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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/17/07

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Noah: Hey.

Maddie: Hey!

Noah: What are you doing?

Maddie: I'm figuring out my schedule for the fall. I am so excited. There is this class that I absolutely want to take, it's called film and --

Noah: Social change.

Maddie: Social change. How did you know?

Noah: Great minds. I'm taking that course, too.

Maddie: Yay!

Noah: And that goes towards your general end credits, so, you know, which might not be a big deal if you decide to transfer to Wesleyan down the line.

Maddie: I'm not even thinking about that right now.

Noah: Yeah, when I first had to give up on Northwestern, going to Oakdale U so felt like settling, but now that you're going too, I'm really excited.

Maddie: Me too. For both of us.

Noah: Actually, you know that class was pretty full when I signed up. You should probably head down to the registrar and make sure there's still room.

Maddie: Oh, really? Okay. Well, are you sure you don't mind me leaving you alone? I mean -- well, Luke is at lunch. He should be back any minute.

Noah: No, no problem. Good luck.

Maddie: Okay. Thank you.

Noah: Hey, Luke, do you know where there's the --

Col. Mayer: Who's Luke?

Noah: Dad? What are you doing here?

Col. Mayer: Oh, I just wanted to see for myself what it is that's keeping you in this town.

Noah: Well, I thought I told you.

Col. Mayer: You told me a lot of things, and not one of them makes any sense. But if you and I put our heads together, I think we can figure out just exactly what it's going to take to make a man out of you.

Lily: Could you put this on Lisa’s desk? Thanks.

Cheri: Hi, excuse me --

Lily: Hello.

Cheri: I'm looking for Lisa Grimaldi. I have a 1:15 appointment.

Lily: Ms. Love. Yes, Lisa was called out of town unexpectedly, but she told me you'd be coming by. I hope I can help you. I'm Lily Snyder.

Cheri: I hope so, too. I'm with the Venable Company. A lobbying firm. Maybe you've heard of us. I'm planning a convention here.

Lily: In Oakdale?

Cheri: Cheaper than Chicago.

Lily: That's true.

Cheri: And more discreet.

Lily: Discreet? That's debatable.

Cheri: Well, it's very important. I'm looking to reserve some suites for my staff as well as some very important politicians and their associates. I was told to look at the south wing.

Lily: There's a private entrance. Yes.

Cheri: Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we need to feel confident that we're operating outside the public spotlight.

Lily: That will not be a problem.

Cheri: Great. That's all I need to know.

Lily: Okay. I put together some information about the local amenities, our food and beverage service --

Cheri: That won't be necessary. I can see this is exactly what I'm looking for.

Lily: You don't have any questions?

Cheri: Just one. Are we in business?

[Knock on door]

Brad: Hey, come on, come on. Good morning.

Katie: It's afternoon. Have you heard anything about Jack?

Brad: Well, I would've let you know if I had.

Katie: What if you were too drunk and somebody called and you didn't hear the phone?

Brad: I slept with the phone two inches by my head. I'm sorry.

Katie: I know something bad has happened. When I called Carly --

Brad: She said everything was fine.

Katie: And then she hung up on me.

Brad: Does that really surprise you?

Katie: I haven't heard from either of them since then. God, if she did something to put him in danger again, I'm --

Brad: Look, look, look -- okay, I'm going to -- I'm going to go upstairs, I'm going to get changed, and I'm going to call the Idaho police and see what they can tell me, okay?

Katie: I already tried that. They won't return my calls.

Brad: I'm Jack's next of kin.

Katie: I'm his fiancée!

[Knock on door]

Brad: Hey, Officer Griffin.

Katie: This is bad news, isn't it?

Dallas: Afraid so.

Ava: Silas -- Silas! You're not asleep are you?

Silas: Not anymore.

Ava: It's like an oven in here.

Silas: Then go outside.

Ava: If I go outside, I'm never coming back.

Silas: It's up to you.

Ava: I mean it, Silas. Don't tempt me. How much money do we have to pay our friend, Kit, so we could stay in this hell hole? We got the feds after us, the local cops -- not to mention the cop who happens to be this kid's dad.

Silas: Les Sweeney was the kid's dad. Now I'm taking over.

Ava: And then what? Huh? We're going to live happily ever after in this joint? I'd rather be in jail.

Silas: We just got to lie low for a couple of days till the heat's off. There's nobody left who gives a damn about finding that kid. Kid's cabin is in a pile of ashes. So are Detective Snyder and that pretty blonde.

[Crashing sounds]

Ava: What the hell was that?

[J.J. coughing]

Silas: What's the matter with you?

Ava: Shh!

J.J.: I can't breathe.

Silas: Go outside. Check on that noise. I'll take care of the kid.

Ava: And I'll take care of myself as usual.

Silas: You all right, Jacob?

J.J.: I need my inhaler.


Ava: There's nobody out there.

Silas: You sure?

Ava: Yeah, I'm sure. Go out there yourself!

Silas: I will.

Ava: Oh, you think nobody's going to recognize you dressed like that?

Silas: I'm going to get Jacob some medicine.

Ava: Is that safe?

Silas: Well, if I'm not back in awhile, you'll know.

Ava: Oh, you're coming back. I could never get so lucky.

Silas: You don't know from luck. In a couple of days, when the heat's off, we're going to take the ransom money and get ourselves a damn palace to live in!

Ava: An air-conditioned palace? With running water?

Silas: With a white picket fence.

J.J.: You know, if you don't want to deal with me, then why don't you just let me go now?

Ava: If it was up to me, I would.

J.J.: Why isn't it? Do you always do what Silas says?

Ava: No. No I don’t.

J.J.: You killed a cop. You think the police would ever stop looking for you now?

Ava: Hey, hey, hey! I didn't have anything to do with that fire in that cabin, okay?

J.J.: Well, I don't think Silas would say that, would he? So, why don't you just take the money and run?

Ava: Why not? Why not? Thanks, Kid. That's actually the first thing you've said that's been worth listening to. Now see, I'm leaving a couple of bucks, so you can keep on living the high-life with your new daddy. Bye-bye now.

Carly: J.J.?

J.J.: Mom, I'm over here.

Carly: Oh, J.J.

J.J.: Mom -- they said they started a fire or something. Did something happen to Dad?

Carly: No. No, Sweetheart, Dad's okay. He's going to be just fine. And so are you.

Katie: What happened?

Dallas: I finally got word from the Manley P.D. Jack's been severely injured.

Brad: Injured? How?

Dallas: Jack and Carly were being held hostage in the cabin that caught fire. Carly's fine. Sorry, I can't give you more information about Jack, but he was still being assessed by the local docs last I heard.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: How's J.J.?

Dallas: He was at the cabin before it exploded, but now he's missing again.

Katie: Oh God!

Brad: Okay -- where is Jack now?

Dallas: My contact at the FBI said he's being transferred to a larger hospital, maybe even a trauma center in a neighboring state.

Katie: So basically, you have no idea where he is?

Dallas: Well, it's a remote part of the country, Katie. The Manley P.D. has got one sheriff and he's out in the field looking for J.J. cell phone reception is lousy. We're doing our best to find out more. As soon as we do I'll be in touch. I should get back to the station, though.

Brad: Yeah, thanks for coming by.

Dallas: Sorry it was bad news.

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: I knew it. I knew Jack was hurt. I knew something had happened. I tried to tell him before he left! Don't go! You're injured! You can't go out chasing after kidnappers --

Brad: You couldn't have kept him from going. Nobody could've. Just -- look, listen to me. Try not to worry.

Katie: How can I do that when no one can even tell us anything?

Brad: Maybe Carly can.

J.J.: Where's Dad?

Carly: He's in the hospital. He was hurt. But the important thing is, he's going to be okay.

J.J.: Well, can I talk to him?

Carly: No. No, Sweetheart, there's no reception down here. We have to get out of here.

J.J.: Before Silas gets back.

Carly: That's right. You listen to me, I want you to know that I am very proud of you.

J.J.: Why? None of this would've happened if it wasn't for me.

Carly: This is not your fault.

J.J.: What do you mean? I should've gone to you and dad the first time I talked to Ava.

Carly: We have you back now. And that's all that matters, okay?

J.J.: So, you and Dad came looking for me. So, you're --

Carly: No. We're not together, J.J. but we are a family and we always will be. Always.

Noah: So you want to make a man out of me? What does that mean?

Col. Mayer: Do you remember when you were two years old, and I got ordered to go to Korea?

Noah: No.

Col. Mayer: Well, I told you that you needed to be the man of the house. That you needed to take care of your mom. And I also told you not to cry. And you didn’t. You were only two years old.

Noah: So?

Col. Mayer: So, I was very, very proud of you then. I never told you that, and for that I'm sorry. But I want you to know just how proud I am of you now.

Noah: Why is that?

Col. Mayer: For earning your way through college. You know -- the jobs, the scholarships, the loans -- I mean, you haven't given up on your goal. You're finding a way to make it happen. And I want to reward you for that.

Noah: Does that mean you changed your mind? I can go to Northwestern?

Col. Mayer: Northwestern isn't going to turn you into the great filmmaker you want to be. You know why?

Noah: No.

Col. Mayer: Well, because you need to find something to say. You know? You need -- look, you're going into the entertainment business, Noah. You have to get ready for a lifetime of rejection. You know, you have to experience. You have to toughen up. You have to experience disappointment. You have to experience -- even failure. True hardship.

Noah: That's going to make me a man in your eyes?

Col. Mayer: A man of substance. You know what that means?

Noah: Why don't you tell me what it means, Dad?

Col. Mayer: It means that you don't always do the things you like to do, but that you learn to make sacrifices for the greater good. That's what it means. For example -- for example with, you know, in my day cooking and cleaning was woman's work, but when your mom died I learned that, you know, you had to make adjustments. So didn't I put a square meal on the table for you every night, and damned if I didn't learn to like KP. You know?

Noah: So, what? You want me to learn how to cook?

Col. Mayer: No. No, no, I want to give you a gift -- cash. You can do whatever you want with it. Make a film. I don't care, huh?

Noah: You don't care?

Col. Mayer: Only one condition. You enlist. You enlist, Noah, and I guarantee you the army -- it will give you everything you need to make it in this world, no matter what you choose to do.

Lily: Okay, the suites are available for the dates you requested. I'm assuming you would like a tour?

Cheri: Oh, that won't be necessary. I've already seen the rooms.

Lily: Okay.

Cheri: I'm ready to sign on the dotted line.

Lily: Good, good. I'm sure Lisa explained to you, with a reservation of this size, your deposit is nonrefundable, in case you cancel.

Cheri: Sure, I understand.

Lily: Well, good.

Cheri: Unfortunately, I seem to have left my business credit card in the car. Do you mind if I run and get it?

Lily: Take your time.

Cheri: I'll be right back.

Lily: Okay. I'll be here. Hey.

Dusty: Hey.

Lily: Hey.

Dusty: You know who that was?

Lily: Her? Cheri Love.

Dusty: You know what she does for a living?

Lily: She's a lobbyist.

Dusty: Well, you could say that. She's a hooker.

Lily: Hoo --

Dusty: A hooker.

Lily: She gave me her business card.

Dusty: Yeah, Cheri Love. The name didn't tip you off?

Lily: I'm an idiot.

Dusty: No, you're not.

Lily: Yes, I am.

Dusty: No, you're not.

Lily: I'm an idiot.

Dusty: Oh, she just wasn't on you radar. She's trying to turn your hotel into a brothel.

Lily: Oh. And I almost let her. Oh my God. Oh my God. I can't believe it. I can't do anything right.

Dusty: Don't be so hard on yourself.

Lily: No, you don't understand. You have no idea. I have a hard enough time trying to be a wife and a mother and I can't even put a business deal together without causing a complete catastrophe.

Dusty: Everything's fine. Just tell her the management had a change of heart and no longer wants her business. I'll take care of it.

Lily: No. No. This is my hotel. I will handle it myself. Excuse me.

Cheri: Found it.

Lily: Forget it.

Cheri: What?

Lily: I want you to leave now.

Cheri: What the hell's going on here?

J.J.: Ah.

Carly: I'm sorry.

J.J.: I'm okay.

Carly: Are you sure? Did Silas hurt you?

J.J.: No, no. He -- no, he didn't hurt me. But he said he was going to raise me like a son. He was going to name me Jacob.

Carly: That must have been so scary. You probably thought you'd never see us again.

J.J.: No. No. I knew you'd find me.

Carly: I'm sorry that it took so long. Did they feed you at least?

J.J.: Yeah, they did. Yeah, oh, wait. Parker and Sage, are they okay?

Carly: They will be once they know that we found you. Let's get out of here.

J.J.: Okay, we'll go see Dad.

Carly: Yeah. And we'll…..

Silas: I didn't see a single cop out there.

J.J.: Oh no.

Silas: You hear me?

Carly: Take this phone, call 911, okay?

J.J.: Mom --

Carly: Don't argue with me. You call the police. They'll know what to do. I love you.

J.J.: Be careful, Mom.

Carly: I promise. Go!

Silas: Ava! Where the hell are you?

Cheri: What did he say to you?

Lily: That running the best little whore house in Oakdale wasn't part of my business plan.

Cheri: Out of loyalty to one resident, do you know how much money you just cost yourself?

Lily: Please, Dusty and I have been friends for years. I know where my loyalty lies. So please leave.

Cheri: In other words, money talks and sex sells.

Lily: Get out.

Cheri: This is still a public establishment --

Lily: Okay, that's fine. I'll have security throw you out. Excuse me.

Cheri: What are you, the moral majority?

Dusty: Just looking out for an old friend.

Cheri: That's what always gets you into trouble, isn't it? Where do you get off, bouncing from Emily the call girl to her little sister, Alison, the porn star? What does that make you, except a hypocrite?

Noah: With all your talk about honor all your life, you're bribing me to join the army now? I mean, where is the honor in that?

Col. Mayer: It's not a bribe. It's a reward for hard work. I have to tell you though, Noah, I mean, volunteering to serve your country is something you should be eager to do.

Noah: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such a huge disappointment to you, but I am just not army material.

Col. Mayer: Look -- mental toughness and discipline, those things can be taught. They're not in born, believe it or not.

Noah: You don't think I have them?

Col. Mayer: You're bright, okay? You're determined, but I just don't understand what you have against doing something where -- doing something worthwhile with your future.

Noah: You know, I'm sorry you don't feel my passions are worthwhile. But I want you to know that I am extremely proud of your service. It's just not what I feel called to do with my life.

Col. Mayer: I'm not asking for your life, Noah. I'm asking for a couple of years. Now if you want to go to college now, fine, go. Just sign up with ROTC. Noah, don't you feel you owe at least that much to the country that has given you such wonderful opportunities? The opportunities that you have here?

Noah: The one thing you want from me seems to be the only thing I can't give you, so I'm sorry. I just don't know what else to say.

Maddie: Guess what? I got in and I talked to the -- oh. I'm so sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Col. Mayer: Who's this?

Noah: This is my girlfriend, Maddie Coleman. Maddie, this -- this is my dad.

Maddie: Oh.

Col. Mayer: You're -- girl -- Winston -- Winston Mayer.

Maddie: Hi. Colonial Mayer, it's very nice to meet you.

Col. Mayer: Likewise. You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend --

Noah: I told you.

Col. Mayer: You know, I have had nothing to eat all day except some pretzels on the plane. What do you say we all go out to lunch?

Noah: Uh, Dad, we have to work.

Col. Mayer: Work -- you're an intern. Surely they'll allow you a lunch break. Madelyn is it? Madelyn, I bet a woman of your considerable charm can persuade my son to have a civil conversation with his father.

Brad: Snyder. Like "S" as in Sam. No, his name is not Sam. It's Jack. Okay. Thank you -- for nothing --

Katie: Why is this so hard?

Brad: I know, I know, this is frustrating. But there are only so many hospitals, okay? We will find him, Katie.

Katie: What if he's not in the hospital anymore? What if he --

Brad: No, no, no. No. No. You do not get to think that. No, no, no.

Katie: All right, here. Here's some more hospitals. I will take Colorado. You take --

Brad: Do you want me to call Carly again?

Katie: No, no. What's the point? She's not going to answer. [Knock on the door] I'll get it. Oh, Kim, thank God. I thought you were Dallas Griffin.

Kim: What -- what's going on?

Brad: Jack's been injured, but we have no idea where he is.

Kim: Oh, no. Well, what about J.J.?

Katie: He's still missing too.

Kim: Oh, Honey. Oh, Honey. I'm so sorry.

Silas: Come on, Ava. Joke's over. I really think you're gonna be going anywhere -- damn it! J.J. wake up. Where's Ava? Where's your mother?

Carly: She's right here.

Silas: You're going to wish you died last night.

Silas: Come on -- you're not getting out of here alive.

Carly: What about J.J.? I'm the only one who can tell you where he is.

Silas: He couldn't have gotten far. I'll find him.

Carly: And then what? Your lovely wife took all your money. Why don't you just get out of here while the getting’s good, huh?

Silas: You think I'm leaving here without this kid, you're crazy. He's my meal ticket.

Carly: Spoken by the loving father that I'm sure you are --

[Silas screams]

Kim: Okay, what can I do to help?

Brad: Just -- can you talk to her about work or something? Just distract her. I've gotta make some more phone calls.

Kim: Oh, okay. Okay. Well, I suppose the last thing in the world you want to think about right now is work.

Katie: No, I think that's a good idea. Brad's right. I'm going crazy here, so why don't you go ahead and tell me what you came over here to tell me?

Kim: You're sure? Okay. You like to take a trip to Hawaii?

Katie: Hawaii?

Kim: Yes, yes. We really want you to do a segment of "Oakdale Now" from our sister station in Oahu.

Katie: Oh, with Brad?

Kim: Well, that was the original thought, but I'm having reservations about turning him loose on the beach of Waikiki.

Katie: I see your point. Actually, Kim, historically, I don't do well with islands. In fact, I was going to tell Jack when we take our honeymoon --

Kim: Your honeymoon?

Katie: Yes, Jack and I got engaged.

Kim: You did -- oh, congrat -- congratulations -- what is that?

Katie: It's my ring.

Kim: What happened?

Katie: I dropped it down the garbage disposal last night. Do you think that's a bad omen?

Maddie: You know what? You two haven't seen each other in awhile, and I'm a total stranger, Col. Mayer, so I don't want to butt into your --

Col. Mayer: No, no, I think you are just what the doctor ordered here.

Maddie: Yeah, I just -- I kind of just took my lunch break and I don't know if I can get we're very busy here.

Col. Mayer: And how busy can anybody be on a show about arts and crafts? Come on.

Maddie: Actually, we're working on PSA's to help locate a missing boy.

Col. Mayer: Really?

Noah: My dad doesn't think this is a real job.

Col. Mayer: Well, maybe if you took the time over lunch and explained it to me, then I would have a better understanding of it.

Noah: Um, fine, I guess an hour wouldn't kill anybody. Hopefully. Um, is that all right with you, Maddie?

Maddie: Yeah. Yes, that's great. I can just work through lunch tomorrow and see if Luke will cover for me right now. I'd love to get to know your

Col. Mayer: Likewise. I'm staying at the Lakeview, so I will see you there in about an hour. And that will give you time to go home and put on a tie. I'll see you soon.

Maddie: Okay. Did you know he was coming?

Noah: No. A total and complete surprise. Maddie, I'm so sorry.

Maddie: For what?

Noah: My dad's specialty is grilling people.

Maddie: Well, as long as he doesn't grill me about my family, we're set. So -- oh, you know what? I need to go home and change because if you have to wear a tie, I'm -- kind of not --

Noah: See, he's doing it already. I don't want you to have to change anything about yourself for him.

Maddie: I want to make a good impression.

Noah: You already have. But if it makes you feel better, then go ahead. I'll take care of all this stuff.

Maddie: Hey, listen, he must really care if he came all this way just to see you.

Noah: I guess.

Maddie: I know you hate it. But it'll be fine.

Noah: If it is, it'll be totally because of you.

Cheri: I met Alison's former employer, remember? Good old Lance, he's about as big a fan of yours as I am.

Dusty: I'm flattered.

Cheri: Tell me about the little fling you had with Emily’s sister. Gosh, I wish I could get those girls to work for me. Men will pay a fortune for a sister act, but then, you probably already know that. So, did you have them both at once?

Dusty: I never raise a hand to a lady. But you're no lady. I'll see you later.

Cheri: It's all right. I'm going. I just wanted to mention before I leave that since she's left the porn scene, maybe poor little Alison could use some extra cash to keep up that drug habit of hers. If so, send her my way, won't you? Ta-ta.

Dusty: Alison you leave alone, this between you and me, Sweetheart.

Cheri: You still think you're the white knight? Don't you think that armor's getting a little tarnished? You see, here's the thing. You meddled in something that was none of your business. And now it will give me great pleasure to repay the favor. You got your way with Alison, why shouldn't I?

Lily: Thank you for getting rid of her.

Dusty: I think she'll leave you alone.

Lily: I don't know what I would've done if you weren't here.

Dusty: It only means that you travel in the right circles.

Lily: Unlike you?

Dusty: Yeah, unlike me.

Lily: I'm glad I was traveling in your circle today. That's all I have to say.

Dusty: Why are you beating yourself up?

Lily: Oh, you have no idea what I have done, Dusty.

Dusty: What did you do? Addicted to diet pills, drove my daughter into an eating disorder, lost my mother's company, lied to my husband, gave Carly the money for the ransom for J.J., which almost got Jack killed, and which is why J.J. is still missing.

Dusty: You're blaming yourself for all that?

Lily: Absolutely. It's my fault. My life is a disaster. If you know what's good for you, you'll just stay far away from me.

Dusty: Hey -- you're the closest thing I have to family. I've known you since you made me carry your school books.

Lily: It's true.

Dusty: So, where am I going? You've been with me every step of the way. You're not getting rid of me so easily.

Lily: Friends forever?

[Knock on the door]

Luke: Hi. Are you working here alone?

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: I'm sorry I was gone so long. I just wanted to get you and Maddie lunch to apologize for yesterday.

Noah: You didn't have to do that.

Luke: Yeah, I did. Sorry I left you with all the work. Um, I hope you like Chinese.

Noah: I love it, but I can't stay. I'm meeting Maddie and my dad at the Lakeview in -- in five minutes.

Luke: Hey, hey, just calm down. Calm down. Just call them and tell them that you're going to be late.

Noah: My dad does not believe in excuses and he does not believe in being late. When I was a kid, if I wasn't home by the time the 5:00 cannon --

Luke: The 5:00 cannon?

Noah: Yeah. Growing up in an army base sometimes makes it seem like a different world, but anyway, he gave me an hour to go home and get a tie. And if I don't have one --

Luke: Okay, whoa, I'll get you a tie from wardrobe. You just try to relax.

Noah: Relax. Right.

Katie: I just -- I keep thinking this about me, and it's not. I need to remember that. And anyway, if you have to fire me, I understand.

Kim: Why would I fire you?

Katie: Because I'm going to have to say no to Hawaii. I mean, when Jack gets back, I'm going to want to be here for him. I love my job. I do. But I love him more. He's going to need me to take care of him and God knows what J.J.'s been through. He's going to need me to take care of him too.

Kim: Okay. Okay, I understand that. Um, actually I think that your priorities are right where they should be. So you just hold on to them, okay? And while you're doing it, hold onto your faith, too.

Katie: I'm trying.

Kim: You're going to be fine. And so will Jack.

Katie: Thank you.

Brad: Katie -- Katie, I found Jack.

Carly: J.J.? J.J., you can come out now. It's safe.

J.J.: Mom. Mom?

Carly: Oh, my God.

Lily: I really should get back to work. Thank you. I don't know how to thank you enough.

Dusty: Just be good to yourself. That's how you thank me.

Lily: Okay.

Dusty: You know, I've known you longer than your husband.

Lily: That's true.

Dusty: So if you and I are forever, that means you and Holden are forever. Things are going to get better.

Lily: You promise?

Dusty: Oh yeah, I promise. I'm a man of my word. You know that.

Lily: You know, Cheri -- Cheri, whatever her name was, she said she was going to make you pay. Sounds like a woman of her word.

Dusty: Don't worry about her.

Lily: I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about you.

Dusty: I take care of myself.

Lily: Everybody needs someone to take care of them sometimes.

Dusty: You don't have to worry. I'll take care of Cheri. There's nothing she can do to get me now.

Cheri: Elwood?

Elwood: You're the woman who called me?

Cheri: You're 1-800-geek-boy? I've gotta tell you, you sell yourself short calling yourself a geek -- and a boy.

Elwood: Thanks. So, what can I do for you? Internet connectivity, hardware and software interface --

Cheri: All the above.

Elwood: Okay, wow. Yeah, okay, that sounds like a money maker.

Cheri: Well, it certainly has the potential to be if you're the computer genius you say you are.

Elwood: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I can get you all hooked up --

Cheri: Now you're talking my language.

Col. Mayer: So, are you originally from Oakdale?

Maddie: No, Chicago.

Col. Mayer: Oh.

Maddie: Yeah.

Col. Mayer: Yeah. And did you -- did you move here to go to the university?

Maddie: No, actually, I've been living here for a few years now.

Col. Mayer: Oh, I see. With your family?

Maddie: They are all back in Chicago. My brother is here though. Henry.

Col. Mayer: Oh, Henry. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Maddie: Six. Six.

Col. Mayer: Seven. You have seven children --

Maddie: Yeah, I'm the youngest.

Col. Mayer: That must have been quite an experience growing up.

Maddie: Oh, it was. It was. I do often wish that I was an only child, though -- like Noah. But then again, I don't know what I would do without my big brother.

Col. Mayer: Yeah. But it just wasn't meant to be.

Maddie: I'm sorry.

Col. Mayer: No, no, it's nothing to be sorry about. But seven children?

Maddie: Seven children.

Col. Mayer: Gosh, your parents must have been -- well they had to have been very organized.

Maddie: Well, my father was not in the military, so, no, not really.

Col. Mayer: Well, you seem to have turned out beautifully, nonetheless.

Maddie: Thank you.

Col. Mayer: I don't mean to overwhelm you with questions, it's just that -- it's just that Noah doesn't -- he doesn't tell me much. In fact, when he said you were his girlfriend, I thought he might have been pretending that, making that up, inventing that to make me happy.

Maddie: Why would he do that?

Col. Mayer: Why indeed? When he has someone as special as you in his life.

Maddie: Yeah.

Col. Mayer: So, where did you two meet? At the television station?

Maddie: Yes. Yes. He's actually the reason why I am staying in Oakdale and going to Oakdale U.

Col. Mayer: Really?

Maddie: Really.

Col. Mayer: Well, he made quite an impression on you then.

Maddie: He did. He's very talented. You have to know that.

Col. Mayer: Yeah, he's very talented. And very late. Which shows a complete lack of courtesy and respect for both of us. You know --

Maddie: It's okay. I mean, he should be here any minute. He's usually very punctual.

Col. Mayer: All right. Which is why I don't understand it, I mean, do you? All he had to do was go home and throw on a tie. I don't know what could be keeping him.

Noah: Thanks. Does this match?

Luke: Will your dad even notice? Most guys don’t.

Noah: My dad will definitely notice. He'll even notice that my shoes aren't shined.

Luke: Maybe I should have gotten you a clip on. Hey, don't struggle yourself.

Noah: Right now, I wouldn't mind if I did.

Luke: I can do it. Let me know if it's too tight.

Noah: Okay.

Luke: What's wrong?

Noah: Nothing.

Brad: Like I said, I'm his brother. I just want to know his condition. Okay, yes, I will hold on, again.

Katie: Tell them we want to talk him. Have them connect you to his room.

Brad: Wait -- I'm sorry, can you say that again okay. Okay. Thank you.

Katie: What? What happened? What's wrong?

Brad: I'm sorry, Katie, but Jack's gone.

J.J.: Mom, I don't know what happened. I can't move.

Carly: I think its quicksand.

J.J.: Well, how am I going to get out?

Carly: Honey, its okay. Don't worry, all right. You don't have to worry anymore. Silas is gone. We just have to get you back on solid ground, all right? Now, I'm going to throw this to you and you just hang onto it, okay?

J.J.: Yeah.

Carly: All right. All right. You just hang onto it.

J.J.: Okay, but I'm scared. I don't want to pull you in.

Carly: Sweetheart, I'm the only one who's going to be doing any pulling, all right? I know you can do this. I know you're not going to give up. Now, what would your dad say? He'd say concentrate. Concentrate. You can do this, J.J.. catch it. Good boy. Good. All right, now you can just stay still. Just stay still and let me pull you, okay? Let me --

J.J.: Mom?

Carly: J.J..

J.J.: Mom?

Carly: J.J.

J.J.: Mom?

Carly: Get out.

[J.J. gets out but Carly falls in]

J.J.: Mom?

Carly: J.J.?

J.J.: Mom, grab onto my hand.

Carly: No, get back -- Honey, please.

J.J.: No, no.

Carly: Please.

J.J.: Mom --

Carly: J.J.

J.J.: Please.

Carly: I love you. J.J. I love you.

J.J.: Mom.

Carly: I love you.

J.J.: No! No! No!

[Carly goes under the quicksand]

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Luke: There's something you don't know about Noah.

Rosanna: I'm not his prisoner any longer. I think it's time that Craig knew that.

Gwen: I'm not going to let either of you near my family, so whatever you're plotting, you can give it up right now.

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