ATWT Transcript Thursday 7/5/07

As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/5/07

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Noah: Here we are at the spectacular Grand Country Inn. And here she comes! Oakdale's own Gwen Munson and entourage arriving in Branson, Missouri. Say hi to the folks, Gwen.

Gwen: Hey, Folks.

Cleo: You're supposed to wave!

Noah: Gwen will be appearing at the world-famous Andy William’s Moon River Theatre as part of a benefit concert to honor fallen police officers.

Will: And she's debuting her new CD.

Gwen: This is my -- oh, am I allowed to introduce people yet?

Noah: Please do.

Gwen: This is my husband, Will.

Will: Entourage.

Gwen: Husband, manager, personal cheerleader and every good thing. And I couldn't do it without you. Or Maddie.

Maddie: More entourage.

Gwen: Best friend. And we're really, really happy to be here.

Cleo: What about me?

Gwen: Oh, I'm sorry. This is my assistant, Cleo. 'Branson Mo. Branson Mo.

Cleo: What? Oh. Sorry. I'm Gwen’s assistant. And just want to give a shout-out to bowlers everywhere. Extreme bowling, yes! Okay. I'm really, really happy to be here. I think Branson is going to change all of our lives. I just know it.

Luke: Dallas, I need you to get a search warrant.

Dallas: If this is about your cousin --

Luke: No, no, no, Jade didn't do it. Cleo Babbitt ran Will off the road.

Dallas: You have proof of this?

Luke: Well, I can if you get a search warrant. I saw her throw something away. And it must have been her diary. She was stuffing it in the trash at Will and Gwen’s house.

Dallas: What were you doing at Will and Gwen’s house?

Luke: I went there to talk to them. I thought that maybe if I could pressure them to make her show them the diary that they'd learn the truth -- that the girl is crazy. But as soon as I got there, I saw her over there by the trash.

Dallas: Luke, I'd like to help you, but I can't take that to a judge -- that you saw Cleo taking out the trash.

Luke: Well, then ask her for her diary. Force her to bring it in. When she can't do that --

Dallas: I can't force a private citizen to surrender personal papers. Especially when we have a suspect in custody who had motive and opportunity and who left her necklace at the scene.

Luke: Yeah, but Jade wasn't anywhere near that accident. Come on, Dallas, you have to believe me.

Dallas: If you want to help your cousin, talk to your mom.

Luke: I can’t. Jade doesn't want my mom to know.

Dallas: Kid, she was just arraigned for attempted manslaughter. By tomorrow morning, the whole town's gonna know.

Gwen: I need to keep you guys around more.

Fan #1: I'm just, like, so excited you're here! I can't believe I'm actually meeting you.

Gwen: We're really happy to be here.

Maddie: Hi, it's Maddie. I'm about to check in and see if all of our luggage is here. Okay, bye. Okay, get back to Gwen. Seriously, she's the star of the show. I'm just here for comic relief. Really.

Cleo: Not. Hey, take me, take me! Are you taping me?

Noah: Yeah.

Cleo: Good. Because I just want to say that this is the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen in my entire life. Will, do you think they have any of those little shampoos and soaps here?

Will: Yeah, I'm pretty sure they do.

Cleo: Because I packed all of Gwen’s personalized shampoos, conditioners, soaps and body creams. Are you still taping?

Noah: Still taping.

Cleo: Good, because I just want to say that no matter how much I know that I'm going to have so much so much fun here, I am here to work. Gwen, do you need anything? Are you hungry? Would you like a sandwich? What about a salad? You love salads.

Gwen: No, I'm fine.

Cleo: You don't need anything from me?

Gwen: Maybe just some alone time with my husband. It's going to get really busy later.

Fan #2: Is that Gwen Munson?

Cleo: Yes, it is. The world-famous singer. I'm her personal assistant.

Fan #3: Gwen, could I get an autograph?

Gwen: Yeah, sure.

Fan #2: We have tickets to your concert later, but it's bound to be so mobbed.

Gwen: Do you guys have a pen?

Fan #3: Oh, yeah.

Cleo: Do you want to go upstairs and get unpacked?

Will: No, I think I'm going to hang out with Gwen.

Fan #2: Thank you.

Gwen: What is it with you and hotels? Not that I'm complaining.

Will: I don't know. I guess they remind me of the honeymoon we never had.

Lily: Thanks, Emma. I'm gonna put the bottle in the fridge.

Luke: Mom, Mom, did you get my message?

Lily: Hi. No, my cell phone died. I was just charging it. I came to drop off Ethan with your grandmother and then I'm headed out to a meeting.

Luke: Okay, well, you have to cancel those plans.

Lily: What's wrong?

Luke: You were right. Jade's in trouble.

Lily: Oh, that would explain why she didn't come home last night. New boyfriend?

Luke: No. She actually spent the night in jail.

Lily: What?

Luke: Someone ran Will Munson off the road. They tried to kill him. And they've arrested Jade.

[Cleo fantasizing]

Gwen: I'm counting on you, Cleo. I have to rehearse, so can you keep Will busy? Can you do that for me? Keep him happy? Because I might be gone all day.

Cleo: Sure. Absolutely, Gwen. Whatever --

[Door closing]

Will: What was that?

Cleo: Oh, that was just Gwen slamming the door. She had a rehearsal to go to.

Will: So she's gone? Good. I've been waiting for a chance to be alone. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this? Seems like forever.

[Door opening]

Cleo: Hello.

Will: Isn't this our room?

Cleo: Yes. But I thought, in order to save money, I'd bunk up with you guys.

Will: Aren't you bunking with Noah and Maddie?

Cleo: Don't worry, I won't be any trouble. In fact, you won't even know that I'm here.

Will: I'm not worried about you being trouble, but Gwen and I could use some privacy.

Cleo: But I've already unpacked my suitcase and everything. Besides, I'm Gwen’s assistant. She needs me.

Gwen: Well, when I need you, I'll find you, I promise.

Will: You know, Noah and Maddie are downstairs. So why don't we take their room and then they can just move in with you.

Cleo: No.

Gwen: That's a great idea. So grab a bed and some closet space. And we'll be right down the hall.

Cleo: Fine.

Will: You okay, Cleo?

Cleo: Yeah. You guys want to be alone. I understand.

Gwen: Okay. We'll see you later.

Cleo: Wait. Gwen, this is for you. Has your name on it and everything. They gave it to you 'cause you're such a big star.

Gwen: Oh, that's really nice. You keep it.

Cleo: Oh, I could never eat your fruit.

Will: Noah and Maddie could. It's good fiber.

Gwen: You guys share it. We'll see you later.

Cleo: Big star --

Noah: Whoa. Batter up.

Maddie: Are you mad at us, Cleo? I mean, 'cause Gwen said everything was fine -- that you were okay with sharing a room.

Lily: I'll call you later to reschedule. Okay, bye. Okay, tell me this again. Jade hired someone to impersonate Gwen Munson? And that person ran Will off the road?

Luke: Yeah, and Jade feels really, really bad about what she's done --

Lily: When is she going to get over this obsession she has with Will and Gwen?

Luke: She's over it. She's been over it since the moment that Cleo got here. But Cleo has other ideas. She was kind of, I don't know, like really star-struck with Gwen or something -- like, wanted to be just like her. And then she fell for Will. And then she weaseled her way into their life so much that she got invited to live with them in their home.

Lily: Jade got the girl to live with --

Luke: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This was all Cleo. Jade tried to get rid of Cleo several times, but this girl gives new meaning to the word "Stubborn." So Jade got suspicious. And she was right, because she got her hands on Cleo’s diary and it has all this really creepy stuff in it. Like stalker-type stuff.

Lily: Well, who would answer an ad like that? I mean, really.

Luke: Well, that's why Jade went to Will to warn him and tell him what she'd done. She wanted him to watch his back around Cleo. And that's when Cleo lost it. The minute it looked like Will was starting to doubt her, she staged this accident and she made it look like Jade was responsible. Okay, I know it sounds crazy.

Lily: Is Will okay?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, he's really shaken up, but he'll be okay.

Lily: And Jade was arrested?

Luke: They found her necklace at the scene. Wait, Mom, Mom -- I know, I know. But Jade came to me a couple days ago and she told me that she'd lost her necklace. And now she thinks that Cleo actually took it and planted it at the scene to make Jade look guilty. Anyway, I'd bail her out myself, but I don't have the money.

Lily: What are the charges?

Luke: The most serious is attempted manslaughter.

Lily: Oh, my God.

Luke: I know it sounds awful.

Lily: It is awful. It's awful.

Luke: You want to know what the worst part is? It's that Cleo is still out there, and Jade's powerless. Nobody believes her.

Lily: I don't blame them.

Noah: WOAK's on a pretty tight budget. But if you don't want me to stay here, I can call a friend.

Cleo: Oh no, don't be silly. It was the plan from the beginning for all of us to bunk together. I was just trying to open up this basket here. I'm such a klutz, they went flying everywhere. I'll clean it up.

Noah: That's why they have room service. Besides, we gotta get going. Gwen's got rehearsal.

Cleo: Good luck. She and Will were talking about private time.

Maddie: Well, Cleo, they are married.

Cleo: I'm just saying -- she's not going to be very happy if you interrupt them.

Noah: Well, they can have some private time after the concert. I just got a text from the theatre. They're ready for us now.

Cleo: Really? Well then, I guess its back to work, then.

Luke: But why would Jade go to Will, warn him, and then try to run him off the road? That doesn't make any sense.

Lily: And we may never understand why. You know, the one thing I've learned in the past few months is that sometimes people don't know what drives them, or why.

Luke: What if she's innocent? You know what it's like to have people not trust you because of the mistakes you've made. Dad forgave you. Even grandmother forgave you.

Lily: I know, and I'm very grateful.

Luke: Look, and Jade knows what she did was messed up. And that's why she went to Will.

Lily: How did he react?

Luke: He called the cops. Because she had to break into his house. But it was only because -- it was only because she wanted to get to Cleo’s diary.

Lily: You ever think that maybe this car accident was retaliation on Jade's part because of Will turning her in?

Luke: No. Jade lies -- you know that, I know that. But she's not violent. She would never hurt anyone -- not Will especially.

Lily: I don't know, this all sounds very bizarre.

Luke: Look, I didn't believe it either, myself. But if you think Jade's conniving, you've never met Cleo.

Lily: No. Now they've turned on each other. We should just leave it at that. Maybe Jade should suffer the consequences.

Luke: But Mom, all she did was get a ticket for this girl to come to town and then just tell her to go straight home. The rest was up to Cleo.

Lily: Yes, according to Jade. We have given her so many chances --

Luke: What if it were me? If I had screwed up? You know Aunt Rose would give me another chance.

Lily: You're not Jade.

Luke: Please. If you don't want to do it for Jade, do it for me. Do it for Aunt Rose.

Noah: We're here at the amazing Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, and Gwen Munson is in the house!

Gwen: Hey, everybody! I'm so thrilled to be here. And to be able to perform here and for such a great cause.

Noah: You want to remind the folks why we're here?

Gwen: Yes. We're here to raise money for the families of police officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Actually, my father-in-law, Lieutenant Harold Munson, was killed defending a robbery victim. So, this is a very special moment for me, and I'm very honored to be a part of it.

Noah: And that's a wrap. Great.

Maddie: Oh, are you going to get some footage with Andy Williams?

Gwen: I'm sure Andy Williams has better things to do with his time than watch me rehearse.

Noah: Which is in about ten minutes. So, you better head inside to the dressing rooms.

Gwen: Okay. Is my stuff even here yet?

Will: Yeah. I told Cleo go back to the inn and get it.

Gwen: So we're going to be alone for a little bit?

Will: Yeah, in the dressing room, for a little alone time.

Gwen: Hmm!

Will: Hmm.

Gwen: Hmm.

Maddie: Oh, you should get some back stage footage.

Gabe: Noah?

Noah: Gabe!

Gabe: Good to see you.

Noah: Good to see you, Man. Maddie, this is Gabe. We used to work together.

Maddie: Hi.

Gabe: Hey, as in I used to work for him.

Noah: Now he's got my old job.

Maddie: Oh, you're the stage manager?

Gabe: Assistant stage manager.

Noah: Gabe set all this up.

Gabe: I'm surprised you're here, Noah. Isn't this a little too close to home?

Gwen: Oh my gosh. This place is amazing. Can you believe it?

Will: You deserve it.

Gwen: None of this would've happened without you.

Will: Yeah, you're right.

Cleo: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you needed these.

Will: Uh yeah, she does. Thanks.

Cleo: Do you want to try these on, Gwen? And see what you want to wear tonight?

Gwen: Yeah, but I'm going to warm up my voice first. It feels a little tight.

Cleo: Oh, okay. We'll get out of your way then. Come on, Will, let's go see if we can find those little lozenges she likes.

Will: You go. I'm going to stay here with Gwen.

Cleo: Oh. All right.

Will: Let's see what we can do about warming you up.

[Knock on the door]

Gwen: Okay, if that's Cleo --

Will: No, I'll get rid of her. Cleo -- Mr. Williams.

Andy: Andy, please. Hello.

Will: I'm fine. I'm Will Munson, and this is my wife, Gwen.

Gwen: Hi.

Andy: Hi, I've heard great things about you, Gwen.

Gwen: Oh, good. It's really nice to meet you. I've been a fan for -- actually forever.

Andy: Well, that's nice to hear. Are you ready to rehearse?

Gwen: Are you going to be there?

Andy: Wouldn't miss it.

[Gwen humming]

[Cameras clicking]

Gabe: You're all set?

Gwen: Ah, this place is huge.

Woman: So Andy, do you think she's got what it takes?

Andy: I think she's terrific.

Tim: Yeah, she's fantastic. When do I get to talk to her?

Woman: Soon as we can.

Gabe: You good to go?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah I'm good to go.

Gabe: Great. I'll cue the music, then you hit it.

Gwen: All right. I'll hit it.

Luke: Hey, I had to tell her. She was going to find out anyway. And I didn't have any money for bail.

Dallas: And since Ms. Snyder hasn't decided if she's going to pay your bail, we're going to have to keep this short. Let me know what you want to do, and I'll file the paperwork.

Lily: Thank you.

Jade: I'm really, really sorry Lily, that -- that I lied to you about the money, and about bringing Cleo to town. It was really stupid.

Lily: And dangerous. But we all made mistakes.

Jade: You have to know, I had nothing to do with this accident. Cleo is trying to set me up. Luke can tell you I lost my necklace, and she must've taken it from me.

Lily: Yes, Luke filled me in. It sounds very complicated.

Jade: You have to know, I would never ever hurt anybody.

Lily: I hope not. I really do.

Jade: And if you don't believe me I understand. I know, I've lied to you so many times in the past. So if you feel I -- I don't deserve your help right now, that's fine. But somebody has to help Gwen and Will. Cleo is dangerous. There's no telling what she's gonna do.

Luke: I talked to Dallas.

Jade: Is he gonna get a search warrant? Oh my God. Cleo is going to get away with this, and worse.

Lily: Okay, all right, I will pay your bail, I will get you an attorney, for my sister's sake. Rose never gave up on me. I'm not ready to give up on you.

Jade: Thank you, Lily. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Lily: Don't make me regret this.

Jade: I won't, I promise.


Cleo: Go Gwen!

Andy: That was terrific.

Gwen: Really?

Andy: Yeah, they're going to love you down there.

Gwen: Thanks you. I'm a little nervous.

Andy: Oh, you are?

Gwen: Yeah.

Andy: What did you expect? See you tonight.

Gwen: All right, see you tonight.

Cleo: She's going to be a star, isn't she?

Will: Yeah, that's the plan.

Tim: Hey, I've been listening to your CD, and I love it. But you just blew every track away. You are so great live.

Gwen: Wow, thank you.

Cleo: Who's that?

Will: I don't know.

Gabe: Excuse me, I need to check the levels on this for one moment.

Gwen: Sure, whatever you need.

Tim: Hey, I'll see you in your dressing room. And get ready, I've got big plans for you.

Gwen: Great.

Tim: I hope I'm not being too pushy, but if your performance is anything like your rehearsal, we're looking at a full column in Sunday’s paper.

Gwen: Wow. Well, you know, it's all for a good cause.

Tim: So, how come I haven't heard of you before?

Gwen: I'm kind of just starting out..

Tim: Doesn't sound like it. You've got a great sound, a great look. You're a -- you're a polished performer.

Gwen: Thanks. Well, I've had a lot of help.

Tim: So what's next?

Gwen: I'm working on a couple songs right now.

Tim: They anything like what I've already heard?

Gwen: A little different.

Cleo: It must be hard for you. Seeing cute guys like him hanging all over her.

Will: No, I got used to it when she was doing the CD.

Cleo: Right. Right, that producer that Gwen doesn't like to talk about.

Will: Hi, I'm Will Munson, Gwen’s husband.

Tim: How you doing?

Gwen: Oh, this is Tim. He's a reporter. The theatre set up an interview.

Will: Oh, that's great. I heard the rehearsal. And it was terrific.

Gwen: Yeah, I felt good. I mean, the space is nice.

Will: So, do you think you want to get some lunch? Do you have any time?

Tim: Sorry, Gwen’s mine. I've got a deadline.

Gwen: Could you give us a minute?

Tim: Yeah, sure.

Will: No time for me?

Gwen: No, of course I have time for you. It's just, he's got a deadline and -- we can hang out later.

Will: Okay.

Cleo: Gwen, would you like to go over wardrobe options right now?

Gwen: No, Cleo, I don't want to go over wardrobe options right now. I'm sorry, I've just -- I have a lot on my mind.

Will: Cleo, why don't you wait outside? Why don't you just take it one minute at a time?

Gwen: Okay. I mean, it could be worse. My whole set could choke, and the audience could hate me.

Will: I think you need some breathing room. I have an idea.

Luke: Okay, so I saw Cleo throw two bags out the window right when Will and Gwen got here. But then, before I could get to them, she put them in these cans.

Jade: They're empty.

Luke: It's the garbage truck. They must have just taken them to the garbage.

[Cleo reading]

 Cleo: I don't even know why I'm here. "G" doesn't need me and "W" doesn't want me.

Will: Cleo?

Cleo: Yes?

Will: Since Gwen’s going to busy with sound checks and this interview, why don't we get out of her hair, and we'll go do some sight-seeing?

Cleo: Just you and me?

Will: Sure, why not?

Cleo: Yeah, that'd be great. I mean, as long as Gwen doesn't need anything.

Gwen: I'll be fine. You guys have fun.

Cleo: This is going to be great, 'cause I was looking through the guidebook, and I was reading about Silver Dollar City and Lake Taneycomo.

Gwen: Take pictures.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: Thank you.

Will: Okay. Come on. Let's go.

Gwen: Have a good time.

Cleo: Don't worry, we will.

Cleo: Here at Silver Dollar City, it says the Homestead has great music. That'll take your mind off of Gwen and that really cute guy.

Will: That cute guy's a reporter. He's doing a story on Gwen.

Cleo: Still. I know you guys wanted to spend some time together and now you have to spend the whole day with me.

Will: That's all right, you're fun.

Cleo: I am?

Will: Yeah. Those are the Homestead Pickers? I'm going to get a picture for Gwen.

Story teller: Say, little lady, come on in here. And bring your boyfriend.

Cleo: My boyfriend? My boyfriend. Yeah.

Jade: My bad. I must've knocked my bracelet off the counter into the trash. I just need the two bags back.

Garbage man: You got some id?

Jade: Yeah. Sure I do, in the house. But, my boyfriend got me the bracelet, and if I go back in the house, he going to kill me. And you know how guys are. He's going to think that I lost it. Or that I've found somebody new.

Garbage man: Look, lady, we're under strict orders not to let anybody go through the trash because of identity theft.

Jade: Oh, identity theft, yeah. I just want my bracelet back.

Garbage man: Sorry, no can do.

Jade: You know, I wouldn't want to get you in any trouble. But, maybe this would this help?

Lily: Oh, hello! How nice!

Lucinda: That's good, that means you can have a cup of coffee with me now?

Lily: How about a bloody Mary, or two bloody Marys.

Lucinda: Or three.

Lily: Or three.

Lucinda: You've had a rough morning, Dear? What happened?

Lily: I adore you, that's what happened.

Lucinda: Oh, I like that. Of course you do, I'm a magnificent human being.

Lily: That's true.

Lucinda: But I'm particularly magnificent today because --?

Lily: You helped me survive my 20s.

Lucinda: I'm going to have to translate that maybe, okay.

Lily: Yeah.

Lucinda: Ah, that's easy. You're having problems with wretched Jade.

Lily: Don't say "I told you so." I'll take back the hug.

Lucinda: Don't you dare. What has the got in -- what's she done now?

Lily: What brings you to the Lakeview this morning, Mother?

Lucinda: If you wish to change the subject, be my guest. But, please, surely I've taught you to change it with more subtlety.

Lily: Subtle will work with you?

Lucinda: What has Jade done now?

Lily: Very nice weather we're having.

Lucinda: Jade had asked you for money again? Of course, she's asked you for money again. I don't know why you can't see this girl the way everybody else does.

Lily: Mother, please. Please.

Lucinda: Don't look at me, I never taught you that. I never taught you to fall for the cute thing that wriggles up the door and is --

Lily: No, no, no, you taught me about love. Unconditional love. Unrelenting love. Dysfunctional love --

Lucinda: Dysfunctional love?

Lily: My favorite. But you never made me feel like I was adopted. Ever.

Lucinda: Because you weren’t. You were mine. You were mine.

Lily: I look at Jade, and I see what my life could have been like, without you.

Lucinda: Oh, by the way darling, I just, while I'm thinking of it. I do want to apologize. I was much too hard on you, when Worldwide was lost.

Lily: Oh, you had every right to be mad at me. I didn't think you'd forgive me.

Lucinda: Well, I wasn't sure that I would either.

Lily: I always knew that you loved me.

Lucinda: Yes. My wise, brilliant, wonderful , marvelous daughter, on every subject except the subject of wretched Jade.

Lily: Oh, Mother. Please.

Lucinda: Come on. Jade is not a victim. She's a liar and a cheat. And she's a gold digger.

Maddie: This must've been a really cool place to work.

Noah: Yeah, it was great. Especially since I was here twenty four-seven.

Maddie: How's it feel to be back?

Noah: It's fine, why?

Maddie: Oh, I was just -- you know, your friend Gabe had said that it must be tough for you to be so close to home.

Noah: Check this out.

Maddie: Hmmm, that's me.

Noah: You're so photogenic.

Maddie: Yeah, well, that's cause I've got a good photographer. You're going to rock at Northwestern.

Noah: I just got the course catalogue before we left? There's so many film and video courses. I mean, I can't wait. And to finally be on my own, without somebody telling me what to do. And then next summer, I'll be back to WOAK.

Maddie: Oh, so no trips back home?

Noah: Not if I can help it. You going to be in Oakdale next summer?

Maddie: Well, that was the plan, until Casey called it quits. So now I don't really know.

Luke: You are amazing.

Jade: No, it wasn't me, it was the twenties. So much for protecting people's identities.

Luke: Yeah, okay, well these are the two bags.

Jade: She ripped it up. There's like one word here, one words there. So much good this is going to do us.

Luke: Yeah, wait. Are you even sure that this is Cleo’s handwriting?

Jade: Yeah, I don't think Gwen dots her I's with little hearts.

Luke: Yeah, that's true. And I kinda don’t think that Will uses lavender ink.

Jade: No, it's definitely Cleo’s diary. But this is hopeless.

Luke: Well it's not if you've ever done a jigsaw puzzle. My grandmother loves jigsaw puzzles. We'll put it back together page by page.

Jade: Yeah, but look, it's in a million pieces.

Luke: Well, do you have any other ideas? Okay, so then let's do this.

Will: How's it going?

Gwen: Good. How you doing?

Will: Fine. Cleo and I are having fun.

Gwen: Oh, good, 'cause this might -- this might be awhile here. So take some time.

Will: Don't worry about it. There's plenty to do. So, just give me a call if you need anything.

Gwen: I'll call you as soon as I'm done.

Tim: You're mine, remember? No more calls until you tell me why you're the best new singer that I've met in five years.

Will: Looks like we've got some time to kill.

Cleo: Great. I mean, I'm sure there's something we can find to do. Oh, this is black cherry soda. That's my favorite.

Will: Yeah, I know. Come on. I want to show you one of my favorites.

Cleo: Are you sure you don't want to just play a round of miniature golf? I saw a sign --

Will: Mini-golf? When we could take a ride on the Thunderation?

Cleo: That's sounds really fast.

Will: Yeah, it is fast. For me, this is why we're in Branson. Don't tell Gwen.

Cleo: My mom always said that these things were just like a really big waste of money.

Will: I don't think she knows what she's talking about. Come on, let's go. It's on me.

Cleo: It's just that -- [People screaming] I've never been on one of these things before.

Will: Well, you're going to love it.

Cleo: What if we fall out?

Will: You're strapped in.

Will: All right, if you're scared, you don't have to go. It's okay.

Cleo: No, no I can do it. I'll be fine. That was amazing! That was so much fun! But do you feel dizzy --

Will: Hey, are you okay? Cleo? Come on.

Maddie: I think we should use this shot. You see how the light is hitting her face? It's beautiful.

Noah: I want to see what we get at the concert. I may want to insert some of this there instead of earlier.

Maddie: Yeah, okay. This is tape three, right?

Noah: Yeah. Oh, I've got to get to the theatre. I said I'd meet up with Gabe.

Maddie: Okay, go ahead. I'll stay here and finish up.

Noah: You don't want to come with me?

Maddie: No, I'll get this done.

Noah: I didn't mean to upset you, asking about next summer.

Maddie: It's not your fault.

Noah: Have you heard from him?

Maddie: Who, Casey? No, no. You should go.

Noah: You want to be alone.

Maddie: Yeah.

Noah: All right.

Maddie: Okay --

Noah: I'll talk to you later.

Luke: Do you know where they keep their tape?

Jade: I don't know.

Luke: Ah. Found it.

Jade: See the thing is, is she tore several pages out at the same time. So I can't tell which piece goes to which page.

Luke: Well, you have to read it. See, look. "I was trying to get 'W' away from 'G' the nice way."

Jade: That's a scary thought. Can you imagine what Cleo thinks the "Nice" way is?

Luke: Whatever it is, it's probably more than what she has planned. "It looks like I'll have to do it the mean way."

Cleo: Oh, I love those.

Will: This?

Cleo: Yeah, it's a garden gnome. This friend of my mom's had a whole collection of them. In fact, I've always dreamed of having one just like it in my very own garden. That is if I ever have a garden.

Will: No, you'll have a garden someday.

Cleo: I will?

Will: Yeah, absolutely.

Cleo: Oh, are you going to buy that for Gwen?

Will: No, I'm going to get it for you. For being such a good sport and braving the roller coaster.

Cleo: Did you hear that? It's happening. Will's falling in love with me!

Luke: So, can you tell me something? What is the big deal with Will? I mean, seriously. You girls all go nuts for him. You pretend to be pregnant, Cleo pretends to be Gwen. What's the guys big appeal?

Jade: He listens.

Luke: I listen.

Jade: You don't like girls.

Luke: Yeah, there's that. All right. Here, look, "Thank God I had --"

Jade: What?

Luke: "Thank God I had --" here. Here, "Thank God I had 'J's' necklace to leave behind."

Jade: See? I told you! I told you she placed my necklace right by Will's car when she pushed him off the road.

Luke: Okay, you're right. You're right. Of course, I mean, I never thought you'd actually run somebody off the road, but, you know, it's complicated? The way Cleo set you up like this? But you were right, and I'm sorry that I ever doubted you.

Jade: You're forgiven. Okay? Look at this. "That horrible J, that's me, was going to ru --" must be ruin. "Ruin everything. If she'd shown --" shown what?

Luke: The police?

Jade: Oh, listen to this -- "Shown the police what I wrote about 'W' and 'G' --"

Luke: Well, then that proves it. We have to tell Dallas.

Jade: Yeah, but you know what? We can't even prove this is Cleo’s handwriting. And not to mention we bribed the garbage man.

Luke: Okay, well then that just proves that this was in Gwen and Will's trash.

Jade: Do not go into law enforcement.

Luke: Okay, fine, well maybe we can't tell the cops, but we need to at least tell Will and Gwen. They'll believe us. And even if they don't, at least we'll make them look at Cleo twice.

Jade: Where did you say that they were going again?

Luke: Branson, Missouri.

Jade: Well, I guess we got to go Branson. What?

Luke: You go. I can’t.

Colonel Mayer: Noah. I know you hear me, Son.

Noah: Hey, Dad. I thought I heard somebody calling my name I just wasn't sure. So, what are you doing here?

Colonel Mayer: Looking for you.

Maddie: Yes, hi. I'm calling to get in touch with an inmate at your prison. His name is Casey Hughes.

Jade: You can't go to Branson because of this guy?

Luke: His name is Noah.

Jade: Oh, that's really cute, Luke. Noah, the whole biblical thing.

Luke: Yeah, right. Look, I'm really sorry to dump this on you, but I just don't want to play another round of "Let's watch Luke fall for the straight guy."

Jade: It's not like we're going to spend the night or anything. Okay, listen, I understand. But I can't go by myself. The minute I get there, Gwen and Will are going to think that I'm stalking them, and they're going to have me arrested.

Luke: Okay, then have them call me.

Jade: I'm not even going to have a chance to have them call you. The minute they see me, they're going to call security. Luke, listen to me. You know that I wouldn't be pushing about this, but I'm afraid of what Cleo’s going to do. She ran him off the road!

Luke: Okay. Okay, okay. But before we hop on the next flight to Branson, let me try this.

Jade: Who are you calling?

Luke: Gwen.

Tim: "Crash?"

Gwen: Yeah, that's the name of the club that I sing at a couple of times a month -- or I used to.

Tim: They're not going to be able to afford you after this. [Cell phone ringing] Oh, that's why they make voice mail. We're almost done. Then you can call the husband back.

[Cell phone ringing]

Will: It's a wedding chapel.

Cleo: Isn't it romantic?

Will: Why don't we try getting on the roller coaster again before the line builds up?

Cleo: But this place is so special. I bet you all kinds of famous people get married here. Oh, no, no, no! You can't answer it!

Will: Why not?

Cleo: It's a church. You can't answer a phone in a church. It's a sin.

Will: Well, it's not Gwen. I don't know who it is, so I'll them again later.

Cleo: It's working! This place is perfect.

Luke: They're not answering. Neither one of them. Okay, okay, you're right. Looks like we're going to have to go to Branson.

Cleo: If he turns around, it means he loves me.

Will: Hey, Cleo, come here. Take a look at this.

Cleo: It's true. He loves me.

Will: You okay?

Cleo: Yeah, I'm perfect.

Will: What's up?

Cleo: There's something that I have to tell you. Something so important.

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