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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/29/07

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Vienna: Would you like that on whole wheat toast?

Diner #1: I ordered pancakes.

Vienna: Oh. I'll be right back with your coffee refill.

Diner #1: And how long is that going to take?

Vienna: Oh, it won't take -- long. It will be worth the wait.

Henry: Hey, thanks to your brilliant marketing ploy business is booming. But, you know, I just got a 2 cent tip.

Vienna: Oh, but, luckily, we're not counting on the tip for our income, Henry.

Henry: Yeah, I know, but I am counting on people coming back in. It's like feast or famine around here.

Diner #2: Mostly famine.

Vienna: Oh, pay no mind, Henry. I just got a $20 tip, so we must be doing something right.

Henry: Yeah.

Cook: I quit!

Vienna: No, no. No, no. You can't quit. I don't know how to make Adam and Eve on a boat.

Cook: You don't know jack about running a diner.

Vienna: Oh, Jack? Jack Snyder. How do you know Jack?

Cook: Look, its Adam and Eve on a raft. And you're out of eggs.

Henry: We might need that raft, Vienna. We're sunk.

Will: Hey.

Gwen: Hey, you're back.

Will: Yeah, I'm back.

Gwen: I thought that -- I thought that you were coming in tonight. I thought I was supposed to pick you up at the airport at, like, 6:00.

Will: No, I blew off today's seminar. I couldn't stand being away from you and the baby one more day. Were you good for Mom, huh? Alison, hey, what are you doing here?

Craig: You feeling better this morning?

Meg: I don't deserve this.

Craig: Paul didn't deserve you. Don't you go beating yourself up over him? Okay?

Meg: You know, he's right. I didn't even wait for the body to get cold.

Craig: Well, the body couldn't get cold. He wasn't dead.

Meg: I prayed so hard that he would be okay.

Craig: And now what? Your answered prayer has become -- torture?

Meg: It would have been -- without you. And what have I done to you?

Craig: I think that's obvious.

Meg: I married you under false pretenses, Craig. I hurt you, I hurt Paul --

Craig: You made me very happy. That's what you've done, Meg. I love you.

[Paul remembering]

[Phone rings]

Meg: Damn it, that must be Craig.

Paul: No.

[Phone rings]

Meg: What are you doing?

Paul: There's still time.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Paul: Hello. Well, that's exactly how I hoped it would happen. And you're sure there's nothing he can do about it?

Rosanna: Paul? Paul, where are you?

Paul: I'm right here.

Rosanna: Oh, God. I didn't know where I was. And then I didn't know where you were. Please don't do that. Please don't leave me like that again.

Paul: Okay, I won’t. I'm sorry. I won’t.

Rosanna: This is so much harder than I thought it would be. This is very difficult.

Paul: All right. Well, listen. I think I have a way to make it all a lot easier.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry, Paul.

Paul: Why?

Rosanna: Fragile, needy person -- this is not me.

Paul: Come on, look, it's just going to be a little a while before you're used to everything. That's all.

Rosanna: I want to be who I was again.

Paul: You will be.

Rosanna: Well, maybe not exactly who I was. I mean, I'm very relieved that I'm not married to Craig any longer. I mean, how did I ever love that man? Look at who he is -- what's he's done?

Paul: Don't -- don't do that. Don't blame yourself. Blame him. Get angry at him. Use that anger to motivate yourself to get better.

Rosanna: I will. I'll do that.

Paul: Do you want to hear my good news?

Rosanna: Wait a second. I so appreciate how wonderful you're being to me, but just because my life's has been hold for two years, that doesn't mean you have put your life on hold --

Paul: My life's not on hold. I'm doing something. I'm making a difference for the first time in a long time, because of you. Rosanna, I'm exactly where I want to be.

Rosanna: Thank you so much for saying that. But you know, I'm not where I want to be. This is big step up from the clinic, but -- it's certainly not like home.

Paul: I think I have really easy way to fix all that.

Rosanna: How?

Paul: Why don't you get dressed and I'll show you.

Meg: I don't know why you love me. After everything I've done to you.

Craig: Oh, I could say the same thing about you.

Meg: Even if I wanted to go back to Paul, it's too late for us. After the way he spoke to me last night -- not that a part of me doesn't understand.

Craig: Well, I don't understand. The man claims that he loves you, claims that he wants to marry you, and he goes weeks letting you think he was dead. And when he finally does reappear, he's acting as if you're the one who deceived him.

Meg: He doesn't understand why I stayed married to you. I told Paul that I hated you, that our marriage was a ploy.

Craig: Which it was at the time. But his presumed death changed things, at least I hope it had.

Meg: You know what I realized? You would never treat me that way, Craig.

Craig: No, I wouldn't.

Meg: I think Paul didn't want to hear my side of things. I think he wanted to be angry at me, then that way he could be free and clear to be with Rosanna. How was it for you? Seeing her?

Craig: Stunning. I had given up hope of Rosanna ever recovering. And there she was. And she was stunning. I was stunned.

Meg: Do you want to be with her?

Craig: Did I make Rosanna breakfast?

Meg: To my loving wife. I haven't been that to you.

Craig: Well, it's not like we've never --

Meg: I know, but --

Craig: I know, no, I know you can't make any promises to me right now. I understand.

Meg: How? How could you be so patient and understanding?

Craig: I resent Paul Ryan for a lot of things, but mostly, I resent him for how he's made you feel about yourself right now. Everything that you did, you did for the noblest of reasons.

Meg: Yeah, or stupidest.

Craig: The coast guard assured you that Paul was dead. Believing that, wasn't stupid, Meg. That was necessary. Inevitable.

Meg: Why can't Paul see that?

Craig: So Paul doesn't want you? Well, he's a fool. I know how lucky I am, Meg. I want to love you, cherish you for the rest of my life. But only if you truly want to be loved and cherished the way you deserve to be, Meg. That, my dear, is entirely up to you.

Henry: Okay, I'll run out and get some eggs while you take over in the kitchen.

Vienna: But Henry, I don't know anything about greasy American food. And blb's and sides of ups and downs.

Henry: Hey, Sweetie, you'll figure it out. I'll be back in a jif, okay?

Vienna: But who will wait the tables?

Diner #2: I'll wait on myself pretty soon.

Diner #1: Just get me a muffin -- whatever you've got.

Vienna: Oh, fine. If it's good eating you want -- here. Breakfast. Eat.

Diner #2: This is nuts. I'm out of here.

Vienna: Well, it's not nuts. It's oats. And you didn't even try it.

Will: Did you sleep here last night?

Gwen: Yeah, she did.

Will: Why? Are you okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I am now.

Will: What does that mean?

Gwen: Will, why don't you go put your stuff down in the bedroom?

Will: You're scaring me --

Gwen: Will, please?

Will: Okay.

Alison: I'll give you guys some time alone, okay? Just call if you need anything.

Gwen: I will. I don't -- I don't know how to thank you.

Alison: Just take care of yourself, okay?

Gwen: Mm-hmm.

Alison: Bye.

Meg: Craig, I really want to make this marriage work. But I don't want to feel like a desperate, pathetic woman that can't be two minutes, literally, without a man in her life.

Craig: Because you'd have to be desperate and pathetic to be with me with me.

Meg: That's not what I meant.

Craig: No, just desperate, not pathetic?

Meg: Look, right now, I just feel so --

Craig: Paul coming back has been unsettling.

Meg: Just like Rosanna coming back has been unsettling for you.

Craig: No, not at all.

Meg: Not at all? She was the woman you loved.

Craig: Until everything went horribly wrong. I've been so haunted, feeling partly responsible for her accident, the same way you did with Paul. But now I see her, she's going to be all right. And I have closure. So do you.

Meg: Well, I guess that's one way to look at it.

Craig: Is your life really so bad, Meg? You live in a pretty wonderful house with a husband who loves you. You're ceo of a corporation with which you can save the world.

Meg: How can I save the world? I couldn't even save Paul.

Craig: You always want to take responsibility for the bad things. I want you to own what's good in your life, too. You want to be a great ceo, you're going to have to develop a forward-thinking mentality.

Meg: And what am I looking forward to?

Craig: Breakfast. Lie back, luxuriate. Make yourself at home.

[Paul and Rosanna walk in]

Paul: This is not your home.

Craig: I pay the taxes here.

Paul: Your name's not on the deed. Fairwinds belongs to Rosanna. You are trespassing on private property, and you need to get out.

Rosanna: Now.

Alison: Excuse me.

Barbara: I have something I want to say to you.

Alison: And I have somewhere else I need to be.

Barbara: Like everyone else in this town, I've received my copy of your video romp with Dusty Donovan for my viewing displeasure. And as much as it pains me to be seen in public with you --

Alison: We can fix that.

Barbara: I want you to stay away from my son and his wife. They have their hands full without having you trying to salvage your reputation using them.

Alison: Well, that would be impossible, anyway --

Barbara: I'm glad you can see that, Alison. Leave them alone. Let them be happy. They don't need you and your issues to deal with.

Alison: Will's back in town. You know, you should really give him a call.

Barbara: How would you know that? He's not due back until tonight.

Alison: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

Barbara: Don't you say something so provocative to me, and then walk away. What have you done to my son?

Alison: Nothing.

Barbara: You tell me what's going on. Okay. I'll call Will. I'll find out myself.

Alison: No, you can't just call them like that. You can't just call them to ask them what's going on.

Barbara: Why not? What's happened?

Alison: I'm really sorry, Barbara. But, Gwen and Will -- they lost the baby.

Will: Why did you call me?

Gwen: Because I knew that there was nothing you could have done. And that you'd be coming home today.

Will: You were here all alone.

Gwen: Alison was here.

Will: You don't even like Alison.

Gwen: She was fine. You're home. That's all that matters. We're going to be okay.

Will: Yeah. We will.

Gwen: I want to try again, Will. I want to try again right away.

Will: Did Susan say that was okay?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, she said we'd probably only have to wait like a few months. I know we talked about traveling and stuff before starting a family, but -- every dream that I've ever had growing up, nothing compared to how happy it made me to have your baby inside me. And I know it will only be better when I feel him or her kicking. When I could look at them, and I can see your face. Could you just tell me that you understand? You don't want to wait?

Will: No, whenever you're ready to try again, I'm ready.

Paul: Why did you never have Fairwinds transferred to your name? Was it because you were so convinced that Rosanna was dead and gone?

Craig: Rosanna got the best of care!

Paul: You visited her once. Only paid her medical bills, because it was her money. I showed up and miraculously, she woke up. Tell me something, you're a -- you're a -- well, you were a nurse, Meg. Does that sound to you like the best possible medical care that a man could provide for his beloved wife?

Rosanna: You took everything that I had and divorced me, when I was in a coma.

Craig: They said it was an irreversible coma. How long would you have stayed married me if the situation was reversed?

Rosanna: It's all right. You did me a favor. And now I intend to repay it. By making you pay me back every penny that you took from me. With interest. I'm taking my life back, Craig.

Craig: I'm calling my lawyer, Rosanna.

Paul: That sounds like a great idea.

Marshal: Uh, you better make that call from off the premises. This order to vacate is effective immediately.

Meg: We can't even pack our clothes?

Rosanna: I don't want any reminders of you around, so go ahead.

Paul: Take your time. We'll just sit here and wave good-bye.

Rosanna: Bye.

Gwen: The first time I got pregnant, it was like -- it was like the worst thing that could ever happen. The worst thing -- the very worst thing was losing the baby. And I lost Billy twice. You know, once when I gave him up for adoption and then once when I found out that he had died.

Will: I know. [Doorbell rings] Hey, Mom.

Barbara: Hi, Honey. I'm so sorry. Honey, I'm so sorry.

Will: How'd you find out, Mom?

Barbara: I ran into Alison. I'm sure you must be devastated. Are you okay?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm okay.

Will: I'm really sorry we didn't call you.

Barbara: It's all right. It really is. I'm not going to ask a lot of questions. I just came by to see if there's anything you need for me to do. And to find out how you really are, besides okay.

Gwen: No, really, I'm doing a lot better than I would've thought. I mean, of course I'm upset, but it was like I was telling Will, at least I know that I could have children. And we're going to make you a grandma again as soon as the doctors say it's okay.

Barbara: Oh, Gwen. Do you really think that's such a good idea?

Henry: Whoa! Hey. Thank you.

Lawyer: That's one way to scramble them. Cook quit? Not every day you see the boss out grocery shopping.

Henry: I know you. You're the lawyer that helped us finalized the deal to take over Al's.

Lawyer: You're right.

Henry: Any way I can get you to unfinalize it?

Lawyer: As a matter of fact, coincidentally, I was just on my way to see you at Al's. The big guy's nephew got in touch with me last night. Said he's interested in buying the diner. Offering very generous terms, too. You interested?

Henry: What -- are you serious?

Lawyer: I've got the papers right here. Take them with you, peruse them at the leisure. No obligations, no loopholes, no strings. And no egg on your face, unless you turn me down. Those bags are starting to look awfully heavy.

Henry: Yeah, let's speed this along. Now, how exactly do I dump the diner -- do I transfer the diner?

Lawyer: If you agree to the terms, just sign on the bottom line and we'll have that place off yours in no time.

Henry: Great. Trade you.

Lawyer: Hey--

Henry: Bon appetit!

Alison: Still no customers?

Vienna: They came, they left, they ate a little bit, left no tips. What are you doing here? Henry told me that you took a personal day.

Alison: I did. But I was kind of taking care of sick friend last night, so I thought I'd come in and get her some take-out.

Vienna: Sure. It's on the house. If you want to cook it yourself.

Alison: Did the cook quit? What happened, did you run out of eggs?

Vienna: How did you know?

Alison: Happens every other week.

Vienna: Oh, really?

Alison: Yeah, he'll be back.

Vienna: Oh, I'm sorry. We're closed --

Alison: We're close to empty right now. So, that means we can give you plenty of personal attention. Oh, I should let you know though, beforehand, that our menu is a little limited today.

Young diner #1: Well, as long as you've got eggs.

Alison: Well, wouldn't you rather start your day with something light and healthy, sweet, yet satisfying?

Young diner #2: You sound like a commercial.

Alison: I see that you're married -- you do want to be around for those great-grandchildren, don't you? We've got a great fruit plate and it's very fresh.

Young diner #2: I'll take it.

Alison: Great.

Young diner #3: What about me? I'm not married.

Alison: Well, add a protein shake. Makes a great power breakfast to match that power suit you're wearing for the big meeting the three of you probably have this morning.

Young diner #1: You're good.

Alison: Thank you.

Vienna: Hello. Would you guys like to try some luscious, juicy, delicious fruit?

Young diner #1: We'll take two more.

Vienna: Okay. I'll be right back with your meals. You are good.

Alison: Thank you. Anything else you need?

Vienna: No, don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm cool. Is that the way you say it?

Alison: Absolutely.

Craig: I'll go pack some of our things. I'll be right back.

Rosanna: Oh, there's no place like home.

Meg: Rosanna, I never wanted to take your house away from you. I just -- thought there weren't many happy memories here for you.

Rosanna: Well, I did have some bad times here. But I also had some very good times too. Like, when I was married to Paul.

Paul: Best time of my life.

Meg: While it lasted.

Paul: I think I'd better go check and make sure Craig isn't trying to get his hands on the family jewels.

Meg: You can't even talk to me.

Paul: You're right, I can't.

Rosanna: You know, Meg, outwardly, it would appear that the two of us have nothing in common. But it does appear that the same two men fell in love with both of us. It wasn't that long ago that you and Paul were close, yes?

Meg: Yes, that's right.

Rosanna: And now, it seems you're married to my ex-husband. Perhaps you can fill in the blanks for me.

Meg: I'm sorry, I thought -- I thought Paul already did that for you.

Rosanna: Well, we just haven't had the chance. There's been a lot of ground to cover.

Meg: I guess he didn't find it that important. Or maybe he just didn't want to tell you what he didn't want to hear himself.

Rosanna: And what would that be?

Meg: He would tell you that Craig tried to kill him, that I saw him go over the cliff into the icy water. But that's not the truth. Craig tried to save his life. And Paul refused to take his hand. And they told us that there was no possibility that he would've survived. And I couldn't -- I couldn't leave. I just wouldn't. And Craig -- Craig stayed with me. He kept the search going and not because he thought Paul would be found, but he did it for me. And finally we had no choice but to give up. I don't even know how Paul made it. I don't even know why he didn't contact me to tell me that he was okay. He left me grieving and blaming myself. But Craig was there to help me through it.

Rosanna: But you loved Paul.

Meg: We were going to get married.

Rosanna: So if he hadn't fallen and disappeared from your life -- are you saying that you still would be with him?

Gwen: Wait, I thought that you were happy that we were having a baby.

Barbara: I was thrilled. You know that.

Gwen: Then why don't you want us to try again?

Barbara: I just think you need the time to absorb what's happened here.

Will: Wait, why are we even discussing this? Gwen and I want to have another baby. And we're going to get pregnant as soon as we can, that's it.

Gwen: I want to have his child. I mean, why is that wrong?

Barbara: It's not, Honey. It's just that rushing into things -- you know that Jennifer named her baby after my Johnny. I was in so much pain after Johnny died, I would talk around him. I would never mention his name and his father and I -- we didn't get over the loss. And I just think, if we had been able to grieve together --

Will: Mom, that's not going to happen any way.

Barbara: I hope not. But the busyness of trying to get pregnant again, can be a way to hide from your feelings.

Gwen: Well, I'm never going to forget or stop grieving.

Will: Gwen wants to be the kind of mother that she never had. And I want to be the kind of father that I did have. It's important to us. I know that you think we're young, but --

Barbara: I -- I'm just glad you have each other, that's all. Okay. I'm just worried about you.

Gwen: Um, I'm just not used to that.

Barbara: I'm going to get out of your hair.

Will: Thanks, Mom.

Barbara: You're my baby, too. And don't you forget that, okay?

Gwen: Uh-huh. Thank you --

Barbara: Call me if you need anything.

Gwen: I will. Thank you.

Barbara: I love you.

Will: I love you, too, Mom. She didn't mean to upset you.

Gwen: No, I know. She's just worried, like she said. And once I get pregnant again, she's going to be happy all over again.

Will: Yeah, that's a major understatement.

Gwen: I'm going to go lie down for a little bit.

Will: Are you all right?

Gwen: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just -- I'm just tired.

Henry: Vienna, come here. Come here. Come here. Come on.

Vienna: Why?

Henry: Come over here.

Vienna: What is -- Henry, where are the eggs? Why on earth have you been gone so long, coming back all empty-handed?

Henry: Because I've got news, Sweetie.

Vienna: Well, we have customers. I need eggs to make Pepparkakor.

Henry: Will you forget -- forget about eggs, okay? Just forget about them. Look at this.

Vienna: Well, what is this?

Henry: It's a contact to sell the diner. All we have to do is sign on the dotted line and we're free again, sweetheart. Go ahead. Read it and weep tears of joy.

Vienna: Oh.

Meg: I loved Paul. I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. And I thought he wanted the same thing. I don't know what changed, or --

Paul: What changed -- what changed is that you jumped into bed with the guy who you said you despised -- a guy who shot me!

Meg: I didn't jump into bed --

Paul: I should have known -- I guess I should've known when you insisted on going through that ridiculous scheme staying married to the guy. I should've known that you were in some way attracted to him.

Meg: I stayed with Craig because you didn't see fit to tell me that you've survived.

Paul: And then?

Meg: Things just evolved.

Paul: Well, that didn't take long. What did that take -- how long did it take, Meg? What was that -- like a few months?

Meg: Why didn't you tell me you were alive, Paul?

Paul: Well, I would have, if I'd thought that it mattered to you.

Meg: Why did you think it wouldn't matter?

Paul: Whose wedding ring do you have on your finger?

Meg: You know, for all your snide remarks about Craig, at least he's been more honest with me than you ever been. And yeah, he has done some terrible things, but he hasn't made me feel like less than zero, the way you're making me feel right now.

Craig: We'll have to come back for the rest.

Paul: You know what? We'll just have the staff put it all in boxes and leave it in the garage.

Craig: Let's go, Meg.

Paul: Oh, if you're thinking of checking into a hotel, you might want to try the Wagon Wheel, as opposed to a place, say like the Lakeview.

Rosanna: Yes, right. We're not finished cleaning house yet. So, you might want to economize.

Craig: I have lost this battle, Rosanna, but I do not plan on losing this war. Good day.

Henry: Why do I get the impression that these aren't tears of joy?

Vienna: Well, they're not.

Henry: I thought -- hey, I thought that you were hating this place.

Vienna: Well, I've had a change of attitude.

Henry: Really? Can you give me one?

Vienna: No, but Alison, she made me realize what the problem is. Because we've been trying to give the customers what they want.

Henry: And that's the problem?

Vienna: No, but it wasn't working. And now, the way I can do it is that I can make customers want what I'm giving them, you know? And I'm good at that.

Henry: Yeah, I know, you don't have to tell me.

Vienna: So maybe we can the Americans turn a nose up and look at this fabulous menu with a lot of Swedish delicacies, and they can start eating healthy.

Henry: We can?

Vienna: Yeah. This is my way of giving back to America for being so good to me.

Henry: Is this really what you want?

Vienna: It is.

Henry: Okay, I'll tear up the contract.

Vienna: And I'll seal it with a kiss.

Will: Hey.

Alison: I brought you guys some sandwiches. Figured you wouldn't feel like cooking.

Will: Thanks.

Alison: I also owe you a major apology. I ran into your mom at the Lakeview and I ended up telling her about --

Will: Yeah, I know, its fine. She was actually just here and we talked. And it's a lot easier not to have explain things ourselves, you know?

Gwen: Hi.

Alison: I hope I didn't wake you.

Gwen: No, no, I needed to get up anyway. I decided I feel more normal if I act more normal. So far, it's working really well.

Alison: That's great.

[Phone rings]

Gwen: I'll get it. Hi. Yeah, thank you, thank you so much for calling and checking.

Will: Hey, thanks again for everything you did for Gwen.

Alison: She's such a strong person.

Will: It's just the way she deals. I don't know if she's really as good as she seems. It might hit her later. Hey. Who was that?

Gwen: Uh, that was -- it was Dr. Samuels calling with the test results.

Will: And?

Gwen: She basically said that my getting pregnant was a fluke and the chances of that happening again were zero.

Alison: I'm so sorry, Gwen.

Will: It's okay. It's all right.

Gwen: No.

Will: I promise you, okay? We're going to adopt, just like we said would.

Gwen: But I thought I was going to be a mom and have another child. But I can't have another one.

Craig: Sure beats the Wagon Wheel.

Meg: You know, if we're strapped for cash, maybe we should go to the farm.

Craig: What, have the board of directors wonder why the new ceo and her hubby are bunking in Mama's barn?

Meg: Craig, what if Rosanna tries to take away Montgomery Enterprises?

Craig: I don't care.

Meg: What?

Craig: While I was supervising the packing, I had this liberating realization. You know, clothes and book and furniture, they're just belongings. They're just things. And no matter how many things Paul and Rosanna try to wrest away from me, they can't get what's most precious. You.

Meg: I can't believe you really feel that way about me.

Craig: Well, believe it.

Meg: I really do want to be your wife, Craig. In every way. Right now.

Paul: Can I get you something? Are you hungry?

Rosanna: I still don't know everything, do I?

Paul: I never deliberately kept anything from you.

Rosanna: You were protecting me.

Paul: I was protecting both of us. Looking back, I can see that being with Meg was just a huge mistake.

Rosanna: I can certainly relate.

Paul: I knew that she was wrong for me. I didn't know that I was so wrong for her. I mean, what she said about me making her feel less than zero.

Rosanna: That hurt you.

Paul: Yeah. Yeah, I suppose it did.

Rosanna: Do you still have feelings for her?

Paul: No.

Rosanna: Well, what -- they just go away? Just like that?

Paul: No. I feel anger, I feel contempt that she would chose a man who shot me. She said she loved me.

Rosanna: Well, I mean, you said you loved her.

Paul: Yeah, I thought I did.

Rosanna: You know, I thought I loved Craig once upon a time. But if you want Meg to suffer, i can't imagine a worse fate than the one that she's chosen for herself.

Paul: That's a good point. Come here.

Rosanna: Oh, thank you.

Paul: Can I get you something else?

Rosanna: Um, maybe the phone. I think I want to call Carly. I really want to see my sister. Thank you. [Rosanna has a flashback]You're not going to get away with this Craig, I'm calling Bob.

Paul: What? Rosanna, what just happened?

Rosanna: I remember. The night that I ran from Craig. I remember.

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