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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 9/20/07

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Carly: You think that's funny?

Brad: Oh come on. No one who looks as good as you could be dying. All right, now would be a good time for you to tell me what the doctor said.

Carly: Go away, Brad.

Brad: I told you, no can do. Especially since you're naked.

Carly: I don't have anything to report. The doctors are still doing their tests. So you can go.

Brad: Okay. So obviously you're just really depressed about Jack and Katie. I understand.

Carly: They're getting married. There's nothing I can do about it.

Brad: Just like that?

Carly: The wedding is tomorrow. What?

Brad: You were acting really weird when you were talking to Sage. And you're acting even weirder now. You're hiding something.

Carly: I'm tired, Brad. I'm just really tired.

Brad: Okay. So tell me -- are you really dying?

Jack: Are you sure you want to go to that island with me? The last thing I want you to do is spend your honeymoon haunted by ghosts of husbands past.

Katie: I think the past we need to worry about is yours. Fully expecting Carly to conjure up some crisis right before we say "I do."

Vienna: Well, I was a little worried about that myself.

Jack: There's nothing to worry about. After our little chat, I can honestly say her crisis days are over.

Carly: You bought the dying thing? I was just trying it out. Was I that convincing?

Brad: Oh, you're bad. You're bad. What, so that was just another get-Jack-back attempt, right?

Carly: I've been thinking about it. I thought maybe if I could convince him that I have something terminal, maybe he'll at least postpone the wedding.

Brad: All right. All right, let's give him a call. See if it works. Come on.

Carly: You laughed. Jack wouldn't waste time laughing. And we'd spend the next few months arguing about how I ruined his wedding. It's not worth it.

Brad: Good answer. So, you're cool?

Carly: Yeah. I'm cool.

[Carly passes out]

Brad: Carly? Carly Ė

Lily: Dusty, it's me. I'm worried. I know you're trying to protect me by keeping me out of this murder case, but please just call me back and let me know that you're okay.

[Phone beeping]

Luke: Hey Mom. I got your message. What's up?

Lily: I just had a very unpleasant encounter with Noah's father.

Luke: You ran into colonel --

Lily: Colonel Mayer? No, no. He sought me out. Apparently he's very unhappy with your influence on his son.

Luke: Oh, yes. Well, he's afraid that I'm going to give Noah a case of the gay.

Lily: Oh, he basically said that. Yes. Oh, Honey.

Luke: Look, Mom, I'm sorry. That guy can be really, really intense.

Lily: He was horrible. And he's angry with you, which is completely unjustified. So -- I went to talk to you about it, and you weren't there at "Oakdale Now." And I -- I saw Noah.

Luke: Mom -- Mom, please tell me you didn't say anything to Noah.

Lily: His father said you were pressuring Noah, and when I saw him, I figured I would talk to him. I --

Luke: Well, what did you say?

Lily: I told him that I understood that his father's attitude may make it very difficult for Noah to be proud of who he is. What?

Luke: Mom -- you gave him a gay pride speech?

Lily: I was just trying to help. I -- I offered to talk to Noah's father, to help him accept who Noah is.

Luke: Ah, but he turned you down, I bet.

Lily: How did you know?

Luke: Well, how's Colonel Mayer going to accept Noah, if Noah can't even accept himself?

Maddie: Ready to order?

Noah: Only if you'll join me.

Maddie: I'm busy.

Noah: Maddie, what can I do to make this right?

Maddie: The only thing that is right about this is that I finally know the truth. Other than that, the whole situation pretty much bites.

Brad: Carly! I can't find them! Where are they?

Carly: Would you stop shouting? You're hurting my head.

Brad: What are you doing down here? What are you doing? I told you to stay in bed. That I'll bring you the pain pills as soon as I find them. Sit down.

Carly: My bag's over there.

Brad: These them? Okay, I'm going to get you some water, all right?

Carly: I'm not taking the pills.

Brad: Why not? Looked like your head was about to explode.

Carly: It was. But it's not now. The pain sort of comes and goes. Really -- it's gone.

Brad: What the hell is going on with you? No. No, you can't -- no. You can't be.

Carly: I can't be dying. That's what I told my doctor. Unfortunately, he couldn't back me up.

Brad: He's not the last word. You get a second opinion.

Carly: The second opinion guy agreed with the first opinion guy.

Brad: Find somebody else.

Carly: Four doctors told me exactly the same thing. It pretty much nailed it for me.

Brad: What have you got exactly?

Carly: Some sort of lesion on my brain.

Brad: A lesion? I thought a lesion was like a sore or something. Why can't they just cut it out?

Carly: Because of where it is -- they canít. So --

Brad: You're not dying. I won't let you.

Brad: So the doctors -- what did -- I mean, what did they say about how much -- how much time do you have about?

Carly: I am not talking about this with you.

Brad: Come on. Come on, Carly. We've got to get a game plan going. I mean this -- I mean, this lesion thing, it's gotta be pretty small if they don't even want to bother going in there and digging around, right? I mean, so we've got, what? At least a couple of years? A few years? I mean, what?

Carly: Leave it alone, okay?

Brad: You've got to fight this!

Carly: Months. They're giving me a couple months. Maybe less. So no Hubbard squash for me at Thanksgiving, right? Look at it this way -- you can save money on those Christmas presents. And New Yearís -- and Parker's birthday -- I won't be here for my boy's birthday. How am I going to tell my kids?

Brad: You know what? You know what? You are going to be around to have Christmases and birthdays. I mean, you're going to be seeing Sage's grandkids, okay? You know, because we are going fighting this --

Carly: I don't know how to fight it! All I know is that I'm sick and that I'm running out of time! And I keep telling myself, this can't be happening! But it is! It's happening! It's happening!

Jack: What's up?

Katie: Umm -- nothing. Just a little pre-wedding preparations.

Jack: Really? Well, I'll let you two talk about it. I've got to go pick up Sage at her dance lesson. Wait for me?

Katie: Always.

Jack: Bye Vienna.

Vienna: Bye.

Katie: He makes me so happy. I can't wait 'til tomorrow.

Vienna: Well, then we would have to make sure that you survive the night.

Katie: Vienna --

Vienna: Well, remember -- Carly knows where you live.

Brad: Come on, we're gonna -- we're calling in the calvary. Get -- I want you to get dressed.

Carly: What? No. Where are we going?

Brad: To see Jack.

Carly: No -- no, no, after his last lecture about not interfering in his life, do you think I'm going to tell him about this tonight?

Brad: You need to tell --

Carly: The night before his wedding?

Brad: You need to tell somebody.

Carly: I thought I just did.

Brad: Even I know I'm about as far from being a go-to guy as you can get.

Carly: Then it works out perfectly for both of us. I can spill my guts to you and you do nothing.

Brad: You need to -- you need to talk to people. People that can help you -- like -- I don't know like -- your sisters! Right! Your sisters. We can call Rosanna. Or Gwen.

Carly: No.

Brad: You know what?

Carly: They're going through their own stuff right now, Brad.

Brad: Kim Hughes. Kim Hughes. Kim Hughes, she is great in a clinch. You know what? Plus her husband's a doctor. We get Kim on the horn.

Carly: Would you stop it! I'm not telling anybody! Not Gwen, not Jack, nobody!

Noah: I know what Luke told you. But he is wrong. My feelings for you are real.

Maddie: How can you have real feelings for me when you want someone else?

Noah: I want you, Maddie. I don't want to lose you. Just give me a chance. Won't you even hear me out?

Maddie: How can you pretend that we can go back to the way things were?

Noah: Because we can. Maddie, I love you.

Maddie: Love me? In case you haven't noticed, Noah, I am a girl. And you're gay.

Dusty: Now think about it. If you kill me, it's going to be harder to frame me for Cheriís murder.

Maddie: I have been in love before, Noah, and I didn't want to admit it, but there is a difference between the way that I felt about Casey and the way that I feel -- I felt about you. I kept telling myself that what we had would grow into love.

Noah: It can. It will.

Maddie: Not if there's something inside of you that's always attracted to guys, because you're always going to be questioning yourself. And that's not fair. That's not fair to either one of us. I need to be with somebody who doesn't have doubts about me.

Noah: I don't have doubts about you. I mean, you're wonderful and beautiful and sexy and right for me. Okay, just because I was confused before doesn't mean I have to stay that way. I -- I don't have to be with guys. I can change.

Maddie: Who would you be changing for, Noah?

Noah: Myself.

Maddie: I don't think you would be changing for yourself. I don't think you're going to be changing for me, either. This is about your dad.

Dusty: Now what about your son? Does he even know Cheri was his mother?

Col. Mayer: What do you care?

Dusty: I'm just wondering how he's going to feel when he finds out you killed her.

Col. Mayer: He'll never know.

Dusty: But why? Why'd you do it?

Col. Mayer: I had to. I had to stop her. I had to keep her from getting my son. Thanks for making it so easy.

Dusty: Me?

Col. Mayer: Yeah. Yeah. She had a meeting with you, so I knew where you'd be. And then, when I found out you had a record, I figured you might have a gun. So, all I had to do was get my hands on this weapon, put a little something extra in your scotch. And the rest -- the rest just fell into place.

[Col. Mayer remembering]

Cheri: Hey. What's wrong with you? What is this? What are you doing here?

Col. Mayer: Did you think I was just going to let it happen?

Cheri: What are you talking about?

Col. Mayer: You were supposed to stay away from Noah.

Cheri: I did. I am.

Col. Mayer: Shut up. You knew he was here.

Cheri: Noah's here? In Oakdale?

Col. Mayer: You're really going to pretend you didn't know?

Cheri: I didnít. I swear I didnít. I swear on my life, Win. Oh my God. What are you doing?

Col. Mayer: Something I should've done a long time ago.

Cheri: No. Don't please. I'm begging. Please, don't!

Col. Mayer: My son is never going to know his mother was a whore. He thinks you're dead and now --


[Col. Mayer shots Cheri. And than places the gun in Dusty hand to get his prints on the gun and lays it on the floor and leaves]

Col. Mayer: So as you can see, you were a big help. It's too bad I won't need your help anymore.

[Col. Mayer shots Dusty and closes the car trunk and leaves]

Noah: I'm so sick and tired of people telling me who I am and what I feel. I love you, Maddie and that has nothing to do with my father. And you know what? I can't stand the thought of you not being in my life.

Maddie: I'm going to miss you too, Noah. And maybe, one day, we can be friends again.

Noah: Yeah, I bet you'd really like that.

Maddie: I would.

Noah: Why?

Maddie: Luke. He helped me see that this isn't about me. I don't really know what you two are to each other. But he's a really good guy. And you'd be really lucky to have him, if you'd just let yourself.

Luke: Noah thinks I was trying to force the issue, you know, like, make him come out, which I'm not. And then when Maddie was asking about it, I just -- I couldn't lie to her.

Lily: I know. You did the right thing.

Luke: Yeah, but a part of me really feels for Noah. Because I know how hard it is to keep that secret.

Lily: Well, seeing him, knowing how intolerant his father is, it just made me regret how difficult I made things for you. And I was just trying to help and I'm sorry.

Luke: I know. I know, and I really do appreciate it. But, maybe you should just stay out.

Holden: Sounds like good advice.

Lily: Ready for our date?

Luke: Oh, wait, you guys are going on a date?

Lily: Catching a movie.

Holden: We'd ask you to join us, but --

Lily: But --

Holden: You know --

Luke: You know what? It's completely okay. You guys are long overdue.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Excuse me. I'm expecting a phone call. I'll be right back.

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: Oh. Hello?

Noah: Hey. Can you meet me?

Luke: Are you okay?

Noah: At the studio in ten minutes?

Luke: Yeah, I'll be there.

Holden: Is everything okay?

Luke: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hope so. See you. Bye.

Lily: That was Natalieís troop leader.

Holden: Oh, when are they leaving for their trip to Chicago?

Lily: No, no, the trip has been cancelled. Because two of the mothers backed out last minute. I think one of them not going is okay, but two not going, that makes it unsafe.

Holden: Natalie is going to be very disappointed.

Lily: She was really looking forward to that trip.

Holden: Why didn't you volunteer to go?

Lily: Oh, I don't know. I mean, it's kind of last minute. And I have things that I have to do around here.

Holden: And of course you would need to stick around to help Dusty.

[Heavy breathing]

Col. Mayer: Mission accomplished.

Carly: Jack is totally focused on Katie right now. He doesn't want to have anything to do with me.

Brad: Because he doesn't know what you're going through and he should.

Carly: Why? Why does he need to know tonight --?

Brad: So you two -- so you two can put your heads together about what to tell the kids and when.

Carly: We will. But not tonight. I can't do that. You know, as soon as the words come out of my mouth, his wedding will be ruined.

Brad: Yeah, you -- I mean, that's what you've been wanting for months.

Carly: So, that I could be with him. But I canít. So, the last gift I can give him is a good start to a happy life with someone else, and that's what I'm going to do.

Brad: How do you think he's going to feel when he finds out that you hid this from him? My brother, he lives to save the world. How do you think he's going to feel? It's going to kill him when he finds out he didn't get a chance to save you.

Carly: He's already saved me a million times.

Brad: When are you going to tell people?

Carly: I'm not sure.

Brad: Get sure. When?

Carly: After the honeymoon. After the honeymoon, everyone can know. But not until then.

Jack: You can count on your mom, Sage. She says she was going to have your dress ready by tomorrow, and then she will.

Sage: But if she's too sick to finish my dress?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Sage: She went to the doctor today.

Jack: Honey, she saw the doctor last night, after the accident.

Sage: But she went to the doctor again today. She even told me so.

Carly: You promise you won't tell Jack.

Brad: I promise, I won't tell Jack.

Carly: Or my sisters. Or anyone.

Brad: It's going to backfire on you, Carly. I mean, how do you think your kids are going to feel when they find out that you cheated them out of time they could be spending with you.

Carly: Jack has them tonight. And then I'll have them during the honeymoon. And I'll tell everybody everything after the honeymoon. But you promise me you won't say anything before then.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Is it Jack?

Carly: Hi.

Jack: Why didn't you tell me you went to the doctor today?

Carly: Who told you that?

Jack: Sage. Did you have a doctor's appointment today?

Carly: Can we talk about this later? I really have to finish Sage's dress.

Jack: Were you not okay to leave the hospital last night, Carly? Carly? Tell me what the doctor said.

Carly: I feel great. You don't need to be checking up on me. You need to be getting married, and going on your honeymoon and having a really great time. I'll take care of the kids.

Jack: If I'm going to leave the kids with you for that long of time, and you're alone, I need to know that you're up for it. Are you? 'Cause if you're not --

Carly: Sage didn't make a mistake. I must have. I must have told her that I went to the doctor today, but I meant last night. I just got the days confused. There's a lot going on.

Jack: Unbelievable. I thought this was going to stop?

Carly: Just an honest mistake.

Jack: Really? Or are you just trying to make Sage worry about you?

Carly: I wouldn't do that.

Jack: See, I'm thinking that maybe you want her to worry about you, so she asks you to come to the wedding with her, hmm? Is that it, Carly?

Carly: I wouldn't do that to her.

Jack: I thought we had gotten past this.

Carly: We have. We have. I will call Sage later and make sure she knows I'm okay. I would never want her to worry about me.

Jack: Okay, you do that. I got to go.

Brad: Do you still think Jack shouldn't know the truth?

Vienna: Okay, so, I'll make all the arrangements at the hotel. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Katie: Thank you.

Vienna: Oh, hello, Jack.

Jack: Hello, Vienna.

Vienna: So, make sure that you bring Katie to my hotel before midnight. Because you can't see her until you get married.

Jack: Sure thing. Good-bye Vienna.

Vienna: Ciao!

Jack: Hotel?

Katie: Thought it would be a little more festive than getting ready at the house.

Jack: Oh, shwanky, shwanky --

Katie: You don't have to go back to work, do you?

Jack: No, I'm officially off-duty until after the honeymoon.

Katie: Sage said you were on the phone.

Jack: Just tying up some loose ends. Everything's taken care of now.

Jack: So, did Brad call while I was out?

Katie: No, why?

Jack: I just -- thought for sure when I told him I didn't want a bachelor party, he'd go ahead and throw me one anyway.

Katie: Are you disappointed?

Jack: That depends. Are you going to make it up to me?

Katie: That depends. That's kind of a tall order before midnight. But something tells me I can entertain you much better than some cheesy stripper that Brad dug up.

Jack: I'm sure you can.

Brad: There's got to be something we can do. Something that can at least slow this thing down.

Carly: There is a drug therapy. And a small chance it could buy me more time.

Brad: Well, why didn't you say something? You should do that. When can you start?

Carly: I'm not even going to think about that until after Jack and Katie get back from their honeymoon.

Brad: Carly, Carly -- the longer you wait --

Carly: Brad, I have this gift of time with my children, and I'm not going to spend it lying in some hospital bed, being pumped full of drugs I know can't save me!

Brad: Well, I wonder how the kids would feel if we gave them a vote.

Carly: Promise.

Brad: I promise. Not a word to anyone.

Carly: Thank you. Now, get out of here.

Brad: I don't want to leave you alone.

Carly: I'm fine. Fine. I have to get this dress for Sage here, because I know Katieís so busy with all the wedding stuff, it's not like she can drop everything and --

Brad: What is it? Is the pain -- is the pain starting?

Carly: It's just this image of Sage -- with Katie as her mother.

Luke: Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Luke: Is everything all right? You sounded upset.

Noah: I went to go talk to Maddie, tried to get back together, and she said it wasn't going to happen.

Luke: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Noah: Really? Well, the more I thought about it, the more I realized we can't get back together.

Luke: So, why did you want to see me?

Noah: To thank you.

Luke: I wasn't expecting that.

Noah: You're the reason Maddie still wants to be friends with me. She's really important, so -- thanks.

Luke: Well, you're welcome.

Noah: Now I just have to figure out how to tell my dad I'm gay. Without him going off the deep end.

[Knocking on door]

[Door closing]

Lily: Are you ever going to trust me again?

Holden: Are you going to keep evading questions?

Lily: No, Dusty is not the reason I didn't volunteer to go to Chicago.

Holden: Suddenly you don't care about him? Or his murder case?

Lily: No, I care. But I don't think there's anything else I can do for him. You know, if I'm going to go on this trip tomorrow, there's some things I have to do before I go, so, that means skipping our date.

Holden: I won't hold it against you.

Brad: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- Katie may take care of those kids, but she will never be their mother. Besides, you are still here. You're here now. Let's work with that.

Carly: It's just I always -- I always dreamed of making Sage's wedding dress.

Brad: You will. You will. You're going to be around. You're going to be around, okay? You're going to get those treatments, it's going to buy you the time that you need. Come on, you read the papers, they're finding treatments. You know, like, cures everyday. What make you think they won't find one for you? And a few years time, you'll make Sage the most beautiful dress a bride has ever wore.

Carly: Your go-to skills are better than you think. Come on, get out of here. Come on.

Brad: Okay, all right -- just -- if you need someone to rub your shoulders, talk -- call me.

Carly: No, I wouldn't dream of it. I wouldn't interrupt that bachelor party. Now, you enjoy those pole-dancers.

Brad: Oh, I'll -- I'll do that.

Jack: Awesome!

Sage: I saw the delivery truck leaving! Did they bring -?

Jack: Look at this --

Sage: You weren't supposed to open that!

Jack: You guys got this for me?

Sage: We were going to give it to you later. It's a wedding present. We all pooled our allowances together. And Uncle Brad chipped in, too. For you and Katie.

Jack: That is the sweetest thing. Our old camera broke, I never got around to getting it fixed. I guess it's because maybe I haven't had much to remember in the past year.

Sage: But now we can make new memories, right?

Katie: Right. I can't wait to get that started. Thank you.

[Knocking at door]

Lily: Dusty, are you in there? Dusty?

Luke: So, how do you think your dad will react?

Noah: He'll lose it.

Luke: Like -- like he'll hit you or something? Has he ever done that before?

Noah: No, my dad's strict, but he's not a violent guy.

[Dusty gasping]

[Lily calls Dusty on her cell phone]

Lily: Dusty, it's me again. I am worried that I haven't heard from you. So, please call me back. And if Holden is there, I'll explain, but please just call me back. Let me know you're okay.

Noah: What I'm most afraid of is just how disappointed my father will be.

Luke: I went through the same thing with my parents. I mean, when I first came out, they were kind of freaked, but they're parents. They'll love you, regardless.

Noah: I know my dad loves me. But he's got these rules about what a man is supposed to be. And he's had the rules longer than he's had me. So, I guess when it comes down to it --

Luke: The rules win?

Noah: Yeah, and that would kill me. Because my dad's my only family. And without him, I'm alone.

Luke: No, you're not. You're not alone.

[Struggling to breathe]

Dusty: I got a bad situation!

Katie: Maybe you should go talk to Brad.

Jack: What?

Katie: Find out what really happened.

Jack: Instead of going into your room with you? I don't think so.

Katie: Where's your family loyalty?

Jack: Wait a minute! By this time tomorrow, Brad's going to be back to his usual self. He's going to be hitting on you, and saying inappropriate toasts at our wedding.

Katie: And by this time tomorrow, I will be Mrs. Jack Snyder.

Jack: Oh, that sounds so good. Would you say that again for me, please? Right here.

Katie: By this time tomorrow, I will be Mrs. Jack Snyder.

Jack: And I'll be the happiest man alive.

[Carly remembering]

Jack: I love you, Carly. That's the simple answer. Because you made my life make sense. You're the reason why I get up every day, and why I always try to do the right thing. I mean something when we're together. And now that we're here, back where it all began, so much richer, all of our friends, and two wonderful kids, and a chance to build a life together. If you'll have me.

Carly: Of course, I'll have you, Jack. Because you're my compass, Jack. You're my true north.

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Carly: Maybe you were meant to be with Katie after all.

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