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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 12/4/07

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Lily: Oh.

Dusty: How do you survive on the street with knots like these?

Lily: Oh, my gosh! I like to call that one separation. And that one, divorce.

Dusty: Why don't we call them both Holden and make it easier?

Lily: Oh.

Dusty: You got to call somebody? You got to do something?

Lily: No, I have to go to the farm to pick up Faith and Natalie. They're spending the night. It's the first time since the uh -- separation.

Dusty: You nervous?

Lily: I promised them the best girls' night ever. Now I have to live up to it.

Dusty: You're a great mom. And you're not gonna let 'em down.

Cole: What's wrong?

Sofie: How much?

Cole: What?

Sofie: How much were you getting for selling our baby to your sister?

Cole: Hey, I explained about that.

Sofie: Yeah, because you got caught.

Cole: I did it for us. So we can start over -- together. I know you're scared, but it's all going to be okay. We can still have everything we want.

Will: Let's go check the lounge.

Gwen: Okay.

Iris: I told you everything was out of the bag!

Barbara: How much do they know?

Iris: From the looks on their faces -- everything.

Will: Mom.

Barbara: Hello, you two. What a nice surprise.

Will: Did you do it?

Barbara: Do what?

Will: Did you set us up to adopt Cole and Sofie's baby?

Lily: My family's a mess. If that's not letting my kids down, I don't know what is.

Dusty: Tonight you're going to show the girls a good time.

Lily: How am I going to do that? Tell me, because it used to be so easy. We would just do whatever wanted to do as a family. And now it's my night or Holden's night. I feel like I have to do something so amazing or they're not going to want to see me anymore.

Dusty: You want some unqualified advice from the useless professional?

Lily: Please. Please.

Dusty: Just be normal. Go home, order a pizza, braid each other's hair.

Lily: Yes, we'll do that. They'll see right through me.

Dusty: Well, then be honest. Talk it out. You're great at that.

Lily: I used to be. Until I tried to talk to Luke about you and me. It was a disaster. He's so angry.

Dusty: Should I back off?

Lily: No. No, please don’t. I need this. The only time I feel okay is when I'm with you.

Dusty: You're more than okay. You're a beautiful woman. And I'm here to tell you that for as long as you need.

Lily: Thank you.

Nurse: Sorry, Dr. Hughes, your father said --

Chris: Oh, yeah, to look these over ASAP, right?

Emily: Ooh, you look like you could use a latte.

Chris: I could, but I'm trapped here until I finish all this paperwork.

Emily: Oh, all that?

Chris: Yeah, and there's more on my desk. Ever since Dusty complained to my father about me snooping around his foundation, this is my punishment. I feel like a secretary with an advanced medical degree. I saw one patient today, Em. One.

Emily: I think I could help you out with that.

Chris: Really?

Emily: Yep. All I need is Evan Walsh's number.

Sofie: You still want to go through with the adoption.

Cole: Yeah, don't you?

Sofie: How can I answer that? I can't even think straight right now.

Cole: Look, the only thing that's changed is now we know who's adopting the kid.

Sofie: You always knew.

Cole: You always said all you wanted to know was that they were good people. Now we know. The kid's going to be fine.

Sofie: Will you stop calling her the kid. She's our daughter. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Cole: Sure. You're my priority. I love you.

Sofie: Well, you lied to me.

Cole: And I told you why I felt like I had to do that.

Sofie: And when I lied it was to spare your feelings. You're just being greedy.

Cole: Maybe I'm a little greedy. Maybe I want you all to myself for a while. Is it a crime to want to have some fun before all the burping and the diapers and stuff? Once Gwen and Will have the baby, we'll be free.

Sofie: Cole, we're parents, now. Even if we give her away, she'll still be out there somewhere. And I will never be able to stop thinking about her. I will never be free.

Barbara: What are you talking about, Honey?

Will: Cut the act, Mom. Alison told us.

Barbara: Oh, no. I begged you not to go to you with her wild accusations.

Will: But it's not an accusation, is it? It's the truth.

Barbara: Honey, you know how she feels about you.

Will: Mom, that's ancient history.

Barbara: I knew that this good girl act of hers wouldn't last. This doesn't surprise me at all.

Gwen: Don't blame Alison. She didn't do anything wrong.

Barbara: She came to me with her suspicions, and I told her that I would look into it. I would call my attorney and look into it. And I told her, I begged her, not to go to you and worry you. And I did my part, I called my lawyer. And I was right. There is no baby conspiracy.

Will: You're lying.

Will: You were positive that we were going to get this baby from the very beginning, and now we know why. Because she was bought and paid for.

Barbara: I can understand why you're so upset. And I could wring Alison's neck for upsetting you like this.

Gwen: You didn't want us to call her to tell her the baby was a girl. Why is that, because she already knew?

Barbara: I was trying to protect you.

Will: Why would we need your protection when the lawyer already told you there was nothing to worry about?

Barbara: I don't know what to say to you, Will.

Will: Well then I'll tell you. You didn't want us to talk to Alison because you knew she'd tell us that Cole and Sofie's baby was a girl, too, and then your secret would be out.

Cole: I know you're ripped up right now. Okay, but this isn't easy on me, either. That's my k -- that's my daughter in there. But once we get to California and this is done, we'll feel better. We'll help each other out. Hell, we can get married if you want.

Sofie: Married?

Cole: Sure. Definitely. I'm with you for the long haul, Sofie. I want to make you happy.

Sofie: You wouldn't even have told me the truth if Alison and Aaron hadn't figured it out.

Cole: Would it make you feel better if I went to the lawyer, made sure it's all on the up and up? Is that okay with you?

Sofie: Mm-hmm.

Cole: All right. I'll do that for you, Sofie. Put your mind at ease.

Sofie: Cole? You're coming back to take me home, right?

Cole: No worries, Babe.

Barbara: Lots of women have baby girls.

Will: But our baby's coming early. Like Sofie's. Same lawyer. Both closed adoptions.

Barbara: Coincidence.

Will: Alison met with the lawyer.

Barbara: Why?

Will: Because she knows the truth is important to us.

Barbara: Gary Bradshaw can't tell her anything. It's privileged information.

Will: He didn't have to admit it, Mom. She saw inside of his briefcase. He had a little hat that Sofie made for her daughter. That's too many coincidences.

Gwen: It's true, isn't it? We're adopting Cole and Sofie's baby.

Barbara: Tell me who Cole and Sofie are.

Gwen: Cole is my brother, Sofie's his girlfriend. She worked here. You must've seen her.

Will: She knows who they are, Gwen.

Gwen: Maybe she doesn't. Maybe she really has no idea.

Will: She knows. She did this. I know you want to believe the best about her. And I wish she were different, too. But this is the kind of thing she's been doing all my life. Isn't it? You owe us the truth.

Barbara: I know -- I know who did this. I know who's responsible for this.

Gwen: Who?

Barbara: It was your mother. It was Iris, it has to be.

Lily: Hello! Hey! Hey, ready to go?

Faith: I have a lot of homework.

Lily: On girls' night? I have to call that teacher of yours and give her a piece of my mind.

Faith: Please, don't.

Lily: I'm kidding. It's a joke. Hey, you feeling okay? Well, you're not hot. Come on. We have a lot of things to do, we've got to pick out some chick flicks, we got to maybe do some Christmas shopping, grab some Chinese food. Hmm?

Faith: I don't want Chinese. And I don't have enough time to watch a whole movie.

Lily: Since when does Faith Snyder turn down a chance not to do homework? What is wrong?

Faith: Honestly?

Lily: Yes, that would nice.

Faith: I want to stay here tonight. Sorry.

Lily: You don't have to be sorry. There'll be other nights. But is homework the reason you don't want to come home with me tonight or is it something else?

Faith: It just doesn't feel like home anymore.

Chris: You want Evan’s number?

Emily: Yes, so hand it over, step aside, and let me work my magic.

Chris: Should I be jealous?

Emily: Do I look like I'd go for a science geek with a robot fetish? No, really. The number's strictly for professional purposes only. I swear. So, are we in business or what?

Chris: I could be persuaded.

Emily: Persuasive enough?

Chris: Sure you don't want my pin number instead?

Emily: God, you're easy. Give me the number.

Lily: I want to make things okay for you and your sister. But I can't put things back the way they were.

Faith: Well, do you want to?

Lily: I don't know how to answer that.

Faith: Well, there's the truth.

Lily: Yes. I do. But I can't, and I feel bad about that. That's why I want to make tonight special. The girls, come on.

Faith: Does that mean I have to go?

Lily: No, you don't have to go. There'll be other times. Ethan misses you. I miss you. So, maybe you'll take a couple of days and reconsider and come visit us? Do you hear me, Faith?

Faith: Yeah. But I don't want to leave Dad all alone.

Emily: Well, that was fast.

Evan: Yeah, well, my mother taught me never to keep a beautiful lady waiting.

Emily: Well, thank you. But it's my experience that traffic doesn't stop for chivalry.

Evan: I was in Old Town when you called. It took me two seconds to get here. So, what can I do for you?

Emily: Actually, it's what I can do for you.

Gwen: Of course my mother did this, Will.

Will: I don't know, Gwen.

Gwen: Come on, think about it! She gave Sofie cash for an abortion. You know how hard it is for her to part with money. Only Sofie didn't go through with it, so she did the next best thing. God forbid her son be saddled with a child.

Barbara: Iris has been buzzing around town a lot. What if she found out who our attorney is and figured a way to cash in?

Will: How would she get anything out of it?

Barbara: I know it sounds crass, Gwen, but a finder's fee? I gave money to Gary to give to the birth mother for hospital expenses.

Will: How much?

Barbara: A few thousand.

Gwen: It makes perfect sense.

Barbara: I know how much you want this baby. I do. I would never do anything to mess up this adoption.

Gwen: There isn't going to be an adoption. I can't raise my brother's kid. I can't do that.

Barbara: Honey, we don't know it's the same baby.

Gwen: It has to be.

Barbara: I'm sorry, Gwen. I'm sorry.

Gwen: I have to find my mom. Barbara. I'm sorry that we blamed this on you. You've been so good to us through all of this. You know? You're like the -- you're like the mom I wish I always had.

Barbara: I understand.

[Will and Gwen leave and Iris comes out from hiding]

Iris: Oh, Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. That whopper you just told, oh, it is going to cost you, big time.

Iris: You know, that was a cheap shot, blaming it all on me.

Barbara: It's true. You're selling your own grandchild.

Iris: You know, some people might say that I was trying to keep her in the family.

Barbara: You don't give a damn about that baby or those kids. All you care about is funding your own bank account. But I -- I love them. I love Will. I love Gwen. I wouldn't do anything to hurt them, and you have no idea what I've risked trying to get my son's trust back again. And I've lost everything. All I have left are those kids, and I'm not going to lose them, too.

Will: Gwen, wait.

Gwen: I need to find my mom.

Will: Are you sure she did this?

Gwen: You heard Barbara. It makes total sense.

Will: But Alison told us that Cole told her he was coming into a lot of money. Enough to start a whole new life.

Gwen: So what?

Will: So my mom said that she gave the lawyer a couple thousand dollars. After Iris takes her cut, that doesn't leave a whole lot for Cole.

Gwen: Right. So where's the money really coming from?

Barbara: So okay, Iris, you name your price. Whatever you want, I'll get it for you. Tonight. All you've got to do is --

Iris: -- Take the fall for you?

Barbara: Disappear for good.

Iris: I don't know, Barbie. I'm kind of digging Oakdale.

Barbara: More than Miami? Or L.A.? It's up to you, Iris. It's your choice. You can live here, penniless, or you can take the money and go live the way you want to somewhere else.

Will: Iris only came back here because she needed cash after she blew through my trust fund.

Gwen: And the whole baby scheme is perfect.

Will: Yeah, but a few thousand dollars isn't enough for her to go through all this trouble. She could've sold the baby to another couple, and had it be a lot less risky. Whoever did this wanted us to have a family.

Gwen: And the only person who cares about that besides us --

Will: My mother.

[Tom pokes Chris]

Chris: That was funny when I was 12. Not now.

Tom: Oh, come on. I enjoyed it.

Chris: See this? This white coat? I'm an adult licensed to use large, painful needles.

Tom: Well, you're still my little brother, which gives me a license to torture you.

Chris: Look, Tom, if you're looking for Dad, I don't know --

Tom: No, no, I'm not. Actually, I just had an appointment with my cardiologist.

Chris: And?

Tom: He gave me a clean bill of health. I just decided I'd stop by and see how you were doing.

Chris: Ah, yeah, you came to check on me, didn't you?

Tom: Oh, no, I didn't. Dad has enough spies without using me. Why are you so defensive?

Chris: Emily told me you gave her a hard time about the paper. That's not right. If it bugs you to see us together, Tom, just look the other way, okay?

Tom: Well, it doesn't bug me. It surprises me, but, as you keep reminding everybody, you're adult enough to make your own decisions.

Chris: But you don't approve. And you made sure Emily knew that.

Tom: I met with Emily as Dusty's attorney.

Chris: And the fact that you just got to put the screws to her, that was just a bonus.

Tom: Come on. Emily and I have a son together. It would nice if we could get along.

Chris: Did you ever think about maybe backing off?

Tom: Well, I would love to. But until Emily honors her contract and goes back to work at "The Intruder," I don't have that option.

Lily: Are you sure you're okay if we do girls' night another time?

Natalie: Yeah. I don't want to go without Faith.

Lily: You sure?

Natalie: Totally.

Lily: Totally? Okay, well totally go upstairs and get ready for dinner, okay? And wash up.

Natalie: Okay. Don't leave without saying good-bye.

Lily: I wouldn't dream of it. You're her hero. You know that? You know, can we go back to what we were talking about before, about you not wanting to leave your father alone?

Faith: He's sad. He tries to hide it, but I can tell.

Lily: But he's not alone. He's here in this house full of people. And he's always surrounded by family.

Faith: It's not the same.

Lily: I know. I feel the same way.

Faith: No, Mom. You have Dusty.

Chris: Make sure she knows to stop by the front desk on her way out.

Tom: You handle yourself well.

Chris: Almost like a real doctor.

Tom: Boy, you don't make it easy to be on your side, little brother.

Chris: And maybe if you'd quit reminding me of my status --

Tom: All right. Point taken. Look, I was talking to Dad a little while ago --

Chris: Oh, God. Here it comes.

Tom: Hey, stop, stop. Listen, listen. I am trying to thank you.

Chris: For what?

Tom: Well, Dad's needed to take it easy for a long time now, and even though he's too stubborn to admit that, with you around, he's able to delegate some things out. I think that's huge for him.

Chris: Well, it's hard to know, 'cause he keeps reminding me how ignorant I am.

Tom: He would not be so hard on you if he didn't think that you had what it takes. You know, he does want to pass the torch on to you someday.

Chris: Someday? Who are you kidding, Tom? Dad's going to outlive us all.

Tom: You'll get your shot. You just got to be a little bit patient.

Nurse: As soon as your boyfriend comes back, you can go.

Sofie: Actually, he's my fiancée.

Nurse: Oh, congratulations. You make a beautiful family.

Iris: Took you long enough.

Barbara: I had to get the money out of the hotel safe.

[Will and Gwen come into the room and watch them]

Iris: I told you small bills here.

Barbara: Relax. Slot machines take anything these days.

Iris: Yeah, did anyone ever tell you that you're a real --

Barbara: Constantly. You got your money. Now go before --

Will: Before you get caught?

Barbara: I can explain.

Will: Don't bother. We saw you.

Iris: I got this one.

Gwen: Is this your big payoff, Mom?

Iris: Oh Honey, don't be angry at Babs. I mean, this whole thing, it was my idea. It's because I love you and I didn't want you to --

Barbara: Stop. Please, just stop talking.

Will: You set it up, didn't you? You set up the adoption.

Barbara: No, no, I didn't. Iris came to me with an idea --

Gwen: To sell your own grandchild?

Iris: Honey, it's not like the baby was going to a stranger. I mean, you're her Auntie Gwen, right? And you and Will, you'd take good care of her. It was a good thing.

Gwen: For who?

Iris: For you. You wanted a child. Cole, he had an extra one.

Barbara: Shut up, Iris. You're making it worse.

Will: I don't see how she could. You manipulated us every step of the way.

Barbara: No. No, I was just trying to give you what you wanted.

Will: Mom, Gwen lost two babies already. She was terrified it was going to happen again. And I didn't think we could survive something like that. But you kept pushing the idea of an adoption on us until we agreed, and then --

Barbara: I didn't want this to turn out this way.

Will: Yeah, no kidding. I can't believe I ever let you back in my life.

Barbara: Oh, God, Will. Please don't say that.

Will: Mom, It's true. If you hadn't messed me up so much back when I was a kid, then we could have adopted through an agency and we wouldn't be here right now. How much more of this do you think we can take?

Iris: You know, this is a little too personal for my blood. I think I'm going to go now.

Gwen: No, you're not going anywhere.

[Gwen takes the envelope of money]

Iris: Hey!

Gwen: I was going to ask you why you did it, but it's pretty obvious, doesn't it? How can you be so cold?

Iris: You know, that is just so typical. You don't get your way, and so you blame mommy dearest.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Iris: I found you a baby just like you always wanted. So I made some money off it, big deal. It's not like I was going to get perfume for Christmas or thank you card or anything like that, because all you ever do is you just tell me to get lost.

Will: With good reason.

Iris: Oh, that'll be enough out of you. How can you be so cold? You could have everything. There's a baby out there, Sweetheart. It's your brother Cole and Sofie, and they gave the baby up for adoption. Somebody is going to get her.

Gwen: Not us. Whatever deal you two made, Will and I don't want Cole's baby.

Faith: I thought you went home.

Lily: I was just sitting here thinking about what you said.

Faith: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Lily: No, no, you didn't. You made me think. And that's a good thing. Do you have a second? I want to try to explain something to you.

Faith: I don't need the divorce talk. I get it.

Lily: No, no, no. It's not about that. It's about Dusty. Do you know that Dusty and I grew up together? We've been best friends since I was a little older than you are right now.

Faith: So you're just friends?

Lily: Did somebody tell you something different?

Faith: No. I just thought since you and Dad are getting divorced, I thought maybe Dusty was your boyfriend or something.

Lily: No, he's not my boyfriend. He's my really, very, very good friend. And he's not going to replace your father. Not possible. Nobody could do that.

Faith: Does Dad have someone, too?

Lily: I don't know.

Dusty: What is that?

Emily: A mock-up of tomorrow's front page. You win. I'm back at work.

Dusty: "Top doc blocks progress. Dooms Memorial to dark ages." What is this garbage?

Emily: It's called journalism, Dusty.

Dusty: We don't do medical stories.

Emily: What, are you blocking progress, Partner?

Dusty: We're going to scrap this. Try again.

Emily: No. The story runs.

Dusty: Emily --

Emily: What? You don't like it? Buy me out.

Dusty: Well, I don't dislike it that much. Partner.

Sofie: Excuse me, can I just call a cab?

Nurse: It'd be better if you had someone take you.

Sofie: He's running late.

Nurse: Okay, sure, I'll get your paperwork.

[Sofie sighs]

Sofie: I can't call Aaron.

Dusty: I could've saved you a lot of time if you'd come to me.

Emily: Well, I was going to, but you know, you were too busy having sex with Lily Snyder.

Dusty: So this is jealousy.

Emily: No, I'm not jealous, Dusty. Really. I'm trying to make a clean break, but you won't let me. It's childish, really.

Dusty: Don't confuse me with your boy toy. And don't let jealousy cloud your professional judgment.

Emily: I'm not jealous.

Dusty: Then why'd you comment on my friendship with Lily?

Emily: Your friendship? Why don you call it what it is? You're having an affair.

Dusty: No, that's what you're doing with your little boy toy. And he's not enough for you.

Emily: Oh, he's enough. But unlike you, I'm not destroying a marriage and hurting innocent children in the process.

Lily: Look, I know it's scary. Everything's changing. But you'll always come first with me, Faith. There is nobody in the world that I'd rather spend my time with than you kids. You are everything to me. And you have been since the moment you were born. I love you. And nothing will ever change that.

Faith: I love you, too.

Dusty: You're judging me?

Emily: You're the one whose having an affair with a married woman.

Dusty: So what? You slept with all kinds of people. Or maybe doesn't it matter when you get paid for it.

Emily: I can't believe you just threw that in my face.

Dusty: Don't give me that. You're the one waving the moral flag around here, not me.

Emily: You keep your voice down.

Dusty: Well, would you like to come in?

Emily: You wish.

Dusty: So Chris doesn't know that you're an ex-hooker?

Emily: No, he doesn't know. And you're not going to tell him. How dare you threaten me with that?

Barbara: Don't turn this baby away out of anger.

Will: That's not what we're doing, Mom. We still want a family more than anything. But not like this. This is wrong.

Gwen: Sofie wants her baby.

Iris: No, she signed the damn papers to give the kid up.

Gwen: Because you and Cole pressured her into it. That girl wants to raise her own child. Can't you guys see that? Don't you know that?

Will: You haven't even said you're sorry.

Barbara: I'm sorrier more than you'll ever know.

Will: It's too little, too late, Mom. I'm never going to forgive you.

Barbara: For wanting you to be happy?

Will: No, for making us trust you again. For getting our hopes up for nothing. It's never going to happen again, Mom, because you're never going to get close enough. Let's go.

Gwen: I thought you were better than her, but you're not.

[Gwen gives Barbara her envelope of money back to her and she leaves with Will]

Iris: How ungrateful those two are, I mean, after all the work that we did --

Barbara: Get out of my sight, Iris. Go!

[Iris grabs the money and leaves]

[Barbara sobbing]

Cole: I've been trying to call you. Something wrong with your phone?

Barbara: Leave me alone.

Cole: Oh, you talked to that Alison chick, didn't you? You know?

Barbara: And so do Will and Gwen. It's over.

Cole: Yeah, okay, I can handle Sofie. She's mad, but she'll hand over the kid when the time comes.

Barbara: It doesn't matter. They don't want the baby.

Will: Gwen, please stop cleaning and just sit down.

Gwen: I don't feel like sitting down. If I sit down, I'll start to think, and I honestly don't feel like doing that right now.

Cole: Will and Gwen can't turn back now. They have to take the kid. This is not negotiable.

Barbara: This was a mistake from the beginning.

Cole: You're not hearing me, Lady. Talk to them. Convince them to take the kid.

Barbara: I can't!

Cole: You owe it to me!

Barbara: I owe you nothing. The well is dry, so you and your mother can go suck the life out of some other family someplace else.

Cole: Bad answer, Babs.

Barbara: You better be smart and leave now while you still can.

Dusty: I'm not going to tell anyone about your past.

Emily: Thank you. I'm sorry, I know you'd never out me like that.

Dusty: Then why'd you say it, then?

Emily: Because sometimes you irritate the hell out of me, that's why.

Dusty: I'd kind of like to hear that apology one more time.

Emily: One's all you get.

Dusty: It's kind of nice, isn't it?

Emily: What are you talking about?

Dusty: This kind of relationship, being able to say anything we want to each other, even if it's not pretty.

Emily: Yeah, we're a couple of model citizens, all right. But you're right, it's nice.

Dusty: Too bad you'll never have it with that Hughes kid.

Sofie: I was waiting at the hospital. Did you forget you were gonna pick me up?

Cole: I got sidetracked.

Sofie: With what, the lawyer?

Cole: I never made it to the lawyer.

Sofie: Why not?

Cole: Because the adoption's off. Gwen and Will don't want the kid.

Sofie: Does that mean we can keep her?

Cole: Do whatever you want.

Sofie: What are you doing? What, are you leaving?

Cole: I always told you it was me or the kid.

Sofie: So you were just gonna leave while I was still in the hospital? What kind of monster are you?

Gwen: How could we have been so stupid?

Will: We weren't stupid. We just wanted a baby.

Gwen: And everybody knew it.

Will: I'm sorry.

Gwen: You didn't do anything wrong.

Will: I got you to hope. You were holding back and I convinced you that everything was gonna work out. If I hadn't done that --

Gwen: If you hadn't have done it, it would have been just as bad, all right? We were robbed, Will. It's like some kind of sick joke and now everybody's laughing at us. Hey, Will and Gwen can't have a baby. I know, let's buy them one. I know where we can get one cheap, and then we'll buy some stupid, fricking ornament to stick on some kind of pathetic tree!

Will: Gwen!

Gwen: I hate this so much. I hate it.

[Knock on door]

Dusty: What now?

Lily: Hey.

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Lily: Hi, can I come in?

Dusty: Yeah, please.

Lily: Thanks. Oh, I should've called. I'm sorry. You know what? I'm just gonna leave you alone.

Dusty: No, no, no, slow down. What's going on? What happened to girls' night?

Lily: Faith wasn't into it.

Dusty: Well, she doesn't get to choose.

Lily: Oh, but that would've been nice for me to just drag her out of there. Yeah, very, very nice. And then when Natalie heard that Faith wasn't going, she didn't want to go either. Faith said our house didn't feel like home anymore.

Dusty: I'm sorry.

Lily: Oh, I promised myself, you know? I was gonna be tough, I'm gonna be strong. I went home and I gave Ethan a bath and I sang him to sleep and I watched him for a long time, and it was so quiet, too quiet. I got a little stir-crazy and I asked the nanny if she could spend the night, got in my car, started driving and here I am.

Dusty: You want to spend the night?

Chris: Hey.

Emily: Hey, Babe.

Chris: Got your message. What's up?

Emily: Have I got a surprise for you.

Dusty: You're staying. I'm glad to have your company.

Lily: You seem to be the only person in my life who wants to spend time with me these days.

Dusty: I always want you around. You know that.

Lily: Are you sure? I mean, this isn't a bad time or anything? Just tell me the truth.

Chris: This is amazing.

Emily: Really, you like it?

Chris: This is exactly what Evan and I needed. I mean, the headline's a little harsh, but --

Emily: Well, it's the "Intruder," remember? I mean, the headline has to grab them, but I think the article's solid, right?

Chris: It's more than that. I'm gonna make sure every member of the hospital board has a copy in their mailbox tomorrow. Does this mean you're back at work?

Emily: I guess it does.

Chris: Well, I've got something for you, too. I've had it for a while -- but it's never seemed like the right moment to give it to you.

Emily: A pen. It's beautiful.

Chris: Mightier than the sword, or so they say.

Emily: It's pretty powerful when you use it right. You didn't have to do this. Thank you.

Chris: I wanted it to be much more, believe me. But until then, the next time you go into battle, you'll be fully armed and loaded.

Sofie: No. No, you're not leaving. You can't. You said you wanted to get married.

Cole: I didn't mean it.

Sofie: What?

Cole: How clueless are you? I don't want you any more than I want some kid to wake me up screaming every night. You were my ticket out of here, that's all. Barbara Ryan was going to give me enough dough to get to L.A., but no baby, no deal. You blew it, so I'm gone.

Will: I should've known better. I keep giving my mom another chance and it always turns out this way. It won't happen again. I swear it, Gwen, next time --

Gwen: What next time? Come on, that baby was our last chance.

Sofie: No, please, Cole, don't do this. Don't, don't, no, don't, don't leave. No, no, no, please. I forgive you.

Cole: For what?

Sofie: Everything. Everything. Just don't go.

Cole: You don't get it. The kid's a deal breaker.

Sofie: No, she's our daughter and once she's born, you'll fall in love with her.

Cole: Not sticking around that long, sorry.

Sofie: No!

Cole: Get it through your head, Sofie. That was never my kid. I don't love you anymore.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: If that's her --

Will: Gwen, no, let it ring.

[Phone rings]

Barbara: Will, it's Mom. If you're there, would you pick up, please. Look -- I am so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. I just know how desperately you want a family and I was trying to get that for you. Will, I know you're really mad at me, but I can't lose you. I can't lose you.

Will: Forget about my mom. We don't need her to have a family.

Gwen: There's no way, Will. We've tried everything, nothing's worked.

Will: We came really close this time.

Gwen: Come on, close doesn't mean anything.

Will: It almost happened. We can't give up. We're gonna keep trying. I know we're gonna have kids. I don't know how, Gwen, but I know it. We're gonna have a baby.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Chris: I'm gonna give my father irrefutable proof that I'm right, and he'll never see it comin'. Evan needs an answer before Christmas, Dad, and frankly so do I.

Bob: Is that a threat?

Kim: You want to marry him? Is that what you want?

Emily: No, Kim, I am not looking into marriage.

Kim: Or maybe you're just using him until something better comes along?

Lily: You're not angry at a business partner, you're furious at an ex-girlfriend.

Henry: You're going to the hospital to make a baby, the two of you?

Vienna: It seems like a such a bother. Why don't you just sleep together?

Brad: I agree.

Henry: Katie's gone off the deep end. You've got to save her, Jack.

Jack: Did you do what you came in here to do?

Brad: Why?

Jack: Because there's no way I'm gonna let you get Katie pregnant.

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