: Margo, it's always good to see you. And you -- I will see you at the studio.

Margo: What did you just do? What happened here?

Katie: You're the chief of detectives. You figure it out.

Margo: You slept with Brad!

Katie: Yes, I did. And I'm glad I did.

Margo: Uh-huh.

Katie: I am getting on with my life.

Margo: Can I just take this moment to point out that it wasn't that long ago that you and Jack broke up.

Katie: You wouldn't be saying that if it was your heart he broke.

Margo: And as your big sister, I find it -- I have to send up a red flag when you're doing something crazy.

Katie: It's not crazy. I want a baby. As much as I'd like to, I can't really do that by myself.

Margo: Well, Brad's the next best thing. Listen, I want you to have a family, I do. I really want that for you, but I just -- it's the Brad part that concerns me because he is the brother of the man that you love. And if you get pregnant it will be messy --

Katie: When I get pregnant?

Margo: It'll mess up the rest of your life.

Katie: Well, I'm not really thinking that far right now. I'm just focused on when that little stick turns blue.

Margo: All right. I understand that, but -- but I just wonder, how can you sleep with Brad without being constantly reminded that you're with the wrong brother?

Brad: You know, I'm just warning you, I'm gonna need a few more of these I'm gonna get through the segment. My stamina is seriously compromised.

Hair stylist: So is your hair, it's all over the place.

Brad: Yeah, even my old follicles got a workout, if you know what I mean. Well, you know, I can't say anything so don't even ask. My lips are sealed -- exhausted, but --

Hair stylist: This smells like Katie's shampoo.

Brad: Seriously? That's so weird.

Hair stylist: Oh, my, God, did you and Katie?

Brad: I know, I know. Who would've guessed, right?

Hair stylist: I thought she hated you.

Brad: Well, it's a fine line, you know. Fine line. Hatred over here. Mind-blowing, earth quaking you-know-what over here. But you can't say a word. We're not ready to go public yet.

Katie: This is not Brad versus Jack. Jack and I are over. Brad and I are friends, nothing more.

Margo: Okay, so after Brad makes this donation then what? He just goes back to being your friend-slash-nemesis. And how could you use him like that?

Katie: He's an adult!

Margo: He is not, he's Brad Snyder.

Katie: And we have a lot in common. People are constantly underestimating us. I'm not using him, it was his idea in the first place.

Margo: Well, there. There, that should have been your first clue. And what about this child? I mean, Brad lives in Oakdale. He's going to have to -- you're going to have to let him be a part of your child's life.

Katie: Yeah, that's fine.

Margo: But your life is a mess, Katie!

Katie: Well, thank you, Margo, don't hold back.

Margo: I'm sorry. It's just -- bringing a child into that, it's only going to exaggerate all the things that are already wrong. And do you think that that's fair?

Katie: There aren't any guarantees, Margo. Even the most perfect, loving, two-parent family can end up with screwed-up kids.

Jack: Katie's not talking to you.

Carly: Brad might. If Katie still loves you, it must be killing him.

Jack: He'd never admit to anything like that.

Carly: He might -- to me. I'll talk to him. If Katie still has feelings for you, I'll tell you, and then you can figure out your next move.

Jack: My next -- what? No. Forget it. I am not talking to you about this, all right? I don't need advice from you about my moves. This is the kind of stuff you do that I can't stand! I don't have moves. And I hope I never do.

Carly: What do you want me to do?

Jack: Nothing! Nothing! The only way you can help me is by never, ever, ever, ever, ever trying to help me again! I'll work this out on my own.

Kit: What's wrong? Please, don't tell me there's more trouble with Metro.

Carly: It's not about work.

Kit: Oh, the cop again? What now?

Carly: Nothing. I tried to help him and Katie get back together.

Kit: What the hell did you do that for?

Carly: To be a good person.

Kit: What for?

Carly: For a change.

Kit: Try again, Honey, because I know just the thought of seeing those two together makes your blood boil. Why don't you to tell me why you really tried to help Captain Jack?

Carly: Because the only thing worse than knowing he loves Katie, is knowing that he hates me.

Margo: I have never claimed to have the perfect home life, but that's just my point, Katie. Even with a partner that you love, raising a child is so difficult, let alone on your own.

Katie: I know. I'm sorry. That was a horrible thing I said. I know you want what's best for me.

Margo: Of course I do. We all do.

Katie: And I appreciate that. But the only person who know what's best for me is me. I need to make my own decisions. Especially about something this important -- a family.

Margo: All right. Um, think of it this way, what if the situation were reversed, and I just told you that I was gonna have a baby with Brad. Would you just let that slide without a fight? No! You'd taser me, you'd throw me in a cell until I came to my senses.

Katie: I am not pretending that Brad is the perfect life partner, but that's not what this is. He has the shortest attention span on earth. Pretty soon he'll forget about me and the baby, and we'll be fine.

Margo: Oh, great. Then you'll be a single parent.

Katie: I'll be okay, Margo. I can do this. But I will need the help of my family, can I count on you?

Margo: Of course you can count on me, baby. You are going to be a wonderful mom.

Katie: You think?

Margo: Some day. But not now, not like this. Please, just while you have a chance, think about this while you got a choice.

Kim: If it weren't for all these tubes, wires and everything, he'd look like he was sleeping. My love. My best friend. Oh God, my everything. Don't you worry, I am not going to let you go. I refuse to let you go. I know that you are going to fight your way back to us. And I wanna hold you. Every breath I take, I want to surround you with all the love I have until you believe me and you wake up. Are you listening? Sweetheart? Listen to me, listen. When you hear me, just give me a sign. Just a little sign. Just, just squeeze my hand, that's all. Oh, dear God. Give me a sign. Please.

Nurse #4: Dr. Hughes, everyone on staff's asking about your father. What should I say about who's gonna fill in?

Dusty: That's a good question. Have you thought about it, Chris? Who's going to fill in as chief of staff?

Brad: To the woman I'd most like -- most like to go forth and -- multiply with. That's brilliant.

Katie: Sorry I'm late. Can you guys do me while I look this over?

Makeup artist: The way you're glowing, my work is half done.

Katie: Those from a fan?

Hair stylist: Yeah, your number one fan.

Katie: Did Brad say something? Oh, I am going to kill him!

Makeup artist: We're not going to say anything, we're family.

Katie: You promise?

Makeup artist: Cross our hearts. You know, my boyfriend gave me flowers, too, after our first time. It's so romantic.

Katie: Brad!

Brad: What is it, Sweetheart?

Brad: What the --

Katie: Is this how you keep things private?

Brad: Look, I didn't say anything! I am just happy. I didn't know there were rules against that. It's getting really hard to keep track, Sweetheart.

Katie: Okay. Here are the rules then. Don't baby me or sweetheart me or baby me or anything else! Don't touch me in public! Don't ever send me flowers, ever for any reason. And most importantly, don't talk about me to anyone! Got it?

Brad: Got it. So Same time tomorrow? Your place? [Katie screams] Isn't she terrific?

Jack: What's up?

Margo: Jack, I just came from my sister's.

Jack: I assume she told you that Carly burst in on her and Brad. And despite what she believes, I had nothing to do with that. It was all Carly.

Margo: I'm sure that she understands that, but that doesn't change anything.

Jack: Yes, I know. I know. Listen, I'm going to take your advice and I'm just going to back off. Katie's a big girl, she can handle herself. She may be mad at me, but she's smart enough not to get involved with my brother.

Margo: All right, Jack, I think there's something that you really need to know. [Cell phone rings] Just -- sorry.

Jack: Sure.

Margo: Hi, Honey, what's up?

Tom: Hey, Margo, honey. Listen, I'm at the hospital. My dad had a stroke.

Margo: Oh, my God. What happened? What did the doctors say?

Tom: They don't have much information yet. He's been unconscious since it happened. I'm just here with Kim.

Margo: Okay, um, I'll be right there. Bob's had a stroke.

Jack: What?

Margo: I have to get to the hospital.

Jack: Go, go, yeah, I'll take care of everything here. Tell Tom and Kim I'm thinking about them, okay?

Margo: Okay, okay, thanks. Jack, we were just right in the middle of something very important --

Jack: Forget it! My business can wait. Go be with your family.

Margo: Okay.

Kit: The way I see it, you did good.

Carly: How do you figure?

Kit: Well, Jack may be angry that you tried to interfere, but he ain't gonna hate you for trying to keep Brad and cutie apart.

Carly: Oh, don't call her that.

Kit: Oh, trust me, it ain't no compliment. My point is, big Jack is going to be grateful that you stopped them from doing the deed. Eventually, he'll realize it and he'll thank you.

Carly: Or not.

Kit: Of course, by then he may be back with Katie, so who cares. Be careful what you wish for, girl.

Carly: Well, right now, I would just be happy if Jack didn't cross the street the next time he sees me. [Telephone rings] Hello?

Brad: You are a Goddess.

Carly: I am?

Kit: Jack?

Carly: Brad.

Kit: Oh.

Brad: Busting in on me and Katie was the best thing you could have done.

Carly: Why?

Brad: You got her so mad that she channeled her anger into something productive.

Carly: Like what?

Brad: Making a baby! Look, I owe you one. I think this is the start of something big.

Carly: Oh, boy. It's sealed. Jack will never talk to me again.

Stage manager: Katie, we need you on set for the promo. Okay, you need cue cards for this, guys?

Brad: No way, I am feeling spontaneous.

Stage manager: Katie?

Katie: Whatever he said.

Brad: Well, I'm not standing too close to you, am I?

Katie: You're fine.

Stage manager: Places, people, please.

Katie: Just so you know, we're only doing this until I get you-know-what.

Brad: Yeah, I cleared my calendar. I'll be there day and night until the job is done. And look, may I just say --

Katie: No. Just show up.

Stage manager: We're on in five, four, three, two, one.

Chris: All I want to do right now is take care of my father. Everything else can wait.

Kim: Is there any news from the lab?

Tom: You know, Dusty's back. Let's get some food in you.

Kim: Oh, I don't want anything to eat.

Tom: Yeah, I know. Well, you need to eat. Let us take care of you, okay?

Kim: I don't want to leave your father alone.

Chris: Hey, Mom, Mom, Mom. I'll go in, okay? You have to get better, Dad.

Emily: Hey. They said you were in here, Hon. Is it okay if I Ė

Tom: Hey.

Margo: Kim, I'm so sorry. What happened?

Kim: I don't know. I wasn't with him.

Margo: Well, who was?

Tom: Dusty was actually the last one that was with him, weren't you?

Dusty: He was lying on the floor when I found him. If you want information, talk to Chris.

Tom: I told you everything Chris told us.

Dusty: That's not what I mean. Chris was the last to speak with Bob before he collapsed.

Chris: It's my fault.

Emily: I'm sure that's not true.

Chris: Yes, it is.

Emily: Honey, listen to me, your father had a stroke. It's probably something that's been brewing a long time. I'm sure you didn't cause it.

Chris: It is. Emily, you don't understand -- it's my fault this happened. It's all my fault.

Announcer: On the next, "As the World Turns."

Lily: I want you there next week. I want you there next year.

Holden: Not now, okay?

Bonnie: That's my friend.

Dallas: He's your married friend.

Bonnie: Not for long.

Dusty: There is no way that Chris Hughes is qualified to run this hospital.

Lucinda: Emily nominated Chris for interim acting chief of staff, and the vote was unanimous.

Kim: That's the thing your father was dead set against, and you have already approved it?

Chris: He was so angry he fired me. That is why he had the stroke.

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