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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 7/16/07

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Will: Hey.

Gwen: Hey.

Will: I thought you were gonna sleep a little longer than that. At least I was hoping.

Gwen: No, I'm okay. I didn't think I was going to sleep at all last night, but being here, back home in our own bed, with you --

Will: Good, so I put you to sleep. Great.

Gwen: Don't joke. You make me feel safe.

Will: Good.

Gwen: Hey, I have an idea. What if we never leave the house again? I mean, never. We never talk to anyone except each other ever, ever again?

Will: That's tempting, but --

Gwen: What?

Will: Mom left me like five messages. And she says she really needs to talk to me, and it's urgent.

Gwen: She probably just wants to make sure you're safe.

Will: Yeah, I don't know. I don't think she knows about Branson and -- I don't think it was in the newspaper, so --

Gwen: She probably found out somehow. You know she worries about you. I'll made some coffee, and we'll go see her.

Will: No, no. You stay here and rest, okay?

Gwen: No, no.

Will: You need your sleep.

Gwen: No, I want our life to go back to normal.

Will: Do you want to help me calm down your neurotic mother-in-law? Hey.

Gwen: You know what? If there's one thing that I learned from all this from Cleo, it's how much I love my life. And you. And all of it.

[Knock at the door]

Will: Yeah, she couldn't wait. I'll make this fast.

Gwen: No, really, I don't mind.

Will: Jade, you shouldn't be here.

Jade: Please, I really need to talk to you.

Will: No.

Gwen: It's okay. Let her in.

Will: Am I the only one who remembers how we met Cleo in the first place?

Jade: I remember. That's why I'm here. I'm here to say that I'm sorry. And to thank you.

Noah: Morning.

[Luke remembering]

Luke: Will, Gwen!

Luke: You're here early.

Noah: You too.

Luke: Yeah well, actually, I was just leaving. Um -- I made a list of things that need to get done today. And if you have any problems, you can just call me on my cell.

Noah: You're leaving?

Luke: Yeah, I asked Kim for the day off. Oh, Maddie. I was just, um -- just telling Noah that I'm taking the day off today. So I made a list, and if there's any problems, just call me on my cell.

Maddie: Luke? You okay?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I just -- I just think that Jade might need me today. See ya.

Maddie: He must be really upset. He never takes off work.

Noah: You really think he's leaving today because he's worried about Jade?

Maddie: You don't?

Noah: He can't even look at us. He can't even be around us.

Maddie: Poor Luke.

Noah: Poor Luke? Poor Luke? Can you tell me why what we did has anything to do with him?

Maddie: Well, he's -- I don't know. He knows I'm on the rebound. And maybe he thinks that what we did was a mistake.

Noah: Still not his business. Okay? It's between us.

Maddie: Well maybe I think what we did was a mistake, too.

[Brad screaming]

Brad: What the hell?! What'd you do that for?

Vienna: I think she wanted your attention.

Katie: Yes, that's right. You and I are gonna have a little chat.

Brad: All you had to do was ask.

Katie: I am so beyond mad at you. I cannot believe that a grown man --

Vienna: No, you're flattering him.

Katie: Would do something so -- so --

Vienna: Infantile?

Katie: Infantile.

Brad: Infantile.

Katie: That is none of your business!

Brad: Look I -- look I think I understand why you're so upset.

Katie: You don't understand anything. Think about it. Think about what you did for just a second. Okay, you made me believe that Jack was going to propose to me so that when he didn't, I would be upset. What do you think about a kind of person who would do that?

Brad: Whoa! She told you that? Oh, come on. You can't listen to her. She hates you!

Katie: Brad --

Brad: And she's never really gotten over me.

Katie: Shut up and listen for a second! Interfere in my life again, and I will make your life as miserable as you've made mine.

Brad: Katie. Threats?

Katie: Promises. This is it. Pull one more stunt, and I will make your life a living hell!

Jack: What'd you just say?

Carly: You heard me. I said I love you.

Jack: Right.

Carly: Now would be a good time for you to -- give some kind of response.

Jack: Carly, I think it's great, especially for the kids, that we're friends.

Carly: Come on, Jack. You know damn well that's not what I meant. This isn't about the kids. This isn't about friendship.

Jack: Then it should be.

Carly: As much as we -- we as in I -- screw it up, nothing ever really changes how we feel about each other. I love you. I always have.

Gwen: What do you want to thank us for?

Jade: He didn't -- he didn't tell you, did he? With everything that was going on, and how worried he was about you, he still made sure that the police knew the whole story about Cleo.

Will: I just wanted everything to be over.

Jade: Yeah. Like usual, you're just trying to make sure that everything's fair. Like he didn't have a million reasons to want me to get what was coming to me.

Will: I couldn't let them think that you ran me off the road when it was Cleo.

Jade: Yeah, you could have. I mean, just like you said, it's my fault Cleo came to town.

Will: Jade, you came to Branson, and you did everything you could to stop what was happening, so let's just call it even.

Jade: But it's not even. It's never going to be even. I mean, every time I would start thinking about my life or what kind of a person I was, I would just -- I would go shopping or I would get a manicure or something, and that would just take care of it. Except, this time it's just not the same. When you and I were there waiting to die, I just --

Gwen: Why don't you take a seat?

Jade: No. Let me just -- let me just say this. What I realized about Cleo, watching her, she was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. People could die -- it didn't matter. And I realized that I'm like her.

Gwen: No. No, if you were like her, then you wouldn't be saying this.

Jade: I knew you wanted a baby, and I knew that you couldn't have one, so I pretended to be pregnant, and I just don't want to be the person who did that.

Noah: Okay. I'm sorry.

Maddie: Noah, please. That came out wrong. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Noah: No, you didn't hurt me, you just told me how you felt. Good to know.

Maddie: Please. When I said that it was a mistake, I -- it wasn't anything that you did or you. It's me. I don't know why I did what I did, and I just -- I'm really scared that it was for the wrong reasons.

Noah: Okay, I'm gonna try and be sensitive here, but I think you're worrying too much. I mean, people don't need to analyze their reasons for doing what we did.

Maddie: I do. That's how I am. I can't help it. I just -- I don't -- I don't want to have ruined our friendship.

Noah: Well, you didnít.

Sheila: Hey, Maddie? Remember, Kim wanted you to sit in on the features meeting.

Maddie: Oh, right. Thank you, Sheila, thank you. I'll be right in. Thanks. Thank you for listening. I'm really glad that we talked, but I think that it would be best if we just acted like nothing happened.

Noah: Yeah. Never even happened.

Vienna: I have something to attend to, so I'll leave you alone with him. Call me with the details. This oil -- so greasy!

Brad: Nice. Nice.

Katie: I can't believe you did this to me.

Brad: All right. All right. I'm sorry.

Katie: No, you're not. You're sorry you got caught. We're not going to play this like we usually do, with me getting all mad, and you making jokes. The time I'm not leaving this room until you look me in the eye and tell me why you went to such great lengths to hurt me. Cause it wasn't cute. It was pathetic and cruel.

Brad: You know why I did it. I did it because of the way I feel about you.

Jack: Okay. I think we need to talk.

Carly: I don't think so.

Jack: Okay, then I'll talk, and you'll listen, okay?

Carly: Okay.

Jack: Okay. Just so we -- you know, lay everything out on the table. You and I have so much history, and our lives are so -- so --

Carly: Intertwined?

Jack: Exactly.

Carly: See, I was listening.

Jack: Don't be cute! Please. So, there will always be something between us, and there probably always will be the chance that we could fall back into what we had.

Carly: That's a good thing.

Jack: No, not for me. Carly, I spent months working like hell to accept that that part of my life was over. Working like hell to move on. And I am not gonna give that up just because you're feeling a little nostalgic about the old days.

Carly: That's not what this is about, Jack, and you know it.

Jack: No, I don't know anything about you. I thought I knew that you'd never fall for someone like Simon Frasier. And more importantly, I thought I knew that you'd never leave your kids.

Carly: You're mad, and you have every reason to be. But think about everything that's happened since I've been back. Think about how we feel when we're around each other, Jack. We have a possibility of being happy, really happy together. I am mad, and I'm not trying to punish you here. I'm just trying to make you understand. I disagree with you. I don't think that we would be really, really happy. I think we'd be in for the same rollercoaster ride as always, and sooner or later, down the road it would end, and we'd be worse off than when we started.

Carly: Can you just listen to me? Just for a second?

Jack: Yes.

Carly: I have changed. I know that I put you and the children through hell, but in the process, I changed. I will never do it again. I will never hurt you again.

Jack: Yes, I know that. That's true. Because I am over you, Carly. I am really over you.

Carly: Liar.

Gwen: But Jade, would you do that now? Would you lie about that now?

Jade: No.

Gwen: Then you're not the same person anymore.

Will: I've been there, Jade. I know what it's like to say that, "I can't believe I did that." So, let's just move on. And let the past be the past.

Jade: This is going to sound like an excuse, but it's not. When I found out what Cleo was doing, like I said, it reminded me of me.

Gwen: There's no point in beating yourself up about it.

Jade: I'm not. It's just that -- there's something about the two of you that makes somebody who's alone just feel -- jealous is not even a big enough word -- crazy.

Will: Great, that's just what we wanted.

Jade: I just finally realized something, though. It's not like you guys were handed something that I don't have. You know, it's not like you guys have a gift for being happy. You work at it, and you deserve it. Okay, I'm done.

Gwen: Hey, Jade. I'm really glad you stopped by.

Jade: Me too. And I'm sorry for everything I ever did to you. You didn't deserve it.

Will: That was pretty intense.

Gwen: Yeah.

Katie: This is classic. Because of the way you feel about me, you set out to make me humiliated and unhappy. Not a great strategy to get me to fall for you.

Brad: Okay, okay. Will you please try to see this from my point of view?

Katie: It doesn't matter how you feel about me! You may not interfere in my life! You cannot use your feelings for me or your jealousy of your brother --

Brad: I am not jealous of him!

Katie: To do stupid mean things!

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I hurt you. I'm sorry for what I did.

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: I'm sorry.

Katie: Right. I almost believe you.

Brad: I'm being sincere. I can be sincere.

Katie: And honest?

Brad: Huh?

Katie: You want me to forgive you?

Brad: Yeah, that would be nice.

Katie: Okay, I will. Under one condition. You tell me the entire truth about what just went on.

Brad: You already know everything about what happened.

Katie: No, no, I donít. I want to know how Carly was involved.

Carly: You're a liar. You are not over me. You and I can never be over each other, Jack. It would be like being over breathing.

Jack: Then explain this to me. If I'm not over you, how could I be in love with someone else?

Carly: You are not in love with Katie.

Jack: The fact that you don't want me to be doesn't change the fact that I am.

Carly: You are with her because you subconsciously picked the person you knew would drive me the craziest!

Jack: That might fly if it weren't for the fact that I fell in love with her, Carly, when I thought you would never come back again.

Carly: That's bull. You knew I'd be back.

Jack: How could I possibly know that?

Carly: Because, Jack, you and I are inevitable.

Jack: So, the divorce? Simon? Those were figments of my imagination?

Carly: You know how I know why you picked Katie? It's why I picked Simon, to drive you crazy. Everything I do is about you even when I don't know it.

Jack: Okay, I don't want to hurt you. I donít.

Carly: But?

Jack: But I have to try to get through to you, so you can stop deluding yourself. What happens between us -- it's strong, but I don't think it's good.

Carly: Don't say that!

Jack: What Katie and I have -- Katie and I have, it's good, it's healthy.

Carly: So is whole grain bread, Jack, but you like rye, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Jack: Okay, this conversation is getting us nowhere, so I'm going to go.

Carly: Just, just let me ask you one question before you go, okay?

Jack: What?

Carly: Suppose I concede that Katie is not the same manipulative witch that she was when I left, suppose I concede that she has somehow morphed into a mature human being --

Jack: Yeah, that's a great tactic. I really feel close to you when you talk like that.

Carly: You just look me in the eye, and you tell me you love her the way you loved me.

Jack: No. I don't love Katie the same way I loved you.

Carly: I rest my case.

Jack: You can't love two different people the same way. Nothing will ever be like what you and I had.

Carly: You're making my case.

Jack: No, because I don't see that's a bad thing. I want it to be different. Okay, sure, we had a lot of high highs, but are you forgetting the pain that we caused each other? I never want to feel like that again.

Carly: You never want to feel that alive again.

Jack: You can view it however you want, Carly, but it's my life. Your opinion about my life really doesn't matter. I guess that's one of the great things about being over you.

Carly: So you think that life with Katie is going to be without pain, that it's gonna be without sorrow? Why don't you call Mike? See what he has to say about that.

Jack: I answered your questions, okay? And if you and I are gonna continue to try to raise these kids together, stop trashing Katie.

Carly: I'm not trashing her! She trashed herself when she wrote that stupid book! Now she wants us all to press a delete button, forget who she was, forget what she did! Jack!

Jack: I'm not listening to this. I'm not listening to this. It's none of your business! Our kids need to see us get along, and right now, after the past couple of months, you should make it your business to try to get along with me. This little chat is over.

Carly: Yeah right.

Brad: Carly had nothing to do with this. Think about it. Don't you think I would jump at a chance to blame someone else?

Katie: No, you two have been working in tandem because you want the same thing, just for different reasons. You want me away from Jack.

Brad: It's not that.

Katie: And Carly wants to get back at me.

Brad: No.

Katie: She does -- its okay. I understand. When you go back and check in, give her a little message for me, will you? She can come after me all she wants and take her best shot. But these little games that you've been playing, Jack deserves more than that from both of you. Just leave him alone!

Brad: Oh, come on! Will you stop worrying about Jack?

Katie: Let me finish! You tell Carly that I'm sure she thinks that I'm trying to scheme to get him to settle down or whatever, especially because of this ring thing. I'm not trying to get him to marry me. I'm just trying to help him be happy. And he deserves that. So you tell her, if she feels anything at all for this man, leave him alone. Let him make his own decisions. And you --

Brad: And me?

Katie: I'm going to go to the studio right now, and I'm gonna cancel taping for today cause I can't even begin to hide what I feel about you right now.

Brad: Katie, I am sorry for hurting you.

Katie: All the other things that you've done to me, when I got mad, I could get over that. But this is different. I'm sad. I'm sad that you're the kind of person you are. This is different.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean, they threw it out? We had a warrant. Oh, wow. How about this? How about the next time, we call the drug dealer, and we ask him when it's a good time for us to drop by?

Vienna: Well, you my friend, are not in a good mood.

Jack: No, I'm not, Vienna. So if you've come by for another favor, it's really not a good time.

Vienna: I have come to do you a favor. In thanks for all your kindness and to help out my good friend, Katie.

Jack: Your good friend Katie?

Vienna: Yes, indeed. You both deserve to be very, very happy. Which is why I think you should know what your brother did to her.

[Door buzzer ringing]

Carly: What the hell do you want?

Brad: You're in a worse mood than I am.

Carly: I'm in a dandy mood. I just had Jack telling me not to say anything bad about Katie. I'm not supposed to utter her name. She has her little TV show, and she's so perky and adorable, and she's wonderful with my children. You know, maybe she ought to read them that book of hers about how she cheated on her husband. I bet she was really great at that, too.

Brad: You saw Jack?

Carly: And he's as blind as a bat. He thinks he's got some little goody two shoes, and what he's got is a piranha.

Brad: Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the piranha, she's onto us.

Gwen: So they said they were going to have to evaluate Cleo before they decide what happens next.

Will: Well, that's good. 'Cause it would be a little hypocritical to say that she should go to prison instead of get help.

Gwen: Yeah. I guess, I don't know. I just think underneath all of the --

Will: You can say it. It's craziness.

Gwen: No. I was thinking actually all the need. Why are we standing in the hall and not knocking?

Will: 'Cause I just want to take a moment of peace and quiet before I see my mom.


Gwen: She wants to see you.

Will: So you can see, Mom, we're okay. Everything's fine. Mom, really, everything's okay.

Barbara: I don't know how to say this other than just to say it. Your brother's gone.

Luke: You're leaving?

Jade: I think I should.

Luke: Well, have you told my mom about this?

Lily: No. She left me a note.

Jade: Yeah, I called a cab. I just thought it would be better if we say good-bye here, better for Faith and Natalie.

Lily: Okay, but can you at least tell me why you're leaving?

Jade: Remember when I first came here, you told me that I had to stop lying, that it wasn't good for me? I never stopped.

Lily: You sound pretty truthful this morning.

Jade: After watching Cleo completely lose it, it made me realize that living like that doesn't work for anybody. It made me feel really bad about all the things that I had done.

Luke: So what, you're just going to punish yourself?

Jade: No. I called my adoptive parents after I got back from Branson, and after everything, after all this time of not calling them and not writing to them, they were still happy to hear from me.

Lily: Oh, I think it's great that you called them.

Jade: Yeah, so I thought that I just needed to go back to them and maybe give us a chance to work on things.

Lily: Wow. Rose would be so happy right now.

Jade: I knew you'd understand. You I'm not so sure.

Luke: No, I mean, I understand. I don't like it.

Jade: Well, it's partly your fault. I mean, I've really watched you grow up, and I thought it's probably about time for me to try and do the same. So listen, get out of here, can you please, cause I can't say good-bye to both of you at the same time.

Luke: Okay. They have these new things -- they're called airplanes and telephones, so I'm not gonna say good-bye to you, because it isn't good-bye. I'll see you around.

Jade: I'll see ya.

Lily: You know, he's right. We're family now. Distance will not change that.

Jade: I just -- I had all of these plans, and none of them worked out.

Lily: Life is what happens when you're busy making plans.

Jade: I know. Maybe I should just try and stop making things happen and just let them happen.

Lily: You know what I think? Whatever happens to you next is gonna be just wonderful. Just wonderful.

Noah: Maddie, can you give me a minute? There's something I really need to say.

Maddie: Okay.

Noah: Look, I think I was just as surprised as you were by what happened. It's like we both were holding back, and then all of a sudden, both of us -- didnít.

Maddie: Yeah, that's it. It just happened, and maybe it just shouldn't have.

Noah: Or maybe it just feels that way because Luke barged in, and all the drama that happened afterwards. I mean, we never had that time to just -- just be together.

Maddie: Listen, I'm still getting over Casey, and I really want you to stay my friend.

Noah: You told me about the way you felt, about how Casey was treating you. I actually talked about my dad. Maddie, I don't do that. If we weren't friends before, I mean, we're friends now.

Maddie: I just -- I don't want you to feel obligated to me. I want you -- I want you to have a way out.

Noah: Okay. What if I don't want one?

Carly: This is perfect. This is just peachy. Now Katie's gonna think that I'm your partner in these ridiculous stunts.

Brad: Maybe she thinks that because you are.

Carly: You didn't tell her that, did you? Please tell me that you didn't tell her that!

Brad: No, no, no, no, no. I didn't tell her that you had anything to do with it, but she's not gonna believe me. Maybe because she's right.

Carly: Katie is never right.

Brad: Look, right here in this house, you said that you wanted to get Jack back and pay her back.

Carly: And now she's going to go whining to him. "Oh, nasty Carly's being so mean to me. Please protect me." And you know what the worst part of it is? He's actually going to fall for it.

Brad: Oh, come on. Really? You think Jack would ever, ever think that you would do something underhanded? I don't know, maybe not.

Carly: You are really working my last nerve here. You could be a lot less sarcastic, and you could be a lot more sorry.

Brad: Okay. I'm going to risk life and limb here, okay? I don't think Katie is playing any games. I think she cares for Jack, wants him to be happy.

Carly: You can go.

Brad: Just a strategy, okay? Just a strategy. Okay, you need to pull back, way back. Lay low for a little while.

Carly: Well --

Brad: Well, what? What?

Carly: I think the ship has probably sailed on that. I put my cards on the table with Jack.

Brad: And?

Carly: He didn't used to talk so much. And it's just really bad timing, and I tip my hand the day that she's gonna go him and tell him that you set her up.

Brad: Look, I'm not sure that she's going to tell him. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I messed things all up for you.

Carly: This may be a setback, but the war is far from over. And I do have time on my side.

Brad: And why is that?

Carly: If I did anything to Jack Snyder, I made him very, very cautious about women.

Assistant: Is there anything else I can do for you, Katie?

Katie: No, I'm fine. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow.

Assistant: Okay. Bye.

Katie: Bye.

Jack: Let me take you home.

Katie: No, I'm fine.

Jack: No you're not. Vienna told me what happened. So why don't you let me take you home, then give me about a half an hour so I can beat my brother to a bloody pulp, and then I'll come back, and we'll order out.

Katie: Why did she tell you? I didn't want Vienna to tell you what happened.

Jack: I'm glad she told me what happened.

Katie: Well, I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I hate that.

Jack: No, I know you do. You like to handle things by yourself. I liked the attack with the ice bucket. Naked men hate ice water. They really do.

Katie: You liked that? I did cut him down to size.

Jack: That was classic, Katie. Crying alone? Hey, it's not. Something's still wrong.

Katie: Not something. Someone. Me.

[Horn honking]

Jade: There's my cab.

Lily: Call me as soon as you get there and let me know you're all right.

Jade: Yeah, I will. These are for Faith and Natalie to kind of try and explain. And I left some makeup for them to play around with.

Lily: They're going to miss you so much.

Jade: Not as much as I'm gonna miss them. And Lily?

Lily: Yeah?

Jade: I wanted to give this to you so you'll remember me.

Lily: As if I could ever forget. Thank you.

[Horn honking]

Lily: Rose, she's gonna be just fine. Just fine.

Maddie: And you really don't feel trapped or anything.

Noah: If this is trapped, I like it. Okay, how about you stop worrying? We haven't made any promises to each other. I just really want to see where this goes.

Maddie: Me, too.

Noah: Then this won't be such a bad day after all.

Barbara: You know, I keep telling myself that the fact they haven't found a body is -- is good. It means that there's hope. And then I realize I'm just fooling myself. After everything that's happened with Jennifer and Hal and Johnny --

Will: I'm so sorry, Mom. I should have been here, and you shouldn't have had to go through this alone.

Barbara: Will you stay with me, please?

Gwen: Of course we'll stay.

Barbara: I haven't -- I can't sleep. I close my eyes, I --

Will: Why don't you go lie down, okay? And I promise you that we'll be here. I'll be here, but I think it's time for you to rest.

Barbara: You have to be careful, okay? You have to be very, very careful.

Will: I should have been here for her.

Gwen: Are you okay?

Will: I don't know -- I guess. I don't think it's really hit me yet. You know, it's not real.

Gwen: I know.

Will: What's happened to my family? We're so alone.

Gwen: Will, you have your mom. You still have me, and that's not going to change.

Will: You know what really stinks? If she had Johnny, if she had her grandson to take care of and look after -- it's not fair. It's just not fair.

Gwen: She has us. And we are a family. A strong family.

Carly: Okay, now let's review. What are you going to do about Jack and Katie?

Brad: Nothing.

Carly: Louder.

Brad: Nothing.

Carly: Okay, and what are you going to do if some idea or notion or plan pops into that handsome head of yours?

Brad: Call you.

Carly: Yes, and you're gonna wait for me to get there. Okay, good-bye.

Brad: And what about you? What are you going to do? What are you gonna do?

Carly: I'm gonna wait. Jack and I are meant to be together. It's just a matter of time.

Brad: And Jack, does he know this?

Carly: Oh yes, of course he does. He's in denial, but he knows it.

Brad: I mean, Carly, I know you're used to getting what you want, but I don't know. I don't know, this time, maybe not.

Carly: Oh, come on. Jack and Katie? Please. I mean, your idiotic scheme with the ring may have slowed things down, but it's not gonna change the outcome.

Brad: I just don't know how you can be so sure.

Carly: I do.

Carly: As hard as you fight it, Jack, it's still there and stronger than ever.

Jack: Katie, come here. There is nothing -- nothing wrong with you.

Katie: You think that because you bring out the best in me. See, being with you? It's not just that I love every second of it. It's that I was thinking that you were helping me to grow up a little bit. You know, making me a stronger, smarter woman. But Brad just proved to me how wrong I am.

Jack: He proved squat! That was a nasty trick. It doesn't mean anything.

Katie: But it does. You see, I fell for it because I thought that you were ready to marry me. We're not ready for a commitment like that. I mean, that's ridiculous. What was I thinking? There's certain steps you take. Things you do. Things you say that we haven't even said yet.

Jack: Yeah, I think I know what you're referring to.

Katie: I know you do. And that's why I hesitate to even bring it up because I don't want to force the issue. That's not something --

Jack: Katie, you're not forcing anything. Those steps you're talking about, I think I already took one. A big one. I just haven't let you in on it yet.

Announcer: On the next "As the World Turns."

Kim: "Deepest sympathy, Lucinda."

Meg: Yes.

Katie: Are you asking me to marry you?

Jack: I guess I am. Marry me, Katie.

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