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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/10/07

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Lily: Oh, wait up.

Holden: Hey ---

Lily: I'm coming with you.

Holden: I thought I was picking up Faith.

Lily: I thought the three of us could go to Al's and maybe have an early birthday celebration.

Holden: Oh, really? You know what, one day, that's enough for me.

Lily: Oh, don't be like that. I just came from the jewelers. And your birthday present was ready early --

Holden: You know what? Just hold onto it.

Lily: Oh, come on. Come on, open it. Please?

Holden: Right here?

Lily: Please.

Holden: And if I don't open it, you will, right?

Lily: You know me so well. Yes.

Holden: All right. Wow.

Lily: Yeah. Do you recognize that? It's your grandfather's watch.

Holden: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Lily: I had it all refurbished and engraved and -- like it?

Holden: Yeah, yeah. I love it, but --

Lily: What?

Holden: I hope you don't think it's going to make me forget.

Lily: Is giving that money to Carly so terrible?

Holden: No, but keeping it from everyone, that was the bad part. So, if you think this is going to make it all go away, then maybe you should take it back. Because I can't accept it.

Noah: Dude, flooding the whole place.

Luke: Oh, come on, it doesn't matter.

Noah: Yeah.

[Noah and Luke are close to each other and Maddie walks in]

Maddie: Okay. Now I'm totally jealous.

Brad: Are you leaving?

Katie: Yes. I'm exhausted and my bed is calling to me.

Brad: I would love to know what it says.

Katie: Not a chance. I'm just going to read until I fall asleep.

Brad: Boring.

Katie: That's me.

Brad: No, we can read here. We could peruse through these scripts, you know, and keep each other awake, with comments. Order in some chow.

Katie: No thanks.

Brad: I know you haven't eaten.

Katie: I hit the snack machine.

Brad: That doesn't count. Okay, we can go to Emma’s farm and scare up something from the fridge.

Katie: No thanks. I will pass.

Brad: Oh, are you going to turn down warm peach pie with a scoop of vanilla? We could sit out on the porch --

Katie: Brad, stop it. Stop it. I don't need you to take care of me.

Brad: Okay, I know you don't need me but maybe this time I need you.

Electronic voice: There are no new messages in your mailbox. To hear saved messages press two.

Jack: Pick up, Carly. Pick --

Kit: I need you to serve some drinks and move those kegs you brought back. They're in the wrong place.

Jack: Yeah, where do you want them?

Kit: I'll show you when I get a minute.

Jack: You sure that my old lady didn't tell you where she was headed?

Kit: Honey, she was gone before I got back. Well, look at you, she got you all shook up. Don't you worry. If she has walked out on you, I got a feeling she can take care of herself just fine.

Silas: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carly: I'm taking my son out of here.

Silas: You're not going anywhere with that boy.

Carly: You got your ransom money, I get J.J. that was the deal.

Silas: How did you find this place? The only person -- you followed Kit up here, didn't you?

Carly: Why don't you just put that thing down and we can talk about it, okay? Outside. You've put him through enough.

Silas: I didn't say you could leave.

Carly: Oh, God.

J.J.: Mom!

Carly: Keep going. J.J., run! Get help!

Silas: You shouldn't have done that!


Carly: What have you done to my son? If you harmed one hair on his head -- put the gun down. What the hell is the matter with you? He's just a child.

Ava: Next time, it's not going to be a warning shot.

Carly: Hey, are you okay?

J.J.: I'm fine, Mom, really.

Carly: Oh, God, I love you.

J.J.: I love you, too, Mom.

Ava: What did I tell you? This is definitely not worth the trouble.

Silas: A promise is a promise.

Ava: Like you never broke your word before.

Silas: Well, I plan on keeping it, all right!

Ava: Okay.

Silas: And get this kid out of here and I will meet up with you later.

J.J.: No, I'm going to stay with my mom.

Silas: You will do as I tell you! And if you give Ava here any trouble, well let's just say, you're not the only one that's going to feel the burn.

J.J.: You leave my mom alone.

Carly: J.J., I'll be all right.

Ava: Let's go.

J.J.: No, I don't want to leave.

Ava: Like I care.

J.J.: No! Mom!

Carly: Don't be scared! J.J., we’ll find you! No matter where they take you, J.J., I promise Jack and I will find you!

Silas: Jack? As in Jack Snyder, the detective? [Cell phone rings] And here I thought my luck was running out.

Jack: Pick up, Carly.

Kit: Are you helping me or chasing your woman?

Jack: I'll be right there.

Kit: I need you now. The customers are pounding the bar. Give them four shots of bourbon with beer chasers.

Jack: All right, I'll take care of it.

[Phone rings]

Kit: This is Kit.

Silas: I need another favor.

Kit: I'm kind of busy. The girl I just hired took off and I've got a roomful of thirsty customers.

Silas: Was that girl you hired with a guy? Dude that goes by the name of Jack?

Kit: She said his name was Ned.

Silas: He's not. He's a cop. And he and his lady friend are looking to make trouble for me and Ava.

Kit: Go on.

Silas: Well, that's where the favor comes in.

Kit: I'm listening. Yeah, I got it. You're going to owe me for this.

Jack: So whoever was just on the phone -- they say something about me?

Kit: How did you know?

Katie: What the matter, Brad? Another one of your old girlfriends decide it was payback time?

Brad: I hate to break it to you, but I have not broken as many hearts as you think.

Katie: So, what is it then? Besides not wanting to be alone.

Brad: It's Parker. I mean, he's -- he's -- he's totally out of control. I mean, he's just acting out ever since J.J. was kidnapped. And you know, he's not -- he just leaves and he doesn't ask for permission. You know, he's not listening to me, Meg, and since Emma’s been away, it's --

Katie: Oh, poor Parker. I know he and J.J. were fighting a lot before he was taken. Parker probably just feels bad about something that he said or something he did. I mean, we've all been there.

Brad: I was hoping you could talk to him.

Katie: Me?

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: He's not going to talk to me about his feelings --

Brad: Oh, come on, come on. Maybe he'll open up. He says he likes you. He told me so.

Katie: That's because I respect his privacy. Because I don't ask him questions that he doesn't want to answer.

Brad: Katie, Parker's in trouble. Okay, I don't want anything to happen on my watch. It's bad enough that Jack and Carly got one kid missing.

Katie: Okay. Wow, you're pulling out the stops here. This better on the level --

Brad: Why wouldn't it? You know, we're in the middle of a family crisis.

Katie: Okay, it's just that you've piled work on me, you've been trying to distract me ever since Jack left --

Brad: Okay, okay, you know, so this is all about you? Okay, my nephew can't sleep because he's so scared he's never going to see his brother again. You know, but if you can't get over your stuff to help a kid --

Katie: Okay, okay, okay, stop the guilt trip. I will talk to him.

Brad: Okay. We can do it over pie.

Lily: I didn't give you the watch so you would forget about something. I gave it to you so you would remember how much you mean to me. You're not going to say anything? You're just going to give me the silent treatment?

Holden: Is that what you think I'm doing?

Lily: I feel like you're punishing me. We talk about the kids. We talk about the every day situations, but we never get into us.

Holden: Lily, I don't know what else to say. When you got back from rehab, I thought that we were on the right track. I guess I was wrong. I mean, why would you make a decision that affects our whole family without consulting me?

Lily: I told you I paid that ransom because I got caught up in Carly's panic. I never intentionally left you out it. I guess, I -- I never stopped to think about the consequences.

Holden: What you didn't stop to think about was me.

Lily: That's not fair.

Holden: It's true, isn't it? I need to go feed my meter.

Noah: Hey, Maddie, I'm glad you're back.

Maddie: Hey -- hi.

Noah: I thought you'd be tied up with your brother all night.

Maddie: Oh, no, no, no, it was a waste to time going. I suck at emotional rescues.

Noah: That's not true.

Maddie: Yeah, it is. You should see Henry and Vienna now. They are more depressed now than when I found them.

Luke: Did they break up again?

Maddie: No, it's just money issues. But nothing a few million can't solve.

Noah: There's a lot of that going around.

Maddie: Yes.

Luke: Well, at least they have each other.

Maddie: So, I'm kind of bummed. It looks like I missed out on a good time. Or not. What's going on? Obviously you went swimming.

Luke: Yeah, yeah, we did. It was great.

Maddie: Isn't the pond awesome?

Noah: Yeah, only now I'm starving. Let's go grab a pizza.

Maddie: What? A pizza? We have all this food here. You look like you're about to dig in anyway.

Luke: Yeah, we were.

Noah: I don't want to, you know, clean out the fridge, you know, from his grandma.

Luke: Nobody cares.

Noah: Well, still, now that Maddie’s here, I just feel like taking her out. You know, and you don't mind, do you?

Luke: Why should I?

Maddie: Well, no, no, no, wait a minute. Come with us. We'll grab pizza. We'll put this stuff away. It will be good.

Noah: No.

Maddie: You don't want Luke to come have pizza with us? What happened? Did you guys get in a fight or something?

Noah: No, no, of course not.

Maddie: Okay, well then, what happened?

Noah: Nothing. That was rude of me, Luke. It's just, you know, now that Maddie is here, I just -- you know, want to be alone with her.

Maddie: Well, we can be. Later.

Noah: I know, but there's something I really want to talk you about.

Maddie: It can't wait a couple of hours?

Luke: Look, its okay. Just go.

Maddie: No, no, this is stupid.

Luke: No, no, I'm fine here. You guys really just -- just go.

Noah: Thanks, Man. You know, rain check, okay?

Luke: No problem.

Maddie: Um, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then.

Luke: Yeah.

Lily: So glad I could catch up with you and Daddy so we could have dinner together. How was the movie?

Faith: Fine. If you like penguins.

Lily: Penguins. Who doesn't like penguins? I love penguins. Any guy in a tuxedo is okay by me. So, we're here at Al's. Got to have burger or chicken fingers?

Faith: I'm not really hungry.

Lily: Faith, we talked about skipping meals. You really shouldn’t.

Faith: It's only because I had so much popcorn. If you want to ask Angie, you can.

Holden: I believe you, Honey.

Lily: You didn't get sick?

Faith: No.

[Cell phone rings]

Holden: It's work.

Lily: Oh --

Holden: I've got to take that. Um, you know what? There's too much static here, so --

Lily: All right. Bad -- bad service in here.

Faith: Is Dad okay?

Lily: Huh? Oh, it's probably a call about a horse that he's had his eye on.

Faith: He hasn't talked to me about getting any new horses.

Lily: No? Has he talked to you about the watch that I got him? Of course he didn't talk to you about the watch, because I just gave it to him for his birthday.

Faith: Mom, you're just doing it again.

Lily: Doing what?

Faith: Acting like everything's fine when it's not. Just tell me the truth. Are you and Dad getting divorced this time for real?

Brad: Hey, Luke.

Luke: Hey.

Katie: Hey.

Luke: Hi, Katie. The house is all yours. I'm just heading out.

Brad: Is there any pie left?

Luke: I think so. The fridge is pretty stocked. Help yourselves out.

Katie: Wait, where's Parker?

Luke: He's at a sleepover.

Katie: Oh, did he get permission for that?

Luke: Yeah, Brad gave him permission this morning.

Katie: Really?

Brad: I don't remember that.

Luke: It was when we were mucking out the stalls this morning. Well, anyway, he left a note with the phone number.

Katie: Oh, that's very responsible.

Luke: Yeah. Okay, take it slow.

Katie: You lied to me.

Brad: No, no, not on purpose, I swear. It slipped my mind, Katie--

Katie: You made it sound like I would be some kind of horrible, selfish monster if I didn't rush over here to save Parker from some fate worse than death --

Brad: I never said that.

Katie: You made it sound like he was going off the deep end. People who do that don't usually --

Brad: I may have stretch the truth just a little bit -- a little bit.

Katie: I can't deal with this, okay. Please. I'm just -- I'm worn out.

Brad: Katie, I know -- I know you are. I know you are -- I know you're scared to death for Jack. And that's why I wanted to get you out here. I don't think you should be alone right now. And I don't think Jack would want it either.

Katie: Like you really care what Jack wants. You try to undermine him every chance you get.

Brad: Go ahead, let it out.

Katie: Let what out?

Brad: Let it out. You know you're fed up and we both know why.

Katie: You don't know anything.

Brad: Why can't you just say what you're thinking?

Katie: Which is?

Brad: You get why Jack had to go and save his son, you just don't get why he had to do it with Carly.

Jack: So Lee -- Lee left here to take a customer home?

Kit: She said he'd had one too many and didn't want to hand over his car keys. Now she doesn't want to take off until he's sobered up a little bit --

Jack: Yeah, I don't like it at all.

Kit: Yeah, I don't blame you, Ned. From the way she was giving him the eye, she may want to do more than just have coffee, you know? Unfortunately, when Harry drinks, he can -- he can get a little rough.

Jack: Does Lee know about this?

Kit: Well, I told her. I even offered to bring her back, but she seems to think she can handle herself.

Jack: Okay, you know what, I'm going to go pick her up. If she's doing this to get to me, it's working.

Kit: Whatever. Decide, I just don't feel like losing another waitress, you know?

Jack: You got the guy's address?

Kit: Yeah. I've got it.

Jack: All right, I shouldn't be long. Are you going to be all right here by yourself?

Kit: Sure. And take your time.

Jack: Thank you for being so understanding.

[Kit calls Silas on the phone]

Kit: He's coming for you.

Silas: That was fast.

Kit: Yeah, well, I did my part.

Silas: Cops are so predictable. Always want to be play hero.

Carly: What are you going to do to him?

Silas: Now if I told you that, I'd be as dumb as you think I am.

Brad: Katie, Katie, come on. Come on. I'm not trying to make you feel bad.

Katie: I know. I can't get a hold of Jack right now and all I want to do is hear his voice and tell him how much I love him. But I can't get a hold of him because I could be hurting him --

Brad: Right, right, I know. And you accept that.

Katie: Do I have any other choice?

Brad: Carly thinks she does.

Katie: J.J. is Carly's son. That makes it different.

Brad: Well, you don't think she's going to try to play this for all it's worth?

Katie: It's not a romantic getaway, Brad. They are fighting for the life of their son.

Brad: You're right. I'm glad you see it that way.

Katie: Oh, don't give me too much credit. There's a part of me that feels very, very sorry for myself that Jack and I didn't get one carefree moment together to celebrate our engagement. How selfish is that?

Brad: Well, actually, it sounds surprisingly human.

Katie: When I told Henry and Vienna about the engagement, they were so excited. Vienna wanted to throw me a shower, but that would just be wrong. I told her not to.

Brad: Okay, okay, well, you can always hold off on the shower for now. But I'm sure that we can, you know, do something to celebrate your moment without raising any eyebrows.

Katie: Yeah, I'll send myself flowers.

Brad: No, I'd go one step, you know, further than that. Okay -- what -- we can do something right here, right now. All right, come on, come on.

Katie: What are you up to?

Brad: I -- shh, shh, shh! I know Emma’s secret hiding places. You deserve to have a celebration and that is exactly what you are going to get. So, let's get this party started.

Lily: Why would you think that your dad and I are getting a divorce?

Faith: Because I saw you guys earlier, in Old Town. I saw you guys fighting.

Lily: Honey, grown-ups have disagreements all the time.

Faith: Are you taking diet pills again?

Lily: No. Absolute -- no. No, I would never make that mistake again.

Faith: Well, then, what's wrong? Why is Dad so upset?

Lily: You don't -- you don't need to know the details.

Faith: Mom, I'm not a baby.

Lily: Okay. I broke your father's trust. I kept something from him and I don't know if I'll be able to get that trust back.

Faith: You have to. He can't leave again.

Lily: He's not going to leave. We'll work it out.

Faith: Well, what if you can't?

Lily: Honey, neither one of us want to get a divorce. You have my word.

[Cell phone rings]

Faith: Hello. Oh, hey. Um, I don't know. I'll ask. Um, it's Mia. She's having a barbeque at her house.

Lily: Oh, you want to go?

Faith: Um, if that's okay? I mean, if you want to have dinner here --

Lily: No, no, it's fine. It's fine. Can I talk to her mom for a second?

Faith: All right. Can my mom talk to yours? All right. All right, here.

Lily: Hi, Elaine. Sure, no, no. It's not a problem at all. We haven't even ordered. Um, okay, good. All right, I'll tell her. Thanks. Mia's mom is going to come by and pick you up right here.

Faith: All right. Um, Dad's outside, can I wait there?

Lily: Sure. Absolutely. But first, you have to give me a big hug and a kiss. I don't want you to worry. Please, don’t.

Faith: Are you sure everything's going to be okay?

Lily: I'm telling you, it's going to be better than okay.

Faith: Okay.

Lily: Just wait where we can see you.

Faith: All right.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Holden: Faith is going to Mia's for a barbeque?

Lily: Yeah, last minute thing.

Holden: She didn't seem too happy about it.

Lily: No, she's worried -- about us. She asked me if we were getting a divorce.

Holden: What did you tell her?

Lily: I told her we weren’t. Now I need you to tell me that it wasn't a lie.

Carly: You've come this far, but that's it. You won't be able to pull this off.

Silas: Is that so?

Carly: Jack's already called in the feds.

Silas: Funny. I don't see any brown sedans out front or guys with wires in their ears knocking on the door.

Carly: They're coming.

Silas: Nothing here looks like a federal offense to me.

Carly: Do you know any prayers, Silas? Now would be a good time to start saying them.

Silas: Shut your mouth! We've got company!

Carly: Jack.

Silas: Shut up. What the hell? He took off. Maybe he doesn't feel playing white knight after all.

Jack: Freeze. Put your hands up. Turn around. Where's J.J.?

Silas: Damn it, Ava! Get that kid out of here!

Carly: Oh, my God! Oh, Jack!

Lily: It makes me nervous when you don't talk.

Holden: What do you want me to say?

Lily: I want you to say this is a rough patch, and we'll get through it like we always do. I mean, you're not going to let this business with Carly come between us, are you?

Holden: It already has.

Lily: I told you I paid the money because I thought if I didn't, someone would die. Like I went back to this place where all of these horrible things were happening and I couldn't control them. I thought if I paid the money, then it might stop the nightmare from happening.

Holden: So, wait a minute, you did all of this because of what happened with Rose?

Lily: When she died, I thought about all the things I could have done -- the things that I missed --

Holden: Lily, there's no way that you could have known that anyone would try to poison her.

Lily: It doesn't matter, Holden. Don't you see? Because I still blame myself. More for the things that I didn't do when I had the chance. And after she died it's just like -- everything just shut down. It's just kept coming up over and over again at rehab.

Holden: How could losing your sister change everything? I've known you since you were 15. Rose was in your life for three years.

Lily: No, no, she was always here. I just didn't know it. And when I found her, remember -- I felt -- I felt complete.

Holden: I remember when you used to say that about me and the kids.

Lily: Honey, see, you had brothers and sister when you were growing up. When you're adopted, you're alone. When Rose came along, I had -- finally had someone right there, right next to me. It's like all the loneliness I had a child, it just disappeared.

Holden: You know, I hear that. And it makes me feel like the kids and I don't count.

Lily: That's not true. Please. I love you so much. And I need you now more than ever.

Holden: Right. But you don't trust me. Lily, somewhere along the way, that stopped. I don't know why. But if we don't have that, then we don't have a marriage.

[Luke remembering]

Luke: What was that?

Noah: Now that Maddie’s here, I just -- you know want to be alone with her.

Luke: It was nothing. It meant nothing.

Noah: So I promise you pizza and then only have enough for ice cream.

Maddie: That's all I wanted. Besides, you were the one that was hungry.

Noah: Oh, you know, who cares about food? You know, you make me forget everything else anyway.

Maddie: Mmmm -- so, I would like to know why you didn't just eat all that food at the Snyder’s? Or why you didn't go back for your wallet.

Noah: I didn't want to bug Luke. You know, I mean, it's his grandma's place. I doubt that he was even there anyway.

Maddie: Well, we could have at least checked to see if he was still there --

Noah: Can we forget about Luke, okay? I don't want tonight to be all about him.

Maddie: It isn’t. Come on, you think I couldn't see that you couldn't wait to get out of there? Did something happen?

Noah: Nothing happened, okay? Why won't you let this go?

Maddie: Well, we work together and I think it would be really cool if you and Luke would be friends. I mean, when I leave to go to Wesleyan, what's going to happen to you? You're going to be losing your only friend you have here.

Noah: So, don't go.

Maddie: Oh, right.

Noah: No, I mean it.

Maddie: You're serious? You want me to stay here?

Noah: And go to Oakdale U with me.

Brad: You are having a good night.

Katie: I am.

Brad: And I don't mean just the game, even though you are kicking my butt. But correct me if I'm wrong, you seem to be having a very good time doing it. You are having fun --

Katie: No --

Brad: Yes --

Katie: No --

Brad: Yes, you are.

Katie: Yes, I am. I am.

Brad: Admit it, come on --

Katie: I'll give you credit.

Brad: Yes --

Katie: Although, I pictured something a little more romantic that actually involved my actual fiancé. But we’re celebrating my engagement and that's what's important.

Brad: So you think the gods of poker are being kind to you because your fiancé is not here?

Katie: I just thought it was beginner's luck.

Brad: You haven't lost a hand yet. I think we're way beyond that. Would you like some more elderberry joy juice?

Katie: No, no, no, I'm still on my first glass.

Brad: Are you sure? Emma's wine is good for what ails you.

Katie: Is that right? Well, it's not doing you any good. You already had three glasses, and it's not helping your game.

Brad: Well, is that why you're not drinking? You know, you want to keep that competitive edge?

Katie: I'm just scared if I drink then I wouldn't be able to tell when you're cheating.

Brad: You wound me. You wound me. I mean, I never cheat -- at cards.

Katie: Oh yeah.

Brad: My deal.

Katie: I'm in.

Brad: All right. I'm in. And I'll raise you 20.

Katie: You want change?

Brad: Did I ask for change?

Katie: That's pretty high stakes.

Brad: Are you playing or not?

Katie: Yeah. I'll see your $20 and I'll raise you $5.

Brad: Any cards?

Katie: No thanks. I'm good. You?

Brad: I see your $5 and raise you $5.

Katie: Oh. All right. Here's my $5. I call.

Brad: Three fours.

Katie: Full house. Mine again. Yes! Woo! You about done?

Brad: I'm not even close. I'm getting ready for a comeback.

Katie: Oh, yeah?

Brad: Uh-huh.

Katie: It's your funeral. Dealer's choice. Deuces wild. Uh, you know what? On second thought, let's just -- let's just bag this.

Brad: You want to quit?

Katie: You know, I think it's the wine. I'm just -- I'm kind of tired, so --

Brad: Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute, you may be a lot of things -- I mean, high-strung, overly-sensitive, and you know, a total princess, but I would never call you a coward.

Katie: Excuse me?

Brad: Of all the cheap tricks, I mean, this could get you killed in the old west.

Katie: Well, good thing we're in Oakdale.

Brad: You know, I think you don't want to play because I think you're afraid to lose.

Katie: I think you have nothing left to lose.

Brad: Do you want to bet?

Silas: Real handy bringing your own cuffs, Detective. Tying and untying ropes can take up such valuable time.

Jack: You got something going on that can't wait?

Silas: No more questions.

Jack: Take it easy, Silas. That's loaded.

Silas: I'd take your own advice. Unless you want to see that boy hurt, you better be right there when I get back.

Carly: Jack, are you okay?

Jack: I feel like I've been kicked in the gut, twice.

Carly: I know. Silas really worked you over. I thought when you came in with the gun, I thought you had him.

Jack: I'm not talking about Silas, Carly. I'm talking about what you did.

Lily: I do trust you. More than anyone.

Holden: You keep things from me. Lily, when I want information, I have to pry it out of you.

Lily: You're right.

Holden: Of course I'm right. So, why do you keep doing this to us?

Lily: I think -- I just get frantic to make up for all the things that I've done wrong. I feel like I should just handle it myself, not bother you.

Holden: So, maybe when something comes up, we can make a decision together. I mean, what's wrong with that? What you do, is you do it all by yourself. You like to do it that way. It's like with the baby food company. You went against your mother's advice.

Lily: I admitted that I was wrong.

Holden: Yeah, but it's the same pattern. With the ransom money -- you kept me in the dark. And when I want the truth, I have to pry it out of you.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Holden: Do you blame me for thinking that you still might be keeping secrets? When did I stop being the guy that you could talk to?

Lily: Never. Never. It's me. I'm completely ashamed of myself. I totally lost control when I found out Luke was gay. And Faith's eating problems, I handled that so badly. And all those babies getting sick and Ethan getting sick because of me -- those pills were just my way of trying to fix something much deeper.

Holden: But that's all behind us.

Lily: Maybe I'm afraid if I'm completely open with you, then I'll lose you.

Holden: Can you stop? Can you stop hiding? Give me the facts instead of making me guess what's wrong?

Lily: I will. I promise -- I promise from now on, I will completely tell you the truth. No matter how hard it is for me to say it. Or how hard it is for you to hear it.

Luke: He said he wasn't available and I believed him. And then suddenly, for a moment, he was. Until someone else walked in and I became invisible again. Maybe I misunderstood what he wanted. Or maybe he doesn't know what he wants himself.

Maddie: I have my course list memorized, Noah. Wesleyan has been a dream of mine since I even knew what college was.

Noah: I know. It was the same for me Northwestern. You know, it was my big dream, you know, the answer to all my problems. Except it wasn’t.

Maddie: But you would go in a heartbeat if your father wasn't stopping you.

Noah: That's true, but he is. And living with that taught me that just because you want something, doesn't mean it's supposed to happen. Okay, I mean, I'm going to make this work, Maddie. Whether it's something I planned to happen or not.

Maddie: And that's great and I admire that. But don't pretend that it's all good.

Noah: You and Casey made adjustments. I mean, that's what you do.

Maddie: Major adjustments. There was nothing positive about him going away to prison. It was awful. And the fact that he broke up with me before he even got out -- we practically planned our lives, do you know much that hurts?

Noah: But you turned it around.

Maddie: No. All I could do was keep going, so that's what I did.

Noah: Then you met me.

Maddie: What we have is -- it's so different. I mean, we've only been together for a month and you're already saying that you can't stand the thought of me being away.

Noah: I can't, okay? So much is happening right now. We've got the show at WOAK. And we are getting closer. None of that is going to keep happening if you go away to school.

Maddie: Do you know what you're asking me?

Noah: I'm asking you to just think outside the box. To try something that you didn't plan. Look, if Oakdale U is a bust, you can always go to Wesleyan later.

Maddie: This is -- this is crazy. I'm supposed to be leaving in a few weeks.

Noah: I know, but just say that you'll think about staying? About giving us a chance?

Maddie: Okay. Umm -- I'll think about it. But no pressure.

Noah: No pressure. Thank you.

Brad: Here's my marker.

Katie: I'm not taking this.

Brad: What's the matter? What's the matter? Betsy, you know, she may be old, but she's a sweet ride.

Katie: I'm not letting you bet your car, or your baseball collection.

Brad: Wait, do you -- do you have any idea -- this may be your last chance to get a ball signed by Greg Maddux? I mean, one of the greatest Cubbies -- I mean, well, maybe Ernie Banks was greater, but -- do you really want to pass that up?

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: I thought you were a Cubbies fan?

Katie: White Sox. And since you have nothing left to bet, I think the game is over.

Brad: Oh, I'll have you know that I've got plenty left. That's right. I am in it -- to win it.

Carly: I tried to call you, Jack.

Jack: You were supposed to stay at the bar.

Carly: I know. I know, but suddenly there was a chance to see J.J., I had to take it.

Jack: Are you sure that they hadn't hurt him?

Carly: They're keeping him tied up, but he looked okay, thank God.

Jack: They let you talk to him?

Carly: Just for a minute. I told him that I love him and I promised him that wherever they take him, I promised him that we would find him.

Jack: And we got to keep that promise. Come on.

Ava: Sit over there and don't move. And keep your mouth shut.

Silas: Did you drive around like I told you to?

Ava: Yeah, yeah. You know, thanks to you, I wasted a few gallons of gas. There was no one following us, Silas.

Silas: I'm just being sure. How's the boy?

Ava: How's the boy? I should have gagged him. He kept whining about his mommy the whole time --

J.J.: Is my mom okay? Did you hurt her?

Kit: Well, isn't this cozy? Did the cop make it up to the cabin?

Silas: He's there. They both are.

Kit: Good. I want them both out. The sooner the better.

Silas: I'm sorry I got you involved, Kit. I'll make it up to you, I swear.

Kit: Yeah, damn right you will. And you'll start by getting rid of Detective Jack and whatever her name is -- this time, for good.

Carly: What's their next move?

Jack: They probably don't have a clue. But we don't want to be here when they figure it out. I'm betting that Silas is going to be back any minute.

Carly: What about these?

Jack: That's why we got to lose these cuffs, okay? So how far -- how far can you push -- ow, ow -- how far can you push over to the left, huh?

Carly: Not far.

Jack: Okay. All right. That's a start at least.

Carly: Ow.

Jack: Just concentrate, Carly. Concentrate. We have to do this together. Are you with me?

Carly: I'm with you, Jack. Always.

Jack: Okay.

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Aaron: Are you pregnant?

Cole: How are you doing, Mom?

Carly: Jack!

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Carly: Jack! Jack!

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