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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/22/07

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Craig: Paul! Welcome! Oh, sorry. Your house, not mine. Keep forgetting. But thank you so much to you and your fiancée for making me feel welcome.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Craig: I am drinking champagne. It's delicious. Would you care for a glass?

Rosanna: He just --

Craig: I just popped in to make a toast to you, to your lovely bride-to-be.

Craig: Congratulations.

Rosanna: He insisted on opening the champagne. I -- I thought it might just be -- might be easier just to have a drink with him and get it over with, instead of fighting with him.

Paul: Well, I tell you what, I'm here now. So why don't I fight him?

Craig: All right, careful, Paul. We might break something.

Paul: Can I ask you something?

Craig: Of course. It was always my pleasure to instruct you.

Paul: You know what? I don't believe for a second that you would ever wish us well. So why are you really here?

Craig: You're right. I do have an ulterior motive.

Meg: Please -- no, no, no, no. Please. No, no, no, no. Oh God, no.

Katie: Yes? You said yes. Oh --

Jack: No, wait, Katie! Katie!

Katie: No, no, no! Don't! Don't follow me! You slept with Carly? I don't know where to go. You're everywhere I could possibly want to be. I can't go upstairs. That was supposed to be our honeymoon suite. I can't go home.

Jack: I will take you to wherever you want to go. You shouldn't be driving.

Katie: You're gonna take care of me? You're gonna take of me now like you took care of her? Are you gonna kiss me like you kissed her?

Jack: Katie, please.

Katie: You kissed her, Jack, and you said you were sorry! Is that what you're going to say this time?

Jack: What else do you want me to say?

Katie: You can tell me why.

Carly: Jack and Katie are over. He will never go back to her now.

Brad: Why? Because he's slept with you, and nobody does it better?

Carly: This isn't about sex, Brad. This is about knowing that there is one person who is meant for you. That now.

Brad: Because he thought you were dying. Only you're not really dying!

Carly: Why do you keep harping on that?

Brad: Because you keep forgetting it! How did I ever let you drag me into this? Katie, she's -- she's really trying. She is trying to be a good wife to Jack.

Carly: I am Jack's wife. Divorced or not, we belong to each other and our trip together to Montana proved that.

Brad: Look, the only thing that it proved is my brother's got a big heart, and he will do anything -- anything to make dying less hard for you. No matter what it cost him. But look at what you've cost him, Carly.

Carly: It'll all be worth it in the end. I'll make it up to him. You'll see.

Brad: I have seen enough. I am ending this tonight. I'm telling Jack the truth.

Jack: The truth is -- I don't know why I slept with Carly.

Katie: Well, let's figure it out. You two flew there together to Montana, right?

Jack: Yes.

Katie: Were you holding her hand on the plane?

Jack: I don't remember. What does that have to do with it?

Katie: Well, when you got there, did someone pick you up or did you rent a car?

Jack: We rented a car. Where is this going, Katie?

Katie: So you were driving, you couldn't have your arm around her yet. Not quite yet.

Jack: Okay, I'm not going to go -- I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to go through a play-by-play --

Katie: You may not know why you slept with Carly, but I'll bet she does. Because she's the one who made this happen!

Carly: You're going to tell Jack the truth?

Brad: That's right. Someone has to tell him that you're not dying.

Carly: Not yet.

Brad: What about your kids?

Carly: It wasn't very long ago that Parker told me he knew that I was going to recover. And I told him and J.J. that I believe that, too.

Brad: So everybody's happy? Just like that?

Carly: They had no trouble accepting it. And by the end of our conversation, I could tell that they weren't worried about me anymore.

Brad: Okay, so maybe -- maybe that takes care of your kids, but Jack is still twisting in the wind.

Carly: I've planted the seed with him, too. He can see that I'm so much better, and I told him it was because of Montana. I told him just being there would make me well. Now he's skeptical --

Brad: He's skeptical because he's a detective. So when are you going to tell him that the doctors made a mistake?

Carly: I'm getting there.

Brad: No, not fast enough. What are you waiting for?

Carly: I'm waiting for Jack to ask me to marry him again.

Brad: Wow, you really do dream big. What about the Katie factor? What about -- he's married.

Carly: Katie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know she's hurting, and I'm sorry for that, I really am, but this is not about her.

Brad: Her heart is broken, Carly.

Carly: Well, there's a way for her to get over that.

Brad: How?

Carly: Here's a hint. He's tall, dark and handsome, and his name ain't Jack.

Jack: You want to blame this on Carly?

Katie: You would have never slept with her if she didn't drag you off to Montana. You think she didn't know what she was doing? Taking you to the place where you fell in love? I'm sure she had all the bright romantic touches --

Jack: It wasn't like that.

Katie: And did she keep reminding you that she wouldn't be around much longer, so you better have her while you could? Oh, God. Why did I say that? I can't believe I just said that.

Jack: You didn't mean it. I know.

Katie: I keep -- having these pictures in my head of Sage and the boys growing up without their mother. Why did I say that?

Jack: You're upset. But you're wrong, Katie. I needed to go to Montana as much as she did. Probably more.

Katie: What about the sex? Did you need that, too?

Jack: It wasn't like that. But I guess -- I guess it was my way of saying good-bye.

Katie: You're the most honorable man I've ever met in my entire life, and you just threw away your marriage vows?

Jack: I know, and I can never make that up to you.

Katie: And I don't know what you think you were saying when you had sex with Carly, but it sure as hell wasn't good-bye.

Craig: Of course I wish you well, Paul. In fact, I hope that you and Rosanna are the happiest couple in the world.

Paul: Why?

Craig: Wow, you have a clever one here, don't you? Tenacious, like a dog with a bone. Grr! I was just sort of hoping that your bloom of love that perhaps Rosanna would forget her past animosity and drop the litigation against Montgomery Enterprises.

Rosanna: I said no.

Paul: Well, there you have it. Craig, from now on, any future contact you have with my future wife, you'll do through your respective attorneys. You can go now.

Craig: And so I shall. Rosanna? As always a pleasure. Paul? Rarely so.

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Yes?

Holden: Meg?

Meg: Holden. Can I call you back?

Holden: I'm kind of in a time crunch here. I could really use your help.

Meg: What's going on?

Holden: Well I'm getting ready to bring Luke back home, and there's so much to do. If you could come out to the farm and help me out, that would be great.

Meg: Where's Lily?

Holden: She's at the hospital with Luke. Look, I promise I won't keep you long, but things will just go a lot faster if you can help me out.

Meg: Okay. I'll be right there.

Rosanna: Oh -- oh, were you about to make a call? You ready to taste the champagne?

Paul: No -- no.

Rosanna: Is everything okay?

Paul: Yeah. We should sit down.

Rosanna: How was your tux? Will it be ready in time?

Paul: Rosanna.

Rosanna: You know, I really thought that you were going to hit Craig.

Paul: I should have. The thought occurred to me. I should have followed through.

Rosanna: You have something that you -- you want to tell me? Something bad?

Paul: I really don't like the idea of Craig, you know, thinking he can just pop over here and hang out with you whenever he feels like it.

Rosanna: Yeah. So, what do you think? Should we get a restraining order?

Paul: No, but I'll talk to him, okay?

Rosanna: I don't think that's such a good idea. I mean, he might see that as confrontation. You know, better to just ignore him. He hates that. Besides, now that he knows that I won't unfreeze his assets, he has no reason to seek out either one of us.

Paul: Yeah right. No reason at all.

Brad: I'm not the one Katie wants.

Carly: But you could be.

Brad: Stop trying to run me, Carly! It didn't work while we were married, it's not going to work now.

Carly: I'm not trying to run you --

Brad: Oh, ever since -- shut up! Ever since you got your clean bill of health, you've been -- you've been plotting this course with you and Jack at the finish line. But you know what? You don't care. You're not even thinking about all the blood that gets spilled along the way.

Carly: You really do care about her, don't you?

Brad: Yeah, and I'm sick and tired of you pushing her around.

Carly: You've been helping me, haven't you? So when you spill all, when you make a list of all the wicked deeds I've done, make sure you mention that I couldn't have done any of it without you.

Jack: You have every right to hate me. But I was the one who was making the decisions here, not Carly. She didn't have any choice in getting sick.

Katie: And you just had to have her.

Jack: And every time I walk into that house or I get her a cup of tea, I'm trying to make myself believe this. I'm trying to get used to the fact that she's going to be gone one day, and I'll never see her again.

Katie: Okay.

Jack: You understand?

Katie: I made a vow to take care of you for the rest of our lives, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get to do that for quite as long as I thought I would.

Jack: Katie --

Katie: So I am going to take care of you now, one last time, by telling you something that you need to hear. Carly will always be with you, whether she's here or not. And that is never going to change. Never going to change I didn't want to believe that, and neither did you. But let's just face it now, okay? You're never going to let go of Carly. And I love you, but I will not settle for being married to someone else's husband! Because whether she's here or she's a ghost, you will always belong to Carly.

Jack: I understand that you're angry, and you're disappointed. I betrayed your trust. Katie, and I know that I'm asking you to accept something that's completely unacceptable.

Katie: Oh, wait. You want me to expect this --

Jack: I do love you! I do. I love you. And I promise you, this thing that happened with Carly, I promise you for the next hundred or so years, I plan on being married to you. Nothing like this will ever, ever happen again. Ever, but I can't lose you.

Katie: I believe you.

Jack: Good. That's good. So this thing that happened with Carly, it was a one-time thing, okay? I just gotta help her through these next couple of months, and I swear to you --

Katie: Oh no, no, no. So the next couple of months, we don't live together?

Jack: I will come home to you every night, if that's what you want, or I will keep my distance. Whatever you want. But I can't get through this nightmare without knowing that you're waiting for me on the other side. I need you, Katie. I need you. And we -- we just need to get through these next couple of months.

Katie: And afterwards, we can have our life, our kids, and our marriage?

Jack: Yeah. Yes, that's what I want. Don't you still want that?

Katie: That's why I called you, because I wanted to tell you that I was ready to stand by you. But I can’t. I just can’t. I'm sorry, Jack. We just gotta let this go.

Brad: Are you threatening me? You would tell Jack and Katie?

Carly: You're the one who's itching to clear your conscience. I won't say a word.

Brad: Then how will they find out that I knew anything about what you were doing?

Carly: Katie is smart enough to figure out that you helped me hide the truth.

Brad: She'd hate me.

Carly: Oh yeah. She wouldn't want you as a friend, let alone a lover. And your brother? He'll never forgive you.

Brad: Oh boy. But we can't keep hurting them like this, Carly.

Carly: Brad, that's just what I'm saying. Everything will be better than it was before if we ride this out. Jack will come back to me. Katie will turn to you. No more hurt. No more pain. Everything will be like it was meant to be.

Holden: Hey.

Meg: Hey.

Holden: Thanks for coming by.

Meg: So how's Luke doing?

Holden: Well, his attitude's a little bit better.

Meg: And his legs?

Holden: No change. But at least they're releasing him. And I'm going to set up this place so that he can do his physical therapy here.

Meg: You're moving Luke here? Why?

Holden: Well, easier access, for one thing. Plus I think that back room will be perfect for him.

Meg: Holden, you and Lily have enough rooms to house Luke and a whole battalion of therapists. What's going on?

Holden: I'm going to be staying here with Luke, and Lily's going to stay at the house with the rest of the kids.

Meg: How does Lily feel about that?

Holden: I really didn't give her much choice. That's the way I want things right now.

Craig: Hey, Meg? [Craig goes by the desk and sees a receipt on the floor and it says pregnancy test. He looks in the trash can and sees a box]

Craig: Pregnancy test?

Meg: You and Lily are separating? Why?

Holden: You know what? I really don't want to get into it right now. Besides, there's no time. I need to get this stuff for Luke.

Meg: Well, you know what? Give me the short version. What happened? Is there somebody else?

Holden: You know, it's just -- it's a lot of stuff that we can't get past. You know, marriage is a tricky thing.

Meg: Yeah, tell me about it.

Craig: Two lines -- pregnant. She's pregnant. She's pregnant!

[Cell phone ringing]

Holden: Aren't you going to answer that?

Meg: It can wait.

Craig: Meg, Honey, as soon as you get this message, come to the lounge at the hotel. I'll be waiting for you. We have a lot to talk about.

[Phone ringing]

Rosanna: Hello?

Craig: Rosanna, its Craig.

Rosanna: You have got to stop calling, and you cannot show up here again. Ever. Good-bye.

Craig: No wait! Don't hang up. Very soon, our business together will be concluded.

Rosanna: Please say you're leaving town.

Craig: Why don't you come to the Lakeview lounge in about an hour and see for yourself. Oh, be sure to bring Paul with you.

Holden: I got to go make arrangements to have the hospital bed delivered. So can you stay or not?

Meg: Yeah, I thought you needed me to help.

Holden: I do. I need you to watch this little guy.

Meg: No, no, Holden, wait. I can order the bed. I know more about hospital beds than you do.

Holden: Look, they're delivering the bed. What I need to do is go pick up some stuff in the truck. What's the matter? Don't you love this little guy?

Meg: Of course, of course I do. Okay, how long is this going to take?

Holden: About an hour, thanks.

Meg: Hey, you know, I don't need you to be insulted. It's not really about you. You know, I just found out I'm going to have a baby. Any thoughts?

Paul: Who were you on the phone with?

Rosanna: A wedding planner. I set up the meeting last week, and it just completely slipped my mind. We have to be there in an hour.

Paul: Oh, you better go ahead. I gotta sit this one out.

Rosanna: And do what?

Paul: I gotta make some calls, you know? Gotta call my brother, call my mom. Call the lawyer about this new Craig nonsense. Well, you go ahead. Have fun.

Jack: We don't have to end our marriage. We can still make it work.

Katie: How do you define a working marriage, Jack? You live with Carly, you take care of her, you make love to her. You are more her husband than you are mine. You always have been, and you always will be. And it's horrible that Carly's dying, but I still have a whole life to live, and I want something, someone that's mine, just mine, and I thought that was you.

Jack: It still can be.

Katie: I never told you this, but when you were hurt, when you were looking for J.J. in that building, I was there.

Jack: Yeah I know, you were holding my hand when I passed out.

Katie: But you spoke to me.

Jack: What did I say?

Katie: "I love you, Carly."

Jack: Katie, I was out of my head.

Katie: Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell myself, too, but you were just being you. You were just telling the truth. Good-bye, Jack.

Brad: The more you tell me how perfect you are for Jack, the more I'm not so sure. Katie loves him so much that she was willing to let him go so he would be happy.

Carly: So was I! And no sooner had I walked away, that I was told I had a brain tumor!

Brad: You were misdiagnosed!

Carly: Right, I was. And you may not see that as a sign, but I do. I am meant to be with this man. I am meant to be his wife.

Brad: How could I do this to Jack? This is -- this lie is just, it's so --

Carly: You want to do something for Jack? Help him feel less guilty about how this is going to affect Katie. She's going to need a friend, Brad. Be her friend.

Jack: Hey, Brad. I'm glad you're here. I worry about Carly being alone.

Brad: What happened? You look bad.

Jack: Not now, okay?

Carly: Jack?

Jack: I just let Katie end our marriage, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Katie: Hey, Tom's office told me I could find you guys here.

Margo: Yeah, sit down.

Tom: Have a seat.

Katie: Oh, thanks. I've been waiting to talk to you.

Tom: I'm listening.

Katie: I want you to get me an annulment.

Margo: Oh.

Meg: You know, it would be so great to have a baby just like you for my own. But not the way I did it. No, no. As usual, I've made the most beautiful thing in my life a disaster. Now, how do I manage to do that? Huh, Ethan? You think it's funny, huh? What will I do, hmm? Oh, back so fast.

Holden: I didn't want to hold you up.

Meg: Great, here you go.

Holden: I can take over. Any problems?

Meg: Nope, he was perfect. As usual.

Holden: That's because he loves you. Let me ask you this. Why were you so funny about watching him earlier? Is something going on?

Meg: You know, I've got to run. Craig called, and he's waiting for me at the Lakeview. So I will see you guys later.

Paul: I thought you were leaving for your appointment.

Rosanna: Well, I'm just trying to think of what to say. Please tell me that you'll reconsider and come with me.

Paul: Why? It's a wedding planner. I'm sure they'll do all the talking.

Rosanna: Well, perhaps, but it would be good to have you there, even if you're just standing around being this strong, silent type. Besides, I missed you today.

Paul: Half hour. Half hour, and then I bolt.

Rosanna: On my honor as a blushing bride. Come on, let's go.

Margo: You guys just got married. I mean, what did you have a fight?

Katie: I'm not living with my husband. I basically haven't been since we got married. Is that grounds for annulment?

Tom: It could be.

Katie: Then that's what I want. As soon as possible. Can you get started on it right away?

Tom: Would now be soon enough?

Katie: If you could. I really appreciate it, Tom.

Tom: Okay, I was headed back to the office, so I'll set things in motion. I guess I'll catch up with you two later.

Katie: Thanks. I gotta to go.

Margo: No, sit, sit, sit. Why?

Katie: Jack slept with Carly.

Brad: I wish there was something I could do to help you.

Jack: Yeah, so do I, but there isn't.

Carly: How's Katie?

Jack: Wrecked.

Brad: I'm going to head out. If there's anything you need --

Jack: Thanks, Brad.

Carly: You know, when you left --

Jack: She wanted to see me because she thought she had found a way to make our marriage work.

Carly: And you turned her down?

Jack: She changed her mind. I told her about you and me, that we slept together in Montana. What, you're surprised?

Carly: Surprised that you told her? No. Just surprised that you told her so soon, I guess.

Jack: If I had waited, it would have only been tougher. And if Katie and I are going to be together, it can't be because of a lie.

Craig: Hey, my beautiful wife. How are you feeling?

Meg: Fine.

Craig: Good.

Meg: Maybe a little tired. What's so important?

Bartender: Are you ready for the champagne now, Mr. Montgomery?

Craig: Yes, yes, thank you very much.

Meg: You know, you don't have to order champagne on my account. I'm really not in the mood to drink tonight.

Craig: No, I know, and I bet I know why.

Meg: What are you talking about?

Craig: You know, you're going to have to cover your tracks much better if you think you can keep secrets from me.

Craig: Thank you very much.

Bartender: Certainly.

Meg: Okay, you've got me. What secret am I keeping?

Craig: Look, I understand it's very, very early. You probably didn't want to say anything yet. You've probably got some huge surprise planned for me, but sadly, see, none of this is for you.

Meg: Okay, we should go upstairs. We should talk about this upstairs.

Craig: I know, I know, I know. I want to go upstairs with you very soon. Alone, okay?

Meg: Craig, what are you -- please --

Craig: To Meg, my wonderful wife. Who has given me the greatest gift a wife could give a husband -- a baby!


Margo: All right, well, what Jack did was awful. But, I have to believe that there were extenuating circumstances.

Katie: Carly will always be an extenuating circumstance. That's the big problem. He's with the woman he's always loved, it's just not me.

Margo: All right, well let's just take the "Carly forever and ever" aspect out of it. I mean, for a minute.

Katie: You can't.

Margo: Just for minute. Now look, Carly has been part of Jack's life for a long time, and she's, at the very least, a friend.

Katie: She's a lot more than that.

Margo: She's a friend. You're his wife. But she's dying. What are you going to do?

Katie: Stay with him.

Jack: The hardest part about this is whole thing is that I hurt her. Up until now, we've been dealing with stuff that we couldn't help or change. You were sick. You needed -- you needed help, but I crossed the line. How do I live with that?

Carly: I pushed you over the line.

Jack: No, it's just not your fault. I do love Katie. I do, but, Carly, for as long as you live, we are tied to each other.

Carly: I've always believed that.

Jack: I just wish it could be longer.

Carly: Maybe it can be.

Jack: What do you mean?

Carly: Maybe I have more time than I thought.

Katie: Carly is more than Jack's past or ex or friend. You look at two people, like you and Tom, and you see that they have the perfect marriage. They fit together. They share everything. And when they break up, you're thrown. How does a love like that just go away?

Margo: Sometimes it does. And then it comes back.

Katie: The minute that Carly got sick, Jack was there. It was like they hadn't skipped a beat. He slept with her, Margo. And the worst part is, I was totally blindsided because I thought he was that one person that I could trust forever.

Margo: Well, at least he told you the truth.

Katie: Yeah, after he told the biggest lie of them all. And I get it now. The time that Jack and I have been together, he's still been in love with his ex-wife. Carly being sick didn't change anything between Jack and me. It just made it all crystal clear.

Margo: Katie, you stumped me on this one. I don't know. But why don't you just not make a decision tonight? Just not right now?

Katie: I can't. If I let myself stop and think, then I'll start to hope. And what's the point? Carly's going to die, and Jack there's nothing left to hope for.

Carly: Maybe this isn't the right time to get into this.

Jack: No, you started it. Finish it.

Carly: What if something -- what if something did change in Montana? What if everything I've been praying for has already happened?

Craig: Bartender, champagne on the house! We're having a baby, I want to spread the joy!

[Scattered applause]

Bartender: Champagne?

Rosanna: Oh, no. No, thank you.

Meg: You shouldn't have done this.

Craig: Why? You were going to tell me, weren't you?

Meg: Of course I was going to tell you about the baby, but when we were alone. This is our own personal business. It's way too early to be making announcements to the world.

Rosanna: You all right?

Paul: Yeah, I'm fine. It's -- it's really hard to see Craig all puffed up like that, that's all.

Rosanna: Well, with good reason. They're having a baby. It's a lovely thing.

Paul: It's a lovely thing? It doesn't bother you that Craig Montgomery is going to be a father?

Rosanna: Meg will make a wonderful mother, don't you think?

Craig: Forgive me. I'm just so happy. I needed to celebrate.

Meg: Without even checking with me?

Craig: Look, all that matters is that this is what we had talked about. This is what we hoped for. This is what we planned. And now it's finally happening.

Paul: Where's this wedding consultant we're supposed to be meeting?

Rosanna: I'll go check.

Craig: I'm just going to go settle up with the bartender. I'll be right back. All right?

Craig: Are you still mad at me?

Meg: Look, I know your heart is in the right place, but I didn't want to tell you tonight, because actually I really don't have the time to celebrate.

Craig: Why? Is something going on with the family? I'll go with you. We'll spread the good news over there.

Meg: No, I have a meeting for a job. I have an appointment to meet a private nursing patient this evening.

Craig: Meg, you're pregnant. You don't have to work. Stay home. I'll pamper you.

Meg: It's good for me and the baby to stay active.

Craig: So take yoga.

Meg: I really want to check this out, Craig.

Craig: Okay, okay. You're having our baby. You can do anything you want.

Rosanna: So, the wedding planner is going to be delayed for a while.

Paul: You know what? I really don't feel like hanging out and watching Craig hold court.

Rosanna: Right. Okay, then you go on home, and I'll wait for the planner.

Paul: Are you sure?

Rosanna: Yeah, go on. I love you.

Brad: That is weird. I was just thinking about you. I didn't expect you to come here, not tonight.

Katie: I thought I might as well work. I've got nothing else to do.

Brad: Same here. I heard what happened. You okay?

Katie: As well as can be expected for someone who just started annulment proceedings.

Jack: Are you saying this is more than some kind of remission or whatever? That you could be cured permanently?

Carly: What if I was saying that, Jack?

Jack: No, no, that's not -- I'm not going to let you -- this isn't going to work. I'm not going to let you pretend that you're getting better so that Katie and I can work things out --

Jack: Listen, whatever happens between Katie and me, or doesn't happen, as long as you need me, I'm here.

Tom: Hey.

Margo: You can't have gotten Katie's annulment papers together that fast.

Tom: Well, no, of course not. I was just giving you and your sister a little chance to be alone. Did you talk her out of it?

Margo: No, no, this is such a sad moment. Jack's a great guy, but he didn't even give the marriage a chance. Katie just left sitting here thinking about, Man, everything that you and I have been through together and survived --

Tom: And are still going through.

Margo: Katie, gosh, she just wants everything perfect. She wants guarantees. She wants no bumps, no bruises.

Tom: I wonder what that would have been like.

Margo: It wouldn't have been us.

Tom: Ah, perfect's overrated.

Brad: You already filed for an annulment? Tonight?

Katie: Why prolong the agony? You warned me that Jack could never love anyone but Carly. I was flattering myself to think that what he and I had was special enough to overcome that.

Brad: Don't say that. You are special. Jack knows it, too. Maybe you should just take some time --

Katie: Why does everyone keep telling me to give it time and wait until Carly's gone?

Brad: Actually I wasn't going to say that.

Katie: Really? Then what where you going to say? Come on, Brad. Give it your best shot. Tell me one thing that would make me change my mind and stay married to Jack.

Jack: Here you go.

Carly: Oh, thank you.

Jack: How are you feeling?

Carly: You know something, Jack? The truth is, with you here, I feel even better than I did before I got sick.

Jack: That's the plan.

Carly: As far as I'm concerned, I've already got my miracle.

Brad: I hate how you always feel like you're somehow second best to Carly. Because you're not. Not to me. Katie, there's something you should know. Just -- just listen to me. Okay? I was going to say --

Katie: Brad, can you just -- can you just hold me and just not say anything, please? I don't know what I'd do if you weren't here.

Rosanna: Well, you put on quite a show.

Craig: Oh, I didn't want to leave any room for doubt. I have kept my end of the bargain. Meg is pregnant. Now it's time to for you to keep yours.

Paul: Is it true?

Meg: I didn't know Craig was going to do that -- I never expected him.

Paul: Is it true?

Meg: Yes. I'm going to have a baby.

Paul: Craig's baby.

On the next "As the World Turns."

Lucinda: True friends know when it's time to back off.

Paul: It's too late.

Meg: No, it's not too late if we love each other.

Rosanna: How can you get married if you're still not over with Meg?

Craig: What's wrong?

Meg: I miss Paul.

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