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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07

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Carly: I'm waiting for my test results. Carly Tenney. I was in a car accident with my daughter. I've had some headaches and dizziness. Tenney -- E-Y. Okay, well, when you get the results, could you have the doctor call in the prescription to the pharmacy? Because if it's just some inner ear thing, I'd really like to take care of it, so I can drive. You know? Okay, so you have my cell number then? When you get the results, you'll call me? Great.

Aaron: Ali?

Alison: You know when you've got the flu and you're not sure if you're going to hurl or just pass out? That is how I feel right now at this moment.

Aaron: Those hormone shots are really doing a number on you, huh? Just relax and breathe. Better?

Alison: Yeah.

Aaron: Come on in.

Alison: Are you sure it's okay that I'm here? Are your parents going to like freak out or something?

Aaron: Don't worry, nobody's even here. I made sure of it.

Alison: Do they hate me that much?

Aaron: Where'd you get that? My family doesn't hate you.

Alison: But you said you'd make sure no one was home.

Aaron: Because I want to be alone with you.

Alison: Oh. But Aaron --

Aaron: Ali, listen. Just relax. Okay? Let me take care of you.

Will: Gwen, look what I found. I guess somebody brought it for us. You don't like the plant?

Gwen: No, it's from my mom.

Will: So it must be evil.

Gwen: She gave Cole money for an abortion. They don't want Sofie to have the baby. So they're making her get rid of it.

Will: Making her? They can't force her. If she doesn't want to go through with it --

Gwen: You know how my mom works. I mean, this is all supposed to be good for Cole. Meanwhile, nobody's thinking about poor Sofie or the baby. So I have to stop them.

Sofie: What's taking so long? I thought we'd be done by now.

Doctor: We did the results from your ultrasound, Ms. Duran.

Sofie: Why?

Doctor: We've discovered that you're well into your second trimester.

Sofie: Second trimester? You mean it's too late to do this? It's too late.

Tom: Well --

Rosanna: Hey!

Tom: You look great.

Rosanna: Thank you! So do you.

Tom: And you're well? Completely well?

Rosanna: I'm well. I'm completely well. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Tom: Never expected to see you again.

Paul: Yeah, well, me either. It was a close call.

Tom: Yeah. Okay, so, you need a lawyer?

Rosanna: Yes, it's about Craig.

Tom: I suspected as much. He divorced you while you were incapacitated?

Rosanna: Yes. I'm actually rather happy about that. The other things that he has done, however --

Tom: Oh, so, you are talking about the accident?

Paul: Look, why don't we just get to the bottom of it. We can tell you what we want, then you can turn us down, 'cause he will turn us down, and then we can just get out of here.

Rosanna: Paul.

[Craig comes to the doorway and sees them and than hides behind the wall to overhear]

Tom: Okay, then, tell me what you want.

Rosanna: I want to know how to get Craig charged with attempted murder.

Katie: What do you think?

Jack: I'm not sure.

Katie: You're not sure? It's red velvet.

Jack: It's wonderful.

Katie: Here, try this one. Its lemon --

Jack: No, I don't think it's the cake. There's something not quite right with the test.

Katie: How many ways can you test a cake? Here just --

Jack: Katie -- wait. There are some things a groom must do -- close your eyes.

Katie: You are not putting that cake in my face.

Jack: Faith and trust, Katie. It's a foundation of a good marriage. Faith and trust.

Katie: I'm meeting Nancy in a few minutes. I can't have my makeup --

Jack: Faith and trust, Darling. No, come on, open up that beautiful mouth. Here we go.

Katie: More.

[Knock at the door]

Jack: Carly, what are you doing here?

Carly: I come in peace. I wasn't trying to interrupt. I didn't even know you were here, Katie.

Jack: That doesn't explain why you're here now.

Carly: I am so sorry about last night. I certainly didn't mean to ruin your wedding shower.

Katie: It's okay. We know you didn't do it on purpose. You would do that with Sage in the car.

Carly: How is she?

Jack: Didn't you talk to her this morning?

Carly: Yeah, I did. She said she was fine. I just wanted to be sure. She didn't have any nightmares or anything, did she?

Jack: No, she was still a little spooked when she got home last night. But yeah, she went down.

Carly: I've been thinking about how I've been acting and how I've disrupted things while you've been planning your wedding. And I just wanted to apologize.

Jack: Apology accepted. I think we need to move on.

Carly: I'd like to do more than that. If it's okay, I would really like to make Sage's flower girl dress. I found this beautiful fabric.

Katie: Oh, yeah. It is beautiful, but --

Carly: No pressure. I haven't mentioned it to Sage. And I won't, if you don't think it's a good idea. I just really wanted to do something nice for my little girl -- and for both of you.

Jack: There's not a lot of time before the wedding.

Carly: Plenty of time. I'll start it right away. There's absolutely plenty of time. Well, you two talk about it, okay? And I'll be right outside.

Jack: What do you think?

Katie: I think yet another wedding moment is going to be all about Carly instead of us.

Sofie: So even though I'm further along than I thought -- this is still legal?

Doctor: But as I said, there may be complications.

Sofie: It's just -- the timing and my boyfriend and I talked about it -- and it can't happen. Thank you for explaining about the added risks and everything. But I'm going to do it. I have to do it. Okay?

[Pager beeping]

Doctor: You're going to need someone here after the procedure.

Sofie: I'll call my boyfriend. He'll come right away.

Gwen: I can't find Sofieís number. I'm sure it was in here.

Will: Can we just back off for a minute and think this through, please?

Gwen: No, she's never going to forgive herself if she gets an abortion, Will.

Will: How do you know? You don't know the girl.

Gwen: I know that she wanted that baby. But my mother and my brother decided that it was -- no, it was too inconvenient.

Will: Okay, so let's say that you talk her out of having the abortion. Cole wouldn't leave her, would he?

Gwen: You know what? She would be better off without him.

Will: Alone? And pregnant? Now who's making decisions for Sofie?

Gwen: Look, I told Sofie that Cole would be the worst father a baby could possibly have. And she's probably sitting in a clinic remembering that right now.

Will: Gwen. If Sofie decides to have an abortion, that's not your fault. Whatever she and Cole decide to do at the clinic, that's up to them.

Gwen: You think my brother went with her?

Will: He wouldn't leave her alone, would he?

Gwen: Like hell he wouldnít.

Will: No one should go through that alone. When did your mom give Cole the money?

Gwen: Yesterday, I think -- what am I even talking about? She's already been to the clinic. The baby's already gone.

Will: Do me a favor. Okay? Stop thinking about Cole and Sofie and your mom. Just concentrate on the baby that we're going to have.

Gwen: This morning, being with Alison, I mean even the shots, it felt really good.

Will: No side effects?

Gwen: I think I'm a little emotional.

Will: You did throw a plant out the door.

Gwen: Yeah. That was my mother's plant.

Will: Right. It's perfectly normal. So, how's Alison?

Gwen: I don't think she's feeling very well.

Will: Just don't start worrying yet, okay?

Gwen: I already have.

Aaron: Breathe some of this in.

Alison: What is it?

Aaron: Just try it. Trust me.

Alison: Oh, mint. That's nice.

Aaron: Give it a couple minutes. It should help with your nausea.

Alison: You know what doesn't help? Staring at that old barn out there. Man, I made some stupid mistakes there.

Aaron: Is that all you remember? The mistakes?

Alison: Well, it is where I first fell for you. And that was good.

Aaron: Are you sure about that?

Alison: I know we've been through some bad stuff after that. But falling for you was one of the best things ever.

Aaron: Likewise.

[Cell phone rings]

Alison: Hey, Gwen.

Gwen: Hey. I'm driving Will crazy, bouncing off the walls. How you holding up?

Alison: I feel fine.

Gwen: Are you sure? You seemed a little sick earlier.

Alison: Well, that's over. I feel terrific now.

Gwen: Good. Good, so, it sounds like we're going to make a baby.

Alison: Yeah, it is pretty cool, isn't it?

Gwen: Yeah. Well, have fun with Aaron.

Alison: I will. Bye, Gwen.

Gwen: Bye, Alison.

Aaron: What's that smile about?

Alison: Feeling pretty good. I'm going to make a gorgeous little egg for Will and Gwen. And I changed my mind. I am going to go to that movie with you.

Aaron: Are you sure you're up for it?

Alison: Yeah. Just promise not to mention popcorn. Why did I just say that?

Rosanna: At first my memory was pretty sketchy.

Tom: And Paulís helped you with this?

Rosanna: Look, I remember things that happened before the accident. At Fairwinds, at home. I remember Craig and I had an argument. I tried to call Bob, but he stopped me.

Tom: You were calling my dad? Why?

Rosanna: Because I had put all the pieces together. I had realized that Craig had taken the baby that we adopted and switched it. With Jenniferís baby. Letting Jennifer think the child was dead. And Bob was at the hospital. He could take the baby and take it Jennifer and let her know the truth. But first Craig stopped me from calling Bob and then he ran me off the road.

Tom: And Craig claims that was an accident.

Paul: Craig's lying.

Rosanna: He followed me. He pulled up alongside me in his car, rammed into my car, forcing me off the road, causing me to crash. He put me into a coma. He cost me two years of my life.

Tom: And now you want him prosecuted?

Paul: What we want is to keep Rosanna safe. And the best way to accomplish that is to put Craig in prison.

Tom: Well, I'm afraid that's not going to happen.

Paul: I told you this would happen. Let's get out of here.

Rosanna: Why?

Paul: Why? I'll tell you why. Because Craig is his brother-in-law. There's no way that Margo, the new chief of detectives, is going to put her own brother in jail.

Tom: Margo already arrested her brother on these charges two years ago. And that's why this won't work. Craig's been tried for attempted murder, convicted, did time.

Paul: Time? He did a few months. That's a fraction of his sentence.

Rosanna: Why did they let him out, Tom?

Tom: Somehow he got witnesses to recant.

Paul: Look, the only person that knows what really happened that night is Rosanna. Okay? So there has to be a new trial, one with a conviction that will stick.

Tom: It won't happen.

Rosanna: So what are you saying? I have no recourse? What if he decides to come after me again?

Paul: I'm won't let Craig anywhere near you.

Gwen: Hey. Did you drop this?

Will: No. And it wasn't there when I came in either.

Gwen: I don't know. It's a cd.

Will: Yeah? From?

Gwen: Well, "Dear Ms. Munson, your music rocks. If you have time, please listen to my song, "Hot for you." Thank you. TT Tyler."

Will: Who's that?

Gwen: I don't know. And it kind of creeps me out that they dropped it off while we were still inside.

Will: There's no return address. No phone number on it either.

Gwen: No. We should just throw it out.

Will: No, I think we should listen to it.

Gwen: You really want to do that?

Will: Yeah, if it's as weird as it feels, then we'll just call the cops.

Gwen: Okay, we'll, just bring it with us. We'll listen to it after we eat.

Aaron: So how come you didn't tell Gwen that you were feeling sick?

Alison: If she and Will know that I'm having a bad reaction to the hormones, they'll pull me out of the whole thing.

Aaron: Would that be so bad?

Alison: I really want to do this for them, Aaron. And I need this.

Aaron: What do you mean you need this?

Alison: Aaron, I've messed up a lot. And I need to finally do something that I can be proud of.

Aaron: Ali, you're a good person. You always were. And I'm sorry if I made you feel like you had to prove it. Don't say you had it coming, because you didnít. I wish I could make it up to you.

Alison: You can. You can promise not to force me to eat that chicken broth.

Aaron: Fine. But there's something else I must leave. You know it's been a while, I'm a little bit rusty. So, just bear with me, okay?

Alison: Aaron -- I -- oh -- oh, I missed this. I never I thought I'd get one of your famous massages again.

Aaron: It took you long enough to ask me. Anything you need, Alison, anything.

[Knock on the door]

Sofie: I'm so glad you're home! I know I should have called. But I guess your phone is off. And I called work, and Hank said you might be here.

Aaron: What's going on, Sofie?

Sofie: I couldn't do it. I couldn't have the abortion.

Jack: I'm sorry. If you don't want her to do Sage's dress --

Katie: No, I don't care about that. It's just a dress, and we know Sage will look beautiful. And she'll love wearing her mother's dress. So let's just let Carly do it.

Jack: That's very sweet of you.

Katie: I don't want to be sweet. This is ridiculous. That's the problem with Carly being all nice. I can't even get mad at her for butting in again, without feeling --

Jack: You think Carlyís being nice?

Katie: Don't you?

Jack: I think -- what we talked about last night? It's a very good decision.

Katie: Really?

Jack: Absolutely. I'll tell her today.

Katie: I love you so much!

Carly: Sorry. Hi. I just got a call. I have to run. If you guys need more time to talk about it --

Jack: No, actually not. We really appreciate you offering, and so we accept.

Carly: Great. That's great. Thank you. Sage will really love that. And I'm going to get right started on it. So --

Jack: Carly, can you just hang out just for a minute?

Carly: Sure --

Katie: I'll let you two talk. Call me later?

Jack: Yeah, you got it.

Katie: Ok, bye. Bye Carly.

Carly: Is something wrong?

Jack: No there's nothing wrong. We're just finalizing things for the wedding, and I want to talk to you about that.

Carly: Well, if you want me there early to wrangle the kids --

Jack: Actually, Carly, youíre not invited.

Katie: Nancy, hi. It's so good to see you. You've been so busy at the clinic, and I've been so busy being an engaged woman.

Nancy: Lovely. And you look so happy.

Katie: You seem surprised.

Nancy: Do I?

Katie: I know. It's okay. Usually when we're talking about relationships, its drama, drama, drama. But not with Jack.

Nancy: Is Jack so very different from Mike?

Katie: No, I think I'm the different one this time. Unfortunately, I had to make a lot of mistakes to get to here, but now I'm in an open and honest relationship, and I can be myself with Jack. It's so wonderful -- I don't have to worry about him judging me or running away or pushing me away. I'm so lucky to have him.

Nancy: You've grown into a very wise young woman. Jack is lucky to have you.

Katie: Thank you, Nancy.

Nancy: What about Carly?

Katie: We've had some moments.

Nancy: She'll never stop trying to win him back, you know.

Katie: Well, she can try.

Nancy: Just remember, in this, I'm always behind you.

Katie: Thank you. Actually, I'm glad you said that, because I could use your help.

Jack: There will be other weddings, Carly.

Carly: How many wives are you planning to have?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: I meant, your children will be a part of other weddings. Rosanna's marrying Paul, I assume, sometime soon.

Carly: Doesn't seem right, does it? Rosanna's back, and we haven't talked about it.

Jack: We're talking now.

Carly: When I thought about it -- when I dreamed of it -- of her waking up. You were there with me.

Jack: Well, you got your dream. Who cares about the details?

Carly: Do you talk to her? Katie. Do you guys talk like this?

Jack: Of course we do.

Carly: You and I weren't much for talking, were we? Before we got married, we fought a lot, we made love a lot, you saved my life a bunch of times --

Jack: Just a bunch of times? I thought it was more like a couple hundred times.

Carly: Maybe if we had talked more in the beginning -- I have someplace to be.

Jack: Carly, I didn't mean to blindside you.

Carly: What, with the disinvitation to your wedding? It's okay, Jack, really. I sort of saw it coming.

Jack: Then what's else is going on with you? You seem --

Carly: I'm fine. It's fine. I totally understand. I really understand why Katie wouldn't want me there.

Jack: No, this was my idea. It wasn't Katieís. The last couple of times we tried to include you, well --

Carly: I've behaved badly, right?

Jack: Just to say the least.

Carly: I'm sorry. I really am. And I have no excuse, except I just couldn't believe it. You without me. I could hear it, but I couldn't see it.

Jack: You need to get used to it.

Carly: Picture's getting clearer all the time.

Jack: Good. Because this is happening, Carly. And who knows? Maybe if we're lucky, we'll be one big, happy, well-adjusted, blended family someday.

Carly: We could be that now. I could go to the wedding. I could sit quietly in the back. I could watch J.J. and Parker do their ushering thing. I could watch Sage come down the aisle in a dress that I made for her. I could do that, Jack. Let me do that.

Paul: Look, there has to be a way for us to have a new trial, now that Rosanna has new evidence.

Tom: No matter what you call the charges, it still comes down to the assault on Rosanna, for which Craig has been tried and convicted. Even if there is new evidence, even if it is irrefutable, he can't be tried again.

Rosanna: So, I'm the one who ends up imprisoned? Don't you see? I'm afraid to step out my house for fear of what he's planning, because he will want to shut me up. He won't be satisfied with less. Please, help me change this.

Tom: I wish I could.

Rosanna: So, what are you saying -- are you saying that there is nothing that I can do?

Tom: Short of accusing him of another crime, there's nothing that you can do.

Sofie: I couldn't do it. Somehow -- somehow, knowing I am far along I was -- it finally felt like a real baby, you know?

Aaron: Yeah, I mean, I felt the baby move. Remember?

Sofie: If I had done it in the first two months or something, it might not have been so bad. But now -- Aaron, how could I be such an idiot? Not even knowing how long I was been pregnant?

Aaron: Hey, you've never been through this before. What can I do?

Sofie: I just wanted to tell somebody.

Aaron: Where's Cole?

Sofie: At work.

Aaron: So after you guys found out about this second trimester thing, he just took off? Did Cole go with you? I can't believe this guy.

Sofie: I knew you would not understand. That's why I didn't tell you before.

Aaron: Sofie, Sofie -- unless you're leaving Cole, you have to tell him that you've decided to keep the baby.

Sofie: I know. I know. I know. And I can't keep running to you with my problems.

Aaron: No, I'm your friend. Okay, the thing is, that this should be a lot easier to tell Cole. I mean, he's in love with you. He's supposed to be in love with you.

Sofie: He is. Things are really tough for him right now.

Aaron: What are you going to do?

Sofie: I don't know.

Aaron: Just be careful. Sofie, be careful -- with Cole.

Alison: Thanks for the neck rub and the soda and everything. I'm going to go head out, okay?

Aaron: What, are you feeling sick again?

Alison: I'm fine. But you know, you've got your own life, and your own friends, so I'm gonna --

Aaron: Whoa, you're leaving because of Sofie?

Alison: The girl shows up crying and you couldn't even invite her inside because you've got your ex hanging around. How lame is that? I just got to get out of your way, okay?

Aaron: Ali, you're not -- you're not jealous, are you? Because you have no reason to be.

Gwen: "So hot, I'm a puddle at your feet. So hot, I'm a puddle on the street."

Will: That was pretty bad.

Gwen: Yeah.

Will: That was awful.

Cole: You done laughing at me, Gwen?

Gwen: Will, its okay. This is you?

Cole: Yeah, I wanted to give you that demo without you knowing it was from me. I didn't realize I was going to give you and your husband such a good laugh. Is this fun for you?

Will: You know him?

Gwen: This is my brother.

Will: You're Cole?

Cole: Yeah.

Will: I've heard all about you.

Gwen: Look, I'm sorry. If we had -- I'm just saying -- just because I didn't like it doesn't mean that somebody else wonít. It's a got a -- it's got a real nice punk-rap feel, so -- and that's real hot right now --

Cole: Just forget it. You know, the last thing I need is your pity.

Gwen: I'm just saying, not everybody has the same likes and dislike.

Cole: And you're liking this a lot, right now, huh? You finally found a way to get back at me.

Gwen: I didn't even know this was you.

Cole: And if you did, would you have liked it any better?

Gwen: That's my brother.

Will: Wow, yeah.

Gwen: I'll be right back. Hey, Cole.

Cole: Don't even try to apologize.

Gwen: Oh, I wasn't going to do that. I was going to ask you about Sofie. Don't you think you should be with her right now?

Cole: I don't have to answer to you.

Gwen: No. And you were never there for me when I was little. You never looked out for me.

Cole: I worked so hard on that record.

Gwen: You know, I thought you would at least have the decency to care about your own son or daughter, but I guess having a baby would've gotten in the way of your career, huh?

Cole: Yeah, it would have. Don't look at me like that. You married some rich guy. You can have college and your kids and your music career. Lucky you. For the rest of us, it's a little tougher.

Gwen: No, it's tougher for Sofie, who's pregnant and working nights. What are you doing, Cole? Taking handouts from Mom?

Cole: What are you saying? If we hadn't gotten rid of the kid, what, you'd give it a big thumbs-up?

Gwen: You know, it's in my personal opinion that you actually have to feel something in order to make good music. Maybe you should try it some time.

Cole: I'm your brother. You didn't invite me to sit down. Your husband didn't even offer to shake my hand. And you're in my face about feeling something?

Paul: I guess we'll just have to figure out another way to send Craig to prison.

Rosanna: About how long is that going to take?

Paul: Probably not long. If I know Craig, he's committing a crime right now.

Rosanna: So what do we do? We hire private investigators to follow him around and wait? I'm tired of waiting, Paul. I want my life back.

Paul: All right, well, let me see what I can do about this ridiculous lawsuit he slapped on us -- unless you want me to back off.

Rosanna: No, no, no, Baby. Not a chance.

Paul: Okay. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Rosanna: Okay.

Paul: Listen, security's in place, okay? So you don't need to worry about Craig getting to you here.

Rosanna: Well, what if I decide to leave here?

Paul: Donít. Look, we need to be cautious, all right? Don't do anything crazy.

Rosanna: The hell with that.

Craig: Tom, Tom! Hey, how are you? How's Margo?

Tom: What do you want, Craig?

Craig: Well, I would kind of like to know what that conversation was about with Rosanna and Paul.

Tom: And you expect me to tell you that?

Craig: Well, let me guess. She would like me arrested for attempted murder.

Tom: I will tell your sister you said "Hi."

Craig: You know, I gotta admit, that seeing you in that little confab like that did get me a little worried. So I called my lawyer, and you know what he said?

Tom: That'll be a $1,000 an hour?

Craig: He said I didn't have anything to worry about because of double jeopardy.

Tom: Well, the law is on your side this time, Craig. It will save you sister the pain of having to arrest you again, but you better have the good sense not to harm Rosanna a second time.

[Cell phone rings]

Craig: Hello?

Rosanna: Hello, Craig. How are you?

Craig: Still free as a bird. And you?

Rosanna: I'm ready to make nice. I'd like to draw up the terms of a settlement so that we can stay out of each other's lives.

Craig: Is that so?

Rosanna: Yes, but the clock is ticking on this offer, so I advise you to move it. Okay? Meet me at Fairwinds.

Carly: I could sit quietly out of everyone's way.

Jack: But on everyone's mind -- especially Parker and J.J. and Sage. They'll spend the whole ceremony wondering and worrying how you're dealing with it.

Carly: But I'll show them I'm fine.

Jack: And when I standing up there in front of the minister, making those promises -- the same promises I made to you, hmm?

Carly: Yeah. That part could get a little sketchy.

Jack: And kissing the bride? And walking down the aisle?

Carly: Okay! [Laughs] You know, I shouldn't go. I won't go. I wonít.

Jack: Carly --

Carly: Will it be easy for you? Can you make those promises without remembering us?

Jack: I spent a lot of time trying to forget what we meant to each other. Then I spent some time trying to pretend that it was less than what it was.

Carly: And now?

Jack: I remember everything. And I wouldn't change a thing. But I'm never going back there, Carly.

Carly: Good-bye, Jack.

[Door closes]

Nancy: You think I should help you put Carly in her place?

[Katie chuckles]

Katie: No, thanks. Jack's taking care of that.

Nancy: You're sure?

Katie: Yeah. The good thing about Jack is that he sees through Carlyís games. I'm not worried about that.

Nancy: What then?

Katie: Well, I've been married, but I haven't stayed married. You and your husband did that. You made it work. You made it last. How did you do that?

Nancy: Interesting you should say that. This is for you.

Katie: Aw, Nancy. You didn't have to get me anything.

Nancy: Not even the secret to staying married?

Katie: Oh. Wow. They're beautiful.

Nancy: I wore those for my wedding. That's the first thing Chris took off.

Katie: Oh, wow.

Nancy: Now do you know the secret?

Katie: To treat every day like it's precious, like these pearls?

Nancy: No, Dear. Whenever Jack is angry with you, climb into bed with the pearls on and nothing else.

Dr. Evers: Ms. Tenney?

Carly: Yes.

Dr. Evers: I'm Dr. Evers.

Carly: Hi.

Dr. Evers: Hi, how are you? Please.

Carly: You're the neurosurgeon?

Dr. Evers: Yeah, that's right. And I've been kind of looking into some possibilities about your headaches and blackouts.

Carly: Well, let's not make it sound like I've been blacking out left and right. [Carly laughs] Yeah, I haven't -- last night was really unusual.

Dr. Evers: But there was a car accident? And your daughter was in the car?

Carly: Yes. Yeah. I've been having these headaches. I probably shouldn't have even been driving, but I certainly didn't know that I was going to pass out. I don't even know that I actually did lose consciousness. I think maybe my eyes just closed for a couple seconds without me realizing it -- which is bad. But it can't be that serious.

Dr. Evers: Ms. Tenney, I'm afraid the problem we're dealing with is very serious.

Alison: You know, I might have been jealous, just now, if you and I were still dating, but we're not.

Aaron: But we're supposed to spend the rest of the day together.

Alison: And we did. Most of it, anyway. And it was fun. So I'll see you around.

Aaron: Ali, if we were dating, and you were jealous, then I would let you know that Sofieís got a lot of things going on right now, and she's got nobody else to talk to. But that's as far as it goes with us, okay? If you're interested.

Alison: Well, that is interesting.

Aaron: So stay.

Alison: I canít.

Aaron: Are you sure?

Alison: I'm feeling a little --

Aaron: Sick to your stomach?

Alison: No. No, not anymore. It's just, you know, this was so nice, and I just -- well, I'm feeling a little nervous.

Aaron: Well, maybe you'll feel a little better next time.

Alison: Sure. Next time.

Will: So, I guess we shouldn't expect a belated wedding present from him anytime soon?

Gwen: No, or anniversary gifts for at least 40 years.

Will: Right.

Gwen: He said I have no feelings.

Will: I think you feel pretty good to me.

Gwen: Yeah?

Will: Yeah. And you know what, what you said to Sofie, you were right. He's not dad material.

Gwen: No. You're going to be a great dad.

Will: Yes, I am.

Gwen: To our quintuplets. You heard the fertility doctor. These treatments could end up in multiples. I can just see you singing our five children to sleep at night.

Will: Yeah, that's fine. That's good. As long as I don't have to give birth to them.

Gwen: We'll have one. Put all our focus on one. Okay?

Cole: What are you doing here? I thought you'd be home resting. I'm sorry you had to go through with that. I know you wanted the baby. But it's just not the right time for us. You sure you're okay? I'm glad you weren't around to see what happened a while ago. I worked up the guts to give my demo to Gwen, and she shot me down. I've got nothing except my sweet Sofie. Let me take you home, take care of you. Forget about my sister. Forget about the baby. We don't need anyone, all right? Just each other.

Craig: So, you want a truce?

Rosanna: Oh, is that what I said?

Craig: Well, you mentioned a settlement, which I think is a wise move, since you've learned I will not be going back to jail again.

Rosanna: Oh, we'll settle this, all right. And you may not be going back to jail for trying to kill me. But make no mistake, you will be going to jail.

Katie: Hey.

Jack: Hey. I tried to call you.

Katie: I know. I was on my way to call you back, and then I thought it'd be much better to see you in person.

Jack: Oh, you know what? I agree.

Katie: Ooh!

Jack: Hmm? How did it go, telling Carly that she wasn't invited to the wedding?

Jack: Well, she was disappointed.

Katie: I feel guilty now.

Jack: Don't, don't, don't -- don't be. Before you know it, she'll bounce back. And she'll survive. She always does.

Carly: I've been having some headaches, but you have no idea how much stress there is in my life right now. And from everything I've been reading -- my symptoms are classic. Emotionally, I've been just a complete wreck lately.

Dr. Evers: Ms. Tenney, your symptoms are not psychosomatic. There is an underlying physical problem.

Carly: There is?

Dr. Evers: It's a good thing the emergency room doctor ordered the extensive workup. Otherwise, this abnormality may have gone undetected.

Carly: Abnormality?

Dr. Evers: You have a lesion on your brain.

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Luke: I still really care about you.

Lily: And you are?

Col. Mayer: Your son's worst nightmare. I know what he is and what he's trying to do to my boy.

Rosanna: Not only do I remember you running me off the road, I remember why.

Jack: You sneak out here and you try to take Sage without telling me?

Carly: How long?

Dr. Evers: A few months or less.

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