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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 11/28/07

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Santa 1: Who were you trying to call, Lady? The cops? Answer me!

Carly: No! No, I didn't! Please, please just let my daughter go.

Santa 1: You better be telling the truth. Because if I hear one siren, Santa's going to have to make sure that little girl never sees another Christmas again.

Jack: What?

Katie: Go ahead. Check your messages. See what Carly wanted.

Jack: No, that can wait.

Katie: No, really. You're thinking about her. You might as well be talking to her. Better yet, why don't you go see her, tell her I said hi?

Jack: Katie, wait a second. I'm not thinking about Carly. I'm not. No, I'm thinking about how good I'm getting at the figure skating thing. Look, I can almost do one of those air things. Look. Actually, I was thinking that maybe we should do this again. Maybe tomorrow, and you can teach me some moves.

Katie: Your moves are just fine.

Jack: Yeah, but they'd be better with you -- with you teaching me. Just the two of us.

Katie: There is no us, Jack. I'm not sure there ever was.

Meg: Okay, how does that look?

Emma: Oh, let me see. Ooh, my goodness. That is perfect. Perfect. You know, of all my children, you are definitely the most creative.

Meg: You know, you say that to all of us.

Emma: Yeah, of course. Of course, of course. But then, you're gonna do the same thing with all your babies. You are.

Meg: You know, when I found out I was pregnant, and I got over the shock, I started thinking about all the Christmases we'd spend here. I could hardly wait to see my little baby playing under the tree with Paul. Craig.

Emma: You still think about him all the time, don't you?

Meg: You know, I can't stop. I want to, but I can't. If I slipped up in front of Craig, I --

Emma: Its okay, it's all right. You didn't. You didn't.

Meg: This is Craig's baby. I need to be happy about that.

Emma: Sweetheart!

[Meg doubles over and holds her stomach]

Paul: I'm sick of this endless parade of doctors in and out of my wife's room, observing a fascinating case, and nobody has any answers.

Dr. Hall: Mr. Ryan, we don't have answers --

Paul: She cannot go back into this coma. She just can't! I promised Rosanna that -- you have to help her. You have to.

Dr. Hall: We're doing our best.

Craig: Karma. It's frightening how it always gets you in the end.

Emma: Here you go, this will settle your stomach.

Meg: No, no, no, I couldn't face food right now. But I'm sure in half an hour I'll be ravenous for something insane like anchovy pizza and chocolate milk.

Emma: Oh, wait a minute. Now you're making me sick. Okay, now I've gotta go on over to the church and bring these decorations. Would you like to come with me? You should stay here and take a little nap, okay?

Meg: No, I should go home. I should go home. I'm just afraid to be around Craig.

Emma: Why? Hmm? Why? Didn't you tell me that you didn't think he could ever harm you? If you feel for one minute --

Meg: Mama, he wouldn't. He wouldn't. I'm just afraid that I'm gonna slip just like I did today, and then --

Emma: And then what? And then what? He'll take his anger out on Paul?

Paul: The only reason that Rosanna's in that room is that you put her there. If you hadn't run her off the road --

Craig: She wouldn't have gone in a coma in the first place. She wouldn't be in danger of that happening again. It's a same tune, different day. I'm well aware of your take on things.

Paul: And that crack about karma --

Craig: Was completely accurate. Rosanna has had a miraculous recovery. And as I understand it, the only threat to that miracle is stress. Are you causing your wife any undue stress?

Paul: You stay away from me, Craig.

Craig: You stay away from my wife. It'll do wonders for your marriage. And probably help Rosanna's health in the bargain.

Paul: What about Meg's health? You care about that?

Craig: Are you implying that I would hurt my wife?

Paul: The last time one of your wives ran to me, you almost killed her.

Craig: It was an accident.

Paul: Planning anymore accidents, Craig?

Parker: You should leave Dad and Katie alone.

Brad: You know what, Parker? Now that Jack has officially adopted you, that makes me officially your uncle.

Parker: So?

Brad: So that means, you keep smart mouthing me, I could put you in the naughty chair.

Parker: Seriously, Brad. If Dad and Katie decide to get back together, you can't stop them.

Brad: I won't have to. Katie is going to shut Jack down. Just watch and see.

Jack: Hey, hey, wait a second. What's wrong with the two of us hanging out together?

Katie: I'm not gonna date you, Jack. We've done that. We dated, we were engaged. We were happily married for about an hour before you left me for Carly.

Jack: It's more complicated than that.

Katie: We've done it all. There's nothing left.

Jack: Yeah, there is. We can skate. We can laugh. We can be friends. With no strings. Try it, try it just for today. For the next five minutes. Fun, Katie. You remember fun?

Katie: Race you.

Santa 1: Are you gonna do what I say? Answer me!

Carly: Yes, yes, I'll do whatever you say. You're hurting me.

[Carly grabs her phone and press Brad’s number on her cell phone and lays it down]

[Cellphone ringing]

Brad: Okay, wait, wait. All right. Hello?

[Brad hears what they are saying]

Santa 1: Are you trying to get yourself killed?! You want your little girl to see that?

Carly: Sage!

Sage: Mommy!

Carly: Sage! Let her go!

Brad: It's Carly's number, but she's not saying anything. Hello, Carly? You there?

Parker: Mom's probably trying to find Dad.

Brad: Well, we should help her out with that.

Parker: Not now, Dad and Katie are having a good time. Look.

Carly: Let her go!

Brad: Carly, you must be in a dead spot or something --

Carly: Let her go!

Sage: Mommy!

Brad: Carly, can you hear me?

Parker: What is it?

Brad: Jack, Jack, Jack!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, maybe you should stick to the boards. Wait a second.

Brad: Listen, Carly's on the phone. Something weird is going on.

Carly: Let her go! Please! You don't need her! Take me!

Jack: So what's Carly saying?

Brad: I can't make it out. But it sounds like she's in trouble.

Jack: Tell her to call the cops. Come on, Katie.

Carly: Please, please let my daughter go!

Brad: Jack, Jack, Jack, come here. You've got to hear this!

Santa 1: Ahh! I warned you!

Sage: Don't hurt my mommy! Mommy!

Brad: It's Sage. I heard her. Something is definitely wrong.

Jack: Okay, give me the phone, Brad!

Sage: Stop hitting my mommy! Mommy!

Carly: Let her go!

Jack: Keep listening for any clues about where they may be.

Katie: Something's really wrong?

Jack: Even if they stop talking, hang on until I tell you to hang up.

Parker: Dad, what's happening?

Jack: I don't know yet, Parker. Katie, call the station, tell them to put a trace on Carly's phone. Parker will give you the number.

Parker: Dad?

Jack: Parker, your mother gave me a message, okay? She left me a message, and she's gonna help me --

Carly: Jack, Sage is being held hostage. We're in --

Santa 1: I will break your arm if you don't settle down!

Carly: Please, please don't hurt her. Let her go!

Santa 2: I'm gonna go with something else in your head!

Sage: No! Don't hurt my mom!

Carly: Sage, look at me. Sage, it's okay. We're going to be okay. We're just going to do what these men say, and they'll let us go, okay?

[Sirens wailing]

Santa 1: You called the cops? Oh, I warned you about this!

Carly: Ow!

Kit: Let the girl go, or I'll make you a very sorry Santa.

Brad: I heard another voice and maybe sirens.

Jack: Dallas, we're hearing sirens at the location. What's going on?

Dallas: We just got a 911 call about some armed robberies in Old Town.

Jack: We got a location on Carly's phone yet?

Dallas: She's in Old Town, Jack. We just got eyewitness confirmation.

Jack: On her message, Carly said something about a hostage situation.

Dallas: They're holding Sage and Carly at gunpoint.

Jack: You call in S.W.A.T. You seal off Oak Road and Main Street.

Dallas: We're on it.

Jack: And you tell your boys to stay out of sight, all right? Tell 'em to kill the sirens. I don't want to spook these people. I'm on my way.

Parker: Are Sage and Mom okay?

Jack: I'm gonna need your cell phone, Brad.

Brad: It cut out. Cut out, the line's dead. I don't know what happened.

Jack: Do me a favor, I want you to take Parker to the farm, all right?

Brad: No, I'm going with you.

Jack: No, you want to help me? Take Parker to the farm. Thank you.

Brad: Where are you going?

[Katie runs after Jack]

Meg: So after he found out I slept with Paul, Craig used my phone to trick Paul into meeting him.

Emma: What happened?

Meg: Threats, accusations. I don't know. All I know for sure is that I don't want Paul hurt, and I don't want Craig to end up in jail.

Emma: And as miserable as it makes you, staying with Craig, you're still determined to do it?

Meg: He loves this baby so much already, Mama. And he loves me. And all he's asked me to do is stay away from Paul. That's all. I can do that.

Craig: Your concern for Meg is touching, but it's misguided. My wife is no longer your concern.

Paul: Right because she's pregnant with your child, but what happens to Meg after she's had your baby?

Craig: I become a father.

Paul: And what happens to Meg?

Craig: That's up to Meg.

Paul: I know how you operate. You're gonna take her child away from her, aren't you?

Craig: Meg wants a family. So do I. Stay away from my wife.

Emma: Listen, can't I fix you something to eat before you go?

Meg: No, no, I'll pick up something out there real quick, and then I'll have dinner with Craig. My appetite is always better at night. I promise I will clean my plate, okay? You don't need to worry.

Emma: I'm not worried about your appetite. I'm worried about you. I want you to be -- I want you to be happy.

Meg: Sometimes I am. Even though the test results didn't turn out the way I wanted them, I know Craig is determined to be a better father, and I know he can be if he feels secure in our marriage.

Emma: Then you're gonna have to do as he asked. You're going to have to stay as far away as possible from Paul.

Meg: I will. For the sake of my family, I have to.

Paul: Doctor, listen, this episode -- I mean, Rosanna being like this again. I mean, it seems like it might be avoidable. Dr. Cutler says that her system may have suffered neurological damage being in a coma for so long, but that -- somebody else said that it might have been related to stress, and I just -- I want to know what you think.

Dr. Hall: I honestly don't know. But she needs you, so take care of yourself. Get yourself a decent meal and some rest.

Meg: And onion rings. And chili with cheese. Calcium.

Waitress: Okay.

Meg: I'm pregnant. I don't eat all day, and then out of nowhere I get these massive cravings.

Waitress: No problem.

Meg: And a triple chocolate malt. Thank you.

Paul: You sure that's the best thing for the baby?

Meg: How's Rosanna doing?

Paul: Pretty much the same.

Meg: I'm sorry. I hope she recovers soon.

Paul: Yeah, me too.

Meg: You look tired.

Paul: I just saw your husband.

Meg: Where?

Paul: At the hospital.

Meg: Did he say anything --

Paul: He knows our little secret. He said he'd forgiven you.

Meg: Oh.

Paul: You sleep with me, a man that he loathes, and he opens his arms and takes you back into his life? Does that sound like the Craig Montgomery that we both know, and one of us seems to have some kind of strange affection for?

Meg: I'll admit, I didn't know whether to believe him at first. But he surprised me. He seems to be very understanding.

Paul: He's very understanding because you're carrying his baby.

Meg: He loves me, Paul.

Paul: I'm sure that he wants you to believe that. Maybe once you have his baby, all bets are off.

Craig: You drowning your sorrows?

Evan: Might as well. Normally, I'd be hunched over a microscope at this hour, but you want to indulge in that kind of thing, you have to have a little something called a lab.

Craig: Research project still stalled at the hospital?

Evan: Yep, and now it looks like Bob Hughes and my annoying step-grandmother Lucinda are going to keep it that way.

Craig: Not for long. I spent my time wooing every single member of the board I could find. And just this morning, I got one more on board on our side.

Evan: How did you do that?

Craig: A little money, a little influence. And a good word from Chris Hughes.

Evan: This is great! How can I thank you?

Craig: You do wonders with that medical technology of yours. You save a lot of lives.

Evan: You really care about this project.

Craig: My wife and I are having a baby. And I guess it's had a big impact on me. I want to do more than make money. I want to leave a legacy.

Meg: I'm sure there would have been a lot of men that would've written me off after what I've done, but Craig's not one of them. And I'm sure he probably wanted to stop loving me, but he couldn't. He's never been able to. Even after I plotted against him. Even after I was grieving for you --

Paul: You cheated on him with me. You really think he's just going to let that slide? Did you tell him that we both wanted this baby to be mine?

Meg: But now we all know it's not. Thank you. Ohh!

[Meg doubles over]

Paul: Whoa, hey, hey, you okay?

Meg: It's nothing, I'm fine.

Paul: Is it the baby?

Kit: Why don't you just let the girl go?

Santa 2: Why don't you just shut up, huh?

Kit: You know you can't --

Jack: What's Kit doing here? Is she involved in the robberies?

Dallas: From what I can tell, she's putting her life on the line. The guy holding Sage is the only one with a gun. She's helping split the focus.

Jack: Well, she's going to get somebody killed. I'm gonna go around the alley and flank them from the back.

Dallas: Okay.

Katie: Jack, I was so worried about you.

Jack: I'm fine. Promise me, promise me you're gonna stay put here, okay? Where you're safe.

Katie: Okay.

Jack: All right?

Santa 2: I'm warning you, you better get out of my way, or I'll shoot.

Kit: Yeah, right. You're almost as scary as a 5-year-old with a water pistol. Bet you've never even held a real gun before.

Santa 2: You want to find out, huh? Keep pressing your luck.

Kit: Look, all you want is the money. You don't want to get involved in no hostage crisis. Just let the girl go.

Santa 2: I'm telling you, stay back!

Kit: Just give me the gun real slow before you end up shooting yourself.

Santa 2: Yeah, Baby? Stay back!

Kit: Come on, you know the further away from you I am, the harder it is for you to shoot me, so let me get a little closer. Come on, why don't you show me what a man you are? Shoot me, go ahead! Shoot me!

Santa 2: Don't push me!

Brad: Emma! Emma! Where is she? Where is she?

Parker: She had some decorating thing to do at the church. Do you really think Sage and Mom will be okay?

Brad: If your father has anything to say about it, yes. Good, okay listen, Carly and Sage have been held hostage in Old Town. They're sending in a rescue team.

Emma: What?

Brad: Jack is going to join them. I'm going to go and help out, okay? Keep an eye on him, don't let him out of your sight. Don't let him follow me. He's as slippery as they come.

Emma: Brad! I mean, tell me more.

Santa 2: Stay back!

Kit: Just give me the gun real slow before you end up shooting yourself.

Santa 2: Yeah, Baby? Stay back!

Katie: Brad.

Kit: What you waiting for, Coward? You can only hide behind the little girl for so long!

Santa 2: Yeah, you got a death wish, Lady? 'Cause you know what? You're beginning to get shot!

Kit: Why don't you pull the trigger? I'll tell you why, 'cause you know you're gonna miss, and I'm gonna have to whup you with my bare hands! Now!

Jack: Sage, go, run!


Katie: Jack! Where's Jack! Hey, wait, wait, where's Jack?

Jack: You okay?

Carly: I'm all right. What about you, Kit? You all right? Huh? What about you? Are you okay?

Santa 2: No, Man, I just took a bullet here, Man.

Jack: Did you?

Santa 2: Let me see. Looks like the padding stopped that bullet, so you're not bleeding, but I can really change that, 'cause you know what? That was my little girl you grabbed!

Carly: No! No, don't. He's not worth it. Jack. How's Sage?

Jack: She's fine, I promise.

Carly: I'd like to see for myself.

Jack: Get him out of here. Go. Jesse, all clear.

Carly: Oh, Baby -- thank God you're okay!

Sage: I was scared at first when I saw the gun, but then I tried to be brave like Daddy.

Jack: That's my little girl.

[Jack after a second pats Carly’s back too and Katie sees this]

Katie: Get me out of here?

Sage: I knew you'd save us, Daddy.

Jack: You know what? I had help. Kit, thanks. You really took a big chance today.

Kit: It was nothing.

Carly: How can we ever thank you?

Kit: It was the least I could do after what happened to the other kid. If this makes up for my part in what happened to J.J. --

Carly: As far as we are concerned, the debt is paid in full. Right, Jack?

Jack: Katie?

Katie: Thanks for the ride, Brad. You don't have to stick around, though. I'm just going to look at some stuff for tomorrow.

Brad: That's okay. I don't have anywhere else to be. Besides, someone needs to keep you supplied with these.

Katie: It's not what you think. It was just seeing Sage in that awful situation. I'm so glad she's okay.

Brad: That's part of it, but not all of it.

Katie: Brad, please don't analyze me. You know how much I hate that.

Brad: You're still in love with Jack. I saw the way you were looking at him when you were ice skating. You almost ran into a crime scene because you were afraid something might happen to him.

Katie: I'm glad I went today. You want to know why? Because I got to see Jack with Carly again. When I don't see that for a while, I forget about this connection that they have, and then I see it, and it's so obvious.

Brad: I hate this.

Katie: What?

Brad: Doing the right thing. So I'm going to do it quick. Jack's still in love with you.

Katie: Not as much as he loves Carly.

Brad: He could get there. He could love you just as much if you gave him a chance. I mean, Carly and Jack, they have years together. Once you and Jack have some years under your belt --

Katie: They have kids together, Brad.

Brad: You guys could have kids together.

Katie: Brad?

Brad: What?

Katie: Not helping.

Jack: I'm going to need statements from all of you. I just want to make sure that Sage is okay first.

Sage: I'm fine, Daddy.

Jack: That's good. Okay, okay. It's all right. They're gone now. Thanks. What happened today? That was pretty scary, huh? Yeah, that's why it's always important never to go anywhere by yourself, unless you have permission from your mom or me. Got it?

Sage: I know. I'm sorry.

Carly: We know you are, Sweetheart.

Jack: Do you remember Mrs. Milligan?

Sage: She has the best candy in her office!

Jack: Yes, she does. Why don't you go off with Officer Meyer here, and you can get some of that candy, and you can tell Mrs. Milligan all about what happened today, okay?

Sage: Okay!

Carly: Mrs. Milligan? The psychologist?

Jack: Yeah, she's really good with kids. I just thought --

Carly: No, I'm glad you thought it.

Jack: One of the officers is gonna take your statement.

Kit: No problem.

Jack: Why'd you do it? One lucky shot, you could have been taken out.

Kit: You saw my bar back in Idaho. I got used to guys handling guns. Anyway, you see them waving that pistol around, you figure the damn thing ain't even loaded.

Jack: Sorry to disagree with you, but the damn thing was loaded.

Kit: Well, I took a gamble. And lucky for us, it paid off. I'll go make that statement now. I'll see you around, Carly. Or maybe not.

Carly: Jack, she just saved our daughter's life.

Jack: I said thank you.

Carly: I think maybe she's earned a little more than that.

Jack: Like what?

Carly: Like maybe I could offer her a cup of coffee without you threatening to take my kids away.

Paul: Let me take you to the hospital.

Meg: I'm fine. I just waited too long between meals, and the morning sickness turned into hunger pains. And I'm fine.

Paul: Have some milk.

Meg: I'm full. Thank you, thank you, fine.

Paul: So you're not gonna let me take care of you.

Meg: You don't have to take care of me, Paul. It's not your job.

Paul: Even if it were my job, I'm not very good at it. Ask Rosanna how well I take care of people.

Meg: Hey, it's not your fault she had a relapse.

Paul: Yeah, well, I'd hate to see someone else I care about wind up in the hospital because of me.

Meg: You care about me?

Paul: I think you should take care of yourself. If nothing else, for the baby's sake.

Meg: I see. So you care about me for the baby's sake. And the only reason my husband loves me is for the baby's sake. Of course, nobody else could actually love me, just me.

Paul: I gotta go.

Meg: Yeah, yeah, don't let me keep you. Ohh! Ohh!

Paul: Meg? Meg, hey.

Meg: I don't know what's going on. I thought they'd stopped.

Paul: This is not just hunger pains. Come on, come on.

Meg: It's worse. It's getting worse than before.

Paul: Come on, I'm taking you to the hospital right now. Come on.

Paul: Feel better?

Meg: No more cramps. I probably ate too fast.

Paul: Do you want me to call Craig?

Meg: No. No, I'll call him. I just want to wait to hear what the doctor says first. If it's a false alarm, I don't want to worry him. And he'll start worrying that we'll lose the baby.

Paul: Your baby's gonna be fine. I'm sure of it.

Meg: How do you know?

Paul: It's just a feeling. But my feelings about you are usually right, remember?

Dr. Serle: Mrs. Montgomery? I'm Dr. Serle. Your regular ob-gyn is delivering twins and asked me to take care of you. And you must be the proud papa.

Craig: Oh, hey, Ericka.

Nurse: Mr. Montgomery. Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine.

Craig: What, do I have reason to be worried that Chris Hughes canceled the meeting?

Nurse: I thought you were here for your wife.

Craig: Meg's here? Where?

Meg: Paul's a friend.

Paul: Yeah, I was just keeping Meg company until you got here. But I should go. Meg, if you need anything --

Craig: As long as you're offering, Paul, I need something. I need to know what the hell you're doing here with my wife.

Meg: Ohh!

Craig: Meg, what's wrong? Meg, what is it?

Dr. Serle: Could you two please wait outside?

Craig: What's happening?

Dr. Serle: That's what I'm going to find out. Please. How long have you been having cramps?

Meg: The last half hour or so.

Dr. Serle: Have you been under any stress?

Craig: What did you do?

Paul: Your wife wasn't feeling well, I brought her to the hospital.

Craig: You upset her. And I think I told you to stay away from her!

Paul: Craig, don't you think it's gonna upset her even more if she hears you screaming out here?

Craig: What happened?

Paul: I ran into Meg at Mabel's. She wasn't feeling well. I brought her to the hospital. That's what happened.

Craig: Wonderful. Your good deed is done. You may leave now. I'm sorry, Paul, don't you have a sick wife whose hand needs holding so you can talk her back from the brink?

Paul: You're welcome.

Dr. Serle: I know you're concerned, but I need you to try and relax. So, you were a nurse?

Meg: Yeah. Yeah, I was. I know this is probably nothing. I mean, having cramps at this stage in pregnancy is normal, right?

Dr. Serle: True.

Meg: You know, I must've said those exact same words to about a hundred pregnant women, but I've never had to say it to myself. You know, it's not quite doing the trick. God, please let my baby be okay. Please let me my baby be okay.

Parker: Sage is okay. Mom, too. That was Jack.

Emma: Oh, thank God. Oh, that poor little thing. Maybe I'll make her some brownies or something. I know it's her favorite. You want to help me?

Parker: I got nothing better to do. Sage likes pecans. I'll go get some.

Emma: Listen, Parker, why didn't you want to speak to her mama?

Parker: I love my mother, but I'm tired of her messing things up.

Emma: What do you mean?

Parker: You watch. She'll work this on how to get close to Jack, and make sure he can't be with Katie.

Katie: I've been in love with guys who didn't love me. Been loved by guys that I didn't love. But this is so much worse because I know I love Jack, and I know he loves me, but it's never gonna work.

Brad: So if Jack didn't have kids --

Katie: No, that's why I feel so fast for him. Seeing him as a dad, wanting to have a family with him. Obviously, he didn't want that with me.

Brad: My brother is an idiot. Do you know how many guys would love to make babies with you? I'm just saying --

Katie: Well, I'll never have that now. Not with Jack.

Jack: Kit was friends with the people who took J.J. she helped them hide him and nearly got both of us killed!

Carly: She was a very different person then, Jack. She was drinking then.

Jack: That doesn't explain everything away.

Carly: I know, but she's trying to turn her life around. Do we have to kick her in the teeth while she's trying to do that?

Jack: No, but we don't have to bend over backwards for her, either.

Carly: I know what it's like to make a terrible mistake and need to make up for it. She wants to start over, and I know what that's like. Maybe you could please just forget about the ultimatum that you made about her being --

Jack: I don't want that woman anywhere near our kids!

Carly: She just saved your daughter's life! All she wants is a chance to make things right! Why don't you let me give her a chance to do that?

Dr. Serle: Your baby's fine.

Meg: Thank God. But what about the cramps? What caused them?

Dr. Serle: You're going to have to monitor your food intake more carefully and avoid stress. You said you've been anxious lately? Tell me why.

Meg: There are a couple of reasons.

Paul: Any change?

Nurse: No change. But on some level, your wife knows you're here.

Jack: I still think Kit's trouble. And I realize I can't tell you what to do since you won't listen to me anyway.

Carly: Of course I will listen to you. If it comes down to choosing between helping Kit or spending time with my kids, obviously I'm gonna choose my kids. I was just hoping there was a way I could do both.

Jack: She did one good thing, Carly. One good thing. That doesn't mean we can trust her.

Carly: I guess not.

Jack: But she did put her life on the line for Sage, so if you want to spend some time with her, knock yourself out. Just know that I'm still going for full custody.

Carly: You do what you gotta do.

Officer: Mrs. Milligan says she's fine.

Carly: Oh, good.

Jack: Thank you very much. Here, come here, give me a hug. I hope you're not gonna be scared when you see the real Santa, that's all.

Sage: Daddy, I know the difference between good and bad Santas. Good Santa helps your Christmas wishes come true. I still want you and Mommy to be together for Christmas.

Jack: I'm sorry, Honey. That's just not gonna happen, all right? Listen to me, I want you to go spend some time with your mommy, and then when you're ready, I want you to come back to the farm to me and your brothers, all right?

Sage: Okay.

Jack: Okay, you take good care of my best girl. I gotta get going.

Carly: Aren't you going to take my statement?

Jack: Dallas will be taking that. No big deal.

Carly: Where are you going?

Jack: Bye, Honey. See you later, Carly.

Brad: I'm going to tell you something that you already know, but I think you need to hear it anyway. Jack is just one guy. Even if things didn't work out for you, it's not like you can't have the family that you want. With somebody else.

Katie: You really do want me to be happy, don't you?

Brad: Don't make it sound like it's this huge surprise. You need someone that looks on the bright side of things. Hey. How's Sage?

Katie: Is she okay?

Jack: She's fine. Thanks, can I talk to Katie alone, please?

Brad: She's kind of --

Katie: Brad, its okay. Thank you for everything.

Jack: Now, where were we before we were interrupted?

Katie: You were being charming and funny, making me fall in love with you all over again.

Craig: I don't want a scare like that ever again. I want every possible test run. Spare no expense.

Meg: Craig, Craig, that's not necessary.

Dr. Serle: Nor is it practical or safe. Your wife and baby are fine, Mr. Montgomery. But there are a couple of things you can do to keep them safe.

Craig: Anything. What?

Dr. Serle: Calm down.

Craig: I love you so much.

Dr. Serle: Would you like to hear the baby's heartbeat?

Meg: Can we? Yeah.

Craig: Wow, that's cool.

Dr. Serle: There it is. Strong and steady.

Craig: Steadier than mine is right now.

Dr. Serle: You can get dressed and leave whenever you're ready.

Meg: Thank you.

Craig: Thanks, Doc.

Dr. Serle: You're welcome.

Meg: Is there anything you want to ask me?

Craig: Yeah. Can we get one of those machines at the house, then we can listen to the baby's heartbeat anytime we want? Huh? What? Kind of cool, huh?

Jack: I had a very good time today. It felt like we were starting something again.

Katie: We were, and then Carly called.

Jack: Katie --

Katie: No, I'm not blaming her for anything. I'm not blaming anyone. And words cannot describe how happy I am that Sage is okay.

Jack: Okay.

Katie: But it did remind me that you are always going to be in that family orbit, and I'm always going to be on the outside, watching.

Jack: I know it feels that way, but that's not how it is, at all.

Katie: I can't do that to myself anymore, Jack. So I've made an important decision.

Emma: No! No, no, no, no! Those are for Sage. You each can have one, just one. And no nibbling, and when Sage gets home and has her fill, then you can have more, okay?

Brad: As it should be.

Emma: Yeah, okay, I'm gonna go do my chores. Call me. Call me when Sage comes, okay?

Parker: Yes, Ma'am.

Emma: Just one. I'm gonna be watching.

Parker: So where's Katie?

Brad: At work.

Parker: Is my dad with her?

Brad: It doesn't mean anything. Stop trying to be a matchmaker.

Parker: But it's working.

Brad: Katie already told me, again, that she can't be with your dad. So hang it up.

Parker: But she doesn't want to be with you, either, but you keep hanging around. So this way, she gets a choice.

Sage: There's still time for my Christmas wish to come true.

Carly: Sweetheart, listen to me. Sometimes no matter how badly we want something, we just can't have it. Your dad and I -- I need you to do something to me. I need you to do me a big favor. I will need you to be brave and go upstairs and get anything that you might want, 'cause I have to bring you back to the farm, and you're gonna move in there, okay?

Sage: Okay. But this is not forever. I will live here with you and Daddy again, our whole family.

Kit: Thanks for inviting me back. Pretty wild day, huh?

Carly: Yeah, so we need to talk business. That 100,000 bucks I gave you --

Kit: Look, it's all spent. I used it to buy Metro. You know that.

Carly: Yeah. Well, I talked to Jack -- and he's okay with me working with you.

Kit: With me? As in side-by-side, us getting that place ready to make us both rich?

Carly: Something like that.

Kit: Well, put it here, Partner.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: But you just said --

Katie: That we were having fun today? We were, and it felt good. Too good. I can't let myself feel that way about you, Jack.

Jack: No, we can do this, Katie. We can do this. You're my best friend.

Katie: No, I can't be friends with you! It's too hard. I can't see you, not at all.

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