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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/19/07

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[Doorbell rings]

Susan: Hang on a second, I'm coming. Whatever it is, no.

Dusty: Well, hold on. It's about Emily. Something happened.

Susan: You are not welcome here.

Dusty: I'm worried about her.

Susan: Well, it's a little late for that, don't you think? You're the reason she's gone. My whole family is coming apart because of you.

Dusty: You obviously haven't read the paper.

Susan: How can I make you understand? You have to leave us alone.

Dusty: I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Alison: Hey -- congratulations. When I saw your bike outside, I wondered if you'd taken the job.

Aaron: Yeah -- yeah, it all worked out. Lisa's a sweetheart. I already got myself some more shifts.

Alison: That's awesome. You'll probably be a draw like you were in Seattle. I mean, so many people know you around here.

Aaron: Yeah, true. This is a whole different scene.

Alison: Yeah, its home. So, you living with your dad?

Aaron: Yeah, for now.

Alison: Does that mean you're going to get a place of your own?

Aaron: Maybe. Maybe, I haven't really thought that far ahead.

Alison: Sure. I mean, how could you? You just started here. Um, I've been running everything that happened yesterday through my head and trying to make sense of it. And, you know, after you found out about Dusty and me.

Aaron: Yeah. I've actually been trying to forget that.

Alison: I shouldn't have come down on you so hard for the way you reacted.

Aaron: Listen, can we not talk about this right now?

Alison: I know, but just one more thing.

Aaron: Ali, you slept with him. And if I hadn't seen that DVD, I wouldn't have known, okay?

Alison: I know. But I was hoping, you know, if you had more time --

Aaron: I'm not sure time's going to change anything.

Alison: Well, I guess I have my answer. Is it always going to be this hard when we see each other?

Aaron: I don't know.

Alison: I mean, I just wish, since you're sticking around, maybe we can find some way to be friends.

Aaron: Listen, just so we're clear? My staying here has nothing to do with you.

Vienna: We have something very important to celebrate -- Katie and Jack's engagement.

Henry: Hold on, hold on. Let me take care of that. Uh, you know, I always like to think positively, I do. But he hasn't exactly -- popped the question yet, has he?

Vienna: Well, he will and when he does, Katie is going to say yes.

Henry: Oh, you planning on a long engagement?

Katie: I'm not.

Vienna: Well, good for you. When you're in love, that's a waste of time. You know, this is so odd.

Henry: What is, Darling?

Vienna: I am thrilled for Katie. And I've never been genuinely happy for another woman before.

Henry: Well, and you make an exception for Katie. I am touched.

Vienna: Oh, well, if anyone deserves my happiness, it's you, Katie.

Katie: Okay, I think something got lost in translation.

Henry: Happens all the time.

Vienna: Well, it's time to pop the toast. To Katie and Jack, and for them living happily ever after.

Henry: To Katie and Jack!

Carly: You're proposing to Katie?

Jack: Yes, I am.

Carly: It's a bit sudden, don't you think?

Jack: I'm sorry if you see it that way.

Carly: You don't?

Jack: I'm ready, Carly.

Carly: I know why.

Jack: Yeah, me too. Because I love her and we're ready to start a future together.

Carly: No -- no, you're proposing to Katie because that's less scary than admitting you still have feelings for me.

Jack: Only you could think that my proposal to Katie was about you.

Carly: It is.

Jack: I'm not going to let you turn this into some kind of argument. I'm trying to be considerate, to do the right thing.

Carly: Well, then don't marry Katie. You're just striking back because Brad embarrassed you with the phone call about the ring --

Jack: You're making it out to sound like some kind of innocent fun. It was anything but. You deliberately targeted Katie and you managed to make me look like some jerk with cold feet.

Carly: She's awfully eager. You needed to see that.

Jack: Oh, stop it. You wanted Katie to break up with me. I guess we both surprised you.

Carly: You are angry. And I knew you were. And the shotgun proposal is going to prove it. But it's not going to change the way you feel about me.

Jack: No. You'll always have a special place in my heart, Carly. I told you that.

Carly: We're a family. It's not just us, Jack. It took us a long time to make the kids believe that.

Jack: Yeah, and you walked away from that.

Carly: I know I did a lot of damage. I thought we were starting to fix it.

Jack: Hey, I think that's great that you want to make things right for the kids. As for you and me, it can only go so far. I'm with Katie now.

Carly: Doesn't matter. You've tried to forget me before. You've tried to stop loving me, but you always come back. And when you do, it's like no time has passed. When we're together, we are in a place that no one can touch.

Jack: I guess you don't count Simon.

Carly: Just like I don't count Katie.

Jack: Well, you know, I should actually be grateful to you and Brad. You forced Katie to question her feelings, she really opened up. And it also showed me, that in spite of everything you've promised -- you still try to manipulate me. Katie doesn't do that.

Carly: You sure about that? She comes with a lot of baggage. Wait until she starts to unpack it.

Jack: That won't be your problem.

Carly: You know now that I still love you. And when I told you that I want you back, you didn't pull away. So, I know it's what you want too.

Jack: You wore me down, Carly. The lies, the pain -- I'm tired of it. And you only want me now because you can't have me.

Carly: That's not true.

Jack: I have finally woken up to the fact that I don't have to live my life in turmoil. There's something better out there and I've found it.

Carly: You honestly believe that Katie is better for you than I am?

Jack: Yes.

Vienna: It will be the perfect engagement gift. His and her massages. Scented candles, music -- I might -- I might even give you the cosy-rosey-toesy.

Katie: The what?

Henry: Do I need to stay in the room here?

Vienna: No, you know, it's a pedicure with rose petals. It's very erotic.

Katie: Oh, yeah, I don't know if Jack's ready for that. But I would like to try it.

Henry: Yes. I would like to try that as well. You can practice on me.

Vienna: Oh, thank you, Sweetheart. Thank you so much. But I will need to order more equipment. I need a chair with a soaking tub.

Henry: Tub -- I don't think and besides, where do you want to put it?

Katie: You know what? You guys need a space for this spa of yours. You can decorate it the way you want. It will grow with you.

Henry: Yes, and people won't be coming in and out of the room all the time.

Katie: There's tons of properties all over Oakdale.

Vienna: But I don't have time to go look for properties. I need to keep up with my appointments. Places.

Katie: Let me make some phone calls and go check some things out.

Vienna: Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you. And then, I could have, like big exfoliations and body wraps and papaya and green tea --

Henry: Yes, you could. Let's get the space first and then we could put the wraps on the menu. Do you want to go check out some real estate with me?

Katie: Sure. I've actually seen some signs downtown.

Vienna: Well, we can't take up too much of Katie's time. She has her show and she needs to plan her fabulous wedding.

Susan: You've got five minutes.

Dusty: You know Paul Ryanís dead.

Susan: I read about it in the paper. I feel very sorry for Barbara. It must be hard to lose another child so young. It must be devastating.

Dusty: I think it's going to hit Emily hard.

Susan: Well, she doesn't have to know about it right away.

Dusty: You rather she find out by accident?

Susan: I didn't say that.

Dusty: She left this town because I kept something from her. I would like to share information this time around.

Susan: It's not up to you.

Dusty: She and Paul lost a baby together. I think I should be there when she hears the news.

Susan: You actually expect me to tell you where Emily is?

Dusty: Just how to reach her.

Susan: Are you out of your mind? You think hearing about Paul from you is going to be easy on Emily? It's going to tear her apart.

Dusty: I think you're being too protective, don't you think?

Susan: Well, I've had to be. After what that creep Paul did to her? May he rest in peace. She stopped believing that she could trust any man and then she trusted you. Until you slept with her little sister. I don't know how she's supposed to come back from that, do you?

Dusty: She's strong. She will.

Susan: Not without some distance from you. She just wants to be left alone, Dusty. And you're going to have to respect that.

Dusty: What if she's alone when she finds out about Paul?

Susan: Well, she can call me. I'll be there for her. Initiative and reach out?

Susan: I said I'd handle it.

Dusty: Okay. If she asked about me --

Susan: If she asked about you -- I doubt that she will, but if she does, I'll tell her I haven't seen you. Your five minutes are up.

Alison: Aaron, come on. I didn't think you were staying because of me. I mean, why would I?

Aaron: Right. Do you want something? To drink? Something to drink.

Alison: Oh, yeah, just some water. So what's going on?

Aaron: Well, the truth is, I was thinking about going back to Seattle. And then I started talking to my dad.

Alison: So Holden convinced you not to leave?

Aaron: It wasn't so much like that. We just started talking about the family. And how they've been through a lot. And then I was looking at them and looking at myself -- I mean, I didn't realize how much time had passed.

Alison: I can see that. You come home and you have a baby brother.

Aaron: That's my boy Ethan. Yeah, it felt kind of wrong that I missed so much.

Alison: Yeah, I felt the same way when I came home. You see your family and there's just whole pieces of them that you don't know anything about.

Aaron: Right. My dad -- he's -- you know, he's doing good. He doesn't say much. He just works really hard and looks after the family. Make sure everything's right. You know, he's a really good guy. I didn't appreciate it too much before.

Alison: Sounds like being away helped you see things differently.

Aaron: Some things.

Alison: But not me.

Aaron: Listen, Alison, I don't expect you to understand this. Especially after what you did to your sister -- but sometimes you have to put your family first.

Alison: And I never do that?

Aaron: Honestly? I don't even think family is on your agenda.

Alison: Fine. Okay, I get it. You hate me. I'm a horrible, selfish person.

Aaron: Am I supposed to just forget what I saw on that DVD, huh?

Alison: That DVD is not the sum total of who I am. And if that's what you're going to turn it into, then I don't want anything from you.

Carly: You tell me that you're going to marry someone else. And you want me to just accept it?

Jack: You could try being happy for me.

Carly: I don't think you thought it though.

Jack: For the record, your little adventure with Simon kick-started a very thorough review of my life -- where I've been, where I am now, what I want.

Carly: And you came up with Katie?

Jack: I'd like some peace. The fighting gets old, Carly.

Carly: And making up never lost its charm, did it?

Jack: Well, Katie and I can get there without the battles, I told you, I'm tired of the lies, and the excuses, and the apologies. I mean, are you forgetting why you left? You wanted glamour or whatever Simon was selling. Clearly, I wasn't enough for you. Carly, this is my life now. I don't want you screwing it up.

Carly: I never should've left. God knows I never should've given up on us. But we can fix it. We can get it back. We can get back to the way we were, Jack.

Jack: Well, if we were so happy, then why did you leave? You don't learn from your mistakes, I have to.

Carly: I have learned this time, Jack. I promise you that I have. Let me prove to you that I have.

Jack: I'm not going to put the kids through that kind of heartbreak again.

Carly: So, you're just going to give up on happiness because we've stumbled in the past --

Jack: That's not what I'm saying --

Carly: You're just going to give up on our family --

Jack: Katie's -- Katie's my family now, or at least she will be. She's crazy about the kids. And she's wonderful with them. I love her. She loves me. We don't complicate things.

Carly: Unlike me? Well, I'm not going to beat my head against the wall here. You're marrying Katie. That's that.

Jack: And you need to accept that. I'm sorry.

Carly: Don't apologize. Just go. Please go.

Dusty: Thank you. Those all yours?

Alison: Oh, it's okay. I keep track. Something I learned in Vegas.

Dusty: I thought you were in recovery.

Alison: Me too. But it turns out there isn't a cure for being a thoughtless, selfish slut.

Dusty: Well, you're not --

Alison: Oh, I'm a disappointment to my family and to Aaron --

Dusty: You talked to him again?

Alison: Oh, yeah, a little while ago. Oh, and he was happy to remind me that I've trashed my life and everybody in it.

Dusty: Well, who's he to judge you?

Alison: Well, you know what? He's right. And there's nothing you can say about it that will make me feel better.

Dusty: Why are you punishing yourself?

Alison: Keeps me busy. And don't try to be nice. What are you doing here anyway?

Dusty: I'm trying to calm down.

Alison: I thought you had nerves of steel.

Dusty: I was just hanging out with your mom.

Alison: Well, that explains it.

Dusty: She's still very upset that I hurt your sister.

Alison: What a coincidence. You're punishing yourself, too.

Dusty: Have you heard from Emily?

Alison: Nope. Not that I expected to. I mean, her good-bye was more of a good riddance. What about you?

Dusty: Nope.

Alison: We're quite a pair. I'd say we deserve each other.

Dusty: I wouldn't go there.

Alison: You know, the thing is -- in Vegas, when Lance came after me --

Dusty: Yeah?

Alison: You made me feel safe, Dusty. No matter what everyone says, you were there for me. Well, maybe now I can return the favor.

Dusty: What?

Alison: Let's get out of here.

Vienna: A spa needs to be serene, luxurious. It needs soft lights, soft music, gorgeous flowers -- just sitting on the couch, you should feel pampered.

Katie: I feel like I should book a whole day right now.

Henry: Yes, I can see you all covered in seaweed and mud --

Katie: Oh, you would love that, wouldn't you? Reminiscent of our days on the island --

[Cell phone rings]

Vienna: Oh, it's Jack. Hi, Jack.

Jack: Am I catching you at a bad time?

Vienna: No, no, not at all. I'm always happy to hear from you.

Jack: Good, if you're free, I could really use a favor.

Vienna: Okay, stress-relief, hot stone massage?

Jack: Uh, no. This would involve another area of your expertise.

Vienna: Men?

Jack: Jewelry.

Vienna: Oh, of course. What can I do to help you?

Jack: Well, I'm about to pick out an engagement ring for Katie and I need some advice.

Vienna: He wants me to help him pick out your engagement ring --

Katie: Oh, God, say yes!

Vienna: Of course, I'll help you. Not a problem.

Jack: Great. I am in Old Town outside the jewelry store.

Vienna: I'm on my way.

Jack: Thank you, Vienna.

J.J.: You're asking Katie to marry you? When are you going to tell us about this?

Jack: J.J., I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.

J.J.: So, marrying Katie is some kind of secret?

Jack: No, it's not a secret. I was going to tell parker and you and sage after I had her answer. I thought that made the most sense.

J.J.: So she hasn't said yes?

Jack: I haven't officially asked her yet. But I'm going to take her to dinner tonight at the Lakeview.

J.J.: Wait, so she might say no.

Jack: There is that possibility, yes, but I hope she wonít.

J.J.: But I thought you and Katie were just friends.

Jack: We started out as friends, yeah. Listen, J.J., I know that you haven't made a secret that you want your mom and me to get back together. But I'm sorry, Buddy, that's not going to happen for a number of reasons --

J.J.: Yeah, yeah, you don't need to explain it to me. Okay, I get it.

Jack: You sure?

J.J.: Yeah.

Jack: Okay, all right, well, then if Katie does agree to marry me, then we will all sit down as a family and we'll talk about what that means for everybody --

J.J.: Yeah --

Jack: And any questions you may have will be dealt with at that time.

J.J.: Yeah, but I have to go. Because I have to do my chores.

Jack: Okay, you're a good man. And appreciate you keeping your word. You be safe going home, okay?

J.J.: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

Dusty: Was that supposed to be joke? Because it's lame.

Alison: It wasn't a joke.

Dusty: Because there's no way anything can happen between us.

Alison: Do we both have to be sad and lonely?

Dusty: I'm afraid so.

Alison: Come on, we've suffered enough. Everyone we love hates us.

Dusty: They're going to hate us more if we sleep together.

Alison: I don't care.

Dusty: Yes, you do.

Alison: I just -- I just want to forget all of this and feel good for a little while.

Dusty: Sex instead of meth?

Alison: Why not?

Dusty: Because it doesn't work.

Alison: It's not like we have anything else to lose.

Dusty: There's plenty more to lose. You'll find that out when you get older.

Alison: You know, right now, all I feel like is that I just have you left.

Dusty: That's not true. You're young, you're beautiful -- your mind can use some adjustment, but that -- you know, can always be worked on.

Alison: Oh, you think you can change me?

Dusty: No, I don't think you need to change. I do think you need to get out of your way.

Alison: Yeah, well, I don't have a clue how to do that.

Dusty: I have a few. Want to hear my ideas?

[Jack calls Katie on his cell phone]

Jack: Everything's fine, except I miss you.

Katie: I miss you too. Is that why you called?

Jack: That's part of the reason. I figured if I softened you up, you'd have dinner with me tonight.

Katie: I think I can clear my dance card for you, Detective.

Jack: I'll pick you up about seven.

Katie: I'll be ready.

Vienna: Oh, Jack --

Jack: Vienna --

Vienna: I'm so excited. I hope you and Katie will be very happy.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you. I know we will.

Vienna: Did you know that an engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewelry most men ever buy?

Jack: No, I didn't know that.

Vienna: Well, this is a two-carat, pear-cut diamond set in platinum. And that round one is set in rose gold, but it actually looks slightly flawed to me.

Jack: You call tell all that through a window?

Vienna: Oh, I've had a lot of experience with diamonds.

Jack: Yeah.

Vienna: Oh, come on. This will be fun.

Jack: No, I --

Vienna: You just can't go bad with any of them.

Jack: No -- I just want to find something that -- that tells her --

Vienna: Don't -- don't be embarrassed --

Jack: How special -- how precious she is to me. That's all.

Vienna: Well, I'm sure we can do that.

Jack: Good. Because I want this to be unforgettable. With no slip-ups, no inference.

Vienna: Jack, you are going to ask her to marry you. Trust me, Katie will remember this night for the rest of her life.

Dusty: Thanks for calling the cab.

Bartender: No problem.

Dusty: You ready?

Alison: If you are.

Dusty: I was ready at hello. Let's go.

Alison: I'm glad you're not ashamed to be seen with me.

Dusty: Don't say things like that. Promise me something, all right?

Alison: Okay.

Dusty: Next time you get depressed, don't hit the booze.

Alison: Well, what will I do for fun?

Dusty: Were you having fun when I walked in?

Alison: No. I'm lonely, Dusty. I miss even Emily checking in on me.

Dusty: Well, I'm glad I found you. Before some other guy wants to score.

Alison: Please, like that would happen here. This place is lame. Oh, but you know what? There's this pub in Chicago that has these indie bands. It would be kind of weird for me to check it out alone, but do you want to come with me?

Dusty: No. You're going home. Alone.

Alison: You're not coming with me?

Dusty: No, I called you a cab. I'm walking you out.

Alison: But -- I thought you said we were going to shake this -- that we'd do something -- don't you like me even a little?

Dusty: I like you a lot. But my feelings for your sister run probably as deep as your feelings for Aaron.

Alison: It's your loss.

Dusty: No doubt. [Cab horn beeps] Cab's here. Let's go.

Alison: Like I have a choice?

Katie: Henry, you don't have to be scared for me this time. I know everything's happening really fast, but that's just because Jack and I are lucky enough to be clear about what we want.

Henry: I'm glad.

Katie: And things are happening kind of out of order too, but everything inside feels so right.

Henry: Well, it's about time.

Katie: Explaining things to you, is like explaining them to myself. What would I do without you?

Henry: Well, you'd make a lot of mistakes. A lot more mistakes --

Katie: Yeah --

Henry: But I -- it would be the same for me if I didn't have you.

Katie: Listen, I want to ask you something.

Henry: Yeah?

Katie: Remember when you asked me to be your best man when you married Vienna?

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Katie: Well, I would like you to be a part of my wedding to Jack.

Henry: Katie -- Katie, don't ask me to be the maid of honor. Please? The only woman I only dress up for now is Vienna. Got it?

Katie: Got it. I'm going to ask Margo that.

Henry: Okay, good.

Katie: I was wondering if you would walk me down the aisle.

Henry: Well, let's see, I was married to you -- and then I presided over the ceremony when you married Mike -- so, I guess walking you down the aisle is the next thing.

Katie: So you'll do it?

Henry: I'd be honored.

Katie: Oh, thank you --

Henry: Come here --

Katie: Thank you so much. It's going to be your job to keep me calm.

Henry: Uh, yeah, well, I have a question about that -- about keeping calm. Do you know exactly what you're getting into here? I mean, Jack's got three kids, not to mention an ex-wife who has no problems aiding and abetting an international jewel heist.

Katie: Oh, I'm not worried about Carly. Jack doesn't love her anymore, he loves me.

Henry: Okay, you might have tough time making Carly believe that. You know what I mean, she's not the type to fade into the background.

Katie: And I don't want her to. I don't want to get between her and her kids. That would just make life harder for Jack.

Henry: Really? I don't think she thinks as generously as you do, Sweetie.

Katie: Well, I do know that Carly made a play for him, but that's not happening. So as far as I'm concerned, Carly is not an issue for us.

J.J.: Oh, hi, Mom.

Carly: Hi, Sweetheart. I didn't know you were coming by. What's wrong?

J.J.: It's Dad.

Carly: Did something happen?

J.J.: He is in Old Town looking for rings for Katie.

Carly: Oh.

J.J.: Mom, he was on the phone and he's going to ask Katie to marry him tonight.

Carly: Are you sure?

J.J.: That's what he said. Mom, you have to stop him.

Dusty: Do you got a minute?

Aaron: I'm working.

Dusty: Well, I'll have a whiskey. Now, I'm a customer.

Aaron: Yeah, well, I'm done. I'm wrapping up.

Dusty: I understand you're angry about me and Alison.

Aaron: Like I care.

Dusty: Why are you taking it out on her? She didn't mean to hurt you.

Aaron: Well, she never means to hurt me. It just happens. And I don't need you to explain her to me, okay?

Dusty: Well, maybe you do.

Aaron: I lived with her, okay? I know her. I know exactly who she is.

Dusty: That's why you still love her.

Aaron: Is that what she told you?

Dusty: No, that's what I'm telling you. I can see it.

Aaron: Yeah, well, you know, it's a little bit too late. Because she's burnt me too many times.

Dusty: If you didn't love her, you'd be able to let it go.

Aaron: Hey John, can you take over? I'm taking off. There's a couple more table left.

Bartender #1: No problem. Here --

Dusty: Alison's -- listen to me, Alisonís in bad shape. She needs you.

Aaron: Why don't you step in like you did in Vegas? You seem to be on top of what she needs.

Dusty: Aaron, when you turn on her, she turns on herself. You get it? Help her before she finds herself in real trouble.

Alison: Thanks for bringing me back. Keep the change. Hey, a shot of tequila.

Bartender: Didn't I just see you leave?

Alison: So what? I'm back, thirsty. And I'm sick of waiting. So, how about that drink?

Vienna: Before we go inside and look at the rings, I need to ask you a few things.

Jack: About what?

Vienna: Tell me exactly how you feel about Katie.

Jack: Well, I love her. We want the same things.

Vienna: But that's very sweet, but I need to know what you feel inside. You know, that's the only way I can help you find the perfect ring for her.

Jack: Okay. This will actually be a good practice for tonight. Well, let's see -- um, I guess I would have to say that it just kind of -- snuck up on me. Katie and I just kind of happened.

Vienna: Ahh, fate.

Jack: For a long time I was walking around with a dark cloud over my head and one day I realized that whenever she was around -- it just lifted. She would talk a mile a minute and I would kind of nod, as if I understood and then eventually I that she was just encouraging me to lighten up, to laugh at myself.

Vienna: And what did you do for her?

Jack: Well, I guess I helped her forgive herself for things that she thought were unforgivable. She's got a lot of positive energy. And the kids can feel that. She's wonderful with the kids. And I'm discovering new things to love.

Vienna: Like what?

Jack: Like how beautiful she is -- she's adorable, anybody can see that. And she's got such a -- a kind heart. And when we're together, Vienna, we're just so comfortable with each other. We don't think things to death. We just fit. I don't know. It just makes sense.

Vienna: Yes, you do.

Jack: So does that answer your question?

Vienna: Yes. Well, you're much more romantic than I thought you were. But then again, most men are. And if wasn't for the fact that I'm madly in love with Henry, I might even fall for you myself.

Jack: Oh, yes. Well, do you think that we can find a ring that says all that?

Vienna: Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, when she wears that ring, the entire world will know that your heart belongs to her.

Carly: Well, I knew that he was going to propose, I just didn't know it would be so soon.

J.J.: You and Dad were together forever and Katie and Dad have only been together for a couple of months. How does he know he's ready to marry?

Carly: You know what, it's not up to us. It's Jack's decision.

J.J.: But I want him to be with you. I want all of us -- all of us to be together again like a family. Isn't that what you want? Isn't that why you came back home --

Carly: J.J., we will always be a family. Whether Jack and I are married or not.

J.J.: So you're not going to stop him?

Carly: It's hard to understand, but sometimes you can love someone, and still not be with them.

J.J.: You still love him, don't you?

Carly: Very much.

J.J.: Then how can you let this happen?

Carly: Jack thinks that marrying Katie is going to make him happy. I want him to be happy.

J.J.: Even if it hurts you?

Carly: You'll understand when you're older.

J.J.: Whatever. I'm going to go ride my bike.

Carly: Okay. And be careful. And don't worry so much, okay? Everything will work out. Don't do it, Carly. Don't do it. You'll regret it. It wouldn't be the first time.

Dusty: Did I get through to you on any level?

Aaron: There's nothing more I can do for Alison.

Dusty: What have you tried besides walking away?

Aaron: You know what, Dusty, can you just stay out of this, okay?

Dusty: I wish I could, but Alisonís in such bad shape. What happened to how much you still love her?

Aaron: Well, that was before she lied about sleeping with you, okay?

Dusty: You're making things worse, you know? She's fighting an addiction.

Aaron: If she's on such a downhill slide, then why don't you just help her out? Who knows? Maybe she'll be grateful enough to sleep with you again.

Dusty: You're missing the point. You see, you're making her feel worthless. You're not helping her by throwing her away.

Aaron: Whoa, don't blame this all on me, okay? You had a pretty big part in this yourself.

Dusty: Who cares? It's what you think that matters to her. Be there now. Just show up, when it counts. If not, you're gonna lose her and you're gonna lose her for good this time.

Alison: You got something on your mind? I ordered another round.

Bartender: Sorry, you're cut off.

Alison: Says who?

Bartender: Your boyfriend didn't want you served.

Alison: You mean the guy I was with here before? He's not my boyfriend and he also doesn't get a say in what I drink or don't drink. Hello, I'm sober. I'm the customer, not him, and I want my drink now.

Bartender: Just, go home. I don't want any trouble, okay?

Alison: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Alison.

Alison: What's going on?

Jesse: I thought you forgot about me.

Alison: No, I've just been out of town for a bit.

Jesse: Yeah? Workin'? Flashin' your million dollar -- smile?

Alison: No.

Jesse: Whatever, you look great.

Alison: Thanks. I wouldn't mind feelin' great too.

Jesse: I may have something to help you with that.

Alison: Hey, you got something for me?

Jesse: Your favorite.

Allison: I knew you'd be able to help me out.

Katie: So, do I wear the black dress tonight?

Henry: That could be risky.

Katie: Why?

Henry: Well, you want Jack to propose, and if he sees you in that dress, he might have a hard time getting the words out of his mouth.

Katie: Oh, stop. I just need him to show me the ring.

Henry: Oh, right. I forget how practical you girls are about marriage.

Katie: This is all about making everything new for Jack and me.

Henry: Okay, but he fell in love with you for the way you are, so I don't think a full makeover is necessary.

Katie: You're right.

Henry: Again? I think I set a record.

Katie: Jack makes me feel like everything that happened before was just leading up to this -- to spending my life with him.

Henry: That's the way it should be. Look at that grin. Do I sense the onset of dancing in the streets?

Katie: No, I'm just amazed because I thought after all the idiotic stunts that I've pulled, I wondered if I could ever just stop second-guessing myself and love one person.

Henry: And now you do.

Katie: Yeah, I do. And it's not at all what I expected. I mean, I'm so excited, but on the inside, I just have this feeling of absolute peace, and that is a first.

Henry: That is amazing. Are we done here? Do we have everything we need?

Katie: Yes. I mean no. I forgot shoes. How could I forget shoes?

Henry: Wow, she really is in love.

Ava: Hi aren't you Julia Larrabee's boy?

Jack: Well, Lisaís taking care of everything. And I have made all the arrangements for dinner.

Vienna: Perfect. You should go home and relax a little bit.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I'll try.

Vienna: You're not nervous, are you?

Jack: No, no, all the hard things are taken care of. Thank you for all your help, Vienna.

Vienna: The ring is gorgeous, Jack. And I'm so happy that he gave you a good deal, thanks to me.

Jack: Yes.

Vienna: Can I see it one more time?

Jack: Of course. I cannot wait to put that on Katie's finger.

Vienna: Oh, she's going to love it.

Jack: I hope so.

Announcer: On the next -- "As the World Turns."

Aaron: I'm here because I care about you.

Ava: I waited for you, but you never came back. How come?

Jack: There is nothing you can say or do that is gonna keep me from putting this on Katie's finger tonight.

Katie: And I wish I could believe him, but --

Vienna: Why don't you?

Carly: He's proposing to Katie because he still wants me.

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