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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/4/07

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Maddie: Do you know how weird it's gotten dealing with the two of you? What is going on?

[Luke has flashback to kissing Noah]

Luke: What's wrong?

Noah: Nothing.

Luke: Noah wants you to live together:

Maddie:  He was very, very romantic

Luke: You're right.  We weren't arguing about the project. There's something else.

Maddie: And that something else would be? Guys?

Luke: You.

Dusty: Now is that necessary?

Officer: Procedure.

Dusty: Is this procedure not to tell me who paid my bail?

Officer: Everything there?

Dusty: Yeah.

Officer: Sign there.

Dusty: Can anyone tell me who paid my bail? Never mind.

Lily: You okay?

Dusty: Yeah, I fell better, but you didn't have to do that.

Lily: Not your call.

Dusty: It's a lot of money.

Lily: I'll get all that money back when your name is cleared.

Dusty: You seem pretty sure of yourself.

Lily: You didn't kill that woman. I don't care what anyone says.

Dusty: Anybody you mean like, your husband?

Lily: Let's go. I don't want to talk about this.

Dusty: As long as we're not talking about --

Lily: I've been thinking about what happened --

Dusty: Lily.  Before we start off on this mission of yours, can I ask you something?

Lily: I'm not talking about Holden with you.

Dusty: You don't have to. But it's obvious you're upset. You want to tell me why?

Holden: You're having a party, you don't need to be talking to me.

Jack: You want to tell me what's wrong? Because I know something is.

Holden: All right, you want to know? Big surprise here, Lily and I had a fight.

Jack: That can't be true, you're married!

Holden: It's one of those fights where even if we tried to cover it up, we probably would have wrecked your party, so we couldn't make it.

Jack: You okay?

Holden: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.  I'll be fine. Look, I've got to go. Congratulations.

Brad: So what's up with the Hold-man, the Holdster?

Jack: Something is. He's not telling me.

Brad: Hey, is there any more of those little sandwiches with the crusts cut off? Those were good.

Jack: I figured that out when you ate all of them.

Brad: You are some observant dude. Are you a detective?

Jack: That would be me.

Brad: So, you saw me eat the sandwiches. But did you see that Carly and Katie are about to come to fisticuffss?

Jack: Why would you say something like that? It's fine, everything was fine tonight.

Brad: You want that to be true, but it's not.

Jack: The party's over. There hasn't been one drop of blood shed.

Brad: Wrong again, Bud. Like  Yogi said, it ain't over until it's over, in fact, I think it's about to start.

Katie: If you really love Jack the way I think you do, you'll let him go.

Carly: It almost never works to appeal to my better nature.

Katie: I don't think that's what I'm doing.

Carly: Especially, when I don't have a very high opinion of the person doing the appealing.

Katie: Please, Carly.

Carly: A person who I've seen over and time again do and say anything to get what she wants.

Katie: Well, we're not talking about me, we're talking about Jack.

Carly: And I won't talk about him, not with you. So, bye. Thanks for the invite, been real fun.

Katie: Don't do this to yourself, Carly, you're going to wind up hurt.

Carly: Don't you ever again pretend to care about what happens to me.

Katie: Oh, no!

Carly: Katie --

Katie: My watch --

Jack: What the hell's going on out here?

Carly: Is it all right?

Katie: Yeah, yeah, it's fine.

Carly: Good.

Jack: What happened?

Carly: Whatever it was, it must be my fault.

Katie: No, it was nothing, it was just an accident.

Jack: I was hoping we could make through one evening with everyone behaving like adults.

Katie: Jack, please. It was an accident. I don't want this night ruined.

Brad: Hey, Carly, I want to head into town, but somebody told me I'm in no condition to drive.

Carly: And who might that be?

Brad: Somebody in the kitchen. I think it was me.

Carly: Your brother is, uh, offering me a graceful exit. I think I'll take it.

Jack: Sad sorry state of affairs when Brad's the one smoothing things over.

Carly: Kiss the kids good night for me?

Jack: Yeah. I'll do that.

Brad: So, Katie. Nice party. Nice watch. See you around.

Katie: Thanks, Brad.

Brad: You know I find amazing all you had to do is cut the crust off the edge of the sandwiches, that would be --

Katie: I don't want you to be mad.

Jack: I'm not mad at you.

Katie: Just listen to me, okay? You have to listen to me. Carly didn't do anything. Or, at least, not until I kind of pushed things --

Jack: You are my fiancée, this is your engagement party, and she needed to respect that.

Katie: Jack. She's the mother of your children, she is not going away. We can't just blow up every time we have to deal with her.

Jack: Don't you mean when I deal with her?

Katie: Yeah, yeah, I guess. Listen, it's still a beautiful night. We'll grab a bottle of wine and walk down to the pond. I'll tell you what time it is --

Jack: No. No, there's something I have to take care of first.

Maddie: You're having problems with Noah because of me.

Luke: Yeah.

Maddie: Okay, I'm sor -- I, I -- can you explain to me how that works? Because you're definitely not into me, and so the three of us aren't going to be involved in one of those torrid love triangles. So what is it?

Luke: The truth?

Maddie: That would be nice, yes.

Luke: Okay. Well, I started thinking that you and I were really good friends.

Maddie: Right.

Luke: You know, Jade left --

Maddie: Casey dumped me --

Luke: Then, all of a sudden, it was just all about Noah, and I just started to resent him.

Maddie: So that's it, huh?

Luke: Yeah, and I'm, I'm ashamed that I felt that way, but it's the truth.

Maddie: No, it's not.

Luke: Excuse me?

Maddie: You're just, you're not like that.  I used to tell you so much about Noah and you were fine with it.  And besides, whatever has you two on each other's nerves happened recently.

Luke: Look, Maddie, you asked me what happened and I told you. And if you don't believe that, I'm sorry. I gotta go.

Maddie: Luke, come on, what is it? Why are you mad at me?

Luke: Listen, Maddie, please, I'm not mad at you, please believe me. I just want you to be happy. Look, maybe I should just head out.

Maddie: Like you said, he's always leaving.

Noah:  Um, he did say why he was upset.

Maddie: Yeah, he did. Now you want to tell me what's bothering you?

Dusty: Your husband doesn't want you mixed up in this and I don't blame him.

Lily : It doesn't matter. Because I don't want to talk about it. Okay? Now, I've been thinking about Cheri.

Dusty: Yeah?

Lily : What she did to you, posting that video online, that was beyond vicious.

Dusty: Yes.

Lily : But a woman like her, you think that was the only time she did something like that? You don't think she has a long line of victims that would want to kill her?

Dusty: Boy, you're good at this.

Lily: I was just thinking about it.

Dusty:  You want to know what happened between you and Holden --

Lily: Look, let's have some ground rules right now. I will do everything to prove you're innocent, but the topic of me and Holden is off limits.

Dusty:  That bad, huh?

Lily: We have to think about Cherie.  We have to learn everything about her, all the people in her life.

Dusty:  You mean do what the cops are supposed to do?

Lily: I think the cops see their job as proving a case against you. So what you and I have to do is we have to become experts on Cheri, the life, the love, the clients, of Cheri Love.  Love. She's nothing, if not obvious.

Dusty:  Good point.

Lily: I know. So where do we start?

Dusty:  You mean where do I start?

Lily: No.

Dusty:  Yes, yes. And where I'm going, sorry to say, you just don't fit in.

Brad: You going to close the door in my face?

Carly: Go away. I want to be alone.

Brad: I know. I know. But I need to talk to you.

Carly: Yeah. I want to have a nice chat with the guy who was laughing at me all night.

Brad: I wasn't laughing at you. Okay, okay, if I was laughing, I was laughing at the human condition, the irony of it all.

Carly: Brad, you don't know what irony is. You don't know when to shut up and, clearly, you do not know when to leave, which is now!

Brad: Okay, okay, all right, all right. I just have to say one thing, all right. Carly, you need to get a grip.

Katie: You're going to go see her, aren't you?

Jack: I think I have to.  Katie, listen, you have to understand --

Katie: I think I do.

Jack: Things like this are going to keep happening unless I make it very clear to her.

Katie: Yes, they are absolutely going to keep happening if we keep taking her bait --

Jack: There you go again saying was he again when you mean me.

Katie: Yes, I do! I could handle that tonight, I could let this go.

Jack: She made your party about her.

Katie: No, Jack, you did. 

Katie: I know you love me and I know you're mad at her, and even when you're angry it seems like it's part of some huge connection between you two.

Jack: No, I'm not angry.

Katie: Sure seems that way.

Jack: Katie, when you were gone, I spent a couple nights at the house. Her house.

Katie: Yeah.

Jack: And we had another round of her telling me we're meant to be together. And I --

Katie: What? Just tell me.

Jack: I tried to play it light. I didn't walk out, I didn't yell or scream, I just tried to make her see that she doesn't get to me anymore, that it wasn't a big deal.

Katie: You two really confuse me.

Jack: But it was my mistake, don't you see? You give her an inch, she takes a continent. That's why she showed up here in that damned dress.

Katie: I just can't stand the way she's here even when she's not.

Jack: Katie, listen, that's why you have to go to her. Okay, you want me to be really honest?

Katie: I don't think I want you to now.

Jack: Rescuing JJ, going through all of that, just reinforced this resolve to get her family back, you know? But that's not going to happen, and every time I play it, I play it nice with her, that's just proof to her that there is this, some kind of, I don't know, this endless love thing going between us.

Katie: Can't you just let it go? Can't you stay here and be happy with me? Do you really have to go off and tell her off?

Jack: I have to tell her the truth. She's not going to get what she wants.

Noah:  Luke keeps saying that I'm rushing into things with you and maybe a part of me thinks he's right.

Maddie:  Look, you tell me that and nothing happens, I'm still here. I need you to tell me we're going to keep going.

Noah:  I know. It's just thought it would change your mind if I did.

Maddie:  I was ready to change my mind because you didn't. What's bothering you about it?

Noah:  That I'll let you down, that I won't be what you think I am.

Maddie:  I barely know who you are and you barely know who I am. This is the very beginning of us, and I'm not asking for commitment or promises, just, I just want the truth.

Noah:  Okay.

Maddie:  Okay?

Noah:  Well, how about this? I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you.  We're going to be great together, just great.

Luke: Dad? What's going on? I thought you were going to talk to Mom.

Holden: I already have.

Luke: And it went so well that you're sitting out here by yourself instead of going to Jack and Katie's party.

Holden: You know what, it'll pass. Your mom and I will be angry with each for a while and then somehow we won't be, and I don't want you to worry about it.

Luke: Okay.  Well, I have some issues. You have a minute?

Holden: Sure, sit down.

Luke: Huh.  I haven't been having the greatest day -- or week.

Holden: What's up?

Luke: Well, I kind of feel like I'm on, on the outside, like all these people I care about are going through this stuff, this vague and strange stuff, and I feel like it's something, even though everybody keeps saying it's nothing.

Holden: Maybe it really is nothing.

Luke: Maybe. Dad, can you just tell me what's bothering you?

Holden: All right. I'm very, very worried about your mother.

Dusty: I can't believe I'm lettin' you come with me.

Lily: That's what happens when someone hides a gun for you. You owe them.

Dusty: Well, I guess I had you figured out all wrong.

Lily: Most people do. Nice place. Looks like you can get your order to go here.

Dusty: Okay, why don't you find yourself a nice, quiet corner?

Lily: Oh, come on.

Dusty: Listen, these girls use to work for Cheri. I want them to talk to me. They're used to dealing with men one on one.

Lily: Are you sure about that?

Dusty: Would you please?

Lily: Okay, fine.

Dusty: Can I buy you a drink?

Girl: Well, I am just a little bit thirsty.

Dusty: What can I get you?

Girl #1: I always say champagne is a good way to break the - you. You killed Cheri.

Dusty: Oh no, no, I didn't, but I'm looking for who did, actually.

Girl #2: You've got some nerve coming here. You know who he is?

Girl #1: Yeah, I recognized him from the paper, and your video.

Dusty: Oh, oh. I just wanted to ask you a few questions.

Girl #2: Yeah, we're just dying to spill our guts to the guy who offed Cheri.

Dusty: Well, those are some strong words, but I didn't do that.

Girl #1: See that guy? That's Walter. It's his job to make sure we don't get hassled by -- potential clients. He's very good at his job.

Girl #2: And he has a real soft spot for Jewel here.

Girl #1: Like, nobody's telling you nothing, so why don't you leave while you're still standing.

Dusty: Just a couple questions?

Girl #2: Look, you may think we'll do anything for money, but Cheri was a friend.

Girl #1: She's telling you to beat it.

Dusty: Sorry to bother you.

Girl #1: I loved your video, though.

Dusty: Hey, appreciate it.

Brad: Carly, you need to know that I'm your friend and you need to listen to me.

Carly: Listen to the guy who's in no condition to drive a car.

Brad: Oh, come on, that was an act and you know it. I was just trying to get you out of there fast.

Carly: I was leaving.

Brad: You never should have shown up in the first place.

Carly: I was invited.

Brad: Come on, come on! Did Simon take your cool along with your brains? I mean, the stunt with the dress was lame.

Carly: Jack loves this dress.

Brad: Will you listen to yourself, "Jack loves this dress." Do you really think he was going to publicly humility his fiancée because you wore a dress that makes him hot?

Carly: It's the memories.

Brad: It was desperate. You looked like a loser. I mean, Jack saw it and Katie saw it. She felt sorry for you --

Carly: Don't. Don't you ever, ever say that again, okay? Just get out.

Brad: Do you really think Jack's the kind of guy who would fall for something like that? And would you want him if he did? You know, whatever good you guys had, you just kicked dirt all over it tonight. Are you hearing me? Are you listening?

Carly: You know, sometimes it's hard to recognize when you've done something wrong, stupid, or sick. And it's really horrible to hear it from you.

Brad: You are way classier than this.

Carly: I can't lose him.

Brad: I know, I know, but you're not going to get him back with a dress, not even that dress.

Carly: Okay. I hear you.

Brad: And one more thing.

Carly: Brad. I just said that you're kind of right, so could you just go? Please.

Brad: Yeah. Yeah, you know, just thinking about other people gives me a headache. Oh, call me if you want to do something other than talk.

Carly: Crying seems appropriate. Jack.

Jack: I waited for him to leave.

Carly: I -- look, I'll be back in just a second. I was just about to take off this damned dress.

Jack: Don't. I drove all the way over here to see you in it.

Dusty: Those girls weren't going to tell me anything.

Lily: You didn't get anything out of them?

Dusty: No, they think I killed Cheri.

Lily: You were arrested for it.

Dusty: I'm going in there asking questions, it wouldn't make sense if I did it.

Lily: I think you're thinking more about this than they were.

Dusty: Maybe you're right.

Lily: What?

Dusty: Well, they were scared, but they didn't seem surprised or shocked that somebody killed Cheri.

Lily: Maybe they know something.

Dusty: Something I'm never going to find out.

Lily: Maybe if you tell Tom, maybe -- they're not going to talk to him.

Dusty: I'm pretty sure they stay away from legal types.

Lily: No, you're right.  It's been a long night. I'm going to get going.

Dusty: Well, thank you for bailing me out. I really appreciate your help. Don't let it get in the way of you and Holden, all right?

Lily: Holden's just being overprotective these days.

Dusty: Well, that's why you shouldn't be around me when I'm facing murder charges.

Lily: So I'll just make the charges go away.

Dusty: Sounds so easy, I don't think.... I wish those girls would talk to me.

Lily: Yeah, that would help a lot, wouldn't it? Allright.  Goodnight.

Katie: So, miss flower girl, what do you want your dress to look like?

Sage: You pick it. Everything should be just the way you want it to be.

Katie: Well, what if I want you to help me pick everything out, you know, like flowers and stuff?

Sage: Okay. Katie, was the rest of the party okay?

Katie: It was great.

Sage: Are you friends with my mom again?

Katie: Um, well, we're not the best of friends, but we get along. Hey, I was wondering where you were.

JJ:  I was cleaning the fish.

Katie: Well, listen, there's cake, who wants some?

Sage:  Me!

JJ:  Okay. 

Katie: Okay, here's the deal. As soon as you don't smell like fish anymore, I'll get the cake. 

JJ:  Okay. Come on, sage, give me a big hug!

Sage: Oooh, you are gross!

JJ:  Come on!

Katie: Hey, didn't see you there.

Parker:  Sage really likes you.

Katie: Well, I really like her, so that works out. Is something wrong?

Parker:  Did Jack go talk to my mom?

Katie: Yeah.

Parker:  Sorry.

Katie: Oh, you don't have to be sorry. Everything's fine.

Parker:  Sage. She still thinks things can work out, that people can get along.

Katie: And you don't?

Parker:  Not when two of the people are Jack and my mom.

Jack: That really is some dress.

Carly: Jack, what's going on here?

Jack: When you walked into that party wearing that dress I was smacked in the face with a hundred memories.

Carly: I think I made a mistake.

Jack: Did you ever notice how I used to hang around the bedroom when you were getting ready to go out? It only took me what, 15, 10 minutes to shower and shave and dress, but I'd stretch it out so I could be the one to zip that dress, to latch your necklace, watch you put your perfume on. Do you remember? Did you know I was stalling, Carly?

Carly: I remember. I knew.

Jack: Yeah, what a life I had. You in that dress, saying good night to our incredible kids, going out with you, walking into a restaurant with you on my arm, knowing every guy in that place wanted to be me. I didn't think it was possible for anybody to be more happy than we were. You remember? Do you remember?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: And you wanted me to remember, too, didn't you? That's what you wanted me to be thinking about at my engagement party, Katie's engagement party.

Carly: I said I made a mistake.

Jack: No, I don't think you did, Carly, I think you did, I think you did the right thing, actually. You kind of put things in perspective.

Carly: Jack, wait a minute. I'm desperate. I see everything that I want being taken away from me and I made a mistake.

Jack: Really? Really? So you kind of focused on what you wanted and you forgot about me, you forgot about Katie, you forgot about the kids and you were willing to embarrass everybody there to get what you wanted.

Carly: I was wrong.

Jack: What do you think I was going to do, Carly, fall at your feet? Did you think I just couldn't help myself if you wore that dress?

Carly: I'm sorry.

Jack: You know what, Carly? You know what I think? I don't even think that you thought that was going to happen.

Carly: I-I wasn't thinking at all.

Jack: I think that you wore that dress because you know it would hurt me.

Carly: No.

Jack: You couldn't stop the party, but you could make sure I didn't enjoy it. You can't stop me from loving Katie, but you can certainly make the experience painful, can't you?

Carly: Don't think that about me, Jack, please.

Jack: I watched you fall for that -- that criminal. And what did I do? Oh, that's right, I kept you from going to prison and I gave you your kids back! Gee, I'm glad I went out of my way for you, Carly, really. You know, the paybacks are incredible, aren't they?

Carly: Do you want me to apologize? I apologize. But you invited me to that party. You came here with Katie and you issued your invitation in person! Why? You wanted to see how it would hurt me?

Jack: Do you think you're the only person who's been hurt by what's happened to us, Carly? Do you think our time together meant nothing to me?

Carly: No --

Jack: I do, I do remember the good times. You know what, I also remember the stupid, petty times that broke us up. I remember trying to tell Sage why Mommy and Daddy couldn't be together anymore, and I will never, never hurt like that ever again. So, yeah, you wearing that dress, it makes me remember, and that's where, that's where you made a mistake, Carly. You made me remember everything.

Holden: Look, I'm still the dad here, and let's not talk about my problems, let's talk about your problems.

Luke: Problems. Who said I had any problems?

Holden: Did you talk to Noah?

Luke: Dad, really, you don't have to casually ask me about my non-existent love life.

Holden: You're my son. I worry about you.

Luke: I'm okay. This is nothing like Kevin.

Holden: Okay, I just get the feeling that there's, you know, some kind of problem here.

Luke: Well, there is. But it's not mine.

Maddie: We now have an apartment, there's --

Noah: Dad. Dad, I'm sorry --

Winston: Sorry? For what? Good evening, Maddie, it's nice to see you again.

Maddie: Hello, hello, surprise.

Winston: I seem to have arrived at exactly the wrong moment --

Noah:  Um, no, we were just --

Winston: No, you might think I'm over the hill, but you really don't have to explain to me. So, did you tell Noah that I met your brother and his, his --

Maddie:  Girlfriend is the correct term.

Winston: Very interesting people.

Maddie: I don't think he quite knew what to make of Henry.

Winston: You know, here's one thing I can tell you about him, he loves and protects his sister, and that makes him all right in my book, because there is nothing more important than family.

Noah:  Really?

Winston: I know I may not have seemed like some perfect dad --

Noah: I didn't mean that.

Winston: Maybe I think I took my job too seriously trying to make sure that you grew up right.

Noah: Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't want to sound like --

Winston: Please, let me finish. Noah, now you are grown up, and I don't -- I just think that maybe it's time that we can start enjoying being a family and this could be the start of a good time for all of us.

Noah:  Great.

Winston: Because you really have shaped up. I think you had something to do with that.

Maddie: No.

Winston: No, I want you to know that you are the son any man could really be proud of. Look, please, I don't want to -- don't let me ruin your evening.

Maddie: Goodnight. That's great! He said he's really proud of you now.

Noah: Oh, yeah. Now I'm the son he always wanted.

Parker: So, anyways, I think that's why she wore that dress. I wish she hadn't. I'm sorry.

Katie: Have I ever told you anything about my mom?

Parker: No.

Katie: Okay, well, she -- she really wasn't exactly like other kids' moms. See, my dad was a lot younger than her, and she always just did things the way she wanted to. She didn't care what other people thought and she let them know it.

Parker: Yeah?

Katie: Yeah.  She's still like that. Actually. I loved her then. And I love her now, more than anything. It made me so mad when people looked at us or her funny.

Parker: Gee. I wonder why you're telling me this?

Katie: Parker, you never, ever have to apologize to me about your mother, especially to me. I've made too many mistakes to judge other people, okay? Deal?

Parker: Deal.

Katie: Cool.

Brad: Hello, campers.

Parker: Yeah, I'm going to get some cake. You want some?

Katie: Yeah, I'll be right in. Thanks. So, I thought you had a hot date in town.

Brad: No, no. Just doing some counseling work.

Katie: Oh, really?

Brad: Yeah, helping people better understand themselves.

Katie: Right.

Brad: Right. You okay?

Katie: All right. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting to spend this evening with my fiancée's brother.

Brad: He left?

Katie: He left.

Brad: Carly?

Katie: Carly.

Brad: You know you have nothing to worry about, right?

Katie: Yeah, I know I don't have to worry about Carly taking Jack away from me, but I do have other things to worry about.

Carly: Can this be over, please?

Jack: It is over.

Carly: I'll talk to Katie. I'll plead for forgiveness. Will that satisfy you?

Jack: This isn't about Katie, Carly. This is about you and me.

Carly: I know.

Jack: I mean, you know, guys, we admit to being clueless about women and relationships, but you, you're kind of like a commanding officer, you feel this, I feel that, and you're so sure of yourself that I, I just figure you're right.

Carly: I'm never right.

Jack: And you kept saying that our past was so strong, that there was this connection between us, and then -- until tonight, you know, there was a part of me that was scared you were right.

Carly: Until tonight.

Jack: After you did what you did, Carly. I didn't like you. Even when I couldn't stand you, I liked you. So, we'll raise our kids and I will show you respect and I will do everything I can to make it easy on our children, but we're not friends anymore.

Holden: So, they let you out.

Dusty: Yeah. Your wife posted bail for me.

Holden: Yeah, I heard.

Dusty: I didn't ask her to.

Holden: Well, you don't have to, do you? You just have a way with the ladies. Alison, Cheri, my wife --

Dusty: What can I say. .

Holden: Where is she?

Dusty: She left, a while ago.

Holden: Where did she go?

Dusty: I thought she was coming home to you.

Lily:  Uh, I could use a scotch like nobody's business. This is the Avalon hotel.

Girl #1: That's what the sign on the door says.

Lily: Maybe you can help me, I'm looking for a friend of mine. A mutual client says she hung out here all the time, Cheri -- we're friends, I'm not raiding --

Girl #1: She's dead.

Girl #2: A guy killed her.

Lily: When?

Girl #1: Yesterday.

Girl #2: And the creep that did it is already out.

Lily: Well, you know how much cops care about something happening to one of us. Whatever you two are drinking, it's on me. Cheri never did like tears, so we'll have a little toast, if we can get the bartender back. Ah.  You're a peach! Thank you.

Girl #2: You're paying, right?

Lily: I'm paying, absolutely. To Cheri, absolutely. To Cheri.

Girl #1: Cheri.

Girl #2: Thank you.

Lily:  I'm Lola.

Girl #1: Jewel.

Girl #2: Krista.

Lily: The guy that killed her, was she a client?

Girl #1: No it was a guy she crossed paths with in business, got him real ticked off.

Lily:  Someone so smart like Cheri?

Girl #1: What?

Lily:  Oh, look, I loved her, and as a professional, she didn't make a false move. But outside the workplace, it wasn't the first time she underestimated a man.

Girl #1: This happened before? I mean, I know she didn't get killed before, but --

Lily:  All I'm saying is that one time she was so scared, she had a real close call.

Girl #1: So she told you about him?

Brad: The kids are cool. They're not going to give you any trouble.

Katie: I know, they're pretty tough, and very honest, but I know their lives will be so much easier if I wasn't with Jack. And they try not to hold it against me.

Brad: They know you're not the one pressing the issue.

Katie: Well, Carly's dead right about me. I've done everything she's done and worse to get what I want. So when I look at things from her perspective, I'm like, why should she back off?

Brad: Well, she had better back off, otherwise, she'll lose everything.

Jack: I have to get through to you. You have to stop. I won't let you put my family through this.

Carly: Your family.

Jack: It could be.

Carly: And that's the big threat, isn't it?

Jack: Whatever it takes, Carly. I mean it.

Carly: Message received.

Jack: Let's hope so.

Carly: You know, I'm a grown-up. I have three kids. It doesn't seem to matter. It's just like when I was 6 or 16, just don't know when to quit.

Jack: Now. Quit now. I'm going home. To my kids. To Katie.

Carly: Yeah.

Jack: Good night.

Carly: Drive safe.

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Craig: Rosanna has frozen all of my assets. We're broke.

Doctor:  In your case, you might want to consider finding an egg donor.

Gwen: A donor?

Dusty:  I'm leaving.

Holden:  Not until you tell me where my wife is!

Lily:  I think I know who killed Cheri.

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