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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 11/13/07

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Jack: I do love you, Carly. And I'd do anything for you. I think I've proven that.

Carly: You have.

Jack: I walked away from my marriage! My wife! I broke Katie's heart to put my family back together. Do you know why?

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: Tell me. I said, tell me!

Carly: Because you thought I was dying.

Jack: Ah, yes, but by that time you knew you werenít. And you didn't tell me! I was such a fool.

Carly: You're not a fool, Jack.

Jack: And now you want me to forgive you, to give you a second chance.

Carly: I know that it's asking a lot.

Jack: It's asking the impossible.

Katie: You're right. I am -- free. Single again. My marriage is over. Jack's not coming back.

Brad: Which means you can do whatever you want. You just have to decide what that is.

Will: All right, Guys, let's eat.

J.J.: I'm not hungry.

Will: Hey, it's pizza. Nobody turns down pizza in my house.

Will: Come on, Guys.

Parker: It's what we were going to have at the reception. It's kind of a thing with Jack and my mom.

Will: Oh, um, well I've got cheesy breadsticks here too. So, what were saying about my great parenting skills?

Gwen: No, seriously, I think you're slipping in the polls.

Will: Well, at least I know I got your order right. Thin crust pizza with pineapple. What?

Gwen: No. Nothing. It's fine.

Will: You have something against pineapple? Not long ago you couldn't get enough of this stuff. What happened?

Gwen: I'm not pregnant anymore.

Nurse: Alison, can you take this patient to exam room three? Let her know her ob-gyn's on his way.

Alison: Sure, no problem.

[Alison turns around and sees Sofie]

Cole: Ma --

Iris: Who is this?

Cole: Mom --

Iris: Cole -- I thought I raised you to have a sense of humor here?

Cole: Yeah, for 16 fun-filled years. Listen, I'm back and Sofie's with me.

Iris: Oh, yeah? Did you convince her to give up the kid? You know, I don't want Little Miss Muffett messing up our pay day. Which, by the way, you never thanked me for setting it up.

Cole: You set it up, but Barbara Ryan's making it happen.

Barbara: And you understand the reasoning for discretion in this matter. That neither party can know the other exists.

Gary: I understand. You've got nothing to worry about.

Barbara: And you'll have everything that you need to make sure that this happen in record time, including a rather sizeable retainer. All you have to do is make sure that my son and his wife never know where this baby came from.

Alison: Wow -- you're really starting to show.

Sofie: Thanks.

Alison: No, I mean that in a good way. I didn't know you were back here in Oakdale.

Sofie: I didn't know you were working here now.

Alison: Again.

Sofie: Right.

Alison: So, the doctor is ready for you in exam room three, if you'll just follow me.

Sofie: That's okay. Um -- I know how you feel about helping me. I'll find it myself.

Aaron: Wow, Alison, look at you. Seeing you here, it's like old times.

Alison: Surprise?

Aaron: Totally.

Alison: I wish I could say the same. But I should've known you wouldn't be far behind.

Brad: I wish you could be like this all the time. Smiling, laughing -- calling me a jerk.

Katie: You're not a jerk.

Brad: Yes, I am.

Katie: Oh my God! No!

Carly: Nothing's impossible, Jack. Not for us. Think of everything we've been through.

Jack: Because of you.

Carly: The doctor told me I was going to die. And then he put me on medication that made me so sick I almost wished I would. It's not like I created this out of nothing!

Jack: And that makes it okay for you to decide to put us all through hell for no reason!

Carly: I'm just trying to explain to you that it was very intense! And when I found out that it was a misdiagnosis, Jack, I was too afraid to believe it. But I wanted to tell you, I swear to you I did!

Jack: But you didn't!

Carly: I'm sorry!

Jack: What is it? What is it that you see in me, that you fight so hard to hold onto? If you think I'm such a fool?

Carly: I love you!

Jack: Whatever this is? It ain't love. I see you standing in this dress, at that altar, at the last thing I feel is love!

Carly: Don't ever say you don't love me. For better or worse, you have always loved me, Jack, and you always will --

Jack: I was married. I don't want my marriage to end. You took that choice away from me.

Carly: I never told you to leave Katie. I never asked you to choose --

Jack: You just made it seem like the time we had left was slipping away.

Carly: And why did the time we had left matter? Because you loved me. You said it, you meant it and you proved it to me when you made love to me.

Jack: Oh, it was all planned.

Carly: Don't make it sound like that.

Jack: Oh, come on. You couldn't stand the fact that I was happily married to Katie. This just -- that didn't just happen, Carly. You had it all figured out, step by step.

Katie: We can't do this.

Brad: You're right. We can't keep almost kissing. We either have to commit to it or stop cold --

Katie: No, stop -- I - and it's not funny. This isn't funny.

Brad: Come on, we both need to lighten up just a little bit.

Katie: No, what I need to do is face what's going on here.

Brad: Which is what?

Katie: Which is the fact that my marriage to Jack didn't end because Carly lied to him. It ended because he couldn't stop loving her. And I need to deal with that myself. I'm sorry. I need not let a man literally kiss and make it better. I'm sorry. I keep putting you in this position and I'm sorry.

Brad: You're not putting me in any position. You know why I'm here. You know how I feel about you.

Aaron: Hi.

Alison: Aaron, I'm trying to work.

Aaron: And I'm trying to talk to you.

Alison: I know why you're here, okay? It's kind of hard to miss. Sofie?

Aaron: What about Sofie?

Alison: She's here for her doctor's appointment. And you didn't know that.

Aaron: No. No, I didnít. Last time I saw Sofie was in Chicago.

Alison: Wait. You went and saw Sofie in Chicago? Are you the reason that she's back?

Barbara: The girl's name is Sofie Duran. And when you meet with her and the boyfriend, Cole Norbeck, you will tell them that you have found a couple willing to adopt their baby as soon as it's born.

Gary: And Cole's aware that it's his sister and your son that are adopting the child, but Sofie isn't?

Barbara: Correct. And it has to stay that way. And as soon as Sofie agrees, I want those papers drawn up immediately. My son and his wife have gone through hell trying to start a family and they need some good news. And this will be all that and more.

Will: God, that was a stupid thing to do. Ordering something you only wanted when you were pregnant.

Gwen: Will, come on. Is this where we're at? You're apologizing for ordering pizza?

Will: I just don't know what I was thinking.

Gwen: You were thinking, we're got five mouths to feed, my wife can't cook and we're out of cereal. Seriously. It's no big deal. Come on.

Sage: Uncle Will? Parker and J.J. ate all the cheesy breadsticks. Can I have some pizza?

Will: Yeah. Sure. Here, take this one. It's pineapple.

Sage: Pineapple?

Will: Uh, yeah, it's technically a fruit, so you can have as much as you want. And you don't have to share it with them. And if they give you any grief, just tell them I said so, okay?

Sage: Okay.

Gwen: Hey, good job. You're her super hero, you know that?

Will: Yeah, right.

Gwen: You're my super hero, too. In fact, you know you can bring me pineapple pizza whatever you want, as long as you come with it.

Aaron: I left Sofie in Chicago. If she's here, it's because she's back with Cole.

Alison: And that bothers you?

Aaron: Well, a lot of things bother me. But what I've learned is that there's only so much I can do about it.

Alison: You're so evolved, I can't even deal.

Aaron: So, you want to tell me what's going on with you and this little outfit.

Alison: I got my old nurse's aide job back. I figured it would be a little more challenging than serving pepparkakor and I think I can handle it now, so --

Aaron: Yes, but admit it, you're going to be missing those tips.

Alison: Did you -- did you just make a joke? Wow, the evolution continues.

Aaron: Well, seeing how I just did the impossible and got you to smile, I hope you won't get mad at me for what I'm about to say. I'm really proud of you, Alison, for doing this. Really proud.

[Cell phone rings]

Cole: Hello?

Barbara: Cole, Barbara Ryan. I've arranged a little meeting for you.

Cole: Yeah? Are you ready to pay me my second installment?

Barbara: Not quite. You're going to have to earn it first.

[Cell phone rings]

Sofie: Hello?

Cole: Sofie, its Cole.

Sofie: Are you going to be able to make it over to the hospital?

Cole: Oh, no, Babe. I couldn't work it out. Listen, I've got some good news. Our lawyer called, says he found a couple to adopt the baby.

Katie: You know what? Everything went wrong, you were there for me, no questions asked. You were the one that didn't let things happen the last time I was so upset. So I would be an idiot to let something happen in this moment and lose what we have.

Brad: I really mean that much to you?

Katie: Yes. What?

Brad: Well, that's just -- you know --

Katie: What? --

Brad: That's just new to me. Someone actually caring if I'm around. Feels good.

Katie: So we're okay?

Brad: Yeah, let me tell you, friend, we -- you're better than okay.

Carly: Jack, we had made so much progress. We were so much closer than we've been in so long. I was so afraid of upsetting that balance, I guess I -- I couldn't figure out quite how to tell you. I knew I had to do it. And whenever I got the courage to open my mouth, something would happen. We'd be interrupted, or you'd misunderstand. And the moment was gone --

Jack: You just say it. Three simple words. I'm -- not -- dying. That's it. That's all you have to say.

Carly: I tried. I would say that I was feeling better and you'd say that you didn't believe in miracles --

Jack: If that's your excuse, it's pretty damn weak!

Carly: I'm just trying to explain to you why I let it go for much longer than I wanted to --

Jack: Every single night, Carly, I went to bed and I prayed. I prayed for that miracle. The one I didn't believe in? And every morning, I woke up and for a split second, I thought something changed. And then I would remember. That hit me all over again.

Carly: We got it, Jack. We got our miracle.

Jack: I mourned for you. I ruined my entire life for a lie. For a liar.

Carly: It wasn't all a lie, Jack. I was told I had a tumor on my brain that was growing faster every day. When you hear those words, when a doctor tells you, I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do -- it's unimaginable. And you know what happens next? He just walks out of the room, onto the next patient.

Jack: You want me to feel sorry for you?

Carly: I'd like it if -- if you attempted to see how I might have felt. I tried to face it on my own. I didn't tell you. I didn't stop you from marrying Katie. You came to me. And you stayed. You stood by me. You went to my doctor's appointments with me -- it was like it was before.

Jack: You know what doctor's appointment I remember the most? The one I took Parker to.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: The one where he found out how his mother was going to die.

Carly: That was before I knew. Do you really think I would put him through something like that on purpose?

Jack: They knew, didn't they? That's what Parker and J.J. meant when they said that you told them that they didn't have to worry about you --

Carly: Yeah. Of course. I told them in my own way. So they wouldn't think I was leaving them again.

Jack: In your own way. Meaning, not the whole truth, right? Because you still didn't want me to find out about it.

Carly: There was a chance for us again. I couldn't jeopardize it. I guess that was my biggest mistake.

Jack: You don't believe that, do you? I mean, come on, you got what you wanted. Here we are. We're in the church with the candles and the flowers. And you got all dressed up, and you dragged everybody down here. You made this all happen, Carly, for nothing.

Cole: Mr. Bradshaw.

Gary: Cole. It's good to see you again.

Cole: Yeah.

Gary: You must be Sofie. I'm Gary Bradshaw. It's nice to meet you.

Sofie: You, too.

Gary: Please, sit.

Sofie: Um, Cole told me that you found a couple who wants to adopt our baby. Um, is that true?

Gary: Yes, it is.

Sofie: This couple -- who are they?

Carly: I know you're angry with me. You have every right to be. But can't you see that something good has come out of this, Jack.

Jack: What?

Carly: Us. We're stronger. Everything that we've gone through the last few weeks, what we've rediscovered -- it's made us stronger. I know you feel it.

Jack: You want to know what I'm feeling?

Carly: I know what you felt in Montana.

Jack: That trip was a setup.

Carly: It wasnít.

Jack: Of all the things you could've asked of me -- you took something sacred and you exploited the hell out of it. "Take me to Montana, Jack. I want to see it one last time before I die." And I fell for it.

Carly: You fell for me. And I feel for you all over again out there, Jack. And that afternoon, when we made love, and you held me in your arms --

Jack: No, I made love to a memory. Not to you. Not to -- not to this. Whatever it is you've become.

Katie: Yup, that's right, two Caesar salads.

Brad: With anchovies.

Katie: No, no, just on one of the salads. Okay. And a garden burger and a steak.

Brad: Rare.

Katie: Practically walking. Wine?

Brad: Red.

Katie: A bottle of white. Thanks.

Brad: Steak?

Katie: Hey, it's my picnic, too. I get to decide some things.

Brad: Okay, but I get to buy.

Katie: Fair enough. I was planning on sending you the bill anyway.

Brad: Fantastic. Your picnic awaits.

Katie: Thanks. The floor's kind of hard.

Brad: Hold on. Lift. How's that?

Katie: Perfect.

Carly: There's one thing that hasn't changed. I love you. And you love me.

Jack: I guess that's what hurts so much. Because the way you love me, Carly, I always lose.

Carly: You haven't lost me. I'm standing right here. I'm right in front of you.

Jack: No, I lost you a long time ago. And I'm done looking. I am done trying to figure out who you are and why you do the things you do. I just don't have it in me to care anymore.

Carly: So I was good enough for you when you thought I was dying. But now that there's actually a chance for us to have a life together, you can't be with me?

Jack: I can't live the way you do. In a world of half-truths.

Carly: There is only one truth that matters. I love you --

Jack: No --

Carly: I love you --

Jack: Please. No more.

Carly: Jack.

Jack: No.

Carly: Jack! Wait! Jack? Jack, wait! Jack, please! Jack! Jack, no! Jack, please! I'm sorry. I'll do anything to make it up to you! Jack! Jack, please! Please don't do this!

[Jack drives off]

Brad: Okay.

Katie: What are you doing?

Brad: Your neck hurts. I'm going to give you a massage.

Katie: No.

Brad: Please -- a friendly massage.

Katie: Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of.

Brad: Trust me.

Katie: Fine. That tickles.

Brad: Katie.

Katie: Sorry. Okay. Oh, yeah, that's good. Yes. That -- that's good. [Knock on the door] Oh, that must be room service. Come in!

[Jack is standing at the door]

Gwen: Carly, what are you doing here? Is Jack with --

Carly: He's not with me. I just want to see my kids.

Gwen: Are you sure that's a good idea? I'm just saying, how you going to explain? Why don't you leave them here for the night, and you got home and think about things?

Sage: Mommy, you're still in your wedding dress. Did you and Daddy get married?

Carly: No, Sweetheart.

Sage: Is Daddy waiting at home?

Carly: No.

J.J.: Where is he?

Carly: Why don't you guys go and get in the car, okay? Parker. Please?

Will: Go with your mom.

Gwen: I still can't fathom what my sister's done. She didn't tell Jack, or her children, or anyone the truth --

Will: Tomorrow, you can question it, but for today, right now, just be grateful that your sister's going to live.

Gwen: Okay.

Katie: What are you doing here? Jack?

Jack: Could you give us a minute alone, please?

Brad: Sure. I'll cancel room service. Make sure they don't disturb you.

Katie: Thanks.

Jack: I didn't do it. I didn't marry Carly. She --

Katie: She lied. I know.

Jack: You knew? And you were going to let me go through with it?

Katie: Yes.

Sage: Don't say that! He will come home!

J.J.: Yeah. They just had a fight. Everything's going to be okay.

Parker: No, it wonít. She lied to him and he probably left her. And I don't blame him.

J.J.: Why do you have to be such a jerk?

Carly: Parker's right. I lied to Jack. I lied to all of you in a way.

Parker: Why couldn't you just tell us that you were okay?

J.J.: Well, she did! She told us not to worry, that she was feeling better.

Parker: Yeah, that's not the same thing as saying that the doctor's made a mistake!

Carly: I'm sorry. Honestly, I thought -- I thought you would understand what I was trying to say. I would never, ever want you to worry about me.

Parker: Yeah, just like when you said that you never, ever would lie to us or Jack again. But that's exactly what you did --

J.J.: Shut up, Parker!

Parker: Make me!

Sage: Stop!

Carly: Stop it! That is enough!

Katie: I was there. At the church. I had every intention of telling you.

Jack: I saw your car.

Katie: And I saw you. With Carly. I heard you, Jack. I heard what you said to her, that it didn't matter why or how you were getting married. What mattered was that you really loved her. So, that's when I figured, you didn't want the truth. You wanted her.

Jack: No -- Katie.

Katie: It's okay.

Jack: No! No, it's not okay! This is not what I wanted when the two of us got married. To end like this.

Katie: No, I know you didn't. But it doesn't matter.

Jack: How can you say that?

Katie: Because we annulled our marriage, Jack. I'm living in a hotel. There is a dress in that closet that I can't bring myself to throw out, because I can't bring myself to look at it! I can't do this anymore --

Jack: I wanted to stay here with you. That's what I wanted. She knew that. That's why she covered up the truth. Wow, I just -- I'm just so mad that I didn't put this all together. The lies and the cover ups, the excuses -- the fact that she was getting better and stronger and the fact that she was pushing for this -- why didn't I see it?

Katie: Jack, you didn't want to see it!

Gary: Their names are Allen and Lori Davis. And he works with computers and she's an investment banker. They're financially secure, and well-educated.

Sofie: Are they good people?

Gary: See for yourself.

Sofie: Where do they live?

Gary: Chicago. Just outside the city. It's very, very safe neighborhood.

Cole: These people have everything.

Sofie: Everything but a baby.

Cole: Well, now, thanks to us, they will, right?

Sofie: I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Parker: I knew it was a mistake.

Carly: What was a mistake?

Parker: To trust you again. To believe that we could get back to being a real family.

Carly: Parker. Hey. Hey, don't walk away from me. If you're angry, stay. We can talk about it.

Parker: I just want to know why -- why -- if you were just going to do this to us again, why you even decided to come back?

Carly: Parker?

Brad: What happened?

Carly: I told the truth.

Katie: Sometimes I wonder why you even asked me to marry you. Maybe there was something about me that reminded you of Carly.

Jack: You are nothing like Carly.

Katie: No, yeah, whatever. It doesn't matter. We did rush into things. You and I both, at the time, we're like, what are we doing? Why are you --

Jack: Don't do that -- don't do that -- don't write us off like that! I love you, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, I know you do. But that never was enough to stop you from choosing her. Choosing Carly every time. And it's not that you lived with her and then you took her to Montana. But you chose to marry her!

Jack: I did that for the kids. I did it for the kids because I thought we could put together a few solid weeks with the family all together.

Katie: I thought we were their family. You didn't do this for the kids, Jack. You did it because it was Carly. Because she's the wife you really wanted. I have had the worst day.

Sofie: Cole, I'm sorry, please don't hate me. But seeing those pictures of those people, those strangers who want to raise our baby. It just made what we're doing so real. So final.

Cole: I thought you want what's best for our baby. Those people, they can give that kid whatever we canít.

Sofie: Okay, but can they love our baby like we do?

Cole: Sofie, I grew up with nothing, okay? I know what that feels like. And I don't want that for any kid. And when we do have one, I want to be just like those people. When I'm ready. I'm not ready right now, so we either do this right now, or --

Cole: Or -- or we're over? What kind of choice is that?

Cole: Sofie, hey -- look at me. There are a lot of people counting on you to do the right thing for this kid. And I think you know what that is.

Jack: When she stood at that altar and she let me speak in front of all those people --

Katie: You -- you spoke? You said your vows to her?

Jack: Katie --

Katie: She knew that you meant what you were saying and that's why she couldn't -- I'm sorry -- I'm sorry you had to find out that way. I am.

Jack: I don't know. I think maybe I had it coming.

Katie: No. But just because Carly lied to you, you can't come back to me. That is not the kind of marriage I want.

[Cell phone rings]

Barbara: Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Will: Mom, you're acting a little weird. You know, even for you.

Barbara: Well, I think you'll forgive me when you hear what I have to say. Because I have wonderful news. You're going to be a father.

Will: Yeah, hopefully, someday.

Barbara: No, not someday. Gwen, the attorney I hired has found a couple and they're pregnant. And they can't keep the baby. They just canít.

Gwen: Are you saying --

Barbara: And he told them all about you and Will and how you've been trying to have a family.

Will: Oh, Mom --

Barbara: And they said yes. They said yes.

Carly: This is just what I deserve, isn't it? Parker can't stand to be in the same room with me. Gwen looks at me like I'm some kind of stranger. And Jack --

Brad: Yeah, he's pretty messed up.

Carly: And it's my fault.

Brad: Let me ask you something. With all this going down, and you taking all the heat, why didn't you give me up, too?

Carly: Well, you said it wasn't going to work. And you were right. Why ruin your life, too?

Brad: Thank you.

Carly: Don't thank me. That I know I do not deserve.

Jack: I'm not asking you to take me back. You shouldnít. I know what I've done here. I know what I've allowed to happen to us.

Katie: You don't have to do this.

Jack: Yes, I do. Because you need to hear it. I love you. I do. More than I have any right to. And what I did -- you deserve so much better than what I gave you. And I'm just so damn sorry that I realized it too late.

Carly: You came home.

Jack: I just came to get my things.

Carly: The kids were asking for you before. If you want to check in on them.

Jack: You really think that's going to work on me?

Carly: I'm not working you.

Jack: I'll see them tomorrow. You know that, they know that, so enough. All right?

Carly: I love you. And underneath all your anger, I know you love me. So please don't do this. Jack! You've walked out of here before. And every time, I've chased after you. If you walk out that door now, I'm not going to follow you.

Katie: He was here. Right here and I could have taken him back, but I didnít.

Brad: Why didn't you?

Katie: He was only here because Carly lied to him. That's almost worse than if he had never shown up at all.

Brad: Look, I'm -- I'm going to go. You probably want to be alone. I'm just going to get in the way.

Katie: No. Please stay.

Gary: I'm going to head back to the office to get started on the paperwork. Cole, would you mind walking with me?

Cole: Yeah, sure. I'll be right back, you wait here. Okay.

Sofie: So, how long am I going to get the silent treatment?

Aaron: I'm not giving you the silent treatment. I just don't know what to say to you. I thought you were done with Cole.

Sofie: Aaron, I love him. That -- that hasn't changed. And he loves me and things are going to be different for us this time. I know it.

Will: Hi, Mom.

Gwen: Hey, don't call me that.

Will: Gwen.

Gwen: No, I'm serious. I'm -- I'm afraid that if you call me that, I'll get used to it and then we're just going to, you know, jinx the whole thing.

Will: That's not going to happen this time. You heard my mom. This is -- this is a done deal.

Sofie: Cole and I -- we're putting our baby up for adoption.

Aaron: What? Whose idea was that?

Sofie: We made the decision together. Because it's what's best for our baby. And that's why we were just meeting with that lawyer. He's already found our baby the perfect parents.

Iris: Hand over those pretty babies. Come on.

Cole: Mom, would you shut up, please?

Iris: Hey, you know, I'm just here collecting what's due me. You know, I'm sort of like the baby agent, you know -- I get my 10% here.

Barbara: Why don't you listen to your son and just shut up? And you two are not going to get another cent out of me until that baby is in Will and Gwen's arms, and the two of you are the first bus out of town.

Iris: Bus? Bus? With the money you're paying us, Baby, we are going to be taken a plane first-class to Honolulu.

Barbara: As long as it's one way. And just remember, no one can know that I was involved in any of this.

Katie: Hey, Friend.

Brad: Hi.

Jack: You told us that everything was going to be all right. When you said the words, I was so grateful for what was happening. I didn't even stop to think -- wait, whoa, how? When? Because it never occurred to me that you could lie about something like this. Not to me. Not to the kids. Losing you, Carly? Would've been more than I could take. But I swear to God, I wish I never had to see your face again.

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