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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/16/07

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Jack: Carly's calling Sage's friend's parents now. Between that and what you're doing, we should be covered. Thanks, Dallas. Appreciate it.

Carly: Has he heard anything?

Jack: No, but he's alerted all units to keep an eye out for any children matching Sage's description. Hey, it's only a matter of time before we find her.

Carly: You know, if it weren't for you, she would still be here. You had no right to tell her that we couldn't be a family.

Gwen: Hey, if you still want to see that movie, it's playing at the -- what are you doing?

[Will putting the baby crib together]

Will: Well, I just figured you'd want everything nice and tight for when the baby arrived, so I'm just fixing it up here.

Gwen: Please put that away, now.

Sofie: I'll have an orange juice straight up. Hmm, silent treatment, huh?

Aaron: It's gonna be $3.

Sofie: I know you're not thrilled with me right now, but I have something to ask you.

Aaron: You sure you want to go there? Because you usually don't like my answers.

Sofie: I'll take that risk. Will you help me find a couple that wants to adopt my baby?

Gwen: Will, that baby isn't ours yet.

Will: I know that you're not ready to believe that we're going to be parents, so I'm trying to believe enough for both of us.

Gwen: Will -- Will, please, stop.

Will: Gwen, do you really think that tinkering with this crib is going to jinx us?

Gwen: Please put the crib away.

Will: Look, the lawyer said that the girl who's giving us her baby knows my history and she's not scared off by it. She saw the photo album that you made, and she loved it, and she thinks we're gonna be amazing parents. What do we have to be afraid of?

Gwen: When I was pregnant, I thought that Rosanna would make an amazing mom, too. But in the end, I just wanted my baby back.

Sofie: If I'm going to give up my baby, I need to know as much as possible about the people who are adopting.

Aaron: I thought your lawyer found the perfect couple.

Sofie: Yeah, and he made them sound amazing. But they're his clients, of course he's going to say that. So I decided to go online and check. But that can get kind of pricey when you don't have your own computer. So I was wondering if maybe I could borrow yours.

Aaron: Cole doesn't have one?

Sofie: Well, he's out, and I never use his without permission. I don't want to mess with his music stuff.

Aaron: And you're sure Cole's cool with you doing a background check on these people?

Sofie: Why wouldn't he be?

Aaron: Knock yourself out. Hey, that orange juice -- it's on me.

Carly: You stormed in here and you terrified that little girl, telling her that she couldn't live with her mother anymore.

Jack: I terrified her? Wow, that's something else, Carly. You think maybe you scared the kids when you told them you were dying?

Carly: I never told Sage that. And I told the boys that I was going to be all right the moment that I found out.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Snyder.

Dallas: I've got some news.

Jack: Someone's seen Sage?

Dallas: There's been an accident.

Eli: The test results should be ready any minute, Meg.

Meg: Would you mind if we went back to your office? I want to be there when they come in.

[Rosanna gets out of bed and tries to stand]

Rosanna: I won't let Meg take you away, Paul.

[Craig scatting]

Nurse #1: You're in a good mood today, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Of course, I'm a proud papa-to-be.

Nurse #1: You must be looking for your wife.

Craig: No, Bob Hughes. My wife left some time ago.

Nurse #1: But I just saw her near the nurse's station upstairs.

Rosanna: Okay, you can do this. Okay. There we go.

[Meg and Eli are standing outside of Rosanna’s room]

Lab tech: Dr. Stern's been looking all over for you.

Eli: Oh, Mr. Oldman's MCV! I forgot. Can I meet you in a few?

Meg: Yeah. Go. Of course, yeah. You're still here.

[Inside her room, Rosanna tries to walk, Rosanna groans]

Meg: I thought you left. But I'm glad you didn’t. Now, we can take a look at the test results --

Paul: I'm not taking a look at anything with you.

Meg: Please, Paul, I know you don't believe this is your child --

Paul: I'm not here to talk to you about this child. Get in here.

Meg: What are you doing?

Paul: Rosanna's across the hall.

Meg: In the critical care unit? My God, what happened?

Paul: I don't know, she collapsed. The doctors can't guarantee that she's ever gonna regain consciousness.

Meg: I am so sorry. Did the doctors say what brought this on?

Paul: She knows that I was here to talk to you. She confronted me about that.

Meg: She knows about the baby?

Paul: I don't know what she knows. She passed out before I could talk to her. I don't think she needs to think about any of this. I have to go take care of my wife. I gotta -- I gotta go.

[Rosanna hurries and gets back into bed]

Gwen: Throughout the entire process, I had a million second thoughts, but the minute I signed the papers giving the baby up, I just wanted him back.

Will: But that was you, Gwen. There's a lot of women out there who really, sincerely don't want to keep their babies, and there's a ton of adopted kids to prove it.

Gwen: And some of those kids are healthy and strong. And some of them are sick, though, because the mothers didn't take care of themselves while they were pregnant, just like I did.

Will: I'm not gonna let you use this as another chance to beat yourself up over what happened to Billy.

Gwen: I'm not beating myself up. I'm being realistic. I mean, if we're going to adopt a child, don't you think we should at least know that the mom is taking care of herself?

Will: So, what do you want to do?

Gwen: I want to meet the mom.

Aaron: So what did you find out about Mr. and Mrs. Perfect?

Sofie: Nothing comes up under the name that the lawyer gave us. I don't get it.

Aaron: Maybe you should try another search.

Cole: What are you two doing?

Meg: Paul, wait!

Paul: Meg, I really gotta go.

Meg: Okay, look, I know you really feel responsible about what happened to Rosanna, but it doesn't change the fact that this baby I'm carrying could be yours.

Paul: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Not anymore.

Jack: I'm leaving for the station right now.

Carly: Tell me she's okay.

Jack: Carly, listen to me, the description Dallas gave could be for any number of girls. I'll call you as soon as soon as I find anything out.

Carly: No, I'm gonna go with you.

Jack: No, Carly, I want you to stay here in case Sage comes home.

Carly: No, have a cruiser circle around, Jack. I'll leave the door open. That's my little girl out there, too. I need to know what's going on.

[Meg cries]

[Paul goes into Rosanna’s room. Rosanna pretends to be asleep]

Paul: Hey. The doctor told me to give you a reason to wake up. So, I thought of -- about a million reasons why should wake up. Starting with the people who love you. Will and -- and Gwen. And even my mom. Okay, maybe Barbara doesn't love you, but she likes you. And Carly. That reminds me, if you open your eyes, I can show you the handkerchief that Carly gave to you the day that you and I were married. And I brought you some pictures. [Paul cries] I remember the vows that you -- that you made when you said to me that from now on, no one and nothing would ever come between us -- past, present or future. And I haven't been worthy. And I'm sorry. If you don't come back to me, Rosanna, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

[Paul cries]

Craig: Why are you crying?

Meg: It's nothing.

Craig: When I left earlier, you said you were leaving the hospital.

Meg: I was, but then --

Craig: Did the doctor order more tests?

Meg: No.

Craig: Is there anything wrong with the baby?

Meg: There isn't. The baby's fine.

Craig: Then what are you still doing here?

Dallas: Can I get you anything, Carly?

Carly: Good news would be nice.

Dallas: Well, Jack's almost done talking to the guys at the accident site. Meantime, he showed me that ransom note that Sage wrote. I mean, where do you think she got an idea like that?

Carly: Well, her brother was kidnapped pretty recently. I'm sure you remember.

Dallas: Right. But -- it still seems like a sophisticated level of deception for a child that young. [Phone rings] Officer Griffin.

Jack: I can't get anything conclusive. I'm going down to the site myself.

Carly: I'm gonna go with you.

Dallas: Oh, wait -- Jack, Carly, wait. You don't want to go down there.

Craig: You lied to me. You said you were leaving here and going home.

Meg: I was. And then I ran into Eli, and he wanted to grab a cup of coffee. I hope that's okay with you. You know, while we're on the subject, what are you still doing here? I thought you said that you were going over to the Lakeview to talk to Bob.

Craig: I was. By the time I got there, he was already back here.

Meg: Oh, okay. Then I guess we both have legitimate reasons for being here.

Craig: All right, fine. So you made your point.

Meg: Good.

Craig: I guess it's hard for you to understand why a husband would be worried when he finds his pregnant wife crying in a stairwell. I hope it's not something this Eli guy said to you to upset you.

Meg: No, of course not.

Craig: Well, then what happened?

Meg: I ran into Paul.

Paul: You know, I showed up in Switzerland, and my heart was completely closed. I didn't have any faith in anything. Then you opened your big, blue, beautiful eyes, and I felt like I had a future again, Rosanna. Please open your eyes again. Please let me know that you and I still have a future.

Dr. Cutler: Mr. Ryan, I hope I'm not interrupting, but I wanted to give you your wife's tests results right away.

Paul: Of course.

Dr. Cutler: Her latest EEG shows progressive normalizing of brain activity.

Paul: Please tell me that means she's coming back to us.

Dallas: Okay, the girl who was hit in an accident was identified five minutes ago. It's not Sage.

Carly: Oh, thank God. Thank God. Is she going to be all right?

Dallas: Yeah, looks like she's going to be fine.

Jack: So we're back to square one. No leads.

Dallas: No, not yet.

Carly: How can it be that no one has spotted her yet?

Dallas: Look, you know what? I'm going to make some calls. But I don't want you to give up hope, okay? I'm looking at the team that brought J.J. back against all odds, right?

Carly: You know, he's right about that. We accomplish amazing things together, Jack. You think you could work with me one more time?

Jack: Let's go back to the house, and if we have to, we'll head out to the farm.

Carly: The farm. Jack, that's it. Come with me.

Will: Hey, Mom, that was fast.

Barbara: Hi, Honey.

Will: Thanks for coming.

Barbara: Yeah, yeah. Honey, you're having second thoughts about this adoption?

Gwen: I just -- I want to see how we can make sure that the mom is doing all the right things to keep the baby healthy.

Barbara: Okay, okay. I don't understand. You're talking about some kind of documentation of her pre-natal care?

Gwen: I guess, really, the thing is, I would just feel a lot better if I could just meet the mom.

Barbara: I'm sorry, Gwen, that's not an option.

Sofie: I'm glad you're here. Something totally weird is going on.

Cole: Why?

Sofie: Okay, so, I tried to search for the couple who wants to adopt our baby, and nothing came up.

Cole: That is weird.

Aaron: I'm going to close out a tab. I'll be right back.

Sofie: Here. Does this look like the right information to you?

Cole: That's the paper the lawyer gave us. It's got to be right.

Sofie: He could have written down the name wrong or something.

Cole: I guess so -- why do you even care?

Sofie: These people are going to be raising our child. Don't you want to make sure they're the right choice?

Aaron: I just remembered this really cool people finder website. My mom used it to reconnect with old friends when she was sick. So check it out. You might find the couple.

Sofie: Thank you, Aaron.

Aaron: You're welcome.

Sofie: Here, could you -- could you try this out while I run to the bathroom?

Cole: Sure.

Aaron: You sure you're cool with me helping Sofie?

Cole: Helping is one thing. But what you're doing now is the last thing she needs.

Carly: I was so sure Sage would be in that loft in Emma’s barn.

Jack: I'm going to get some more batteries for this flashlight. Try to make a list of all the other places Sage might be.

Carly: She loves that barn. You know, I found her there not long after I came back. She was buried up to her chin in the hay. She said, "I like it here. It's quiet. Nobody fights."

Jack: We're going to find her, Carly. We're going to find her.

Dr. Cutler: I'm sorry, Mr. Ryan, but these results are no guarantee that your wife's condition will improve.

Paul: What does "Progressive normalizing" mean?

Dr. Cutler: I prefer not to talk in front of the patient. Can we continue this discussion outside?

[They leave the room. And Rosanna opens her eyes and sneaks out of her room and goes to the stairs, she hears Meg and Craig talking two stairways up where she is at]

Meg: Paul was here because of Rosanna. It looks like she's slipped back into her coma.

Craig: Wait, wait, wait a second. You mean, he took his anger out on you?

Meg: Something like that.

Craig: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually feel sorry for the guy. And poor Rosanna. We should go see her, maybe offer Paul our condolences.

Meg: Paul thinks you tried to kill Rosanna. You're the last person he wants to see.

Craig: Okay, we'll give them their privacy. Why don't we just go out and have a quiet dinner?

Meg: I thought you wanted to go talk to Bob.

Craig: Well, not now. At times like this, I'd rather just count my blessings with you. Come on, let's go.

[They start going down the stairs and Rosanna walks back down and hides in one of the door ways]

Meg: Okay, dinner it is. Where are you parked?

Craig: I'm in the lot across the street.

Meg: Well, I'm on the upper level. So why don't I just meet you at the Lakeview?

Craig: Sweetheart, you're the ceo of a major corporation. We can pay somebody in the morning to go pick up your car. You know, I have got to teach you how to enjoy being in charge.

Eli: Meg, you're not leaving? We're supposed --

Meg: Eli, this is my husband, Craig Montgomery.

Eli: Great to meet you.

Craig: Likewise.

Meg: Eli and I were on the hospital softball team. He was going to show me some photos from last season, but we didn't quite get to it. Do you have time now?

Eli: Sure, yeah.

Meg: Great. So why don't you go back to the Lakeview and I'll see you there in a little while, okay?

Craig: Well, unless I go with you guys and see what you look like in a baseball cap.

[They go back up the stairs. A nurse opens a door and heads down the stairs and sees Rosanna sitting on the steps]

Nurse #2: Ma'am, are you all right? What's your name? I need to get you back to your room.

Meg: Wouldn't you rather be having a nice cold martini at the Lakeview than looking at photos of people you don't even know?

Craig: Well, you might be one of the people in those photos. Besides, you're telling me you used to be a jock. I'm going to need proof of that. Unless there's something you don't want me to see?

Nurse #2: Ma'am, can you hear me? Don't move, I'll be right back.

Cole: Don't get me wrong. Sofie's heart's in the right place. She wants our kid placed with good people. So do I. But if she becomes obsessive about it, it might be tougher for her to let go.

Aaron: What if she doesn't want to let go?

Cole: She told you the adoption was my idea, right?

Aaron: I guessed.

Cole: Okay, look, I know you have issues with me, and you know what? I don't really blame you. I haven't always been a standup guy. But I'm not forcing Sofie into anything here. I just want to do better by her.

Sofie: So, any luck with Aaron's website?

Cole: Forget that. I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place, I'm going to talk to our lawyer and get some more information on these people.

Sofie: Thank you, Cole. You don't know how happy you just made me.

Cole: I'll be back in a bit.

Sofie: You saw that, right?

Aaron: What?

Sofie: Cole. He's really changed.

Cole: Yeah, it's me. Meet me at Al's. Five minutes.

Barbara: You really think meeting the birth mother is a good idea?

Gwen: Why not?

Barbara: Because it's giving her the wrong impression. It tells her that you want her to be a part of the baby's life.

Gwen: Maybe I do. I mean, we owe her a lot. It at least gives us the chance to thank her.

[Cell phone rings]

Barbara: I've got to take this. Excuse me.

Gwen: Sure.

Barbara: Yes.

Iris: We've got a problem, and it's a doozy. You better get here to Al's quick.

Barbara: This is not a good time. I'm with my son.

Iris: I'm with mine. He tells me Sofie's all hot to meet her baby's future mom and pop.

Barbara: That is completely unacceptable.

Iris: You're preaching to the choir, Honey.

Barbara: All right, I'll be right there. This is such bad timing. I have a trunk show coming up next week, and they just can't seem to find anything they need at all.

Will: Heads are gonna roll, huh?

Barbara: Heads are going to roll, yes indeed they are. If you want, I'll call my lawyer and see if he can arrange for you to meet the birth mother.

Gwen: Really? Thank you. Thank you. That would mean so much. And in case I haven't said it enough lately, Will is really lucky to have a mom like you. My mom would never help us out like this.

Will: Yeah, Mom, I don't know how we can ever thank you.

Barbara: Just love that baby and make sure that it grows up to be as wonderful as the two of you.

Carly: There are so many things that I want to do differently. So, when we find her -- when she comes back -- would you give me a chance to make this up to her? Give me a chance to be a better mom.

Sage: I already think you're the best, Mommy.

Carly: Sage! You're here! Sage! You're safe!

Jack: Honey, where were you?

Sage: I went to the Lebos' tree house, but then it got cold, so I came home.

Carly: Do you have any idea how worried we've been?

Sage: I'm sorry I made you worried, but I wanted it to work.

Jack: You wanted what to work?

Sage: I was trying to get you and Mommy back together.

Will: Is that a new hobby? Phone staring.

Gwen: Yeah, it's fun. You should try it some time.

Will: Waiting for the lawyer to call?

Gwen: I'm gonna go get my check from the Lakeview.

Will: Look, I didn't want to mention this, but you know, there is a chance that the mom is not going to want to meet us.

Gwen: Let's just wait and see what the lawyer has to say. Come on.

[Phone rings]

Will: Hello. You have ESP.

Barbara: And so my attorney will tell Gwen that the birth mother wants a closed adoption, and then tell Sofie that the adoptive couple wants the same.

Cole: What if Sofie won't go for it?

Barbara: Well, she had better, Cole. Otherwise, you're going to return every penny I've given you with interest.

Cole: It isn't my fault.

Iris: You just get it taken care of, okay? See? Not a problem. Woo, I wish this dump served some booze, so I could make a toast to us.

Barbara: Don't get ahead of yourself, Iris. If Will and Gwen don't agree to the adoption terms, you've got nothing.

Iris: Neither do you, Barbie. I guess we have something in common after all.

Jack: So you pretended to be kidnapped, so your mom and I would get back together?

Sage: It worked when J.J. was kidnapped. And just now, you were hugging Mom like when she was sick. So now we can be a family again.

Nurse #2: The patient was right here. I swear.

Orderly: Then where'd she go?

Meg: There is nothing in the photos I don't want you to see. I'm just trying to protect you from complete and total boredom.

Nurse #1: Mr. Montgomery, are you still looking for Dr. Hughes?

Craig: Actually, no, I think I'm heading upstairs.

Nurse #1: If you change your mind, he's back in his office.

Craig: Oh, thanks.

Meg: You should go see Bob. Aren't you the one who keeps saying how important this project is to Montgomery Enterprises and the future of our baby?

Craig: Okay. Well, I'll meet you back here in 30 minutes.

Meg: Great.

Craig: Okay. You two guys have fun, all right.

[Rosanna sneaks into the DNA lab and goes to the computer and sees a pop up that says “Mail to Meg Snyder DNA results] [Rosanna clicks on it]

Rosanna: "Husband excluded as biological father. No match. Candidate known as other not excluded. Shares all paternal markers." Oh, my god. Paul. He's the father.

Jack: Sage, I'm sorry, but we are not going to be a family again. Not the way you're talking about. But there are all different kinds of families. And sometimes, when the parents aren't together, it -- it actually makes everybody happier than they were before.

Sage: I won't be happier. J.J. won't, either.

Carly: That doesn't mean that you can make people worry just to try to get what you want. Do you have any idea how wrong that is?

Sage: I was just trying to help you, Mommy.

Carly: Listen, Honey. I'm going to be honest with you. I have done bad things. I have lied to try to get what I want. But I'm sorry that I did that because all I did was hurt the people that I love the most. So no matter how badly you or I want something, we have got to promise that we will never try to trick anybody that we love. Promise?

Will: Right. Okay. Well, I'm going to talk to my wife and then I'll get back to you. Um, so the lawyer says --

Gwen: I got it. The mom doesn't want to meet us.

Will: She wants to have a closed adoption. So, what do you want to do?

Gwen: I don't know.

Will: Well, I think we should wait. If you would feel better having an open adoption, then I think that's what we should do. And I'm going to call my mom and I'm going to tell her.

Gwen: Will, wait.

Aaron: You're still looking for info on that couple?

Sofie: Yeah, I just want to make sure my baby gets the best home possible.

Cole: Everything okay?

Sofie: Yeah, yeah, now that you're back. What did the lawyer say?

Cole: He told me why we couldn't find the couple on the internet. The name we got wasn't real.

Aaron: What kind of lawyer would give out a phony name?

Cole: Actually, it's pretty common in a closed adoption.

Sofie: Closed adoption?

Cole: It means the adopting parents want to keep their identity secret in case we change our minds and try to get the baby back.

Sofie: You mean, I can't ever find out who's going to get my baby?

Cole: Sofie, I know it's tough to hear, but maybe it's better this way --

Sofie: Yeah, I can't do it.

Gwen: I want to do it. I want to adopt the baby.

Will: You sure?

Gwen: Yeah. I love you.

Will: Okay, because you know what I think?

Gwen: We're going to have a healthy and beautiful baby?

Cole: What do you mean you can't do this?

Sofie: What if someday our baby wants to know what his parents were like, and can't get answers because we did a closed adoption? What if our child -- what if our child thinks we gave him up because we didn't love him?

Cole: Sofie, don't cry. Please, don't cry, Sofie.

Sofie: I'm sorry. I thought I had tissues in here.

Aaron: I'll go get you some.

Cole: Look, Sofie, I know we told the lawyer we could do this. But if you think you really can't, we'll find a way out.

Sofie: You would really do that for me?

Cole: Yeah, of course.

Sofie: Cole, I love you so much.

Cole: I love you, too.

Sofie: You know, as long as I have you here, I think I can do this. I can do this.

Jack: So, what do you say we head out to the farm? I think someone's brothers are waiting up for her.

Sage: Okay.

Carly: I know what you're thinking. Somehow I've created a little mini-me. That it's for the kids' own good that you're keeping me away from them. What are you waiting for, Jack? You can say it.

Jack: I don't have to say it, Carly. You just did.

[Rosanna leaves the room and goes back to her room]

Eli: All right, let me just check here and see if the lab updated your files. Can I get you anything?

Meg: No, no, just open the files, please. I need to see the results.

Dr. Cutler: I know it must be frustrating to hear, Mr. Ryan, but in a situation like this, all we can do is wait and see.

Paul: I just can't help but think that maybe there was something more that I could have done while she was well.

Dr. Cutler: You are in no way responsible for your wife's condition. You obviously love her. The best thing you can do for her is keep showing her how much. [Pager beeps] Excuse me. I have to take this.

[Paul looks into the room and sees Rosanna awake]

Paul: Hey. I am so happy to see you. How do you feel?

Rosanna: I feel like everything's going to be all right.

Meg: No, there must be a mistake.

Eli: I'm sorry, even at this early stage, the test is 100% accurate on ruling out who can't be the father.

Meg: I was so sure that Paul -- Craig can't be the father. He can’t.

Sage: I got my princess pajamas.

Carly: I love you, Sweetie.

Sage: I love you, too, Mommy.

Carly: And I'll see you soon, okay?

Jack: Come on, let's go.

[Jack leaves and Carly goes to her desk to sit down. She opens the desk drawer and picks up the malpractice check the lawyer gave her and smiles]

Cole: These people are going to be great parents, Sofie. I can feel it.

Sofie: I can feel it, too. I must look like a total mess.

Cole: Are you kidding me? You look beautiful.

Sofie: Um, hey, thanks for putting up with all the drama.

Aaron: Hey, what you're going through isn't easy. Take that.

Sofie: Yeah, I'm going to go wash my face.

Cole: I just hope she can let this go.

Aaron: Well, maybe she won't have to.

Gwen: Sofie --

Sofie: Hi, you know, I'm not the mood for a lecture about how messed up your brother is. He's a great guy. And you don't know him at all.

Gwen: No, wait, please. Maybe you're right.

Aaron: There are tons of people who want babies, who are willing to go through open adoption. I can just look some of them up --

Cole: Stay the hell out of this. I mean it.

Gwen: Look, my brother and I have a bad history. But that gives me no right to judge your relationship. Having a baby is a very personal thing and everybody handles it differently. And maybe it just takes -- it takes Cole a little longer than most guys to come around to wanting to be a dad.

Sofie: Yeah. See you later, Gwen.

Gwen: Wait a minute, come on, please. What did I say?

Sofie: Things with the baby hasn't gone exactly the way you think they did.

Sage: Daddy?

Jack: Hmm?

Sage: Do you still love me?

Jack: Of course I still love you, Honey. Why would you ask something like that?

Sage: Because I did something bad, and you looked real mad.

Jack: Okay, I'm sorry if I looked mad. It's just that I love you so much and I was worried.

Sage: Is that why you get mad at Mommy, too? Because you still love her?

Jack: Honey, your mom and I can't be together. I thought you understood that.

Sage: I do. But I don't like it.

Jack: I know. But one thing you've got to learn now that you're getting bigger -- sometimes things don't always work out the way we'd like them to.

Eli: Your husband seems like a good guy. He's obviously crazy about you. I'm sure he'll make a great father.

Meg: I've got to go.

Eli: Hey, hey, hey -- remember, I'm here for you if you need anything, okay?

Paul: I should -- I should get a doctor for you. But I don't want to leave you for a second. Is there somebody you want me to call? Do you want me to call Carly? How long have you been awake? Do you even know? Why didn't you call for the nurse right away? Rosanna? Rosanna! Rosanna!

[Rosanna closes her eyes]

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Lily: I did spend the night here with Dusty.

Katie: Carly wasn't dying, and you let her lie to us about it.

Brad: I'm tired of taking sucker punches from you. Come on!

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