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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/27/07

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Chris: You're still here.

Emily: You know what? I was gonna run errands, but I figured, I'm unemployed, so I might as well lay in bed and be lazy all day.

Chris: Well, as far as I'm concerned, you never have to go back to work. You can be a kept woman. How does breakfast every morning on the terrace overlooking the river sound?

Emily: Is this a trick question?

Chris: Nope. I found the perfect place, a penthouse, right downtown, fully furnished, awesome Jacuzzi. All we have to do is show up with our suitcases. How does that sound?

Emily: Terrible.

Kim: For heaven sakes. The board meeting is over already? So what did they say?

Bob: They left it to my discretion.

Kim: Oh, oh, how wonderful. I'm so glad. But you're not sure, are you?

Bob: No, they thought having Chris as my second-in-command was a very good idea. I thought they might put up a little argument about it.

Kim: Oh, Honey, they're not trying to push you out the door. They trust you. If you decided to give Chris a chance to prove himself, then they're gonna support it.

Bob: That's exactly what he has to understand. This is not an instant promotion. This is a chance for him to show what he's capable of.

Chris: Hey, you said you wanted to live together. Did you change your mind?

Emily: No. No, it's just that you said we were gonna look for a place together. Together, and then you went off and signed a lease without me.

Chris: Babe, it just fell into my lap. One of the residents at Memorial has moved to New York. He was posting a notice on the board, and as I was walking by, I jumped on it.

Emily: Okay, so is this one of your "There are no coincidences" moments?

Chris: It's meant to be. All right? Just like we are. And the best part is, we can move in next week.

Emily: I don't want to.

Tom: So, you're sure you want to do this?

Dusty: Why else would I be paying you the highway robbery you're charging me, Tom?

Tom: Well, then, in an attempt to make sure that you get your money's worth, this is a bad plan. Emily does not respond well to pressure, and she's gonna fight you tooth and nail.

Dusty: I'm looking forward to it.

Parker: I'll be right back. Hey, Katie.

Katie: Parker, hi! Is that a new Jacket?

Parker: Yeah, Jack officially adopted me, and I changed my name to Snyder.

Katie: Oh, my God, that's great news. I am so happy for both of you. I wish I could have -- Jack must be really thrilled. Congratulations.

Parker: Thanks. I should probably get back to my friend.

Katie: I miss you guys.

Parker: Yeah, well, even if you aren't still married to my dad, we can still be friends, can't we?

Katie: Oh, Parker, I don't know.

[Knock at the door]

Carly: Jack. I thought you'd be at the station.

Jack: It's my day off, Carly. The kids aren't here.

Carly: Oh, yeah. I guess I'm early, huh? They had some sales at the outlets, so I got the kids some new school clothes. I was sort of hoping they could try them on. That way, if they don't fit, I could just run back and exchange them.

Jack: There was no sale, Carly. It's just an excuse to see the kids.

Carly: I miss them.

Jack: Did you get rid of your new best friend, Kit?

Carly: I called her, Jack. I called her as soon as you left. I couldn't get through to her. As soon as she gets my message, she'll call me back, Jack, and I'll tell her that the deal is off.

Jack: Fine. You come back when that happens.

Katie: I miss you and J.J. and Sage so much, but I don't know how Jack would feel about us hanging out together. Or your mom, for that matter. And I really need to respect her wishes.

Parker: Why? She didn't respect yours or my dad's or anyone else’s. So why does she have a say over who my friends are?

Katie: Because she's your mother. And actually it's not just her decision. I'd have to talk to your dad, and that just is not easy for me right now.

Parker: You promised that we'd always be friends. Was that a lie?

Katie: No. No, I would never lie to you. I just don't want to put anyone in an awkward position right now.

Parker: I can handle my mom.

Katie: Actually, you know what? So can I.

Parker: Cool.

Katie: Cool.

Parker: Katie, remember how you promised me that you'd take me to the rink and show me some of your girly figure skating moves?

Katie: Ooh, yes, I do remember that.

Parker: Well, I'm going to be at the rink later. And if you've got time?

Katie: Oh, I don't know. I'm a little rusty.

[Parker clucking]

Katie: Oh, is that a dare?

Parker: Maybe.

Katie: I'll be there.

Parker: Hey, it turns out I can't sleep over at your house after all. I'm working on something big.

Carly: I would never put the kids at risk.

Jack: I really wish I could trust your judgment on that.

Sage: Mommy!

Carly: Hi, Sweetheart.

Sage: I got second place in the school spelling bee!

Carly: That's great. Good for you!

Sage: Did you come to take us home?

Jack: No, Honey. Hey, you're gonna stay here with me.

Carly: Hi, J.J. how was school?

J.J.: Is she here?

Carly: Kit? No. No, Honey, you don't have to worry about her anymore.

J.J.: Why? Is she back in jail?

Carly: No.

Jack: J.J., you don't have to worry about Kit. She can't get to you here.

Carly: She's very sorry about what happened in Idaho.

J.J.: She's a bad person, Mom. Why are you hanging out with her, all of a sudden?

Sage: Why are you being so mean, J.J.?

Carly: Its okay, Honey.

J.J.: I have homework.

Carly: Hey, I'm sorry you were scared.

J.J.: I know.

Jack: Sage, how about you go up and get started on your homework, too, okay?

Sage: I want to go home with Mommy.

Jack: Mommy has something to take care of first, and then we'll talk.

Sage: No! Why can't we just stay together?

Carly: Jack, don't do this.

Jack: Listen, I'm not telling you you can't spend time with your mom.

Sage: Daddy, you don't get it. It's all boys here. There's stuff you don't understand.

Jack: There's stuff you can't talk to me about?

Sage: Duh.

Carly: You know something? I can't take you with me today, anyway, because I have some super secret shopping to do for Christmas in Old Town.

Sage: For me?

Carly: Yeah, for you. Oh, but you know what? I did get you something new to wear to school. What do you think?

Sage: I love it! Can I try it on?

Carly: Yeah, of course. She needs her mother, Jack.

Jack: Don't make me out to be the bad guy. You're the one who had the brilliant idea to invite a kidnapper to come live with you.

Carly: She's not a kidnapper. And I'm going to take care of it.

Jack: Fine, so do it. But I'm telling you, if anything happens to those kids because you brought that woman back into our lives, you'll never see them again.

Brad: I got that.

Katie: I can pay for my own lunch, thank you very much.

Brad: Well, thank goodness. Those chicken salads add up.

Katie: Are you stalking me, or are you really here for lunch?

Brad: Stalking. You still love George Clooney, right? Well, of course you do. His new movie just came out, and I have tickets. Popcorn's on me. I'll even throw in those fluorescent orange nacho thingies if you insist.

Katie: Thanks, I already have a date.

Brad: Date? I thought you swore off men.

Katie: I did.

Brad: Oh man, this could be interesting.

Katie: Did anyone ever tell you you have a dirty mind?

Brad: Constantly. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Katie: I'm going ice skating with Parker.

Brad: Skating? That could be fun.

Katie: You're not invited.

Parker: Hey.

Jack: Hey. Hey, what are you doing home? I thought you were going over to Jason’s after school and spending the night?

Parker: He ended up having some family thing.

Jack: That's too bad.

Parker: Yeah. We were going to go skating. I was all excited, but whatever --

Jack: I can take you skating if you want.

Parker: Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Parker: That'd be great.

Chris: I can't keep up with you, Em. One minute we're all over each other, the next minute you're shutting me out like it never happened.

Emily: It's one thing for us to be together where no one knows us, but now we're back to reality, Chris. Things are different.

Chris: Paris was just as real as Oakdale.

Emily: Maybe. I just don't want to -- I don't want things to get serious between us too fast.

Chris: Yeah, I'm ready.

Emily: I know. I'm not like you. I'm not like you. You -- you know what you want, and you go for it. You knew that you wanted to save lives, so what did you do? You packed up all your stuff and went to the scariest place on earth on save lives.

Chris: I wanted you, too.

Emily: And you got me. But you never mentioned going back to work at the hospital with your father. Be honest with me, is this something you really want, or is it something that's just there?

[Cell phone ringing]

Chris: Hey, Dad.

Bob: Chris, do you have time for a cup of coffee? Your mother and I have something we want to talk to you about, and it's very important.

Chris: I'm sort of in the middle of something right now, Dad. I don't --

Emily: It's okay. I gotta get ready.

Chris: Okay, yeah, yeah, sure. Are you at work?

Bob: We're just leaving. So we'll see you at Al's?

Chris: See you there. You may have just dodged a bullet.

Emily: What do you mean?

Chris: From the way my dad sounded, Oakdale might not be in the cards for me much longer.

Carly: Answer the phone, Kit!

Kit: Carly, is that you?

Carly: Yes, yes, Kit, thank goodness. Can you hear me?

Kit: Loud and clear, Partner. What's up?

Carly: Well, there's been a change in plans. And I'm sorry, I really am. It has nothing to do with you.

Kit: Just spit it out, Girlfriend.

Carly: I can't buy the bar with you. I need my money back.

[Kit puts Carly’s check in her purse and smirks]

Kit: No.

Carly: I know it's disappointing.

Kit: Oh, it's not that. It's just too late.

Carly: What do you mean?

Kit: The money's in the bank, and I already sent a cashier's check to the realtor. So we own Metro, Girl, as of about ten minutes ago.

Carly: Oh, no, no, no. Well, then we have to fix it. I'll meet you at the bank, and we'll have them stop payment of the check, okay? I don't care what we have too, Kit. I am not going to lose my kids because of this.

[Elevator dings]

Dusty: I need to talk to you.

Emily: How many different ways can I say "Not interested"?

Dusty: It's about the paper.

Emily: Dusty, I'm not discussing "The Intruder" with you without our lawyers present, period.

Dusty: I thought you'd say that. You know my attorney, right?

Emily: What is this, an ambush?

Chris: Hey, you guys.

Kim: Hi, Darling. Relax, it's all good news. Sit down.

Chris: About the lab?

Kim: Yes, tell him, Sweetheart.

Bob: I went to the board this morning to discuss my retirement.

Chris: What?

Bob: Partial retirement. I'm going to hand off some of my responsibilities -- not all of them, but some -- in the next year or so.

Chris: Is one of you sick?

[Bob laughs]

Kim: No, no, no, no. Not at all. I want more time with my husband.

Chris: Well, that's good news.

Bob: And I suggested to the board that they consider you to take over some of my duties. The administrative stuff I can bring you up to date on when the time comes, and they thought it was a good idea.

Chris: I was beginning to think you had no confidence in me, Dad. Where did this come from?

Bob: As you know, I love my job, but I'm not the best delegator in the world. After what you did in Darfur, if I had any doubts about your commitment to the medical profession, they all went away. But you know, work at Memorial is not that glorious.

Chris: You're kidding, right? Did I mention that I used to dig outhouses in Darfur on my days off?

Bob: Well, be that as it may, you're used to a higher level of excitement.

Kim: The point is, Honey, I think what your dad wants to know is, do you intend to stay in town permanently?

Chris: I just assumed I would. This is home, Mom. That's why I came back. And if you really see me as chief of staff, yes.

Bob: Some day. You know, it takes time. It takes a lot of work, and it's gonna take a whole bunch of humility.

Chris: Hey, well, as long as I know I have a future here, I'm more than good with that.

Kim: Oh, Sweetheart, this is really wonderful. Son, welcome home. Your father and I really missed you.

Tom: You do have a choice. You can walk away from "The Intruder" --

Emily: Not a chance.

Tom: Or you can come back at Dusty's partner, run the paper together.

Emily: Yeah, some partnership. Like I'm being held hostage for a job I don't even want anymore.

Dusty: You love "The Intruder."

Emily: Loved, Dusty, past tense. Kind of like you and me. Come on, will you stop playing games? Be a man and buy me out.

Dusty: I don't want to.

Emily: You don't want to? Fine. I'll sell to somebody else.

Tom: Not without Dusty's approval.

Emily: So I'm sorry, what is he? Is he my partner or is he my father?

Tom: No, it's in your contract. There'll be no sale unless Dusty signs off on it.

Emily: And you won't just to spite me.

Dusty: Well, let's just say, there's nobody else in the world I'd rather be partners with.

Carly: Hey, I thought you were meeting me at the bank.

Kit: Hey, take a breath, Carly. You look like your head's about to explode.

Carly: I'm really sorry, okay? I'm not the one who has a problem with you. It's Jack -- he's the one who --

Kit: Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. I'm at the top of his most hated list, I know.

Carly: Kit, he's threatening to take my kids away from me unless I cut you out of my life.

Kit: Well, he'll get over it.

Carly: You don't know Jack.

Kit: Okay, okay, how about you be my silent partner? Hands off. Money just keeps rolling in every couple of weeks.

Carly: No, no, no, no. I need my money back.

Kit: Look, you couldn't wait to get rid of it!

Carly: It belongs to my kids. They should have it. They've been through hell.

Kit: You think money's gonna make up for thinking your mama's heading for the boneyard? You can't do that, Girl. Not with a million bucks. Besides, I already went back to the bank. And the cashier's check is just as good as cash. It's gone.

Carly: Then we'll call the Metro people. We'll tell them that we need to back out.

Kit: They're probably halfway to Aruba by now. No forwarding address, remember?

Carly: We gotta do something!

Sage: Mommy!

Carly: Sage? Honey, what are you doing here? Where's your father?

Sage: Home. I asked him to bring me, but he said no, so I rode my bike.

Carly: You ran away again?

Sage: It's okay. I told Daddy I had a spelling test to study for. He won't even notice I'm gone.

Jack: You know, we should probably -- ooh, nice shot. We should probably get off the ice, get these sticks off the ice, anyway, before some unsuspecting figure skater takes a nose dive. Hey, what do you say we go to a Blackhawks game this year? I'll get one of my buddies in the Chicago P.D. to hook us up.

Parker: Cool. All right. I'll be right back, okay?

Jack: Yeah, sure. Oh, my goodness. What are you doing here? This is such a coincidence.

Katie: Actually, it's not, Jack. Parker asked me to meet him here.

Carly: Sage, Honey, you have to stop doing this. You're just gonna upset Daddy, and things are gonna get worse.

Kit: Hey, maybe he won't find out, like the kid said.

Carly: Jack notices everything. Believe me.

Kit: I forget you married a detective. Listen, you do what you gotta do. We'll sort things out later, okay?

Carly: No, Kit, we need to fix this, Kit! Honey, where's your bike?

Sage: I locked it to a stop sign behind the Black Duck.

Carly: Oh, good, good, 'cause we have to catch up to Kit --

Santa: What did I tell you! Stay down! Stay down!

Store owner: Somebody, stop those thieves!

[One of the Santa Claus grabs Sage]

[Carly screaming]

Carly: Sage!

Sage: Mommy! Help!

Santa 1: Everybody, down on the ground!

Sage: Ow, you're hurting me!

Carly: Let my daughter go!

Santa 2: Let the kid go, Man.

Santa 1: She's our only leverage, Man.

Carly: It's all right, Sage. Nothing bad is going to happen, Honey.

Santa 1: I said down on the ground, now!


Santa 2: You moron. You might as well send the cops an engraved invitation!

Carly: Look, you still have a chance to get away. Just let the girl go, okay? We won't follow you.

Santa 1: Stay where you are, Lady. I don't want to hurt the kid, but you force me to, and I will.

Santa 2: Great, that's just great.

Santa 1: If I so much as see one cop set foot in this square, this little elf is dead meat.

Tom: Dusty, you can go ahead. I got things under control here.

Emily: Yeah, you wish.

Dusty: Any problems, you just have your people call my people.

Tom: So what's going on with you? Why are you so determined to sell your part of "The Intruder"?

Emily: I'm not discussing this with you, Tom.

Tom: Well, from where I sit, it looks like you're throwing everything away, even the one thing in your life that still seems to work.

Emily: No, my life is great, actually, except for the fact that I'm being railroaded.

Tom: You see, it's your fault. You signed a contract. So you need to understand, there are consequences for your actions before you do things.

Emily: Okay, you know what? I don't think you're the one who should be lecturing me on rash decisions, Tom.

Tom: Come on, things worked out okay between us. We got Daniel. I don't regret it for a second.

Emily: There's got to be some way to fight this.

Tom: Maybe you don't want to.

Emily: So I should just lie down and die?

Tom: No, I'm not suggesting that. I'm just saying there are options between all-out war and total surrender. Maybe you just want to try a new track in your life for once.

Chris: Dusty. I was going to give you a call later.

Dusty: Really?

Chris: I hear you're running a foundation under the auspices of the hospital. I'd like to discuss it with you when you have time.

Dusty: If you want details, get on your little handheld device and start doing your research.

Chris: You misunderstood me.

Dusty: Forget it, Sparky. I'm not discussing anything with you. Especially not my wife, Jennifer.

Santa 1: Stop squirming.

Carly: Sage! Sage, don't be scared, Honey. The man is not gonna hurt you. Just stay still.

Santa 1: That's right, Kid, just listen to your mommy, okay?

Carly: What do you want? You want my wallet? My car? You can have anything you want, just let the girl go, okay? Take me instead.

Jack: So Parker invited you?

Katie: This is so embarrassing.

Jack: His scheming little mind has been working overtime.

Katie: Listen, I'll take off.

Jack: No, no, you know what? I'll go. You just got here.

Katie: Exactly.

Jack: Or you could stay. Come on, you're always bragging about what a great skater you are. Now's your chance to prove it.

Katie: Come on, I haven't been on the ice in years.

Jack: What's the matter, you chicken?

[Jack clucking]

Katie: What is it with you Snyder men? Just 'cause I'm a little rusty --

Jack: You don't know what you're doing, do you?

Katie: I'll have you know I can drive a Zamboni.

Jack: Oh, okay, so you're okay on the ice, as long as you're behind the wheel of a thousand-pound machine. You're a fraud, Katie.

Katie: I will skate rings around you. Figure eights around you, actually. You want the inside or the out, or do you know the difference?

Jack: Oh, I know the difference. The question is, do you?

Katie: You're going to eat your words.

Brad: Mayday, mayday!

Jack: Watch yourself. Watch yourself.

Carly: Hey, I don't care what you do to me. Just let the girl go.

Sage: Mommy, please, don't let them take me.

Carly: It's all right, Sweetheart. He's not gonna hurt you, Baby.

Santa 1: Shut up, everybody, shut up!

Santa 2: Give me that. Look, we're almost done here, okay, then you can all go back to charging your credit cards. Just don't do anything stupid, okay? Give me her. Give me her.

Sage: Mommy, Mommy!

Santa 1: You're not going anywhere.

Carly: Sage! Sage!

Emily: What do you suggest I do, Tom? Just walk away with nothing?

Tom: Do your job.

Emily: Of course, you'd say that. You know what? I shouldn't even be discussing this with you without my lawyer.

Tom: You know, I'm not talking like an attorney here. You are a good editor, and you love it.

Emily: That was another life.

Tom: No, it really wasn't. I mean, look around. Same town, same issues, same cast of characters. You're a damn good journalist. That's the reason Dusty doesn't want you to leave. "The Intruder" hasn't been the same ever since you did.

Emily: You don't read "The Intruder."

Tom: So I had ADAs read it for me, but now that I'm in private practice, it's kind of a necessity.

Emily: Would you make everybody cover it up with plain brown wrapper?

Tom: You know, this job always kind of kept you grounded when you were going through tough times. It gave you a purpose. Maybe -- maybe you need a little bit more of that again.

Emily: No, I have a purpose, Tom. I'm having a great time.

Tom: Well, you're gonna have to do something besides hang out with my brother.

Emily: This is about me and Chris? I should have known.

Chris: I heard what happened to Jennifer, and I am very sorry for your loss. But this is business. I work at Memorial. I need to be in the loop. We don't have to talk face to face. If you send me over your annual report and your records since the first of the year, I can --

Dusty: Why would I do that?

Chris: Well, I'm taking over some of my father's responsibilities. And since fundraising was such a big part of his job, I need to get a handle on it ASAP.

Dusty: Does the board know about this?

Chris: They gave the go-ahead this morning.

Dusty: The go ahead, really? So you've inherited the golden scalpel or whatever?

Chris: I'm sorry you have a problem with that.

Dusty: No, you're not sorry, not yet. But you will be.

Emily: This isn't about your client at all. This is about you protecting your innocent little brother from crazy Emily. It has conflict of interest written all over it!

Tom: Hey, calm down.

Emily: No. You know what, I have every right to be angry here. Ever since I came back, everybody in this town has been ganging up on me and Chris, like we are two stupid kids.

Tom: Well, if everybody is saying the same thing --

Emily: What, we should listen to you?

Tom: Aside from the fact that your life is kind of a train wreck.

Emily: No, the fact is, it kills you to see me happy. I messed up big time, and I should be paying for it, right? Well, I've learned my lesson, and I am finally having a good time in my life, and you and everybody else is going to have to learn to live with it.

Dusty: Bob, I need to talk to you.

Bob: I'm in the middle of rounds.

Dusty: This won't take long. It's about your son. When did you make him chief of staff?

Bob: I did no such thing. Where did you ever get that idea?

Dusty: Right from the horse's mouth.

Bob: I'm thinking of partially retiring, and I suggested to the board that Chris take over some of my duties. In a year or so. Evidently, that's not what he told you.

Dusty: No, not really. I ran into him at Al's, and he started demanding documents regarding Jennifer's foundation.

Bob: He had no right to do that.

Dusty: I'm glad to hear you say that. Because if I have to answer to Chris, I'm going to have to take my business elsewhere.

Bob: That won't be necessary. I'll take care of this.

Margo: Yeah, well, then just take him straight down to holding for questioning. Dallas is waiting for him there. Great, thanks.

Tom: I thought you might want these.

Margo: These would look lovely on you, but for my life, I can't figure out what to arrest you for, other than stealing my heart.

Tom: Ohh. I just found 'em in the car, thought you might need 'em.

Margo: Oh, thanks. I'd forget my left arm if my shoulder wouldn't miss it.

Tom: Well, good, 'cause you need two hands to work those babies.

Margo: Oh, so you were looking for some way to use 'em, huh?

Tom: I could have probably used them earlier, yeah.

Margo: Why, did you have a rough day?

Tom: Emily.

Margo: Oh, Emily, what'd she do? Daniel? Is it Daniel -- he's all right, he's okay?

Tom: No, Daniel is fine. It's Dusty. She doesn't want to work for him, yet she signed a contract saying that she would. I'm here to enforce that contract, therefore I'm the new bad guy.

Margo: Well, it's always somebody else's fault with Emily.

Tom: Well, I'm kind of worried about her, to tell you the truth. She's about this far from taking Dusty to court to try to make him buy her portion of the paper, which would be a big mistake. I mean, you don't need to be a psychiatrist to figure out that Dusty and Emily have some unresolved issues -- relationship-wise.

Margo: Which begs the question, what is she doing with Chris?

Tom: Exactly. What is she doing with him at this time?

Margo: Trying to get back at you.

Tom: Okay, whatever. What do we tell Daniel when he comes back from boarding school?

Margo: So, he is going to make it home for the holidays?

Tom: Yeah, so what, I guess we just have the big talk?

Margo: What big talk? What are you gonna tell him? What are you going to say, "Hey, Daniel, how do you feel about your uncle becoming your new stepdad, huh?"

Tom: Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

Margo: Or you could just say, let's just say, "So your mom and your uncle are living in sin, Danny."

Tom: Not any better.

Margo: It doesn't matter, you know. We'll come up with something. He's a great kid. He always rolls with the punches.

Tom: That's true. He's pretty good at that.

Margo: I can't wait to see him. And you know, he's not the only one of our sons who might be coming home for Christmas.

Tom: Do you have news? If you do, what is it? Get it out.

Parker: What are you doing here?

Katie: Whoa, I'll be all black and blue tomorrow.

Jack: Are you all right?

Katie: Yeah, I'm fine. What are you doing here, anyway?

Brad: You told me about it.

Jack: You, come here.

Katie: I told you you weren't invited.

Brad: Well, I love ice skating.

Jack: You had no right to set me and Katie up like that. We're not together anymore.

Parker: But you want to be, don't you?

Carly: If anything happens to my daughter, you'll be looking at assault charges, maybe even attempted murder.

Santa 1: Are you a lawyer or something?

Carly: My ex-husband's a detective. That's his little girl.

Santa 1: Yeah, not so little. She practically broke my kneecaps.

Carly: Well, if she does that in there, and your partner panics, or that gun goes off by accident. Your life is over.

Santa 1: Yeah, well, you just better hope that doesn't happen.

Parker: You miss Katie way more than I do, and I miss her a lot.

Jack: It doesn't matter. You can't manipulate people into getting what you want. Parker, that's your mother's move, not yours, and look how it worked out for her. Do you really want to be like that?

Parker: No. I get it. I'm sorry.

Jack: Katie's the one you owe the apology to.

Parker: I will, but, now that we're here --

Jack: He is going to be so sore tomorrow.

Parker: Well, he deserves it.

Jack: So what's the matter, Brad? I thought you were a born athlete. At least that's what you always told me.

Brad: My skates are too small, Jack.

Parker: You know what, let's get you a new pair before you break someone's leg.

Brad: All right, I'll have you know that I am in perfect control.

Jack: Okay, all right.

Katie: Your brother has no shame.

Jack: Yeah, he's kind of funny, though. Funny looking, anyway. Parker owes you an apology for tricking you into coming here today. But I gotta admit, I'm not sorry he did.

Katie: This is too hard, Jack. I'm just going to go home.

Jack: Wait a second. Whoa, wait a minute. Do you hate me so much you can't even skate with me?

Katie: I don't hate you. You know that. It's just, things are different. We're not together anymore.

Jack: Not even as friends?

Katie: Parker asked me that earlier. It nearly broke my heart. That's why I came here today. I didn't want to disappoint him.

Jack: Don't worry about it. Brad already did that.

Katie: Brad can't seem to get it through his thick skull that I am not interested in another relationship, not when I'm still trying to get over the other one, which I don't even think I'll be able to ever -- Brad's harmless, but you --

Jack: We're innocent victims in all of this, Katie. Don't let it make you sad. Besides, I just want to see if you're as good a skater as you say you are. It's time to put your money where your mouth is, Peretti.

Katie: Watch and learn, Snyder. Watch and learn.

Tom: All right, stop trying to keep me in suspense. If you have news, spill it.

Margo: All right. Well, I got a wee little peek at the parole officers assignment sheet for next month. Casey's name is on it.

Tom: No way. Is his release date firm?

Margo: Well, Honey, nothing is ever written in stone, but it looks like Casey might be home for Christmas.

Tom: That would be fantastic.

Margo: It would be, wouldn't it? I can't wait to see him. Oh, he's gonna have so much adjusting to do, though.

Tom: Well, he has been in Statesville for a while. I'm sure it's taken a toll.

Margo: He sounds so different on the phone.

Tom: Yeah, I know he does. But hey, maybe we'll have him home for Christmas, really.

Margo: I want to think that, but I'm not going to. I'm not going to believe it until I see his stocking hanging on the mantle.

Tom: Well, considering the year that we've had with these kids, I think we could use a little opportunity to celebrate.

Margo: Yeah, yeah.

Tom: Oh, and we're not blaming ourselves, remember?

Margo: All right, but that's so much easier said than done. I mean, we did everything we could for those boys, didn't we? Who would have thought we'd be sitting here, hoping and praying that Casey would get out of jail in time to come home for Christmas. And Adam? I don't even know what to hope for him anymore.

Tom: You did everything you could for Adam, and he's just gonna have to live his own life. Just the same way Casey is. But here's the bottom line. They were lucky to have a mother like you.

Margo: How come they turned out so messed up?

Tom: You know, it just happens. It doesn't mean we love them any less. In fact, sometimes you have to love them a little more just to forgive, but that's not gonna be a problem for us.

Margo: How can you be so sure?

Tom: Well, we've always had enough love to spread around, right?

Margo: Ohh.

Chris: Oh, Dad! Hey, hey, I was just telling Emily the good news.

Bob: I need a word with you. Will you excuse us, Emily?

Emily: Oh, sure.

Chris: No, no, Emily and I are a team. You can talk in front of her.

Bob: Fine. You know, I warned you against letting your ambition get the best of you, but you wasted no time throwing your weight around.

Chris: What?

Bob: Dusty Donovan interrupted rounds to tell me that he's pulling the foundation out of Memorial Hospital because you're running things.

Chris: Dad, I didn't say that. I was just trying to get up to speed before the transition takes place.

Bob: Well, if you keep this up, there's not going to be any transition.

Chris: Because Dusty doesn't like me.

Bob: Because you'd have to learn how to get along with Dusty.

Emily: Yeah, good luck with that.

Bob: Do you have any idea how important this foundation is to the hospital?

Chris: Well, Dad, that's what I was trying to find out.

Bob: No, no, you were just lording it over Dusty because you're with his ex-girlfriend --

Emily: You know what? Leave me out of it.

Bob: You know, you made a big mistake. Now, I'm trying to run interference for you, but if Donovan goes to the board, they're gonna ask for your resignation, you can count on it.

Chris: Even if my ideas are good?

Bob: Look, timing is everything. You know, some day if you are chief of staff of the hospital, I'll be very proud of you, but you do have limitations. At least admit that you have some. Or that's not going to happen.

Emily: Let's get out of here. Come on. What the hell is wrong with you?

Dusty: I don't know. I just got here.

Emily: It's over, Dusty. I don't want you in my life. I don't want to work with you. Which I know is hard for you to believe, seeing as you're such a prize, but this has got to stop.

Dusty: Which part?

Emily: You're undermining everything Chris and I are doing.

Chris: Hey, Em, leave it. He's not worth it.

Dusty: You two are going to self-destruct without any help from me.

Emily: And won't it just kill you when we don't. I want to go look at that apartment right now.

Chris: Now?

Emily: Yes, now. I cannot wait to move in with you. Chris and I are together. So you and everybody else in this town can deal with it or get the hell out of our way. Come on.

Brad: No, these won't fit, either. You know what? These are good enough. They'll stretch out.

Parker: Why do you care? You didn't come here to skate. You just want to get with Katie.

Brad: Get with her?

Parker: You know what I mean. But it's not going to work. She's not into you.

Carly: What is he doing in there? Why hasn't he come out?

Santa 1: You're working my nerves, Woman.

Carly: Please let me go in, okay?

Santa 1: Shut up, if you know what's good for you.

Carly: You know, you should check on your pal. I don't hear anything. He might have taken the money and gone out the back and left you here, huh?

[Carly takes her cell phone out and calls Jack]

Jack: You gotta admit you're having fun.

Katie: My figure eights used to be perfect.

Jack: I believe you.

Katie: You're right, I'm having a lot of fun. But it doesn't change anything.

Jack: I know. I'm not trying to put any pressure on you. But I miss doing things like this together. You know, having a great time without all the drama. Being -- friends.

Katie: You really mean that, or is that just code for something else?

Jack: It's not code. What do you mean, code for something else? I'm not that complicated of a guy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: It's Carly.

Katie: Of course it is!

Jack: Watch and learn, Peretti. Watch and learn.

[Jack doesn’t answer his cell]

Jack: You've reached Jack Snyder. Please leave a message.

Carly: Jack, Sage is being held hostage. We're at –

[Santa 1 knocks the phone out of Carly’s hand but it’s still left on]

Santa 1: Somebody's going to get coal in her stocking this Christmas.

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Paul: You're gonna take her child away from her, aren't you?

Santa 1: I warned you!

Sage: Mommy, Mommy!

Brad: It's Sage. I heard her. Something is definitely wrong.

Jack: Give me the phone, Brad.

Sage: Stop hitting my mommy!

Paul: Hey, hey, hey, whoa, are you okay?

Meg: It's nothing, I'm fine.

Paul: Is it the baby?

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