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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07

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Carly: A lesion?

Dr. Evers: The pressure on your brain explains the headaches and the blackouts.

Carly: But it's benign -- as a matter of fact, just the other day, I was reading about it and turns out --

Dr. Evers: Ms. Tenney.

Carly: Most tumors are -- just tell me it's benign!

Dr. Evers: I can't. Judging by what we can see on your MRI, it doesn't appear to be.

Carly: Oh no --

Dr. Evers: I'm very sorry.

Carly: No, no, no, no. Oh no. Oh -- so -- so what do we do? Damn it, this is -- there's a wedding. This is just -- this is a very, very bad time for this. I should probably wait a couple of days before I start treatment if that's okay. Will we do chemo or radiation? You know, I would prefer to do whatever is fastest. I think that I would prefer to run through this rather than walk through it. Why are you looking at me like that? Why aren't you saying anything?

Dr. Evers: I am very sorry.

Carly: Oh my God.

Craig: You know, Rosanna, you have changed. I can tell you've been spending time with Paul Ryan. All the solemn pronouncements, the empty threats, it's really not at all your style.

Rosanna: Well, I'm the one that has the goods on you. I am the one that can make you pay for -- it's a very long list, isn't it?

Craig: You know what? Please don't do this.

Rosanna: Oh, you're scared?

Craig: No. No, of course not. I mean -- please don't let Paul use you, don't let him turn you against me. After everything we were to each other, it is very sad to see you get bitter.

Rosanna: That's touching, you don't want to see me used. You didn't mind if I'm in a coma for a couple of years, but oh please, don't get bitter.

Craig: Rosanna, I would have done anything to get you back.

Rosanna: Well, I am back and I'm bringing you down.

Craig: You know, this sparring thing -- I don't really want to do it. It doesn't feel right.

Rosanna: After what we were to each other?

Craig: No, see, I think I should just be much more blunt, okay? You are not going to be bringing me down. Damn, I can just hear Paul saying those words. Because you don't talk like that, not ever.

Rosanna: Okay. I'll use new and simpler words. I'm going to put you back in prison where you belong. Is that better?

Craig: I know you want to, but Sweetheart, the truth is -- you can't.

Dusty: Thanks for your help.

Col. Mayer: You're Lily Snyder? Luke Snyder's mother?

Lily: Uh, yes. I am. And you are?

Col. Mayer: Your son's worst nightmare. I know what he is. And what he's trying to do to my boy.

Noah: What part of leave me alone didn't you understand?

Luke: He knows. He wouldn't have said to me what he did if he didn't.

Noah: He knows about you. You're out.

Luke: Yeah, your father knows about you too. He's just in denial -- it's the one thing you guys have in common.

Noah: Okay, it's none of your business.

Luke: Look, I understand that you're mad at me, but can I just say one thing? You only know one person who's ever been through what you're going through.

Noah: It's not the same for you. You've got your family, I've got my father. You don't know anything.

Luke: Well, I know that his suspicions aren't going to go away. Every second of every conversation you have is going to be a lie.

Noah: Luke, just go away, okay? Just leave.

Luke: Noah, the way things are between you and your father -- nothing's going to change. It's going to stay the same. Until you come out.

Noah: Luke? Go to hell.

Vienna: Every detail has been attended to. Oh, wait. Target is approaching the building.

Jack: You mean Katie just showed up?

Vienna: Okay, synchronize watches. It is now 4:07. I will see you in exactly 55 seconds. Over and out.

Jack: And bonkers.

Vienna: Hey, Darling, so good to see you.

Katie: What's wrong? What's going on? What's wrong?

Vienna: Nothing, why?

Katie: Because you called me in a panic and told me to rush over here and then you hung up. What's going on?

Vienna: Nothing is wrong. Everything is fine. Here.

Katie: I can't drink. It's the middle of the day, and I'm working on the wedding.

Vienna: It's a fruit punch. To help you visualize.

Katie: Does Henry know you're having an escape-from-reality day?

Vienna: Ding, ding. Visualize this!

Katie: I thought at the very least there was a kitchen fire or something. You called me over here to look at a brochure?

Vienna: Look at the perfect, isolated beaches. Isn't that the most indulgent, most romantic place? Wouldn't this place, San Roche, be the most wonderful place for a honeymoon?

Katie: Wonderful? No, I hate it. Hey. What's that?

Jack: First class tickets to that place you hate.

Carly: What exactly are you saying?

Dr. Evers: Ms. Tenney, you have to understand. The treatment does not mean a cure.

Carly: Is there one?

Dr. Evers: The position of the lesion rules out surgery or radiation. Now we're going to do everything possible to alleviate your pain and to slow down the growth. But it is still growing, and it will continue to do so.

Carly: How long?

Dr. Evers: It's hard to say.

Carly: How long?

Dr. Evers: A few months. Or less.

Carly: Okay, I've decided that you're wrong.

Dr. Evers: Look, do you have someone you want me to call?

Carly: It can't be that bad. I would feel a lot worse than I feel, so you're wrong.

Dr. Evers: I really wish I were.

Carly: I'll get a second opinion, and I'll prove it to you. You can't look at one test and know this.

Dr. Evers: Fine, Ms. Tenney. Please, get a second opinion. I've shared your results with all those doctors. For your sake, call one, call them all. But do it quickly.

Carly: Why the urgency? You've already told me there's no hope.

Dr. Evers: Your situation still needs to be monitored. You're going to need help. Medical help.

Carly: I will call them, but I hope to God I find somebody better than you.

Noah: You know what I just did?

Luke: No.

Noah: I just finished editing the last installment of "Invisible Girl." I listened to the words Maddie spoke that you wrote. I thought about all the time we spent working on it. And you know what? I wish I'd never met either one of you.

Luke: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Noah: Oh, no, for different reasons. For Maddie because I never wanted to hurt someone like that. And I wouldn't have, if it wasn't for you.

Luke: Yeah, well, you and your dad seem to be on the same wave length about that. It's all my fault!

Noah: You know, I just figured something else about you too. It's not about how you feel, it's definitely not about how I feel, for you, it's like some cause or something. And everybody's got to do exactly what you did. You took away my right to live my life my way.

Luke: Well, if you feel that way, that's your call. But I'm just trying to get you to --

Noah: To do what? Do whatever you want me to do?

Luke: No! To do the only thing that's going to work. Look, Noah, if the closet door had stayed shut and your dad was completely clueless -- that would be one thing. But right now it's like this war that's never going to end.

Noah: That's not true!

Luke: Yes it is. And I just want you to realize --

Noah: Look, it could kill him!

Luke: But what about what it's doing to you?

Noah: Doesn't matter.

Luke: It does to me.

Noah: Yeah, right, like you --

Luke: Yeah. Like for whatever reason, I still really care about you.

Col. Mayer: I just don't want your son around my son again.

Lily: That's their decision. Isn't it?

Col. Mayer: No, no, no, it's not, Ma'am. Noah's always been a little -- been a little soft-hearted. He's always felt for the underdog. He tries to be friends with everyone.

Lily: Yeah, I -- I think we've gotten off on the wrong foot here, because I would be hypocritical if I said that I handled everything with Luke perfectly. That I didn't get mad. I was not in denial. I know how you feel. Really.

Col. Mayer: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not denying anything.

Lily: At their age, whatever they are is out of our hands.

Col. Mayer: Well, you may throw in the towel and stop being a parent. I never will. To that end, make sure your boy stays away from mine. Understand?

Lily: Oh, I understand a lot. Now.

Dusty: What was that all about?

Lily: He's wound up tight, isn't he?

Dusty: You think he could snap?

Lily: Why are you concerned with Colonel Mayer all of a sudden?

Dusty: Well, he's one of the witnesses the cops spoke to that night I supposedly threatened Cheri. What was his son's name?

Lily: Noah.

Dusty: I'll see you later.

Lily: No, no, no, wait. Whoa, whoa. No, no, no. You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on.

Katie: This surprise was all for me?

Jack: A surprise you hate.

Katie: No. No, I don't hate it. I -- I mean -- it's not that I would hate it, it's just more that --

Jack: Katie, Katie calm down. What is it? What's wrong?

Katie: I can't come up with a lie. What is wrong with me?

Vienna: Now, that's amore.

Katie: I'm so sorry, this was so sweet and I ruined it.

Jack: No, you didn't! You didn't! Although, I don't know too many people who passionately hate island getaways.

Katie: Simon.

Jack: Hmm?

Katie: I was on that island with Simon and it just -- I don't want it to remind me of someone else.

Jack: Okay, you know what? We don't have to go there. We'll pick a place together.

Katie: I'm sorry I ruined your surprise because of Simon.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I know I've been meaning to talk to you about this. That whole dragging the ex thing up. How would you like it if I brought Carly up every five minutes?

Katie: You know what? We'll go to your island. I don't care where we go I just want to be with you.

Jack: I don't want -- I don't want you to go on a honeymoon you're going to hate.

Katie: I didn't mean I hated it. And you really wanted to go.

Jack: Actually, no, I didn't. Vienna was the one who was pressuring me. She said it would be romantic.

Katie: Oh, well, you know what would be romantic is to go to a place that you have always wanted to go and never have been.

Jack: Really?

Katie: Really.

Jack: That's great, 'cause the college football hall of fame is in South Bend, Indiana. Haven't you always wanted to see it?

Katie: Oh my -- yeah.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Hey, Kiddo. What's up?

Sage: Are you going to take me to dance practice?

Jack: I said I would, and I will. I'm on my way right now.

Sage: I know. I really just wanted to hear how Katie liked her surprise.

Jack: You know what? She had a little surprise for me. I'll see you in a little bit.

Katie: Sage was in on this?

Jack: She said we should pick a place together. She did, she did. Vienna was the one who came up with the whole surprise idea.

Vienna: Yes, sometimes I have very bad surprises.

Katie: Well, Vienna, Darling, next time you want to surprise me, just tell me first, okay?

Vienna: I promise.

Katie: Okay.

Vienna: No, no, no. You have to go too? I made poi.

Katie: I just had the sudden urge to take a little girl to dance class. Can I come with you?

Jack: Sure. Of course. Thank you, thank you for trying to help, but I think this is something we have to decide together.

Vienna: Absolutely.

Katie: Thank you.

Jack: Come on.

Vienna: Nope, your honeymoon needs to be perfect. So I have to help plan it.

Carly: You're just backing Dr. Evers up. Because that's what you doctors do. You stick together. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Brad: What are you doing here?

Carly: I came for Sage. I'm going to start working on that dress.

Brad: Well, I've been waiting for your call. I was going to take you to the doctor.

Carly: Sage? Hey, Sage, come on down. Mom's here, okay?

Brad: I left ten messages.

Carly: Yeah, well I've been screening my calls. Sage! Sage, come on, Honey. Where are you?

Brad: You went.

Carly: Shut up.

Brad: What did the doctor tell you?

Carly: Brad, I said shut up!

Sage: Why are you mad at Uncle Brad?

Brad: You know what? It's my fault, Darling. I was just -- I was making fun of her outfit.

Sage: No. You were talking about a doctor. I heard. Is something wrong?

Rosanna: Frankly, I thought you were going to be smart enough to be scared, and I was kind of looking forward to that. But you're clinging to this unflappable, man-of-the-world thing. I think it's going to make your imminent demise all the more enjoyable.

Craig: Rosanna, we've already been over this. I've already done jail time for running you off the road.

Rosanna: Not enough time.

Craig: I hate what you are.

Rosanna: I hate that you're still at large. So I'm going to change that.

Craig: I can't be tried again.

Rosanna: Don't be so sure. There's a new witness. The victim herself.

Craig: Rosanna -- dump Paul. He's a bad influence.

Rosanna: Not only do I remember you running me off the road. I remember why. And I cannot wait to tell the truth, the whole truth. So help me God.

Dusty: I promised your husband you wouldn't be involved in this anymore.

Lily: I love -- I love how I'm not even a part of the equation. You and Holden get to decide what's best for me.

Dusty: I appreciate everything you've done for me. But I can't let anything happen to you. And that's that.

Lily: Not quite.

Luke: Maddie.

Maddie: We're closed.

Luke: So, you're not even going to talk to me?

Maddie: Why should I?

Luke: Because we're friends.

Maddie: Oh, you know what, that's one of those things that I thought was true. Turns out -- there was some information I was missing.

Luke: Look, Maddie, I'm going to tell you something and I swear to God it's the truth. If anything really happened between me and Noah, I would have told you.

Maddie: There were things happening 24/7! I knew it. And I kept asking you.

Luke: Yeah, but that wasn't between us. That was stuff that was all going on inside of him.

Maddie: You know? I don't even want to know, okay?

Luke: Look, I tried to get him to tell you so many times. I didn't want to tell you myself. I just felt it would be better for him if he did. But he had to find his own way.

Maddie: Oh, okay, so that's what's more important? I was signing a lease and buying a mattress. Planning my life, but Noah had to find his own way, so to hell with me.

Luke: You know what?

Maddie: What?

Luke: You're mad at me. He's mad at me. But I didn't seduce him. I didn't start these problems that you guys are having, so I don't know why it's my job to fix them.

Maddie: Oh, you didn't start the problems?

Luke: No, Maddie, I didn't make him gay. I'm not a recruiting officer.

Maddie: You're right. You didn't do anything wrong. Not your fault at all. You're perfect. It's just a coincidence that you ended up with what you wanted all along.

Lily: Hi, Noah.

Noah: Oh. Hi, Mrs. Snyder.

Lily: Is Luke around?

Noah: He was here before, but he left.

Lily: Oh. I guess some parents have children that actually answer cell phone calls, but I don't. Can you tell him that I'd like to see him, when you see him?

Noah: Yeah, but --

Lily: But?

Noah: I don't think he's coming back.

Lily: Oh?

Noah: Yeah, well, we pretty much finished the project. So --

Lily: Oh, so -- that's that?

Noah: I guess. If I see him, I'll let him know you stopped by.

Lily: Okay. I talked to your father this afternoon.

Noah: Oh. Sorry.

Lily: Why would you be sorry?

Noah: My father -- people who just meet him, sometimes he can come across a little strong.

Lily: Oh. I was raised by someone who comes across a little strong. I'll give you some advice -- don't apologize for him. You didn't do anything.

Noah: I just didn't want you to get the wrong impression. My dad's a colonel in the army, he's just used to telling people what to do, but he's okay, I mean really.

Lily: Well, do you want me to tell you what he told me to do?

Noah: Listen, Mrs. Snyder, I've got to get this done.

Lily: He told me to keep Luke away from you.

Noah: Look, I'm sorry if he did that, but you don't have to worry about anything, okay? The project is done.

Lily: So, you're going to make sure his orders are carried out?

Noah: I keep telling you, the project is finished!

Lily: I understand what he's going through. I tried to talk to him about it.

Noah: No --

Lily: And I will do it again if you want me to.

Noah: No, you don't understand.

Lily: We both know that I do.

Noah: No, about my father. I love him, but nothing changes him. Nothing.

Dusty: Colonel Mayer, Sir?

Col. Mayer: Do I know you?

Dusty: No, not really. But we do have a lot in common.

Carly: Well, you have a set of ears on you, haven't you? Yeah, I did go to the doctor, to make sure that I'm okay after the accident.

Sage: And what did he say?

Carly: He said that I'm fine, except I must have a nosy little kid.

Sage: If you're fine, why didn't you want me to know you went?

Carly: Because I know you're a worry wart. And I don't want to talk about this, I want to talk about that dress for the wedding. So, let's go. We'll have an early supper and we'll talk it over and then we'll hit the fabric stores, okay?

Sage: I can't. I have dance class.

Carly: That's okay. You can skip it for one time, right?

Sage: Daddy's already on his way to pick me up.

Carly: Well, that's okay, too. We'll just go, and Uncle Brad is here, and he'll tell him that we've gone. It's okay.

Sage: But --

Carly: Sage, please! All I'm asking for is just one afternoon!

Jack: Sage, go on up and grab your dance bag please? Yeah?

Sage: Daddy.

Jack: Honey, we don't want to be late.

Sage: This one's going to be really bad.

Jack: She's kind of right. This is going to be really bad.

Carly: Jack --

Jack: Brad, why don't you go grab your dance bag, too?

Brad: Jack, please --

Jack: Leave us alone.

Brad: All right, I'll wait outside. Don't leave without talking to me first. Tell him what you're not telling me.

Jack: I have tried, I have really tried to keep it together.

Carly: I know.

Jack: And now you come out here, you sneak out here, and you try to take Sage without telling me. You tell her it's okay to skip dance practice -- again, without telling me.

Carly: I know.

Jack: You don't know a thing! You don't know anything that's going on with that little girl!

Carly: I really have to go.

Jack: You know what? Carly -- she has enough to deal with right now without you going off the edge! She knows how serious this is. She knows the situation is totally -- is this why you came back here -- to use her as a weapon against me?

Carly: No!

Jack: Well, it's going to change, Carly. It has to! Or I will be taking you to court. You know what really, really makes me mad is that every time I try to work with you, to understand you, to give you a break -- you use that as a signal to push harder. To pull something even worse.

Carly: Sorry. I have to go.

Jack: Oh, that's right. Run! You're good at that, Carly. Hey, listen, the next time you cry or beg or whatever you do next, it's not going to work. I'm not going to trust anything you do or say ever again.

Noah: Look, I know what my father said to Luke, okay? I was there. You know what I told Luke?

Lily: No.

Noah: I told him I agreed. I want him to stay away. I just want this to be over.

Lily: It's not that easy, Noah.

Noah: Everybody acts like they have all the answers. Everybody thinks they know me better than I do.

Lily: Okay, you're right. I'm sorry. If I did that, I apologize.

Noah: You and Luke have worked it out, and so have my dad and I. It's just different. I don't have a mother. Okay? I can't lose him too.

Col. Mayer: I know who you are. I saw you in the Lakeview bar and on the front page of the newspaper.

Dusty: That's right.

Col. Mayer: They don't keep murderers in jail here?

Dusty: I don't know. I didn't kill her.

Col. Mayer: You simply threatened her life in front of a room full of people?

Dusty: One of whom was you.

Col. Mayer: That's right. And since I am one of the many witnesses against you, I don't think it's appropriate for us to be having this conversation.

Dusty: Remember Charlene Wilson? And your son?

Col. Mayer: And I'll be more than happy to tell the police that their prime suspect attempted to intimidate me. I believe that's against the law, too.

Dusty: I think there are details in your life that you don't want the cops to know about.

Col. Mayer: So you're not attempting to intimidate me, you're attempting to blackmail me. Well, that won't work either.

Dusty: I'm trying to clear my name. So I'm trying to find out who killed that woman.

Col. Mayer: It wasn't me. And I'll tell you one other thing -- you would be well advised to keep what you just said to yourself.

Dusty: Or?

Col. Mayer: I think we're done here.

Dusty: I think I found my guy.

Carly: So you agree with Dr. Evers? Yeah, I understand. Yeah -- I will -- I will get help.

[Water running]

Craig: Please, don't do this. Don't do this to yourself.

Rosanna: It's so nice that you still worry about me.

Craig: I want you to think about this. I want you to think about the trial. Think about what my lawyers will do to you on the cross. The jury will see a very unstable, vengeful woman, who's just returned from two years in a near vegetative state who suddenly -- wait a second. Actually, you know what? You're never going to be called.

Rosanna: No?

Craig: No. Because of little, legal niceties like hearsay. You see, at the beginning of this discussion, I told you, your threats are empty.

Rosanna: But not my bank account.

Craig: You can't buy justice.

Rosanna: But you can buy Nurse Thompson. Once again, she might be available to the highest bidder.

Craig: It's very difficult to find someone who doesn't want to be found.

Rosanna: Really? Do you want to bet? You want to bet that I can't track her down? You want to be that I don't have enough money to track her down? You want to bet that she's not going to respond to a little personal ad that would read something like -- big bucks and immunity for a little bit of information about Craig Montgomery.

Craig: Rosanna --

Rosanna: And when she tells the D.A. her nasty little story, I think there just might be trial where I get to tell about the accident that robbed me of two years of my life. I think then a jury might find it incredibly fascinating to know that you were ready to let me die. You were ready to kill me rather than let me tell what I knew. Know.

Craig: But that's not going to happen.

Rosanna: Watch me.

Craig: Because the Rosanna I loved was the most truthful person I ever knew. And all of that -- that version of what happened. Lies. They're Paul Ryan's lies.

Luke: You think I purposely kept all this a secret so I could end up with Noah -- is that what you're saying?

Maddie: No.

Luke: Well, never mind the fact that I'm not with Noah, and that telling you would probably get me closer to that, if that's what I wanted.

Maddie: Just -- it just really hurts.

Luke: Maddie, a lot of things hurt.

Maddie: But to lose him -- to a guy. It makes me feel such bad things about myself.

Luke: Well, I never meant to hurt you. I just did not know how not to.

Maddie: I'm really sorry I said what I said.

Luke: Yeah. Well I'm really sorry too. This is such an awful situation.

Maddie: Yeah. Its worse for Noah though, isn't it?

Luke: Yeah, it's worse for Noah.

Dusty: Maybe now, Margo, you'll do your job.

Vienna: The villa is only about 15 kilometers away from AIX, but it'll feel like a million miles away from people, and you can be all alone and in love.

Katie: Vienna, thank you, but I don't want you to decide where I'm going to go on my honeymoon. I want to go someplace Jack wants to go.

Vienna: But -- all right. I won't say another word. I'm gone. I fly.

Katie: Hyatt! Freeze.

Vienna: What?

Katie: What aren't you telling me?

Vienna: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Katie: Then what was with that weird pause, smile and then you start to disappear? You're hiding something and I want to know what it is. You want "Oakdale Now" to review your new menu?

Vienna: No, that's mean.

Katie: And I'll do worse. Come on what aren't you telling me? And what does it have to do with Jack?

Vienna: I wasn't the one who picked San Roche. He did.

Katie: What?

Vienna: He's been talking about it for weeks. How he found it online. He wanted to surprise you. He cashed in a bond to pay for it. This was his idea of heaven -- to spend some time alone with you on an island.

Katie: But wait -- he said that it was your idea and he didn't really care either way.

Vienna: No, I only got involved because it was all booked so I had to pull a few strings.

Katie: And he covered it all up so that I could get my way and not feel bad about it?

Vienna: He's the real deal.

Katie: I know he is. All the things he has to contend with and he doesn't even blink an eye when I act like a spoiled brat and ruin his beautiful surprise.

Vienna: No, you stopped being a spoiled brat a long time ago.

Katie: Only good thing in his day and I ruined it.

Vienna: Henry told me about what happened last night. Always, Carly makes all the problems.

Katie: You know what? Sometimes I think there's only one thing that will ever stop that woman.

[Carly slips underwater in her bathtub]

 [Knocking on door]

 [Knocking on door]

Craig: So, you have remembered all about me. But your memories of Paul -- they're just a little bit more selective, wouldn't you say? I know you don't want to think about what he was doing while you were away. But blameless he's not. Manipulative, he is.

Rosanna: That's your perspective.

Craig: No, Rosanna, that is a fact. Paul Ryan lies and cheats to get what he wants. He married Emily to get what he wanted. I'm sorry, did he fail to mention that? Just as he used Emily, he's using you to get what he wanted. He is selling you a pack of lies, and it happens to play in to your need to blame somebody for what happened to you. But at the end of the day, Rosanna, you're not going to do what Paul wants you to do. You are going to do what's right.

Rosanna: I want you to go now.

Craig: Whatever you want. I'm not worried, Rosanna. Because try as he might, Paul Ryan cannot change who you really are.

Rosanna: Craig?

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: You may have known the woman you ran off the road. But you don't know the woman who woke up.

Maddie: Do you think Noah will ever tell his dad the truth?

Luke: I don't know. I think the worst thing though is that part of Noah agrees with his father. He thinks that being gay is just -- he thinks it's just a bad thing. How do you tell your father that you're a bad thing.

Maddie: You know, I wonder --

Luke: What?

Maddie: I wonder if things would have been different if he had a mom.

Noah: Sure, there've been hard times with me and my father. That's because he's got such high standards. Things have been better, a lot better.

Lily: It doesn't seem that way, Noah.

Noah: You and Luke and Maddie -- you want to make him out to be the villain. But even though he and I have had problems, I've always known he's a good man. A really good man.

Katie: I have a bone to pick with you.

Jack: Hmm?

Katie: The next time I say something stupid like, "I don't want to go to an island with you, because I've been to an island with Simon," just tell me to shut up, okay? I've eaten lunch with Simon, too, what am I never going to have lunch again?

Jack: Where is this coming from?

Katie: From me. If you want to go to that island, I want to go to that island.

Jack: Vienna's got a big mouth.

Katie: Don't shift the blame. Why didn't you just level with me? You wanted to go to San Roche, by God, we're going.

Jack: But you said --

Katie: Who cares what I said? Vienna said they have private beaches there. Being alone on a private beach with you -- how could I think of anyone else? We are going to rip that place up rather it's San Roche or South Bend.

Jack: I am so glad I have you.

Katie: Have me? You're stuck with me.

[Brad reaches in the tub and pulls Carly up]

Brad: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carly: I wasn't trying to kill myself.

Brad: Then what were you doing?

Carly: I wanted to see what it would be like.

Brad: Carly --

Carly: I'm dying.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Katie: By this time tomorrow, I will be Mrs. Jack Snyder.

Jack: And I'll be the happiest man alive.

Carly: After the honeymoon. After the honeymoon everyone can know, but not until then.

Jack: Carly -- tell me what the doctor said.

Noah: Now I just have to figure out how to tell my dad I'm gay. Without him going off the deep end.

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