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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/21/07

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Customer: Donovan, that's what I'm talking about.

Aaron: That's enough, Sir.

Customer: No, I'd love to get me some of that there.

Aaron: Turn it off. Damn it, I said turn it off!

Customer: Hey!

Alison: What is that?

Gwen: I don't know. I just clicked on the link.

Alison: Where did you get that? Where did you get it?

Will: It's all right. Alison, calm down. She closed it.

Alison: How did you get that DVD? Give it back!

Will: Alison, stop yelling.

Alison: No. Not until I get it back. You had no right to look at that.

Will: Alison, there was no DVD.

Alison: Then how?

Gwen: That's on the internet.

Alison: What?

Will: Where'd it come from?

Gwen: The e-mail that Dusty sent me. The link was attached to it.

Will: Okay, so it's a fake. And everyone will know that it's a fake. Anybody can paste someone's head and put it on someone's body. Dusty will just send out another e-mail --

Alison: It's real. Dusty and I -- it's real. But Dusty would never --

Will: Somebody did. Someone's trying to hurt you, Alison.

Cheri: This is incredible. I can see every detail. You're incredible. You're a genius.

Elwood: Thanks. Now, about this reward --

Cheri: Are you a man who enjoys sensual pleasures, Elwood?

Elwood: Well, I've never actually been -- yes.

Cheri: I'll introduce you to a beautiful, talented woman. Her only goal? To please you.

Elwood: Yes, I would enjoy that very much.

Cheri: Now tell me about Dusty’s e-mail.

Elwood: Hmm?

Cheri: E-mail?

Elwood: Oh, yeah. Well, I accessed his address book and then I hyperlinked it to everybody the guy knows.

Cheri: You're brilliant.

Elwood: Now, about this woman -- oh, God. That's him. That's the dude from the video. What is he doing here?

Cheri: Oh, we should go say hello. Bring the laptop.

Elwood: He'll kill me.

Cheri: Dusty Donovan. What a pleasant surprise.

Dusty: For one of us.

Cheri: Oh, don't be rude. You could spoil the little treat I have planned just for you.

Maddie: Did Noah do something wrong?

Luke: No, not -- not "Wrong" exactly.

Maddie: Okay, you seem upset.

[Luke remembering]

Maddie: Luke? What did you need to tell me about Noah?

Luke: Something happened. And I --

Colonel Mayer: Maddie.

Maddie: Oh, Colonel Mayer. Come on in.

Colonel Mayer: Hi.

Maddie: Hello.

Colonel Mayer: Hi.

Maddie: Luke, this is Noah’s father.

Luke: Very nice to meet you.

Colonel Mayer: And you are?

Maddie: He's Noah and my friend, Luke. He's interning with us.

Colonel Mayer: Oh. You know, I'm sorry I interrupted you. You were saying something --

Luke: Oh, no. Maddie and I were just talking.

Colonel Mayer: You were saying something about my son. You wanted to tell Maddie something about Noah. I think we'd both like to hear it.

[Door opens]

Sage: J.J.! You're home!

J.J.: Yeah, finally.

Sage: Did you miss me?

J.J.: I missed everybody.

Sage: Parker and I made chocolate chip cookies for you.

J.J.: Cool.

Carly: Okay, so where's my hug, huh?

Sage: Did you bring me anything?

Jack: Oh, come here, you! Give me a hug.

Parker: I'm really glad you're okay.

J.J.: You must be. You baked cookies for me.

Parker: Shut up. Let's go.

Sage: Wait for me!

Carly: I thought we'd lost this, Jack. I thought we'd never see our kids together again.

Jack: It's okay. We're okay.

Katie: Jack!

Jack: Oh, I was hoping you'd be here.

Carly: You might want to loosen your grip there, Katie. He's still hurt.

Katie: Oh, God, I'm sorry. God, I wasn't even thinking.

Jack: No, it's fine. I'm fine.

Carly: The doctor said he's gotta be careful at least for a few days.

Katie: What else did the doctor say?

Carly: Well, that he can't work for a little --

Jack: Carly -- excuse us, please.

Katie: So what else did the doctor say? Are you going to be okay?

Jack: I say kiss me.

Katie: I don't want to hurt you.

Jack: You could never, never hurt me.

J.J.: Where's Dad?

Carly: He’s outside with Katie. Those cookies sure smell good. I'm just going to go up and clean up. I'll be right back, okay?

Customer: That crazy bartender needs to be fired!

Bar manager: Okay, look you'll be completely reimbursed for your property, okay?

Aaron: I'll pay for the computer. And you can fire me if you want. But I will not apologize to that guy.

Bar manager: Why did you go off like that?

Aaron: Because he's a pervert.

Bar manager: That's it?

Aaron: Yeah. Are you going to fire me?

Bar manager: Probably. Get the hell out of here.

Cheri: Oh, you don't want to walk away from me.

Dusty: Why not? There's nothing you can show me that I haven't seen.

Cheri: You are so lacking in imagination. I wasn't offering you my treats. You see, I have this friend --

Dusty: This prostitute?

Cheri: I am so going to enjoy this. Sweetie, come on over here.

Dusty: Who's the kid?

Cheri: I told you. A friend.

Dusty: You're corrupting minors now?

Cheri: How old was Emily’s baby sister again?

Dusty: 20s, I guess. Why would you want to go there?

Cheri: Oh, Dusty, please, don't worry. It's always about you. Don't you know that by now? I had a great thing going in this town, 'til you and your girlfriend came along. Wait a minute. Now, which one is it you're with? Is it still Emily, or are you with Alison now? Oh, about that treat? Let me give you a little hint. You hit me, and I hit back harder.

Dusty: Ah, give it up, would you? You can't hurt Alison, or Emily, or anyone anymore.

[Cheri laughs]

Cheri: Oh, no?

Alison: She did this.

Will: Somebody in Vegas?

Alison: Maybe we can stop it. How many hits has the video gotten?

Gwen: 11,000.

Alison: How do we -- how do we stop it? How do I get rid of that?

Will: I think you'd have to hire a lawyer.

Alison: I don't have time to wait for a lawyer. I need to get rid of this now. Please, help me.

Will: Alison, I wish I could.

Gwen: Look, I'm sure Dusty’s as worried about this as you are. I mean, maybe you should call him.

Alison: Dusty and I aren't -- we're not together like that. It was just the one time.

Gwen: Well, who taped it?

Alison: We didn't know we were being taped.

Gwen: Well, I don't know, is there anybody that you'd like to call? Somebody that you'd like to warn, in case they see it?

Will: Maybe Aaron?

Alison: He knows already. Why don't you think he broke up with me? Guess I forgot to mention that I slept with my sister's boyfriend.

Will: Hey, Ali, wait a second.

Alison: Just please -- leave me alone.

Gwen: Whoa, what are you doing?

Will: She should not be by herself right now.

Gwen: She said she wanted to be by herself. I think we should listen to her.

Luke: Oh, I just had some stuff I wanted to run by Maddie, but we can talk later. How are you liking Oakdale?

Colonel Mayer: I'm liking it just fine. And are you enjoying working with my son?

Maddie: Ah! We have a great time working together. Luke has written this awesome project Noah’s directing.

Colonel Mayer: Maddie -- Maddie, you are really helping me gain a greater appreciation of my son's talents.

Maddie: Yes, well, he is the best.

Luke: You know, I have to go work in the video library.

Colonel Mayer: But we haven't finished chatting. You haven't told us what you wanted to say about Noah.

Luke: Well, it doesn't matter.

Colonel Mayer: Oh, I think it does matter. Don't you think so, Maddie?

Maddie: Well --

Colonel Mayer: Don't you agree, that when people are working closely together that there should be no secrets, no hidden agendas?

Maddie: I don't really that think Luke has --

Colonel Mayer: So whatever you were going to say about Noah, you should be willing to say directly to him -- or to me.

Maddie: You know, we should find Noah, Colonel Mayer.

Colonel Mayer: And I think we will do that, Maddie, right after we're done talking to -- Luke, is it?

Luke: Yes.

Colonel Mayer: Well, Luke, what's the big secret about Noah?

Luke: I never said that there was a secret --

Noah: What's going on?

Colonel Mayer: Well, Luke here was just about to tell Maddie something about you. You claim to have no secrets, Luke. Prove it.

Katie: I'm so sorry. I should have waited. You need to spend time with your kids.

Jack: I need time with you, too. I didn't even give you a decent proposal. I asked you to marry me, and then I disappear.

Katie: You came back to me. That's all that matters.

Reporter: Detective Snyder?

Katie: Jeff? Robin? What are you guys doing here?

Cameraperson: Covering the safe return of J.J. Snyder.

Jack: Uh, can't this wait until morning?

Katie: Yeah, Jack just got back. He hasn't spent any time with his kids.

Reporter: Well, Kim was going to call.

Jack: I didn't check my messages. I'll be right back.

Cameraperson: I thought you were heading out of town.

Katie: Oh, yeah. I postponed the trip. You know, so I can be here for Jack.

Carly: I saw a car pull up.

Jack: A camera crew from WOAK.

J.J.: Reporters? For real?

Jack: Yeah, Kim left a message. She understands if it's bad timing --

Carly: No, I think we should do this.

Jack: No, Carly, bad idea.

Carly: Why? The sooner that J.J. puts this all behind him, the better off we are. Besides, Jack, so many people prayed for us, they helped search for him. Shouldn't we thank them?

J.J.: Are we going to be on TV?

Jack: What do you think about that?

J.J.: Well, kids in my class are going to ask me stuff, so why don't we just do it?

Jack: Yeah, let's do it.

Carly: All right, all right. Get yourselves ready. You are going to be on TV.

Jack: I'll call Kim and set - some ground rules. Will you let the camera people in?

Carly: Sure.

Katie: I really don't think it's going to happen. At least, not tonight.

Carly: We're ready for you.

Reporter: Thanks.

Carly: You sticking around?

Katie: 'Course.

Carly: Perfect. Yeah!

Reporter: How does it feel to be home, J.J.?

J.J.: Better than Christmas. Better than anything.

Carly: I suppose it might seem unusual for a divorced couple to get along so well, but when it comes to our children, Jack and I are definitely a team.

Jack: What kept me going? I'd have to say Carly did. Yeah. She never, ever gave up hope.

Carly: Seeing our family back together. That's the best part.

Jack: Hey, hey -- where are you going? We're almost done here. I thought we could hang out later.

Katie: I don't want to take you away from your kids tonight.

Jack: Well -- am I going to see you later?

Katie: I'm going to run and get some research from Brad. And then I'll be home.

Jack: Katie –

Noah: Dad, give Luke a break. We're all working on this project together. He was probably just going to vent to Maddie about what a tyrannical director I am. Right?

Luke: No. That wasn't it.

Colonel Mayer: Well, then what was it? Don't leave us in suspense.

Luke: Look, I didn't want to make a big deal about it. That's why I was talking to Maddie first.

Maddie: About what?

Luke: I think Noah may have lost the master for the series we've been doing.

Colonel Mayer: Well, then why didn't you go directly to Noah?

Luke: Because Maddie’s my friend, too. And this affects her.

Maddie: Oh, you know, if our boss found out that the tape was missing the first person she would come to would be me, because it's my area. I could check it out.

Noah: No, it's my mistake. I'll take care of it. Thanks for letting me know, Luke.

Colonel Mayer: I'll come with you. I'd like to see what kind of work you're doing. Learn more about it.

Noah: Sure. Maddie?

Maddie: You go ahead. I'll catch up.

Noah: So, Luke -- we're cool, right?

Luke: Yeah.

Maddie: You're a really good friend, you know that?

Luke: I'm trying to be.

Maddie: I'm sorry that Noah’s father was so pushy with you.

Luke: Is he like that with everyone?

Maddie: Not so much me. And he's really trying hard with Noah to understand that he wants to be a director and not a soldier.

Luke: Maddie, are you really going to move in with Noah?

Maddie: Well, when he first brought it up, I was kind of freaked out. But now that I'm thinking about it -- don't you think it's a good idea?

Luke: Are you in love with him?

Maddie: I could be. I like him a lot. And we can talk for hours about movies and work and school.

Luke: That doesn't sound very romantic.

Maddie: But it is. And he gets me. And he looks out for me. And it's like he'd give me anything that I wanted.

Luke: At least he would try.

Aaron: Sofie, what are you doing?

Sofie: Just sitting here. What are you doing?

Aaron: You heard what happened at work? I don't want to talk about it.

Sofie: Okay.

Aaron: I had every reason to throw that laptop across that room. I was lucky I didn't throw his butt across the room.

Sofie: You want to talk about it now?

Aaron: No.

Sofie: Okay. I'll wait.

Aaron: You know, you've really got to stop doing that. Being so nice to people all the time. Letting people push you around.

Sofie: Okay.

Aaron: It's about my girlfriend -- my ex-girlfriend.

Sofie: The customer knows Alison?

Aaron: No, he was watching something. There's this thing out there -- this video. I want to be there for her, I want to tell her that -- Ali and me, we -- we always kind of mess up being together. And I want her to know that I'm there for her -- I just, I really don't know what to do anymore.

Sofie: Well, I could keep you company while you figure it out.

Aaron: I need to be alone. I think.

Sofie: Okay.

Aaron: Why aren't you leaving?

Sofie: I'm not letting you push me around.

Aaron: Listen, Sofie --

Sofie: You always help me. I want to be here for you. Whether you want me here or not.

Alison: I'm looking for Dusty Donovan.

Customer: I bet you are.

Dusty: Alison?

Alison: Have you seen it?

Dusty: Seen what? What are you talking about?

Alison: Everybody's watching us.

Dusty: So, what? What is it?

Alison: What was all this for? What was the point of saving me in Vegas, keeping me from making movies, and killing myself with drugs when what really destroys me, destroys us, is the one mistake we made together?

Dusty: You lost me. I don't know what you're talking about.

Alison: The video of you and me, it's -- the whole world is watching us having sex on the internet right now!

Katie: Hey, do you have that research for Hawaii?

Brad: Sure. But I was just headed over to see J.J. aren't you coming over there?

Katie: Been there. You got the research?

Brad: You already saw Jack?

Katie: I did, Brad. Do you have the research?

Brad: No, I'm not handing over anything until you tell me what's happening.

Katie: Well, I had about a second to kiss Jack hello before a camera crew from the station showed up.

Brad: So?

Katie: So, tonight is about Jack and the kids.

Brad: And Carly.

Katie: Yeah. I was kind of in the way. Do you have the research?

Brad: Do you know what? Do you know what? My brother is such an idiot. There is no way I would've let you leave that way. I would have chased you down and made sure you were all right.

Jack: That's why I'm here.

Katie: Jack, you shouldn't have come.

Jack: Come here for a second. The way you took off earlier -- what's wrong?

Katie: Nothing. I was just thinking, with everything's that's happened, with you and the kids, you need time to regroup.

Jack: Yeah, you and I. We need time to regroup, too. We have a wedding to plan.

Katie: About that -- maybe we should put the wedding on hold.

Jack: You don't want to marry me?

Katie: Just not right now.

Jack: What changed in the last hour, Katie?

Katie: It just hit me how much you and the kids are dealing with right now. You almost got killed saving J.J. you're still healing. I can't even touch you without hurting you. I just -- it's not a time to be planning a wedding.

Jack: That is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that I love you and you love me that overrides everything else.

Katie: I saw you guys tonight. The way Sage kept holding your hand, and Parker and J.J. kept an eye on you 'cause they didn't want you to leave. They need you right now.

Jack: And what you and I need doesn't matter?

Katie: Let's just give it some time. Give everybody time to recover.

Jack: Right. Well, how much time do you want to give it?

Katie: I don't -- Kim wants me to go to this remote in Hawaii.

Jack: So, you and my brother are going to Hawaii?

Katie: No, I'm going alone. Just let me go on the remote, by the time I get back, you will be healed and the kids will feel more secured.

Jack: Don't, don't -- I don't want you to go.

Sage: Can Daddy read me a bedtime story?

Carly: Well, Daddy's not here right now. But I can read to you.

Sage: Is he coming back?

Carly: Yes. Yes, I'm sure that he's coming back.

Sage: Because he told you he would?

Carly: Because I think that Daddy understands how much his family needs him right now.

Maddie: All right, I better go talk to Noah and see if he found the backup. Are you heading home?

Luke: No, I got some writing to do. I'll see you tomorrow.

Maddie: Hey, Luke? What did you mean before when you said that Noah would try to make me happy?

Noah: Crisis averted.

Maddie: Oh, I am so relieved. I did not want to re-shoot any of that stuff.

Noah: Me neither. Especially when you did it perfectly the first time.

Maddie: You're just biased.

Noah: And the problem with that would be?

Maddie: Did you get to see any footage, Colonel?

Colonel Mayer: You know what? Maddie, I could not make heads or tails of what Noah was doing. But maybe you two can explain it to me over coffee.

Maddie: Sure, sure. Luke, do you want to come?

Luke: No, no, no. I've got to finish writing. So, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Maddie: Okay.

Noah: Thanks, Luke. For everything.

Will: I know that sometimes you had the jealousy thing with Alison.

Gwen: Wait a minute. You honestly think that in that moment, I would be that selfish?

Will: Gwen, the girl needs help. That's obvious.

Gwen: Yeah. Why does it have to be you? Look, I feel just as bad as you do about what happened to Alison.

Will: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything about you being jealous.

Gwen: No, it's okay. 'Cause it's kind of true.

Dusty: I'll take care of it.

Alison: How?

Dusty: Well, I'm going to track down the person who put it up, and I'm going to make them put it down.

Alison: Cheri. It had to be her.

Dusty: Now, why do you say that?

Alison: Because she kept making snide comments to me, and I didn't know what they meant then, but I do now.

Dusty: Well, I'll fix it.

Alison: It's out there, Dusty. Even if we pulled it off that one site, Cheri could just post it on other sites. And keep reposting whenever she felt like it. So, that all of these people, these millions of people, will think I'm a slut.

Dusty: It doesn't matter what they think. I never should have touched you.

Alison: That doesn't matter! It doesn't matter what we felt, or what I was going through. All they see is me, naked, performing in front of a camera, not caring who sees. They'll think we taped it. That we're proud of it.

Dusty: Hey, that night, you were hurt and you needed me. That doesn't make you a bad person.

Alison: But all those people --

Dusty: Those people -- those people are going to see what they see. What matters is what you believe about yourself.

Alison: Here's what I believe. When you were in that room, I knew Emily cared about you.

Dusty: Emily and I were just friends. At that point we were friends.

Alison: I knew she wanted you, and I slept with you anyway. So all those people who are watching that video and deciding I'm an awful person, I agree with them.

Dusty: No, don't beat yourself up about it.

Alison: Why? Because then I might just give up, and go get high?

Dusty: You're thinking about it?

Alison: I'm tasting it. I want it like my next breath.

Dusty: But you're not going to do it, are you? Promise me.

Alison: I get why my mom started drinking again.

Dusty: Hey -- Alison.

Alison: Everybody makes being sober sound like the answer. Like that'll make things right. But it doesn’t. All the mistakes I made -- doing porn, sleeping with you, cheating on Aaron -- I keep having to deal with them over and over. And it hurts. And I want it to stop hurting. I just want it to stop.

Jack: I should've turned those reporters away.

Katie: No, Jack --

Jack: No, I should've. When they were taking that footage, I should have brought you down. I should have told them that you were my fiancée. And that you're part of the family now.

Katie: You can't force me into the family. You can't rush that on the kids!

Jack: I don't want to lose you.

Katie: Well, then that's why we have to do this. If we want any shot at making our marriage good, we have to put those kids first. Always. Oh, I'm sorry!

Jack: Ignore it. Don't go.

Katie: I have to go out of town. It's the only way I can keep my hands off you.

Jack: We're setting a date.

Katie: The minute I get back.

Jack: Is this about Carly?

Katie: I trust you.

Jack: Good. Then trust that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Trust that. I'll drive you to the airport.

Katie: I'll get myself to the airport. You get back to the kids. And get well. When I get back, you can pick me up from the airport. Take me home --

Jack: Oh, that is so unfair.

Katie: I love you, Jack. I love you so much.

Jack: I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

[Door closes]

Brad: That was the dumbest thing that you have ever done.

Katie: Can I please have the research? I have a plane to catch.

Brad: He just spent a week alone with Carly.

Katie: Tracking down their kidnapped son!

Brad: Fighting danger together, huddled in small places, rubbing up against each other --

Katie: Oh, stop, stop it!

Brad: And you're going to leave him in her clutches again?

Katie: I trust Jack.

Brad: Do you trust Carly?

Katie: I wouldn't expect you to understand, because you've obviously never been in a grown-up relationship.

Brad: I'd like to.

Katie: The research, please?

Brad: What do you mean, by "Grown-up relationship?"

Katie: It's not about wanting, or even loving, the other person. You decide. You decide to be faithful. You decide to put faith in them. You decide to make a promise and keep it.

Brad: I can do that.

J.J.: You came back.

Sage: Mommy said you would.

Parker: Guys, Guys, go easy. Remember the ribs.

Jack: Thanks. I couldn't miss kissing you guys good night.

Carly: How's Katie?

Jack: She got a job assignment. She's going away for a few days. Hawaii.

Carly: Oh, that's too bad.

Will: You really are jealous of Alison?

Gwen: Yeah, kind of. I mean, weren't you always kind of jealous of Casey?

Will: Yeah, I guess.

Gwen: And I only slept with him. You were in love with Alison. You're not supposed to smile. You're supposed to look at me and tell that it's not true.

Will: I'm remembering how I felt about her, and then I think about you and the baby. And I think about my crush on her. It's like -- we're having a baby together, Gwen.

Gwen: I know. And every time I think about it, I can't stop smiling. Her first word. Her walk. Teeth.

Will: There's kindergarten, there's middle school. There's high school. Prom.

Gwen: I can't believe I was pregnant for my own prom.

Will: Can we not talk about that stuff, right now? Let's not even think about it, okay? We have way too much to look forward to.

Gwen: Yeah, you’re right.

Sofie: So, the guy Alison was with sent out this video?

Aaron: No, no. Dusty wouldn't send out the video. He's got nothing to prove, and plus, he wouldn’t hurt Alison that way. He just wouldn’t. Somebody else is messing with Alison. And it's probably her old boss.

Sofie: Are you going to call her?

Aaron: I already did before I even knew about this. She hasn't called me back yet.

Sofie: She's probably too embarrassed, Aaron. I would be.

Aaron: Then what do I do? If you were Alison, what would you want me to do?

Sofie: To be there for me.

Aaron: Okay. So then, I'll call her again.

Sofie: When she's ready, I mean. You know, first I would cry it out, then I would figure out what to do next. And that's when I would want you to be there.

Aaron: Yeah, but I can help her now.

Sofie: You already have. You left a message. You let her know you're here for her. I don't know about Alison, but if it were me, for tonight, that's all I'd need from you.

Alison: I got a message from Aaron.

Dusty: What'd he say?

Alison: I didn't listen to it.

Dusty: You think he's seen the video yet?

Alison: He works here. Everyone else in this room has seen it, so he must have. If this is a message telling me how much he hates me, I don't --

Dusty: I'll check the message for you.

Alison: I don't want to know.

Dusty: Well, maybe he wants to be there for you.

Alison: Or maybe not. Maybe he just wants to tell me how I'm such a whore again. And now I'm a public whore. I can't be here.

Dusty: All right, I'll go wait with you.

Alison: No. I want to be invisible. I can't be invisible with you.

Dusty: What about your mom's house?

Alison: My mom. Oh, my God. If she's seen this --

Dusty: Okay, relax. What about a meeting?

Alison: They'll know. Everyone knows.

Cheri: Not exactly happily ever after, is it?

Will: Hey, our baby's gonna be okay.

Gwen: Why, because we're so much more perfect than our parents?

Will: No, because we aren't perfect, and we know it. We've messed stuff up and we've made mistakes.

Gwen: You do know our kid is probably gonna turn out just like us.

Will: God help us.

Gwen: Or them. How are we going to do this? Seriously, how are we going to get this right?

Will: By loving the kid and loving each other.

[Phone beeps]

[Alison sobbing]

Dusty: Do you have any idea what you just did?

Cheri: You wrecked my business. I wrecked your life.

Dusty: My life's already wrecked. But to wreck the life of an innocent girl?

Cheri: Not so innocent.

Dusty: Well, what did she do to you? And did she deserve it? And do you think I'm gonna let you walk away?

Cheri: You can't do anything to me that hasn't already been done.

Dusty: That's where you're wrong. Dead wrong.

Brad: Here's some stuff I forgot to give you.

Katie: I have everything I need.

Brad: I've been thinking I could do you a favor.

Katie: What, you're going to make a huge sacrifice and go to Hawaii for me?

Brad: I already offered. But Kim -- she turned me down. Something about me not being able to focus on work, you know, with all those bikinis around.

Katie: She's got that right.

Brad: Okay. I can keep an eye on Jack, I can make sure that things with Carly don't get out of hand. That would be my favor.

Katie: What? Did you hear anything I said earlier?

Brad: Come one. Come on, Katie -- get real.

Katie: You want me to get real? Here's real. You need to back the hell off! If I come back and you've done anything, anything at all to mess up things up for Jack and me, you can kiss this partnership and your job here good-bye.

Brad: I guess that's a "Yes."

Jack: Since I can't work for a couple of days, I'm going to be spending a lot of time with you guys.

Sage: And you can make pancakes!

Parker: Not pancakes. Please.

Jack: I understand.

J.J.: So, you're really going to stay here with us?

Jack: I didn't say -- I'm going to be staying out at the farm, but I will see you guys every day.

Parker: If you stayed, it might feel safer, you know?

Carly: Yes. Yes, and you'll need someone to help you with your injuries, especially because you've been overexerting yourself.

J.J.: We can help you.

Jack: Yeah. This is the best sleeping couch in the world, too.

Sage: So, you'll really stay?

Jack: The couch it is. That's settled. All right, come on. I owe you a bedtime story. Everybody upstairs.

On the next "As the World Turns,"

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Noah: I kissed you -- because I wanted to.

Lily: Why don't you let me help you this time?

Dusty: You gotta get over yourself.

Carly: You see, the problem is, Jack, you and I are still in love with each other.

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