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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 11/8/07

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Emily: Watch it. You're going to ruin what's left of my reputation.

Chris: Oh, alert the media.

Emily: Consider me alerted. No, wait. Coffee, okay? First. Or I'm cutting you off.

Chris: Well, in that case, you go grab a table in the lounge. I'll get the paper and we can start looking for a place to live.

Emily: Oh.

Chris: What?

Emily: I can't believe we're actually doing this.

Chris: Come on -- second thoughts?

Emily: No. Not at this very moment.

Chris: Hey, hey, Evan Walsh?

Evan: Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Chris, I thought you were vying for sainthood in Darfur.

Chris: Well, things got dicey. They evacuated the medical station, and I ended up in Paris.

Evan: So what, you're here because you had a craving for freedom fries?

Chris: No, Paris -- Paris is great, Oakdale’s our home.

Evan: Our home? Plural?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is my girlfriend, Emily Stewart.

Bob: Lori, have you seen my son Chris today?

Nurse: No, but I've been running between the floors all morning. I might have missed him.

Bob: I doubt that. [Cell phone ringing] Bob Hughes.

Kim: So how's my handsome husband doing?

Bob: Maybe I made a mistake hiring Chris.

Kim: Oh, why? What happened?

Bob: Well, it's his first day and he hasn't bothered to show up.

Kim: Oh, well -- maybe he's still jetlagged. Come on now, Honey. Give him a chance.

Bob: Why, because his father's chief of staff?

Kim: I doubt that he's expecting special treatment. He's a lot of things, but Honey, I don't think he's a slacker anymore.

Bob: I hold him to the same standards I do everyone else.

Kim: You know, he's inherited your stubborn streak. So, calling him on the carpet at the hospital might be counterproductive. Do it on neutral ground. Like the Lakeview.

Bob: What are you doing running a TV station? They need you at the U.N.

Emily: It's funny, I used to know an Evan Walsh.

Evan: Yeah, that's my dad. He doesn't live here anymore. I'm just here on a work thing.

Chris: Yeah, Evan’s a biochemist. We met at a medical conference a while back. Did some serious time in the hotel bar, huh?

Evan: Oh, God, my head just hurts thinking about it.

Chris: Wait, are you still working on that nano-robotics project?

Evan: Yeah, absolutely. And I just got seed money from Montgomery Enterprises.

Chris: They're in med-tech now?

Evan: I don't know, new CEO or something. Anyway, all I know is they cut me a big check. Now I just need to find a lab, preferably in a hospital. Sort of a one stop shop thing.

Emily: Maybe you two should work together.

Chris: Emily, come on.

Emily: What? What did you say to me in Paris? There's no such thing as coincidences?

Evan: Hey, I think I've used that line myself.

Chris: Hey, that wasn't a line. And Emily's right. I'm running the research department over at Oakdale Memorial starting -- actually, two hours ago. I'm sure the board would jump at the chance to sponsor some real cutting edge work.

Evan: Yeah. Yeah, just give me a chance to make my case to them.

Chris: Yeah, I would, but we have to go through my father first. And knowing him, the fact that I slept in this morning probably already means that I'm on probation. Not the best time to ask him to think outside the box.

Emily: You know what? Give it a shot. He might surprise you.

Carly: Morning.

Jack: It's afternoon. You okay?

Carly: Fantastic. A little bleary-eyed, maybe. I didn't sleep much last night.

Jack: If this wedding stuff is stressing you out --

Carly: It's a good stress.

Jack: Good stress?

Carly: I couldn't sleep because I'm so happy. I thought I'd work on my dress and I lost track of time.

Jack: If you tire yourself out, Carly --

Carly: I don't want to talk about it, Jack. Today, I refuse to be sick.

Jack: Fair enough. Tom hooked me up with a judge who owes him a favor. And he's expediting the marriage license as we speak. So, now the only question is whether you want to get married at city hall or have a J.P. come here and do it. I can round up the kids and we can be married by tonight.

Carly: What's the big rush?

Kim: Uh-uh, Brad.

Brad: So busted.

Kim: I don't care if you eat the whole thing, but you might have to duke it out with the crew.

Brad: Well, not without Katie here to defend me.

Kim: That was a really great show you just did. You're getting to be quite the star.

Brad: Thank you. You know, she taught me everything I know.

Kim: That's interesting. Not too long ago, you would have taken that as an invitation to negotiate your own spin-off.

Brad: No way. We're a team. She makes me better.

Kim: Are we still talking about work?

Brad: Yeah, of course. I mean, what else?

Jack: What's the rush? I don't know how to answer that, because you don't want to talk about what's happening to you.

Carly: Indulge me. Let me be a bride.

Jack: I thought that's what I was doing.

Carly: Well, I want it to be more than just our signatures on a piece of paper, Jack. I want our wedding to be very special. It's very important to me. It's important to the kids.

Jack: Carly, I'm a part of this, too. My priority is making sure you stay as healthy as possible. Someone's got to look out for you.

Carly: I thought the deal was you weren't doing this out of pity.

Jack: No, this is what I want. I wouldn't be doing this otherwise. But we can't pretend -- nothing.

Carly: You can say it. What? We can't pretend what?

Jack: It's not like before. When we thought we had forever.

Carly: This is forever as far as I'm concerned.

Jack: You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. It's not what I meant. What I meant to say was let's not waste the time that we have.

Carly: I don't want to waste a single moment. That's why I want to do this right.

Jack: Agreed. Okay, so, I am going to go get the marriage license. And while I do that, you finish your dress and decide where you want to get married, because it's just you, me and the kids. So once we figure that out, then we're good to go.

Carly: Jack!

Jack: Yeah?

Carly: You're going to need this.

Jack: Oh, thank you.

Brad: Hey.

Jack: Hey, Bro. Keep an eye on her for me. Thanks.

Brad: Is there hazard pay involved?

Carly: Mmm, mmm, mmm. What do you want, Brad?

Brad: I just came by to see if you're still dying. But if that peck my brother just gave you is any indication, he still has you filed under dead and buried. Saving yourself for your wedding night?

Carly: At least I'm getting what I want.

Brad: Yeah. A wedding under totally false pretenses. Every woman's dream.

Carly: You have no idea what it's like to love someone the way Jack and I love each other.

Brad: Lucky me.

Carly: You know what? I'm not going to let you get to me. I won. And you know something? Jack has won as well. I am marrying my soul mate.

Brad: Because he thinks you're terminal. That's not love, Carly. It's -- its intensive care. A strictly limited engagement.

Carly: Why are you so mean today?

Brad: Get real! Okay, let's just -- let's just say you managed to pull this off. You and Jack tie the knot. He's already sleeping on the couch. You're going to tell me that you can be satisfied with that?

Carly: It's temporary.

Brad: I'll say.

Carly: He wouldn't be doing this if he didn't want to be my husband again. Because -- there is no one else for us but each other.

Brad: I'm not saying he doesn't love you. Because I think he does. But he can't live with lies. And here you are manipulating him back into your bed again.

Carly: I'm not lying.

Brad: Oh, okay. Well, then, yeah, I guess you must have the tumor after all? Yay!

Carly: But I was dying. That was real. And all the unnecessary things fell away. And all that mattered was getting my family back.

Brad: Then drop operation deathbed. Now. Because when Jack finds out that you let him and those kids think you were dying one second longer than they had to, he's going to leave. And this time it's going to be permanent.

Emma: Hey.

Jack: Smells good.

Emma: Well, it's the last of the garden for this year, I'm afraid. Would you like a little taste?

Jack: I just came by to get some documents. Those annulment papers.

Emma: Have you spoken to Katie?

Jack: No, she doesn't want to talk to me. I don't blame her. Carly and I -- are getting married.

Emma: Hmm. You and Carly, huh?

Jack: It's going to be simple. Just her and me and the kids. And we're going to do it as soon as possible. Before -- you know.

Emma: Oh, Jack. Jack, you got to take it a little easy here.

Jack: Hey, you know, I'm trying not to think about it. Because the kids, they need their dad right now. And that's the only way they're going to get through this.

Emma: Well -- I don't know what to say. Congratulations seems to not be appropriate at the moment.

Jack: It's really -- it's really hard. And sometimes it just doesn't seem right.

Emma: Jack, why? Why Jack? Why are you doing it?

Chris: Don't say it, Dad.

Bob: When we're here, I'm your boss, not your father.

Chris: Well, Dr. Hughes, I realize I wasn't here at the crack of dawn, but I don't need to be on hospital premises to write grant proposals and crunch numbers. Okay. Seriously you want me to punch a clock like the rest of the support staff?

Bob: That's not the point. You have a job to do.

Chris: I know, but frankly, Dad, I could run that lab in my sleep.

Bob: Apparently.

Chris: Hey, it's decent work, but it's just not the kind of work that's going to build a reputation for your hospital. But I know how to change that, if you'll hear me out.

Kim: I'm so glad almost everybody could make it on such short notice.

Nancy: It's time we had a big family get-together. You beautiful man. Come and give me a kiss.

Tom: Oh, you're embarrassing me. You look better every time I see you, Gram. Somebody should learn to bottle your secret. Oh, before you say anything, Margo sends her love.

Nancy: Where is she?

Tom: She said the next time we plan a family lunch, it should probably be on Oakdale most wanted list's day off.

Kim: Holy smokes. Point well-taken. You know, Chris just got back, and I thought seeing us all together would make him feel like he's really home.

Nancy: Don't worry. We'll show him our love.

Bob: Now, does Evan Walsh’s project -- would that make the difference in a patient's life, say, somewhere in the next five years?

Chris: I don't know. But we should at least talk to him. It's exciting, right?

Bob: Chris, the answer is no. You work on the project that you already started and leave the science fiction to somebody else.

Chris: So that's it? End of discussion?

Bob: Your mother has arranged a family lunch at the Lakeview. I trust you're not too busy to join us.

Jack: The kids are losing their mom. The way the family's been torn up the last few years, and all the changes along the way.

Emma: So, you want them to feel like they have a safe place to be?

Jack: Yeah. Yes, exactly.

Emma: Oh, Jack. Sweetheart, you're that safe place. Your kids know that. You're not going to let them fall. But that's not the only reason you're doing this, is it? This is for Carly.

Jack: She's trying to be so tough. No fear, you know, that's a way of life for her, but I can see how scared she is, Emma. She doesn't want to show it. I can see how alone she's feeling right now.

Emma: Jack, you are not superman. No, you're not. And this is one situation that even you can't fix.

Jack: Believe me, I know that. Because I didn't want to break Katie’s heart. I still love her the same way I did as the day I married her. If Carly hadn't gotten sick, I'd be trying to make her happy right now. Katie's right, you know? I love Carly too.

Emma: Well, that's understandable. After all that you've been through together. But listen to me -- there's love and there's love. Does Carly feel the same way for you as you feel about her?

Jack: I honestly don't know.

Emma: Oh, Jack, this is going to be very hard on you.

Jack: Okay, listen, this is Carly's dying wish. To have her family back the way it used to be. Or at least, as close as it can be. Okay? So, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't at least try to make that happen.

Carly: Why don't you get off my case? Start thinking about Katie. Concentrate on making this work for you.

Brad: You make it seem like its some business opportunity, Carly. Katie is not some deal that I want to close.

Carly: I'm just asking you to look on the bright side here. I'm getting my family back. Jack's smiling again. A couple of months ago, he couldn't even look at me! Now he wants to be with me all the time.

Brad: In case you need CPR.

Carly: When we were in Montana, things were exactly like they used to be. And by the time this wedding is over, it really will be until death do us part.

Emily: Oh, hey, there you are. I was just about to call you.

Evan: So, we in business?

Chris: My dad didn't want to hear it. But I'll wear him down. It just take -- might take longer than I expected.

Evan: Yeah, don't worry about it, Man. I'll find another lab. Not a problem.

Chris: Do me a favor and don't do anything yet.

Evan: Yeah, well, I've got to give Craig Montgomery some good news or he'll stop the check.

Chris: Just give me an option before you join forces with another company.

Evan: Okay, will do.

Chris: All right. Thanks. Who am I kidding? My dad will never sign off on this. Maybe if it were someone else's idea, he'd at least listen.

Emily: You know what? Let him sleep on it. Maybe he'll change his mind.

Chris: You're so beautiful, you make me think that's almost possible.

Emily: Why don't you take me back to the hotel and you can tell me that again?

Chris: We can’t. We can’t. It's a family lunch, but we don't have to go as long as we avoid the Lakeview.

Emily: No! No, you can't blow this off if you want your father's support. Besides, it'll give you a chance to talk about the project. Who knows, maybe your dad will start liking the idea.

Chris: I don't think you get how much he hated it.

Emily: What's up with you? Come on! The Chris Hughes I know does not give up this easily.

Bob: He's got guts, I'll give him that. He shows up late, presents me with a hare-brained research project that he wants to run in the lab. Wants me to sign the dotted line without any questions.

Nancy: That runs in the family.

Bob: I think he could learn a little humility.

Nancy: That too runs in the family.

Tom: Welcome home, Chris.

Chris: Good to see you, Tom. Where's your wife?

Tom: Ah, she's keeping the world safe for humanity. What are you doing here with Emily?

Chris: Mom didn't tell you?

Kim: Uh, um --

Nancy: Give your grandmother a great, big hug.

Chris: Hey Gram.

Emily: Hi, Tom. How are you doing?

Tom: Good.

Kim: I'm so sorry, Honey, we need another chair.

Tom: No, I'll -- I'll get that.

Kim: Emily, I just -- I just didn't realize you were coming. It's okay.

Chris: It's a family lunch. I assumed that included the woman I'm going to be living with.

Tom: So, you two are living together?

Brad: What about Katie? She's going to come home eventually. Every time Jack sees her --

Carly: It's too late. Katie gave up without a fight.

Brad: You know what it's called? It's called dignity.

Carly: She had Jack and she let him go. And don't try to make me think it's because she was taking the high road. She folded.

Brad: Don't do this. Okay? Don't do this. Come clean with Jack. While there's still a chance he can forgive you.

Carly: I will come clean. In my own time. In my own way. In the mean time, you should be thinking of a way to help Katie pick up those pieces.

[Phone ringing]

Emma: Hello?

Carly: Emma, hi, it's Carly.

Emma: Oh, Carly. Hi. How you feeling?

Carly: Great. Wonderful.

Emma: That's good. I want you to know that you're always in my prayers.

Carly: Oh, thank you.

Emma: You missed Jack. He left a while ago.

Carly: No, actually, I wanted to talk to you. I was hoping that you could help me with the wedding.

Emma: Oh, from what Jack said, I didn't think there was much to do.

Carly: Well, Jack is a man. And doesn't know much about weddings. He thought we could be married by later today. So, I made an executive decision, and it's going to be tomorrow. So I wanted to let you know, and I'm hoping that you could call Meg, as well?

Emma: Well, I thought it was just going to be you and Jack and the kids.

Carly: Well -- no, I want as much family there as possible. You know? And that certainly includes you. And I was really hoping to have some wildflowers. Do you think you could go out and pick some and send them over? I would do it myself, but there's so much to do, I've got the dress, and the phone calls and -- I just -- I really want everything to be perfect, Emma. Thank you so much for doing this. It means the world to me.

Jack: Hey, what's going on?

Carly: Hi. You need to go to the church right away. They can handle a wedding tomorrow, but the minister needs to talk to one of us. And I thought maybe on the way you could stop by Dino's and order pizza for the reception.

Jack: Pizza?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, why not? I think it's a great idea. And then maybe we should call Aaron. He can bring beer and soda over to the reception too. Or maybe, you know what, maybe Lily and Holden could do that on their way to the ceremony, right?

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a second! Whoa, whoa! What the hell is going on? Some people go to extremes to protect themselves.

Carly: I'm planning our wedding. Most people takes months to do that.

Jack: I thought we decided that we were going to keep it small. Just family. Not make a big production out of it.

Carly: Well, I want it to be special, Jack.

Jack: Carly, you're getting yourself all worked up. You can't afford to push yourself like this.

Carly: Don't worry about it.

Jack: It's reckless.

Carly: The last thing I feel today is sick.

Jack: Well, a couple of weeks ago you were having seizures and blacking out. I can't forget that.

Carly: Neither can I. And that's why I know that every minute we have together now is a gift. And I want to do this right. Please -- please, can we do this right?

Emma: Hey.

Brad: Hey. What's this about?

Emma: Well, Carly called. She wanted me to get some flowers for tomorrow.

Brad: I thought Jack wanted it under the radar. For Katie’s sake, if nothing else.

Emma: Carly Tenney never did anything under the radar.

Brad: He could never say no to her.

Emma: Not true, Brad.

Brad: I'm just glad that Katie’s out of town. So Carly can't rub her nose in the situation.

Emma: I think the only thing on Carly's mind right now is Jack.

Brad: He doesn't want a big wedding, Aunt Emma! If she would just shut up once in her life and listen to him, maybe -- maybe they would have a shot.

Emma: Oh, come on now, Brad! Give her a break!

Brad: Fine. Whatever. I don't want any part of it.

Emma: I understand why this is so hard on Jack, but why in the world is it so hard on you?

Kim: I am surprised that you and Emily are thinking about making this permanent.

Chris: Did you expect me to move in with you and Dad?

Kim: No. I just said I'm surprised.

Tom: Have you talked to Daniel about this?

Emily: Of course I have. Daniel loves his Uncle Chris. And he's going to be relieved to see me happy for a change.

Chris: Hey, hey, everyone lighten up. All right? I'm happy to be home. If you don't stop giving me the third degree, I'm going to make a call, I'll be on the next plane to Africa.

Nancy: Oh, no, heaven forbid. We've just gotten you back.

Chris: What do you say, Dad? Can we call a truce?

Bob: If you're referring to our disagreement about the research, look, I'm trying to protect you from making a big mistake.

Chris: What makes you think I need protection?

Brad: I feel for Jack. He lives to do the right thing, which is impossible, thanks to Carly. No matter what he does, it's going to be wrong. Katie's life is destroyed. And they're both being royally jerked around. She fell in love with Dudley Do-right and -- I don't know. I'm ticked off!

Emma: Well, Carly's the one who's being jerked around. She's not going to live. Quite frankly, I'm a little angry with the powers to be about that.

Brad: Well, let's change the subject before you get struck down by lightning. What can I do to help?

Emma: What? Excuse me I'm --

Brad: I'm offering to help. Don't read into it.

Emma: Well in that case --

Brad: You're going to take me up on it?

Emma: Yes, I am. Listen, you can take these to the truck. And bring them over to the church. They're expecting us. You know, you're right about one thing. This is not going to be a happy occasion.

Jack: Look, wait, wait -- I don't need to make it a big show for people.

Carly: Are you ashamed of what we're doing?

Jack: No, of course not, Carly! But I don't want to be thinking about anything besides you and the kids. Okay? This isn't about one day for me. It's about spending as much time together as we can.

Carly: Don't worry about me.

Jack: How is that possible?

Carly: You have such a beautiful, strong heart. You make me want to live forever.

Jack: Can you do that, please?

Carly: None of us can do that. But for one day, can't we pretend? So you'll talk to the minister?

Jack: And get the pizzas. And do whatever else you want.

Carly: Thank you.

J.J.: Hey, Mom.

Carly: Hi.

Sage: Where'd Dad go?

Carly: Oh, he's just -- has to do some errands before the wedding tomorrow.

Sage: It's tomorrow?

Carly: Yes, Ma'am.

J.J.: Cool.

Sage: Did you hear that, Parker?

Parker: Loud and clear.

Sage: I can't wait!

Carly: Me neither, but I need some help. Can you guys go to the attic, and get a lot of family photos? Make a collage for the front of the church. Can you do that?

J.J.: Yeah, no problem. Come on, Sage. Hey, Parker? You coming?

Carly: Yeah, you two get started. Parker will be up in a minute. What's the matter?

Parker: Nothing.

Carly: When you say it like that, it's obviously something. What's up?

Parker: I'm not sure I want to go to the wedding.

Carly: We can't get married without you. This isn't just about me and Jack. This is about putting our family back together.

Parker: Yeah, but for how long?

Carly: Well, forever, if I have anything to say about it.

Parker: There's no such thing, Mom.

Carly: You still believe I'm going to be okay, don't you?

Parker: But that doesn't mean that you guys are going to stay together. No matter how much you want it, you always --

Carly: I always do something stupid, right?

Parker: And then it all blows up again. And I can't deal with it anymore.

Carly: What if I promise that I'm not going to blow it this time? This time our family is going to stay together forever. Can you trust me?

Parker: I wish I could.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: Hey, Jack. Is everything okay?

Jack: Fine, but the minister needs to see both of us before he'll agree to do the ceremony.

Carly: Okay. I'll be right there.

Chris: What's it going to take for you to respect me, Dad?

Tom: Chris, take it down a notch.

Chris: No, no, no. He's been condescending to me since the minute I started at Memorial. I'm not a resident anymore. I ran my own hospital in Darfur.

Nancy: Your father knows that, Dear.

Chris: He knows the facts, but he wasn't there. Some of the things I saw were unspeakable. We didn't always have the meds we needed. Or the staff. Hell, there were times we didn't have water or electricity. I made life and death decisions every single day.

Kim: And we are very proud of you for that, Chris.

Chris: But as soon as I come within the city limits, I'm no longer capable of making my own decisions?

Bob: Oakdale is not Darfur.

Chris: Oh, well, we agree on something.

Emily: You know what? Chris is right. You're not giving him enough credit.

Bob: It took a great deal of courage for you to pick up your life and move yourself into the middle of a civil war. I find that selfless, and I admire you for that. But that kind of experience doesn't necessarily translate to here.

Chris: Running a research lab? Do you think that's hard for me?

Bob: I'm not talking about the work. As the head of a department, any decision you make reflects on the whole hospital. I'm responsible for the livelihoods of hundreds of people, and I can't afford to let you put that at risk.

Chris: Did it ever occur to you I could be an asset, rather than a liability? I'm wasting my breath.

Emily: I'm sorry. Excuse me. Would you stop?

Chris: Nothing I do is good enough.

Emily: My mother is the exact same way. You know that. But I love her, and I want her in my life, so you're going to have to find a way to deal with it.

Chris: Yeah, but everything I do upsets him.

Emily: Honey, just live your life the way you want to. And he will catch on eventually. He loves you, okay? We all know that. Everybody knows that.

Chris: Thank you. I don't know how I'm going to do it --

Emily: You are going to go in there and have lunch with your family, okay? It's okay I got your back.

Chris: Right back at you.

Minister: I understand the special circumstance that brings you here. And while I feel deeply for you, Carly, and I find Jack's commitment laudable, I must ask if you're certain this is the right thing for the two of you.

Jack: I explained to him about the children.

Carly: Well, this is about bringing our family back together in the eyes of God. How could you object to that?

Minister: Not too long ago, Jack was married to another woman. And as the ceremony states, marriage is not to be entered into lightly.

Carly: Jack doesn't do anything lightly. Whatever he does, he does with his whole heart. Always.

Minister: I'd feel more comfortable if you would take a little time to reflect before marrying again so soon.

Jack: Time is the one thing we don't have.

Kim: Look, we all know what Chris is like. If he's not challenged by his work here, he's not going to want to stay. And maybe this is selfish of me, considering all the good he could do out of the country, but he's so excited about this. And I'd like to have him around for a little while. Isn't there any way you could find some kind of a compromise?

Bob: You mean give in.

Kim: No! Not at all. But he is excited about the project. Maybe -- can't you at least look at it, or give it some kind of a trial look. I mean, he might settle down. And who knows? It could be the best thing for everybody.

Bob: I cannot allow my personal feelings to affect what happens at the hospital. That's unethical.

Tom: Only if Chris's project is bogus.

Chris: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin lunch.

Nancy: You didn't. This is what families do.

Chris: Dad?

Bob: Son, have a seat.

Emily: Excuse me.

Bob: Chris, I didn't mean to start a fight with you.

Chris: Me neither.

Bob: But I can't grant you special favors.

Chris: Oh, come on Dad --

Emily: Let him finish.

Bob: Everybody is going to be looking at us. I gave you this job because I think you're the best man for it. But you've got to prove that.

Chris: You have to let me. Evan Walsh is legit. All right? And you don't have to take my word for it, you can talk to him yourself. We could be talking about millions in grant money.

Bob: Son, I'm sorry. The answer is still no.

Jack: I got married to Katie because I loved her. Just because we got our marriage annulled doesn't mean that my feelings for her went away. But with Carly's illness -- it kind of changed everything. I know that I hurt Katie badly, and I will always regret it, but marrying Carly right now is absolutely the right thing to do. I love her. I always have. We have a family together, and that means more to me than anything else in this world. And the thought of her leaving us is unbearable. This is just the one thing I can think of to help us all through this.

Minister: Jack is clearly prepared to do a lot for you.

Carly: Yes. Yes, I know he will do anything for me. I don't take that for granted.

Minister: I can see that. Now, what are you prepared to do for him?

Emily: What are you looking at?

Chris: When I was in Africa, I missed a lot of the conveniences of home. But I forgot how backward people can be here.

Emily: He's just being cautious.

Chris: No, he's living in a time warp. And the funny thing is, is we got along better when we were on opposite sides of the world.

Emily: Well you weren't -- you weren't seriously thinking about going back? Were you?

Chris: When I said it, I was. Want to go to Africa? I mean, there's a hell of a lot to write about there.

Emily: I'm not going to watch you run away.

Chris: Was I even making myself clear? Like Evan's project can change the way we treat. We could save lives.

Emily: No, no, Bob's just -- give him time to get used to the idea, okay? Talk to your mom. She can work him.

Chris: She's a master.

Emily: Yeah. Your mother is the master of a lot of things. President of my fan club, she is not.

Chris: Hey -- that's not your fault. That goes back to your mom and my dad.

Emily: Yeah, talk about a time warp.

Chris: I'm sorry, Em. You deserve better.

Emily: It's okay. I can handle it. I actually like my life right now. I'm not going to let anything get to me.

Chris: Well, I think you're incredible.

Emily: I think you're incredible. What else could we want, right?

Chris: What I did in Africa made a real difference. I'm going to find a way to make that happen here. With or without my dad's help.

Tom: Okay. I got Gram in a cab. I would love to stay for the post-game wrap-up, but I really got to get to the office.

Kim: Oh, Darling, thank you so much for coming.

Tom: You're welcome. And the next time Emily's going to show up with her hooks in a family member, can someone tell me in advance?

Kim: Oh, Honey, I'm sorry. But believe me, I was as surprised as you were.

Bob: Well, I guess I spoiled everybody's lunch.

Tom: No, no you didn’t. But you know what, Dad? I don't like to see you this stressed out. It's a road that you shouldn't go down if you don't have to.

Bob: My heart is fine.

Tom: Okay.

Kim: You know something? Tom is right. I mean, with Chris back here now, maybe he could take part of your work load.

Bob: Why don't we make him chief of staff?

Kim: Oh, you know what? You are impossible!

Tom: Dad, you do not have to do everything alone. You know, I wish I'd cut back before I wound up in the hospital.

Bob: As far as I'm concerned, the only cutting back has got to be in Chris' attitude.

Carly: All I can do for Jack is try to be the best mother, the best wife I can be.

Minister: I have no doubt. But the coming months are going to be hard on all of you. And even though you'll be the one who's suffering, you're going to have to guide the others through it. Help them make their peace with you and with fate or God.

Carly: With all due respect, Reverend -- do we have to dwell on that? I really don't want a black cloud over our heads tomorrow, you know?

Minister: There won't be. But here, now, I want you to be honest with yourselves about your reasons for making this commitment. I hear clearly how much you need each other. Jack will take care of your children, I have no doubt of that. But someone needs to care for him. Do you, Carly, have the strength to help Jack face the end, even as you're facing it yourself?

Carly: I don't see it as an end. I see it as a new beginning for all of us. Every minute with my family gives me strength. I'm not giving up without a fight.

Jack: So what do you say? Will you marry us?

Minister: It would be my pleasure.

Carly: Thank you.

[Cell phone beeping]

Brad: Katie -- bunny and I hate the Bahamas. Will be home on the next available flight.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Fellows: They decided to move on that paternity test.

Rosanna: Well, let me know when you get the details.

Meg: I'm going to prove that this baby I'm carrying is yours.

Katie: She's not dying. She's been faking it! And she's known for a long time.

Jack: Come on. Let's do this. Let's get married!

Katie: I have a wedding to stop.

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