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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 12/3/07

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Jack: Hi, I'm Jack Snyder. Do you remember me? We talked on the phone earlier. You kinda talked, I was yelling.

Realtor: Yeah, about the house. I remember.

Jack: Yeah, I just want to make sure that the deal was gonna -- was gonna go through. That house had everything I could ever dream of. I was stupid to let it go, and I'd kick myself if I didn't at least try to get her -- to get it -- try to get it back.

Realtor: Are you sure we're still talking about the house?

Jack: Could you just make the phone call for me, please?

Katie: You bought me a house? And now you want to be the father of my children? I need to sit down.

Brad: I thought that's what you wanted.

Katie: Brad, I asked you for space. And somehow, you interpreted that to mean that I want to procreate with you?

Brad: It's no big secret that you wanted to have kids with Jack. He can't deliver, so I mean -- that's why I'm here.

Katie: As what? Some sort of twisted backup plan?

Brad: Well, I like to think of myself as a dream maker. Bradley, baby daddy, at your service.

Katie: Oh, my God. Just give me a minute to erase that disturbing thought from my mind. Okay, now, you may go.

Brad: Seriously, what? You're turning me down?

Katie: Brad, you can't replace Jack. And even if you magically could, I wouldn't marry you. I'm never, ever getting married again.

Brad: Got that note at "Oakdale Now." Since when did I say anything about getting married?

Realtor: Really? Interesting. All right, thanks. Bye-bye.

Jack: So?

Realtor: Well, we got a very motivated buyer with mucho cash. Turns out, he's a local TV star who's buying the house for a very special someone.

Jack: You wouldn't happen to know this guy's name?

Realtor: Funny you should ask. His last name is Snyder, too.

Brad: You not wanting to marry me, I think of that as a good thing. I'm not real high on the institution myself.

Katie: Oh, good. Then we agree on one thing.

Brad: Okay, I propose that we skip the whole painful commitment slash love part and go straight to the -- the Katie Peretti happiness package.

Katie: And what does that include?

Brad: Well, it's the bundled package includes a house big enough for all the bunnies and babies you could want and a very sturdy baby-making machine. All the joy without the drama.

Iris: These meetings are making me carsick.

Barbara: You're not the only one who's nauseous.

Iris: Hey, you listen here, all right? I had Cole and Sofie all set to go to L.A. it's not their fault that the doctors insisted she have the baby here. So don't even think about asking for that money back.

Barbara: I don't want the money back. I want you to work for it. I want you to keep Sofie away from Gwen and Will until she's induced.

Iris: Why is that my job?

Barbara: Because if they find out about our little deal before the baby is born, feeling carsick will be the least of your worries.

Gwen: I don't get it. What could you possibly tell us about our own adoption that we don't already know?

Alison: Can we sit down first?

Will: Yeah, but can you please stop acting so stressed? You're making me feel tense.

Alison: Sorry, sorry. I was just wondering if you had heard anything more about the birth mother.

Will: No, it's still a closed adoption.

Alison: Because I think I might know who she is.

Sofie: You kicked! Oh, I love it. I love everything about you even if I can't be your mommy.

Cole: What's your problem, Man? You could have broken my nose.

Aaron: I could do a lot worse. What kind of loser makes a deal to sell his own baby?

Cole: Shut up! You don't even know what the hell you're talking about.

Aaron: Oh no, I don't?

Sofie: What's going on?

Gwen: How do you know the birth mother? Is she a patient at the hospital?

Alison: Not exactly --

Will: Well wait, Guys. The lawyer said that the birth mother doesn't want to be identified. I don't know if we should be talking about this.

Gwen: Come on, Will. If she knows something about our daughter, don't you think we should know, too?

Will: Go ahead, Ali.

Alison: I know how excited you are about this baby, but --

Gwen: Just -- but wait. Just tell me she's not sick.

Alison: No. But she's more like your niece. Sofie and Cole's daughter.

Katie: Brad, you lack so many boundaries, I'm not even sure I want to be your friend. Why would you think that I would think you would be a responsible father?

Brad: I'm going to let you call all the shots. You want me to come over and play tea party with the girls, you want me to teach the boys about the birds and the bees, I'm there. Otherwise, I'm hands off. Unless you ask. We don't have to live together. It's your call.

Katie: And what exactly do you get out of this?

Brad: I'm doing this for you. All right, because I sort of, I don't know, ruined your chances to have kids with Jack.

Katie: Oh, nice. So this is like an apology, favor, pity thing?

Brad: Well, Vienna was talking to me about your, you know, biological clock. Tick, tick, ticking.

Katie: What? Vienna put you up to this?

Brad: Well, you see, your body is begging for someone to make you a mommy.

Katie: I am not begging for you, Brad! You were recently someone that I wanted to kill for a very good reason!

Brad: Okay, okay, okay. But you know, for all you know, this could be the best offer you get.

Katie: Oh! Apparently, you find me very appealing.

Brad: No, no, no. No. I didn't mean that. You are -- you are incredibly -- you're gorgeous. But you're not getting any younger --

Katie: Oh, God, that's it. That is it!

Brad: Oh, God, totally digging myself into a hole here.

Katie: Out! Get out!

Brad: But

Alison: I know it's hard to believe that Sofie and Cole are the parents. But I wouldn't be here if I wasn't -- what?

Will: Well, I'd just like to know where you're getting this information from. Because it's pretty out there.

Gwen: Yeah, I mean, I just saw Sofie the other day. She's back together with my brother. They're having the baby.

Alison: Having it doesn't mean she's keeping it. Right?

Gwen: Right. Oh, my God --

Will: What?

Gwen: I just remembered something that Sofie said the other day. It was really weird. She said that things with the baby didn't go the way she'd expected.

Will: So what do you think she meant?

Alison: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I think Cole made her agree to give up her baby.

Cole: This guy's a maniac! Obviously, he's got something for you --

Aaron: You are so full of it.

Sofie: Please -- just stop!

Cole: I'm not going to let you around Sofie anymore. She doesn't need this kind of stress. Get out of here before I cal security.

Sofie: Cole, wait, wait, wait. I heard Aaron say something about the baby. I want to know what you guys were fighting about.

Aaron: Go ahead, tell her. Tell her.

Cole: Open your mouth and upset my girlfriend again, and you're going to regret it.

Aaron: Sofie deserves to know who's adopting her kid!

Sofie: You know? That's great. That's great. I just want to be sure that they're good people, that's all.

Cole: We've gone over this a thousand times. A closed adoption is better for everyone. You know too much, you stay attached -- you stay attached, okay?

Aaron: Bull! This is not to protect anybody, okay? He just doesn't want you to know that your baby's new mom and dad is Gwen and Will Munson.

Sofie: Why would you say that?

Aaron: Sofie --

Sofie: There's -- there's no way that's true.

Gwen: Okay, how did you know that Sofie was giving up her baby? You don't speak to her, and you don't even know Cole.

Alison: Actually, I sort of do, but that's not important. Aaron's been filling me in. And he never really believed the whole Cole-Sofie love reunion, and he felt like Cole was pressuring Sofie to give up her baby.

Gwen: My brother makes me so sick. I feel bad for Sofie.

Will: Yeah, me, too. He's been manipulating her from day one. What I don't get, though, is what this has to do with us.

Alison: Don't you see? Sofie's not the only one who's being manipulated here.

Iris: You know what, Barbie? I'm out of here.

Barbara: Oh, no. You wait a minute!

Iris: No, you wait a minute, all right. You owe me. I'm the one who found a little bundle of joy for Will and Gwen, and suddenly you're St. Barbara. St. Barbara.

Barbara: You did all this for me? I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Now cut the crap! All right, you have as much reason to make this deal go through as I do. Now we still have Alison Stewart snooping around, so we have to be extra-vigilant.

Iris: Oh, wait a second. You didn't take care of little miss porn star? My God, if you didn't have me working to the bone, I could have made some contacts, I could have called my Vegas contacts and --

Barbara: You leave Alison Stewart to me. You focus on Sofie and make sure that she's on the first plane out of town as soon as that baby girl is born.

Iris: Girl? She's having a baby girl? I'm having a granddaughter! I'm so happy I could cry.

Brad: Oh, it's just like Thanksgiving. We gonna make this a thing?

Jack: You wanna tell me why you buy that house that Katie and I were going to move into together, hmm? You trying to show me up, Brad?

Brad: No.

Jack: I'm sorry, I can't hear you. What was that?

Brad: Ow! Okay, okay, okay, I'll tell you.

Jack: Yes, you will.

Brad: All right. You know what? The house I bought Katie has got nothing to do with you. You know, we need somewhere for our kids to live.

Jack: Your kids?

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: We need to talk about Brad.

Vienna: May I offer you a gingerbread child?

Katie: No, I don't want a gingerbread child. And I don't want Brad's child, either.

Katie: So thanks to Vienna's advice, Brad offered to be the father of my children as a mea culpa for all the wrongs he's caused me.

Henry: Can you imagine? Brad a dad?

Vienna: Do you have to eat the children's heads off right in front of me?

Henry: I'm sorry, Sweetie, I'm sorry. Liebchen, whatever made you put such a crazy idea into Brad's empty little head?

Vienna: Because it is what Katie wants.

Brad: Okay, well you know, this is probably premature for me to be talking about this, but you need to prepare yourself. Katie and I are having kids.

Jack: Yeah, right. Like that'll happen. You know what time the game starts?

Brad: Whatever.

Jack: I'm sorry, Brad.

Brad: I'm serious.

Jack: You're just not Katie's type.

Brad: Well, Katie's type kind of blew his shot at giving her kids because he was too busy letting someone named Carly dragging him around by his you- know-whats. I'm just trying to make up for some of the pain that Katie's been subjected to.

Jack: By giving her kids? That's sharp, Brad.

Brad: You have no idea how much Katie wants to be a mom.

Jack: Of course I do. We talked about having kids a lot when we were together.

Brad: Yeah, if I can remember, you weren't too big on the idea adding to the flock. So don't stand in the way of Katie's dream because you can't deliver.

Jack: Well, what about what you can't deliver? Like someone to love and someone to trust.

Brad: She's not looking for the same things she used to. Not after what you put her through. That's why I'm what the doctor ordered. You know, kids without the commitment. Parenthood without the pain.

Jack: So you're just doing all of this for Katie? To make her happy.

Brad: Something wrong with that?

Jack: Yeah. Like the part where you're secretly hoping that one day you'll wake up and she'll be like, "Brad, you're the man I've always wanted."

Brad: No, no. That is your sad dream. But since Katie put the kibosh on seeing you again, I guess that's not going to happen.

Jack: Yeah, well your plan's not going to work either, 'cause there's no way Katie would say yes to something like that.

Brad: Well, you know, she didn't exactly say yes, but she didn't exactly say no, either.

Vienna: You still want to be a mother, don't you?

Katie: Yes, of course I do.

Vienna: Well then, you can't allow that selfish, annulled husband of yours to destroy that dream.

Henry: It's where Brad fits in that I don't get.

Vienna: Brad has some flaws, I'll admit. But if he can deliver what she wants --

Henry: All Brad delivers are headaches. Am I right, Bubbles?

Katie: Yeah, yeah. I totally agree with you, but --

Henry: Oh, no.

Katie: Well --

Henry: Oh, no.

Katie: What Vienna said does kind of make sense.

Alison: Aaron was sure Cole was up to something. So when he randomly started hitting on me, we got an idea. A few vodka shots later, your brother had no problem telling me about how he's coming into the big bucks.

Will: Big bucks? Where's he getting money from?

Alison: That was exactly my question, and then, Aaron and I realized that Cole did have something he might be able to sell.

Will: His baby?

Alison: And I think somehow he's selling it to you guys.

Gwen: I'm sorry, that's insane.

Alison: You have no idea how many similarities there are between your adoption and Sofie's. It can't be just a coincidence.

Gwen: I understand that my brother's a creep, but I don't think he's sick enough to sell his own baby.

Alison: So where is he getting the money?

Gwen: Maybe he doesn't even have money. Maybe he was just, you know, trying to impress you.

Alison: I don't think so.

Will: Ali, you're wrong. You have to be.

Alison: I'm sorry, Guys. I wish I was.

Sofie: Cole would never let Gwen raise our baby. He doesn't even like his sister.

Aaron: Yeah, but money talks, doesn't it, Cole?

Cole: Like I have any idea what you're talking about.

Aaron: You're having someone pay you for this baby. I don't know who yet, but --

Male nurse: Excuse me. We've had complaints about noise. Is there a problem here?

Cole: Yeah, him. My girlfriend's a patient here, he won't let her rest.

Male nurse: Okay, Sir, we're going to have to escort you out.

Aaron: I understand. Sofie, I'm sorry.

Cole: Come on, put your feet up. Let me give you a massage.

Sofie: Why are you acting like nothing happened? I want to know why Aaron was saying all that stuff.

Cole: Maybe he wants to make trouble for us.

Sofie: Oh, and he just made something up out of the blue? Aaron's not a liar.

Cole: And I am?

Sofie: No, no. You've always been honest with me, even when it's stuff that I don't want to hear. What, are you mad?

Cole: No, I just hate hospitals. I want to get out of here.

Sofie: Me, too. They're supposed to be discharging me. I don't know what's taking so long.

Cole: Let me go see what I can find out.

Sofie: Aw, you did it again! You are going to be so strong. How did you get back in here?

Aaron: I was hiding in the stairway until the coast was clear.

Sofie: Aaron, go. You don't want Cole finding you in here again.

Aaron: He can kick me out as many times as he wants. I'll be right back. You need to hear this. I know you love that guy.

Sofie: I do love him. And he loves me.

Aaron: Cole made a deal with someone to buy your baby.

Sofie: Don't say that.

Aaron: What did he do when he found out you were having a baby girl? Did he hold your hand? Was he crying because of what he'd be missing? No, he was on the phone complaining about all the gigs he'd be missing in L.A. while you were giving birth. Now does that sound like somebody who loves you? He's using you, Sofie.

Alison: I figured if Cole was selling his baby to you guys, your lawyer had to be involved. So I set up an appointment with him. I dressed up like a pregnant woman and I pretended I was giving my own baby up for adoption --

Gwen: I'm sorry, that is a complete violation of our privacy.

Alison: I wasn't doing it for fun. I was trying to help you. I just wanted to make sure that Cole and Sofie were the parents of your baby.

Will: So why didn't you just come to us?

Alison: Because you guys have already been through way too much. I didn't want to tell you until I was sure.

Will: And now you're sure? Even though you haven't given us a solid piece of proof?

Alison: Just wait. Aaron told me about a hat that Sofie had knitted for her baby. He said it was green with a little puppy on it and that she had given it to her lawyer to give to the adoptive parents. When I met with your lawyer, I saw that exact same hat. In his briefcase.

Will: Well, so we have the same lawyer. It doesn't mean our baby is Sofie's.

Alison: But you're both having girls. You're both having closed adoptions. Both mothers are delivering early. I mean --

Will: Gwen doesn't need to hear any more of this, all right?

Gwen: No, come on. I want to hear it. I want to hear everything she has to say.

Alison: The only other thing is, Aaron and I noticed that every time Sofie got news about her own pregnancy, wham, just like that, you guys would get the same info about your own baby. I really wish none of this was true. And I know how much this baby means to you, and it's so unfair, but I know it's the same baby. I just know it!

Gwen: I believe her, Will.

Will: Me, too.

Gwen: What are we going to do?

Will: I'm going to find out who else was in on this.

Gwen: Do you think Sofie was? I can't imagine her want us to adopt her baby.

Alison: Aaron and I figured the lawyer lied to her too.

Gwen: I hate him! I hate my brother, Will! What kind of monster buys and sells babies?

Will: Well obviously, he wasn't in this alone. I'm sure his lawyer paid him, and probably not out of his own pocket.

Gwen: Oh, my God, we have to call your mom! She trusted that lawyer. We have to let her know what he's doing with her money so then she can call the police.

Alison: I don't think that's a good idea.

Gwen: Well, why not?

Alison: Because I think Barbara might have been in on this.

Iris: You know what? This little girl, it's a sign. It's a sign from God that Gwen and I are going to be able to start over again.

Barbara: Oh yeah. Until you get loaded and let slip that Gwen's baby is actually Cole's. No, no, no, no. That is not going to happen, Iris. Because you know what? I'm not willing to take that gamble. So there will be no starting over. You will get on a plane and you will get out of town, and so will your son and so will the girlfriend. And no one will ever know that you had anything to do with this baby.

Katie: I'm not saying I'm going to take Brad up on his offer.

Henry: Thank God.

Katie: But Vienna's right, I do want kids. And maybe it's about time I started thinking about what I'm willing to sacrifice to get them.

Henry: Well, don't sacrifice your self respect, okay? There are a lot of other guys out there besides Brad.

Katie: Yeah, I know. But do you know how exhausting it is trying to find the perfect guy? I need to face the fact that, you know, marriage probably just isn't for me. I haven't been very good at making it last.

Henry: Yeah, don't give up no love though -- do you remember how head over heels happy you were with Jack?

Katie: Yeah, I love Jack. I was completely in love with him. But even when he said that he might not want to have kids, I was ready to walk. Because I can't imagine my life without children. What does that say about me?

Vienna: That you want to be a mother, and that you deserve to be a mother! And if Brad Snyder can help you be a mother, I'd say, go for it!

[Katie imagining]

Father: Who wants to ride the airplane?

Brad: Whoo! Hey, Bud, you wanna -- you wanna do some airplane here? You want to find the pig? We'll find the pig later.

Katie: Thank you.

Brad: Thank you for what?

Katie: For making my dream come true.

Vienna: Maybe you should call Brad right now.

Henry: Wait, Vienna, will you wait a second? Just because Katie is prepared to have a baby with a man that she is not in love with, that doesn't mean there aren't other considerations here. For example, what kind of father would Brad be?

Katie: It doesn't really matter. He won't be doing the day to day parenting. That would be my job.

Vienna: You're going to be wonderful, Katie. She has so much to offer.

Katie: And besides, if I got into trouble, I could call Brad in a pinch. He's amazing with kids. You should see him, he's such a good uncle. Sage loves him.

Henry: There we go, that is another reason why you cannot do this, okay? Brad's kids would be cousins of Jack's kids. That means that you would be tied to Jack, and Carly, for like eternity, Katie.

Katie: Right, but maybe I was just jealous of Jack and Carly because I didn't have a family of my own.

Henry: Are you sure about that, Bubbles?

Vienna: Oh, don't be such a party pooper, Henry. Making a baby is supposed to be fun. And if there is one thing Brad Snyder knows everything about, it's fun.

Henry: That's just -- look, just take some time to think about it, okay? And while you're thinking about it, maybe you'll run into a prince charming who is looking for an heir to the throne, you know?

Katie: Yeah, right.

Customer: Can I get someone to take my order?

Henry: Yeah, absolutely. Have a seat, I'll be right there. There is no rush on this thing, okay? You have all the time in the world.

Vienna: So are you going to take Brad up on his offer or not?

Katie: I don't know yet. Henry did make some good points. I shouldn't rush into anything.

Vienna: Well, perhaps, for now then, maybe you could be the mother of a gingerbread child. He has blond hair and blue eyes just like you.

Aaron: After Cole told Ali about the money he was getting, we were starting to put things together. Coincidences didn't look like coincidences anymore.

Sofie: I just -- I don't see how Cole could have kept this from me.

Aaron: Because he's smooth. Played a lot of people. Even tried playing Alison, but she's too smart. She saw right through him.

Sofie: Did you really see him hitting on her?

Aaron: Yeah. I'm sorry, Sofie. But with a kid in the picture, you really need to know who this guy is.

Cole: Ah, there he is. This guy tried to break my nose.

Gwen: No. No. There's no way Barbara would have done something like that to us. She knows how important family is to me. If she knew I was adopting Cole's baby, she would have stopped it immediately.

Will: What makes you think my mom was involved?

Alison: I told her my suspicions about the adoption and she was really sympathetic. And she said that she would call the lawyer, but --

Will: But -- what?

Alison: The next thing I knew, Sofie and Cole were rushing out of town like someone had sounded the alarm.

Gwen: Look, I know that Barbara always hasn't been that nice to you, but she's changed a lot. And you don't know her the way that I do --

Will: Gwen --

Gwen: Will, she wouldn't do something like that to us. I know that she wouldn't. You know that.

Will: No, I'm sorry. I don't know that.

Alison: I should go. You guys probably need some time. I'm really sorry, Gwen. And I hope I'm wrong about Barbara.

Will: Hey Ali, thanks for telling us. I know it wasn't easy.

Alison: Bye.

Gwen: How could you do that?

Will: What?

Gwen: Ever since I lost the baby, Barbara's treated me like a daughter. More than my own mother ever has. Whenever she thought that we couldn't be parents, she bent over backwards. She'd do anything for us to have this baby.

Will: Well, that's the problem, Gwen. When my mom says she'll do anything. She means it.

Iris: Gwennie isn't your daughter.

Barbara: Not biologically. But if there is a lesson in adoption, it's that the biological mother is not always the most viable parent.

Iris: No, it's the one who can cough up enough dough to pay for her kids to have a baby.

Barbara: Our deal stands. You want the money, you get out of town.

Iris: Maybe I don't want the money anymore. Maybe I want to be "Grandmommy."

Barbara: Get over it, Iris. Oh, and let me thank you in advance for agreeing to disappear voluntarily. And remember, if you don't, I'll find a way to make it happen.

Security guard: I said we're going!

Aaron: Alison Stewart is telling everybody right now. Everything!

Cole: Geez, how whacko! Who the hell is Alison Stewart?

Sofie: Blonde, pretty, nice smile. Aaron said you two went out for drinks the other night. Sounded like you came on pretty strong.

Cole: Look, Sofie --

Sofie: Don't! How could you do this to me? How could you do this to our baby?

Henry: Hey, you made a little gingerbread family. It's like a Swedish Brady bunch.

Vienna: Mm-hmm. This is Olga, Johan, Marta, Lars, Hans, and Henrietta, after you.

Henry: I love you, you know that?

Vienna: I love you too.

Henry: And I know that you thought that you were doing the right thing for Katie earlier today --

Vienna: But I was.

Henry: Vienna, when she gets needy and impulsive like that, she really needs someone to rein her back in.

Vienna: No, to raise her up!

Henry: You can't possibly think she wants children with Brad after she pulled a carving knife on him at Thanksgiving?

Vienna: Well, maybe her biological urges are stronger than her violent ones. Biological urges can be like that, you know.

Henry: I have a feeling we're not talking about Katie anymore.

Vienna: Well, a woman's need to bear a child is a force of nature! When it comes knocking, you must answer.

Henry: Can't you just put up a do not disturb sign?

Vienna: Oh, Henry. When will it be my turn to just let the door fling open and let nature take its course? Huh?

Emma: Want to tell me about it?

Jack: Oh, hey Emma. I was just --

Emma: Are you sad about something?

Jack: Kids.

Emma: Kids? Your kids?

Jack: Katie's. She's planning on having some -- with Brad.

Emma: Brad? Your brother? Brad?

Jack: Bought her a house.

Emma: What? Are they getting married --?

Jack: No, no. They're just -- they're just making babies together. At least that was the plan, according to Brad.

Emma: I guess she couldn't wait.

Jack: I love her, Emma. And I know she loves me. And the only reason she's doing this with Brad right now is 'cause she thinks I will never stop being hung up on Carly.

Emma: Well -- well Jack, there is that.

Jack: But it's Katie that I want. I want to be her husband in all the ways that count. And if that means having another baby, then fine. I'll have another baby. The thought of living my life without her though --

Emma: Listen, Sweetheart. Why don't you just go to her and tell her that?

Jack: I was -- she doesn't trust me right now. And maybe with time, yeah, maybe she'll get over it. But -- I don't know.

Emma: Well, I would suggest that you speak to Brad, but --

Jack: I did. You know what he said?

Emma: No, no, no. I don't want to hear. I can only imagine.

Jack: You can only imagine.

Emma: Oh my, oh my, oh my. Biological clocks. You know what starts them ticking? Love. You fall in love and you want to have a baby. His baby. You want to give your heart, your mind, your hormones -- they all start working because you want to have his baby, the man you love. And you know, for Katie, I suspect that you're still that man.

Jack: What do I do? Hmm?

Emma: Fight for her. Prove to her that you are still that man and that you still love her. Oh, Sweetheart, please. Please don't be sluggish about it. Your brother can be pretty fast. When he wants to.

[Cell phone rings]

Brad: Hi.

Katie: Hey, it's me. I was just wondering if we could maybe finish that conversation we were having earlier.

Brad: Sweet.

Katie: Can you come over now?

Brad: I'll be right there.

Katie: Okay, there's a lot of details we still have to work out. We're going to be clear about everything. I need to talk to Tom probably because I'm sure there's some legal stuff we'll have to work out. Uh --

Brad: Okay, okay. Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying what I think you're saying?

Katie: Yes, yes. Get me pregnant.

Brad: Woo! Hot diggity dog!

Katie: No, no, no. No, no. No. Not doing it like that.

Brad: A woman likes to take charge. I like that. I love that. Okay, all right. How do you want to do it?

Cole: Okay, now I remember that Alison girl. One night, I got drunk. I flirted a little. Maybe she got upset because I wouldn't go home with her. And she probably made up that stuff about the baby and told Aaron --

Sofie: Stop it! Stop lying! Tell me the truth now, or I will walk out that door and never come back.

Will: Hey, you ready to go see my mom?

Gwen: I don't know. I just don't know. I trusted her so much.

Will: I know.

Gwen: Hey Will, I really believed that little girl was going to be ours. I don't want to stop believing that yet.

Will: Maybe Mom will have an explanation for everything that Ali told us.

Gwen: So, it's okay to still hope?

Will: Yeah, it's mandatory!

Gwen: I love you.

Will: I love you too.

Gwen: Okay.

Will: Come on.

Sofie: Did you know that Will and Gwen are adopting our baby?

Cole: I found out like a few days ago. It was a weird coincidence.

Sofie: Okay, but once you did know, why didn't you tell me? How could you let someone you hate raise our little girl?

Cole: I don't hate Gwen. We fight because she's always on me about how I left her with my mom when we were kids. But she's a good person, Sofie. She had a rough time with my mom. I thought this would be a good way to make it up to her.

Sofie: The baby? Our baby?

Cole: I know. I should have told you.

Sofie: You are unbelievable! I don't get to raise my own daughter, but your sister gets to.

Cole: I don't blame you for being angry, but I want to work this out. I need you to give me another chance.

Sofie: I have one question. Do you love our baby?

Cole: Of course I love her. That's why we're going to give her up, Sofie. Because we want her to grow up better than we did. But someday, when I'm a big music star, I want to have a huge family. I thought you wanted that too, Sofie.

Sofie: I don't know, Cole.

Cole: Hey. Don't you know how much I need you, Sofie? How much I love you?

Sofie: I -- I'm just so tired and confused, and --

Cole: Okay, here. Lie down. All right. Close your eyes. You've had a long day. I'm going to let you rest. I'll be out there waiting when you want talk.

[Cell phone ringing]

Iris: Finally, you listen to your messages yet? Barbie is nagging me to make sure that Sofie stays out of the way.

Cole: Shut up and listen. The game's changed, Mom.

Henry: Vienna, Sweetheart, we talked about this.

Vienna: Well, I need to talk again. I am a woman and a human being.

Henry: I know that.

Vienna: Well, it's only natural that I would want to have children. And you said that you would want one someday too.

Henry: Yes, someday. That doesn't mean this day.

Vienna: But when?

Henry: Sweetie, you know how we always promised to be truthful with one another? Okay? The truth is, the only thing that terrifies me more than being a parent is -- there isn't anything I can think of that terrifies me more than that.

Vienna: You would be such a wonderful father.

Henry: No I wouldn't -- hey, you know what? You never met my sister Eve, the murderer, okay? I helped raise her, so --

Vienna: Yeah, well I met Madeline. And we did a wonderful job with her. And just think, Henry. We would have such beautiful children. With my dark skin and your beautiful, bedroom eyes.

Henry: One day, Sweetie. One day.

Vienna: But when? Like two and a half months? Two and three quarter months?

Henry: Why do you have to pin me down on this? Huh?

Vienna: Fine, fine. It's your decision, Henry. But I warn you. If it takes too long, I'm gonna go out and find my own Brad Snyder.

Brad: You know, I am really into experimentation. This one --

Katie: Put that back on.

Brad: What? Okay, you'd like to do it with your clothes on? Okay.

Katie: No, I'm not doing it with you at all. We are not a couple. We will never be a couple. The deal was baby and house, no baggage.

Brad: What if we don't get down to business, how are we going to get to the baby part?

Katie: Artificial insemination.

Brad: That's it? That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Jack: Henry, is Vienna around?

Henry: I don't think now's such a good time --

Jack: Hey, Vienna.

Vienna: What do you want, Jack?

Jack: Listen, you have always been there for me before in a bind, and, now, I just -- listen, Katie's not talking to me. And I wanted to ask --

Vienna: Well, yes! Katie's having Brad's children.

Henry: You know what, she has not made a final decision --

Vienna: No, yes she will! And when she does, Brad will do what you only promised to do. He will make her dreams come true. You missed your chance, Buster!

Henry: Don't, don't, don't listen to what she's saying. Vienna's upset --

Jack: I've got to go find Katie.

Katie: Yes, artificial insemination may seem a little clinical, but really, isn't that the point? I mean, I don't necessarily need you per se. I just need your, um, contribution.

Brad: Cool, but since I'm doing you a favor, couldn't you do me one? I mean, it could be a lot of fun.

Katie: No, no. These are the only conditions under which I will accept your offer. Deal or no deal?

Brad: Fine, fine. When do you want my -- contribution?

Katie: I will make an appointment and call you with the time. Thank you very much.

Brad: You're welcome. There's no one I would rather -- impregnate.

Barbara: You're so cute.

Iris: You're not answering your phone anymore? What?

Barbara: What in God's name are you doing here? We can't be seen together!

Iris: Oh just shut up! That slut Alison and that Snyder boy, they just blew everything up.

Barbara: What?

Iris: Yeah, Sofie knows everything. And by now I think Gwen and Will do also.

Barbara: They don't know that I'm involved, do they?

Will: Let's go check the lounge.

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Lily: The only time I feel okay is when I'm with you.

Dusty: So Chris doesn't know that you were an ex-hooker?

Emily: No, he doesn't know. And you're not going to tell him. How dare you threaten me with that?

Sofie: How much were you getting for selling our baby to your sister?

Will: Did you set us up to adopt Cole and Sofie's baby?

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