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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 10/16/07

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Carly: If you're not here because you feel obligated, then why --

Sage: Daddy!

Jack: Hey, Sweetheart.

J.J.: What are you doing here? Did something happen?

Jack: We've got some news. I'm going to be moving back in here with you guys.

Sage: Really? Forever and ever?

Jack: Just for a -- just for a little while.

Sage: Can I call Jill and tell her?

Carly: Yeah, I guess so. Sure.

Jack: What? I thought you two would be happier about this.

J.J.: Why? We get a couple of months with you and Mom. And then she's gone, and then we move into a new house with you and Katie? Why don't you just go back home to your wife?

Jack: Hey, J.J.

Carly: Let me talk to him.

Parker: He kind of had a meltdown while we were over at the Lebos. And he tried to not to let anybody see, but --

Jack: No, it's good that we'll all be here together.

Parker: You mean, Katie's moving in, too?

Katie: For days you've been telling me not to back off and leave Jack alone with Carly. So, what changed your mind?

Brad: Look, I had some time to think about it, and I decided that you -- you're right. You are right.

Katie: You never think I'm right.

Brad: Well, that's usually because you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Katie: You are so arrogant --

Brad: But -- but that's only when we're talking about sports or the show or how gorgeous I am. But now we're talking about your life and your marriage. So this time you're probably right.

Katie: Something happened. Something happened that changed your mind.

Brad: Is Jack fighting for you? Is he moving heaven and earth to spend every free moment with you? No. So go with your plan. All right, don't talk to him. Don't see him. Don't even think about him. Just throw yourself into your work. And speaking of work --

Katie: What do you think he'll do?

Brad: He will definitely stick with Carly for the duration. That's the way he's made.

Katie: Oh, my god. And if I don't fight for a man like that with everything I've got, what kind of a wuss am I? Reverse psychology. Good call, Brad.

Gwen: So I just show up at the time that it says on this card, and then I get implanted, and I walk out pregnant?

Nurse: If the fertilization goes well, we'll confirm your appointment.

Gwen: And what about -- and what about if it doesn't go well?

Nurse: We won't worry about that unless we have to.

Gwen: Okay --

Nurse: We'll call you later to confirm.

Gwen: Thank you.

Will: So, are you ready to go?

Gwen: Aren't you hungry? You want to go get some -- do you want to go get some food?

Will: Yeah, sure. Al's?

Gwen: Well, we could -- we could eat here. At the cafeteria.

Will: Why are you choosing to eat in a hospital?

Gwen: Well, they're just going to call me to confirm my appointment anyway. So, I mean, we could just stay here.

Will: But if all we're going to be doing is waiting around, then why not do it at home or the movies?

Gwen: Well, because I plan on staying here until I know for a fact that our son or daughter is fertilized.

Paul: Rosanna?

Rosanna: I know what you're thinking. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Paul: It's gorgeous. What's the occasion?

Rosanna: Our wedding.

Craig: Meg? Is that what you're wearing to dinner?

Meg: Well, this is what I won't be wearing in 30 seconds.

Brad: But Katie, Carly is dying. You can't fight that.

Katie: I can try. Listen, Jack's not fighting for our marriage because I told him not to. I sent him away to Carly. I gave up.

Brad: What else could you do to not end up looking mean?

Katie: I don't know. I can go over there and tell him that I love him, and kiss him, and that I will be waiting for him.

Brad: He said he was moving in with her. I mean, how do you get around that? I mean, kick a dying woman in the head and drag him out of there? I mean, he's going to be there for her as long as she needs him.

Katie: Yeah, and then he'll come back to me. You're starting to think that that's not going to happen? What do I do?

Brad: Don't ask me. So are you -- are you going to go to Jack, or are you staying here?

Katie: I'm staying here. I don't want to make things harder for him or me. Let's get back to work.

Brad: Right. Work. That was a good answer. And then after work, we can hang out. You know, go get a drink, maybe go for a drive. You know, help pass the time. Whatever.

Katie: You want to be my rebound guy.

Brad: Well, no -- I mean, I'm not locked into that. I can go either way. I mean, if you want to get back together with Jack, I'll just be your interim guy. And while he's playing, you know, nursemaid, we can just -- we could play.

Katie: I am not sleeping with my husband's brother.

Brad: I didn't ask you to. Whoa, I was talking about hanging out in-law style. You have a very dirty mind, Katie Snyder. It's disgusting.

Jack: Katie knows that your mom needs help, so even though this is really tough on her, she understands why I have to be here right now. Let me tell you something, Parker. She has been great with everything.

Carly: Hey, Parker, would you find your brother, please? I'd like to speak with you guys.

Parker: Sure.

Carly: Thanks.

Jack: You want to talk to them alone?

Carly: Yeah. J.J.'s already lost one mother. I don't want him to think he's -- I just want to make this easier for him if I can.

Jack: I'll take a walk.

Carly: Okay.

J.J.: Sorry about that before.

Carly: No. No, I'm sorry that you have to go through this. I want to talk to you about something.

J.J.: What? Is it bad news?

Carly: No. No, no. Something's happened.

Parker: I knew it! You're not dying. You're going to be all right.

Katie: I'm sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Brad: Okay. Okay, I will forgive you since you're under such distress. And seriously, Katie, I really want to help you.

Katie: You can make Carly's tumor go away. That would help me.

Brad: Okay, maybe there is something else. Something easier. Something fun.

Katie: My life is not really exactly fun right now and probably won't be for a while. So --

Brad: Wait, wait, who do you think Jack married? Wasn't somebody mopey and sad. You made him laugh.

Katie: Well, he's not around right now, so I really don't have to worry about that, right?

Brad: Do you think he's going to be rushing back if every time he sees you, you look like the one who's dying?

Katie: That's not funny.

Brad: Nothing is with you. Not anymore. Look the only way you're going to get Jack back is being the woman that he married.

Katie: How? How am I supposed to do that?

Brad: Hang out with me. I'm lots of laughs.

Katie: I can't -- I can't do that. You're Jack's brother. And every time I look at you, I see him. And when I think of him, I hurt. So, I'm sorry, but just for a while, I can't -- I can't be around you.

Brad: Wait, how are we going to manage that? We work together.

Katie: So from now on, that's all we do. Please just stay from me.

Parker: What happened? Did the tumor go away?

Carly: Something like that. You guys have been put through a lot since my diagnosis, and you have been amazing. You're been looking after Sage and making sure that she doesn't hear anything that might scare her.

J.J.: Yeah, Sage, she's just a little kid. She shouldn't have to think about her mom dying or anything.

Carly: Neither should you. And that's why I wanted to tell you guys that the last couple of days, I've been feeling better.

J.J.: Because the doctor changed your medicine?

Carly: Partly. I think, yeah. And partly because I've had a -- I guess you'd call it a revelation that maybe Parker's right and I have decided that I'm going to be okay.

J.J.: But the doctors --

Carly: Hey, you know something? Doctors sometimes need our help. And they can read scans and charts and all that stuff, but there's more to being healthy than just that. So I've decided to help by putting all my energy into getting well, completely well and soon.

Parker: That's great, Mom.

Carly: Yeah. And what do you think, J.J.?

J.J.: Well, if you think that you're going to be better, then I think the same, too.

Carly: Good. Because I don't want you guys to be afraid anymore. Okay? Deal?

J.J.: Deal.

Parker: You got it.

Carly: And just one more thing. You know, Jack has been trying to protect us all by being completely realistic about all of this. So, while thinking good thoughts might make us feel better, I think Jack might be upset if he knew that I --

J.J.: Believe in a miracle?

Carly: Right. So, maybe we should just keep our miracle to ourselves. Let Jack handle this the way he wants to. We'll just keep it between us for a bit, huh?

Jack: Hey. You done?

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, we had a really good talk.

Jack: Good. So what did your mom tell you?

Craig: What is it?

Meg: I want you. Right now.

Craig: Yeah?

Meg: Yeah.

Paul: Did I miss something? Our wedding's not tonight, is it?

Rosanna: No, silly. We're still set for Halloween.

Paul: Okay.

Rosanna: This is just a little rehearsal.

Paul: A little early, don't you think?

Rosanna: Well, I'm just experimenting with looks for the house. You know, I want it to be romantic and lovely and perhaps a little mysterious, you know? And I thought I would wear this.

Paul: It's gorgeous.

Rosanna: You gave it to me. I know it's been a few years. Oh, well, okay, forget it --

Paul: No, no, no, I'll -- look, I remember. Rosanna, that was a great night.

Rosanna: Yeah. And yet it slipped your mind.

Paul: I'm just a little distracted, that's all. Do you want a drink?

Rosanna: You know, Paul, what I would like is for you to care about this wedding as much as I do.

Will: You know, this could be the last night in our entire marriage where it's literally just the two of us. Are you sure you want to spend it here?

Barbara: Hi.

Gwen: Hi.

Barbara: How'd it go?

Gwen: Oh, we're not sure yet.

Will: It went great.

Barbara: Good. Um, I have an idea. Come have dinner with me. I'll call Paul and Rosanna to see if they're available. We can have a family night out.

Will: Yeah, definitely -- you know, it's been a long day and I think Gwen would be more comfortable just doing it another time --

Gwen: No. No, no, it's fine. We can -- we can do it tonight.

Will: Okay.

Gwen: No problem.

Paul: Look, I wasn't expecting all this. And I'm really sorry, I'm just a little out of it. That's all.

Rosanna: What's the big distraction, anyway?

[Cell phone ringing]

Paul: It's my mom. I can call her back. Hey, Mom.

Barbara: Hi, I'm here with Will and Gwen.

Paul: Everything all right?

Barbara: Apparently, yes, but you could make it better.

Paul: How?

Barbara: By having dinner with us. We could officially welcome Rosanna back into the family. Please say yes.

Paul: Tell you what, Mom? Why don't I discuss it with the most beautiful fiancée in the world, and I'll get back to you? But I'm pretty sure I can work things out.

Parker: Mom wanted us not to worry so much.

Jack: She's right about that. We can't change the situation, but we shouldn't let it make us miserable all the time, we should enjoy the time we have left together.

Carly: Going somewhere?

Jack: Yeah, I forgot. I've got to run some errands.

Carly: Will you be back to help with Sage's project? Or should we start without you?

Jack: No, I shouldn't be that long.

Carly: Bye.

Jack: Bye.

J.J.: Bye, Dad.

Parker: I'll see you later.

Carly: Well, thanks for understanding, Guys.

J.J.: So, when can we tell Dad about this?

Parker: When Mom's all better.

Carly: It'll be our secret, just for now, okay?

Parker: Sure.

J.J.: You got it, Mom.

[Doorbell ringing]

Carly: Why aren't you with Katie?

Brad: She doesn't want to be with me while you're supposedly "Dying," okay? It hurts her too much.

Carly: Keep your voice down! What did you do?

Brad: What do you mean, what did I do? I was trying to comfort her. She wasn't having it.

Carly: You made a pass at her?

Brad: Do I look like the kind of guy that would make a pass at a woman who's heart is breaking? Okay, yeah -- okay. I came onto her, a little.

Carly: How could you do that?

Brad: I was subtle. Sort of. Anyway, okay, since I'm not getting anything out of this, you need to come clean. You need to tell Jack and Katie that you were misdiagnosed, and that you are all better now.

Vienna: First, you desert Katie on her wedding day, and now you're not going to buy the house?

Jack: I wanted to buy the house. Vienna, I wanted to buy the house. Katie's the one who didn't want to go through with it.

Vienna: Well, do you blame her? She doesn't even know if she has a future with you, Jack.

Jack: Of course she's got a future with me! I'm her husband! I didn't even want to get into any of this. But I'm worried about Katie. I can't be there for her, the way I should be. So I'm asking you to look out for her for me, you and Henry.

Vienna: There's no need to ask. Of course, she's our dear friend.

Jack: Good, I'm counting on it. Because if she needs anything, she might not feel like she can come to me right now. And if she does need something --

Vienna: I'll call you on your cell.

Jack: Thank you.

Vienna: I don't want to talk to Carly unless I have to.

Jack: Vienna --

Vienna: I'm sorry, Jack. That was thoughtless of me.

Jack: I appreciate you looking out for Katie.

Vienna: Jack --

Jack: Yeah?

Vienna: If you need anything, we're here for you, too.

Brad: You know what? You know this is going to tank, don't you? You know that, right? You know that. I mean, what’s gonna happen when Jack finds out you lied about being terminal?

Carly: I -- I did not lie! How can I help it if I was misdiagnosed!

Brad: No, but now you know the truth, all bets are off. If he finds out on his own --

Carly: He'll hate me. I know. And then he'll go back to Katie, and he'll stay with her, even if he's unhappy, just to make it up to her.

Brad: So why do you want to risk that?

Carly: Because I thought I was gonna die, Brad. And now here I am, in my home with the man I love and our children. And we're getting closer. One look, one touch, one smile at a time. If there's even the smallest chance that Jack can love me again, I've got to take that risk.

Brad: Katie is Jack's wife now. She deserves to know the truth about you not dying, and so does he. And I'm going to tell them.

Carly: Well, then you will lose any chance you ever had of being with Katie. Is that really what you want?

Brad: As long as Katie has a sliver of hope for her marriage, she is never gonna turn to me.

Carly: Don't give up now. Just give it a few more days. Jack and I are so close. Brad, I just need a little more time to seal the deal.

Brad: You mean getting him to bed.

Carly: If that happens, so be it.

Brad: And that'll give you more time. And Jack's so honest, he'll tell Katie. And she'll never take him back if he sleeps with you.

Carly: So much for Katie's everlasting love. Brad, think about your brother. Who's going to make him happier in the long run, huh? Katie or me?

Brad: You make him crazy.

Carly: He loves me. He can't help it. And I love him, Brad. I love him with all my heart.

Brad: All right. Couple more days. That's it.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you.

Brad: Work fast. I mean it.

Jack: You look like you're in such a hurry.

Katie: I'm kind of hungry.

Jack: So, why don't we go inside? I can stick around.

Katie: Really?

Jack: Sure.

Katie: Okay, let's grab some burgers and you can come back to the hotel with me.

Jack: I thought you didn't want me to come back until the whole ordeal with Carly was over.

Katie: Well, I changed my mind. I want you to come home.

Jack: Oh, Katie, I wish I could. I miss being with you so much.

Katie: But you have to go back to Carly. How did I know?

Jack: Oh, Katie --

Katie: Jack -- Jack. Next time, don't even offer.

Barbara: Thank you for coming. I know that I haven't always been very warm to you. And I apologize for that.

Rosanna: Barbara, you never have to apologize to me for loving Paul and wanting to protect him. I love him too.

Gwen: Hey, welcome back.

Rosanna: Gwen.

Will: So, congratulations on the engagement. You always surprise me.

Paul: Why?

Will: Well, the whole vendetta thing against Craig. I thought it was about Meg and wanting her back, but since you're marrying Rosanna, I was obviously wrong.

Paul: Obviously.

Rosanna: Oh.

Craig: That was unlike any other time.

Meg: You didn't enjoy it?

Craig: Oh, please, tell me what I did to deserve that, so I can make it happen again, hourly. Seriously, what is it? What's going on?

Meg: Well, you said you wanted to have a baby.

Craig: Yeah.

Meg: Well, it turns out that I want to have a baby, too.

Craig: Yeah, but you said having a baby was supposed to be slow, romantic.

Meg: Well, we could do it like that next time.

Craig: Wait a second -- is that really the only reason for this sudden burst of passion -- your possible impregnation?

Meg: When we got married, I was your wife in name only. I want more, Craig. I mean, I don't know how else to show it to you.

Craig: Oh, Meg.

Sage: Mommy, I can't find the picture of you and Aunt Rosanna I like.

Carly: It's in the brown album, Honey. Your dad's home. Hi.

Jack: Hey, how you feelin'?

Carly: Fine, I'm fine. I guess your errands took a little longer than you thought, huh?

Jack: Yeah, I had to go to Al's and then I wanted to stop by the station.

Carly: I thought you had the day off.

Jack: I had to request a leave of absence.

Carly: Jack, you don't have to do that.

Jack: I want to. I want to be here for you.

Sage: Isn't this where I was born?

Jack: Oh, yeah. That's the cabin in Musselshell.

Parker: I was there for the wedding.

Sage: When I was born.

Carly: Yeah, you were there, too. You see?

Jack: Hey, Carly? Guys, why don't you go on up and get ready for bed?

Sage: It's too early.

Jack: Well, that means you get to read more, yay.

J.J.: Or we can play video games, yay.

Jack: Okay, just for tonight, okay? Half an hour, tops. You look like you're about to pass out.

Carly: Jack, I need you to do something for me. It's important.

Jack: Whatever you want.

Carly: I need you to take me to Montana.

Jack: When was the last time you took your meds?

Carly: Jack, I'm fine. I just, I saw these pictures -- I was so happy when you showed up there, and then we had Sage --

Jack: Carly, you're getting yourself worked up.

Carly: I went to Montana because I'd given up. You know, I thought I'd lost any chance I ever had of being with you. But then by the time we got back here, I had everything I ever wanted. I had you and the children. Can we please go back?

Jack: Carly --

Carly: We can make a long weekend out of it. I'm sure it'll be okay for the kids to miss school for a couple of days.

Jack: Carly -- Carly, you are asking me for the one thing I can't give you!

Carly: Can't?

Jack: Won’t.

Paul: Hey, you ready to eat?

Barbara: Actually, I just ordered some hors d'oeuvres, so we can stay here for a while. I have something to say.

Paul: Uh --

Will: Um, okay --

Barbara: I was just going to say how proud you both make me. So I want to raise my glass to a toast. To my sons, and the men they've become. And for being brave enough and wise enough to find true love.

Craig: This is how I hoped it would be, our marriage.

Meg: And since you always get what you want --

Craig: I take what I want.

Meg: Not from me. Why is that?

Craig: I wanted to be your choice. I didn't think that I would be. But I'm glad that I am.

Meg: I'm just an ordinary woman.

Craig: Oh, come on, stop. Why do you always put yourself down like that?

Meg: You know, forget I said anything.

Craig: Wait a sec -- wait a second. You know, this may not seem very important to you, but I will never forget what you've done for me, Meg. That you'd be willing to have a family with me. That you'd want that. The way you were with me tonight, you've saved me.

Meg: There's nothing heroic for what I did to you or with you. I'm nobody's savior, Craig.

Vienna: Okay. Talk isn't working. Time for chocolate.

Katie: Ooh, yeah. Something really gooey with lots of whipped cream.

Vienna: Okay, fine, but only eat half it because you want to keep your figure for when Jack comes back to you.

Katie: Like that's ever gonna happen.

Brad: I know you said you didn't want to see me.

Katie: Then why am I seeing you?

Brad: Well, good question. I thought you could use a friend, so I brought you one.

Katie: You?

Brad: Him.

Katie: Snickers!

Jack: How could you possibly consider leaving your doctors right now.

Carly: Well, I'm better since they've changed my medication. I'm better. You can see that I am.

Jack: You've had a rally, Carly, but how long is it gonna last?

Carly: Maybe I'd have an even bigger one if we went to Montana.

Jack: Or maybe it could cause a relapse.

Carly: It won't!

Jack: How do you know that?

Carly: I just do. I will call the doctor myself. I'll talk to him about it, okay?

Jack: Wait a second. We don't even know if the kids can go. Why don't you go check with them, see if there's any big tests coming up or something.

Carly: I will. Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Dr. Evers, Jack Snyder.

Dr. Evers: So, what can I do for you, Mr. Snyder?

Jack: Answer some questions about Carly's condition.

Dr. Evers: Look, I understand how you must feel. This was a difficult and complex case.

Jack: Yeah, see, that's just it. I just wanted to find out from you, what's really going on because I find it hard to believe that Carly is doing as well as she says.

Dr. Evers: What did Carly tell you?

Jack: That's the thing. Carly doesn't always tell the truth.

Barbara: Rosanna, you have such great fashion sense.

Rosanna: Oh, thank you.

Barbara: I love the necklace that you're wearing and that dress.

Rosanna: Oh my goodness, I forgot to take off my necklace. I was showing it to Paul, I was thinking about wearing it to the wedding.

Gwen: Excuse me. Sorry, I think it's the hospital.

Barbara: She's worried about the in vitro.

Rosanna: You're worried about her and trying not to show it.

Barbara: Actually, I'm trying to take a less active role in my sons' lives. Will and Gwen take very good care of each other.

Rosanna: Barbara, I love Paul. I won't hurt him.

Barbara: If you'd like any help with the wedding --

Paul: What's that?

Rosanna: Oh, thank you.

Paul: There you go. What did you say?

Barbara: I said, if you'd like any help with the wedding.

Paul: Oh, you're sweet, but Rosanna’s got it covered. She's done some incredible things.

Rosanna: Oh, please, you didn't even notice half of what I've done. And you know, you never did tell me why you were so distracted.

Paul: I don't even remember right now. All I can think of is you.

Craig: I forget how compliments upset you.

Meg: Yeah, well, that wasn't a compliment. That was you putting me up on a pedestal and I'm no saint, Craig.

Craig: Yeah, well, given how this party started, I will agree you've got some bad-girl tendencies.

Meg: Damn straight.

Craig: Yeah? All right, well seeing how you are in such a bad mood, why don't we just go with that?

Meg: What did you have in mind?

Craig: Dinner, out. Let's go see about being bad in public.

Meg: Are you trying to get us arrested?

Craig: I'm trying to get us noticed. Trying to get us envied. Let's see if you can be as bad as I'm gonna be.

Barbara: Any news?

Gwen: No and I'm not going to think about it anymore. I'm just gonna enjoy dinner with family. What about the wedding? What colors are you wearing? Do you know what flowers you're having?

Will: Tell us the important stuff. What kind of cake are you having?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: You're funny. No, I don't know. Whatever you want.

Paul: Whatever I want?

Rosanna: I don't care.

Paul: Thank you.

Rosanna: But you know what I'd like to do? I'd like to -- I'd like to take a turn and propose a toast to the love my life. He came halfway around the world on a crazy mission to wake me from an endless sleep. And surprise, he did it. And to his wonderful family, who love him and have embraced me because you love him. To you, to Paul.

Vienna: What do you think you're doing? How could you bring that creature in here?

Brad: Well, I brought him.

Vienna: But he doesn't belong in a restaurant, unless he is on a menu!

Katie: Don't say that about Snickers!

Brad: It's Katie's pet. He makes her happy.

Vienna: Happy?

Brad: Yeah.

Vienna: Oh, well, in that case, you are the guest of honor. What did you say his name was again?

Brad: Snickers.

Vienna: Well, hello, Mr. Snickers. Welcome. You know, I'm going to get you some lovely, lovely carrots.

Katie: Thank you.

Brad: Hmm, okay, well, here's the cage, enjoy the bunny and the carrots. Wait, did I mention that I like carrots?

Katie: You want to stick around?

Brad: Okay, well, if you insist.

Katie: Thanks, Brad.

Brad: What, you think I did this for you? No, I did this for the bunny and Nancy.

Katie: You're such a liar, but in this case, I'm okay with it.

Jack: Carly wants to take a trip to Montana.

Dr. Evers: And given what she's been through, you're understandably concerned.

Jack: Listen, Doctor, I think she just may be in denial.

Carly: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack: I'm talking to Dr. Evers.

Carly: Behind my back? Give me the phone.

Paul: It's my turn.

[Cell phone ringing]

Gwen: Oh, sorry about that. I'm sorry.

Paul: It's okay.

Gwen: It's the hospital.

Will: It'll be good news. I know it.

Gwen: All right, okay. Um, hello? Yeah, this is Mrs. Munson. Yeah -- yeah, I understand completely. Thank you very much. Yes. I'm sorry. You guys, Will and Alison just made our baby!

Will: That's great.

Gwen: Isn't that so awesome.

Meg: So, too wicked or not wicked enough?

Craig: That's dead on. I'm just tempted to just take this right off.

[Cell phone ringing]

Meg: Who is it?

Craig: Eh, it's the legal department. I should take that. Montgomery, yeah. Hold on one second. Whoa, whoa, whoa -- where are you going?

Meg: Downstairs. So we don't lose our reservations, and so you don't try and get me naked again.

Craig: You know me so well. I'll be right down.

Rosanna: Well, this is great news!

Paul: Yeah, now we have two things to celebrate.

Will: Actually, I think we need to get out of here.

Barbara: Oh, Sweetie?

Paul: What?

Will: Yeah, I could lie to you and tell you guys a million things that we got to do, but we're just -- we're too excited to eat.

Gwen: You understand, yeah?

Barbara: Yes. Enjoy yourselves.

Gwen: Okay, thank you so much. And congratulations again. I'm really glad we're gonna be sisters.

Rosanna: Yes, me too, yes!

Paul: See ya.

Rosanna: Okay.

Gwen: Congratulations.

Rosanna: Have a good time.

Gwen: Bye, Guys.

Rosanna: Bye.

Paul: Wow --

Barbara: Well, that is -- that is wonderful.

Rosanna: Yeah.

Barbara: Um, Paul, you were going to make a toast, weren't you?

Paul: I was.

Barbara: Yes.

Paul: Um, all right, look, I've never considered myself a lucky guy, but maybe its better that all those unlucky things happened to me, because now I really appreciate all the good stuff. And I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now because the most beautiful woman in the world loves me, and I love you.

[Meg comes in the room and over hears Paul’s speech]

Katie: Isn't he beautiful?

Brad: That smile is beautiful. It's a good start.

Katie: To what?

Brad: To having a life while Jack is doing his thing with Carly. All right, what did I say?

Katie: You know I don't want to talk about Jack with you. Why can't you understand that?

Brad: Okay, okay, okay -- all right, I have an idea. The pet store's still open. Why don't we take Mr. Snickers here and he can hang out with some other bunnies.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns" --

Martha: Is this what you were looking for?

Dr. Evers: Well, he doesn't seem to understand your new prognosis. Listen, why don't you put him back on the phone, and I'll explain it to him.

Meg: I never should have run away from you. I should have stayed forever.

Katie: You know earlier when you said there was something I should know, what was it?

Jack: Well, what am I missing here?

J.J.: Look, no -- it's okay. Mom -- she's not gonna die.

Carly: J.J.!

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