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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 11/9/07

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Doctor: The pregnancy seems to be progressing normally. Just do your best to remain stress free, Mrs. Montgomery.

Craig: Don't worry, Doctor, I plan on keeping her as relaxed and happy as possible. Thank you. So what do you say? I think we should start following doctor's orders. How about a soothing brunch at the Lakeview?

Meg: I don't think so. I'm going to have to take a rain check for brunch. I saw a few nursing buddies of mine going to the cafeteria. I thought I'd take the opportunity to catch up with them.

Craig: Great idea. I'll wait and drive you back. I suppose this comes under the heading of not giving you space. Go, have a good time with your friends. I'll see you later at the Lakeview.

Meg: Doctor Burke? I know on the last appointment we talked about a paternity test. When exactly would I be able to get it?

Paul: You're not having any coffee.

Rosanna: Well, no, I don't have time for coffee. I have to get ready for Carly's wedding.

Paul: It's not until this afternoon, right?

Rosanna: Yes, it's this afternoon, which is why I have to go over to Carly's and help her.

Paul: This wedding is on very short notice.

Rosanna: Yes, it is, but it's not for the usual reasons. Jack and Carly have to make the most of whatever time that they have left and if anyone can understand they have to make up for lost time. It's us.

Paul: Yes. Whoever it is can wait.

[Cell phone rings]

Rosanna: It could be Carly. Oh, it is. Listen, be a doll and make sure the second limo they order side ready for them. I just don't want anything to go wrong.

Paul: Okay, but only because you're the matron of honor.

Rosanna: Where is Meg now?

P.I.: At Memorial.

Rosanna: She and the baby are all right?

P.I.: She's decided to move on that paternity test.

Rosanna: Let me know when you get the details upon.

Gwen: Hey.

Will: Hey.

Gwen: Did your mom call?

Will: No, not yet. Is this the dress for Jack and Carly's wedding?

Gwen: Yup. Did you check your phone? Maybe it isn't on.

Will: My phone is on and she didn't call yet.

Gwen: Maybe we should call her, find out what's going on.

Will: And maybe we should wait. Take a deep breath.

Gwen: You're right. I'm sorry. I know I'm totally freaking out. But this waiting for a baby is the hardest thing I've ever had to do and everything's gone bad before. What if --

Will: Don't think like that. Focus on Carly and the wedding.

Gwen: You're right. Today is about making Carly as happy as possible.

Carly: Hi. Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you since yesterday.

Lily: I haven't been answering my phone.

Carly: Uh-oh. Itís Holden. What did he do? What is he going to do?

Lily: He wants a divorce.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Lily: I know. I my sentiments exactly. I really need you right now.

Carly: Okay. You have me, just not today, okay? Because I have this very important wedding that I have to attend.

Lily: Who?

Carly: Mine. Jack asked me to marry him!

Emma: It's about time. Go on get yourself together, there's lots to do.

Brad: Yeah.

Emma: Jack said there was going to be beer and pizza. What kind of a reception is that? Lovely dessert and a beautiful wedding cake if I have anything to say about it.

Brad: So it wasn't just a bad dream.

Emma: Now stop it, Brad. Just stop it! Stop with that kind of talk. Your brother has made a decision whether with you agree with it or not and I'm sure he had a good reason for making it.

Brad: Thatís good.

Katie: I love that these things fly thousands of miles through the air, but the last few feet before the gate, endless.

Nelson: I take it you're eager to get home.

Katie: Yes. And no.

Lily: You and Jack are getting married?

Carly: Yeah.

Lily: Even though he knows Ė

Carly: He knows the futureó

[Jack comes in]

Carly: Is far from certain.

Jack: I guess you heard the news.

Lily: Yeah.

Jack: Carly and I are going to stock up on as many good times and as good memories as we can for as long as we can.

Carly: Jack, you should go.

Jack: I know. I know. I can't see you in your wedding gown. Of course.

Carly: Be sure to tell Emma thank you for getting those flowers together on such short notice.

Jack: Yes. Sage and J.J. are getting ready. Parker went out on his bike but he said heíll be back in time to get ready. You'll just have to worry about yourself.

Jack: Promise me you won't overdo it.

Carly: I'll be fine. I'll have plenty of energy for the walk down the aisle.

Jack: I'll see you at the church.

Carly: Uh-huh.

Lily: Oh, my God! He thinks you're still dying--

Carly: Not exactly. He can certainly see that I'm much better than I was. I told him that if we believe hard enough maybe we'll get a miracle.

Lily: Do not do this. Do not start your marriage out with a lie. Holden wants a divorce because I kept things from him. How long do you think this marriage is going last when Jack finds out that you've been holding back the truth from him?

Carly: Look, by that time Jack would have realized we never should have been divorced in the first place.

Lily: Convincing yourself that something is right doesn't make it right, Carly. I know that.

Carly: Honey, I know you're upset about what's going on with Holden and maybe you look at me and Jack and you think the same thing is going happen, but there the situations are completely, completely different.

Lily: No theyíre--what do you mean? No, they're not.

Carly: Holden would be a lot more tolerant with a few honest mistakes if Dusty were in the picture.

Lily: Carly, you and Jack have your problems, too. Have you forgotten about Katie.

Carly: I'm trying to forget about her, believe me. If Katie and Jack were meant to be they would be. He had plenty of chances to choose her. I didn't tie him up. I didn't make him propose to me.

Lily: His love and his loyalty, all of the things that make Jack Jack.

Carly: I'm not going to keep it from him for much longer.

Lily: Carly, the longer you keep this from him, the longer you're sitting on a ticking time bomb. Trust me, I know.

Meg: I know it's still too early for a CVS test, but I need to know as soon as possible.

Dr. Burke: Weíll have to get sample from each possible father, I presume there's more than one candidate?

Meg: Yeah. Do you really need samples from both men? I mean, I know who the father is I just want to make sure.

Dr. Burke: The more samples we have, the more accurate our results will be.

Meg: Okay. I'll get you samples from both. If that's what you need, that's what you'll get.

Gwen: Hey, Will, can you get that? I'm still getting dressed.

Will: Yeah. Hey, Man. Come on in. Shouldn't you be getting ready for the wedding?

Parker: I've got time. It's not until this afternoon.

Will: It's kinda big deal. I figured you'd want to be with your family.

Parker: Well, you're my family, too. And besides. I kind of need to ask you something.

Will: Okay. Shoot.

Parker: Jack is adopting me.

Will: Thatís great. I mean you're practically his son anyway, right?

Parker: Yeah, but it's more than that. I was thinking I might change my name from Munson to Snyder, but I need to know. Do you think my dad would be upset?

[Jack remembering his wedding to Katie]

Jack: I love you.

Katie: This is the happiest day of my life.

Brad: If it isn't the blushing bridegroom. You look like you were a million miles away.

Jack: Thinking about my wedding to Katie. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Brad: Well, funny you should bring her up because I just got word she's on her way back.

Jack: Now? I thought I'd have more time.

Brad: You didn't tell her?

Jack: She didn't want to hear from me while she was away, Brad.

Brad: Well, if you don't want her finding out about it in the "City Times," I suggest you'd get dialing.

Emma: Brad! Are you afraid of the rooster?

Brad: Eggs, I know.

Emma: Jack, what are you going to just standing there. Youíre gonna take root. It's your wedding day, get yourself together.

Jack: Yeah, Iíll be in just a second. I have to take care of one more thing, okay?

Nelson: Let me tell you, they call them one-armed bandits for a reason. That's why I always stick to cards, myself.

Katie: Really?

Nelson: Did I see you at the casino last night? In a little black number over by the roulette table?

Katie: Afraid not.

Nelson: Sorry, no offense meant. I'm still a little groggy from the late night and all the champagne.

Katie: Yeah, I kind of got the feeling.

Nelson: The celebration was justified, believe you me. I paid off a malpractice suit for much less than anticipated. So I decided to take a little holiday. Life's too short, am I right? Although, in some cases, I guess it's longer than expected.

[Cell phone ringing]

Katie: Oh, sorry. I have to take that. Jack, hi.

Jack: Hey. I didn't want to have to tell you this, especially over the phone.

Katie: Did something happen? Oh, my gosh. Is she --?

Jack: No, nothing like that. Although it is about her and me. There's no easy way to say it, we're getting married this afternoon. I didn't want you to get back and hear from somebody else.

Katie: I appreciate that, Jack. Thank you for calling me. I would say congratulations, but that just doesn't seem right somehow, you know?

Jack: I know what you mean. I'm sorry it had to happen like this.

Katie: Listen, I'm on a plane and they're telling me to get off the phones so I've got to go, okay? Bye.

Brad: So what did she say?

Jack: She was kind and gracious. She was -- Katie.

Brad: She would be. You know, Jack, this is your wedding. You take the eggs in.

Carly: Itís only going to be for a little bit longer. After the ceremony I plan to use the check the law firm gave me to take sort of a family honeymoon.

Lily: Oh and let me guess you get a phone call that there's been a miracle cure.

Carly: No. That there was an error in my diagnosis. Which happens to be the truth.

Lily: You donít think Jack is gonna want to sit down with your doctor and ask him a few questions.

Carly: My doctor is gone. He doesnít work anymore at Memorial. And Jack will be much too happy to waste time tracking him down.

Lily: Let me tell you something, Carly. Once Jack finds out what really happened, all of the family honeymoons in the world will not get him past what you've done.

Carly: I've come too far to turn back now, Jack and I are so close.

Lily: If you don't tell Jack the truth, the only thing you're close to is a heartache.

Carly: The only heartache Jack and I have is when we're apart. That's what I've been trying to fix. Thatís what I'll be able to fix as long as you don't say anything to anybody.

Lily: Anybody. You mean Holden.

Carly: I hate putting you in this situation.

Lily: It doesn't seem like it's stopping you.

Carly: Soon enough Jack will know, Holden, everybody -- just not yet.

Lily: I guess. What difference does it make, right? Holden already wants a divorce.

Carly: Don't write your marriage off so fast. As soon as Jack and I get married we'll sit down and talk about what to do with you and Holden.

Lily: Right after the wedding.

Carly: I'd really like it if you could be there for me. But I know that Jack's asked Holden to go. Is that going to be hard for you?

Lily: It's been nothing but hard for Holden and me for quite awhile now. Why should your wedding be any different? I'll be there. I'll even throw rice. I'll be singing songs. I just want you to be happy. I want things to work out for you, Carly. I really do.

Holden: Hey, Jack. What are you doing out here?

Jack: The house is wedding central so I've been banished.

Holden: You don't exactly look like a happy bridegroom.

Jack: Sorry.

Holden: That's all right. I know everything that Carly put you through has been tough.

Jack: I love her, I do. We have a great history, three great kids --

Holden: But --

Jack: If she hadn't gone sick, Holden, I never would have left Katie. This marriage would not be happening.

Will: Our dad loved Jack almost as much as he loved us. And you have to know that since he can't be here for you, there isn't anyone in the world he'd rather see be your father than Jack. And Iím sure he'd be proud of you being a Snyder.

Parker: Think so?

Will: You're not forgetting Dad. You're just honoring Jack and I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere Dad was smiling. It's a good move, Man. It's a really good move.

Parker: I've got to go put on a tie.

Will: Yeah, tell me about it.

Parker: Well --

Will: You're welcome. Don't let Sage and J.J. keep me waiting, all right?

Parker: I'll take Sage and put her in the car. If J.J.'s late, he can walk.

Gwen: You did great.

Will: You think so? I felt like I was just kind of winging it.

Gwen: I think parents do that most of the time so you better get used to it. You're going to be a great dad.

Will: I can't wait to take my shot.

Craig: Hi.

Meg: Hi.

Craig: How were they?

Meg: Fine. Fine.

Craig: Were they excited to hear about the baby?

Meg: Of course.

Craig: You didn't spend a whole lot of time catching up, not that I'm keeping track of your time.

Meg: What can I say? Nurses gossip efficiently.

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Mama?

Emma: Finally. You should start returning phone calls, young lady.

Meg: I'm sorry, I've been really busy. What's up?

Emma: I assume you know about the wedding this afternoon.

Meg: Yes.

Emma: So I'm calling to make sure you'll be there.

Meg: Who else is coming?

Emma: Brad, of course. Lily and Holden and Carly will want her sisters there, Gwen and Rosanna. Oh, I guess, I would assume Paul is coming, too. Maybe it's not such a good idea if you come, Sweetheart.

Meg: Mama, I'll be fine. I'll see you at the church.

Craig: What's this I hear about a church?

Meg: Mama wanted to make sure I'd be at Jack and Carly's wedding this afternoon.

Craig: Will wonders never cease?

Meg: I told her I'd be there.

Craig: Of course. Yeah. We can't miss this. What is this, their second, or third bite at the marital apple?

Meg: You're not coming.

Craig: Why not?

Carly: I wish I could get this tied.

J.J.: Maybe you should staple it to her.

Carly: No one is stapling anything to anybody. There! That's you, Mister. Is this the shirt from the hamper or the hanger?

J.J.: Hanger, I swear.

Carly: All right. I'll have to trust you. Hey, Parker, you're running a little bit late, aren't you? Hey, Sage. Why don't you practice walking down the aisle and you, go upstairs and put on a red tie. Hey hey. I want you to want this as much as I want this.

Parker: I do. That's the problem. I want it to last.

Carly: That's what I'm doing. We're going make that happen.

Parker: Mom, you said that before.

Carly: Believe it this time. Believe in me. I can hold out longer than you can. Yeah. Now you go upstairs and make yourself more handsome than you already are. What? A mother can't tell her son how devastatingly handsome he is?

Parker: You're supposed to think that. You're my mom.

Carly: And don't forget it. What are you doing here?

Brad: I can't do it. I can't sit there and watch you marry my brother.

Nelson: Did you at least get some decent alimony?

Katie: Oh, no, it's not about the money.

Nelson: It's always about the money. Any good lawyer would've told you that. That's what my firm specializes in now, medical malpractice. But I know a couple of divorce lawyers, one pit bull of a guy in particular who --

Katie: Thanks, but no thanks. I have no intention of suing Jack.

Nelson: Almost every case we handle is settled out of court. This case I was telling you, about, a doctor in a prominent hospital right here in Oakdale as a matter of fact, told this poor woman she was going to die in a matter of months. I mean it turned out the whole thing was a mistake.

Katie: Really? Does that happen a lot?

Nelson: More often than what you would expect.

Katie: That poor woman. What happened to her?

Nelson: Well, she was, blond hair, very pretty. Nothing on you, of course -- divorced, got three kids. We're talking major jury appeal. So the insurance company's frantic. They foresee a seven-figure verdict on the horizon. So I go in, convince the woman to accept the woman to accept a much, much smaller sum, keep quiet and forget about the whole thing. No one else at the hospital even knows what happened.

Katie: Really?

Nelson: You see what a good attorney can do? And this wasn't even that difficult of a case. The woman was happy to keep everything under wraps. How much you want to bet that ex of hers never hears a word about the new addition to her bank account?

Katie: Oh, my God! This explains everything!

Craig: You're saying you don't want me to come to the wedding with you.

Meg: It's not that.

Craig: That's good because I would say this is taking that personal space of yours just a little too far.

Meg: It's not about what I want, Craig. Jack and Carly want their wedding to be a small family affair.

Craig: I thought husbands were considered family.

Meg: Your history with Carly has been rocky, to say the least, and I don't want you there making snide remarks and pushing people's buttons.

Craig: Come on, I'm all at Carly's weddings. One more and Iíll get a free toaster. I'll behave myself and I won't make comments. So what time do we have to be there?

Meg: Look, it's not going work, Craig. Carly is sick, we need to respect that and not make it harder for her. Besides it's not your usual wedding. Jack is going to be stressed, not to mention Ė the rest of the family.

Craig: All right. Calm down. The doctor said he didn't want you getting stressed.

Meg: Well this is stressing me. You and my family and this wedding, it's causing me great stress.

Craig: Then I won't go.

Jack: Emma, hereís the eggs you wanted.

Emma: Where's Brad?

Jack: I have no idea.

Emma: Your brother is one of the most irresponsible person that Iíve ever -- oh, my Lord. Look at the time. I've got to take a shower. Now listen I have a cake rising in the oven and I don't want a lot of noise over by my stove. Baby, do me a favor and wash off those eggs for me. Thank you, Sweetheart.

Jack: I guess we're having cake?

Holden: I guess so. You know, Jack, I have to tell you I admire you for getting past everything Carly put you through. I just wish that Iíd been able to do that with my wife.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Holden: I'm filing for divorce.

Jack: What? Come on -- Holden! I guess I don't blame you. I know where you're coming from. Carly and I have always had problems in the trust department. I'm sorry.

Holden: Yeah, but you're going through with this wedding anyway.

Jack: Hey, terminal illness tends to put a different spin on things. Things you think you'll fight for for the rest of your life tend to take a backseat when you realize how short life really is. Think about that. I'm going to go get ready.

Carly: Brad, you have to go. If you're not there then everyone will think there's something wrong.

Brad: Trust me, you don't want me there. I can't sit there and watch this train wreck and not say something.

Carly: You don't want to do that. Think about Katie.

Brad: All I've been doing is thinking about Katie. Get the door.

Carly: Hi.

Gwen: Hi. We're not late, are we?

Carly: No. Look at me, I'm not ready. You look stunning.

Will: Are the kids ready?

Carly: Hey, guys they're here to take you to the church.

Brad: Well, I better go and let you get ready. Whatever.

Carly: Obviously, I can't force you to come, but what I can do is remind you that after Jack and I are married Katie -- she's going to need someone to help her handle the pain. Isn't that why you went along with all of this in the first place?

Katie: Oakdale Memorial, please. As fast as you can.

Driver: Are you sick or something? There's a clinic only a few minutes away.

Katie: No, thanks. I'm not sick. In fact, if I find what I'm looking for, I'll be feeling better than I have in a long time.

Katie: Libby! I'm so glad to see you. I actually have a favor to ask you. I need to see a file for a patient.

Libby: You know that's against hospital policy.

Katie: I know, but -- I got on the wrong side of the wife of this executive at WOAK, and I could lose my job.

Libby: No way they'd fire you from my favorite show.

Katie: I hope not, but I want to make sure. So I was thinking of apologizing to her, and her birthday is coming up so I thought I'd send this woman some flowers. I just donít know the exact date. It's just a little date. It's no big deal, right? Come on, please? You would really help me. I could get you a backstage tour of WOAK. What am I thinking? We have a health segment coming up and who better to interview than my favorite nurse at Oakdale Memorial.

Libby: Okay, but you can't tell anyone. I could lose my job. Whose file do you want to see?

Katie: Her name is Carly Tenney.

Jack: Iím gonna head for the church.

Holden: Iím right behind you.

Jack: Look sharp.

[Lily comes in]

Lily: Hi.

Holden: Hi.

Lily: I came over to see if Luke wanted to go to the wedding.

Holden: I already asked him. He said he didn't want to go.

Lily: Oh, okay. I'll just say hi.

Holden: I checked on him. He's fine.

Lily: Okay. Then I won't bother him. I spoke to Faith and Natalie, they're disappointed they're not going to the wedding, but they're having a great time on their class trip.

Holden: I know. I spoke to them.

Lily: Oh. Good. That's good.

Holden: You look really beautiful.

Lily: Thank you.

Holden: Don't you usually wear that dress with a necklace?

Lily: I do. You remembered. I do. I have the necklace. I couldn't put it on by myself. So -- thanks.

Holden: No problem. Your hair --

Lily: What?

Holden: Your hair.

Lily: Oh. Do you remember when you gave me this necklace?

Holden: Of course I remember.

Lily: Me, too. The good, the bad, the wonderful. I remember. Never having to measure my words with you. To be able to tell you anything and everything.

Holden: I never stopped listening.

Lily: I know. I don't know how we got here. It never should have happened. And I'm sorry.

Holden: I am, too. I am, too.

Lily: Crying before the wedding. That's not good. Well, who knows, you know? Maybe things will work out with Jack and Carly this time better than they did for us.

Libby: I'm sorry it took so long. Someone actually misplaced the file.

Katie: No problem. Thank you for doing this for me. This is literally a matter of life and death. Thank you.

Jack: Listen, we should probably get going.

Parker: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Jack: Sure.

Parker: I've been thinking and after the wedding when I'm adopted, I'd like to take your last name, but only if that's okay with you, because if it's not it's no big deal.

Jack: Parker, I'd be honored. Nothing would make me happier than have you share my name.

Parker: Because that way if something happens we'll still be a family.

Jack: That's what today's about. It's not just about Carly and me. It's the fact that we're a family no matter what.

Will: This place doesn't exactly bring back good memories.

Paul: A lot's changed since then. We're not the same people we were.

Will: Yeah, but part of it is what made me who I am because of what I did to Rose, I was going to go to the hospital and everything else and I wanted to kill everybody.

Paul: Is there anything I can do?

Will: Mom said she'll take care of it.

Paul: If Mom said she would take care of it, it wouldn't surprise me when you got home there was a baby waiting for you.

Will: It would be cool to be a dad, right?

Paul: I don't know. It might.

[Meg has Craigís hairbrush and puts his hair in a Ziploc bag]

Meg: What if you are the father?

[Craig comes in the door]

Craig: I have a big pile of mail here for Mrs. Montgomery. I love that name. Is that my hairbrush?

Meg: Yeah, I couldn't find mine. So I borrowed yours. I hope you don't mine.

Craig: No, what's mine is yours, what's yours is outstanding.

Meg: Well, here you go. I should get going. I don't want to be late to the wedding. Bye.

Craig: Bye.

Brad: Welcome home.

Katie: What are you doing here?

Brad: Meeting you. I thought you could use some company today.

Katie: Why aren't you at the wedding?

Brad: I don't like the way the original ended and I don't think the sequel will be any better.

Katie: It's because of me, isn't it?

Brad: I hate the way you got hurt. Katie, there's something --

Katie: Wait a minute because I have to tell you something.

Brad: What?

Katie: The biggest news imaginable. I was just at the hospital and I got a look at Carly's file, don't ask me how.

Brad: I thought you were gonna leave that alone.

Katie: I was and it's a good thing I didn't, because guess what I found out. She's not dying. Sheís been faking it, Brad! She's not dying and she's known it for awhile.

Brad: I don't know what to say.

Katie: I know. It's incredible. That bitch has been using her illness to get Jack to marry her. But he won't if I can help it.

Katie: I knew Carly would stoop to anything to get what she wanted, but this is low even for her. When I think of the hell she put Jack through, put her own kids through --

Brad: You can't know anything for sure.

Katie: Oh, yes, I do. I have proof, Brad. In black and white and x-ray film. Can you imagine keeping a secret like this? You'd have to be completely heartless to do that to people you claim to love.

Brad: I guess you better go find Jack.

Katie: Oh, I will. But first I want to tell you they couldn't go through all this without you.

Brad: There's something I want to tell you, too, okay? No matter how this whole thing turns out you mean a lot to me. Always have and I've really enjoyed being your friend.

Katie: Well, then keep being one and ask the front desk to put my bag upstairs because I have a wedding to stop.

Jack: Where's Carly?

Gwen: Don't worry. She'll be here.

Jack: Thank you both. For all your help. It means a lot to Carly. [Cell phone rings] Carly? Where are you?

Carly: I'm in the limo in the parking lot. Could you please come and see me out here?

Jack: Something wrong?

Carly: I just need to see you.

Lily: Carly did a beautiful job with the church.

Holden: Yeah, she did. I can't help, but think -- you know what? Never mind.

Lily: What were you going to say?

Holden: Next time we hear from Carly it will be a different occasion. Why does life have to be so unfair?

Lily: Holden, Holden --

Holden: What?

Lily: Never mind.

Meg: Hey. Who's in the wrong direction? You or me.

Jack: Go on in, Iíll be in in a minute.

Rosanna: I left my tissues in my other purse. I know I'll be crying my eyes out.

Paul: I'll get you some.

Meg: Hey. I have to tell you something.

Paul: My wife is waiting.

Meg: It won't take long. I just want you to know that I'm having a paternity test done. I'm going to prove that this baby I'm carrying is yours.

Paul: Or not.

[Craig almost comes in the front door of the church but stops when he sees Meg and Paul talking]

Emma: Where have you been? Come on! You have to get dressed. We're late for the wedding already.

Brad: I'm not late. I'm not going.

Emma: What on earth are you talking about?

Brad: Emma, I'm leaving town right away. I'm not going to be here when you get back.

Emma: You are not making any sense.

Brad: You'll gonna understand everything soon enough. Just trust me.

Emma: Well, you may not believe it, but I do trust you. Only about certain things, of course. I trust that you think you have a good reason for not coming to your brother's wedding, and I trust that you know that you are part of this family whether you like it or not. And I also trust you to find your way back here, okay? Take care. You are going to miss some good cake. I'm not saving you any either. Bye-bye!

Jack: Carly! Why are you standing out here? Come on, come in the church.

Carly: Not yet.

Jack: The flowers, I can't believe with everything you're going through you think about all the details.

Carly: You have no idea how much I care.

Jack: What's really going on?

Carly: I need to know if this is what you really want.

[Katie comes running up to the church but stops when she sees Carly and Jack standing by the limo]

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Lily: I see Holden moved on. I saw him with someone.

Craig: Do you want this baby? Do you want it as much as I do?

Katie: It wouldn't matter if I told him the truth. He will stay with her.

Carly: I need to know something. I need to talk to you.

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