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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/22/07

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Vienna: No. I cannot let this happen, I have to intervene. No, excuse me. Do you know what you're doing to your cholesterol? Do you know what you're doing to your heart?

Customer: Who the hell are you?

Vienna: And most importantly, do you know what you're doing to my stomach?

Henry: Uh, Vienna -- Vienna, Honey --

Vienna: No, no, no. You are dining, not gorging. You are a human being, not, not, not a pig at a toff.

Henry: You mean trough, Sweetie.

Vienna: No, no. Look at you. You don't need a napkin, you need a shower.

Customer: Is she calling me a pig?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. But in her culture, that's like calling you a stallion, man.

Vienna: No, no, no. Stallions don't drown potatoes, already fried in fat, with, with -- mayonnaise. They don't have ketchup on their chins, they use napkins and silverware.

Customer: Okay, okay, you know what? I didn't come here to be insulted.

Henry: Hey, uh -- Sir? Your check?

Vienna: No, Henry. Get this out of my face before I get sick.

Henry: Vienna, Sweetheart, you have got to stop treating customers like that, okay? Otherwise, we're gonna be out of business in a week!

Vienna: A whole week? How am I going to survive this?

Cheri: I'll be sorry? I just don't see that happening.

Dusty: Well look harder. You're gonna have regrets.

Lily: Excuse me, what's going on here? Why are you still here?

Cheri: Oh I know, I'm not good enough for such a refined atmosphere. And what about him?

Dusty: I live here.

Cheri: You should check your e-mail, Sweetie. See what Mr. Morality does in his spare time. And who he does it with.

Lily: Dusty, what is she talking about?

Susan: Hi, Sweetie.

Alison: No --

Susan: No, come here. Come here.

Alison: You saw it, didn't you? She sent it to you, too.

Susan: Its okay, its okay --

Alison: No, it's not okay. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Susan: What are you sorry about? You didn't do this. Somebody did it to you.

Alison: I was with Will and Gwen and they got this e-mail and they thought it was from Dusty -- and it was horrible.

Susan: Wait a minute. You said she sent it. Who is she? Who did this to you?

Carly: So do you want a beer or something?

Jack: No thanks. Just some sleep.

Carly: Okay. You know, I suppose it could go without saying -- you were amazing, too.

Jack: Well, amazing would have been getting him back before they left Oakdale. Saving him the trip.

Carly: Yes. Well that was my fault, wasn't it?

Jack: No, Carly, that's not what I said.

Carly: You didn't have to. I overreacted, I know --

Jack: Wait a minute. How can you overreact when someone's taken your kid? Carly, I really mean this. I don't think it's going to do us any good to play coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Carly: Why did you interrupt me when I was saying you were right and I was wrong? That's your favorite thing.

Jack: Used to be. But just now, I put our son back in his own bed. And I would've done anything -- anything to make that happen, just like you. And the way I was second guessing everything you did -- I was scared I guess. Maybe I took it out on you.

Carly: Wow. Well sleep tight, Jack. You know, those kids are not going to let you sleep in in the morning.

Jack: I know. Isn't that great? Night.

Carly: You know, one of these days you're actually going to ask me for help and I'm going to faint dead away.

Jack: I think I need some help. You didn't faint.

Carly: Well, I guess I'm just not the kind of broad who can pull that off.

Colonel Mayer: You know, I think that blonde woman in there is relying a little too heavily on the rules of chivalry.

Maddie: Dusty wouldn't hit her.

Colonel Mayer: One of the things you learn to do is look in a man's eyes when he's threatening you. And that guy in there is so angry he's not seeing a woman in front of him, he's seeing an enemy. Maybe I should stay.

Maddie: Oh, Luke's mom -- the other woman that walked in -- she'll calm him down. It'll be okay.

Noah: Kinda makes you wonder what she did to get him so angry in the first place.

Colonel Mayer: Given the smirk on her face, it was intentional. Well, is there anyplace else we can get coffee? Someplace a little less lively?

Maddie: Actually, I am going to go find my brother and tell him that Noah and I are looking for a place together.

Noah: So that's a yes?

Maddie: It's a yes.

Noah: We can start looking for apartments tomorrow.

Maddie: Good. Thank you, Colonel, for an interesting evening.

Colonel Mayer: Please, Maddie, you don't have to call me Colonel. Just call me Sir. I'm kidding. That's a joke. I'm kidding. It's a joke.

Noah: Two in one evening. You have quite an effect on him.

Maddie: All right, well, I will call you tomorrow, okay? Good night, Sir!

Colonel Mayer: She is really something.

Noah: Yeah, yeah she really is.

Colonel Mayer: I didn't want to say anything in front of Maddie, but I know what that fight in there was about. It was about sex.

Noah: Yeah?

Colonel Mayer: Oh sure. Come on, Noah, you and I both know only a woman can get a man stirred up like that.

Lily: I'm going to ask you again to leave, or I will call security.

Cheri: No problem. My work here is done. But like I said, you should pour yourself a glass of wine and check your e-mails. Your friend here has hidden assets.

Lily: Get out.

Cheri: Bye.

Lily: Whew. I can see, already, she has done something to get back at you for warning me about her. What?

Dusty: It would have been okay if she was just after me.

Lily: What did she put on the internet?

Dusty: It's all over the world.

Lily: You know, come on. Let's go for a walk -- just come on.

Dusty: You're going to see it. Everybody's going to see it.

Lily: What -- what could be so bad?

Dusty: It's a video of me with Alison.

Alison: This woman knows all about me. About Vegas and stuff, and if we go after her, she's just going to broadcast everything. And I don't want that. Besides, she wouldn't have the ammunition if I hadn't done what I've done. I'm really, really sorry to put you through all of this.

Susan: Oh, don't worry. Oh, you're worried about me? Oh Sweetie, you're worried that I'm going to start drinking again?

Alison: It's not like I'm making things easier for you.

Susan: It's just that I'm so mad. I -- I'm better with mad than sad. So don't worry about me.

Alison: But the sad part is still coming.

Susan: Oh, Emily.

Alison: Yeah.

Vienna: Great, I want champagne and I get seltzer. We have to sell this awful place.

Henry: Vienna, we have been over this, Sweetie. We have everything locked up into here. If we don't make it here, we don't make it anywhere.

Vienna: I detest reality.

Henry: And I detest seeing you miserable.

Vienna: Well, you know that I'm not afraid of work, I'm not a snob. But I can't do this. I can't be the other half of al's diner.

Henry: Okay, okay.

Vienna: So we'll sell it?

Henry: I'll run it myself, all right? I can't stand to see you miserable. Go, go. Don't worry about it.

Vienna: You mean that, don't you?

Henry: Yeah, sure do.

Vienna: I hate this.

Henry: Really? I hadn't gathered that.

Vienna: But I don't hate it so much as I would hate not being your partner. In whatever we do.

Henry: I'm sorry. I am so sorry that I got you -- that I got into that poker game and that I got you all wrapped up into this.

Vienna: Well, then let's do what we always do.

Henry: What's that?

Vienna: Change things. Make them beautiful. Le bon dieu has decided that we are not meant to have a spa, we're meant to have a diner. So, we'll just have to run it with elegance and grace.

Henry: Where are you going?

Vienna: The kitchen. Which is the heart of any restaurant. So I will start the operation there.

[Vienna screams]

Henry: And so it begins.

Jack: I can -- I can get it from here. Thanks.

Carly: Right. So I undo two buttons and the rest is a piece of cake.

Jack: Yeah.

Carly: Jack, the bandage needs to be changed. The wound needs to be cleaned. Let me do it.

Jack: I shouldn't have stayed here.

Carly: You sort of ran out of options, didn't you? Katie's not around and you need someone to look after you. I know you hate that, and I know you really hate that person being me.

Jack: Okay. You know, I'm going to head home. I can ask Meg to look in on me.

Carly: I'm sure that she will. Gladly. But then you won't be here when the kids wake up and they're looking forward to that.

Jack: Yes, I know that.

Carly: Jack, I know this is uncomfortable for you. But if that gets infected, it'll be that much longer before you get back to work. Before you get your life back.

Jack: Okay. Right. It really hurts when I -- when I reach up. Could you take my shirt off?

Carly: With pleasure. With pleasure and a perfectly professional demeanor.

Jack: Don't make jokes.

Carly: That's what you're afraid of, isn't it? That I'll use all my feminine wiles -- Jack --

Jack: I know it's not pretty.

Carly: No, it's not that. This must be killing you. You act like it's nothing.

Jack: I think the kids have had enough to worry about.

Carly: Go sit down. Where's the stuff?

Jack: It's up there on the table.

Carly: You know, this is so totally you. Tough it out. Stiff upper lip. Never show any of your reactions. 'Cause that way, no one will ever know how you really feel. Except me.

Dusty: This pimp loser that Alison worked for -- put a camera in the room.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Dusty: And Cheri got her hands on it and the rest is history.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Dusty: Well, be sorry for Alison. She's the one who's hurt.

Lily: Oh, of course. Yeah, yeah. You're to blame.

Dusty: Well, she's a kid, I'm an adult. It's my fault.

Lily: I'm not saying it's her fault. I'm saying that people like Alison and Emily -- these are troubled people. You're just trying to help them. And you're in over your head.

Dusty: I know. I'm an idiot.

Lily: You're horrible. And everything is your fault. End of story.

Dusty: Cheri Love. I could kill her.

Lily: Yeah, I can understand why.

Dusty: I mean, it's not the fact that she's coming after me, it's Alison -- she just put her life together. You know?

Lily: Does Aaron know about this?

Dusty: Everybody knows about it.

Lily: And Emily.

Dusty: The whole Stewart’s family, yes. They want me in hell.

Lily: Oh --

Dusty: What are you laughing at? What's so funny?

Lily: This is big. This is a big train wreck.

Dusty: Oh, you noticed?

Lily: I -- I'm very familiar with train wrecks. You know, I -- ever since you were a kid, you were always the one looking out for the underdog, takin' on the bully. I cannot count the amount of times you went out of your way to help me.

Dusty: Well, my help is not very helpful.

Lily: How about we turn the tables? Why don't you let me help you this time?

Vienna: And it was -- disgusting.

Henry: Shh --

Vienna: You could smell from across the kitchen. And it was all gaseous and dangerous.

Henry: Yes I know, it's the fryolator, Sweetheart. It's how they make the French fries.

Vienna: We'll get rid of it, right?

Henry: No -- how do I put this? A diner without fries, is like -- la tour d'argent with no sauces.

Vienna: Oh. I guess I have a lot to learn then.

Henry: Sweetie, the offer still stands. You don't have to put yourself through this.

Vienna: No. No, I can do this. I can.

Maddie: This place is deserted.

Henry: Oh hey, you noticed.

Maddie: Yeah, nobody working. What are you guys doing here?

Vienna: Well, explain it to her, Henry. I'm off to meet my destiny.

Maddie: Why is Vienna going into the kitchen? And why am I meeting you here?

Henry: Because, all of this is now ours.

Maddie: You're kidding me? Henry, where did you get the money to afford to buy a diner?

Henry: I didn’t. I won it in a poker game. Isn't that great?

Maddie: Yeah, great. Vienna seems really thrilled.

Henry: Well, you know, it's every woman's dream to own a diner. With the glamour and all.

Maddie: Yes, and I'm so glad I'm -- I'm going to be here to watch you handle it. It's gonna be great.

Henry: Yeah, it already is great. We're down $7.83. And that's without the tip. So, what can I do for ya?

Maddie: Well, I have news. News.

Henry: Yeah?

Maddie: Yeah. Noah and I are going to move in together.

Henry: Noah?

Maddie: Noah.

Henry: Noah, the kid you've been dating?

Maddie: Yeah.

Henry: The kid you've been dating for about a month now?

Maddie: Okay, I know what you're going to say. You think we're moving too quickly.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. You're moving too quickly. You barely even know this guy.

Maddie: I know, you're right. And I should -- I should be more like you. You knew Vienna, what? Like 20 minutes -- before you got married or tried to get married. And so, wait a minute. How did that end up again?

Henry: No, listen to me. Uh-uh. No, no, no. Listen to me. I have a right to have a point of view on your life.

Maddie: I know you do.

Henry: I just -- I don't want you to get hurt.

Maddie: Henry, I really, really think this is going to be okay.

Henry: Yeah, I know. At first it seems all romantic and everything.

Maddie: But we're not like that. We're not swept away, and that's the best thing about Noah and I -- we are totally honest with each other.

Noah: Hey.

Luke: Hey.

Noah: Writing?

Luke: That's what it's called.

Noah: I guess you've got a lot more material now, huh?

Luke: Noah, you didn't have to come back here. But since you did, can we not play games? I am really sick of games.

Noah: Actually, that's why I wanted to come back and talk to you. I want to be straight. I can't believe I just said that.

Luke: Well, it's the truth.

Noah: The truth? The truth is that I kissed you.

Luke: I know. I was there.

Noah: And you're right, it wasn't a joke. I kissed you because I wanted to.

Carly: Well that ought to hold you until the morning.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: So now we're even for that pulling me out of quicksand thing.

Jack: I risked my life to save you. You changed -- you changed my bandage and that makes us even?

Carly: Mm-hmm. [Jack laughs] See, that's why I always insist on being the scorekeeper. I get to assign point value.

Jack: I guess so.

Carly: So, now, if I were to get you a t-shirt or a glass of water or something, you'd owe me again. Which is just how I like it.

Jack: I don't want a t-shirt, I don't want a glass of water -- so, what are you doing with guy's t-shirts anyways?

Carly: Not telling you.

Jack: Fine.

Carly: When you left, there were clothes in the dryer. I couldn't get rid of them.

Jack: My Bulls shirt? Because I have been looking all over for that.

Carly: I've been known to sleep in that.

Jack: Bet Simon loved that.

Carly: Don't do that.

Jack: What? We're supposed to pretend he never happened?

Carly: No, don't just throw his name in the conversation because it scares you to be alone with me.

Jack: Okay. You know what I haven't missed? You telling me how I'm feeling. You insisting you know me better than I know myself. I am not scared of being alone with you.

Carly: Yes, you are.

Jack: How?

Carly: You're scared to be alone with me when you're not mad or in a bad mood.

Jack: Okay, that's it, Carly. Good night. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Carly: Sleep tight.

Jack: And Carly? Don't bother slipping into something more comfortable. Don't bother to come down one more time to see if I'm okay.

Carly: You think I'm trying to seduce you?

Jack: Well, it's a two-way street, knowing each other. That's always been one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

Carly: For you anyway.

Jack: It ain't gonna happen.

Carly: Oh, I know that, Jack. 'Cause I wouldn't let it.

Henry: Sweetie, can you see that when he asked you to move in with his father there -- that was pressuring you?

Maddie: Oh, well that was an accident, his father overheard us.

Henry: Oh, okay. But don't you think that's something you should be talking about in private? When you have time to talk about it and time to think about it? I just get the sense this guy is pushing you.

Maddie: Okay, well he is, but I know why. You would too if you met his father.

Henry: Well, that's red flag number two. It's number three if you count Wesleyan.

Maddie: Henry, listen. I know what you're talking about, I do. But moving in with Noah is going to solve a lot of problems.

Henry: Well, that's romantic.

Maddie: I know it's not, but it's comfortable. With Casey, everything was so intense, he kept so much hidden from me. But Noah and I, we're friends as much as anything. We tell each other everything and he's so upfront with me. It's not like there's this big bomb ticking away, ready to explode in my face.

Luke: I know that was hard, but I'm really glad you said it.

Noah: That's not all I have to say. It's not going to happen again.

Luke: Because?

Noah: You and I -- for you, it's not wrong. But for me, it is.

Luke: That doesn't make any sense.

Noah: I don't want to tell anyone how to live their life, but I have to live my life the way I think I should.

Luke: Or the way your father thinks you should?

Noah: No. I can't keep blaming him for everything. It's -- I have to take responsibility.

Luke: What happened over coffee?

Noah: Things fell into place in a way I never thought that they would. I mean, for the first time, I see that my dad is really on my side.

Luke: Really?

Noah: He's excited about me going to film school. I mean, after Maddie explained it to him.

Luke: Oh, so Maddie's the one who made things fall into place.

Noah: You should hear the way she talks to him. I mean, he likes it. He likes her.

Luke: And he likes you with her. So, that's great. Just one question. How's this going to work for Maddie?

Noah: It's going to be good. We're moving in together.

Luke: Yeah, and that will prove to your dad that you are a real man.

Noah: Look, you know, you were right. You said it, I didn't have to come back here and talk to you. I just wanted to be honest with you.

Luke: Oh, good. I'm glad. So when are you going to be honest with Maddie?

Alison: Mom, I know you're worried about me getting high.

Susan: It's not that I don't have faith in you. It's just that this is a real curve ball.

Alison: I know. I was worried, too. But then you showed up. And after everything I've done to you, I'm not going to do that. But you know what really gets me about this?

Susan: What?

Alison: I mean, all the things I've done, all the mistakes I've made -- I get that I have to face the consequences, and deal with the fallout. But it's just so hard to watch the people I care about suffer for what I did.

Susan: Alison --

Alison: I mean, Emily. You. Aaron.

Susan: Aaron and Emily are going to see this for what it is. Just like I did.

Alison: Mom, maybe you can get over it. But you didn't love Dusty the way Emily did. And Aaron --

Susan: Aaron loves you.

Alison: No. I think I've taken care of that for good.

Dusty: You're a good friend.

Lily: Aww -- so are you. You don't deserve this, but you'll get through it.

Dusty: I'm going to go upstairs. I want to get this night over with.

Lily: I hear that.

Dusty: Thanks for the pep talk.

Lily: Thank you for warning about Cheri. I wish the fallout wasn't so severe.

Dusty: Yeah, well -- 'night.

Lily: Hey, hey. You'll remember what I told you?

Dusty: Oh, yeah.

Lily: Good.

Dusty: Every word.

Lily: Good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, you'll remember -- and do exactly what you want.

Jack: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You aren't going to let it happen?

Carly: It'd be counterproductive.

Jack: So unbuttoning my -- my shirt, the medical massage, the "I slept in your t-shirt" -- that was just a prelude to you sleeping upstairs and me on the couch.

Carly: No one can accuse me of scheming. I have been completely honest and above board. [Jack laughs] I have made no secret of the fact that I want us to be us again.

Jack: No scheming? Darling, you did everything but light candles and hire a violinist.

Carly: Okay, let's just think this through. If you and I went to bed together, what would happen? Well, besides the obvious --

Jack: That wouldn't have happened.

Carly: No, no, no. Of course not. No, but just say that it did. I know you, Jack. You would just say, "That’s Jack and Carly." That's just physical. That's not fine and wonderful like with me and a certain other blonde.

Jack: You are on very thin ice, right now.

Carly: Well I'm sorry, Jack. Tactically, I know I should be nicer about Katie, but really --

Jack: Okay, I'm going. I can't deal with this.

Carly: Of course you are. Because you can't take it. If this were just about sex, you would take a cold shower and be done with it. But it's more than that and you know it.

Jack: You are delusional.

Carly: If it was just physical, then you and I would not be able to hurt each other as deeply as we do -- and still be completely ready to die for each other.

Jack: Okay, so me saving you for drowning in quicksand proves that I love you? Carly, I'm a trained police officer. I protect people, I save people. Even you.

Carly: I know this is difficult for you, Jack. 'Cause I know that you are truly an honorable man, and you have made promises to Katie.

Jack: You're unbelievable.

Carly: And I should be nicer about her. I really should. Because, I think, tonight, even she saw what's really going on here.

Jack: What was going on was that you and I have a very long, complicated history. We have three children, Carly. So we are connected, we always will be. But not like that! Never again will we be like that! Carly, I have moved on.

Carly: So you being here -- under same roof -- that's -- that's fine? No problem?

Jack: Well, there's kind of a problem with you being the way you are.

Carly: And you being the way you are. You see, the problem is, Jack, you and I are still in love with each other.

Maddie: I really think that you need to meet Noah's father, even though I'm sure you're going to hate him.

Henry: Oh great! Move in with his son!

Maddie: But I did get him to take Noah seriously. You know how I did that? Because he takes me seriously. He respects what I think.

Henry: Kid, come on. I don't know here.

Maddie: Let me just say one last thing. I love ya, I do. But I'm doing this no matter what you say.

Henry: I can't argue with that.

Maddie: Right. Henry, I just want to see where this goes. I think there's a chance I could end up happy.

Henry: Well, that's all any of us can hope for is a chance.

Maddie: Mm-hmm. And it's what you make of it that counts. I love you. Enjoy your diner.

Henry: Yeah, right. It's too quiet.

Vienna: Pepparkakor!

Henry: Uh, gesundheit?

Vienna: I have made the Swedish delights.

Henry: What? With the chef?

Vienna: Just taste this. Henry, you were right, we are destined to do this. We are going to build the house of pepparkakor.

Noah: I'm not lying to Maddie.

Luke: You really believe that?

Noah: Yes. I love her. I am attracted to her -- we make love.

Luke: Well thank you so much for sharing. Does Maddie know she's in a don't ask, don't tell relationship?

Noah: Okay, you know what? You may not feel this way, but I do. I think you made a choice. Yeah, and I'm making mine.

Luke: Are you making yours though, Noah? Or your fathers?

Noah: You know, I haven't been fair. I've told you and Maddie all the bad things about my dad and left out all the good. He raised me on his own. I never needed anything, despite the fact that I knew I wasn't the son that he -

Luke: Wasn't the son that what? Wasn't the son that he wanted? Like somehow the order got messed up before delivery?

Noah: You know, not everyone can be blessed with parents as good as yours. But my dad is trying. He's trying to be a better dad, and I'm trying to be a better son.

Luke: But gay men can be good sons.

Noah: Not to him! Why is this so hard for you to understand?

Luke: Look, I don't know what it's like growing up with your father. And I'm sorry if I'm making this sound very easy because I know it's not.

Noah: I just don't want to hurt anyone.

Luke: You won’t. Not intentionally, at least.

Noah: I can control it. I will control it.

Luke: Oh, no, you don't -- look, I'm just trying to be your friend.

Noah: Then be my friend. Don't tell Maddie about this. Don't tell anyone.

Alison: Hey.

Dusty: I thought you didn't want to be seen with me.

Alison: Well, I have an hour until my meeting and I thought I would kill it with my partner in crime.

Dusty: Suddenly, this is funny to you?

Alison: Yeah, I think it's hilarious. I can't reach Emily.

Dusty: Neither can I.

Alison: So, either she turned off her phone or she checked her e-mail and realizes she doesn't want to talk to me ever again.

Dusty: She must have seen the video already.

Alison: Yeah, that's what my mom said. But what Emily didn't know -- what I'm sure she could never imagine was that, that the video was going to be seen by everyone in your address book, which includes her family, friends, and everybody she works with.

Dusty: Alison --

Alison: Because she didn't realize, that when her sister goes into crash and burn mode, it's not private, it doesn't end, and it just goes on and on and more and more people get involved --

Dusty: Alison, you gotta stop! You gotta get over yourself.

Jack: You saying something doesn't make it so.

Carly: Jack, what's the one constant in my life? The one thing you thought I would never do?

Jack: Leave your kids.

Carly: And I did it.

Jack: That's not an argument in your favor.

Carly: This isn't about blame. This is the truth. You left me and I went mad. And I did it in true Carly fashion, with a smile on my face, proud and defiant. And I set about to destroy everything in my life that mattered.

Jack: Looked like fun from where I was standing.

Carly: Did it? Didn't you see what was really going on? Isn't that why you gave me chance after chance after chance? You knew before I did.

Jack: You know what? I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Carly: You want to stop talking.

Jack: Stop talking, yes.

Carly: Okay. Fine. I know that I'm not going to convince you, Jack. And I know that I'm not going to seduce you.

Jack: Thanks.

Carly: All I'm going to do is wait.

Vienna: So, I found the ingredients for the pepparkakor and then the chef, he just he just started clearing the space, and he handed me everything I needed, exactly when I needed it. So we're going to get along famously.

Henry: I bet you're the most beautiful chef he's ever worked with.

Vienna: You know, we can do this. We can change some things and make it ours -- but just not too fast and too much. And then, we have to hold on to al's customers -- but we can find our own.

Henry: Nothing gets me hot and bothered like a woman with a business plan.

Vienna: And nothing gets me hot and bothered like a man who says, "If I don't like it, I can go." But I like it. Here, with you.

Henry: Good.

Vienna: Want another pepparkakor?

Henry: No. This time, I want the pepparkakor cooker.

[Vienna laughs]

Luke: Noah, I am your friend. And if this was just about you and your dad, that'd be one thing. But I'm Maddie's friend, too.

Noah: I keep telling you, I won't hurt her, Luke. We could be really happy together, if you'd just let us.

Maddie: Okay, from now on, if you want a cheeseburger, I can get it at discount. You're still here?

Luke: I guess I am.

Maddie: Is something wrong? You guys look so serious.

Luke: No, we were talking about the next big reveal for "Invisible Girl."

Maddie: And?

Luke: And there isn't one. I couldn't think of anything.

Maddie: Ah. Well, you will think of something tomorrow, you always do. But go home, get sleep, you work too hard. You, I have so much to tell you. So Henry and Vienna now own Al's -- shades of "My Man Godfrey" -- and -- and I found an apartment two blocks away. Shades of "Apartment for Peggy." Very nice.

Dusty: I mean, it's over now. It's in the public. We gotta concentrate on moving on.

Alison: Easier said than done.

Dusty: Not for you. You're facing everything now. Head on. You're not the girl you were three months ago.

Alison: Thank God.

Dusty: Go to your meetings. And take care of yourself.

Alison: You, too. Thanks for talking me down. Again.

Dusty: If you talk to Emily, tell her it's my fault.

Alison: I'm not telling her it's your fault. Because I'm not going to start lying again.

[Cell phone rings]

Dusty: What do you want?

Cheri: It's more about what you want.

Dusty: I'm in no mood for games.

Cheri: This is business. You want me to go away? I'm going to tell you how to make it happen.

Dusty: Oh, you don't have to tell me. I already know.

Jack: So, all you have to do is wait and eventually I'll be powerless in the face of this powerful connection between us?

Carly: Something like that.

Jack: You wanna bet?

Carly: Sure.

Jack: Okay. 50 bucks -- 50 bucks says you're wrong.

Carly: You're on.

Jack: Just so I understand your point correctly, I'm clueless about my true feelings, and I'm deluding myself that my really beautiful, caring, funny fiancée is making me happy, and at some point in time, helpless, I will come crawling back to you.

Carly: You know, your sarcasm is just another defense.

Jack: Okay, to make it fair, let me give you -- let me give you time to prove your theory, okay? So, let's say um -- 20 years. In 20 years, when I'm still with Katie and you're still here in lala land -- you owe me 50 bucks.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: Well, I'm going to bed. One thing about us hasn't changed, Carly. Dealing with you is exhausting.

Carly: Sweet dreams. Waffles in the morning?

Jack: Oh, I don't know, Carly, I might take one bite and drop to my knees in front of you.

Carly: Nice to have you back, Jack.

Jack: I want my t-shirt back.

Carly: When I get my 50 bucks.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Jack: This morning, Sage asked if I was staying forever. Come on in. We'd like to say thank you.

Rosanna: Somebody else? I want you to take me back to Oakdale, Paul.

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