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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/19/07

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[Cell phone ringing]

[Paul remembering]

Meg: I never should've run away from you. I should have stayed forever.

Meg: Please, Paul -- please show up.

Rosanna: You know, I love how you're always right there when I need you. One more minute and we would have missed each other.

Paul: Anymore bags in the car?

Rosanna: Oh, are you kidding? Wedding shopping is never done. Oh! Wait till you see these beautiful flowers that I picked up.

Paul: Rosanna, stop. I can't do this.

Meg: Craig.

Craig: You surprised?

Meg: What are you doing here?

Craig: Maybe not as surprised as you would be if some thug came out and attacked you. Maybe the same guy who nearly gave you a concussion last time.

Meg: I did not have a concussion. I can take care of myself.

Craig: I would have thought so, I also would have thought that you would have been smart enough not to come out here in the woods alone. Are you here alone?

Brad: Katie, slow down. We've got all night.

Katie: Now. Please. Right now.

Brad: Okay.

Katie: What's wrong? What's wrong? Why are you stopping?

Brad: You're crying.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: What was that?

Carly: Me trying to make you feel better. You look sad.

Jack: I didn't come here expecting this to happen.

Carly: But it's perfect, isn't it? Here in the place that we found each other and fell in love. We found each other again.

Jack: Too late.

Carly: Maybe not.

Katie: Okay. Okay. I'm fine. I'm ready. Let's do this.

Brad: You can't do this.

Katie: Yes, yes.

Brad: No. Canít.

Katie: Can!

Brad: Katie, no -- Katie. No, no. No, no, no.

Katie: Canít. What good are you?

Brad: What'd I do?

Katie: You're supposed to be this sexy, irresistible stud!

Brad: Supposed to be?

Katie: So do that, and be that and help me!

Brad: How?

Katie: Make me stop loving Jack.

Paul: I can't do this. I -- I have a fitting for a tuxedo. I have an appointment with a tailor, if you can believe that.

Rosanna: Oh, but you promised that we would taste champagne and pick one for the reception.

Paul: Yeah, can't we do that later?

Rosanna: No, you promised the caterer that we would decide by this afternoon.

Paul: You're right, I completely forgot.

Rosanna: You know you've been really distracted lately, huh? How come?

Paul: No reason. Just I'm busy, we're both busy. Planning a wedding, there's a lot of details.

Rosanna: Ahh, ever since last night. Did something happen when Barbara and I went shopping?

Paul: Okay look, you want to taste the champagne, let's taste the champagne.

Rosanna: No, no, no, what I want -- is for you not to walk through this wedding. I want you to want to be a part of it.

Paul: I'm here, aren't I?

[Rosanna laughing]

Rosanna: Ahh, yes but you obviously don't want to be. Maybe you don't want to get married.

Meg: You're my husband, not my keeper. You don't get to monitor my every move. And to answer your question, not that it deserves an answer, do you see anybody else out here?

Craig: I wasn't accusing you of anything. I'm sorry if that's how it sounded.

Meg: Did you follow me here?

Craig: I was driving by, I saw your car. And then I saw that you weren't in it and I worry about you, Meg.

Meg: I didn't mean to make you worry. Look, I come out here to think, alone. I'm fine. Go.

Craig: Okay, as long as you go with me.

Paul: I'm feeling a little rushed and a little hassled that's all.

Rosanna: By me?

Paul: No, no, not by you. By flowers and tuxedos and tastings and lists.

Rosanna: Oh God if you don't want to go to the hassle of marrying me, I don't know what to say.

Paul: I'd love to be married to you, Rosanna. It's just -- look, I'm a little tired that's all.

Rosanna: You're tired?

Paul: Yeah --

Rosanna: Well you were a little restless last night, yeah --

Paul: You hogged all of the covers.

Rosanna: I'm sorry. Are you sure everything's okay?

Paul: Yeah. It sounds like you're the one who's having doubts.

Rosanna: Me? Oh, after what you said in front of your entire family last night. No, no, no -- I don't have any doubts. Sometimes though it does seem all too good to be true.

[Phone ringing]

Paul: Rosanna Cabotís residence.

Rosanna: Oh Paul --

Paul: Okay great! I'll tell her. That was the seamstress that my mom recommended. She wants to stop by and show you some fabric samples.

Rosanna: Oh, I don't want to see the seamstress right now. I just want to be with you. I'll call her back.

Paul: You know what? Why don't I go get fitted for the tuxedo, and you look at the seamstresses swatches and then I'll be back in time for champagne.

Rosanna: You're good to me. Don't be long, okay?

Paul: Okay --

Rosanna: Okay -- [Rosanna laughing] Stop Ė

Craig: What if some mad man were to swoop in here and whisk you away?

Meg: Yeah, the only mad man I see is you.

Craig: You could be carrying our baby Meg.

Meg: I'm not.

Craig: Well maybe we should go home and do something about that. Come on.

Meg: I can't go home, I have errands to run.

Craig: Where?

Meg: Old Town.

Craig: Amazing! That's where I'm going too.

Meg: You are the most stubborn man.

Craig: Not just any man. I'm the lucky man that's your husband. I've lost a lot of people I love, Meg. I can't lose you.

Meg: Okay, let's go.

Carly: Don't be sad Jack, please. This trip has been one of the best times of my life.

Jack: I'm glad.

Carly: I told you if we came to Montana everything would be okay. And it is. Its better than okay, isn't it? It's perfect.

Jack: No, not quite. I didn't mean it like that. I just --

Carly: Hey -- you know I'm feeling better than I've felt in a long time. So you can stop thinking about me dying, Jack --

Jack: Okay, Carly. It's not perfect. It can't be. Because I'm not married to you anymore. I can't believe I did this to Katie.

Brad: Ahh, would you -- put some clothes on please.

Katie: No.

Brad: We just can't do this today.

Katie: Why?

Brad: We just can't do this today! Okay -- because you're still crying about my brother and you're wearing his ring. And the whole thing! But one day when this whole -- damn thing is through and you're free and clear.

Katie: What did you say?

Brad: What did I say?

Katie: You said when I'm free. What -- you think this trip to Montana, you think that my marriage is really over?

Brad: Katie, you're standing there in your underwear looking extremely hot by the way, and we're a kiss and a half away from the point of no return. Where is the sanctity of marriage in that? Ohh -- no, no, no. Please, please, please. Please don't cry again. Okay, don't cry, okay? Let's get out of here. Now, ahh, let me buy you dinner. All right?

Katie: Okay.

Carly: You shouldn't feel guilty.

Jack: And you shouldn't worry about me. But --

Carly: You want to go home.

Jack: I know you wanted to stick around for at least another day.

Carly: But you want to get back to Katie.

Jack: It's not just that. You need to get back, too. Spend some time with the kids. Check in with your doctor.

Carly: I'll pack my stuff.

Jack: All right, I'll call the airport, see if we can get the next flight out.

Katie: Maybe he does still have some feelings for Carly. Maybe he got caught up in the drama of her illness, but it doesn't necessarily mean he stopped loving me. I shouldn't have doubted that. I should have just stood by him no matter what.

Brad: What are you doing?

Katie: I'm calling Jack. I'm going to tell him that I love him and everything that I just told you.

Brad: You might want to rethink that.

Paul: Dang it! [Cell phone rings] Rosanna.

Rosanna: Hey it's me -- what are you wearing? I'm guessing a tuxedo with about a million pins in it. [Rosanna chuckles] Well, the seamstress just left. And I'm ready to drink lots of champagne, so hurry home. Okay -- I'll be here. Love you, bye.

[Door slams]

Roseanna: Paul --

Craig: I just love what you have done with the place.

Rosanna: You have been evicted, so don't think that you can just walk in here --

Craig: Like I own the place? That's how it is with me, Rosanna. Wives, kids, businesses, homes -- other people may take possession of them. But somehow, some way, they remain as they were meant to be -- mine!

Meg: I left and then I realized --

Paul: There was no time in your text message.

Meg: So how long can you stay?

Paul: What do you want, Meg?

Meg: You. For the rest of my life. I'm in love with you, Paul. Say something.

Paul: Have you shared this news with your husband?

Craig: Meg is happy and now that she has focused on our new addition to our family, she's keeping her distance from Paul.

Rosanna: You don't get your money or your company back until meg gets pregnant, that is the deal until the little stick turns whatever color it's supposed to turn, I don't want hear you or see you.

Craig: I can't have time alone with my wife much less make love to her because of all of these frivolous lawsuits.

Rosanna: Oh. Well I guess I could make things easier on you. But I wonít.

Paul: Now? You tell this to me, now? Rosanna is in my home right now, planning our wedding.

Meg: Well you can't marry her. It would be a lie. Just like my marriage to Craig is a lie.

Paul: And these feelings, you say you love me, is it some kind of a delayed reaction? Because I remember a few days ago telling you how much we belong together. How much I needed you, and you couldn't wait to get out of there.

Meg: I was hurt. We'd just made love, and you started talking about Craig. You made it about Craig.

Paul: Well you married the guy.

Meg: Because I was trying to have a life without you! But I couldn't do it. I can't love Craig the way I love you.

Paul: Well you have no trouble sleeping with him, do you? You have no trouble making yourself desirable for him. I saw you, you bought that lingerie for him. Did you model it for him as soon as you got home?

Meg: How about you? Have you slept with Rosanna since you told me how much you wanted me? I'll bet she was all over after your little speech. How did it go, again? That you never felt more alive than when you're with her.

Paul: I meant every word that I said to Rosanna.

Meg: What about what you didn't say? About how much you think about me and dream about me.

Paul: You're putting words in my mouth.

Meg: I am not putting words in your mouth. And I know that because that's the way I feel. Look, I tried to stop it and I couldnít. I canít. You know what, I'm not going to do this. I can't push you into this. I just came here to ask you two questions.

Paul: Okay.

Meg: Are you in love with me?

Paul: Yeah.

Meg: Do you want to make a life with me?

Paul: Yes.

Meg: I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Paul: The rest of our lives.

Meg: Okay, let's go -- let's go tell Craig and Rosanna, all right? Come on. Hey, what's wrong?

Rosanna: I still think that the woman has not given up her quest to win Paul back.

Craig: And because of your insecurities, I have to dodge process servers seven days a week.

Rosanna: Listen -- a baby is exactly what she needs to shift her attention away from Paul.

Craig: You underestimate yourself, Rosanna. You already accomplished that.

Rosanna: What do you mean?

Craig: The moving, loving toast that Paul gave, inspired by you. Meg heard that, and that did it. She's finally put to rest any hope of ever getting Paul back into her life.

Meg: Okay, one more kiss. But that's all. What?

Paul: I can't leave with you.

Meg: Okay, you want to tell Rosanna alone? You're right, you're right. It will be easier for her.

Paul: If you had told me this before, I would've been able to be with you. But now --

Meg: Now? Now, now after you said you want to spend the rest of your life with me, now? That now? What are you saying Paul?

Paul: I can't leave Rosanna.

Rosanna: I didn't realize Paul and I had an audience for that toast.

Craig: Well, you did. So seeing as our mutual mission seems to be accomplishing itself -- about the litigation.

Rosanna: Oh, no, no, no. I am not budging on that. A deal's a deal.

Craig: All right Rosanna --

Rosanna: No! If you push me Craig, I will push you back. And so much harder!

Craig: At least we're still playing on the same team, finally.

Rosanna: No, no, no. You and I are not, nor will we ever be, teammates. The only reason that I am talking to you at all is because we share a mutual interest in keeping Paul and Meg apart. If you think for a second that I have forgotten that you tried to kill me, think again.

Paul: Rosanna lost two whole years of her life because of what Craig did to her. She believes that I saved her.

Meg: And what? You saved her life so now you owe her the rest of your life? Isn't that backwards? Doesn't she owe you?

Paul: Her sister is dying. She's in the middle of this huge litigation with Craig over Montgomery --

Meg: Craig, Craig it always comes back to Craig!

Paul: I can't leave her right now. Look I left her once before. And it gave Craig the opportunity to hurt her and he almost killed her and I won't let anything like that happen to her again. I promised her.

Meg: Is this your way of protecting her? By lying to her?

Paul: I think she just needs some time to get stronger.

Meg: She seems pretty strong to me. She's got all her lawyers hammering at Craig, and if you think she's not running the show, then you're blind.

Paul: I'm gonna take care of her.

Meg: You do that, Paul. You think she doesn't see? She doesn't know? How many times has she asked you if you're sure, if you're certain that you wanted to marry her?

Paul: Well she's been through a lot. And after everything that she's been through, I think she needs reassurance about a lot of different things.

Meg: She needs the truth. And if you keep lying to her, you're going to hurt her more than Craig ever did.

Jack: I should've called the kids, let them know we were coming home.

Carly: They'll probably be surprised. I think I led them to believe we were going to have a little more time together. Wishful thinking on my part. I guess I've been doing a lot of that lately. But -- its working, Jack. We're going to get our miracle, I can feel it. Who are you calling?

Jack: Dr. Evers.

Carly: Why?

Jack: Well, we should at least let him know that you're back in case he needs to reach you or vice-versa.

Carly: Donít.

Brad: I don't want you to get your feelings hurt, okay? So maybe it's better that you keep your distance, at least until they get back from Montana.

Katie: You think Jack won't talk to me?

Brad: I don't think he'll ever push you away. It's just since he's with Carly --

Katie: Well I need to let him know that I'm not pushing him away anymore -- that I'm still his wife and I'm going to be there in any way he needs me. God, if there was ever a time that he needed me it's now, can you imagine saying your final good-bye to someone. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially not someone I love.

Brad: Actually, I'm not sure how final that good-bye will be.

Carly: I don't want you to call the doctor.

Jack: Is there something you don't want me to hear?

Carly: Can't we just be together for five minutes without thinking about it?

Jack: I'll take your suitcase up so you can unpack.

Carly: And stop doing that! I can tell you're thinking things but you won't say them because you're afraid that it will upset me and that upsets me!

Jack: I'll work on that.

Carly: Didn't it mean anything to you, Jack? Being with you, meant everything to me. I want to hold onto what happened in Montana, just for a little bit longer. Can you understand that?

Jack: Yeah. Because I want to hold on to it, too. That's the problem.

Paul: I don't know if I can do it. She's picking out flowers for her bouquet. Shoes, jewelry, even more shoes. She's a bride, you know. She's happy. She's really, really happy. How am I supposed to just walk in there and look her in the eyes and tell her that -- well, that I'm in love with you?

Meg: How can you not? How can you let her take vows to love only you when you don't love her, not the way that she deserves? How can you let her make plans for a family? You know, I think that's the thing that got to me.

Paul: Craig wants you to have his baby? That figures.

Meg: I want to have a baby -- or several with you.

Paul: That does sound nice.

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: I shouldn't spend my life missing my life. Missing you. I love you.

Carly: If you enjoyed our time together, if you felt what I felt -- why are you acting like you're so mad at me?

Jack: Mad at you? You think I'm mad at you? Dammit, Carly. I want you here. I want you right here, living, breathing, raising our kids.

Carly: I want that that, too.

Jack: And that thing? That thing in your head that's going to take you away from us? I tell you what, I want to get in there. I want to hunt it down. And I want to kill it. I want it gone. Because I want you right here, where I can touch you. And I can look at you. And I can fight with you. And love you. Don't die, okay? Donít. Don't die.

Carly: Okay. I wonít.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Carly: No.

Jack: I am.

Carly: No. Don't be. Of all the times you've yelled at me -- that was my favorite.

Jack: I'll go take the suitcases upstairs.

Carly: Tell me something, G--man. When you have found that perp in my head and pulverized it, and you're sure that I'll be okay -- who are you going to live with? Me or Katie?

Jack: Katie's not a fling. No, she -- she's not a replacement for you, Carly. I was walking around with a lot of rage when you left with Simon. And Katie cured me. Honestly, she did. So when I married her, I married her because I loved her. And for all those reasons --

Carly: You know, I'm hungry. You hungry? I'll fix us something to eat.

Brad: Thank you.

Katie: Explain.

Brad: What?

Katie: What you just said about Jack's good-bye to Carly not being final?

Brad: Oh -- okay, yeah. Okay, what I meant was that -- that after going back to Montana and remembering all the good times they had, Jack's probably going to have an even harder time letting go of Carly after she, you know, kind of dies. It's not going to be easy for you.

Katie: Well, if Jack still needs to take his walks down memory lane after Carlyís gone, I can handle that. I'll handle it. And if he lets me hold his hand while he does it, then I will love that because I love him. I do. And please give me my phone so I can call my husband. I gotta do it. Thank you.

Brad: I'm gonna -- I'm gonna eat this at the counter.

Katie: Wait, no, Brad? Just -- I need to do this, and I'm not having second thoughts or anything, but can you just be here, you know? Just in case --

Brad: I'm here for you. Whatever you need.

Katie: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Katie?

Katie: Hi. How are you?

Jack: What's going on?

Katie: Well -- I know you went to Montana with Carly. And before you start apologizing for not telling me, let me just tell you that I understand and -- when you get back home, we should just, you know, sit down and talk.

Jack: Actually, we're back in Oakdale. We cut the -- we cut the trip short.

Katie: You're back early? Why? Did Carly take a turn for the worse?

Jack: She's -- she's well. She's really -- she's really good actually.

Katie: Oh, that's good. So can you meet me now? I mean, it doesn't have to be now exactly. We can do this, you know --

Jack: Now's good.

Katie: Okay, the Lakeview?

Jack: Sure. I'll meet you in the lounge. I'll see you in a little bit.

Katie: They're already back. Maybe this trip to Montana wasn't as big of a deal as I thought.

Brad: I guess.

Katie: Wish me luck.

Brad: Good luck.

Carly: Soup's on. What kind of sandwich would you like? Turkey or turkey?

Jack: I can't stay.

Carly: I heard your phone. Katie?

Jack: I've got to go. I don't want you to think that I'm running out of here on you like -- like what happened didn't mean anything. It did, Carly. It meant a lot.

Carly: So you'll be back.

Jack: I'll call.

Meg: Yeah, I forgot how good that feels. To say those words and actually mean them. Not to dance around them. I love you, Paul. I love you.

Paul: And I love you. I gotta go.

Meg: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you gonna tell Rosanna today?

Paul: If the timing is right. But you gotta be patient with me.

Meg: I can do that. I can do that as long as I know that we'll be together soon.

Paul: We will be.

[Knock on the door]

Carly: Hello Brad.

Brad: That was a quick trip.

Carly: How did you know we went away?

Brad: Well, we went to see Sage and Gwen and Will told us.

Carly: Well, I bet Katie isn't too happy about it.

Brad: Well, she'll be okay now that you're back. She was freaked out. She thought it was going to be a romance-fest. Since it wasn't -- wasn't, right? You weren't even gone 24 hours.

Carly: I made good use of my time.

Brad: You did it? You really did it?

Carly: Not alone I didnít.

Brad: This is going to kill Katie.

Katie: Oh, Jack! I'm so happy to see you.

Jack: It's good to see you, too.

Katie: I made a terrible mistake. But I know we can fix it together.

Jack: Katie, you haven't made any mistakes. You've been amazing and patient and generous.

Katie: How can you say that? I practically threw you out. And you had done nothing wrong. I'm sorry. It was just all about my pride and feeling like you cared more about Carly than you did about me.

Jack: Katie, you don't have to say any of this.

Katie: Yes, I do. Please, just let me say this. I've finally realized -- yes, of course you still have feelings for Carly. And you feel a sense of obligation to the mother of your children. I understand now why you couldn't walk away from her.

Jack: Katie, really --

Katie: But just like it would've been wrong for you to turn your back on Carly, it was so wrong for me to walk away from you. When I took those vows to stay with you, for better or for worse, I meant it. Please, I want to fix this.

Jack: Please, stop. Just stop.

Katie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll stop. You talk now. Just don't say we can't be together.

[Cell phone ringing]

Meg: Hello? Yes, this is Meg Snyder. I'm sorry, I'm not doing any private duty nursing anymore. I got married -- what? Wait a minute. I might be interested. What dates are we talking about? Hold on. This has got to be a mistake.

Rosanna: Why did you open that?

Craig: Are you counting pennies, Rosanna? Don't be silly. You are an heiress, now surely you can afford to share a bottle of vintage with an ex-husband.

Rosanna: That champagne is for Paul and me.

Craig: All of it?

Rosanna: We are tasting champagnes for our wedding. Why am I even explaining this to you?

Craig: Yeah, but you know, Paul is not here. And while he's not here, I think that you and I should have a toast. To dreams coming true.

[Glasses clink]

Meg: Hello? I'm sorry. Something's come up. I need to call you back. Thank you. I'm late.

Brad: This is awful. Katie -- wow, this bites.

Carly: Well I don't think it's going to come as a complete shock to Katie. Maybe she won't even be that upset about it.

Brad: Do you think she's going to be okay with her husband sleeping with his ex?

Carly: Well, I don't think the conversation even needs to get that far. She said that she couldn't stand him spending so much time with me. I don't think she's going to suddenly change her mind about that.

Brad: She changed her mind about that.

Carly: What? Well, what is she going to do about it?

Brad: She decided she wants to stand by him, no matter what.

Carly: Well, she's too late. And when Jack tells her that we slept together --

Brad: Maybe he won't tell her when he finds out how much she wants him back. Maybe he'll stay with her.

Katie: Okay, I think I know what's going on here. You need to spend more time with Carly now that it's near the end. And you're afraid I won't understand.

Jack: Well yeah, that is true. But that's not -- that's not what I wanted to say.

Katie: It's fine. Honey, I understand now. That's what I'm trying to tell you. I get it. You need to spend as much time with Carly as you need to. Go ahead. We'll find time for ourselves. We'll work it out.

Jack: Katie, that's not it.

Katie: Well, okay. Fine. Sorry. I'm done guessing. You tell me what you wanted to tell me.

Jack: I can't expect you to understand this or accept it. I'm not really sure that I understand it myself. And I definitely didn't go to Montana thinking I would.

Katie: You slept with Carly.

Jack: Yes.

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