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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/2/07

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Henry: This one says that the building was appraised for $100,000 more than we paid for it.

Vienna: So we got a bargain. And then it exploded.

Henry: Yeah, it's no harm -- no harm done there, Sweetheart. Let's just wait to hear what the insurance adjustor has to say. We might make a fortune off of this little massage business of yours after all.

Vienna: Thank God nobody got killed. Poor Jack could have been, and little J.J. I just wish we could've helped him. I wish --

Henry: What? What, what?

Vienna: I would stop feeling sorry for myself about this and -- it just makes me feel so selfish.

Henry: It's one of the things I love about you, quite frankly. But Liebchen, we're going to be rich. Or richer. And we'll just buy you a bigger and better spa.

Vienna: I don't want anything bigger or better. I fell in love with this one. Madeline.

Maddie: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Henry: What's the matter with you?

Maddie: Nothing. Why?

Vienna: Well, you look not your usual bubbly self.

Maddie: I'm fine. I just have a lot on my mind, that's all.

Vienna: Ah, translation -- it's about a boy, right?


Noah: So, you've been avoiding me because you're attracted to me?

Luke: Yeah, aren't you glad you asked? Look, I should've just kept my mouth shut. You're probably totally freaked out right now.

Noah: No --

Luke: It's just I am so tired of hiding and lying, I'm just through with it.

Noah: I'm glad you said something. I just hope I didn't do anything to make you think -- because, Man, I'm not gay.

Alison: Would you like anything to order?

Susan: Hey --

Alison: Mom.

Susan: Hi, Honey. How you doing?

Alison: I'm working. And I don't have time for a mother-daughter chat.

Susan: Well, I am a paying customer. How about a cup of coffee?

Alison: Why don't you go sit at someone else's station, okay?

Susan: Hey, would I get better service? You just moved out, okay? You didn't disown me, did you?

Alison: I can't believe you told Aaron to check up on me. Of all people.

Susan: I'm sorry. I was worried about you --

Alison: I'm fine, but Aaron and I are over, so just please, leave him alone.

Susan: Okay, okay. I hear you.

Alison: Do you really hear me? I know why you're here, Mom. You were expecting me to be a mess and I'd be begging to come back home. But not only am I'm doing fine, I actually like being on my own.

Susan: I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you. I was just wondering if you needed stuff, you know, stuff for your apartment --

Alison: Mom, I'm fine.

Susan: Sheets, towels -- I've got three or four extra can openers I'm not using --

Alison: I don't cook.

Susan: I don't either. Like mother, like daughter, huh? I've missed you. Don't be mad at me. Are you mad at me?

Alison: No, Mom. I'm not mad at you.

Susan: Because I love you. I love you.

Alison: Mom, have you been drinking?

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: For?

Carly: For not hating me.

Jack: I could never hate you, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, you could. I tend to evoke strong feelings in people.

Jack: Yeah, you do.

Carly: And the fact that I nearly got you and J.J. killed. I'm sure that brings those strong feelings to a whole new level.

Jack: Carly, we don't have the time or energy to waste second-guessing ourselves. The only thing we should be doing is finding J.J. before somebody else gets hurt.

Katie: Is somebody there? Okay, you're imagining this.

Pat: Don't scream please.

Katie: Please?

Pat: Not that you don't have a great scream, you do. I love your scream.

Katie: Do I know you?

Pat: No, but I know you, or at least I feel like I do. Oh, I adore your show. Record it every day. And I made your five mac and cheese recipe the other day -- oh, it rocked.

Katie: Uh, thank you.

Pat: But you might want to try substituting gorgonzola with asiago. Very tasty.

Katie: Right. I will remember that. So, you grabbed me today because -- why, you're a fan?

Pat: No, no, don't worry. I ain't stalking you or nothing. Well, only today.

Katie: Why -- what's special about today?

Pat: Well, I got to see you, for one thing. But besides that -- you might be finding that missing little boy.

Katie: Why would you say that?

Pat: Like I said, I never miss your show. Not a fan of that big doofus Brad, but anyway, I heard your on-air plea. It was very moving. But not only that, it was effective. I might have a lead for you.

Katie: What do you mean? You saw J.J.?

Pat: No, no, no -- but I know Silas Jenkins. I used to ride with him and his wife. Ava ain't the nicest chick on the bike, let me tell you.

Katie: Yeah, I bet.

Pat: And she hates you, by the way. Most of my friends do. No offense. But they think you're too pert and perky. But that's why they can never know that I talked to you, okay?

Katie: Okay, got it.

Pat: Okay, and Silas might kill me, too.

Katie: Wait, wait, back to Silas.

Pat: Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay, if he had nabbed the kid, he wouldn't be hanging around boring old Oakdale. Besides, Sturgis is in a couple days.

Katie: Sturgis?

Pat: Yeah, South Dakota? The biggest motorcycle rally in the world?

Katie: Oh, right, right. Right, Sturgis. So, we should look in Sturgis?

Pat: There'll be a half a million people in Sturgis. No, you need to start by looking at the Jagged Edge. It's a bar.

Katie: And where is that?

Pat: In Manley, Idaho. It's past Sturgis. Near the Sawtooth Mountains --

Katie: Okay, wait, hold on. The most important thing is -- wouldn't Silas' friends know that J.J.'s not his kid? I mean, if he was trying not to arouse suspicion, wouldn't that be the last place he would go?

Pat: No. If you're Silas, and you're in trouble, you're going to go where you know you can trust people. They hate outsiders. And if somebody came up to Silas, let's just say they take care of their own.

Katie: Well, isn't that what you are? I mean, if they take care of their own -- what if that's what you're doing right now?

Carly: Thanks. Is that Amber Alert getting a response?

Jack: They just got those plates. We've got to be patient.

Carly: I'm not very good at that. I'm trying.

Jack: Me too. Thank you.

Carly: This brings back memories.

Jack: Yeah, that was a good day. You know, I never understood how they smuggled that pizza without me seeing it or smelling it.

Carly: We never told you?

Jack: No.

Carly: We ordered it the night before, put it in the favorite cold pizza for breakfast on father's day.-+

Jack: Clever.

Carly: And J.J. forgot to get you a card. He was so upset. He made one for you, remember? He loves you so much.

Jack: You too.

Carly: I mean, after I abandoned him?

Jack: You came back, that's all he wanted.

Carly: Look at that beautiful smiling face. I just want to see that face again.

Jack: You will, Carly.

Carly: I hope you're right.

Henry: Okay, if you two are going to start baring your souls, that would be my cue to exit.

Vienna: We're talking about men. You're a man, Henry.

Henry: Yes, irrefutably. But I'm not going to stay here and listen to my little sister discuss her love life. Excuse me.

Maddie: Bye.

Vienna: You poor thing, are you still upset about Casey?

Maddie: Well, yes -- I always will be, though.

Vienna: Oh, but there's more.

Maddie: Okay. There's this guy. Noah.

Vienna: Ah, your fellow intern.

Maddie: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: Uh-huh. The guy who loves the old movies, just like you? So, you had a connection.

Maddie: We have more of a connection than that, though.

Vienna: Ooh.

Maddie: Yes.

Vienna: An office romance.

Maddie: Yeah, but I don't -- I mean, well, we work together and then we see each other like 24/7. It's a little too intense for me. And I waited so long to be with Casey and I still have feelings for him. I went to bed with another guy. He called me his girlfriend today. I freaked out.

Vienna: Why?

Maddie: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Vienna: You know, in Sweden, we have a special word for these kind of relationships. But what's the English word? Okay, let me give you an example. Jack and Katie. Mike and Katie. Henry and Katie.

Maddie: Rebound?

Vienna: Yes, that's it. Rebound.

Luke: I know you're not gay. I got it loud and clear when I walked in on you and Maddie in bed.

Noah: Okay, so -- what? We can't be friends, work together or be in the same room together because I'm not gay?

Luke: You're uncomfortable around me. Why don't you just admit it?

Noah: You're the one who can't even look me in the eyes. Okay, so, why have been acting so angry towards me?

Luke: You've been in Oakdale, like what? A couple of weeks? And you've already met Maddie, and yes, she's a great girl. But it's just so easy for you. Whenever I fall for someone --

Noah: What?

Luke: I've lived in Oakdale my whole life and sometimes I feel like I'm the only gay guy in town.

Noah: Come on, 10% of the population, Man.

Luke: Yeah. But how many of them are out? You know, you want to meet a girl, it's easy. You meet her at work. You meet her at the library. You go to the park and there she is, walking her dog. But for me, what should I do? Like, hand out a questionnaire the first time I meet everybody? Don't look at me like that?

Noah: Like what?

Luke: Oh, poor gay Luke. He's going to be alone for the rest of his life.

Noah: That is not what I was thinking.

Luke: Well, then what were you thinking?

Noah: You're not going to spend the rest of your life alone, okay? You're smart. You're funny.

Luke: Okay, okay, can you just stop, stop, stop? You're making it a lot worse.

Noah: Okay, sorry.

Luke: You have no idea how this feels. You know, I'm the only gay guy a lot of people in this town even know.

Noah: That's probably not true, Man. Speaking statistically.

Luke: Okay, well, I'm the only gay guy they know they know. And I feel like I'm a poster child for the cause or something. And coming out, you know, that's a certain -- certain responsibility. Like, I feel like if I mess up, there's going to be somebody who decides that they just hate all gay people for life. And that can get kind of hard.

Noah: I bet.

Luke: I can't just relax and try to fit in. It sucks.

Noah: Yeah. I know exactly how you feel.

Susan: No, I haven't been drinking. I haven't even had my coffee yet.

Alison: But I smell on you -- it smells like alcohol.

Susan: Oh, Honey, what you smell is mouthwash. I gargled. What, you don't believe me?

Alison: I want to, but it's --

Susan: The other day, when I didn't believe you? You moved out. What is this? Payback?

Alison: What? No.

Susan: I have been sober -- how many years? How many years?

Alison: I know. I know. You're my role model in I look up to you --

Susan: Oh, Honey. I am nobody's role model. If you got an addictive personality, you've got that from me, Baby.

Alison: But you've never drunk in front of me. My whole life, like you said, you've been sober my whole life.

Susan: Well, I just wanted you and Emily to be happy, that's all I ever wanted.

Alison: Mom, I'm sorry if I made you feel bad before.

Susan: Oh, no, no. No, it's not your fault. Don't worry about it. I'm going to go back to the hospital, okay?

Alison: But you didn't eat anything.

Susan: Oh, I'm going to grab something from the vending machine.

Alison: Mom, wait. You know what? When you asked before if I needed anything, I didn't want to admit it, but I maxed out my credit card buying stuff for the apartment. So, I was wondering -- I get paid tomorrow, but I was wondering --

Susan: Oh, Honey. I don't have any cash on me.

Alison: No, I know. You never do. But I was hoping that --

Susan: Oh, oh, I'll tell you what. I can -- you can borrow one of my credit cards.

Alison: Oh, thank you.

Susan: Just please --

Alison: I will be totally responsible with it, Mom. I promise.

Susan: Be careful --

Alison: I promise.

Susan: Love you.

Alison: I love you, too.

Susan: Thank you.  

Alison: Yes, hi, this is Susan Stewart. I let my daughter borrow my card and I was wondering if you could tell me about the last few transactions. Yes. Thank you. No, I don't want to contest the charge. Yes, thanks for your help.

Dusty: Hello?

Alison: Hey, it’s Alison.

Dusty: Hey, Alison.

Alison: I'm sorry to bug you.

Dusty: I told you to call if you needed me. I meant it.

Alison: No, I know you did. Dusty, I just didn't know who else to call.

Dusty: What's going on?

Alison: Can you meet me at Al's? I really need your help.

Dusty: I'm on my way.

Pat: What? Do you think I'm feeding you some kind of false crazy lead so I can protect Silas?

Katie: Maybe. I don't know.

Pat: No, Silas is no friend of mine, okay?

Katie: I thought you said you rode --

Pat: He stole some cabbage from me.

Katie: Cabbage?

Pat: You know, g's, greenbacks, Benjamins, cash?

Katie: Got it.

Pat: Besides, I have a little brother the same age as the poor kid that's missing. And I ain't protecting no scummy kidnapper.

Katie: All right.

Pat: Oh, you think this is some ploy to meet you? Girl, please, I don't like you that much. Here.

Katie: You want my autograph?

Pat: First, I want you to take notes. No offense, but you come across a little spacey on air sometimes.

Katie: Jagged Edge.

Pat: Mm-hmm, and don't you go trying to check that place out yourself. It's a rough place. And if Silas is looking for somebody to go underground with him, he will find a dozen guys to help him --

Katie: Wait, wait, this is crazy. Why don't we go to the police station? You can make a statement --

Pat: No, no, no, wait. I don't like the cops. I think the feeling is mutual. You -- you got the info? You're a reporter, right?

Katie: Well, on air personality.

Pat: Well, I also know that you have an in with a certain detective.

Katie: Oh, my God, you are stalking me.

Pat: I just want your autograph in exchange for the information. Is that too much to ask?

Katie: No. No, of course not.

Pat: Oh, not there.

Katie: Where?

Pat: Well, I was thinking about getting another tattoo. But I want you to sign where nobody can see it, okay? Shh, our little secret.

Maddie: I know what you're going to say. Rebound relationships never work.

Vienna: No, no, that's not what I was going to say.

Maddie: Well, look how many times Katie's been divorced.

Vienna: Well, she and Jack are getting engaged.

Maddie: Well, that was fast.

Vienna: So, you don't like the idea of fast.

Maddie: Not too fast.

Vienna: Then, why don't you just relax and enjoy your time with Noah? Don't waste it away feeling guilty.

Maddie: Well, that's -- I don't even have that much time. I'm leaving for school soon.

Vienna: Which is perfect.

Maddie: Why is that perfect?

Vienna: Then you don't have to commit to any long-term relationship. Just enjoy a couple of weeks of a fling with this beautiful man who loves you and adores you. And it's the perfect romance for a summer.

Noah: I'm an army brat. I grew up all over the world.

Luke: So, you got to see a lot of places. That's great.

Noah: Yeah. Fort Hood, Fort Shaften, Fort Bragg. You said you grew up -- grew up in Oakdale and lived here all your life? I mean, I wish I could say that. I never lived anywhere long enough to make any real friends.

Luke: Okay, wait, so you're saying, because you moved around a lot, you understand how I feel?

Noah: I just -- I know what I means to be lonely, too, okay?

Luke: Yeah, but everybody on those bases is moving around. You're on the same boat.

Noah: Yeah, and we all knew not to get too comfortable. Everybody's so afraid of getting, you know, too close to somebody, because they could disappear or you will.

Luke: Look, Noah, I'm not attracted to you because you're lonely.

Noah: Okay, well, it's obviously not my sparkling personality. I mean, how could it be? You barely know me.

Luke: Its like, when you and Maddie are talking about films and everything, I'm reading the sports page. We kind of speak two different languages.

Noah: Well, I feel like we're communicating pretty well now. I'm glad you said something.

Luke: If you say so.

Noah: So, what, you're going to go back to avoiding me now?

Luke: Do you want me to?

Noah: I barely know anyone in Oakdale besides Maddie. And it looks like I might actually be around for a while. So, yeah, I'd like to have some real friends for once in my life.

Luke: Are you saying you want us to be friends?

Noah: That's up to you.

Alison: Hey, thanks for coming so fast. Coffee?

Dusty: Sure. What's going on?

Alison: I'm not using again, if that's what you're thinking.

Dusty: No, I'm not thinking that.

Alison: This is even worse. I think my mom's drinking again.

Bob: So, there you are.

Susan: Here I am.

Bob: I guess you forgot.

Susan: Evidently I did.

Bob: Pre-op consult, the Guthrie case, 3:00.

Susan: Oh, Bob. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Bob: It's okay. Are you okay?

Susan: Um, I'm fine. I just forgot.

Bob: Well, it's been a tough time. Have you heard from Emily and Daniel?

Susan: No. No, I haven’t. But if you give me five minutes, will that work?

Bob: Perfect. I'll see you in my office.

Susan: Perfect. Perfect.

Jack: Detective Snyder. Yeah, hold on a second. Evans, pick up line four. Got another noise complaint. Sorry.

Carly: Are you okay? You know you could probably use help changing that bandage.

Jack: I don't have time for that, Carly.

Carly: You know when the lead comes on J.J., you're going to want to jump up from that desk and go and find him. It would help if you could move.

Jack: The stuff is in there.

Carly: Come on.

Jack: Thank you, thank you --

Carly: Let me help you.

Jack: Thank you.

Carly: All right, you let me know if any of this hurts, okay?

Jack: Oh, I will.

Carly: Remember when Sage cut her ankle? I'm a pro at this.

Jack: Yeah, you had the magic touch with that ankle.

Katie: Jack, you'll never guess what just -- happened. Here's a tip...

Jack: Katie, Carly was just --

Katie: You know, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I think I know where J.J. is.

Jack: What?

Carly: Where?

Katie: I was walking through Old Town, someone grabbed me. It was a woman named Pat Riley. She said she saw our broadcast and has some information. She used to know Silas Jenkins and she said if he grabbed J.J., he probably went to a bar called the Jagged Edge in Manley, Idaho.

Carly: I don't understand this. How would some random person in Oakdale know Silas? He's not from anywhere around here.

Katie: I don't know. They're bikers. They're all over the place.

Jack: So what is Silas's connection to Manley supposed to be?

Katie: Well, all their friends meet up there. And they're a really tight-knit group, you know. The kind of group that would do anything for each other.

Jack: Anything illegal, you mean?

Katie: That's kind of the impression I got, yeah. Are you going to call the FBI, get them on this?

Jack: If this lead's legit, then, yeah, I don't want to tip our hand. I'll do the legwork myself. I'll find out if this bar exists, and this woman's story checks out.

Katie: I really believe she was telling the truth.

Carly: Why would she talk to you instead of the police?

Katie: She said she doesn't trust cops.

Jack: Well, we've had a lot of calls come in for a lot of nut jobs.

Katie: I know. I believe you. We've had the same at WOAK. But this is real. It's different, Jack. Trust me.

Jack: I'm going to check this out. Thank you. Thank you.

Carly: Well, I don't quite know how to say this. Thank you.

Dusty: Why do you think she's drinking again?

Alison: She kept saying she just wanted her girls to be happy. And I'm the reason we're not. And I can tell she feels so guilty about that.

Dusty: Are you sure right about this?

Alison: Yeah, I am. I got her to loan me her credit card. And she uses it for practically everything. And I called and checked her last few purchases.

Dusty: And?

Alison: She dropped $30 at a liquor store two days ago. I mean, what else could she be buying? Lottery tickets? Not with our family's luck.

Dusty: Do you know how to reach Emily?

Alison: If I did, I would have called her. Not that she's speaking to me. I'm sorry, Dusty, that I had to get you involved in all this. I just didn't know what else to do. And when I was detoxing, you helped me so much --

Dusty: That's okay. I'm glad you called me.

Alison: Yeah, I've never seen my mom like this before. She just hasn't been drinking since, you know, I was born. And being sober all those years, and now -- she must be really messed up, Dusty.

Dusty: Where is she?

Alison: Oh, my God. I let her go to the hospital. How stupid was that?

Dusty: Okay, what were you supposed to do?

Alison: I don't know. Emily would've known what to do. But of course she's not here and that's my fault, too --

Dusty: It's not your fault she's gone. It's mine. Look, you don't have to go through this alone. I'm here for you, okay?

Alison: Okay. Thanks.

Dusty: Do you have to finish your shift?

Alison: No, I got someone to cover for me.

Dusty: Good. Let's go.

Henry: Hey, where's Maddie?

Vienna: She's gone.

Henry: I thought she came here to see me.

Vienna: Well, she was. And then you got sidetracked, and we got sidetracked, and -- does it bother you that she confides in me?

Henry: What -- God, no. God, no. I'm glad she has someone helpful to confide in.

Vienna: Well, if this whole massage business doesn't work out, maybe I could look into another career as a middle man. Is that the word?

Henry: I hope not.

Vienna: Matchmaker?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, that's better. Um, maybe you should hold off on that right now.

Vienna: Why? What's wrong?

Henry: A little bad news from the insurance adjuster.

Vienna: Oh, no. We didn't make a profit, did we?

Henry: It's worse that that, I'm afraid. It seems our insurance papers weren't processed before the building went poof.

Vienna: Now what does that mean?

Henry: It means that not only is the building gone, but so is all the money that we invested in it. In other words, we're sunk.

Alison: Mom?

Susan: Oh, hi. Everything okay?

Alison: No.

Susan: What is it?

Alison: You lied to me, Mom. You are drinking again.

Susan: Keep your voice down! We'll talk about this later, okay, at home.

Alison: You can't be treating patients, if you're drinking again.

Susan: Honey, I haven't drinking, do you think I'd be able to function here if I were?

Alison: You did before, didn't you?

Susan: If you want me to take you at your word, you start taking me at mine, okay?

Alison: What is that, a bribe? That's kind of low, isn't it?

Susan: No, this is low. Coming into my workplace and making accusations, here? We're going to talk about this later.

Dusty: We're going to talk about it now.

Susan: My God, Alison, you told Dusty. Are you crazy?

Alison: Why are you so upset if it's not true?

Susan: Because once you make an accusation, it's out there.

Dusty: Your secret's safe with me.

Susan: I don't have any secrets.

Alison: Why do you think I'm doing this, Mom?

Susan: Revenge?

Alison: No, because I love you. And I'm really worried about you. I know I couldn't have got through these past couple of months if Emily and Dusty hadn't helped me. Even though I lied and pushed them away.

Susan: I am not lying.

Alison: I called your credit card company today. And I told them I was you and I asked for information on your recent purchases.

Susan: You posed as me and they believed you?

Alison: What difference does that make? I know that you went to a liquor store two days ago.

Susan: But I bought a gift for a friend. A bottle of champagne.

Dusty: Which friend?

Susan: I don't have time for this. I am busy here saving lives, so if you both excuse me.

Alison: Mom, what if you kill somebody because you've been drinking again?

Susan: I haven't been drinking. I want you to leave and I want you to take him with you.

Dusty: We're not going anywhere.

Susan: This is none of your business.

Dusty: If you're not worried about your patients, what about your job?

Susan: You are the ones who are jeopardizing my job! And I wish I knew why. Why are you accusing me like this?

Alison: Mom, I'm not accusing you. But I know what it's like to have a problem and not want to admit it to anyone. Especially those you're afraid of letting down. Now, I'd be so proud of you if you'd just be honest with me and own up to it. Come to a meeting with me. We can help each other.

Susan: I tried to help you today, and this is the payback I get? I think we'd both better off if you had disowned me.

Luke: Look, I don't really think we can be friends.

Noah: Why not?

Luke: You really want to know?

Noah: Yeah. I do.

Luke: Okay. The first guy I ever felt for, his name was Kevin. And he was my best friend for years before I came out. And then, once I told him I was gay, everything changed.

Noah: Changed how?

Luke: Well, let's just say we're not friends anymore.

Noah: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. What's that got to do with me?

Luke: Well, I just don't want to repeat the same behavior.

Noah: I'm not Kevin.

Luke: Yeah, but you're unavailable.

Noah: Right.

Luke: Look, remember how you said I was acting like angry at you? I'm not. I'm angry at myself. I'm angry at falling for the wrong guy again. And you know, I'm gay, I'm out. I'm proud, but right now I feel kind of like some sort of monk. You know, celibate and single for life.

Noah: Oh, come on.

Luke: Oh, it's just like I said, Oakdale isn't exactly a gay Mecca.

Noah: So move.

Luke: No, I don't want to move. This is my home. My family's here.

Noah: Wow. I couldn't wait to get away from my family. So your parents are cool with -- you know, with your lifestyle?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, they had a hard time at first, but they're fine.

Noah: How about us? I mean, are we cool?

Luke: Sure. Anyway, I better go.

Carly: Well?

Jack: Your source's story about the Jagged Edge checks out.

Carly: So, what now?

Jack: I'm going to Idaho.

Katie: No, you can’t.

Carly: Why not?

Katie: You just got out of the hospital.

Jack: I'm fine.

Katie: No, Jack, the doctors told you to take it easy. You're going to have to find Silas. You're probably going to have to chase after him or fight him. You can't do that in this condition. Please, let Margo or Dallas go --

Jack: Margo and Dallas, they're great cops. But nobody is more motivated to find J.J. than I am. And no one knows him better than I do. If they find a clue, they might not know what it means. He's my son. I've got to do this.

Katie: They can --

Carly: I understand why you're worried about him. But you have to understand why he has to go.

Katie: I understand why he wants to go --

Jack: Please, please. There is no time to argue.

Katie: Okay. Sorry. So when do you leave?

Jack: Right away.

Vienna: Thank you for knowing exactly what would cheer me up.

Henry: The think about dessert for dinner? It's cheap. Something you're going to have to get used to, I'm afraid.

Vienna: I still think you're overreacting, Henry. I'll call my financial advisor in the morning. And he'll wire us the money we need to rebuild.

Henry: Yeah, I know, but it's going to be very, very expensive.

Vienna: Well, at least I have a job.

Henry: Eventually.

Vienna: I'm a very good masseuse.

Henry: Yeah, you are.

Vienna: I'll make all our money back.

Henry: All your money.

Vienna: Our money. Oh, look at those gorgeous shoes.

Henry: Yeah, Vienna, we're supposed to be window-shopping.

Vienna: Does that mean no new shoes?

Henry: I think it means you don't know the meaning of economize.

Vienna: All right. I can live without anything, as long as I have you.

Henry: How sweet.

Vienna: Speaking of sweet -- how about a second serving of dessert in our suite? I'll work on my skills. Lick?

Henry: I'm going to kiss –

Maddie: Hey.

Noah: Hey. How's your brother?

Maddie: He's okay.

Noah: I wasn't sure if you were going to come back.

Maddie: Yeah, sorry about before -- running out so quickly.

Noah: It's okay. You know, I was thinking --

Maddie: Me too.

Noah: What?

Maddie: Go first. You go first.

Noah: Let's go somewhere.

Maddie: Now?

Noah: No, I mean like, let's go on a trip together.

Maddie: Where?

Noah: Wherever. Branson was all about work. I think we deserve a little vacation before school starts, don't you?

Maddie: Uh, yeah, I guess.

Noah: Where do you want to go? I mean, you like the beach, right?

Maddie: Lake Michigan is really pretty and actually, I've never been in the water, but --

Noah: Yeah, it's really pretty, but after you've lived in Hawaii, that's not a beach.

Maddie: Okay, well, whatever then. I don't really care.

Noah: I don't really think it matters where we go. Just as long as it's the two of us.

Maddie: Right.

Noah: I'm so glad we're going to do this. It's going to be so much fun.

Maddie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Susan: I hurt your feelings.

Alison: Yes, you did. Which is not like you. Another sign that you've got a problem.

Dusty: Not to mention being defensive.

Susan: Shut up. You've caused enough problems for this family.

Alison: And pushing away the people who are trying to help you? That's also what I did.

Susan: Oh, just because you've been to a few meetings doesn't make you an expert. It doesn't make everyone in the world an addict either.

Dusty: Well, you're an alcoholic, which is a lifelong club, as I understand it.

Susan: What do you know about it? What do you know about my life? What I've been through? I married a murderer, for God's sake. And you and your sister have made a lot of messes that I've had to clean up. I didn't drink then and I'm not drinking now. So, I'm asking you, for the last time, please, just drop it.

Bob: Is there a problem here?

Carly: I'm going to Gwen’s to check on Sage.

Jack: Okay, just don't tell them about this lead until I know it's viable.

Carly: Right. No, I wasn't planning to. Just keep in touch, okay?

Jack: You know I will.

Carly: Katie, thanks again.

Katie: Sure.

Jack: Give Sage a kiss for me.

Carly: Of course.

Jack: Katie, I'm sorry.

Katie: Please don't apologize.

Jack: Would it make you feel any better if I told you not to worry about me?

Katie: What do you think?

Jack: You know I'm just so glad that -- if it weren't for you, none of this would be happening. I can't thank you enough.

Katie: Don't thank me. It's J.J. -- he's family. [Cell phone rings] Hello? Oh, I totally lost track of time. I'll be right there.

Jack: Was that work?

Katie: Yes. You know what though? I can get Brad to cover for me, if you want me --

Jack: No, no, no. I've got a million things to do before I go.

Katie: Okay. You'll call me before you leave?

Jack: Of course. I love you.

Katie: I love you, too. Be careful, okay? I don't want to say good-bye.

Jack: I'll see you later.

Katie: See you later.

Jack: What are you doing here? I thought you were going over to Gwen’s.

Carly: No. No, I'm going with you to Idaho to find our son.

Announcer: On the next-- "As the World Turns."

Dusty: I'll take you home, or I'll tell Bob you're drinking. It's your choice.

Susan: You have nothing to say about this. This is between him and me.

J.J.: What are you going to do to me?

Jack: Before I let you get on that plane with me, I'll throw you back in jail.

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