ATWT Transcript Friday 7/6/07

As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/6/07

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Susan: Ali told me you applied for a baring another one down here.

Colonel Mayer: You're not eating.

Noah: I had a late breakfast.

Colonel Mayer: It's a crime to waste good food. Dig in.

Noah: I'll get it to go. I didn't know we'd be eating lunch.

Colonel Mayer: Like I didn't know you'd be here in Branson? Is that cell phone I pay for broken?

Noah: No. It's not that --

Colonel Mayer: Everyone at Ft. Leonard Wood, except yours truly, had a heads-up about this. Are you trying to avoid me?

Noah: I just didn't think I'd have time for a visit. The station's paying for my trip out here and I'm on a pretty tight schedule.

Colonel Mayer: It seems to me you've got your priorities twisted. Worrying about TV people instead of your own family.

Noah: I work for them, Dad. I'm shooting the benefit concert.

Colonel Mayer: Work? I thought you were an intern.

Noah: I am, but I got a lot of responsibility now.

Colonel Mayer: Does that mean they're paying you?

Noah: No, I'm not on salary yet, but I get experience for my resume.

Colonel Mayer: I don't call that work.

Noah: I know, but Dad -- I think this segment is going to make you really proud.

Colonel Mayer: You're living in dreamland, Noah. There's no solid future in the direction you're headed. So I've had to make some hard decisions on your behalf.

Noah: What kind of decisions?

Colonel Mayer: Well for starters, I'm not paying for you to attend Northwestern.

Operator: I'm unable to put you through, Miss Coleman.

Maddie: But I talked to his mom and I know he has phone privileges. If this is a bad time, maybe you can tell me when I can call back.

Operator: I'm sorry, Miss, I canít.

Maddie: You can't tell me when he'll be able to come to the phone? I mean, don't the inmates have some kind of schedule?

Operator: They do, but Prisoner Hughes requested we block your calls.

Woman: One more?

Will: Yeah, sure.

Man: Great, thanks.

Will: Yeah.

Man: We're thinking about getting married here. We just love this chapel. And Branson has everything we want for our honeymoon.

Will: Well, I wish you guys the best of luck.

Man: Thanks again.

Cleo: I told you this place was romantic. It's gotta be like the vortex of love or something.

Will: Yeah. So you told me you had something to tell me.

Cleo: Wouldn't it be amazing to get married here?

Will: Yeah, I guess so. Except, I'm already married.

Cleo: Just imagine it.

Will: Well, I don't have to. Gwen and I got married in Springfield, and it was just what we wanted. No big production. Just the two of us and people who believed in us. I wouldn't change any of that. [Cell phone ringing] Gwen?

Gwen: Hey, I'm finished with my interviews.

Will: So are you free?

Gwen: Well, until the show. It looks like we might be able to spend some time together. You want to meet me at the theater?

Will: Yeah, great. I'm on my way.

Tim: Did I just hear you making some plans?

Gwen: Yeah. I thought I could spend a few hours with my husband.

Tim: Oh, there's a -- there's a reception before the show at the Titanic Museum. All the performers are expected to be there. Didn't your assistant tell you?

Gwen: No. I guess she forgot. Would it be really bad if I didn't go?

Tim: Yeah, it would. I'm sorry. It's being hosted by the folks who are sponsoring the benefit. Taking a pass wouldn't be cool.

Luke: This place is a lot bigger than I thought. Finding Will and Gwen's not going to be easy.

Jade: Yeah, well, that's why God made cell phones. Why don't you just try and reach her?

Luke: Well, can you try? My battery died on the way out here.

Jade: I left my cell phone at the farm. I didn't take it with me when I left for the police station.

Luke: Well, what are we gonna do? I was so focused on getting here that I didn't think about anything else.

Jade: Look, there can't be that many theaters here. We just have to find the one where she's performing and somebody's gotta know where she is or where she's staying.

Luke: No, that could take a really long time.

Jade: Well, do you have a better plan?

Luke: No, but we have to move quickly. If Cleo could run Will's car off the road, she's capable of anything.

Will: Cleo, you coming?

Gwen: Hey, does this look okay?

Tim: Wow, you look great.

Gwen: Great. I wasn't sure. This whole press thing is really new to me.

Tim: Sorry you didn't know about the reception. Thanks for stepping up.

Gwen: Oh, of course. It's fine. I mean, it's why I'm here.

Tim: I knew you really haven't had a lot time to yourself --

Gwen: Well, I was hoping that I got some more time when the rehearsal went so smoothly.

Tim: Oh, man, you were amazing. You've got your own sound and you connect with your audience. Get ready, Gwen, 'cause people are going to take notice. You're going to have a big career, if you want it.

Gwen: Well, I'm gonna put that on hold for a while. You know, just while I finish school.

Tim: Don't be mad if I try and change your mind about that -- because the way I see it, you have everything it takes to be a star.

Dusty: I'm glad you and Alison are back together.

Aaron: Yeah, I guess being stubborn worked in my favor for once.

Dusty: Seems that way.

Aaron: Ali told me how you and Emily helped her in Vegas. Sounds like she was in a lot of trouble. I owe you.

Dusty: No. Just be good to her.

Aaron: Oh, I will. We're getting a chance to start over -- with everything out in the open -- I'm not messing that up.

Susan: Look at those handsome guys at our table. Looks like things are finally picking up for you two.

Alison: I think it's a little too soon to say that.

Emily: Yeah, no one's walking down the aisle anytime soon.

Susan: Don't be so negative.

Alison: Look who's talking.

Susan: Oh, I know I've been a little rough on you two lately.

Alison: Mom, you were humiliated by what we did. And I don't blame you.

Susan: I don't want to talk about that. That's in the past, and that's where it's going to stay. I'm very proud of the way we all came through it. Together.

Emily: Me, too.

Susan: And I like very much the way you two took care of each other. That tells me I did something right. Well, you go on ahead. Alison, I'll meet you at the car with Aaron. I've got to go check on a patient.

Emily: Okay, Mom. See you later. Bye.

Alison: She's right. You didn't just look out for me. You pulled me back from the edge, and I never really thanked you for that.

Emily: Honey, you don't have to thank me. You're here. That's all I need.

Alison: I know, but my life would be very different right now if you hadn't tracked me down, stood up to Lance, put up with my attitude --

Emily: Ali, you're my sister. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.

Alison: Yeah, I think I put that to the test. I hope you know how much you mean to me.

Emily: Just be happy, Ali. Leave the mistakes behind.

Alison: Yeah, it's not that easy when you've made as many as I have. But I hope you know I would never deliberately hurt you.

Emily: Of course I know that. What is this, lunch or group therapy?

Alison: I think lunch is officially over.

Aaron: Are you ready to run?

Alison: All set. Mom said she'd catch with us outside.

Emily: I'll see you guys later. Good-bye. Good-bye.

Aaron: Bye. This was actually fun.

Alison: Try not to sound so surprised.

Aaron: I'm just being honest. We agreed, yeah? Okay.

Emily: Okay, totally honest -- how was it for you? On a scale of one to ten, ten being excruciating.

Dusty: It was good. I like your family. I feel like we have chaperones every time we're on a date.

Emily: You do? Wait a minute. Are we -- are we dating?

Noah: Dad, I'm supposed to register in a few weeks. You can't back out now. It's not fair.

Colonel Mayer: Don't raise your voice to me. And I can do whatever hell I damn well please.

Noah: But we went over the numbers. I don't understand. Didn't you put money aside for this?

Colonel Mayer: It's not the money.

Noah: Then what is it? Everything I did in high school was about getting into Northwestern. I'm finally going to study filmmaking and directing. It's all I want.

Colonel Mayer: What you want is to play out your fantasies while I invest what amounts to the price of a house into a dead end. That's not going to happen. It's time for you to grow up and get serious.

Noah: My internship at WOAK is serious.

Colonel Mayer: It's a waste of time. They get free labor, you get a form letter and a pat on the back.

Noah: Just because it's not for you, doesn't make it useless.

Colonel Mayer: There's work to be done in this country, Noah. Hard work. And you come from a long line of men who have been giving it for years.

Noah: I work hard.

Colonel Mayer: You don't know what that means. But you will. This fall, instead of enrolling in college, you'll enlist.

Noah: So that's it? Don't I get any say in this?

Colonel Mayer: I am not going to stand back and let you drift into a world that has no substance. You are going to take your place in a long, proud tradition -- like I did, like my father did before me, and his father before that.

Noah: Look Dad, I don't want a career in the military.

Colonel Mayer: You can decide that after you've served and the army's made a man out of you -- something I've obviously failed to do.

Noah: What about Northwestern? What about what I want?

Colonel Mayer: We'll talk about that and your tuition fund after you've served. Not before. Are we clear?

Noah: Yes, sir. Perfectly clear.

Maddie: Casey wouldn't block my calls. There has to be a mistake.

Operator: I've doubled checked, you're not on his list.

Maddie: Well, could you please check again? Or let me talk to him in person. Please, we need to clear this up.

Operator: I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can do.

Maddie: Casey, why are you doing this?

Gwen: Honestly, I don't really think the whole star thing is for me.

Tim: You can't know that.

Gwen: Actually, I do. I had a little taste of it. But thanks for the compliment. Maybe it'll ward off stage fright right before I go on.

Will: If you do get shaky, all you have to do is look at me.

Gwen: Hey, you're here. Just promise me you'll sit in the front row.

Will: Oh, I'm going to be there. Is this what you're wearing to the concert?

Gwen: No, there's this thing at the Titanic Museum ahead of time. Tim actually just told me that I have to make an appearance there.

Will: So you're going to be busy right up until show time?

Gwen: Want to come with me?

Will: No. You're gonna be tied up, and you don't want to have to worry about if I have somebody to talk to or not.

Gwen: You can look around the museum.

Tim: Yeah. There's this tank where you can stick your hand in the water and feel the exact temperature of the Atlantic when the ship went down.

Cleo: Wow! That sounds so cool. I mean freezing, actually -- you know what I mean. Silly.

Gwen: Come on. Go with me. We can go to Tony Z's afterward. You can tell me about your day.

Will: Why don't we save that for after the concert? I'll stay busy somehow. I'll figure something out.

Cleo: I make sure Will never gets bored.

Gwen: Good. I'm glad you guys are keeping each other busy. What's with the elf statue?

Cleo: Oh, it's not a statue -- it's a garden gnome. It brings good luck.

Gwen: Oh. I thought they were supposed to scare deer away.

Cleo: Well, that's good luck for the plants. Will got it for me. And it wasn't even my birthday or anything.

Gwen: I guess he likes you.

Cleo: I know.

Tim: We should take off.

Will: Knock them dead. And I'll see you before you go onstage.

Gwen: I'll be waiting.

Will: Seeing as how we're back here, I'm going to go up to the room.

Cleo: Oh, wait. No, not yet. I have to show you something.

Will: What?

Cleo: It's a surprise. Please. It won't take very long, I promise.

Dusty: It's been at least a decade since someone asked me if we were dating.

Emily: I thought it was a reasonable question.

Dusty: Do you have to label it?

Emily: Well, we've moved beyond friendship, right? I'm just curious how far past friendship.

Dusty: I think we have real potential.

Emily: Even though you know everything about me?

Dusty: I'm sure I don't, but yeah.

Emily: I like you too, Dusty. But if I'm not careful, I'm going to do what I always do.

Dusty: What's that?

Emily: Wreck this before it ever gets off the ground.

Susan: I'm in a time warp.

Alison: Seeing us together again?

Susan: Catching you in here smooching in my living room while I'm off to work. It's like you're in high school again.

Aaron: Ahh, you kick me out, I'll just sneak back in once you're gone.

Susan: Don't I know it? Just stay out of trouble.

Alison: We'll be fine, Mom.

Susan: Sure you will. See you later, Ali. Bye, Baby.

Alison: Bye.

Aaron: Your mother just gave me an idea.

Alison: I'm not putting on that cheerleader outfit, if that's what you're thinking.

Aaron: No, let's do what we used to do. Rent a couple of movies, make some popcorn, curl up on the couch --

Alison: You can watch me fall asleep.

Aaron: Love to. Maybe get a couple of movies worth watching. And some worth completely ignoring.

[Alison laughs]

Alison: Your keys are by there.

Aaron: See you in a little.

Alison: Call me if you get stumped. You're always forgetting your phone.

Lance: He's gone. Did you miss me?

Alison: Get out, Lance!

Lance: And we're off to bad start already.

Noah: What's up with you?

Maddie: Nothing.

Noah: Come on, Maddie. Something happened.

Maddie: I --I really don't feel like talking about it.

Noah: Is it Casey? Is he okay?

Maddie: I don't know. He wouldn't get on the phone when I called.

Noah: He wouldn't even talk to you?

Maddie: Nope. He told the operator or whoever not to accept my calls, I guess. I'm --I'm cut off. I guess he decided to break up with me.

Noah: You obviously didn't see this coming.

Maddie: No, not for a minute. I mean, I know that in his letter he told me --he told me not to wait for him anymore, but I thought that if he missed me as much as I miss him and I called, that he would at least get on the phone.

Noah: Maybe he just felt too weird talking to you from prison.

Maddie: No, it's not that. He wants to be noble and set me free whether it's what I want or not.

Noah: That's not fair.

Maddie: And it's like, I don't even get a say. Why does he get to decide what's best for me?

Noah: He doesnít. Look, Maddie, I've never met the guy, but he sounds like someone who always puts himself first, okay? What he wants. What he needs. And even if you play by his rules, you get shot down. You deserve somebody so much better than that!

Maddie: Are you okay?

Noah: You know, I didn't have such a good day either. Look, we should just both get out of here.

Maddie: Don't you want to get footage from the reception at the museum?

Noah: No. No, it's not even on the list and we both need to shake these moods. I mean, let's go have some fun. You're not going to make me do this by myself, are you?

Jade: No matter how I try to say this to Gwen, this news about Cleo's latest stunt is going to be a really hard sell.

Luke: Well, maybe not. You brought me to back you up.

Jade: Yeah, maybe we should have brought more of that confetti that was Cleo's diary.

Luke: No, Will and Gwen do not need to see anymore. Just a few quotes and they'll know that Cleo is really crazy.

Jade: No, Cleo's got such a good way of making herself looking really innocent and making me take the fall. Oh my God, Luke look.

Luke: Oh, this is great. This is great. Now we know where Gwen's playing. The Andy Williams Moon River Theater. Now all we have to do is hope that's not too far away. Here, take this. I'm going to go get us directions.

Jade: Cleo, you are so busted.

Will: So this is your surprise? More trees?

Cleo: I thought that you and Gwen moved into the cottage so you could appreciate nature more.

Will: We did.

Cleo: So, take a minute to look at the beauty that's right in front of you. You might see something that surprises you.

Will: It's very peaceful out here. I didn't know I came out here for a field trip, though, so we should head back to the inn.

Cleo: Just stay with me. Just a little bit longer. I don't think I should be out here alone. Please? I went on the roller coaster with you.

Will: You did. All right. Just for a few minutes though.

Cleo: Okay. Will?

Will: Yeah?

Cleo: I was thinking that I should probably name this guy. Do you want to help?

Will: No, that should be your department.

Cleo: How about Bashful?

[Will laughing]

Will: You really like him don't you?

Cleo: Oh, yes. He's the very best present I've ever gotten.

Will: What about the CD that Gwen gave you?

Cleo: No, this is better because it's from you.

Will: Oh, we should head back, really.

Cleo: No, not until I do this.

[Cleo kisses Will]

Will: Cleo! What are you doing?

Cleo: Its okay, I'm just showing you how I feel.

Will: Cleo, it's not okay!

Cleo: No, it really is okay because I love you.

Alison: Lance, this is my mother's house. If you don't leave, I'm calling the cops. Aren't you supposed to be in jail?

Lance: Gotta love our justice system, huh? Just chill out, all right? I just wanted to see what you thought was better than a huge career. A life of luxury, huh? So, this is it? This is what you want, Ali? You want to just hide in your mommy's house and pretend you're a little kid?

Alison: I'm doing what's best for me.

Lance: Whatever. You were hauled back here. You didn't choose this.

Alison: This is what I want, now.

Lance: You used to want so much more. Excitement, glamour, real opportunities, you know?

Alison: What opportunities? To get hooked on drugs?

Lance: You were my golden girl. I did everything for you. I gave you a name. I gave you an opportunity to make more money than you ever imagined. And you want to forget me. You know what, Ali? Sometimes I want to forget you, too. You see, it's just not that easy for me. Come here. Why don't you take a good look at what you did to me?

Alison: I wanted you to get away from me. You wouldn't leave me alone!

Lance: So, the guy who put the stitches in said this is for keeps. So that I'll always have this little reminder of you right here, isn't that nice?

Alison: I'm sorry.

Lance: Why? Because you cut me? Because you left me? You know, I can't get even get girls in Vegas to work for me because they think I'm a freak.

Alison: I didn't mean to hurt you, Lance. You know that.

Lance: Yeah, I do know that. All right, so, I'll forgive you if you come back to Vegas and work for me, all right?

Alison: I'm not doing that.

Lance: I need you to come back so the other girls will work for me and know I'm not such a bad guy. You owe me that.

Alison: I don't owe you anything. And you can't push me around anymore.

Lance: All right, is this about the boyfriend? Is he your boyfriend? Yeah, he must be because he's invited to all of the family meals with Mom and sis. Don't worry he's -- he's not going to be any trouble for us.

Jade: Where the hell are they? We're in the right place aren't we?

Luke: Yeah, but she should be back soon. The benefit starts in about an hour.

Jade: Maybe she went back to the hotel.

Luke: Why?

Jade: I don't know? Maybe she left something. Can you go check on that?

Luke: Okay. Are you going to stay here?

Jade: Yeah, I might as well. They got to be back sooner or later with or without Cleo.

Will: Cleo, you don't love me.

Cleo: Yes, I do. I cross my heart. And we had the best time today, didn't we? I mean you smiled and laughed the entire day. You never smile when you're with Gwen.

Will: Cleo, I don't know what you think you see but I love my wife.

Cleo: She doesn't make you happy, Will. Not the way that I do. And she knows that. She even said that she wanted us to spend more time together.

Will: I think she was trying to be nice, Cleo, she didn't realize you were going to jump me in the woods.

Cleo: Well, when a relationship isn't working, it's better if you just walk away, especially if somebody better comes along.

Will: Do you mean you?

Cleo: I've stopped fighting it.

Will: Well, donít. Cleo, I'm never going to return any feelings you have for me. I don't know what you were thinking. You're going to try and bring me out here to make some kind of confession and I, what?

Cleo: I thought you might be too surprised to speak at first and you know what? That's okay. Because I know how you feel in the inside. I know that you love me too.

Will: Cleo, you're wrong --I don't!

Cleo: Well, maybe just not yet.

Will: No, not ever!

Cleo: Will, you have to understand that some things are just meant to be. And when Gwen asked me to come to Branson, I knew that it was going to happen. It was my destiny. And it was my chance to be with you, forever.

Will: Really?

Cleo: And you know what? I was right. It's so much better than pistachio ice cream and sprinkles all mixed together.

Will: Oh my God, that's what Jade said you wrote in your diary.

Cleo: You have to understand Will, Gwen wants her career. All I want is you.

Will: Cleo, I don't care what you want.

Cleo: I'll be good for you, Will. Gwen always lets Jade get in the middle of things and I've already proven to you that I'd never, ever, let that happen.

Will: You have?

Cleo: Well, she's gone isn't she? I made sure she went to jail. And she's never, ever, ever going to come back. She doesn't bother you anymore, does she?

Will: You did it. You drove me off the road! You could have killed me!

Cleo: Oh no, I'd never let that happen. I'm a smashing driver.

Will: You're a lunatic, Cleo!

Cleo: I stayed to make sure that you were okay.

Will: I was unconscious!

Cleo: Just for a little bit. Everything worked out fine.

Will: No, it didnít. But it will now. We're going to the cops and you are going to tell them everything you just told me -- and you're going to be the one locked up, for good!

Dusty: You're not the only one who's nervous about this, you know, I mean --us.

Emily: You? No way.

Dusty: Yeah. Anyone in on the whites of my eyes, I get nervous.

Emily: Well, then I must be in the danger zone.

Dusty: You are. And I don't like talking about feelings.

Emily: Really? I figured that about you. Don't worry. You're secret's safe with me. Wait a minute -- I thought you were the guy who said he didn't have any secrets?

Dusty: Nobody's perfect.

Emily: No, just you are the closest thing I know to perfect.

Dusty: I was trying to be perfect before my wife died. I thought if I did everything right, we'd be set.

Emily: Yeah, and you've been punishing yourself ever since. It's not what Jen would've wanted.

Dusty: I've spent a lot of time figuring that out.

Emily: It takes time to heal. You can't blame yourself for that, you know?

Dusty: I blame myself for letting my son disappear from my life. Trusting anyone is major for me. But I'll try.

Emily: Even with a -- an ex-hooker?

Dusty: Someone who's worth it. Whatever it takes.

Aaron: Hey, what are you doing here.

Holden: Hey. I had to drop Faith off for a dance class. You shopping for videos?

Aaron: Rentals. For Ali and me.

Holden: You're back together? Just like that?

Aaron: Well, we're working on it. You got a problem with that?

Holden: No, no! After everything you told me -- I just think it's a little soon to be jumping back into a relationship.

Aaron: This feels like I'm in the right place with the right person.

Holden: With the same person who lied to you more than once.

Aaron: Well, she's not lying now.

Holden: How do you know? How can you be sure?

Aaron: I just know. Okay? I mean, the things Ali told me, what she's been through, I mean, that's intense. She was ashamed and she was embarrassed. But she told me everything, Dad.

Holden: Okay.

Aaron: You're saying okay, but --

Holden: I just can't remember a time when she wasn't lying to you about something.

Aaron: Well, that time is over, okay? She's not doing it anymore.

Holden: What can I say? You're my son, she hurt you, I'm just looking out for you.

Aaron: That's cool that you're worrying about me, Dad. Don't worry about this. I got it covered.

Alison: Forget all the threats you used before. Okay? Everyone knows about everything! All of it!

Lance: Somehow I doubt that.

Alison: It's true. And you know I'm never going to do meth again, so you really have nothing to hold over my head.

Lance: You were on the brink of a major career move, Ali. How can I let you give that up?

Alison: What am I giving up? Being ashamed of who I am? What I'm doing?

Lance: Well, that's some attitude. What do you think you're better than me now?

Alison: I don't think I'm better than anyone. I've just found something that works for me.

Lance: Working in a diner?

Alison: Being with my family.

Lance: Oh, that's sweet.

Alison: They care about me!

Lance: Yeah, they're going to keep telling you that, Ali. But Honey, because of me, your videos are flying off the shelves and you might nominated for newcomer of the year.

Alison: I'm not interested.

Lance: Well, maybe your boyfriend is.

Alison: There you -- he knows everything. So you can't blackmail me!

Lance: I think you may have left a thing or two out. Should I check?

Alison: Leave Aaron alone!

Lance: Aaron, huh? You mean, you actually went back with that jerk after he threw you away?

Alison: He loves me.

Lance: Oh, yeah? What's he doing about it, huh? I used to do everything for you! And you just slam the door in my face!

Alison: I'm not his meal ticket!

Lance: Give him time.

Alison: Just get out! Go!

Lance: That's not very friendly after I've come all this way, and I've invested so much in you!

Alison: You've gotten all you're going to get from me!

Lance: You don't get to make that call, I do! And we are far from finished.

Maddie: Noah?

Noah: I'm sorry.

Maddie: Um, for what? Why are you apologizing?

Noah: For being here. You probably want your privacy.

Maddie: No, it's okay. So do you want to talk about what happened earlier?

Noah: My dad came by and we had one of our famous father/son chats.

Maddie: Oh, he must be really proud that you're doing a segment for "Oakdale Now."

Noah: He doesn't give a damn about that, Maddie.

Maddie: Really? Doesn't he realize that you get to make your own reel?

Noah: Maddie, he thinks anything having to do with theater, TV, film, whatever -- if it has anything to do with the entertainment industry, it must be a total waste of time.

Maddie: Why? What you're doing takes real talent. And you're going to develop that talent even more when you get to Northwestern.

Noah: I'm not going.

Maddie: What? Since when?

Noah: Since my father told me that I have to become a man and enlist in the army, just like every other male in my family.

Maddie: Seriously?

Noah: Seriously.

Maddie: I mean, can't you tell him that you're going to making movies about the army instead?

Noah: He's not giving me a choice. Maddie, he's not going to pay my tuition.

Maddie: Wow, that's major.

Noah: Yeah, I'm not sure I can get loans on my own.

Maddie: I'm so sorry, Noah. I wish there were something I could do.

Noah: It's like the whole bottom just fell out of my whole future. That's why when you were telling me that Caseyís trying to shut you out, I could relate.

Maddie: Casey's trying to control me. Just like your father is trying to control you.

Noah: It's always been like between me and my dad. When I graduated high school, I thought I was going to finally to have something of my own. You know, college was supposed to be my great escape. And just as I'm out the door, he sets another trap for me.

Maddie: You're not going to enlist, are you?

Noah: I don't know what I'm going to do. Can we not talk about it though?

Maddie: Sure. Sure. Let me get this for you still. You're kind of wet. Um, I'm really sorry, Noah.

[Maddie and Noah make love]

Gwen: Who let you in here? Why aren't you in jail?

Jade: I will explain it. You really need to listen to me.

Gwen: Oh, like hell I do. Get out of here!

Jade: No, please.

Gwen: Okay, fine. I'll call security. You're not ruining this concert.

Jade: No, a lot more is going to be ruined for you if you don't listen to me. You and Will are in a lot of trouble.

Gwen: You know, I really should've figured you'd try to pull something like this.

Jade: I understand why you don't trust me, okay? I get that. But everything that I told you about Cleo is true.

Gwen: I'm sorry. Cleo's harmless.

Jade: Harmless? She was the one who was driving the car that ran Will off the road. It was her sick way of trying to set me up because I'm on to her.

Gwen: I don't believe you.

Jade: Wake up, Gwen. She's living in your house. Pretending to be you! She wants to be with your husband. She's probably making a move on him right now!

Cleo: You wouldn't do that to me, Will. You wouldn't call the police on me.

Will: Cleo, you tried to kill me! There's no excuse for that or any of the things that you've done!

Cleo: Please, don't say that. You and Gwen are the first real friends that I've ever had.

Will: This is the way you treat your friends? You run 'em off the road and you leave them there unconscious?

Cleo: I already told you that I stayed to make sure that you were okay! Will, I would never let anything bad happen to you. You're the first guy who didn't make fun of me. Of the way I look, or the way I talk, or the way that I dress. You and Gwen have both been so nice to me.

Will: Cleo, we felt sorry for you. You made us feel like you'd be out on the street if we didn't help you.

Cleo: But you even remembered that my favorite drink is a black cherry soda. And you got one for me today, without me even having to ask. Other people don't do stuff like that and you do! That's why I love you so much.

Will: Cleo, don't touch me.

Cleo: I know that you love me.

Will: No, Cleo! Get out of whatever fantasy world you're living in. I love my wife! She's everything to me and you are nothing! Nothing, and you never will be!

Emily: Come a little closer.

Dusty: How's that?

Emily: It's just right. Dusty?

Dusty: Ice cream?

Emily: No.

Dusty: Then what?

Emily: I'm ready. I'm ready to see where this takes us. I just wanted to make it official.

Dusty: Excellent. 'Cause I didn't want to make any assumptions.

Emily: No, no, my mother makes plenty of those for all of us. Oh, she loves you now.

Dusty: Well, getting the seal of approval from your mom deserves an award. Don't you think?

Emily: What are you angling for?

Dusty: Something for both of us.

Emily: What do you have in mind?

Dusty: Something we haven't done before.

Emily: Doesn't leave much.

Dusty: I wouldn't say that.

Alison: Would you get your hands off me!

Lance: You don't belong here, Ali, can't you see that?

Alison: I don't belong with you in Vegas! We're done, Lance!

Lance: You promised me another picture and you're going to deliver on that.

Alison: No! You gotten all you're going to get from me!

Lance: Oh, yeah? You trashed my life! I can't just let that go!

Alison: Get off me! I'm calling 911.

Lance: No calls! No screams! What the hell?

[Noah and Maddie are in bed covered in a sheet]

Noah: So what just happened?

Maddie: I don't know. But I think Ė

[Luke opens the door]

Luke: Will? Gwen?

Jade: Just tell me where Will is.

Gwen: Yeah, right.

Jade: Is he alone?

Gwen: I'm not telling you anything, Jade.

Jade: Damn it, Gwen. I'm trying to make sure that Cleo doesn't hurt him. Is he with her? Just tell me!

Gwen: Yes, Jade, he's with her.

Jade: Where?

Gwen: I'm not sure!

Jade: You've got to call Will. You got to tell him to get away from her. I'm serious! You have to do it!

Gwen: Why?

Jade: Because if you don't, you're going to lose your husband.

Cleo: How can you say that you don't love me, when you haven't even tried? I'm offering you my heart, and my soul, and my body.

Will: I love Gwen, not you. And that's never going to change.

Cleo: She doesn't need you!

Will: Cleo, you're crazy! Gwen's gone out of her way to be nice to you.

Cleo: I don't want her pity!

Will: No, you just want her life. Do you know how sick that is?

Cleo: She has everything! It's not fair!

Will: Jade was right, you're seriously messed up.

Cleo: There's nothing messed up about loving you!

Will: Cleo, get off me! Don't touch me!

Cleo: No, I knew from the second that I saw you, Will, that we were meant to be together. Everything that I do is for you.

Will: Cleo, you need help.

Cleo: Get back here! You can't do this to me! You can't go to the police! You can't do that to me! I'm not going to let you! [Cleo hits Will over the head with the garden gnome] I told you to stop. Now look what you made Bashful do.

Announcer: Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Katie: Jack's going to propose.

Carly: Jack and Katie are this close to breaking up.

Meg: This magnanimous gesture is just another way to keep me trapped! Trapped and married to you!

Cleo: I'll come back to you, my sweet.

Jade: Oh my God, the train is coming!

[Train whistling]

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