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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 9/17/07

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Gwen: Hey. When you offered to do this, I had no idea what we were asking. All the shots, and tests, and time --

Alison: Oh, it's only for a couple weeks. Besides, you're the one doing the hard part, carrying the baby for nine months. And then raising it for the next 20 years.

Dr. Akido: Ladies. How are we feeling today?

Gwen: I'm good.

Alison: Fine, yeah.

Dr. Akido: Any nausea? Abdominal pain?

Gwen: Hmm-mm.

Dr. Akido: What about you, Alison? You seem a little quiet.

Alison: Oh, I'm just a baby when it comes to those shots, that's it.

Gwen: But everything -- it looks good, right?

Dr. Akido: So far. At your next ultrasound, we'll have a better idea as to how many mature follicles we might be able to harvest. Remember, if you experience any symptoms described on your patient information sheet, I want you to call the emergency line.

Alison: Right.

Dr. Akido: Any more questions?

Gwen: No.

Dr. Akido: All right, then I'll see you tomorrow.

Gwen: Thank you. All right. Well, I'm gonna go -- I'm gonna go make the next appointment.

Alison: Okay.

Gwen: Yeah?

Alison: Okay, great. Yeah, I work in the evening -- [Cell phone rings] So whenever.

Gwen: Okay.

Alison: Okay. Hello?

Aaron: Hey. How you doing?

Alison: Okay.

Aaron: Are we still on for the movies tonight?

Alison: I am if you are.

Aaron: You know what you want to see?

Alison: Oh, I don't really care.

Aaron: What happened to no war movies, or no subtitles, or nothing depressing?

Alison: I figured you already knew that. So, and no chick flicks for you, so.

Aaron: Well that narrows it down. Hey, what do you think about maybe -- grabbing some dinner, too? Or does that make it feel too much like a date?

Alison: I don't know.

Aaron: Because I know you're going to want to save some room for that big ol' popcorn with extra butter.

Alison: You know what? How about I meet you at work and then we can talk about it there, okay?

Aaron: Okay.

Alison: Okay, bye.

Manager: Sofie called out again?

Aaron: Yeah, but I got her covered. It's not a big deal.

Manager: Yeah, it is. No offense, there's certain qualities as a cocktail waitress that you lack.

Aaron: Look, Sofie had something really, really, really important to do today. But she needs this job, more than you know so -- could you at least think about cutting her a break?

[Sofie remembering]

Cole: I'm sorry, Sofie I don't know that it's mine.

Sofie: I can't believe you said that. Who else's would it be?

Cole: What about Aaron?

Cole: Sofie?

Sofie: Hey.

Cole: I brought you breakfast.

Sofie: Thanks, but I'm not hungry.

Cole: Morning sickness?

Sofie: Cole, you do know the baby's yours, don't you?

Cole: Yeah. I'm sorry I acted like such a jerk. I just -- I wasn't expecting this.

Sofie: I'm sorry I kept it from you for so long. I was -- I was afraid you'd take it --

Cole: The way I did?

Sofie: You seem better today.

Cole: Yeah, that's because I figured out a way to make us both feel better. There's a way out of this, Sofie, and we may not like it, but it is the only thing that makes sense. You need to get rid of the baby.

Gwen: So, you and Aaron are going to go to a movie?

Alison: Yeah, thanks to you, we're talking again.

Gwen: What do you mean, thanks to me?

Alison: He's impressed that I'm doing something semi-selfless for once in my life. You know, I didn't expect this whole IVF thing to help my rep -- didn't think anything would, but, hey, I'll take it.

Gwen: Well, does this mean that you guys are, you know, together again?

Alison: So far, we're just trying to work on being friends. You know, I'm going to buy my own movie ticket tonight, stuff like that. Assuming I can find my purse.

Iris: Oh, huh. Looking for this, are ya? Sweetie, everything's okay now. Mommy's here.

Paul: Good morning.

Rosanna: Good morning. It's a great morning.

Paul: You want a bite?

Rosanna: How did I ever go two years without coffee, and strawberries and bacon, and sex? And you? After last night, I feel like I've rejoined the human race.

Paul: Now all we have to do is get rid of Craig, and then we'll be all set.

Rosanna: Craig was never a part of the human race. Gosh, I wish for just two seconds we could just forget about him. And forget that he ever existed.

Paul: That'll happen.

Rosanna: You know, last night got me thinking. Maybe -- we should just enjoy this time that we have. You know, enjoy the time that I have left. Maybe we should just forget about Craig. Okay? You know, we ignore him.

Paul: Ignoring Craig is a mistake. When it comes to him, the only choice you have is to destroy him before he destroys us.

Messenger: Delivery for Mr. Craig Montgomery.

Craig: Yeah, that's me.

Messenger: Sign right here.

Craig: Oh, yeah. Here's a $20.

Messenger: Thanks.

Paul: Short of hell, the only place we can send Craig, where he's not going to bother us, is prison.

Rosanna: But I can't testify that he tried to kill me because I can't remember what happened the night he tried to run me off the road.

Paul: Well, you were starting to.

Rosanna: Yes, but I'm not getting anything else. And the more I push, the less I think I will.

Paul: Okay, so don't push. Don't worry about it.

Rosanna: Really? And why not?

Paul: Because, Rosanna, even if you'd never remember, what's to stop you from telling a judge and jury that you do?

Gwen: Alison, it's been a while, but this is my mother, Iris.

Iris: Hi, it's so nice to see you again.

Alison: You too.

Gwen: Here you go. You might want to count the cash.

Iris: Oh, it's good to see you still got your sense of humor, huh. How are you feeling, Honey? I'm so sorry to hear about the baby.

Alison: Can I use your bathroom mirror for a sec? I need a little touch-up before my non-date.

Gwen: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. How'd you get in here?

Iris: Honey, I think you need to find a new place for the ol' hide-a-key. Look, I knew you didn't want to see me --

Gwen: You're right.

Iris: So I -- I had to come and see you with my own two eyes to know you're all right. This is for you, Sweetie.

Gwen: So who told you, Mom? Cole?

Iris: He was very upset. He didn't know what to do.

Gwen: And you do?

Iris: Sometimes, Honey, a girl needs her mom.

Gwen: Aw, thanks, Mom, but I'm doing fine. At least I was.

Iris: Good. Good, I'm so glad to hear that. You know what they say -- everything happens for a reason. I guess some people just -- they're not meant to have children. And I'm just so glad to know that you've come to accept that.

Sofie: You want me to have --

Cole: We can always have a baby later. When we're ready.

Sofie: When will that be?

Cole: When my career takes off and we have a house with a backyard and a pool, all the things we never had when we were little. And we'll have a nanny and a chef and the only work you'll have to do is paint your toenails and take pictures of the happy family.

Sofie: Why can't the three of us be a happy family now?

Cole: Sofie --

Sofie: You always say that loving me makes you a better artist, that I inspire you to write your songs. What about your baby? You know, a lot of artists find inspiration in their children.

Cole: How am I supposed to find time to write my songs when I'm working 24/7 to support the two of you? I'd have to totally quit my career. Is that what you want?

Sofie: No, no.

Cole: You hardly make anything. I don't work. It's the timing. It's just wrong right now. If I have to play daddy day care, it's going to be bad for the kid, it's bad for my music career, and it's sure as hell bad for the two of us.

Sofie: You're right.

Cole: I'm sorry, Sofie. I'm really sorry that we can't have this baby. But we will try again someday. I promise. Here. I already took care of my part of it.

Sofie: What is this?

Cole: Cash -- to have it done.

Sofie: No. No, I don't want this.

Alison: I guess I'll get going so I'm not late. I'll see you soon, Gwen.

Iris: Alison, I know you've been such a great friend to my little girl in her time of need. I just -- I wanted to thank you.

Alison: You told her?

Iris: Told me what?

Rosanna: Are you saying that I should lie?

Paul: Craig ran you off the road that night and he tried to kill you. That's the truth.

Rosanna: But I can't testify to something that I don't remember.

Paul: Ask yourself what would Craig do.

Rosanna: I do ask myself what Craig would do, and that's exactly what I have the problem with. I mean, he has taken so much from me already. Do I give him my integrity too?

Paul: Integrity is cold comfort if you're not around here to enjoy it.

Rosanna: Well, what are you saying? Are you saying that he's going to try to kill me?

Paul: He tried to kill you once already, Rosanna. What's to stop him from doing that again?

Rosanna: Look, look -- we've frozen his assets. We've taken away everything that matters to him. He can't have power over us if we don't let him.

Craig: Oh, I wouldn't bet on that.

Rosanna: And why are you here?

Craig: Consider yourself served. And this ain't tea and crumpets.

Gwen: Alison and I are working on putting a little something together, a remembrance of sorts for the baby I lost -- coincidentally the one that you said never should have been born.

Iris: No, I never said that!

Gwen: If you're not going to leave, I'm going to walk Alison out.

Alison: I'm so sorry. I didn't think you would've told her, but then it sounded like she knew.

Gwen: It's fine. It's not your fault.

Alison: So you're going to tell her?

Gwen: No, not if I can help it.

Alison: Do you want me to stick around?

Gwen: No, no. Go to the movies, see Aaron. Have fun.

Alison: Okay. I'll call you later, all right?

Gwen: Okay.

Iris: Well, since when have the two of you become such good friends?

Gwen: Who? Alison and I?

Iris: Didn't she have a little thing with Will before the two of you hooked up?

Gwen: Yeah, so?

Iris: Honey, was that before or after she was a porn star? I mean, come on. You're a bright girl. You really want that slut hanging around your husband?

Gwen: I'm sorry, what gives you the right to come to my house and insult my husband and insult my friends? I think it's time for you to leave.

Iris: Honey, look, I am so sorry that you've lost your children. I mean, I know how it feels. First Cole left -- and then you.

Gwen: Oh, come on, Mom. We didn't die.

Iris: It's worse in a way. You both turned your backs on me.

Gwen: You couldn't wait for us to leave!

Iris: No. That's not how I remember it, Honey. I was hurting. And I'm hurting now. I was supposed to be a grandmother three times over -- and now I've -- I just lost all the babies.

Sofie: I thought we were broke. Where did you get this?

Cole: From my mother.

Sofie: Cole, no. No, I haven't even met her. She must think I'm a terrible person.

Cole: No, she understands that we're not ready to have the baby either. All right, I don't like this, okay? And I know that it took the two of us to make the baby. But you're the one who messed up the birth control. And you're the one who decides whether you want to keep it or not.

Sofie: So you're saying I have a choice.

Cole: Sure you do. But if you decide to have it, I can't stick around and play daddy. I just canít. And I hope you understand that. Sofie, I'm sorry, I have time reserved at the studio, and I have to go.

Gwen: Wait, Sofie had a miscarriage?

Iris: No.

Gwen: Well then what happened?

Iris: Well I guess she and Cole decided they weren't ready to have kids.

Gwen: She had an abortion?

Iris: I don't know. You know, I gave Cole the money, but I'm probably not going to hear from him until he needs another handout or something.

Gwen: A handout? You have the tenacity to come over here and tell me that you lost two of your grandbabies at once when you paid to get rid of one of them?

Iris: Hey -- you know what? If you were a parent you'd realize that sometimes you have to make these very difficult choices for the good of your own kids.

Gwen: And what about Sofie? She wanted that child. What changed her mind?

Iris: I guess there were certain things that she wanted for the baby that she realized Cole couldn't give her. You know, maybe if you would've helped him with his music career --

Gwen: No! Don't you dare blame this on me!

Iris: I'm not blaming this on you! Would it just kill you to reach out? Look, I am sorry that you can't have children, but you're going to push your whole family away? Maybe you can just hook Cole up with someone who can give him a little recording contract or something --

Gwen: So Sofie can keep her next baby? My brother puts his so-called career above his own child! He's the one who shouldn't have kids!

Iris: So you agree, Sofie should have an abortion.

Gwen: No, I don't agree with you, Mom. I think she should leave him and raise the child on her own.

Iris: Gwennie, you are so bitter.

Gwen: I'm bitter because you're here, Mom. And after what you told me today, I will never do anything to help Cole. Do you understand me? Never.

Rosanna: You can't sue me for freezing your assets. They're my assets!

Craig: Well some of them, maybe. But that will be up to the courts to decide. And I'm more than happy to sit back, relax, while the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly.

Paul: Okay, we'll counter-sue. But don't worry Craig, when you lose your shirt, you can trade it in for a prison jumper.

Craig: By the way Rosanna, how are you feeling?

Rosanna: Much better than you'd like me to.

Craig: Well this recent spate of cruelty -- it's very unlike you. And I'm hoping that the brain damage hasn't permanently altered your personality. Of course, this may all be the influence of Paul.

Rosanna: Actually, everything about me has changed completely, thanks to you.

Craig: I'm serious, Rosanna. I'm worried about you.

[Rosanna remembering]

Craig: I'm worried about you.

Paul: Craig, if you don't leave, I'm going to call some of your former staff members. And we'll see if their love and compassion for you prevents them from throwing you out on your butt.

Craig: Don't bother. I'm leaving -- for today. But I'll be back.

Paul: So you still think your integrity's more important than Craig getting what he deserves?

Rosanna: I'm not worried about lying in court anymore.

Paul: Well, that's good.

Rosanna: No, because it's -- it's coming back to me. That night -- the night of the accident. It's all coming back to me.

Margo: Oh, look who's here.

Craig: Hi.

Margo: Did I miss something? Was there a warrant for your arrest? Or a missing persons report, huh?

Craig: Why?

Margo: Well, why else would you grace us with your presence? Your time is so precious to you. Couldn't spend a moment with Katie at her shower. No, it was a very important day to her too.

Craig: Katie'll get married again.

Margo: And that's why people want to kill you, Craig.

Craig: Well, you know, if I ever do buy the farm -- and I'm not talking about the place I'm living at right now, but figuratively speaking, I hope Paul Ryanís your number one suspect.

Margo: Really? Not Rosanna?

Craig: No, so far Rosanna just wants money, not blood. She's frozen my assets.

Margo: Oh, Boy. So how is life on the farm?

Craig: It's quite bucolic and lovely in its own way, especially when one is on a tight budget. And so you can imagine, as far as Katieís shower, I didn't want to show up empty-handed. I have managed to unfreeze some funds, and so her toaster is in the mail. Did I get her a toaster the last time she got married?

Margo: You get her a toaster every time she gets married. So Rosanna kicked you in the assets, huh?

Craig: Yeah, well -- it's a temporary situation. I'm in the driver's seat now.

Margo: And God help the next person who crosses you.

Paul: What are you remembering?

Rosanna: The night of the accident, Craig said those exact same words, that he was worried about me. But he wasnít. He was only worried about himself.

[Rosanna remembering]

Craig: I'm worried about you.

Rosanna: You're not worried about me. You're worried that your plan isn't gonna work. You're not upset or grieving because your son didn't die. Gwen's baby died! Not Jenniferís -- and you stole Jenniferís! You're allowing her to think that her baby is dead!

Craig: Rosanna, you are so wrong about this. You are getting yourself worked up over nothing!

Rosanna: Am I really? Then why don't you put my mind at ease?

Craig: Fine! Of course. What would you like me to do?

Rosanna: Call Bob and have the child tested tonight.

Paul: What happened next?

Rosanna: I don't know.

Paul: Okay, well, look, let's backtrack for a little bit. You're on the phone, you're trying to get a hold of Bob. What did Craig do?

Rosanna: I don't remember!

Paul: It's okay.

Rosanna: No, no, it's not. It's not okay. I need to know the truth. Whatever it takes, I need to know what really happened that night.

Aaron: Hey. What are you doing here? I told you I had you covered, right?

Sofie: I -- I didn't know where else to go.

Aaron: You and Cole broke up?

Sofie: No. He apologized for the way he acted when I told him about the baby.

Aaron: So, he's okay with it?

Sofie: No. He said he's not ready to be a dad, and we can't afford a baby. And you know what? He's right.

Aaron: Sofie, there's got to be some kind of way --

Sofie: No. Now all I have to do is make an appointment at the clinic, and this whole nightmare will be over.

Gwen: The last time you were here, we got in an argument a lot like this one. And then I started having cramps and that's when I lost the baby. So I would like you to leave before I --

Iris: Before what?

Gwen: Before you ruin things again, Mom. Because you're not here because you care about me. This is all about you and Cole.

Iris: Oh, how do you figure that?

Gwen: Because you would never give money to anybody. The only reason why you paid for this abortion is because you thought you would get a return on your investment. I mean, that's pretty sick. God forbid you let anything, let alone a child, get in the way of your son becoming rich and famous!

Iris: I can't win with you, can I, Gwennie?

Gwen: No.

Iris: When I try and help my kids, I'm just being selfish, or when I can't do anything for them, I'm being neglectful. There's something about me, a part of me, that really wishes you could have a kid so you could see how ungrateful they can be. Lucky for you, that doesn't seem like that's ever going to happen, now is it?

Aaron: Sofie -- are you -- are you sure this is what you want to do?

Sofie: It's what I have to do. I mean, Cole and I don't have any money, we don't have a big enough place, we can't afford to get one. I don't have benefits, I can't get maternity leave.

Aaron: Sofie, Sofie, you knew all this before. And you didn't care. You were happy.

Sofie: Only because I wasn't thinking things through. When I found out I was pregnant, all I could think about was how much I wanted a baby --

Aaron: You still want the baby, right?

Sofie: I never thought this would be me. I never thought I'd go through with something like this.

Aaron: I'm the last person who's going to try and tell you what to do. But it's your body. If you're not 100% sure, then maybe you should sit on it until you can decide.

Sofie: There's really no decision to be made. If I keep the baby, I lose Cole. And I can't do that. I -- I don't think I could live without him.

Rosanna: I was so close. Why did it stop? Why can't I remember?

Paul: Take a deep breath.

Rosanna: I just -- I canít. I can't catch my breath.

Paul: Okay. All right, you know what? We're going to get you a doctor.

[Rosanna remembering]

Craig: Are you all right? Do you want me to call somebody? You want me to call a doctor?

Rosanna: Yeah, like you care.

Craig: I do care. When I found you in Bangkok, Rosanna, I thought I had lost everything. I never thought I would be happy again. And now, I want us to be a family.

Rosanna: Paul -- Paul, I don't need a doctor. After I lost Cabot -- I never thought that I could find happiness again. And we adopted Rory. Craig knew how much that baby meant to me. He knew that I would do anything for that child. That night, I knew that the best thing that I could do for Rory was to let Jennifer know he was alive. Even though it meant that I would lose the baby. Even though -- I knew that Craig would probably kill me if he found out that I'd crossed him. I wasn't even sure which was worse --

Paul: You lost your baby, and you almost lost your life, because Craig decided that you had to be stopped. And now, Rosanna, it's finally our turn to stop Craig.

Rosanna: Well who are you calling?

Paul: I'm calling the police.

Rosanna: Oh no, no, no. Just wait.

Paul: The last time you were on to Craig, he tried to kill you. What do you think he's going to do to you now that he knows that you're remembering everything?

[Rosanna remembering]

Rosanna: Why?

Craig: He is my son. No one will take him from me -- ever! No one.

Paul: Was that a threat?

Rosanna: I -- I guess so. But I can't make myself remember what happened next.

Paul: I'll tell you what happened next. He tried to make good on his threat. He tried to run you off the road and kill you. That we know.

Rosanna: Was he trying to kill me? Or was he just trying to stop me?

Paul: Come on, Rosanna. You think that -- does that even matter?

Rosanna: Yes, of course it matters. It matters to me. I need to know for my own peace of mind.

Paul: Wait right here, okay? I'll be right back. I have an idea.

Craig: Tell me that you still think that I'm responsible for Rosannaís car going off the road that night?

Margo: Well as your sister, certainly not. But as a cop, I'd be a fool to think that you had nothing to do with that accident. I keep thinking, why is this man not happier that this woman that he supposedly loved so much has made this miraculous recovery?

Craig: Well of course I'm happy that she's recovered, but Rosanna blames me, unfairly, for everything that she's lost. The woman's been gone for two years, all she can think about is punishing me.

Margo: Well, there's an epidemic of that going around, isn't there?

Craig: Thanks to Paul for that. The man is obsessed with harassing me, and he's recruiting everyone he can persuade to the cause. When Iva called and said Emma had fallen and needed knee surgery, Meg practically leapt at the chance to get out of town, get away from him.

Margo: You're sure she wasn't trying to get away from you?

Craig: That's not nice. And that's not true. We are blissfully happy.

Margo: And as I hear it, Paul and Rosanna are blissfully happy too. So why is it that you're all going out of your way to make each other miserable?

Craig: Good question, Detective.

Margo: Itís Lieutenant, and you know it. What do you want?

Craig: What do you mean?

Margo: Well, you don't come by here to chitchat.

Craig: Why are you always so suspicious?

Margo: Because I grew up with you.

Craig: Fine, okay. Yeah, I need a favor. It's a very small favor.

Margo: There are no small favors with you, Craig.

Craig: I'm not asking you to break the law.

Margo: Well, good.

Craig: And I didn't break the law.

Margo: Good.

Craig: And you don't believe me.

Margo: No.

Craig: I was acquitted of the charges in Rosannaís accident.

Margo: On a technicality.

Craig: If for some bizarre reason this case ever comes up again, I am just asking you to be fair. Now is that too much to ask from my own sister?

Sofie: Cole's all I've got, Aaron. And I love him.

Aaron: What about your baby?

Sofie: I want my baby to have a mother and a father. 'Cause I didnít.

Aaron: You didn't?

Sofie: Yeah, my grandmother raised me. And she's dead now. So, when I said I have nobody, I really meant it.

Aaron: You've got friends.

Sofie: You don't really know me, Aaron. And you don't know Cole, either. And I know you think I make excuses for him, but he is the most important person in my life, and I don't want that to change.

Alison: Hey, Aaron.

Aaron: Hey. Hey.

Alison: I -- I'll be right back.

Aaron: I'm going to see if she's okay. Don't go anywhere, okay? Please.

Sofie: Okay.

Aaron: Okay.

Cole: Sofie --

Sofie: What are you doing here? Cole, did you change your mind?

Cole: About what?

Sofie: The baby.

Cole: I'm here to pick up lunch for the studio crew. I didn't expect to see you.

Sofie: Oh.

Cole: Did you change your mind?

Sofie: I'm going to have the abortion.

Cole: Baby, when it's all through, you're going to be relieved you went through with it, okay? We're going to have a great life together. And when the time's right, we'll have a ton of kids, as many as you want.

Sofie: I was about to call the clinic. When do you want me to make the appointment?

Cole: Whenever.

Sofie: Well, I don't want to mess up your studio time. You are coming with me, right?

Cole: Uh --yeah. Hell yeah, yeah, sure I'll go. I just -- I don't want to make it any worse for you.

Sofie: How?

Cole: You know how I get all weird around doctors and hospitals and stuff. I told you about that time I passed out. Sofie, if that happened to me again, I just -- you know, I don't want you to be alone. I love you. You want me to go, I'll go.

Sofie: No -- no, you wonít.

Paul: Hey, come on. I asked Malcolm to get your car ready, bring it up front.

Rosanna: Where are we going?

Paul: Look, everything that you've remembered, you've remembered right here in this room because that's where it happened. So I though maybe, if you retraced your route from that night --

Rosanna: Oh, maybe I'll remember the rest?

Paul: If you're up for it.

Rosanna: I am if you'll come with me.

Paul: I'll be with you every step of the way. [Tires squealing] I asked him to be quick about bringing the car around, I didn't ask him to drive like Jeff Gordon.

Rosanna: Paul, that sound. That's -- I've heard that sound before, the Ė

[Roseanna remembering]

[Car crashing]

Cole: I mean it. I'll push through whatever, if that's what you want.

Sofie: It's okay. I don't want to put you through that. I can go by myself.

Cole: Are you sure?

Sofie: I'm a big girl.

Cole: I'll tell you what you are, you're the best. I'd better get the lunch so I can get back before I have to cough up any overtime.

Sofie: Yeah.

Cole: Hey, I love you.

Aaron: Good, you're still here.

Sofie: Is Alison okay?

Aaron: I don't know, she's still in the bathroom.

Sofie: You know, I'm gonna go check on her.

Aaron: Thanks. Hey, Sofie -- listen, if you decide to go through with the abortion and you need somebody to go with you --

Sofie: Thanks, but Cole already said he would. You know, I gotta go.

Aaron: Okay. Hey -- how you doing? How you feeling?

Alison: I feel okay.

Aaron: You're not.

Alison: No. No, I'm not.

Aaron: Why do you keep pretending that everything's fine?

Alison: 'Cause Gwenís been through so much and I just don't want her to have to worry about me.

Aaron: I'm not Gwen, and I'm worried. You still up for this movie?

Alison: I hate to bail because it was my idea, but I just -- I feel awful.

Aaron: Is it the hormone shots?

Alison: I mean, compared to withdrawal, this is nothing, but I just need to go home and get some rest.

Aaron: Is your mom at home?

Alison: No, she's working a double, but I'll be okay.

Aaron: Yeah, you are going to be okay. But you're not going home.

Alison: I'm not?

Aaron: No. I had a lot of training taking care of my mom.

Alison: Aaron --

Aaron: You're the one person in my life I didn't take care of the way I should have. So I want you to come home with me, and let me take care of you now.

Gwen: Hey, Ricky, is Sofie in today? Oh, did she call in sick? No, that's okay. No message. Thank you.

Sofie: Hi. Yes, I'd like to make an appointment. I'm pregnant, and -- well, I need to not be. I'm not sure how many weeks. Yeah, can we get this done as soon as possible? Like today?

Margo: Are you asking me to be fair, Craig? Because you know I always am. Or are you asking me to look the other way? Because you know I wonít.

Craig: I did not do anything wrong, Margo.

Margo: Good. Then you don't have anything to worry about, do you?

Craig: Oh, well, you know that's not always true. I have already done jail time for a crime I did not commit. So have you. But we're not going to dwell on that, because I love you.

Margo: All right, all right, all right.

Craig: I really do love you, by the way.

Margo: I really love you too. So much so that I'm going to give you a little piece of advice. I'm not the one you should be sucking up to. You should be sucking up to my husband, the defense lawyer.

Craig: You think I'm going to need him?

Margo: Yeah. Because if there's a reason to arrest you, Craig -- I'm going to do my job. Excuse me -- gotta get back to work.

Rosanna: We don't need to go anywhere. It's all -- it's all coming back now.

Paul: See, I told you you could do this.

Rosanna: I thought I got away. I didn't think that there was any way that he could catch up to me. All I wanted to do was get to you -- to tell you the truth. The lights blinded me. I couldn't see.

Paul: You couldn't see Craig?

[Rosanna remembers seeing Craig behind her in his car]

Rosanna: No, I did see him. I saw Craig. I remember now. I remember everything.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Rosanna: I want to know how to get Craig charged with attempted murder.

Gwen: And this is all supposed to be good for Cole. Meanwhile, nobody's thinking about poor Sofie or the baby. So I have to stop them.

Cole: What about the baby? We don't need anyone -- all right? Just each other.

Aaron: Anything you need, Alison. Anything.

Jack: You're not invited to the wedding.

Doctor: I'm afraid the problem is very serious.

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