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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/9/07

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Vienna: Which one?

Henry: Her stocks in Sweden? Her Swiss accounts? The pied-a-terre in Paris? I see -- thank you. For nothing. Honey, Honey, I thought we were going to put a break on the high-end high heels.

Vienna: Shopping makes me happy, Henry.

Henry: That's what I used to say about eating -- when we could afford it.

Vienna: So what did my financial advisor say? Will Franco wire us the money we need to rebuild our spa?

Henry: I think -- I think we should sit down for this.

Vienna: What's wrong, Darling? Is it bad news?

Henry: That's an understatement. I hate to be the one to tell you this, 'cause you know I never want to hurt you.

Vienna: Well, spit it up.

Henry: Out.

Vienna: You want me to go? Are you leaving me, Henry? No!

Henry: No, no, no! I'm not going anywhere without you, Darling. Except maybe debtor's prison.

Vienna: Prison? Why? We didn't do anything wrong!

Henry: Yeah. Remember how much fun it was being filthy rich? Well, the party's over, Sweetheart. You are broke.

Noah: Do guys always get invited to baby things? I mean, is that normal?

Luke: Define normal.

Noah: Let me put it this way. If my dad knew that his son was celebrating friends my age having a baby, he would totally freak out.

Luke: Why? Your dad's got something against babies?

Noah: He's just old-school. I mean, traditional family values, you know? Whatever, at least I'm here with my girlfriend.

Luke: And a gay guy. Shh -- don't tell him.

Will: Hey, can you guys get that for me?

Luke: Yeah, yeah, sure. Have fun -- if you dare.

Alison: I heard you say my name, okay? So, what's going on?

Will: Umm, the party's out there guys. Is everything okay?

Gwen: No, yeah, we're good.

Alison: No. What were you two talking about?

Maddie: We were just wondering what you were doing before you came back to Oakdale.

Alison: After Aaron dumped me? I went to L.A., then Vegas. Tried acting. And then I ended up doing what most actors end up doing -- waiting tables.

Will: Well, there's no harm in that.

Gwen: No, not at all. I mean, I've been there. Honestly, what Maddie had to say to me, it wasn't important.

Maddie: Yeah, and it wasn't any of my business. I mean, I know what it's like to have people spread things around, and whether it's true or not. So, I heard something about Alison, and it's probably garbage.

Will: Right, so why repeat it?

Maddie: That's what I mean, I wasn't going to say anything.

Alison: Its okay, Maddie. I mean, I've got nothing to hide. Why don't you tell me what you heard, and then I can tell you if it's true or not.

Dusty: Don't do this, Ali.

Ava: Ah, gross! That Kit's got some nerve charging rent for this place.

Silas: It's dirt cheap. You should feel right at home.

Ava: Such a romantic. You know, who's going to clean up around here?

Silas: You. We have a new kid now. You need to set a good example. Like we're one happy family. Right, Jacob?

Biker: Bourbon, with a beer chaser, Sweet Lips. And keep them coming!

Carly: Thirsty, Big Guy?

Biker: You got what I need.

Carly: Hey! You want that shot in a glass, or over your head? As long as we understand each other, we'll get along real nice. All right now, pay up. I'll keep the change.

Jack: Lesson number one, keep away from the lady with the bottle.

Carly: These guys don't scare me. Until I think about someone like that even touching J.J.

Jack: Then don't think about that.

Carly: Jack, I can't help it. We have to find him before more damage is done. And something tells me that one of these loyal customers, they know where he is.

Jack: Yeah, well, no one's going to spill what they know if we seem too interested. That's why we got to keep our mouths shut and our eyes and ears open. Okay?

Carly: Don't worry. I won't blow it.

Jack: Hey, listen, just do me one favor. Don't try to be a hero. As a matter of fact, don't do anything without me, okay?

Carly: Don't worry, Jack. I'll let you be the hero. That's always worked for me.

Kit: I hate to break the bad news, but you two have to split up.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sorry -- I'll get back to work.

Kit: Not so fast. Why don't you ask your lover-boy why he's been lying his damn-fool head off ever since he showed up here

Alison: Dusty's just a little over-protective about me. But I'm stronger than he gives me credit for, so let's just hear what rumors are floating around about me.

Dusty: Who cares? We're supposed to be celebrating? Enjoy the party.

Will: Yeah, Alison, Dusty’s right. Seriously, let's just let it go.

Alison: Okay. Whatever.

Gwen: Look, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Alison: I'm not upset.

Maddie: And I meant what I said before. I mean, with all the skeletons I have in my closet, I have no room to talk. So, I’m really, really sorry.

Alison: Okay, apology accepted.

Will: Cool.

Gwen: All right. So, come on. Let's go back to the party.

Will: Dusty, I didn't know you would be here. I'm really glad to see you.

Dusty: Thanks, Buddy.

Gwen: I invited him. He practically saved your life. It's the least I could do.

Dusty: Lucky I was there.

Gwen: We're lucky to have you. And we wanted to share the good news with you.

Dusty: I saw the decorations. Wow.

Gwen: Yeah, that's pretty much what I had to say. This wasn't even supposed to be able to happen.

Will: But it did. And now we're like on the moon.

Gwen: And Will's been coming up with horrible baby names. I already had to nix Minnie Mae Munson.

Will: Yeah, but we're open to suggestions.

Gwen: Stop! Please. Let's go back to the party. Come on, get Dusty a beer or something.

Will: Okay.

Alison: Oh, do you mind if I have him for a minute?

Will: Yeah, sure. Good to see you.

Dusty: Thanks, Man.

Alison: You didn't have to lie for me.

Dusty: I didn't lie. I just don't think you need to be bringing that stuff at a party. You know?

Alison: Okay. Yeah. No, I know, but when I know what people are hearing is probably true, I just want the whispering to stop, you know? I just want to get it out there in the open and get it over with. I mean, if people were talking about you, wouldn't you want to know?

Dusty: No, I wouldn't give a damn.

Alison: Oh, it's different for guys. They don't see the looks women give each other.

Dusty: Well, these guys are good people. Gwen and Maddie -- they're going to be good friends if you let them. And you could use a few. If you don't mind me saying.

Alison: Well, I have you, don't I? You and all your free advice.

Dusty: Well, I should keep it to myself, I guess.

Alison: No, I appreciate it. Sometimes. But don't make a habit of it. And don't hold your breath waiting for me to be friends with Maddie and Gwen.

Maddie: Why did I say anything about Alison? Gosh, she probably hates me now.

Gwen: Well, you know what? I don't think I'm her favorite person either.

Maddie: Why? Because Will used to have a huge crush on her?

Gwen: Thanks for reminding me.

Maddie: Sure. No, come on. You and Will have been through so much. And, look, now you're having a baby! It's so exciting!

Gwen: Yeah. Hey, does all this remind you of Casey?

Maddie: Umm, pretty much everything reminds me of Casey. Yeah, but things have really changed. Anyway, so, you're having a baby. And that's so awesome and I'm so happy for you. And you really deserve to be happy.

Gwen: You deserve happiness too.

Maddie: Yeah, I don't really see my fairy-tale ending in the future anytime soon.

Gwen: You really don't see anything happening with Noah?

Maddie: No, Vienna says that it's a rebound relationship. And, well, you don't need to be a psych major to figure that out. So, I don't know, I'm just going to have fun and have a little summer romance.

Gwen: Well, there's nothing wrong with that.

Maddie: No, I know I'm trying. I'm trying, I'm still having a hard time with going away with him. It's a little weird. But I'm going to have fun and relax and see what happens.

Gwen: Who knows, you know? Something might surprise you. Think of how many surprises can actually be a good thing.

Maddie: Hello? I'm not planning on getting pregnant though. So -- really, thank you.

Gwen: For what?

Maddie: For being my friend. And always being there for me! I don't know? Making things better.

Will: Hey, can I steal the mom-to-be for a second? It's show time.

Carly: We had a long talk, Kit. And Ned here told me that he wasn't going to lie to me anymore. I trust him.

Kit: Wake up, Girl. Every time you turn your back, he's cheating on you. I heard him out back on the cell phone talking to some bimbo.

Carly: No, you must've misunderstood. That must have been Ned’s sister. They're real close.

Jack: Yeah, we are. Real close.

Kit: You are so full of it! Oh, he treats you like a doormat, and you go crawling back for more. Don't say I didn't warn you. Get back to work. I need to have a word with your future-ex.

Jack: Go on. I got it. Just so we're straight. I ain't goin' anywhere.

Kit: Yes, you are. Right now. I want you to run an errand. Get two more kegs and 50 pounds of ice. Tell Ray I said you could sign for it.

Jack: So now you trust me?

Kit: Look, you're here to work -- not step out on your lady here. If I find out that you've been cheating again, I'm going to do some marriage- counseling, Kit-style. Comprende? When you get back, you can fix that leak in the latrine.

Jack: Can't wait. Can you hold down the fort?

Carly: Yeah, well, I'm doing a better job than you are. I can't believe you let her hear you on the phone talking to Katie! What were you thinking?

Jack: I saw her coming. That's why I hung up. Okay? She didn't hear anything she shouldn't have.

Carly: Just be careful around that woman.

Jack: Yeah, you too. She's sending me on some errands, but I think it's a set-up. I think she wants to see how you are on your own.

Carly: Yeah, don't worry. I know how to take care of myself.

Jack: Really? Like when you paid the ransom?

Carly: I'm not going to make a mistake like that again.

Jack: Just stay out of trouble, Carly.

Carly: We both want the same thing. We want to get J.J. back. And I will do anything I have to do to make that happen.

Jack: I know. That's what I'm afraid of.

Silas: Now, are you going to behave yourself, Little Man?

J.J.: I want to go home.

Ava: Same old song. Soon he'll be singing to the cops. I told you this was a bad idea.

Silas: Shut up! Both of you! Now we've been over this before, Jacob.

J.J.: It's J.J., not Jacob! J.J.!

Silas: Enough! I know you might hate me right now, but you're going to learn to get over that. Me and Ava are going to be good parents.

J.J.: I already have a mom and dad.

Silas: But Les and Julia aren't here.

J.J.: I mean Jack and Carly.

Silas: You need to forget about them. All right? It's you, me and Ava. We're family. So be a man and deal with it!

J.J.: You're not my father. And you never will be!

Silas: You'll come around, Jacob. One way or another.

Ava: Interrupt this family-guy moment, but I got news for you. There's no way in hell we're staying in this dump!

Vienna: So, which one? This one or the strapless one?

Henry: How do you say bankrupt in Swedish?

Vienna: I can't be bankrupt.

Henry: With a capital "B." It seems that Franco, your esteemed financial guru, made a number of questionable investments on your behalf. Yes, Franco, he broke the bank-o in Paris, Milan, Geneva. He nearly ruined your entire life's savings.

Vienna: Don't be ridiculous. I have far too much money for any accountant to keep track of. I myself haven't even added it all up!

Henry: Yeah, that might be part of the problem, Sweetheart. Nevertheless, your bottom line has fallen through the bottom. The final straw was that little fortune that we lost on the spa when it got blown to bits before got the insurance.

Vienna: Don't worry, I still have my jewels.

Henry: Not the ones that aren't spoken for. No, Franco, he had the rest of them hocked. Your baubles aren't worth bupkis -- I'm sorry.

Vienna: You're serious?

Henry: All we can do now is count the pennies --

Vienna: But that's not many pennies!

Henry: No, it's not many nickels and dimes either. When you convert it to euros, it's practically an IOU! I am sorry, Liebchen. I was starting to get used to the life of gold bullion and caviar. And we just can't afford to live that kind of lifestyle anymore. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but if you need to find some balding hedge-fund zillionaire. Then, please, feel free to go and gold dig. I can't hold you back. You deserve the best.

Vienna: No, no, no. I have everything I want right here. And I don't intend to lose it.

Henry: What did I do to deserve you?

Vienna: We'll manage, Henry. You'll start driving the limo again and I'll be working too -- I'll turn my magic-massage fingers into a money making machine! As long as we have each other, we'll be fine.

Henry: You really mean that?

Vienna: Yes! As long as I have you, everything feels good.

Henry: I love you -- even poor -- I really love you.

Will: It's non-alcoholic. Safe for expectant moms. To the woman who has already given me everything I'll ever need. And who's pulled off another miracle having our baby.

Gwen: Will, thank you, but I couldn't do it without your help.

Will: Yeah, see what a little teamwork can do? Seriously, Gwen saw something in me that was good when no one else ever could. And she gave me a future that I never thought I'd have. I don't have to tell you guys how hard this year has been. Losing my dad and my sister -- losing so many people that were close to me. But Gwen showed me and made me realize that with love, you can rebuild. And you can be part of something that's bigger and stronger than you could ever be by yourself. So, thanks for everyone being here. You guys are all like family too.

Gwen: What Will is trying to say is that -- we need you all to baby-sit!

Maddie: We will.

Gwen: And Dusty, even though Jen's gone, you're always going to be a brother to me. So little Mr. Munson in there --

Gwen: Or Miss --

Will: Or Miss, or whatever it's going to be --

Gwen: Boy or girl.

Will: They're always going to have an awesome uncle.

Dusty: I can't wait.

Will: So, cheers, everyone to family. Wherever you find it.

Gwen: Family.

Dusty: Family.

Gwen: Cheers.

Dusty: Hey, hey. Thanks for inviting me. Congratulations.

Will: Thanks, Man.

Dusty: I uh -- I wasn't very tight with Paul, but I know you miss him. And I'm sorry for your loss.

Will: I think everything happens for a reason, right?

Dusty: I just know Paul and Jennifer would be proud of you.

Will: Thanks, Dusty. Thanks, Man.

Dusty: I should get going. Thanks for the party.

Will: Yeah, anytime.

Dusty: See you.

Gwen: All right, see you.

Alison: I have to actually head out, too. Late night shift at the diner, but thank you for letting me be part of this.

Will: Yeah, it was great that you came. We're glad you were here.

Alison: Maybe we can hang out sometime.

Will: Yeah, absolutely.

Alison: As long as it's okay with you, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, yeah. Sure, yeah. Sounds great.

Alison: Right. Congratulations.

Will: See ya. I hope it was okay that I invited Alison?

Gwen: Oh, yeah. Are you talking about that little jealousy thing when she first came to town? It's -- I'm over it.

Will: Good. Because I only have eyes for you. And the baby. And the baby, of course.

Maddie: The Snyder farm is amazing!

Noah: I never pegged Luke as a farmer.

Maddie: Oh yeah.

Luke: Are you kidding? I can even drive a tractor.

Maddie: And, the water at the pond -- you should see it. You can see right down to the bottom.

Noah: Well, when is Luke going to invite us to go swimming?

Maddie: Oh, I don't know.

Luke: Uh -- I don't know. Anytime you want to go, I guess.

Maddie: How about tonight? It's supposed to be like a thousand degrees. And what better way to cool off?

Luke: Umm -- well, if you really want to go --

Noah: Great -- sounds like a plan!

[Cell phone ringing]

Maddie: Ooh -- hang on. Sorry guys. Henry?

Vienna: Hello. It's Vienna. I'm very worried about your brother.

Maddie: What's wrong?

Vienna: Well, we've had a financial setback. And men can be very insecure about money. But I'm sure if he could just see his darling little sister, he'll be right back up on top.

Maddie: You want me to come over?

Vienna: Yes, as soon as you can. Thank you, Madeline!

Maddie: Well -- sorry, Guys. But family crisis. Sorry. But you guys are on your own tonight. Have a fun swim.

Waitress: Thought you'd never get here, Alison.

Alison: Sorry I'm late.

Waitress: Customer at the counter's all yours. I'm out of here.

Dusty: I didn't know you were working tonight. I swear.

Alison: It's late night shift.

Dusty: Want me to go? Or do you need business?

Alison: Actually, I need the company. And this is on the house. For everything you've done for me and my mom. And for jumping to my defense tonight at the party.

Dusty: What are friends for?

Alison: For seeing through each other's tough-guy acts. I saw your face when Will made his toast. Yeah, he's lost a lot of people, but what about you, Dusty? I mean, Jennifer, Johnny, and now Emily.

Silas: What can I say? It's busted.

Ava: How are we going to survive without a stove, okay? Call Kit and have her get someone out here to fix the damn thing.

Silas: No can do.

Ava: Stop worrying about the kid. All right, think about us. Stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no way to cook!

Silas: Shut it, all right! You giving me a headache.

Ava: I -- I never signed on for this, Silas. Keeping the kid was not the plan.

Silas: It was for me.

Ava: We should've ditched him as soon as we got the cash. Hell, we could be living large at an ocean-view hacienda in Baja by now!

Silas: Use your head. We can't move the kid until the heat come off of us, all right.

Ava: Who cares about the kid?

Silas: I do. He's our son.

Ava: I'm not fighting about this anymore. You got me? You fix that lousy stove or I walk. And you can spend the rest of your miserable life in jail for kidnapping!

Silas: You gonna help me out, Buddy? Huh? You gonna be my friend and keep your mouth shut? Or do you want to do this the hard way?

Carly: Hey, Kit? Mind if I take five? My feet are killing me.

Kit: Sure, go ahead. But hurry back. You got a way of keeping these guys thirsty.

Carly: Just one of my many talents.

[Phone rings]

Kit: Jagged Edge. Oh, what's the problem now, Silas? I ain't got all night, Silas. What's up?

Silas: Stove's busted. How do you fix it?

Kit: Oh, there's a trick to getting the pilot light lit, that's all.

Silas: Can you walk me through it?

Kit: No, you'd probably blow the whole place up. I have to come over and show you how to do it.

Silas: Whatever.

Kit: I'll be there as soon as I can, okay? And listen, you owe me one.

Carly: I need you, Jack.

Jack: You guys got that APB out on Silas and Ava Jenkins, right? Yeah, I'm sorry. Lousy reception. Listen to me. The APB out on Silas and Ava Jenkins -- that is in place, correct? Okay, listen -- I got a buddy of mine in the bureau, he's going to check on any other properties this Kit woman owns. Because she -- hello? Hello? No service. Great.

Carly: Jack, why aren't you answering? I have to -- I have to, it's for J.J.

Biker: Hey, how about another beer, Sweetness?

Carly: Yeah, help yourself. On the house, huh?

Vienna: Henry, we have to eat, don't we? Well, I have a surprise for you. Come down and see. Okay, bye.

Maddie: Hey, I came as quickly as I could. Are you and Henry really having money problems?

Vienna: It's too dreary to get into details. But uh -- bad investments, shifty accountant. Money, poof, gone!

Maddie: All of it?

Vienna: Most of it. But it's okey-pokey. Henry and I, we're economizing.

Bartender: Your champagne, Ms. Hyatt.

Vienna: Lovely!

Maddie: This is economizing?

Bartender: Would you care to wait for your other guest?

Vienna: No, you can go ahead and open it now.

Bartender: Very good.

Henry: No. No, no, no. Don't -- open that.

Gwen: Hey, you guys don't have to stay and take care of those.

Luke: Oh, no. We can't let the mom-to-be do all the work.

Will: No. Really, we'll find a way to keep busy.

Noah: I think that's our cue. Ready?

Luke: Umm -- really, if you want to do this some other time -- you know, when Maddie’s here --

Noah: No, I'm into it. But you don't understand, Man. The ac at my place is a joke.

Luke: Okay, can't keep you suffering.

Dusty: You're a mind-reader.

Alison: Well, your cup was half empty. It's kind of my job.

Dusty: I was talking about the party. You knew I was thinking about Johnnyboy.

Alison: Well, we were celebrating a baby announcement.

Dusty: I miss my son. I understand what Gwen and Will went through when they had to give him up.

Alison: Yeah, I almost forgot that for a while, Gwen thought Johnny was hers.

Dusty: Yeah, she went through hell. It's nice to see Gwen and Will looking forward to having their own baby. That's nice to see.

Alison: Well, it may happen for you someday, too.

Dusty: Maybe, maybe not. You just never know. Sometimes you just run out of time, you know?

Silas: Kit's here. Take him in the back -- and keep him quiet. And if I hear a peep out of you, so don't push it. Hey -- thanks for coming out.

Kit: Where's your wife and the kid?

Silas: Ava took him out back. They're catching lightning bugs while I fix the stove. Jacob's starving. I'm going to make him hamburgers.

Kit: Come on. Let me show you how to kick-start this sucker. Now watch me carefully. She can be temperamental.

Silas: Its all clear -- she's gone. Get over here, Boy.

J.J.: You can't tie me up forever.

Silas: It won't last that long. Just until I can trust you, Jacob.

J.J.: It's J.J.!

Vienna: Smile, Henry. I invited Madeline for a family meal, just to cheer you up.

Henry: Did you have to spring for something so pricey?

Vienna: Well I didn't order the vintage royal reserve. Tonight we drink like peasants!

Henry: The teeming, huddled masses should be so lucky.

Maddie: Okay, if you guys are having money problems, I can just give up my room here. I know it's really expensive. I can crash on a friend's couch. It's not that big of a deal --

Vienna: Don't be silly. We're not going to put you out on the street.

Henry: No, we're not going to do that. And besides, you're going off to Wesleyan here very soon. And thank God, your room and board is paid for by the scholarships. You know, she and I might actually have to pitch a tent in your dorm room closet!

Maddie: Okay, that's fine. I don't have that many clothes.

Henry: Clothes. How much would your couture collection get on e-bay do you think?

Vienna: Henry, you can't sell my Valentino's off my back!

Maddie: Okay, am I -- am I -- hey. Am I here to referee? Because I can go upstairs, I can get my bathing suit, and I can go meet Luke and Noah and go swimming. 'Cause that's what I'd rather do.

Henry: That's great, that's great. Desert me in my hour of need.

Maddie: If you really need me to stay, I will stay here for you. But I really think you and Vienna need to hash this out on your own. Besides, you won't have to pay for an extra meal.

Henry: Ah!

Maddie: Ah!

Henry: Have fun, Sweetie.

Maddie: Sure, bye!

Vienna: Bye, Angel. You know, it wouldn't break the bank in Monte Carlo to buy a meal for your little baby sister.

Henry: Well, it would at Lakeview prices. Look at what Lisa charges for lobster.

Vienna: Seems reasonable.

Henry: Per pound?

Vienna: You're right. This is freeway robbery!

Noah: Thanks for giving me the pair of loaner swim suit.

Luke: Oh, it's um -- its fine. My grandma has lots of extras. We get tons of company here.

Noah: I'm not surprised. It's so homey here. And all that land and the fresh air -- you know, my mom would've really liked it here.

Luke: Yeah. Um -- you never talk about your mom.

Noah: She died when I was three. It was just me and Colonel Dad after that.

Luke: That must've been hard for him -- raising a kid on his own.

Noah: His army training came in handy. Morning and evening bunk inspection. No contraband, like say, comic books. I swear, sometimes I thought he was going to have me court-marshaled.

Luke: Sounds like -- harsh. What did you do for fun?

Noah: I snuck out and saw the new movies -- or I stayed up late and caught the classics on cable. You know, in the dark I really felt like I could escape to -- to anywhere. To a place where anything could happen at any time. You know, where chaos could reign, but the world would never end.

Luke: Sounds kind of like picnics here at Snyder farm. Expect the unexpected.

Noah: Not at my house. Rules, regulation and routine. Someday I should make a movie about my dad.

Luke: Yeah, you can make a tell-all -- it would make millions.

Noah: Yeah -- then I'd go out and live the Hollywood lifestyle.

Luke: But you must retain your artistic integrity. Do you have an acceptance speech ready yet?

Noah: No, I'll have you write it for me, after you write our first award-winning screenplay. Maddie was right. Could it be any hotter out here?

Luke: Yeah, the water will feel really good.

Noah: Yeah well -- last one in –

Silas: Close those shades. There's cold air coming off the mountain tonight. We need firewood. You're comin' with me. Two of us can carry more wood that way.

Ava: What about him?

Silas: He's not going anywhere -- unless he's got a death wish. You be good, Boy.

Gwen: Sorry. You can't feel the baby kicking yet.

Will: Well, I just want it to know that Daddy's always going to be here.

Gwen: Hey, do you think we did the right thing letting Sage stay at her friend's house?

Will: Yeah, Sage is fine.

Gwen: I just hope we did what Jack and Carly would've done. You know what I'm realizing?

Will: Yeah?

Gwen: That being a parent is just making one decision after another, and most of the time you have no idea if you did the right thing.

Will: Well, I think you and I are going to make very good parents.

Gwen: Really?

Will: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: We don't exactly have the best maternal role model.

Will: Well that just makes my point. You know, now we know what not to do. Want to pick out more names?

Gwen: Yeah. Well, we've definitely ruled our Iris.

Will: Mm-hmm. Or Barbara.

Gwen: Well, hold on. What about something original like –

Alison: Yeah, but I know how much you miss my sister. I'm sorry I'm not Emily.

Dusty: Well, you're kinda like this dessert -- not so bad.

Jack: Kegs are unloaded. And you got 50 pounds of ice downstairs in the freezer. Where's my other half?

Kit: I went out for a sec, and Lee took off. I came back and the customers were helping themselves to free booze!

Jack: What the hell are you talking about? Where the hell did she go?

Kit: Beats me. Maybe she finally wised up and left you in the lurch!

Jack: No, she wouldn't do that.

Kit: Well, you're gettin' what you deserve, Mr. Cheater!

Jack: Okay, I'm sure she's going to be back. Umm -- if you see her before I do --

Kit: Yeah, I'll tell her you're lookin' for her. But she'd do better to keep on walking!

Carly: J.J? J.J., you all right?

J.J.: I'm fine, Mom. I'm fine, Mom. Mom, can you untie me, please?

Carly: Yeah. We're so worried about you.

J.J.: I knew you guys would find me. I knew it. Is Dad outside?

Carly: He's just a couple miles down the road. You're going to be all right, J.J. I'm going to get you out of here, I promise you that.

J.J.: I know.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Maddie: Okay --

Faith: Are you and Dad getting divorced this time for real?

Brad: Okay, I know you don't need me, but maybe this time I need you.

Kit: If she has walked out on you, I gotta feeling she can take care of herself just fine.

Carly: Get going! Get help!

Silas: You shouldn't have done that! Trust me on this.

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