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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/13/07

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Craig: Morning.

Meg: Morning.

Craig: Did you sleep well?

Meg: I collapsed, so I must have. I appreciate the use of your guest room. It's been a relief not to get people asking me how I feel.

Craig: No one will bother you with that here.

Meg: I need time to be alone, to think.

Craig: I've had Millicent make up some breakfast for you.

Meg: Thank you.

Craig: I think you have everything that you need. If there's anything that you want you can reach me on the intercom.

Meg: What's this?

Craig: It's a copy of the contract. You and I are still married so technically you still own Montgomery Enterprises.

Meg: So you want me to tear this up, too?

Craig: No. I want you to keep the company.

Dusty: Hey, Emily, please call me. Let me make this up to you.

Susan: Haven't you done enough damage? Stay away from her. Stay away from both my daughters.

Emily: Oh.

Alison: What's with the bags?

Emily: I thought you'd be at work already.

Alison: You moving out?

Emily: I'm taking Daniel on vacation.

Alison: Kind of sudden, isn't it?

Emily: No, actually, I talked to Tom about it. He thinks it's a great idea.

Alison: I donít.

Emily: Well, it's been a long time since Daniel and I have spent some time together since he's been in boarding school.

Alison: Okay. That's a lot of luggage. Where are you going?

Emily: As far away from you and Dusty as I can get.

Carly: You worked your magic last night.

Jack: Oh?

Carly: When Sage woke up, her knee didn't hurt at all. You sure you don't want some coffee?

Jack: No, thank you.

Carly: She was all smiles. I guess there are some things only a daddy can fix.

Jack: Yeah, well I'll check with her again before we leave. She ready?

Carly: Yeah. Oh yes, I don't know what's keeping her.

[Jack calls Katie]

Katie: Jack?

Jack: Missed you last night.

Katie: How's Sage's knee?

Jack: Oh, she's fine. Fine, sorry about dinner. Maybe we can reschedule for tonight I can pick you up at 6:00.

Katie: Oh I don't know. I'm really swamped. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get out of work. I'll probably have to pull an all-nighter.

Jack: You still got to eat.

Katie: I'll probably just get some takeout.

Jack: We'll make it Chinese? I deliver.

Katie: I don't think so.

Jack: What's wrong, Katie?

Katie: Umm, I'm sorry I got to go work is crazy, I'm sure you understand. Bye --

Vienna: Oh, Katie! Thank God. Can you help?

Katie: Why are you carrying this by yourself?

Vienna: Well, it didn't seem so heavy when I started. If you could just take one end?

Katie: Where are you taking it?

Vienna: To my car.

Katie: Ow!

Vienna: Oh, God --

Katie: Ow, ow, ow!

Vienna: You're hurt.

Katie: No. I'm okay.

Vienna: God, I'm so sorry.

Katie: No, it's not your fault. It's not your fault. I mess up everything.

Vienna: Is something wrong? Did something happen? With Jack?

Katie: Everything that happened is in my head. You don't need to hear my problems.

Vienna: No, no, no, you listened to me when Henry walked away and I was standing there alone in my wedding dress.

Katie: Funny you should mention that, I thought I was getting married too. I thought -- I thought Jack was going to propose to me last night.

Vienna: But he didn't?

Katie: No. No, he came to his senses.

Carly: That sounded serious. Is everything okay?

Jack: Yeah, I'm fine. So can you swim today?

Sage: Piece of cake. I'm not a baby.

Carly: Good-bye, Sweetheart.

Jack: We'll see you later.

Lily: Hello, Jack.

Jack: Lily --

Lily: Sage --

Jack: Off to camp.

Carly: Have a great day!

Lily: Looks like you're already having one.

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: And you know why? You were wrong. All Brad had to do was mention that Jack was buying a ring, and everything fell into place. Jack and Katie are this close to breaking up.

Dusty: I know you don't like it, but I'm finding it hard to stay away from your daughter.

Susan: It's what Emily wants.

Dusty: What I feel --

Susan: Why don't you try listening to her for a second?

Dusty: What I feel for your daughter is respectful and it's real.

Susan: And what about Alison? Was that respectful and real?

Dusty: Alison and I regret it.

Susan: And you think that's enough?

Dusty: Well, we all have to try to get past it.

Susan: How? We were just here yesterday. Toasting families and fresh starts. That was pretty ironic. Was that fun for you?

Dusty: Rescuing Alison was not fun for me.

Susan: Poor you.

Dusty: I care about Alison.

Susan: Let me guess, as a friend?

Dusty: Yes, of course. My feelings for Emily run a lot deeper. We're good for each other.

Susan: If you don't say so yourself.

Dusty: I know what's between us.

Susan: And so does Emily and she doesn't want any part of it.

Dusty: Well, I'm not giving up on her.

Alison: You hate me so much that you'd turn your whole life upside down just to get away from me?

Emily: Try to understand. That I can't even look at you and Dusty right now.

Alison: I guess you can't talk to me either since you won't tell me where you're going.

Emily: I'm going -- I'm going to Europe. Okay? I'm picking up Daniel and I'm taking my son to Rome, and then Florence, and wherever else I feel like taking him.

Alison: Remember when we used lie on your bed and talk about going to Paris? And eating ťclairs for breakfast?

Emily: Yeah, we did a lot of dreaming. There were always secrets Alison. There still are.

Alison: We can change that.

Emily: I don't think so. I think -- I think it's who we are. We always hold back one -- one little piece of ourselves.

Alison: But you didn't do that with Dusty.

Emily: No, I didn't -- but you know what? That wasn't my choice. He stripped away all my protection. I had nothing left to hide behind. And you know what? For the first time, it wasn't horrible. I started trusting him. I trusted myself. Trusted my feelings.

Alison: You still can.

Emily: No, Honey I canít.

Alison: The last thing I wanted to do was ruin it. That's why I didn't tell you what happened. I'm so sorry.

Emily: So am I. Because none of this had to happen.

Alison: You want to punish me. That's why you're going away.

Emily: No, Alison. I love you. And I'm sorry I can't stay here and help you and give you what you need, but I need to take care of myself for once.

Alison: And you can't do that here?

Emily: No!

Alison: Isn't there some way we can fix this and just let it go?

Emily: Let it go? Maybe you can forget what happened with you and Dusty, but I canít.

Alison: Please, Emily don't leave. I don't know what I'll do without you.

Emily: If I have to live with what you and Dusty did, then you're going to have to find a way to live with it, too.

Alison: I wish you could forgive me.

Emily: So do I.

Katie: So Brad got a call from the old town jeweler, with some message about Jack's ring that he had ordered, so apparently they had the wrong Snyder.

Vienna: So you thought Jack had bought the ring for you?

Katie: Oh yes. And my mind took off. I heard wedding bells. Especially when Jack called me and said he wanted to have a romantic dinner so he could asking me something special.

Vienna: And so you assumed that --

Katie: Yes. I assumed, and assumed, and assumed. You should've seen me. I was such an idiot. Digging into my champagne glass, hoping to come up with a ring. I don't know why I didn't realize that it was way too soon?

Vienna: Maybe he was going to propose but something happened? Something that has nothing to do with you.

Katie: Like what? Something nasty with Carly? Because we didn't have dinner and he took off.

Vienna: Why?

Katie: Family crisis. Sage hurt her knee. But I don't think it was that bad. And she was with Carly, but she was asking for Jack.

Vienna: But that explains it! He didn't have enough time to say what he wanted to say and I'm sure he's going to give you the ring another time.

Katie: I don't know. Do not talk to Jack about this, okay? Or anyone else. It's way too embarrassing.

Vienna: Well, you said it was a jewelry store here, in Old Town?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Vienna: Well, I happen to know the owner, Ricardo. You know, and I have ways to make him talk.

Katie: No, no, no, wait, I don't know about that. This whole ring thing -- I don't want to feel stupid about it anymore. I just -- who knows? Jack probably already returned it anyway.

Vienna: I doubt it. But if he did, at least you'll know.

Katie: Thanks Vienna. Really, but, the more I know about this ring, the worse I feel. I think the best thing for me is just to forget everything about last night.

Lily: Do you have a death wish?

Carly: Don't be ridiculous.

Lily: Jack is the one person you want more than anyone in the world, but you come up with this big scheme that will definitely drive him away. Thank you.

Carly: He's not going to know that I had anything to do with it.

Lily: You hope not.

Carly: Even if Jack suspects, Brad will take the rap. He will admit that the whole ring business was his idea.

Lily: You're going to trust Brad Snyder? I hate to change the subject, but you're going to have to break some very sad news to Parker. That's why I'm here.

Carly: What is it? It's not about Faith, is it?

Lily: No, no, but Faith is having a very difficult time with this. Paul Ryan is dead.

Carly: Oh my God! How?

Lily: He had a fight with Craig on some cliff in the middle of nowhere. And apparently he fell. And it was a -- Meg said it was a terrible accident.

Carly: Lily I am so sorry. Your family has really been going through a lot. How's Meg?

Lily: I don't know. Holden and I wanted her to stay at our house, but she never showed up.

Carly: Where is she?

Lily: I have -- I don't know. Meanwhile, Faith is having such a hard time with this Paul news. She's worried about Parker. And how he's going to take it. So you and Jack are going to have to work together on this. And that will never happen if Jack finds out that you went behind his back, scheming. Again.

Meg: So, why do you want me to keep the company? What's in it for you?

Craig: Excuse me?

Meg: It's a logical question. Why give it to me now? Our marriage is a sham, so the contract isn't binding.

Craig: You think I only do things I'm forced to?

Meg: Craig, if you're handing me over the company, there's got to be a catch.

Craig: There's no catch.

Meg: Okay, come on. I really don't have the energy to dissect your motives.

Craig: Okay, you know, I'm just trying to think of somebody else for a change. You always asked me that I should try to live my life differently, unselfishly. And even though you've deceived me, I figured I try to see if that's possible.

Meg: To live that way, or just to prove to me that you're sincere?

Craig: Take the company. Heal your family. Do whatever you were going to do when Paul was alive.

Meg: I'm going to tell you what I told Lucinda! I don't give a damn who has this company --

Craig: I think that's grief talking.

Meg: You know, I know exactly what you're trying to do! This magnanimous gesture is just another way to keep me trapped! Trapped and married to you!

Meg: I shouldn't have come here. I sent the wrong message.

Craig: You knew you would be safe here.

Meg: Yeah, like a bird in a cage. I'm not on neutral territory. I'm in the enemy camp, and it's gonna end.

Barbara: This won't take long.

Craig: Who let you in?

Barbara: I don't need an invitation. This is for you.

Craig: A check --

Barbara: You bankrolled the search for Paul when the authorities in British Columbia wanted to call it off. That should cover your expenses.

Craig: I don't want this.

Barbara: You're taking it. I'm not going to let you ease your conscience with some search and rescue mission that was only for show.

Craig: No, I was doing this for Meg. I wanted to help.

Barbara: Help? My son is dead because of you. How many more people do I have to say good-bye to that I love because of you?

Craig: Barbara, I tried to hold onto him.

Barbara: Oh, like hell you did. The only life you value is your own.

Meg: Barbara! Oh God, tell me its good news --

Barbara: What are you doing here?

Meg: Tell me about Paul. Did they find him?

Barbara: I called off the search.

Meg: Don't say that.

Barbara: What are you doing here, Meg? Are you living here?

Meg: You don't understand.

Barbara: Paul is dead. So you're staying in this marriage? Are you out of your mind?

Alison: It's a done deal, Mom. She says she's going on a vacation, but I don't think she's gonna come back ever.

Susan: What else did she say?

Alison: That she can't forgive me. You can't let her leave like this.

Emily: Oh Alison, don't make a scene, okay? I'm not changing my mind.

Alison: Can't you just think about it for a few days?

Emily: No. Daniel's camp session ends today. I have to pick him up.

Alison: Then bring him back here. I'd love to see my nephew.

Emily: Alison, you can slice the tension in this house with a knife. I am not putting my son through that.

Susan: You're right. You shouldnít.

Alison: What? You're agreeing with her? Mom!

Susan: Yes. I think you're making the right decision.

Alison: Why?

Susan: Because it's not good for Emily, and it's not good for Daniel. Go -- just have a good time. Spending time with Daniel will make you feel whole again.

Emily: I talked to him on the phone. He sounded so excited to go with me.

Susan: Oh, Honey -- of course he was. You're his mom. He misses you. And even though you put on a good face, after that kid went to school, you were lost. I could see it.

Emily: I know. Things got pretty out of control after that, I know.

Susan: They certainly did. That's why I think this is the best way to get some perspective on it -- just step away from Dusty. Just put some distance between you and him.

Emily: Yeah -- I don't know what else to do. Try to understand.

Alison: Okay.

Emily: I've got to go -- I mean, I've got to finish getting ready, and I know you've got work. I don't want you to be late.

Alison: You have no idea how much I'll miss you.

Emily: Bye, Ali.

Dusty: Alison --

Alison: Emily's packed. She's going away.

Dusty: When?

Alison: Now. And I don't think she's coming back. Ever.

Carly: Don't worry about us -- Jack and I are acing this parent thing right now.

Lily: Because he thinks you're on the same side, that you respect his choices. He has no idea you're trying to sabotage his relationship with Katie.

Carly: Deep down, Jack wants me to fight for him -- I know that.

Lily: Oh, Carly -- okay, you know, if things are gonna be different this time, let him come to you for a change. Okay -- I'm obviously talking to a wall, but can you please, please make sure that Parker finds out about Paul from you and Jack, okay? Okay?

Carly: Yes, understood. I will talk to Jack.

Lily: Good. Parker should not find out about this from another source. He's not as tough as you think.

Carly: I know. Hey Lily -- thanks for trying to talk sense into me. I appreciate it, and you might even be right.

Lily: Okay. In that case, I have one more piece of advice for you -- if you love Jack, just come out and tell him. Please -- before he finds out that you've been trying to break up him and Katie. Okay?

Jack: Katie, it's me -- again. I don't know what I did that was so wrong, but I'm beginning to think it was major, so could you please call me so we can clear this up? Bye.

Katie: Jack, I'm sorry. I can't talk to you right now.

Brad: Katie, Katie, Katie. I went on a coffee run. Maybe a latte will cheer you up.

Katie: Oh, I'm over it. Jack needs to do what's best for him.

Brad: That was quick.

Katie: Well, it was a little too soon to be talking about a commitment, especially with Carly in the wings. In fact, you know what, I think it's about time for Jack and I to take a little break.

Brad: Well that -- I mean, that's pretty extreme. Maybe you two could date for awhile until he makes up his mind.

Katie: You know, I have work to do. Actually, are we still doing that segment on the best way to wash a car?

Brad: As long as you're willing to put on a bathing suit. A bikini, preferably.

Katie: Cute.

Brad: Really tight. Small, string bikini.

Katie: I told you I was wearing shorts.

Brad: Yeah, right -- me too, you know. But I'm going topless, what about you?

Katie: In your dreams.

Brad: Always.

Katie: Shut up!

Brad: Okay, okay -- I'm gonna go get my notes. They're in my dressing room. I'll be right back.

Katie: If there's any water-play, I'm the squirter, not the squirtee!

Vienna: Katie, Darling. I have news. I spoke to Ricardo.

Katie: Who?

Vienna: The jeweler.

Katie: Oh, I don't want to hear it.

Vienna: No, it's not like what you thought it was. Jack never bought a ring.

Jack: Hey, what's going on, Carly?

Carly: Could you come over, Jack? I need to talk to you.

Jack: Now?

Carly: It really can't wait.

Vienna: Ricardo knows Jack. Jack has bought jewelry there before and investigated cases. Ricardo, he would have known if Jack bought a ring.

Katie: Well maybe it's a privacy thing. I'm sure he can't just give out the information of his clients.

Vienna: Katie, Ricardo is a friend of mine. And as a friend, he told me there was no ring. He has never called Brad instead of Jack, and neither has anyone else in his store.

Katie: That's so weird.

Vienna: Are you sure it was the Old Town Jewelry Store?

Katie: Yeah, I'm positive.

Vienna: Well there was no ring and no call.

Katie: But when Brad hung up, I took the phone and I looked at the number. I called it -- I talked to the jeweler myself.

Vienna: Is that your phone or is that Brad's?

Katie: It's Bradís.

Vienna: You know what, let's check the number and see what they can tell us when we call them.

Katie: Good idea.

Brad: Vienna, Goddess of Love, what are you doing here?

Carly: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Thanks for coming.

Jack: What's the matter?

Carly: It's about Paul Ryan. Did you hear what happened?

Jack: Margo told me that he was missing. And presumed dead. I didn't think it was public knowledge.

Carly: Lily came by. And she's talked to Faith about it.

Jack: Okay, so it's out.

Carly: She suggested that we tell Parker together. She seems to think that he'll be pretty devastated.

Jack: Well, she's right about that. And I was thinking about how we were going to break it to him. Maybe we can do it together, when he gets back from camp.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: That's what you needed to tell me, and you couldn't tell me over the phone?

Carly: There is something else. Maybe I could tell you over lunch?

Jack: What's all this? What are you up to, Carly?

Meg: Why did you tell them to call off the search? Did they find the body?

Barbara: No.

Meg: Well then there's still a chance.

Barbara: If you really believe that, what are you doing here, Meg? Do you really think that Paul would want to find you under Craig's roof?

Meg: I just needed someplace to be alone. I'm not ready to face anyone yet.

Barbara: But you can face him? You can face him! This is the last place you should be, Meg.

Craig: Meg is grieving. She needed a safe place. I can provide that.

Barbara: If you believe that, you're in more trouble than you even know, cause this guy always has an agenda -- a greater agenda. And no matter what it is, Meg, you're playing right into it, right here, by being on his turf. Paul gave his life for you.

Craig: Barbara, stop. Meg loved Paul. She is suffering enough. If you want somebody to blame, blame me.

Barbara: Oh, I do. You wanted Paul dead. And you played right into it.

Meg: No.

Barbara: Paul begged you not to go through with this plan -- he wanted you to marry him and forget about all this other stuff.

Meg: I was blind. I never wanted Paul to get hurt, and now I'm paying for it.

Barbara: I warned you that you were nothing but Craig's puppet. So now the two of you, live happily ever after in your own private little hell.

Susan: Promise me you'll call.

Emily: Mother, please, come on.

Susan: Just once in awhile.

Emily: I'm not going to be checking in, okay? If there's an emergency, you know where to reach me.

Susan: But you'd rather I wouldn't?

Emily: I would rather you not manufacture an emergency, how's that? You believe I can do this, don't you?

Susan: I know you can do this. I'm very proud of you for taking this step, for standing on your own. You're a strong, beautiful woman. You just forget that sometimes.

Emily: Yeah, I know -- I know. Okay, I've got to go. I've got to get my things together -- I know you have things to do, so --

Susan: I'll wait -- I'll help with the luggage.

Emily: No Mom, the driver will do that. Please just go. I know you have a busy day ahead of you. Come on Mom, life goes on.

Susan: Don't stay away too long.

Emily: I wonít. I love you.

Susan: I love you too.

Emily: Okay, okay. Mom? Don't baby Alison, okay? You stay on her case, just like I would.

Emily: Why are you here?

Dusty: Alison called me -- told me what you're doing.

Emily: That's great. Don't bother trying to talk me out of it.

Dusty: You're running away.

Emily: That's right.

Dusty: It's not the answer.

Emily: It is for me. It's the only way I can forget about you and Alison and that videotape. Don't you want to put this all behind you?

Dusty: Not by losing you.

Emily: Any chance we had is gone, Dusty. That's my car.

Dusty: Just tell me -- are you planning on coming back?

Alison: First Aaron, now Emily. I totally disappointed them, and now I've let you down, too. This is some trade. Emily brings me back and I just push her away.

Susan: You didn't mean it. It's the last thing you wanted to happen.

Alison: Yeah, but saying sorry over and over -- it gets old, Mom. Nobody wants to hear it anymore.

Susan: It isn't just about you and Dusty. Emily's been struggling with some things for a long, long time.

Alison: But she was getting better. And I just opened up every wound she had.

Susan: You can't think about it that way.

Alison: I couldn't face what happened with Dusty and me, so look where it got me -- look where it got all of us.

Susan: You were just trying to be protective.

Alison: Of myself. Emily was right. She brought me back from such a dark place. If she hadn't stepped in, if she hadn't stood up to Lance, I would still be in Vegas doing meth.

Susan: But you're not.

Alison: Because of her. She wanted me to get better. She had the will to make it happen when I didn't, and how do I repay her? How could I do this? With the one guy she thought she could trust.

Susan: Ask him. He's the one who thought he had it all under control.

Alison: Don't blame Dusty too much for this. It was mutual -- a mutual mistake. Saying it doesn't help anyone, does it?

Susan: No, because we all have to live with our mistakes -- the ones we make, the ones other people make. I've had to learn that hard way.

Alison: I keep thinking about what they say in the program. You're only as sick as your secrets.

Susan: That's right. If you can stay honest, you can stay sober.

Alison: I'm scared. Maybe without Emily, I won't be able to do it.

Susan: Baby, you can lean on me. I've been where you are. I promise, I will help you face whatever it is you have to face. One day at a time.

Vienna: Well, I wanted to see about doing some advertising on WOAK for my new business.

Brad: Are you going to be giving lessons on how to be gorgeous?

Katie: Vienna and Henry are specializing in massage. They're hoping to open up a spa.

Brad: Oh. Who's going to be doing the massaging?

Vienna: I will.

Brad: Sweet.

Katie: Oh! I have the best idea.

Vienna: What?

Katie: Why don't you give Brad a massage? Then, you could endorse Vienna. You can give into him right now, and then we could talk it up on the show, and do a whole segment on massage therapy. Mmm?

Brad: Okay, okay -- yeah, because my back needs loosening up, and my neck is always stiff, even when I stretch it.

Vienna: Well, if you're free now, I'll show you what true ecstasy really is.

Brad: You know, Vienna, nothing would make me happier --

Katie: Yeah, and be sure to bring back some notes for us to go over.

Brad: Never a problem-o.

Vienna: Well, I am happy that you will, and I hope that you're up to some stripping.

Brad: I'll quite oblige.

Katie: You two kids have fun! All right. Where are you?

[Katie looks for Bradís phone. She calls his phone to find it]

Brad's friend: Hola. If I'm not answering, I'm out partying or sleeping it off. So leave me a message -- good news only. Ciao.

Katie: That's him. That's the guy I talked to about the ring.

Carly: It's just an early lunch. I'm not up to anything.

Jack: Uh, no? It's a little early for beer, pizza and love songs.

Carly: You're right. Well, this is difficult for me to say, so I want to ease into it.

Jack: Could you be more specific?

Carly: I'm trying. I want to be totally honest with you.

Jack: That's something you have to decide to do?

Carly: Sometimes, yeah. Especially where you're concerned. Maybe you don't want to hear this.

Jack: No, Carly, please. You've gone to all this trouble. Say what you've got to say.

Carly: Okay. I had a perfect life, Jack. And I threw it away when I chose Simon over you. Leaving with him was the worst mistake I've ever made, and I've made plenty. I hurt every single person I love. And now, every morning I wake up wishing I could take it back -- wishing I had stayed right here where I belong -- with you.

Emily: I got to get Daniel back to school for his session. Beyond that, that's all I know.

Dusty: So you'll be back?

Emily: I left a note for the staff, telling them I'm taking an indefinite leave of absence, so --

Dusty: I don't care about "The Intruder."

Emily: That's right. That's right. You've handled everything there on your own before. I forgot.

Dusty: Can we talk?

Emily: I'm all talked out, and I'm really in no mood to listen.

Dusty: Okay. So what's it going to be, weeks? Months?

Emily: I don't know! I don't know. I'll be back when, and if, I'm ready.

Dusty: I'll be waiting for you.

Emily: Donít. That's a bad idea.

Dusty: No. You might feel differently once you're away for a while.

Emily: I wonít. I will be trying my hardest to forget you.

Dusty: Well, let me help you with bag.

Emily: I don't need your help.

[Pouring water]

Craig: Here.

Meg: Paul's gone. I finally know it. His own mother believes it, and she wouldn't give up hope unless she was sure. I feel like I'm the one who died. I'm here, I'm breathing, but I'm empty.

Craig: It's too much to take in.

Meg: It's strange. I'm not feeling anything at all.

Craig: Sometimes, it's easier to be numb. It works for me.

Meg: Paul was supposed to be with me. I counted on that.

Craig: Meg, you have your family. You have me, if you want me.

Meg: Don't pretend to be sympathetic. You think I got what I deserve.

Craig: I never said that.

Meg: You don't have to. It's the way you look at me.

Craig: I look at you, because I see me. You never think that your plans can go wrong. And it all went terribly wrong, but nobody wanted anybody to die.

Meg: Paul and I were supposed to win. Whatever that was. Instead of part of me, the best part of me died with him. And I don't know what I'm going to do next.

Craig: Stay here, for a while. Privacy might help you.

Meg: Yeah, well, Barbara showed us that I can't count on that. She was convinced that we're still married, and she's right.

Craig: You want an annulment?

Meg: Thought giving me the company would change that?

Craig: I'm not making any assumptions. I'm giving you the company, because I want to, free and clear. It's not a bribe. You can take the company, you can have annulment. It is completely your choice.

Brad: Lower. Lower. Lower.

Vienna: How's that?

Brad: It's perfection. Nirvana. You have a gift.

Vienna: God, you have a lot of knots in your back.

Brad: Well, work on 'em. Your hands are incredible, Vienna.

Vienna: You know, I could push a little harder, but I'm afraid to hurt you.

Brad: Oh, go for it. I can take the pain -- and the pleasure.

[Katie sneaks in with a vase of water and ice]

Vienna: Oh well, in that case Ė

[Katie dumps the water and ice on Bradís back]

Brad: Ahh! What the hell was that for? Is that supposed to be therapeutic, or funny? Because it was neither!

Katie: Yeah? Well, it wasn't funny when you set me up with that fake phone call by one of your slimy drinking buddy, you self-serving pig!

Carly: When I left, I felt like I didn't have a choice. I honestly believed that you would all be better off without me.

Jack: Well, that's over now. You're back. The kids are doing great. I mean, they get to see you and hug you, and even fight with you before they go to bed, because they know you're going to be here in the morning. It's falling into place. Soon, they won't even question whether it's going to last.

Carly: I hope that's true, because I'm never going anywhere ever again, Jack.

Jack: I gotta admit, though -- I was doubtful. I didn't think it was going to work. But even Parker seems to be coming around, and he was the angriest. The other two, they had their own ways of dealing with you not being here --

Carly: Jack, Jack -- this isn't just about the kids. You probably know what I'm going to say, because I'm not very good at hiding things from you.

Jack: I'm not so sure about that.

Carly: Just let me get this out, okay? Because I'm tired of pretending I'm brave, and I don't want to lie.

Jack: What aren't you telling me, Carly?

Carly: I still love you, Jack. And I never stopped.

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Aaron: I'm here because I care about you. I can't help it. I just do.

Craig: You want an annulment?

Meg: Yes.

Will: Did you go to the doctor? Tell you what's wrong?

Gwen: No, no. I didn't go to the doctor today. I do know what's wrong.

Jack: I am really over you.

Carly: Liar.

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