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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/29/07

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Gwen: Wait. Please, look -- you're not going to let us adopt a child because Will was sick once in his life?

Ann: He was institutionalized.

Will: Gwen, just let her leave.

Gwen: No, he was sick and he was treated. Just like if he had appendicitis or pneumonia.

Ann: Was this some sort of breakdown? Was it a one-time thing?

Will: I was in the hospital for more than two years.

Gwen: He was just a little kid.

Will: A kid who caused someone's death. But, yeah, it was a one-time thing.

Ann: I'm sorry. My agency has a responsibility to the children we place. With your husband's history, it's --

Gwen: Well, there's gotta -- there's gotta be some way.

Will: Gwen, how many times are you going to make her say no to us?

Gwen: Well, we'll just have to go with another agency then.

Ann: I don't know of any adoption agency that would hand over a child under these circumstances.

Gwen: Wait. Please -- just don't leave. Not yet.

Aaron: She didn't leave any kind of forwarding address? What about her last paycheck? Where are you sending that?

Manager: Listen, the girl and her crazy boyfriend were trouble. I'm glad she's out of here. Make sure you cover those tables.

Iris: So what's a gal got to do to get a drink around here?

Aaron: Whiskey? It's on me.

Carly: Something tells me you weren't expecting a marriage proposal today. I know that the idea seems a little out there.

Jack: More than a little.

Carly: But think about Montana. The idea of us going there, that seemed pretty wild, too, right? And look what happened. I got stronger and it reminded us of what really matters. I think maybe a wedding could do that, too.

Jack: Maybe.

Brad: What's that?

Katie: Wedding pictures. Jack and me.

Brad: Hey! What are you doing?

Katie: Giving the album an annulment, too. No marriage. No wedding pictures.

Brad: You can't trash this.

Katie: Why not? Jack trashed our marriage. If it works for him, it works for me.

Carly: We should have the ceremony right away.

Jack: Maybe tonight.

Carly: Well, I don't think we can do it tonight. I think Rosannaís beating us to that. But there's always tomorrow.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: You were kidding.

Jack: I thought you were --

Carly: I just thought, you know, you're not with Katie anymore. And you admitted that you still have feelings for me. And we have these children. And why not?

Jack: Carly -- what? I can't believe you'd ask me that. Do I have to pick up J.J. before I head out to the party?

Carly: No, no. He's getting a ride with Jasonís mom. You're mad at me.

Jack: Well -- I am. I am a little bit. And I don't want to be, Carly. Because I have to leave right now, and God forbid anything happen to you before I get back --

Carly: Nothing's going to happen to me. I'm fine. You can stay mad at me for the rest of the day if that's what you want to do.

Jack: Thanks. Well --

Carly: Don't check on the kids just yet. Sage wanted to add something to her costume and she wants it to be a surprise.

Jack: Okay, listen, I understand why you might think that getting married again could give the kids a sense of stability before -- before you leave us. I want them too have that, too.

Carly: You just don't want to be married to me.

Jack: Carly, the ink on my annulment papers hasn't even dried yet. And I can't act like my marriage didn't happen. And I can't act like I didn't love her. I did. I still do.

Katie: I really thought Jack loved me.

Brad: You thought right. My brother, he's an honest man. He wouldn't through around the "l" word if he didn't mean it. And he sure wouldn't marry someone he didn't love.

Katie: Then why didn't he fight for me? What?

Brad: Guilt.

Katie: What's wrong?

Brad: Oh, I hate guilt. I just hate this guilt.

Katie: What do you feel guilty about? For once, you're not the Snyder guy making me miserable. You're the one who's helping me through this. Jack did this, not you. What do you have to feel guilty about?

Brad: Maybe -- maybe that's why he didn't fight the annulment. Because he was feeling guilty and that he didn't think he had the right to try and stop you when you wanted out.

Katie: I didn't want out. And I told him that.

Brad: When?

Katie: When he was signing the papers, I gave him a chance to choose me. And he -- he didn't do it. It's like when he was singing those papers, he was betraying me all over again.

Jack: It's not that what happened between us wasn't important.

Carly: More important to me, I guess.

Jack: Carly, in a way, I feel more committed to you than I ever did. And I meant what I said to you and the kids. I'm not going anywhere. Not anytime soon. But the thought of getting married --

Carly: You know what? You can just stop trying to make me feel better. Because I was just thinking about the kids. Really. I don't want to pressure you into anything, okay?

Jack: Okay. Oh, Man!

Carly: What?

Jack: Rosanna's wedding -- I don't remember if I packed a suit. Where's my suitcase?

Carly: I put it in the bedroom.

Jack: Parker and J.J.'s?

Carly: No. I put it in my bedroom.

Ann: I'm sorry, there is nothing to discuss here. Anyone with your husband's background is automatically disqualified.

Gwen: And I get that. But before you leave, I think you should understand that he is one of the finest people you will ever meet. He is so gentle and so smart and so kind --

Will: Gwen.

Gwen: No, the entire system is whacked. The fact that she gets to stand there and with the stroke of her pen, deny some child, some child who has nothing and no one, the opportunity to be raised by two people who would love him so much! And what's wrong with you?

Ann: I'm sorry.

Will: Would you just let yourself out?

Iris: Well, you're being real friendly all of a sudden. You paying for this one, also?

Aaron: If you give me what I want.

Iris: Oh. That might be fun for the both of us, ya know?

Aaron: Mm. I've been trying to reach Sofie. And I thought maybe, since, you know, your son got her pregnant, that maybe you might know where she went.

Iris: Oh, you're wasting your booze, Gorgeous. 'Cause I have no idea where little Miss Sofie went. But I do know that she's gone far, far away from my son.

Aaron: Yeah?

Iris: Yeah. And I made extra sure of that.

Aaron: Well, tell me about it. Tell me what you did to Sofie.

Gwen: What I don't understand is how my mom can give birth to not one, but two kids she never even wanted, when I can't even --

Will: You're not the reason we couldn't adopt. I am.

Barbara: What do you mean you can't adopt?

Will: They think I'm not viable.

Barbara: That's ridiculous.

Gwen: No. What's ridiculous is how surprised you are.

Carly: I thought that you'd be more comfortable in our bed. It's not like we haven't been together --

Jack: Carly, what happened in Montana, that can't happen again.

Carly: So what? You don't think that we should make love? Ever again?

Jack: Carly -- it's not like we can wave a magic wand and go back to a time where my one truth was that I loved you and only you.

Sage: I knew it! You are getting married, just like I wanted you to! So do I get to be a flower girl again? Like when you married Katie?

Jack: Honey -- your mom and I aren't going to get married. Where would you get that idea?

Sage: You just told Mommy you love her and only her.

Parker: It's not going to happen, Sage. Okay? So, just drop it already!

Katie: I'm such a hypocrite.

Brad: That's my line.

Katie: Why? Because you have better things to do than sit around comforting a crying woman?

Brad: I wish you didn't have anything to cry about. Katie, there is something I need to tell you.

Katie: No, don't! Don't even -- before you try to say something to make me feel better, don't bother because I deserve this.

Brad: You deserved to be lied to and cheated on?

Katie: Yeah, why not? I did the exact same thing. When I was married to Mike and my ex-husband came home, I did the exact same thing.

Brad: I doubt that.

Katie: Oh, okay. Well maybe it was a little different because Simon wasn't dying. But I deserve this. This is like my karmic payback -- ah! And I'm doing it again. I'm making it all about me, when Carly's the one who's really suffering here.

Brad: Would you stop talking about poor, pitiful Carly? She's not the one getting shafted here. You are!

Jack: Parker, could you wait in the car?

Parker: I was just trying to be honest with her for once.

Carly: You look beautiful. You make a really lovely princess.

Sage: I'd rather be a flower girl.

Carly: Oh, Sage --

Jack: Carly, can I have a minute alone with her? Please?

Carly: Okay. Yeah, I'll get her flashlight.

Jack: Thanks. Sage, Sweetie -- even though your mom and I aren't getting married, like I said before, we're still a family.

Sage: I know. But --

Jack: Sage? Why do you want your mommy and me to get married again?

Sage: Because then maybe she won't be sick anymore.

Katie: Carly's dying, Brad. She's not going to get to see her kids grow up. However bad my life is right now, that is worse.

Brad: Yeah. Yeah, maybe. I guess. But she is not the only one that gets to feel bad here. Your marriage is over because of her. I mean, you cry yourself to sleep every night since the wedding because of her.

Katie: Jack had a lot to do with that, too.

Brad: I'm really sorry about that.

Katie: You are the most amazing guy.

Brad: No, I'm not. Don't -- don't start. Just don't start. Don't start being nice --

Katie: What?

Brad: -- And thankful and smiley. It's just -- it's not -- it's wrong.

Katie: But you've helped me so much over the past few weeks.

Brad: Yeah, but that can all change on a dime. You'll see. You'll hate me -- again. Maybe even worse than before.

Katie: Well, I'm sure you're right. But until then -- I don't know what I'll ever do to thank you.

Brad: I gotta go. I gotta go.

Katie: You okay?

Brad: Yeah. No, there's something I've been meaning to do for a while, trying to do. And I'm doing it right now. I'm gonna do it.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: Just so you know -- it's been really nice -- you liking me.

Kim: Hello. You and Brad hugging? A sight I thought I'd never see in my lifetime.

Katie: Yeah, I think it kind of freaked him out, too.

Kim: But not you.

Katie: Brad's helped me a lot.

Kim: Well, good. That's really admirable. But from now on, you may want to help yourself.

Gwen: When you sent that woman here, you made it seem like it was going to be easy. That it was a done deal. You know what she did? She came into our home. She made Will feel like a freak.

Will: We just didn't see it coming. And when she said no agency would approve us --

Barbara: That's unforgivable. I'll call her. I'll talk to her.

Gwen: Yeah, she's not the problem. You are.

Barbara: I don't understand, Gwen.

Gwen: You should have checked it out more. You should have asked more questions. Do you have any idea how much it hurts? Huh?

Barbara: Gwen, I'm sorry. You were a little boy -- you were a little boy when this happened. They shouldn't be holding you responsible for this because it was my fault. Not yours. I'm going to call Ann -- I will fix this, Will --

Will: Mom, you can't fix this and you can't change the past.

Barbara: I'm sorry. Gwen was right. I should have asked more questions. I'm sorry.

Will: Just go. And get ready for Paul's wedding.

Barbara: I thought we were going together?

Will: I don't know if Gwen's going to want -- Mom, we might not be going at all.

Iris: I didn't do anything. I just had a little chat with her -- you see, I told her that I could see right through her little miss innocent act. And I wasn't going to let her trap my son into paying for a baby that -- well, don't even know his is, you know?

Aaron: Sofie wouldn't lie about who the baby's father was.

Iris: Yeah, I guess she wouldn't lie about having an abortion after she took the money that I loaned to Cole to get the deed done. So, you know what? She stole from me. That's what she did. She stole from me.

Aaron: So, you scared her away. Now she has no money, she has no place to live.

Iris: No, no, no, I gave her some money. See, she didn't -- she acted like she didn't want to take it at first. She took it. I know her type. Hey, watch where you're walking!

Barbara: Oh, I'm watching you, Iris. Keep away from my family.

Jack: Why do you think your mommy isn't going to get well?

Sage: I hear things sometimes. But she's been feeling better. And sometimes miracles happen. Like you coming back to be with us. And if you get married, we'll all be happy forever and ever.

Brad: Don't do it, Bro. That would be about the worst thing that you could do.

Katie: Brad's been really sweet to me.

Kim: Why do you think that is?

Katie: Well, I think he feels bad about everything that's going on between Jack and me.

Kim: Honey, even though I seldom comment on what goes on here at the studio, I'm hardly oblivious. I am aware of all the stunts that Brad has pulled to try to separate you and Jack. And from what I hear, they run the gamut from silly to downright painful. True?

Katie: True.

Kim: And here you are, all vulnerable and alone. And you and Jack are on the outs. And you're his very popular partner on the show. And isn't that a lot of great reasons for him to pursue you? But what happens when he gets you?

Katie: You think he'll use me, and then dump me.

Kim: No. I think you'll use him and dump him.

Sage: That was a mean thing to say.

Jack: No, Honey, don't listen to your Uncle Brad. The only thing you have to concentrate on is having a blast at that Halloween street fair and how much candy you're going to get.

Sage: It's going to be fun scary!

Jack: Yeah, I know. It really will. Hey, listen. Go -- go out and wait in the car with your brother, okay?

Brad: I'm sorry, Sage.

Jack: What were you thinking saying something like that in front of her?

Brad: I'm trying to look out for you since nobody seems to be doing much of that lately. You've been so busy taking care of Carly and Katie and the kids, you haven't had five minutes to think about what's really happening --

Jack: Spit it out. What's going on with you?

Brad: I know about the annulment. I know that you slept with Carly.

Jack: Katie told you.

Brad: I'm just saying, that if you jump back into being married to Carly, you'd be --

Jack: I'd be what?

Brad: You'd be doing under false pretenses.

Jack: False pretenses? Brad, where is this coming from?

Carly: I think what Brad is saying is I shouldn't use my illness to guilt you into marrying me, which, of course, is something I would never do.

Brad: You wouldn't?

Carly: Of course not. I wouldn't want Jack to marry me out of pity or some sense of duty. I would only say yes if it came from his heart. If he really wanted to be my husband again. If he loved me like that. Needed me like that. No matter how brief or long our time together might be.

Jack: You don't have to explain yourself to me. And you don't have to explain to Brad. Is there anything else you needed from me?

Brad: No, I just came by to check on Carly to see if she needed anything.

Jack: That's great. Thank you. Because I don't feel comfortable leaving her alone. Thanks.

Carly: Tell the kids to be careful, okay? And make sure they stay together.

Jack: We're going to stay for a couple of hours and then I'll be back to pick you up for the wedding.

Carly: All right.

Jack: Okay.

Brad: What?

Katie: You think I'll break Brad's heart?

Kim: Well, if he cares as much as you say, and you and Jack decide to really go ahead and work on this marriage --

Katie: No, there is no marriage. Not anymore. I have the annulment papers to prove it.

Kim: Oh. Well, I have to say I'm really disappointed. I was hoping you guys would -- really work on that marriage. But -- you know, this is all the more reason for you to take some time, get away from here, think about where you've been, where you want to go -- without the distraction of a guy. Especially a guy you're working with.

Katie: Oh, so you're worried about the show?

Kim: I'm worried about you and Brad, and then the show -- in that order. Okay, so take my advice. Take a break, collect yourself, do it alone.

Katie: No, I need to work. Kim, alone is too scary. Especially when it feels like that's what I'll be for the rest of my life.

Kim: Oh, Honey. There are things that are worse. Like trying to fill up that empty spot with the wrong person.

Will: Gwen -- Gwen, it's too soon. You're still healing.

Gwen: I don't want to think. I don't want to feel right now.

Will: Gwen, think about this. You and I are going to have a kid. Someday. We will.

Gwen: I mean, how? I mean, I can't -- I can't have babies the natural way. And we can't do an egg donor. We can't adopt. So -- so, how?

Will: Gwen, we will. We're going to figure this out like we always do. I'm going to go call my brother and tell him we're not going to the wedding.

Gwen: No, you can't miss your brother's wedding.

Will: Well, I'm not going to go to the wedding without you. And seeing as how you're not really talking to my mom.

Gwen: Then, I won't talk to your mom. We're going, either way. Paul's family. It's probably the only family we're going to have.

Iris: What are you all up in my face about, Lady?

Barbara: Because every time it looks like your daughter's going to get a break, you ruin it.

Iris: What did I do?

Barbara: You picked a fight with her and got so stressed out, she lost the baby.

Iris: Baby? What -- I didn't even know she was pregnant.

Barbara: Oh, you really are less than useless, aren't you?

Iris: Hey! You know you're no mother of the year here. Your son, he was in a looney bin, right? What's that say about you? So -- so they lost the baby, huh? I mean, they can adopt, right? Right?

Barbara: No, they can't!

Iris: Why not?

Barbara: It doesn't matter.

Iris: It's Will, isn't it? The reason why my Gwennie can't get a kid, is because it's Will, isn't it?

[Cell phone rings]

Aaron: Hello?

Sofie: Remember me?

Aaron: Sofie? I've spent all afternoon trying to track you down.

Sofie: Yeah, I knew you'd be worried. So, that's why I called. But I'm okay.

Aaron: Where are you?

Sofie: Chicago. I'm staying in this place on State Street until I can get a job, find something a little more permanent.

Aaron: Why did you leave?

Sofie: It was time to go.

Aaron: What are you going to do for money? I spoke to Iris.

Sofie: What did she say?

Aaron: That she paid you to get out of town.

Sofie: Do you think it was wrong for me to take money from her?

Aaron: You're pregnant with her grandchild, Sofie. I mean, she should be taking care of you. She shouldn't be pushing you around. You know, if you didn't want to leave town then --

Sofie: Iris told me there was nothing left for me in Oakdale and she was right.

Aaron: Uh, no, Sofie. Actually, she's dead wrong.

Iris: The way you're acting. The way you just clammed up, I'm right, aren't I? Because Will was in the nuthouse, they nixed him getting a kid, huh?

Barbara: I will not discuss this with you, Iris.

Iris: Oh, Barbie, that's okay. Because I'm going to go talk to Gwen about it, all right? She'll tell me what's going on.

Barbara: Don't you dare.

[Doorbell rings]

Trick-or-treaters: Trick or treat!

Iris: Hey, you can't keep me from seeing my kid. Who the hell do you think you are?

Barbara: Why can't you leave them alone?

Iris: Because maybe I can fix things for Gwen. Which is a hell of a lot more than you can do.

[Cell phone rings]

Will: Gwen, why aren't you answering? Hey, you guys look great.

Trick-or-treaters: Trick or treat?

Mom: If you're out of candy, it's okay.

Will: No, actually, we're not really set up for Halloween this year.

Gwen: No, actually, just one second. Here you go.

Mom: Look, Kids. They're little babies.

Trick-or-treaters: Thank you. Thank you.

Gwen: You're welcome.

Jack: Okay, I know we're really early, but you guys can hangout at the Lebos until the fair starts. Sage, you're going to have to listen to Parker. Parker, be good to your sister, please.

Parker: Do I have to listen to J.J., too?

Jack: Tonight, J.J. listens to you, tomorrow, you listen to him. Deal? Go. Have fun.

Jack: Hey, where's your sister? You're supposed to be watching her.

Parker: Oh, she's with Mr. Lebo. Look, I wanted to apologize for earlier.

Jack: No, it's okay. It's a really confusing time for everybody. But you're managing to handle it somehow. I'm proud of you.

Parker: Is that Katie's? You really miss her, don't you?

Jack: Go. Go. Go find your brother and sister, okay?

Brad: Right after Dr. Evers told you about the misdiagnosis, you should've told Jack the truth. Right away.

Carly: And miss the time that we had in Montana? And what about all the tender moments you've had with Katie, huh?

Brad: You are pushing this too far. Everyone is going to end up hurt.

Carly: If Jack has gotten in touch with old feelings -- real feelings -- I don't see how that'll hurt him?

Brad: You pushing him into something he's not ready for, Carly?

Carly: No, that's not true. He is ready. Brad, he's ready. He just didn't know it. And now all I have to do is just take one more step here.

Brad: Great. What's that?

Carly: I don't know yet.

Brad: Oh, you did not just say that to me! Tell Jack the truth! That is the only thing that makes sense!

Carly: I can't -- I can't -- I cannot give up now!

Brad: You know, because you don't want lose. That's what this is about. You are the most selfish woman I know --

Carly: You think this is about winning Jack from Katie?

Brad: Yes!

Carly: This is about my family. I messed things up for my kids and for Jack when I left. I've got one chance to fix it -- this is it!

Brad: By lying to them. By making them think you're dying when you're not? All because you supposedly love my brother.

Carly: I do love him.

Brad: But he doesn't want you anymore, Carly.

Carly: That's not true. That's not true. He's just -- he's guilt-ridden about Katie and so he can't admit how he really feels. That's why I have to make him commit now, before I lose him forever.

Brad: This is a mess. This is such a mess. When this is going to blow up, this is going to blow big.

Carly: Help me -- help me make sure that doesn't happen. If you have any suggestions about how I could get Jack back, bring them on.

Kim: Having a change of heart?

Katie: Oh, yeah -- I don't want these pictures. But throwing them away doesn't seem right. Maybe I'll see if Jack wants them.

Kim: You know, the hospital is having a Halloween party tonight. It's for the children, but, actually, every year the adults end up having a terrific time. If you'd like to come with me.

Katie: Oh, I don't think so.

Kim: Well, you've got some friends still from when you used to work there, right?

Katie: Yeah, I just -- I don't really think I'm in the party mood. But thank you, Kim. For everything.

Brad: You want Jack back, you figure out how to do it. Make it fast.

Carly: If I could just get him to marry me.

Brad: You just said you weren't going to push.

Carly: Well, there's got to be a change of plans here, right? You want it to be over or not?

Brad: I want it to be over. I want Katie to be happy. I want to stop feeling like I'm stabbing my brother in the back.

Carly: I don't like keeping the truth from him anymore than you do. I want him to want me and I want it to be his idea.

Brad: End it, Carly. I came really close to telling Jack and Katie what's up today. And next time, I'll do it.

Carly: As soon as I figure out my next move, I will end it. But you've got to cut me some slack.

Brad: Why?

Carly: Because you have something to gain from this, too. Brad, avoid Jack and Katie all together if you have to, just please -- please keep your mouth shut.

Brad: I'm not making any promises.

Aaron: There are people here in Oakdale who care about you, Sofie, like me.

Sofie: Aaron, you have your own life. You can't keep worrying about me.

Aaron: We're friends, right? You worry about me. I worry about you. That's how it's supposed to be. Now, listen, give me your address.

Sofie: Why?

Aaron: I'm going to hop on my bike and pay you a visit.

Sofie: That's not really a good idea.

Aaron: Why? Are you -- are you staying with somebody? You're not with Cole are you?

Sofie: No. No, that's over. Um -- you know, I really have to go. I have a job interview. I don't want to be late.

Aaron: Job interview? Now?

Sofie: Yeah, I got to get going.

Aaron: Can I reach you at this number you're calling from?

Sofie: No, this -- this isn't my phone. I borrowed it from a friend. But I'll be in touch.

Cole: Ow, Mom --

Iris: Hey, where you been? You know I've been calling and calling you.

Cole: I ducked out for a while. I didn't want to risk running into Sofie.

Iris: Well, yeah, I left you messages, you know.

Cole: I got them. Thanks for getting her to leave town, by the way.

Iris: Oh, I am so glad you're back, because you know, I've really missed you --

Cole: Are you glad enough to do me another favor?

Iris: Oh, Honey, don't ask for money. No, no, no, look it cost a bundle to pay off your girlfriend --

Cole: Just --

Iris: You know, nearly tapped me out here.

Cole: A little? Just enough to get to California, give the music business one more try.

Iris: Oh, Honey, forget California. Your family needs you here.

Will: Are you sure you're up for going to the wedding?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, it's better than staying here and being sad. [Door bell rings] Could you get that?

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: I've got to grab my purse. Yeah?

Barbara: I've been trying to reach you.

Will: Mom, I don't think that -- you should see Gwen.

Barbara: I'm not going to stay long --

Gwen: Barbara? I'm glad you're back.

Carly: There's got to be a way out of this. There is. Now, I just have to think -- and concentrate, okay? Just think.

Barbara: You're dressed?

Will: We decided to go to Paulís wedding after all.

Barbara: Great. I won't make things uncomfortable for you. I am so sorry about the adoption --

Will: Mom, I know you are, but we don't want to talk about this right now. We're not ready yet.

Barbara: I understand how angry you are and why -- and you can blame me for all your --

Gwen: Barbara, please --

Barbara: But I need to talk to you about --

Gwen: This isn't -- this isn't your fault. Not one little bit. Will and I -- we won't be -- we won't be anywhere without your help.

Barbara: You don't have to talk about this now, Gwen.

Will: We know how devastated you were about us losing the baby.

Gwen: And I'm sorry that I made it worse by saying you're a bad mom. Because -- because you're not. And you've been a more of a mom to me than my own mother ever has. So, can we still go to the wedding together?

Barbara: I'd love that. I love you.

Iris: And then, Gwennie lost my grandbaby. And she didn't even have her mama there to help her feel better. You know why?

Cole: She couldn't track you down?

Iris: Because I'm the enemy, that's why. Just because I was trying to keep your pregnant girlfriend from trapping you.

Cole: Who cares what Gwennie thinks?

Iris: You know, it doesn't help either that she's got a rich mommy-in-law who's trying to make me look like a slacker. You know, she's writing these big checks every time Gwennie has a little bit of a problem. But you know, I would do that too if I had the money. I would.

Cole: Maybe we've got something better than money.

Iris: Talk to me.

Cole: I might have a way to make everybody happy.

[Cell phone rings]

Aaron: Hello? Oh, hey, Dad. Yeah. Yeah, sure. I'll pick some up on the way home. Anything else? Okay. Love you. See you soon.

Katie: If Carly answers, I'll be fine. Though she's probably too weak to answer the door, so I'll just leave it.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Katie: What if Carly is not as sick as she claims to be?

Carly: When people have shared so much together, they can't help but find their way back to each other.

Rosanna: I want this day to be perfect. And I won't let anything ruin it.

Meg: I need to see you before the wedding.

Carly: Wouldn't it be wonderful if we both got a second chance with the men we were meant to be with?

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