ATWT Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07

As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/4/07

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Jack: Oh, oh, oh, it's magic .

Katie: Thanks.

Jack: You know, Carly has a pocket pocketful of tricks. She is not going to use them on me. You do wonders for my ego.

Katie: She walked in with Brad. First thought that came to my mind is there's nothing more than this woman loves than making a big scene in public. She schemed with John Dixon so Hal wouldn't know he was Parker's real father.

Jack: Did you know the climax of that little episode was brought to you by Brad Snyder? He's the one who took Parker from John Dixon and put him in Hal's arms.

Katie: And it was all about Parker's inheritance, right?

Jack: Exactly. For Carly and Brad, money always ruled.

Katie: She gets what she wants. Nobody sees it coming.

Jack: That's why I have you. Your eagle eyes will detect her schemes from miles away and you'll radio me. No surprises.

Katie: You make it sound like a game.

Jack: Every good game needs a good team. We're team, right? Together we can out-Carly Carly anytime.

Katie: You think?

Katie: No doubt. You're my secret weapon.

Brad: Excuse me, but I think Carly was kissing me.

Lily: Looked heartfelt.

Carly: I'll admit Brad's -- affection took me by surprise. I'm not sure it what it has do with Jack.

Lily: This was taken at the WOAK cocktail party last night, right?

Brad: Right. Are we a good-looking couple or what? I charmed her into coming with me. She couldn't resist.

Lily: Did it work?

Carly: Did what work?

Lily: Did you two putting on the couple act make Jack jealous?

Carly: You bet. He's jealous as hell.

Lily: You and I have to talk about this.

Carly: I'd love to.

Lily: I've got to see Lisa about some hotel business first. Meet me in the lounge?

Carly: Sure. Have you ever heard the word subtle?

Brad: What are you so bent about?

Carly: That kiss? Bragging about how you got to Jack? You're playing this all wrong.

Brad: You're just scared that if Lily's onto us it means Jack and Katie are too. But they're not.

Carly: They will be if you keep up the displays.

Brad: Chill. Chill out. We so got to Jack last night.

Carly: You don't know that! Maybe Lily's right, this will never work. There's no way this work.

Brad: Yes, it will. Okay? We have history on our side, remember? I'm your secret weapon.

Carly: Just let me call the shots from now on. Okay? I don't want you doing something that could blow this whole thing.

Brad: What is it about you and Katie? You two always think I'm going to mess things up. Okay -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You, Katie, same breath - big mistake.

Carly: Just follow my lead from now on, okay?

Brad: No problem. I sure like a woman who takes control.

Vienna: Oh, Henry, you don't look happy.

Henry: Don't think twice about it, would you like a technique? You more than made up for it in worth work ethic.

Vienna: But I've been working on you for hours and I've not relaxed you. How will we ever start a business?

Henry: We'll just name this particular technique something appropriate like -- the Hannibal.

Vienna: I hurt you. I know longer know my own strength.

Henry: But have you so many other assets.

Vienna: We can't open up a business yet. I need more practice.

Henry: Yes, you do. Just not on me.

Vienna: Now I have lost your trust.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Plenty of trust here. It is just there's so many types of bodies out there. For me, let's face it. You know mine so well. I fear I have nothing left to teach you. Darling, I think I'm going to go down --

Alison: Go away, please.

Aaron: Not until you've let me say what I need to say. Come on, open the door, Alison.

Alison: There is no Alison.

Aaron: What are you talking about?

Alison: The girl you knew before doesn't exist anymore.

Aaron: Then who'd I fall in love with?

Alison: Somebody else. Somebody innocent who never did porn flicks or got hooked on crystal meth.

Aaron: I don't care about any of that.

Alison: Yes you do. I saw the way you looked at me when I told you my pathetic story.

Aaron: You don't know what I was thinking. Alison. Please. You have to let me in so we can talk about it.

Susan: I ordered you some tea.

Emily: I'm really sorry --

Susan: Are you kidding me? You have you nothing to be sorry about.

Emily: Yes, I do. I reacted so badly.

Susan: You have every right to be hurt and angry.

Emily: You didn't raise me to do the things I was doing.

Susan: I don't remember a lot of stuff but I know what I did to you.

Emily: Mom, your --

Susan: It left a lot of scars. If I had never been drunk all those years, then maybe you and Alison would have learned to make better choices.

Emily: We are grown women now.

Susan: I know. But you always will be my daughters, God help you.

Emily: That's why it is important we talk like this.

Susan: Talk? Except I get so angry at you. I get so angry at myself and the world. I just don't know what to do with it. It is textbook.

Emily: No. No, it is not.

Susan: Yes, you shut me out. Look at me. . I just don't want to be angry at you and Alison. You are wonderful. You are wonderful daughters. Wonderful women.

Emily: You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that. I would totally understand if couldn't look at me the same way.

Susan: Oh, Honey. When I look at you, all I see is a woman who has put her life together against insurmountable odds.

Emily: Thank you.

Susan: It is just that sometimes there are things we can't change and we have to move on. Let go of them.

Emily: Funny you should say that. That's exactly what I'm trying to do now.

Susan: It's easier when you have somebody to lean on, isn't it?

Emily: Yeah, I think it is. You are dying to know. Go ahead, ask your question.

Susan: I was just wondering -- if you feel like you're able to move on is the reason is Dusty.

Aaron: You're right, Alison. It was a shock to find out that you'd been doing drugs. And you had been with other guys. If you saw a look on my face, it is not something I thought about. It is something I felt. It is like -- getting kicked in the gut. You know what I mean?

Alison: I know.

Aaron: To think so much strangers out there watching you have sex, watching you do what for me was private and personal, something that was ours.

Alison: I didn't think I would ever see you again.

Aaron: I know. I know. Your body is yours.

Alison: I don't do porn anymore.

Aaron: I know. It is something I felt at that one moment. Do you understand that?

Alison: I don't expect you to get over it. I don't expect any guy to get over it.

Aaron: I'm not any other guy. Do you honestly think because of what you told me I would turn my back and let you walk? Don't you know me better than that?

Alison: I don't even know how you could look at me. I hate what I did.

Aaron: I hate knowing that you did it. But I donít hate you. I can never hate you. I worry about you. You put your body through so many risks.

Alison: I was careful. When I came back home I got tested and everything. I'm totally clean.

Aaron: And the meth? You were the one making vitamin shakes and making me take care of myself when I was sick. To think you would poison your body.

Alison: It was hard after we split up. Every day I felt like I was suffocating. I don't blame you. It is not -- it is not your fault. It is just how I felt. First time I tried meth, all the pain went away and I could breathe again. It made all the bad things go away.

Aaron: And now?

Alison: I told you. I can't say I'm cured. All I can say is I take it one day at a time. I go to meetings. I'm trying to stay clean. But every day I wake up and it is like -- it is so hard. I wonder when it will end. But I'm still -- I'm still staying straight.

Aaron: If anybody can do it, you can do. You are one of the strongest people I know, Alison.

Alison: And one of the stupidest.

Aaron: Well, it was smart you went to get help for Emily and Dusty. It says a lot.

Alison: Why are you being so forgiving?

Aaron: Because I know you didn't do this to yourself. I did.

Vienna: Yoo hoo.

Bell Boy: How can I help you, Ms. Hyatt?

Vienna: You can come up to my room and take off your clothes.

Brad: Freeze! You're under arrest!

Jack: What was so great about kindergarten that made you want to stay 6 forever?

Brad: Oooh. We're a sourpuss, today, aren't we?

Jack: Actually, brother of mine, I'm having a great day.

Brad: Really? And what makes it so great?

Jack: Beautiful summer day. I've got the afternoon off and I went to a fun party last night. Of course, you know that since you were there too.

Brad: It was all right.

Jack: Speaking of which, what's going on with you and Carly?

Brad: Nothing. As far as I know.

Jack: You two just enjoying each other's company, huh?

Brad: That's about it.

Jack: Why?

Brad: What do you mean, why? For old time's sake, I guess.

Jack: Except that the old times weren't so great. In fact, they were pretty rotten, when you get right down to it. Right?

Brad: Are you jealous, Jack?

Jack: Of you and Carly? Not a chance. But as for Katie and me? I think the green-eyed monster has you bad.

Katie: Gee, Carly, seems like you and I are running into each other all over town.

Carly: Twice in one day. My stars must be perfectly aligned.

Katie: You and Brad looked like you were having fun earlier.

Carly: You know something about Brad. He's changed. Since I knew him last.

Katie: Knew him? You were married to him, weren't you?

Carly: So?

Katie: Just reflecting on what a busy year that must've been. Married three times, to different men if I'm not mistaken. But anyway, back to Brad. I'm curious. What do you think has changed?

Carly: He's just more capacious. Serious. He's deeper somehow.

Katie: Deeper than what?

Carly: That's odd, he talks about you with nothing but respect.

Katie: Well, I'm glad you're getting something out of your time with him.

Carly: You sound surprised.

Katie: I am. I spent every day with months working with Brad. I have only noticed how short an attention span he has.

Carly: I guess that depends on who he's paying attention to.

Katie: Come on. You have to admit, it takes a lot to keep him focused.

Carly: Not around me.

Katie: Then I guess you're making my point for me.

Carly: What point?

Katie: Why you shouldn't come to the station anymore.

Carly: Pardon me?

Katie: Since we agreed the slightest distraction pulls Brad's attention, and as you say, he's very attentive to you, maybe you should limit your surprise visits. The more efficient we are, the more cost-effective the show is.

Carly: Well, I wouldn't want to put a frontrunner like Oakdale Now at risk. But doesn't Jack drop by to see you?

Katie: He does. But I'm a lot more focused than Brad. Jack doesn't keep me from doing my work.

Carly: I'm glad you and Jack are doing so well.

Katie: I just bet you are. What's next, Carly, a double date?

Carly: No. That's a nice offer but no. I don't think so. I'm just glad that you and Jack and Brad and I can co-exist at functioning together, given that's happened.

Katie: Okay, enough. Come off it.

Carly: Whatever do you mean?

Katie: Don't you think I know what's going on here? Last night with Brad? This syrupy conversation right now? They're just the opening moves in one of your twisted little games. But if you think I'm going to be dragged into it? You're out of your mind. You're sadly mistaken.

Carly: Games? I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about.

Katie: Like hell you donít. Testing Jack by parading yourself around with Brad. Showing up everywhere we are.

Carly: You found me, Katie. I'm meeting Lily. We're working on setting up a design firm. It's just one thing I'm doing to get my life back together.

Katie: Oh yeah? What else is on your list? Using Brad to get to Jack?

Carly: I enjoy Brad's company.

Katie: Like I believe that.

Carly: What's the matter, Katie? I thought you'd be happy to see me out exploring new relationships instead of dwelling on the past.

Katie: I'm never happy to see anybody get used.

Carly: I'm not using Brad. If I'm using anybody, it's Jack as my role model. He's moved on very nicely, hasn't he?

Katie: Yes, he has. And so have I.

Carly: Then we've both found what we want.

Katie: I don't know about that. The different is what Jack and I have is real. What you and Brad have is a joke. And Jack and I are totally on to you.

Brad: Okay. I admit there was a time I wanted to start something with Katie. She's really cute. If you go for that perky type.

Jack: And?

Brad: Iím not blowing it by hooking up with my co-star.

Jack: Why chase the horse when I found greener pastures, if you what I mean?

Brad: You mean Carly.

Jack: You should know. You have been through those pastures. Wink, wink.

Brad: What?

Jack: Nothing. It is sad to watch you try so hard to be convincing.

Alison: If the man that loves you calls you a whore, it is easy to say the hell with it. That's what the people think -- good you get it?

Aaron: I get it. I'm a high school dropout. A screw-up biker kid. I know all about living down to people's expectations.

Alison: I didn't think would understand.

Aaron: No. I understand something else, too. There are people out there, guys, who stalk girls like you. Girls that need to be loved.

Alison: That's me. And I definitely trusted the wrong guy.

Aaron: The same guy that got you into meth?

Alison: It doesn't matter.

Aaron: It does matter. He's not going to bother you again or anybody, for that matter.

Alison: He's not an issue anymore.

Aaron: What's the matter?

Alison: You and I have been through so much together. We went through so much without each other. Didn't think it would be this hard to say good-bye.

Aaron: Good-bye?

Alison: Come on. You know you have to go back to Seattle. Me, I have to stay here and try to stay out of trouble.

Aaron: Is that what you think I want?

Alison: You would never be able to forget what I did. Even if you wanted to.

Aaron: Iíll take care of me. What I want is I want to stay here and stay with you. I want to be the guy that reminds you no matter how many mistakes you made, you are a great person.

Alison: Why? Why would you want to do that?

Aaron: I still love you. With all my heart. Do you think you can still love me, too? Maybe it's the wrong time to ask if you still love me.

Alison: Aaron, I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.

Aaron: Just tell me if anything I said made sense to you. If it didn't, I'll do what you want and leave.

Alison: Aaron, wait! I want you here. With me.

Aaron: You do?

Alison: If I didn't, I don't think I ever would have told you the truth. I would have just kept pushing you away.

Aaron: I'm so glad. We needed a fresh start.

Alison: I really want to start over, too. I've been trying to. Deep down? I was hoping if I came clean and told you the truth we'd have another chance.

Aaron: Thank you.

Alison: For what?

Aaron: Trusting me enough to tell me everything.

Alison: I -- haven't told you everything.

Aaron: I know. I know. You don't have to tell me you love me. We have another shot. And for right now, that's enough.

Alison: I'm a really different person than I was in Seattle.

Aaron: Me, too. I'm different. And I'm not going to make the same mistakes as before. Let's make a promise.

Alison: What?

Aaron: Let's promise each other that there aren't going to be any more secrets between us.

Emily: Dusty's been great. Just great. Look what he did for Ali in Vegas.

Susan: And I'm grateful for that. But I'm asking about Dusty and you.

Emily: He's been more support than I deserve.

Susan: Don't say that. You deserve to have a great guy on your side.

Emily: It seems like he is, doesn't it?

Susan: I admire the way he came to me and apologized for judging you. That took a lot of strength.

Emily: Know what the best part is? He really means it. He knows all about my past and he still cares about me.

Susan: That calls for a celebration.

Emily: No, Mom. No.

Susan: Dusty. Late breakfast. I owe that guy a doughnut. I'm going to call Aaron and Alison.

Emily: Put your phone away. Stop! Okay. You are halfway to wedding bells. Stop. It is too much. Mother, it is too much. Okay, breakfast. Fine. I will do breakfast. Don't plan my future. I want to take things with Dusty one day at a time.

Susan: I can do that. I just want you to be happy.

Emily: Mom, I'm happy. Look at me. I'm happier than I have been in a very long time.

Vienna: You like?

Bellboy: Mmmm, I like very much.

Vienna: Excellent. Your body has so much character. Thanks for letting me practice on you.

Bellboy: Glad I could help.

Vienna: This is called the feathering.

Bellboy: That's the best I've ever had. You are incredible.

Henry: What's going on here?

Vienna: Henry!

Henry: Don't Henry me! What are you doing with Mr. Universe?

Vienna: We were just -- I mean, she was just --

Henry: I know what you were doing. Get out. Out. Out. Out. Out. And never again hold your hand out for a tip from me!

Vienna: Henry! You interrupted my session.

Henry: I, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Vienna: Admit you're jealous.

Henry: Jealous? I saw your hands all over that muscle-bound luggage-lugger did take me by surprise.

Vienna: But it was totally innocent. You told me I should practice on other bodies, didn't you?

Henry: Yes. Old bodies with warts and wrinkles and important body parts lifted up.

Vienna: I need to perfect my technique.

Henry: You want our business to be perfect, don't you? You want it to be a success?

Vienna: Yes.

Katie: Even though it's been fun playing this coy little game with you, Carly? I need to be blunt. Get real.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Katie: Stop wasting your time.

Carly: You're giving me advice?

Katie: Yes, I am. You need to see things for what they are. Jack's moved on. So all the plotting and the scheming? Not going to work this time.

Lily: Sorry I kept you waiting, Carly. Hello, Katie.

Katie: Lily. Hello. I'll leave you two to your meeting.

Lily: What was that all about?

Carly: You were right. I only just got started and that little witch already has me nailed. Now what am I going to do?

Vienna: I suppose I could limit my practice to women only.

Henry: That would cut out half our potential clientele. No. No, no, no. The businessman in me won't allow me to give into my jealous nature. I'll just have to be an adult about this.

Vienna: I'm proud of you, Henry. And you won't regret it. Because before you kicked out my last client, he said he loved the massage. Isn't that wonderful? My petrissage technique is going to take this town by storm!

Henry: I'm -- delightful.

Vienna: In the meantime, may I show you something else I've been working on?

Henry: You didn't use this on the bellhop, did you?

Vienna: Oh no. This is for you and you alone.

Henry: Mmmmm. I think this is a beginning of a long and productive partnership.

Emily: I totally have magic powers.

Dusty: I knew that already.

Emily: I was thinking about you and here you are.

Dusty: On my way to the bank. Can your magic powers increase my balance?

Emily: If you're asking for a raise, that's not my department.

Dusty: How's your mom?

Emily: My mom. I don't know what you said to her, but she's become your biggest fan. You sure have a way with the Stewart women.

Dusty: I don't know about that.

Emily: What you said early about leaving the past in the past?

Dusty: Yeah?

Emily: I've decided to put all my drama there, too. I've been my own worst enemy for too long.

Dusty: You and half the world, Em.

Emily: Yeah. For the first time in a very long time I feel like absolutely anything is possible. Is that foolish?

Dusty: Nope. Optimism looks real good on you.

Emily: Thanks. Back to my mom. She invited us to brunch, a kind of family reunion slash peace offering. You interested?

Dusty: The last time you and I met your mom for a meal we were pretending to be an item.

Emily: That was interesting.

Dusty: Now we don't have to pretend.

Aaron: Is there anything else that you need to tell me?

Alison: No. I think I said everything that needs to be said.

Aaron: Good.

Alison: Except for one thing.

Aaron: Yeah?

Alison: I still love you. Aaron, wait.

Aaron: What's the matter?

Alison: I -- I need to take this slow. I've made a lot of mistakes jumping into things, not thinking. I can't afford to make any more. Are you okay with that?

Aaron: Okay? Just being close to you again, it's more than I ever hoped for.

Brad: Katie, Katie, Katie. I told you I had work to do for Emma.

Katie: So?

Brad: Don't you think things at WOAK can survive without me?

Katie: Somehow we've managed to cope, Brad.

Jack: Hey, there.

Katie: Hey.

Jack: I thought I heard a car pull up.

Katie: Look what I scored! Five tickets for tonight's fireworks show. Great seats. Courtesy of WOAK.

Jack: Great. I know three kids who are dying to see the show.

Katie: Great. I'll come by later and we can all ride together.

Jack: Katie, wait. You busy now?

Katie: Not really.

Brad: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I left a stack of copy on your desk that you promised to go over. You can't go running off whenever you feel like it's playtime.

Katie: It's the fourth of July, Brad. Anything the station needs me to do I'll do tomorrow. What do you want to do?

Jack: This.

Brad: Get a room.

Jack: Don't you have stalls?

Brad: I'm taking a break.

Jack: Not a bad idea. Come on.

Katie: He nags like an old lady.

Jack: Let's forget about him.

Katie: Done. What do you want to do?

Jack: I was thinking something wet and wild. Let's swim.

Katie: Let me go get my swimsuit.

Jack: Swimsuit is optional.

Katie: Oh.

Lily: You were married a long time. You always have a connection. Those were the moments. There are not enough to build a relationship.

Carly: It could be a start.

Lily: Except for one thing.

Carly: One belong, petite, obnoxious thing.

Lily: Don't underestimate her relationship with Jack.

Katie: Are you saying that you think that Jack might love her?

Lily: I'm saying that when you were gone, Jack was alone. He was doing the things this he used to together by himself. Katie came along. She was supportive. They got close.

Carly: You think I should give up on him?

Lily: I want you to be realistic.

Carly: I never stopped loving him. I realize that now. I know he hasn't stopped loving me. No matter what he says.

Lily: Look, I have seen you. You have been through so much.

Carly: I'm not going to get hurt. I just have to get rid of a couple of obstacles. That's all.

Lily: Katie is not an obstacle. She's smart and is a fighter.

Carly: I'm smarter. And I'm a fighter.

Noah: What are you doing here?

Noahís Dad: Looking for you.

Cleo: It is going to change all of our lives. I just know it.

Andy Williams: Are you ready to rehearse?

Gwen: Are you going to be there?

Andy Williams: I wouldn't miss it.

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